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The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania • Page 2

The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania • Page 2

The Mercuryi
Pottstown, Pennsylvania
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PACE TWO Phone 2263 POTTSTOWN MERCURY, POTTSTOWN, PA. SATURDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 1944 RAF Blasts Reich Rail Yards, Synthetic Oil Refineries 3000 Tons of Bombs Drop On Jammed Duisburg Site LONDON, Dec. ft of 500 RAF Lan- ciisters spread 3000 tons oi bombs on the jammed freight yards of Duisburg today and several hours later another force of British bombers attacked a oil refinery at the strategic trBnsportation rrntrr on the north- 5-Star Rank Commanders To Be Made WASHINOTON. Dec. 8 Tlie House passed a bill today to create eight wartime five-star Army and Navy commanders. The legislation is a possible forerunner to a move to give the Navy a permanent admiral with a rank high enough to match Gen. John Perhhing's of the Armies U. s. Third Army. Tliunderbolts, tale in he nation. ern perimeter of the Ruhr indu.s- trial area. Flying in wintry coniineutal wea- therl which for days has kept American Liberators and grounded. RAF heavyweights. corted by Mustangs and spilled their bombs through on Duisburg tx) sustain the aerial blitz against Germany's rail system. railway yards were crowded with vital war rquip- ment ready to be speeded to the western front, particularly to the Venlo and Julich sectors which are under attack by the British Second and I. S. Ninth Armies. Meanwhile, more than 150 flehterbombers of the S. Ninth Air force based on the continent ripped Nazi pillboxes and trencher southeast of to help A B-29 View of Mt. Fujiyama Mount Fujiyama, vokano near is seen through the nose of a B-29 Superfortress. The mountain serves as a guide to Superfortress crews on their way to bomb strategic targets in the Japanese capital. whipped down from the cloud.s to hammer canal and Erst river east of Julich. Other disabled six locomotives and cut several rail lines in the Landau-Pirmasens area, 40 miles east of Victim of Stray SItot Dies in Pliilly Hospital PHILADELPHIA Dec. 8 -Mrs. Josephlnp Shields. 21-year-old wife of an Army sergeent. died today in Lankenau hospital from a bullet wound. Sgt. Herbert Shields, given an emergency leave a Texas camp, arrived here six hours before his wife died. She was wounded by a stray bullet Tuesday night when a policeman exchanged shots with occupants of stolen automobile. other power has sair Chairman Carl Vinson (I)-Ga.) of the naval committee in the brief debate which preceded today's voice vote. is very on the basis of the size of our Army and A hint that today's vote was the 5 advance showing of a move to make the higher rank permanent came from remark: strength and pride of the United States justify making this the high rank when the Army and are after the of Aszod, 15 miles northeast of Budapest's outskirts, had fallen, saying that Red Army forces attacked the village and that of the German garrison fought, its way out while the rest resisted to tho last round of Marshal Rodion V. Malinov- Second Ckraine Army units broke through to the Danube in a thrce-day drive from Hatvan, ten east of Berlin said, and were east bank communiration.n center of Vac, on the Danube bend 13 miles north of Budapest. Berlin also declared that other Second Ukraine Army units had linked up with Marshal Feodor I Third Ukraine Army at Ercsi. on the west bank of the i'he Japanese island stronghold of Iwo Jima irary to Administration wishes, the Danube 13 miles southwen of the was hammered yesterday by American air and sea forces Senaip tnrinv to the Housp lea- capital, after a ciossing fiom the Reds Seal Off Eastern Half Of Budapest, Cross Danube LONDON, Saturday, Dec. 9 (AP) Berlin said last night that Russian tank forces had crashed through to the Danube river north of Budapest, half-encircling the Hungarian capital garrison already imperiled by other Soviet units which crossed th? river 13 miles southwest of the point of the pre.scnt fighting, and A German broadcast intimated of increasing Russian pressure that the impartant railroad junction the eastern suburbs as well as Superfort and Navy Team Destroys Jap Installations U. s. PACWIC Pearl Harbor, Dec. 8 (AP) The Japanese island stronghold of jima ind sea forces Senate today sent to the leg- the Nipponese islation freezing the old age pension notice that the giant R29s have lax throughout 1945. SENATORS FREEZE RATE OF WAGE TAX WASHINGTON, Dec. 8 the northern and southern outposts. The Soviet stroke above the capital was termed by Berlin a bold maneuver because strong German units continue to operate in the enemy's Cutting the Budapest-Bratls- lava-Vienna trunk railway the Russians were in a position to force the Danube and surround the entire capital or fight their way westward over the plains leading to Brati-1 slava and Vienna. Vac, a