The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 18, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 18, 1894
Page 7
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HE tHE CHlMNfey. ftfttlotoai to fcseape Notice. A couple of California ranchers hooked their chins over the six-rail fence that divided their possessions. "Feel any 'arthquake over your Way UsV.t»i«ht. J " inquired one. "NOp: not ai 1 recollect on." . "Maybe you wuz blastin' out Mumps.-"' "^ op; I alluz burn 'em out in the fall." "Your hired man ain't turned Anarchist and tried to blow up your house, has ho?" "Nop; he's spadin' aroun' the fruit trees over ynn." "The o d Wo,man dlln't build a fire With kerosene, did shou 1 " ••Nop." "We'll, It mout a bin, your boy Jake a playin 1 with the powder- horn aroun'the fireplace?" "Say, neighbor, you're getting down purty close to homo now, 1 s'po.-ie your 'tention was 'tractod to BUthih' over-my way yistorday?" . "Yep; 1 thoughtiv bnngshell had busted over that direction somewhere." "Well, it was mo cleanin' out the ehimbley. It got stopped up with flut till it wouldn't draw, and my family WUH smoked till we looked like bacon. When I wao in town Saturday I bought ono o' these hero big skyrockets that packs a whole brood o' little rockets along with it, .und when it bu td sends them soootin' in every direction. I tied a big gunny sack to the tale of it to swub out tho uhlmbiey, stood up in tho fireplace and touched her off." "Did it clean out the ehimbley?" "Yep; clean as a whistle. Didn't leave a brick, an' come mighty near cleanin' out the ranch. Fallhi' bricks killed two calves over in the lot, an' a litter o' pigs back o' the barn. I'm thinlun' of gettin' some little ones to clean lamp chimbleys witH." • Far From Iho Mncldlng: Crowd. This is wbitt many a nervous suflorer wishes himself every day. But there will soon be no necessity to forsake tho buBy— albeit Koiuewlmt noisy—scenes oC metropolitan life, if the nervous invalid will begin, and persist in tho use of, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, which will speedily bring xehef to a weak and over-strung nervous system. Day by day tho brtdy acquires vigor through the influence of T.his reliable tonic, and in the vitality which it diffuses through the system the nerves conspicuously share. Heep, appetite, digestion- all these ore promoted by thia popular invigorant, and if they are, who can doubt that the acquisition of health ani nerve quietude will bo speedy and complete? Constipation, biliousness, malaria, nausea, sen sickness and cramps in the stomach yield to this remedy. A word to the wise is sulToient, but a fool needs tho whole book. "A Cup of Parks' Ten at night moves the bowelu In the morning." A setting; hen is anxious over fie outcome of her mission, she broods over it constantly. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly usea. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Fig3. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and-it'is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. YfC W1H, Mfllt POSTPfllD a fine Panel Picture, entitled "MEDITATION " In exuUange for 18 Large Lion Heads, cut from Llou Coffea wrappers, and a 2-eant stamp to pay postuRo. Write lor list at our other II uo premiums, including books, a kiilfe, game, eto. WOQISON SPICE CO., _ 450^Huron St., TOIBDO, OOIO.. CANNOT SEE HOW YOU DO IT AND PAY FREIGHT, Buy* cur s drumr walnut or oak Int. proraJ Hleh Arm BlntrnwIwDUcliliM ,, finely tlubhea, |jicl-l |il»t«a,«<lul<3 to licht add heavy work; pu«nntc«a for 10 Titans wltfc Autt.maUoB.iHla WMtr, Sclf.Tbmulioi Cjlla- (Ur SbuttU.Sfir.SeUlntr limit* lud > c'lnpleU ii?t of 8t9*l4lta9lmicint«}iUt|>pgd auy where ott 80 OUT'* TrUI. No money required ill «clv»ncs. ' IK A WEDNESDAY* JITJLY is, PAIR'S dttEAtfiSt TREAS' URES pResfeNt. A Wonderful Collection ot the Most Notable Eihlblt* at the World'* Col* nmblnn fcxponltion—I'rogreM of Matt In Many Age*. The World's Columbian exposition still lives 5n the Field Columbian museum, thanks to the munificent generosity of the millionaire Chicago merchant, whose name it bears, and the unselfish co-operation of his fellow-citizens. A million or two locked up in a batik or invested in cotton