The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 1, 1894 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1894
Page 3
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ttJPlflH M01KH8I ALGONi, fOWA. AUGUST 1, MAScULtNlttfeSi It Is Surprising hovr much we ke from a flcii uncle—if ive caa get ifc. "1 hevefr have an.v Inclc," g-roanea Chipsley. <'Yttn are fortunate. I have plenty, o.n.l it's all bad." • Sir Charles Sargent, chief justice of - ftombay, is in Lon.loa for a brief holiday, after an absence of thirty years ttt tttdia. Some ons of large experience says there are no less than 837 different terms in the English language which express the state of being in love. "You looV'said nn Irishman tr> a Jpale, haggard smoker, "as if you had got out of your grave to light your cigar an I CouLln't' find yoilr way bafck again." Here are the namas and agog of four notable New York msn: Iloswell ft Flower, 59 years; David B. Hill, Cl; Edward Murphy, 50, an.l Grover Cleveland, 07. One of t!ie wealthiest and most prosperous .tradesmen of London can neither road nor writs. The flourishing 1 condition of his business is appar- 1 ent from the statement that ho has receatly baen defr.iudod of §500,000 •without knowing- it. Band Loader—You vants us to blay mil dor funeral? Eas it a military funeral? Stranger—No; it's tho funeral of my brother. Ila was a private citiz?n. Ho requested that your .band should' play at. his funeral. Hand leader, proudly—My band, oh? Vy lie my ban I? Stranger—He said he wanted everybody to feel «orry ho died. The assassination of Presidsnt Car- notof the French republic was attempted once bo for 3. It was in 1889, when he had just left tho palace of the Elysee to attsncl tho fet3 commemorating the beginning 1 of the revolution. B/ some strange clianco the as?s:issin. fire.l a blank cartridge at him, instead of a good one. "KAEHOW ESCAPES,". tME SUBJECT OF Drt. MAGE'S SERMON. th* Ti-St Itelnrt Tditcn tftttn ,tob l9t **, "1 Ato Enrnpn.I *IHi tho Shin of My Teetli"—Uou't Confound tlanlty. It Caused Profanity. "I am told," said tho caller, "that your history." "'Yea," replied the author's -wife certainly sounded that way \vbou i heard nun correcting tho proofs." A Labor Pessimist. Agitntor—'-Oi'vc beon all over this town nn'it'a goiu» to ther dog.3, thot's phwat it *&* American mechanic—"What's wrong Agitutor-"Ol can't get upastroike any- pnworo. Railroad Timo Enough. ... ..,--- superintendent—"Don't you think that \vo had better put in tho block system?" President—"Heavens, no I Walt until we havo a big accident." On tho Safe Side. Everybody knows this is a good place to be, but everybody does not tako measures to bo thero. An efficient provtntivo places us on the safe side of incipient disease, anil thero is uo one more reliable than Hostot- ter s Hloinach bitters in cases where tho kidneys are inactive, which is but the pro- linunary to various destructive maladies whieh disregarded havo a fatal termination. Bright's disease, diabetes, i.r-.psy oedema, aio but tho outgrowths of neglected inaction oE tho kidneys and bladder .They should bo chocked at tho outset with tho Bitters, which will prevent their progress by arousing the reunl organs to activity, and thus place those who resort to this wiving niodiciue on the safe side Tins preservative oil safety also conquers constipation, Jiver complaint, malarial lever, nervousness and dyspepsia. Whene.ver.yon find a man selling goods with a short yard stick, you find one who Js convinced in his own mind that the bible is uot true. Pome men set rat u-nps to catch elephants, while others dig pitfalls for onco. , MOWLEDGB Brings comfort and improvement and N tends to personal enjoyment wheu rightly useofr Tho many, who live Bet. ter than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's' best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the puro liquid laxative principles embraced in the wsmedy, Syrup of Figs, Its excellence is 4«e to its presenting in the form-most acceptable and pleas* ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches .and'fevers ana permanently curing constipation. It has given aatisfaction to millions and met with the approval of tho medical ' profession, because it acts on the Kid* , ueys, Liver ami Bowels without weak- «njng them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug, - gists in 60c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by tii9 California Fig Syrup Cp, only, whose name is printed on every . package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and'being well informed, vou will not accept any substitute if offered. u peopio Ftioftavo (veiiiwjiwsor Astli- ma, should use t'iso'sCurfl fur Consumption, Jt lius ci:rod th<m«MH»»j JtjiasrioUnJwv od ana. It is not bun to tain, beatcodphsyriiu. BROOKLYN. July 20.