cro.swfoads town-at the of the Danube bend, where the riveri turm sharply westward to is only 14 miles from the'old southwestern Slovakian frointier. The Slovak capital. Bratislava, Is 951 mile.s to the northwest, and Vienna i is 125 miles from Vac. The Russian breakthrough represented a 27-mile gain strong German-Hungarlan defenses between Vac and Hatvan, another key Junction town captured Nov, 26. troops were by fog" in their big: assault, Berlin said, and wpre freshly reinforced with arnjorrd units. In Yugoslavia, Red Army unltJi operating with Marshal forces gained 15 miles in their northwestward thrust between the Danube and Sava vlvers. capturing Otok. 80 miles northwest of Belgrade, and cutting the Vlnkovcl-Brock railway, a Yugoslav communique said. DRIVER FINED NORRISTOWN, Dec. 8-A fine of $25 and the costs yesterday by Judge George C. Corson on Dewey F. Mider, Bechtclsvllle, after he entered a guilty plea to a charge of failure to exhibit his license ai the scene of an accident. W. Frank Mauger Funeral Seriice 24 Monument Malvern Phone 2240 rhich American included Superfortres.s bombers, giving Tells Story 6oo(ftfews! fOR rOlKS WITH SNIFFIY HeadCotds Quick relief from dis- trew of head colds Is whEt you want. So use Afew drops up each nostril soothe Irritation, relieve congestion. Also helps prevent many colds from developinf If u.sed In time. Just try it! Follow directions in folder, VICKS VATRO-NOl Seubts-Outy Neta Orens Works Fast RiCbt Whtrt Trouiili Is! war. There has been talk of creating an of the Navies" to correspond with Army rank. Today's bill, which now goes to the Senate, provides four appointments each of of the and Admiral of the for the duration. The House measure preserves the position of General Pershing the highest ranking military officer of the country by providing ally that the new titles not disturb his of the Armies of the United Thus, adoption of the bill would give Pershing the right to wear six stars, WILLKIE TO BF HONORED I PANAMA CITY. Dec. 8 Mrs. Wendell L. Willkie, widow of the former Republican Pre.sldential nominee, arrived here this afternoon from New York by plane to christen the Liberty ship named In honor of her husband. 'Hie SS Wendell L. Wilkie will be launched tomorrow at noon at the Walnwright shipyard here. entered a new partnership of des: truction. It was the time the sut)or- forts had operated with Navy sur, face and aircratt in a co- I attack on a base In the Pacific. hitting: iwo Jima, only miles from and about north of the B-29 base at Saipan, were Liberator bombers of the 7th Army Air force. Communiques by Admiral Chester W. Nimitz ind the 20th Army Air force command at Washington agreed that Iwo Jima was heavily hit by fleet surface and other Liberators from Fleet Airwinp One and an rscort of Lightning It probably from Iwo that the Wednesday 10 twin-engine to strike at the 21st U. S. command base at Saipan. N'mitz said that six of the enemy aii'craft were brought down by antiaircraft fire, but not before thev Danube island of C.seprl Mo.scow’s regular communique did not mention the northern action which Berlin admitted put the Budapest garrison in a critical sit- The senators voted 47 to 19 in favor of the as large a ratio as the 262 to 72 House vote Moniay, but more than the drive toward Vienna thiough thirds needed to override a widely-i the Buriapest-Lake Balaton defense predicted veto. A switch of four line southwest of the capital, votes, however, would doom a mo- In that area. Tolbukhln's forces uation, but It did announce a pow- lion to override. If Mr. Roosevelt bows to will, or If thf lawmakers override a veto, it will mark the fourth consecutive year that an automatic imrease in the payroll levy has been blocked. The rate, now percent earh on employes and employers, will double 1, the bill becomes law. Twenty-one Democrats and 26 Republicans voted for the freeze. Lined up on the lasing side were 15 Democrats, including Senator Wagner of the original Social Security law, three Republicans and one Progressive. ahead 11 miles and tured the rail station of cap- i and village, only nine mileij of Szekesfohervar, fortress I city 32 miles of Budapest and 110 miles southeast of Vienna, AustUan capital. The fall of Szekesfehervar. a great 13-way road and rail junction controlling all communications south. west of Budapest, would threaten the complete encirclement of the Hungarian capital. A midnight Soviet bulletin said that an entire Hungarian infantry regiment comprising 29 of- firers and 1390 men, surrendered nn a unit on the Danube front, and that others were captured and and Hungarians killed In southwestern Hungary. At the end of the In an effort the surrender barricaded in a to bring about of 25 convicts building at the Federal peniien- tiary, Atlanta rolumnist Blake wrote a story for his paper airing their grievances. Two New state Aids Nominated WASHINGTON. Dec. 8 The Senate received two new nomlna- tinns for top aids to Secretary of Slate Edward