and woolens is not much in these days, but given at the right time for a wise beneiicence it is a fund which will draw usury for the public good for all time to come. It was Marshall Field's idea that the World's Fair should not be uttetly lost to Chicago and to the'world; that its vast educational exhibits, utterly useless in dispersion, would be of inestimable value gathered together under one roof, with others to be added from time to time, nnd made freely accessible to tho students of the vnrious educational institutions and the general public. It was not his purpose to establish a museum simply as a place of amusement, but rather a gallery of object-lessons where the world's progress, physical and intellectual, might be studied, and further progress made easier. In carrying out this idea the musuem, which has been opened to the public in Jackson Park, becomes an epitome of the great exposition which was held on that spot a year ago and excited the wonder and admiration of the world. I confess that it was with the expectation of seeing little more than an incongruous collection of World's Fair loft-overs that I wandered through the old Art Gallery by the lake one cold day in March. Even with the accumulations of the Midway I expected to •see the annexes unoccupied, with~vis7 tas of vancancy in the main building. Never was I more surprised. The great building, with its six acres of make tils'loatfof vatlbati replied ft gift to thfc museum out of compliment to Mr. Onahan, whom he made ft c- lief* fdf his services to the ehufch. lh£ the World's F.aih One of the most noticeable and able of the exhibits is the large natural science Collection which Was exhibited in the anthrdjpological fend mining buildings. This embraces something like 100,0»0 specimens, including ttiih* erals, ores, metals, fossils, corals, skeletons and mounted fish, bird and beast. Some of these specimens are o* remarkable beauty and perfection and others are precious for their ffcrity. The rooms devoted to economic geology contain a complete exposition of the mining industf ;es of the country, metal'Working, coal and mineral oils, Ihe quarries, etc. These exhibits occupy almost the entire xvestern wing »nd annex, while a splendid botanical and forestry exhibt fills the galleries. The halls of anthropology include the valuable collections made two years ago in North, Central and South America at the instance of l j rof. Putnam, beside many others wh'ich were contributed by foreign nations. These collections are already in some respects superior even to the Smithsonian collection in Washington. Perhaps the most promising divisions of the museum, from a utilitarian point of view, are those of the mechanic arts, including the railway museum. So far they are unfinished, but the beginnings are enough to out- lino the future. There are rooms devoted to pottery, to metal working, to the textile industries, to gems and gem-cutting (a magnificent exhibit), to electricity, and to transportation. The museum of the world's railways is a spec'al department. It is already doubtless the most complete railway museum in the world, and will be greatly extended in accordance with the magnitude of the railway interests of this country. The Columbian Memorial museum embraces the more important features of the La Rabida exuibit of Columbiana, displayed to much better advantage than in the cramped cloisters of the mim'c monastery. It is interesting to note, by the way, that in the working force of the museum are representatives of both aboriginal GIEAFFB, ELEPHANT AND SEA LION. IB c a, c r »«r, O MFB, CO, W VrtiftAw. gHlCAOO,IU, Patents, Trade-Marks, Ex»inlji9tlQ« ana Aavice as to I'atsntublllty ot &fS^-^^^S^^M^S&W PISO'SiCURE FOR I who tore veuk InoKa or Asth- I ma, 8)iouW use I'iso'a Cure far I Consuu)Villon. }t bus c::ri;<|! I tboH»auii». it bns not Injur-1 I ea one. it U not bud to mfe. I ft 13 (be best coiwb SJTUP, ' 1 • C O N S U M P T1-0 N. { J floor space, was full of exhibits, with car-loads waiting outside. • Amid seeming chaos 1 readily discerned an ordered plan, and already rooms were arranged with collections worthy of any museum in the world, while I saw beginnings of an industrial and technical museum, which, if