—Rev. Dr. Tal* mage has selected as tho subject for his seimo« for to day, through the press: "Narrow Escapes," the text being 1 taken from .lob 19: xx, "1 am escaped With the skin of my teeth." Job had it hard. \Vhnt with boils, I and bereavements, and bankruptcy, and a fool of a Wife, he wished he was dead; and 1 do not blame him. His flesh was gone, and his bones were dry. ^ His teeth wasted away until ) nothing but the enamel seemed left. He cries out. "I nra escaped with the skin of my teeth." | There has been some difference of opinion about this passage. St. Jerome and Schultens. and Drs Good, and Poolc, and Barnes have all tried (.their forceps on Job's teeth. You deny my interpretation, and say, I "What did Job know about tlio enamel of the teeth?" lie knew everything 1 about It Dental surgery is almost as old as tho earth. The mummies of Eypt, thousands of years old, are found to-day with gold illling in their teetli. Ovid, and Horace, and Solomon, and Moses wrote about these important factors of the body. To other provoking complaints, Job, I think, has added nu exasperating toothache, and, putting- his hand aguinst tho inflamed face, he says, "I am escaped with the skin of my teeth." A very narrow escape, you say, for Job's body and soul; but there are thousands of rn«»n who make just as narrow escape for their soul. There was a time when tho partition between them and ruin was no thicker than a tooth's enamel; but, as Job i finally escaped, BO have they. Thank It , God! Thank Godl Paul expresses the snme idea by a different figure when he says that some people are "saved as by fire." A vessel at sea is in fliimes. You go to the stern of tho vessel. The boats have shoved oft'. The flames advance; you can endure tlio heat no longer on your face. You slide down on the side of the vessel, and hold on with your fingers, until tho forked tongue of the fire begins to lick the buck of your hand, and you feel that you must fall, when one of the life-boats comes back, and tlie passengers say they think they have room for one more. The boat swings under yon—yon drop into it—you are saved. So some men are pursued by temptation until they are pnrtially consumed, but after all get off—"saved as by fire." But I like the figure of Job a little butter than that of Pitnl, because the pulpit has not worn it out; and I want to show you, if (Jod will help, that some men make narrow escape for their souls, and nro saved as "with tho skin of their teeth." It is as easy for some, people to look to the Cross as for you to look to this pulpit. Mild, gentle, tractable, loving, you expect them to become Christians. You go over to tho store and sny, "Orandon joined the chureh'yes- tprday." Your business comrades say, "That is just what nuig-ht have been expected; he always was of that turn of mind." In youth, this person whom I describe was always good, lie never laughed when it was improper to laugh. At 7, he could sit an hour in church, perfectly quiet, looking neither to the right hand nor to the left, but straight into the eyes of the minister, as though he understood tho whole discussion about the eternal decrees. He never upset things, nor lost them. Ho floated into the kingdom of God so gradually that it is uncertain just when the matter was decided. Here is another one, who started in life uncontrollable spirit. He kept tlio nursery in an uproar. His mother found him walking on the edge of the house roof to see if he could balance himself. There was no horse lie dare not ride—no tree he could not cliuib. His boyhood was a long series of predicaments;.his manhood- was reckless; his midiife very wayward. But now he is converted, and you go over to the store and say, "Arkwright joined the , church yesterday." Your friends say, "It is not possible! You must be joking!" You say, "No; I tell you tho truth. He .joined the church." Then they reply. '•There is hope for any of us if old Arkwrtght has become a Christian!" Jn other words, we all admit that it is more difficult for some men to accept the Gospel than for othera J may be addressing- some who have cut loose from churches, and Bibles, and Sundays, and who have at present no intention of becoming Christians themselves, but just to see what is going on; and yet you may find yourself escaping before you hear the end, as "with the skin of your teeth." I do not expect to waste this hour, I have seen boats go off irom Cape May or Long- Branch, and drop their nets, and after a while come ashore, pulling 1 in the nets without having- caught'a single fish. Jt was not a good day, or they had not the right kind of a net. But we expect pa such, excursion today. The water is full of flshj tUe wind is iu tho right direction; the Gospel net is strong-. O, thou, who didst help Simou and Andrew to fish, show us to-day how to cast the not on the right side of the ship! . Listen to (wo or three questions. Are you as happy as you used to be consistent, UvJntf .and dying la the faith 6f the Gospel. Would "y'ou not like to live the same quiet life, and TAL- die the same peaceful death? 