R. Stettinlu.s today a.s it-s foreign relations committee ided cm a publir quizzing the four already named. Chairman Tom Coiinally announced that the committee would begin publi- hearing on the of the staging ba.sp for aircraft flown frdm the main empire ft) stnkp at and in.iiallations In the Marianas. Ihe 20th force munique said sizeablp task force" of the huee Superforts at military in- stallations on iWo dron- ping a record load of bombs in the midday attack. the planes returned safely to their base. Because of heavy clouds, the bombing was done by instruments and suits were not Rome Crowds Protest 'Black Market' Stores Dec 8 Angry ciowris into three on a sriuare and would call as the Rome todav in a renewed dem- fir.Ht lo us about oastra'ion against the black market, gen; llip non'iness include Joseph C. Grew, named a- of and W. L. Clayton. Aii hibald MacLei ii and Nelson Rockefeller, nominated lo be To these four, once approved by the committee but back by a Senate publicly curious about their records opinion, Prrsidrnt Roosevelt today added two more. 1 hey are Dunn and Brig, Gen. Julius C. Holmes, named as assistant secretaries under a hill passed by ongress this week creating tuo new posts of this character. Connally Dunn and Holmes w.iUki have to face the qui' squad, along with' the Anticipatins: the tion Dunn. Senator William Lan- ger N.D already has lumped I him with Gi'f'w. Clayton and Rocke- feller in an attack on the STREFT SWEEPER HELD HARRISBURG, Dec. 8 James onr Thompson. 70 year old street Superfortress on the ground and sweeper, todav was formally charged western Hungary front the Ru.ssians. damaged two otiicrs. I the axe-murder of 48-year-old who are within 41 miles of the; Being almost midway between Brown, his housekeeper, by Austrian frontier and than 110 Tokyo and Saipan. Iwo Jima, in the Detective C. A. Winn. Tlie miles from Vienna, captured 30 Volcano group, could be a vital killed jesterday in an localltie.s, the bulletin V. 'ft. V. 'ft i'ft V. 'ft. apartment. One of the oldest official buildings In W'ashington, Is the home of the U. S. Marine Corps commandant, built in 1803. In this area the Germans were putting up terrific resistance, aided by divisions brought hurriedly from the Western front and northern Italy. Moscow dispatches said. Berlin said Budapest was the focal V. 'ft. V. 'ftl. Music Service For Christmas Yes, We Have Band Insts. for Students to Study With Our Music School Jr, Drums, (larinels. Alio Saxophnnen Mellophones, Hariioncs, Tromhoneii and MarimhaH Fine Assortment of Christmas Records of the East (Trinity Choir) Come All Ye Faithful Little Town of Bethlehem Holy Night (Chapel Choir) Shepherds Watched Chorus of Bethlehem (Richard Crooks) Christmas Music (Phil. Orch,) V- Three stores were raided yesterday by men, women and chilflren who overturned and trampled on the expensive foods displayed. Few of the crowd.s stolr any- tliing they described their anger as stronger than hunger. Another demonstration by hou.sewive.s is scheduled for Sunday, and still another, including a hunger march, for December 16, OUR fNTCGRlTY IS YOUR GUflRflNTCC men" he said are the bulk of apiKuntnienis these days. i diplomat. Dunn now 1: chief of Stale depart- ment's division of Kuropean affairs. He is and a native of New York. Holmes, 0,5, a officer who has been a.ssi.siant to the Army cliief of staff at suprenu' headquarters in charge of political affairs. He was in the State department's fort'ivin service from; 1925 to 1937 when he entered private 1 Brilliant Center DIAMOND Brilliant i diamond lupportfd bv matched smaller diamonds of equal qualirv a Rtns ot iiiperh tlut unetrrllei at our Bottled with Bonds Hitler and Hirohito are now waging war within their own home grounds. them even tighter and finish the war sooner. Get behind the Sixth War Loan BUY MORE BONDS JHlY'kl THl PREStNT WITH A tUTUki Philadelphia Electric Company N9f It Nat YOU OWE YOUR EYES A CHRISTMAS GIFT GLASSES IN THE NEW STYLES Dr. MEYERS, 9 to 9. Evanlngt, it Saturday. No Hours Thursday 35 YEARS IN POTTSTOWN GOOD FURNITURE AT LOW COST ALWAYS AT 135 HIGH STREET POTTSTOWN. PA. 87 times been Itrcicy! $7 rtmai Tvf gont tni come back. "When your that Jiigh, they usually let you quit for a bile. Rut that powihle. just have to keep on perhaps till your number is up. Oiit here, you to understand thmgs. no qtiestion of matter how much done. Back home, the tame wav tbout buying ar Bondt. You feel when you count up ind reaTfTe what a score you've got. feel you deserve a rest, too. Rtit the war over yet. And until it is, make a bargain with you: ou keep on buying, and keep on Hghiingtill the last Jap The 6th War Loan on. And American's ciuty to inv est in at least one frtra 510() War RonH. If you bought yours yet, do it today! Buy at least one extra War Bond Today I This Space Contributed Cheerfully by MAXINE DRESS SHOP 238 HIGH ST. This it jm 9fieisi VJ. tmdtr mupittt Witr

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