I am not mistaken, may creato in this wonderful west such treasuries of industry as the Aubusson and Sevres works in France. Indeed, as I saw the greatness of the plan unfolded and heheld its wonderful possibilities for the future, I seemed to see in Jackson park another British museum, or, in other words, an American museum which should occupy the same position toward America that that splendid institution does to the British empire. The entrance hall and the rotunda are devoted to plaster casts and models of the World's Fair statuary, and one recognizes old friends in the well-remembered forms by Mar- tignyi Bitter, Crawford, Taft, Prootor and others. In the center of the rotunda stands St. Gaudens's colossal figure of Columbus, which formerly looked out upon the Court of Honor from the east portal of the Administration building. But we are naturally more interested in the collections of the museum proper. The arrangement begins with the creation of the world, illustrates the structure thereof, and ascends through all the forms of vegetable and animal life from foss-il ferna 1 to fruits and flowers, from the mammoth up to man. Then, naturally, follows tnan and his works, illustrating his life upon this planet from the stone age to the present day, with his progress in the industrial arts, his metal work, textile fabrics and pottery, his railroads and electrical inventions. Valuable additions to the museum are being made daily, A large collection of replicas of Egyptian caste in the Berlin museum it, one of the latest, and President E. J3, Aver of the Mv.seu:n association is now in Egypt holding a A^Rd-ful of commissions from wealthy Chtcagoans to "bw every thing iu sight worth taking." Then Mr. £ M, Ffonlke of Washington has announced his intention to loan his magnificent tapestries, made for Pope Urbftn VIIJ. pbout l<i£0, and since hung- in the Karbarini palace. They are jllustrative of tha Ufa of Christ, and will be ultimately presented to the Cathedral of St, John the Civile in Now York, special alterations having ^W Wteia, the phjna 10, giYft th.eju Appropriate, Wft }J (\""t America and the Zipongu, which Columbus supposed he had discovered. Last, but not least, a library of upward of twelve thousand volumes of valuable scientific and technical works, Columbiaua, etc,, in various languages, cqmpletes 'the .equipment of this magnificent and, in some respects, unique institution: a national museum and academy of the industrial arts of which not Chicago alone but America may be justly proud. Perhaps some day the name may be changed from Field .to United States museum A suntiment in that direction is being manifested not alone in Cuicago but all over the country. SKELETON OF OSTRICH. Those in favor of it are supposed to write to the directors. Those against it will do the same. Are Her Feet Growing? To the unpracticed eye there islitt'e change in shoes for feminine wear, but it is still a fact that small feet are growing more scarce every day. Women now find themselves wearing a No. 5 shoe who formerly wore a No. 4. Amply large shapes are just now the thing, made with low, broad heel, pointed toe and'a straight edge or but- t^ned lap. In contrast for dressy wear are those with arched instep $nd Louis Quinze heels. Patent leather •Oxford ties for summer will divide vor with russet leather t]ea Repecca—Do you really Iqfe me? JgRac-Vftta feyestion.! Didn't }py an. evening pap,er fpr ypu fts I canja J B ? JUStlbS Fl* 1?ft« 6nrpH*M the Abtmt to I lit> Oft ft Spcocti. police JuBtice Grady ia one of the gravest, if the younjfesti tattgiatruto* in New York city. He seldom relaxes his dignity virheH he is on thfl bench, but he fcouid not felYaln front doing BO one day when a orim'nftl lawyer, who Is better khown in the Yorkville police coiii-t than the court house, appeared as counsel for a ne- gro who wus charged with stealing two chickens. . The case Was a funny otici, and JuBtioe Grady had to snile more than once as it proceeded, but tho lawyer did nob see any humor in it, At tho conclusion of the testimony he arose with gi-oat gravity of ile- raeunor, and with a flourish of his arms and voice, exclaimed! "Your honor, thia is a case that requires — " "Mr. Blank, are you going to make a speech P" Justice Griidy hastily inquired. "Thut was my intantion, your honor.'