1 received ft letter, sent me by one tvho has rejected the Christian religion. It says: "1 am old enough to know that the joys afld pleasures of life are evanescent, and lo realize the fact lhat it must be comfortable in old age to believe in fotnething relative to the future, and to have a faith in some system that proposes to save. I am free to confess that I Would be happier if I could exercise the simple and beautiful faith that is possessed byr many whom I know. I am hot willingly out of the church of out of the faith. Jjy state of uncertainty is one of unrest. Sometimes 1 doubt my immortality, and look upon the deathbed as the closing scent*, after which there is nothing. What shall I do that I have not done?" Ahl scepticism is a dark and doleful land. Let me sny that this Bible is either true or false. If it be false, we are as well off as you; if it be true, then which of us is safer? Let me also nsk whether your trouble has not been that you confounded Christianity with the inconsistent character of some who profsss it. You are a lawyer. In your profession there are. mean men and dishonest men. Is that anything against the law? You are a doctor. There nre unskilled and contemptible men in your profession. Is that anything against medicine? You arena merchant There are thieves and defraud- ors in your business Is that anything against merchandise? Behold, then, the unfairness of charging upon Christianity the wickedness of its disciples. We admit some of the charges against those who profess religion. Some of the most gigantic swindles of the present day have been carried on by m&mbers of the church. There are men iu the churches who would not be trusted for five dollars without good collateral 'security. They leave their business dishonesties iu the vestibule of the church as they go in and sit at the communion. Having concluded the sacrament, they get up, wipe the wine from their lips, go out, and take up their sins where they left off." To serve tho devil is their regular work; to servo God a sort of play spell. AVith a Sunday sponge they expect to wipe off from their business slate all the past week's inconsistencies. You have no more right to take such a man's life as a specimen of religion than you have to take tho twisted irons and split timbers that lie on the beach at Coney island as a specimen of an American ship. It is time that we drew a line between religion and the fi ail ties of tho e who p.-ofess it To-day I invite you back into the good old-fashioned, religion of your fathers—to the God whom they worshiped, to tho Bible they read, to tho promises on which they leaned, to the cross on which they hung their eternal expectations. Vou have not been happy a day since you swung off; you will not be happy a minute until you swing back. Again: There may be some of you who, in the attempt after a Christian life, will have to run against powerful passions and appetites. Perhaps it is a disposition to anger that you havo to contend against; and perhaps, while in a very serious mood, you hear of something that ma ices you feel that you must swear or ale. I know of a Christian man who was once so exasperated that he said to a mean customer, "I can not swear at you myself, for I am a member of the church: but if you will go downstairs my partner in business will swear at you." All your good resolutions heretofore have been torn to tatters by explosions of temper. Now there is no harm in getting mad if you only get mad at sin. You need to bridle and baddle these hot-breathed passions, and with them ride down injustice and wrong. There are a thousand things in the world that we ought to be mad at. There is no harm in getting red hot if you only bring to the forge that which needs hammering. A man who has no power of righteous indignation is an imbecile. But be sura it is a righteous indignation, and not a petulancy that blurs, and unravels, and depletes the soul. There is a large class of persons in midiife who have still in tnem appetites that were aroused in early manhood, at a time when they prided themselves on being a "little fast," "high livers," "free and easy," "hail fellows well mat." They are now paying in compound icieivst for troubles they collected twenty years ago. Some of you are trying to escape, and you will—yet very'narrowly, "as with the skin of your teeth." God and your own soul only know what the struggle