-. You seei tho case is one of such gravity — " Tho justice interrupted him: ••if you will permit tno to suggest, Mr. Blank, tlmt a speech is wholly unnecessary, the court will bo obliged to you — " "But, youi 1 hono-', I feel that it ia my prerogative tospealt." tho lawyer cried. "And my pleasure to listen," Bald. tho justice. "But in this case it is so—" ••I know what your honor would say," tho lawyer broke in. "I will your in- anticipate you by craving dulcrenuo for—" "1 have no doubt but your address will be a masterpiece of oratory," said the just ce. "I will do my beat," said the lawyer, humbly, but with a ring 1 of plea- euro ip hlu voice. "I am always fascinated by your speeches, air." the justice went on. "Thank you; I am indeed deeply gratefui. But if yo ir honor will hear mo in this matter, you will confer a favor upon my client," "I do not think BO," said tho justice." • "Do not think so!" tho lawyer shrieked, as his fuco palod. "Why, your honor cannot mjan that—" "1 simply msan that I will discharge your client, lie is froe." "Ota!" gasped tho lawyer. Jutitico Grudy chuckled. A CUTE LOVER. Ho Won tho Girl With a Single Well- Timed Item irk. Ho had nursed the hope tenderly that some day he might win h p.saya the'Detroit, Free Press, but in these later days hope had almost retired from active life. True, she still permitted his attentions, but there was that in her manner, which told him far more plainly than words thr.t ho was losing his grip' at the rate of thirty- seven miles a minute. If, in lead he ever hal a grip. On this poj^nt even ho had -doubts at times. Yet in it all there were often gleams of sunshine through tho rifts in .the clouds, and he depended on them to revivify tho fading budd of his hope. Ho knew that nobody knows what a woman will do when nobody ia ex- pecr,ing it. She doesn't even know herself. So it was that one day his utter devotion to her asserted itself and he asked her to be his wife. "Henry," she an^vvereJ in a calm, sisterly manner, "I scarcely op. pooled this-at this-.time. I thought you would 'undttrsta'nd'without my• speaking. Now 1 see I must be very plain " "Don't say thai," he interrupted o irnestly and lovingly; 'don't say that, dearest. You cannot bo very plain—you are too beautiful. Say it soma other way, dearest." Pier faeo filled with astonishment, which faded away as a dissolving view, and in its stead camo that look which makes a lover swear he's looking into an angel's faco come down from heaven to greet him with a smile. Ago of Some UnlvurgiUos. It is said that the university of Oxford was. founded by King Alfred the Great in' 872.' The university of Cambridge, or rather tho first of tho colleges at present comprised in it, was founded by Hugo, bishoo of Ely, in J^57. The university of Paris waJ^ounded by King Philip II. about the year 12JO. The first German university was established at Prague in 1843. Trinity college, Dublin, was incorporated by royal charter in 159J. The university of Edinburg was first chartered in 1582 by King James VI. of Scotland, Harvard college was founded at Cambridge, or as it was then known,Nowton, Mass., in 1(586., Yale university was first established; at Saybrook, Conn-, in 170 ). It removed to its present lo^ cation, New Haven, in 171(3—Pittsburg Dispatch. Cheek as Hard as a Orumraer'H. James Shelton, a Birdeye miner, was walking through the forest neat' Halsey when Uirhtnlng struck a tree, bounded off and struck him on the side of the head, out a silk handkerchief from his neck and tore the sole from his right shoe. He wus unconscious for an hour, but at present is performing hja usual duties.