is. Omnipotent grace 1ms pulled out many a soul that was deeper in the mire than you are. They line the beach of heaven—the multitude whom Qod has rescued from the thrall of suicidal habits. If you this day turn your back on the wrong, and start anew, God will help you. Oh, the weakness of human help! Men will sympathize for a while and then turn you off. If you ask for their pardon they will give it, and say they will try you again; but, falling away again, under the power of temptation, they cast you off forever. But God forgives seventy times seven; yea, seven hundred times; yea, though this be the ten thousandth time he is more earnest, more> sympathetic, more helpful this last time than when you took your first misstep. fin 6pportunitfr to, get la stroke, until tvith one final etfort, in which the Muscles are distended, ftrid the veins stand out. and ' the blood starts, the swarthy habit falls under the knee of the victor—escaped at last as with the skin of his teeth 'The sh'p Ertiina, Lound Jroin Gottenburg to tlarwich, was sailing on, when the man on the lookout saw something that he pronounced a vessel bottom up. There was something on it that looked like a sea gull, but was afterward found to be a waving handkerchief. In the small bfta*, the crew pushed out to the Avreck, and found that it was a cabslzed vessel, and that three men had been digging- their way out through tho bottom of the ship When the Vessel capsized they had no means of escape. The captain took his penknife and dug away through tlie planks until his knife broke. Then an old nail was found, with which they attempted to scrape their way out of the darkness, each one working-until his hand was wellnigh paralyzed, and h<3 sank back faint and sick. After long and tedious work, the light broke through the bottom of the ship A handkerchief was hoisted. Help came. They were taken on board the Vessel and saved. Did ever men come so near a watery grave without dropping 1 into it? How narrowly they escaped—escaped only "with the hkin of their teetli." Try this God, y'e who have had the bloodhounds after you, and who have thought that God had forgotten you. Try him, and see if ho will not help. Try him and see if ho will not pardon. Try him. and see if ho will not save. The flowers of spring have no bloom so sweet as the flowering of Christ's affections. The sun hath no warmth compared with the glow of his heart. The waters have no refreshment like the fountain that will slake the thirst of thy soul. At the momont the reindeer stands with his lip and nostril thrust into tho cool mountain torrent, the hunter inny be coming through tlu thicket Without crackling a stick under his foot, ho comes close by tho stag, aims his gun. draws the trigger, and the poor thing rears in its death agony nnd falls backward, its antlers crashing on the rocks; but' tha ' p uitin?' hiart that drinks from tho water brooks of God's promise shall never be fatally wounded, and shall never die. This wor'd is a poor portion for your soul, oh business man! An eastern king had graven upon his tomb two fingers, representing as sounding upon each other with a snap, and under them the motto, "All is not worth that." Apicius Coelins hanged himself •because his hteward informed him that he had only eighty thousand pounds sterling left All of this world's riches make but a small inheritance, for a soul. Robespierre attempted to win the applause of tho world: but when he was dying a woman came rushing through tlie crowd crying to him: "Murderer of my kindred, descend to hell, covered with the curses of every mother in Fran eel" Many who havo expected the plaudits ot the- world havo died under its Anathema Marana tha. Highest of all to leavening strength,-totestO,Mw, BURE Economy requires that in every receipt calling for baking powder the Royal shall be used, jtt will go further and make the food lighter, sweeten of finer flavor, more digestible and wholesome. ROYAL DAKINQ •**. WAI.L ST., NEW voftK. Oh, find your pence in God. Make one strong pull f or heaven. No halfway work will do it. There sometimes comes a time on ship-board when everything must bo sacriHed to save the passengers. Tho cargo is nothing, the rigging nothing. The captain puts the trumpet to his lip and shouts, "Cut away the mastl" Some of you have been tossed and driven, and you have, in your effort to keap the world, well nigh lost your soul. Until you Lave decided this matter, lot everything else go. Overboard with all those other anxieties and burdens! You will have to drop . the sails of your pride, and cut away the mast! With one earnest cry for he'p, put your causa into the hand of him who helped Paul out of the breakers of Melita, and who, above the shrill blast of the wrathiest tempest thatever blackened the sky or shook the ocean, can hear the faintest imploratit n for mercy. I shall conclude, feeling that some of you, who have considered your case hopeless, will take heart again, and that with a blood-red earnestness, such as you have never experienced before, you will start for the goo'l land of the Gospel—at last to look back, saying,. '.