-— Louisville Courier-Journal A Weird Keveujfe. He, haughtily-~I believe J am, dja* tinotly eligible an<i your parents approve, Indeed, were I not a gentle' man I. should aay that they seemed. ' wnpA.jKJto Take no Substitute for Royal Baking Powder. It is Absolutely Pure* AH others contain alum or ammonia. IN THE HALLS OS* JUSTICE. Durittff a hearing in the Jefferson market (Philadelphia police court tho other day a woman among- the spectators suddenly shook her fish at ona o£ tho policenien. When an attempt was made to eject her sho roRisted so forcibly that • she wns arrested and hauled before the justice. "What has tho policeman done that you should shako..your fist at him?" tho judge naked. "Nothing," replied tho woman, "only ho looks lilts a man I don't like. She was fined $10. A woman in Georgia was rocantly tr'ed before a court on the charge of obtaining money under fnlso pretenses. A clear case appears to have been made out against her, but her lawyer secured her discharge without denying a single allegation and without calling a sin-glo witness in her behalf, lie simply asked tho prosecutor whether ho could swear teat the defendant wus not of sound mind, and; on the answer bolng in tho nsgal.ivd, the juclgj ordered .tha woman's discharge and lectured the prosecutor for bringing a cnso 'into court in which tho pi'osacutor could not take oath as to tho nun Lai capacity of tho defendant. • INVESTIGATE Iho irrigated lands of Iduho und you will find them tho cheapest, the best and tho most accessible to markets. EMIGRATE to Jdnho and you will be happy. Its a new country, its for tho poor man and tho smaller farmer and fruit grower. IRRIGATE tho lunds of Idaho nnd you have a surety of crops and fruit in abundance. COGITATE? Of course you will, Ihen send for our Idaho advertising matter. Address E. L. Lomiui, G. P. & T. A.. Omaha, Neb. Kvery preacher ought to remember that the only thiuR tlmt can be used to bit sin Bquuro in tht bond is truth. Aro You Soolclnj; it Raw Donation? Great, interest ia being manlfo'itod in tho rnpi dovdoponvnt of the country which the K'iinsas City, Pitts burg & Gull'Kail- road hits opened in Missouri, Kim^nu and Arkansas. Tho rcMources of Southwest, M ssourl and Nor lib western Arkansas, aro vnricd. It is n great grain, grass nnd stock country: Ir, is riih in minus of lead, zinc and conl! Immense forests of timber! -Apple orchard of A metrical The principal po'nts nro, Hum-*. Mo., P ttshurpr, Kan.. Joplin, Mo., Neoslio. Mo., Sulphur Sp-iim's, Art, Gentry, Ark, and biloam Springs, Ark. A cony of thn Mn-ouni AND FAKMEK & FIIOITMAJT, Riving full i. UOD of tlie points of interest on Iho Kansas City. Pittsburg & Gulf Railroad, will be sent frjo on appii.'.iitlon, It \\ill pay you to loolc this country over before deciding to locni.o elsewhere. JAMES DOXOIUIB, Gen'l Pusaonger Agent, Kansas City, Mo. The man who stays at home and minds his own business ia not considered a good citizen amonx agitators. An Folio from ilia \Vor]<T« Fair. The Lake Shore Route 1ms recently gotten out a very handsome litho- water color of the "Exposition Flyer," the famous twenty hour train in service between New York and Chicago during the fair. Among the many wonderful achievements of the Columbian year this train—which was the fastest long distance train ever run— holds a prominent placo, and to anyone interested in the subject tho picture is well worth framing. Ten cents in stamps or silver sent to C. K. Wilber, West. Pass. Agt, Chicago, will secm-e one. If you don't get-along well with your neighbor, don't got a dog and file his tooth. Get more religion. Winter Wlieal. 1OO Uuahcla Per Acre Wonderful reports come in on Salzer's new winter wheat and monster winter ryo. Over 2,000 farmers plautell these grains last fall and now report yields of 50 to 70 bushsls wheat, and ovor 60 bushels rye per acre. Tho way It looks 100 bushels will be reached, fiend to John A. Saker Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., 4c postage stamps, for samples of thia wheat- and ryo and fall catalogue. w If we could gain the whole earth it would begin to shrink as soou us we got possession. H- and H. Will clean Bilks, Woolen Goods. Blbbons, Curtalui Bail Curpota. UneqmileU for i-leuulng liouao, killing motlis und rouovatlnsurcaio uputs. 