-What a great ris'v I ran! Almost lost, but saved! Just trot through, and no more! Escaped by the skin of my teetli." FEMININITIES, Lewis Schiller, of AUentown, Pa., Is the father of twenty children, seventeen of whom are living. A little girl was punished for doin" wrong, when she said; "Oh, those commandments do break awfully easy!" . * You can always toll the novice iu love-making < when he asks for "just one kiss." As though such a ever existed! Grace—You asked me to marry you. Can you not rea,l your answer in my face? Ned, cruelly—Yes; it is very plain. . , WANT AN OCBAN TRIP? , Ton May Go to Em-opo If You Ara Jfot Afraid to Work. Most people connect with tho thought of going to Europe an idea of considerable expense, but thero fti-e many people who go free, and firms that advertise for people who nro willing to go free. Thia is such. an advertisement: WANI'ED-Moa on cattle stoamur* to Etvz- Innd worit for pjidogo. Apply oaiploymaut offlci, Ot 0— Bt Not the quickest nor tho laziest nor the most, comfortable way to got to Liverpool, but a way that answers tho purpose t of many people, and when they aro thero—in Liverpool or Glasgow—they are just as much there us if they had gone first cabin and paid so many dollars a day for seasickness, saya the New York Advertiser. A reporter had hardly entered tho door of the employment agency on t» street when two men camo in together carrying a cheap, rope- strapped tin trunk. "la that all.'" asked tho man at tho desk, addressing one of newcomer 1 s. "That's all." "Bo hero at half-past nine to-morrow morning. Leave tho trunk there." The prospective passenger had been there buioro and hai made his arrangements. A minute later two fairly dressed young men camo in. The genius at the desk "siaoj them up" with a glauoo. It waa just such a look as tho pawnbroker pivos an unfamiliar face. The verdict was unfavorable. The men didn't look enough liko work and appeared rather too prosperous. The fellow at the desk answered a few questions with "yea" and "no" and then asked abruptly: "Where aro you going?" "Well," said one of them, "wo di "n't much care. Wo thought we'd go to lariti." "Wo don't run any boats to Paris," was the serious, quick-spoken rejoinder, with an accent and expression that plainly meant: "That's all there is to bs said." • •But " "Wo don't run any boats to Paris. Do you belong on t ,o other Bide?" "No; we belong 1 here." "I thought KO. Tuis is intended for people who have come hero from Europe and want to get back." _Tho next man was ragged and had his coat collar turned up. Ho wasn't asked whether he belonged on tha other pido; that didn't matter in his case. Ho wasn't going- on a lark, he knew. Tho routine of questions and answers was gone over liko clockwork. It was as simple a matter us hiring a man to tako a trunk to . c outh Brooklyn. The shipment' of cattle to Europe has grown from 53) head a week ten years ago to 8.0J,) a week now from this port, Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore being the threo Atlantic ports from which cattle aro shipped. IHIssod Iti'l'ropor Fate, Strelotzkl, tli-j pianist, tells the following story of Liszt: I remember once a Miss M --- playiusr a sonata, by Sterndale Bennett, a work of a very prosy typo, and certainl/ lacking in anything liko spontaneity or poetry. Liszt was evidently not familiar with it, so, aftar playing some six or seven pages, he gently tapped Miss M — — on the arm and said: ''Mademoiselle, would you kindly name the piece you are por- forming?" "Certainly,' sir," she replied; "it is the sonata -The Maid of Orleans, 1 by William StcrnUale Ben nett." "Il'm." said Liszt; "it's a pity tho original manuscript didn't meet tho same fate as tho 'Maid,' " — Argonaut. art FROM MANY SOURCES.* The only .flsh that never sleep salmon, pike and goldilsh. A part/ of explorers have recently discovered nn immense forest of India rubbet trees Iu tho valley of the Orinoco. At a recent auction sale oC odds' and. ends in rat-is a woman bought an old rnatti-ass iu which she found 14,000 franc* in gold. The government of Japan gets a larga proportion of its revenue from the rftil- road anil telegraph companies it owns and operates. A now use will be put to tbo waters of tho Dead swa. It has boon found tnat' they will km microbes aud thoy will bft used iu French hospitals. It coats so m«ch to support the 200,000 pr'ests iu Thibet, whi.-h hits only 2,000,000 inhabitants, that a man can not ordinarily attord tho luxury of a wife all to himself and so polyandy is general. Lobsters often travel in regiments*, seeking new feeding grounds. .Their ml- gra:ing armies aro often load by the big'- gcst and strongest ones, whi o the maimed nnd woakly struggle along behind. While malting .1 bolt in the steel works nt Homestead rocoutly a workman turned off a shaving- 285 foot in length. A tiliav- ing in. feot in length is ejihlbltod as a great curiosity in tho Woolwich Arsenal,, England. , Ko nnimal has more than five toes, digits or claws to each fool; or limb. Tha horso is ouB-tosd,. the ox two toed, the- rninocoi-os is throe toed, tliolupi.o|jolamuu is four-toed aud tlio elephant and hundreds of other animals aro live-toed. A correspondent writes to Naturo th'nt carp aro very fond of tho larviu of mils- quitos, and, ns this fish thrives in the only k'.ud'oE water iu which tho iurwn of the, IUOB juito can hvo, he suggests that these- flsb ruigbt l;o employed to exterminate this pestiferous insect. JNew Brunswick 1ms n small lopor colony* Guarantees a to every nervous, delicate woman, suffering- from "female complaint," irregularity, or weakness. In every exhausted condition of the female system, Dr. Pierce's Favorite- Prescription is an invigorating restorative' tonic, fitted to the needs of nursing mothers,, and woineu approaching confinement. South Bend, Pactjle Co., Wash.. Da. H. V. PIERCE, Buffalo, N. Y.: Dear S'r—I beg-on tak~ ing your " Favorite Pre- aoriptlon" the lirut month of pregnancy, a uiT liavo continued taki!;cr it since confinement. I." did not experience the; nausea or any of the nil- uients due to pt-egnim*- cy, alter I liejjan tnkl.uv •your "Prescription." i was only in labor u short time, and tho physicinri BS1 I (1 T £ot along- ufli- usually well, wo think it saved mo a great deal of suf^ ici-inpr. I was troubled a great denl with ten- corrhca also, nnd It has done o world of good for mo. Sincerely yours, Mns. W. C. BAKER, KclumUoutii. „_, „ —lyuncl School otShoifiiind offer uiiouuiileUfiieWtles. Our gruijuittos bojure " on £ I'i"",", 0 ' 18 - *<»"* 'or ontiiloKHe. AUdroni & AMIIhiiHH, iomi City, Jowu. .. Kusl- ,, OHS fjolloso, Uc* Mollies, Iu. A. C'.,joiiiilnir«. I'ros.. DBS Joiyu, Texas unit Nebraska lands. Meroliumrai, Stocks, etc., bought jitul Bold. liurLctUlalsc, DCS Moiuos, li. Wood witter hints pf nil Write for pi lues, stating you* iieo la. Geo.A.Carter ])enAlotyea, AND BIsi'AlRS—'Wo havo ono, or tho test equipped repair plants In tlie west. Y&ur work solicited. Wo always ImvobiirKuiusin nowand, eooond hand inaohhiea. Send for out. Moutlon tfils ml., 'Jim Lutlmtp-KliotluH Co., IJos.Molnes* when you believed in the truth of the Christian religion? Would yon HUe to have your children travel on in the road in which you are HQ\V twolin? You hftd. a relative >vha p.«ffo$se4 L "* '" If, with all the influences favorable for a right life, wen make so many mistakes, how much, harder it is when, for instance, sa^a appetite thrus-t-j its iron grapple into the roots of the tongue, and pnlls a man down with hands of destruction! If, iinder BUOU circumstances, ho broa.k. away, there will b« no sport iu the no, holiaay e ' Girls who contemplata purchasing- a bicycle would do well to harden their muscles in advance by running their mother's sewing machine or rooking the baby. When you see a young man anil woman walking down the street,leaa» ing on each other like a p lir of badly-, matched oxen, it is a. pretty good sign that they are bent on consolidation. There is a woman in San Francisco who makes a business of hunting up missing heirs to estates. She travels all over the country and has bpon very successful, deriving, it is said, a handr some iucorna from her peouljar poou- Looking for u Transient, "Wow! Murder!" said' tho young lady from Now York to hsr baaiuti- ful Boston friend. "Great goodness, Clara, what are you standing there like a mummy for, when there's a mouse right under you?" "Hush," said Clara, calming herself by a great effort, "I am trying to recollect what one of Ibsen's heroines would have dona in a similar emergency. "—Chicago Record, CHRONIC NERVOUS AND PRIVATE DISEASES, UooU, '-I'orfeot Although whajoa grow to enor< mous sizo, sometimes eighty an d, even ninety feet lonsr, the throat [9 so email that the animal low a bite as large us w toa-blsouit. ihis applies to the common whales the eperma.'oti has a mouth la«?e „_, --- _^ — Woriinnta'pod noil How AtttUuoil," lice. Consultation fr«« by mall or in person. You ,'an be curtil. b'onrt for tree aynintom lilanks. Capital lua. Jijdfr, UlUtuSt.. «ea Molnes J» TOURIST TRAVEL To COLORADO RESORTS The I double over

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