1'rlcu loo, 2 cakes for 25c. fc'or sulu uvoryiviiovu. Aildross H. & H., Ues Molaoa, lon-iv. The fool has one great, advautago, ho never lets bis better judgment got away with him, Hall's CatarrU Curo Is taken Jutcrnally, Price, 7Sq, Whenever a man niukos a good guess, be begins to tall; about hla good judgment, »<HAn«Qfi<« VIJVH People who know you are right ore hvayd anxious to liaye you go aUead. Hla Rafting Shot. , She spurned his suit. "Never!" sl-c insisted. Nor yet did hope flee hia bl-ea«t. -, " ,?, 1 "Can >oit not)" he asked huskily, "iMHilJj to love mo!" -"-** .She shook her head. . , mi . "And still—" t t$4 Ho hls.'od through hla clenched teeth **' : ho made for t!io door. • ,\f "—they sny nevi.r too old to learn." Y\'-i Rim started'Violently, turned pate UMlA sank In a miserable heap ott the floW,. ;\ crmhcd by his eruel words. '~!l The ODionol s "What hns become of tho colonel?" "Well, snh, the colonel is working—ye*, soli, working—inn low down dime mus'oilMu •,.» soh. Ho stands on a platform, sab, befOl* i a lot of grinning yokels and drinks n quart ';jf of plain witter, snh, every two hours." >* .3 Rollef for Mothers. Little Boy—"What's the use of so queer letters In words? Look at I In 'indicted. 1 " Little Uirl—"I RuesB those IB Just put , BO mothers can got an excuse to send "tlirip.* children to school and tiave a little peac*,"-' If a mnn Is selfish, getting married* WlttV not ciirelilmot it. , ,«tr ^ sour, irritable, so that the '» ;•? whole world scams wrong. */,*-a That's the way you flST.WJj? when your liver Is Inao*> *Si ttvo. You need Doctor--'if Plurro'fi Fleasanfc Pellet* to ',* stimulate it and correct it,' and clear up your system ' 4 for you, You won't mind tho taking of them—' they're so small and so ' natural in their effects. All that, you notice with * them is the good that they do. \£ In tho permanent cure of Biliousness, Jaun-, JjL dice, Constipation, Indigestion, Sour Btom- l ,^ ache, Dizziness, Sick or Bilious Headaches, > , and every liver, stomach, or bowel disorder, < * '^ they're (/uarantccd to give satisfaction, or ' *", tho money is returned, * Don't tinker at your Catarrh with unknown medinlnos. It's risky and dangerous. You may drive it to tho lungs. Get th». ^ % Remedy that has mired Catarrh for year* fip nnd years — Dr. Sago's . Catarrh Remedy. *. '\ The makers guarantee it to cure, or bonenlk in tho worab cases. Kiliicalloiinl. v*'*'^'«-^v%^^-'^r^^ WANTFTH YOUNG PEOPLE to fit them.' t> /ill J.JWL/ selves for business, f or tUe 8tnU» Unlvorslty, or for tombing. Tho J own City Coin, nierclnl Collude, Anuluiiiy and Suhftjl of Hhoithund ollur UMiiqtmUxIfiicllUloB. Our Kruduutos nOjure ' oxcollent petitions, fend for cutulOKiio. AaUro»» AVllils <b \\lllluin8, .luwu City, lutvu. lown, TOXIIB nnd Nobruskn InodiU Mercluuid a -, Ktocka, etc., lougbt nnd BOKI. liurLn .Vlllalsc, lies Hollies, U. Sundrloi, Itrpiili-lng, JEto Write u» bnforo hiiylnR. Ne»f [I nndiMlmnd. llcsMoiiici()fclet)». Wood wntei- tnnks of nit BUn» Write for pili-es. utntlng yoti» noo I e. (ieo. A. Cni-tor DeaMulnos. JIICVC1.I3S AM) KKI'AIUS~Wo have on» ot Iho test oqnlpt cd ropulr plnnts In tho west. Vour work sollclloil. Wo always liuvolmrKtilmiln new ana focoiul Uanili'niiclilnos. Kund for cat, aiontlOnthilKiKj. 'I'liu l.ul lirop- Itnodi-H Co., )>i:g Muliiea, j». A T< If \TT1CJ ( " u " Oftra from f! > K> fliOporctayiMjlJ. jfi.VJ I\- IN J. U lug stock tu it Corporal Ion that will piiy largo dividends; icouuy loaned 'ntlipnr tool ,00 terms. Particulars apply to 1). D WiS, Htat» -., itlS 'I. T,. & T. ItuiUUnir, l>rs Molned, FOIt'lSHBINKSS. Shorr,- Iiiuid, Tologtvphy, Knw tree. low» HO83 DolIosH, Doi :>Ioliin»> la. A. C. ,/nnnIngc, 1'rtmr MM EUDLESS BELTS And supplies of nil kinds for Tlireihermon, Crosm- erlcs nnd Stoum U»ers. It, It. OAHClilt, 31* Coiii-t, Ave., DCS MolueH, la. . O. J> witu privileged* oknmlniU'QH.rfl-' utrii to iia fre» of rtmiyo If not mtlUtfuctory. N» ciisli In udr«n«* required {Jt»u»- Pica of our fin* . .. _ „ lino of U «nd M Wool Trousers and rules for jolt measurement mnllad free. V\ rite tills week, , TAYLOR-NBWBLL CO., 31« Court Avcuno, - - I)e» Alulae*. FELLOWS FELLOWS Sl'BOIA,I.TST», [CHRONIC NERVOUS AND PRIVATE DISEASES, Hook, '•Peilecc Miinhop* WHET ssstssFS&rnna SVCimnnhooa pncl Hp» "litulued," free. Consultation fr»p by nail Ot 1* person. You ••an ba cured, h'enil fur frou HymptSn bliinks. Citpltnliiis. BldK., 41BJtUSt, "-•-"—— •- * W THRESHERS low a* PRICE SO CENTS. Alt DRUGGISTS! VJI * BSBB V*SFV $3 SHOE 13 TH5 BC8T, 4| NPSQUEAKINO, CORDOVAN, f :i ™!M!^.m?M£. i. a , EXTRA: V«u sait i _ W, y*&$9 <p&f$iti mmmfr ?;MJ.m.?ta

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