Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 19, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 19, 1946
Page 4
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gj«gU»^w«*2««..t.iM>wt i-*w*m«nn>)ntiNutt «„•>, (•„„« .„ „ „ w Jv MB»»«**< tUMk«^i**» x . m «fe*[«'ir.X)tf<l>l«f I ft.fM BJUi»«,,i*a»* , /v ?;»• • ',-,-n^f, Vs-v -. yfo^rw " i HOPE S 7 A ft, ARKANSAS Tuesday, Pebruflry9,1946 By Chick Young looked bad. No u«e trying lo make a That gorilla beside me had an ilchy trigger finder. WMEN£VS?T GET IN THE BATMTUB IT SEEMS THE WMQLE WORLD COMES TRAIPSING IM tOOK WHERE VOLl StAMMED THAT TAXI DOOR ON MY ARM, PUNK. YOU/\\IGHTA BROKE AFTER WHAT YOU DID TO MY OAW AM i SUPPOSED GOING TO BUY THE THE BATHTUB y BIGGEST LOCK IM THE STORE AMD PUT rr ON SMOULD BE ABLE OUR BATHROOM TO CALL MIS CANT A LADY HAVE A LITTLE PRIVACY «, IN HER ] BATH P. SOUL HIS OWN GOBACKiRANDY BUT KEEP LOW IN THE WEEDS. WHEN V0URE OurO' RANGE RUN AROUND TO THAT MILL AND RfllSE YOUR ARM IF ANYONE LfflVJ THE HOUSE OH THE I'M GOING TO FIND OUT , WHO'S DOING THAI' SHOOTING,.. V CANT so FOR HELP AND X RISK HIM GETTING AWAY i Jlte THAT'S ... r-IGURlNG HE'S USING AN AUTOMATIC, HH'S PROBABLY GOT " ' By Golbraith MODEST MAIDENS Trademark Rpgiiteroil U. S. Patent Ottos 'MO ...SHE MAPH IT WITH ME BLINKIE, CELIA'S SAFE — BUT I WAS TOO WEAK TO CARRV HERT--.3 CAME TO GET (STOP-STAKE/ SHE'S OUT COLD, THE SHCCK ...ON'ER HERE BY THE CLIFF/ RIGHT...THE CAVS SVATEftWAV SPILLED -.Y'MEAN THAT5 SVHEEE >DU CA,\\E OUT;; PEAD, SON—DROWNEP IN TH' FLOODED CAVE GET RIGHT UPSTAIRS AND WASH OUT YOUR MOUTH WITH SOAP/ "I've decided h was about nmc 1 went out ana Lmagme that! I forgot myself and said 'Pipe down!' "ike I used to holler in the barracks wh w got my man. barracks when I was sereeantt and he went right to sleep!" '.' " Freckles and His Friends By Blosser I'LL GIVE" YOU MY BOY HP scour WIFE,/AY )./••///&' SKELETON! KEV AMD >£--•<« [v\Y POLICE WHISTLE/ J MO. DE AL- YEAH JUNIOR. . PLEAS5 DOM'f VOU'RH MOT TELL. YOUR, y GONNA BUMP nTk-lPP v\/p / vm IP r-i UAC, 7unnv Business By Hershberger EE WE f VOUE.GUMS IT urrr> \ A a^, rr IT- THIS CHECK'S NO GOOD! ACCOUNT' TMEN HOW Aeour MY ENGRAVED PET TURjie J KEEP TA-KINJG--—- j OR MY WG,C SET , ^^- „ U ' EM \ /! lie's tiuitc methodical in everything!" Thimble Theater OSCAR, CAK4 you WHIP (VA LOVES ME '"*&='.; TOM Kmy Features Syndicate, Inc., World rights rcscr i;d. Our Boarding House With Major Hoople W4L,TH' EXPERIMENT ...„, Tfc , WUZ /A SUCCESS/ I'VE 'JK£ SPLIT TH'ATOM/^uoisEf AM' HERE'S A ra< / GOT IM WHOLE BOrrLE J1 (. THE HALL?/ 0' ATOMIC EWERGY/ Out Our Way BOWEH&4D, YOU!? PUWI5HWEUT WILL COME AT D.AWW/ IT WILL BE A FdTE WORSE THAkl U5SEW, YER M4JE5TY- DON'T YOU REMEMBER I VW5SOKJMA DO A BIS EXPERIMENT SHOOTING A6 STRAIGVAT A& BUFFALO BILL/-**- IF E\jee.V80DV EL«=.E IS GOINJG DOT FOR. MORE CKlPSj \Ml-W WOT DSTWU"? ] /* , THAT'S FAMILV I MEAN TWIW'TO BREAK IWTO TH' CflSTLE.' MRS. HOOPLE .' ABOUT 3ftCK|MG OP Biscovr rXNite 2S CEWT .' AMD IN -J.THE HOUSE FOREVER AFTER. OP trAe HPsSrA, X TOLD THEM MOD WERE 3UST VOUVi HTVL& i WHILE 1 W*>5 COOKl^slf THI5 15 fAIGHtr WILD ' BREAKFAST A (-W* ./AGOWW TOR A i SPi?AKJG OUT OF THE ViiSj^Ersi GIRL. '• BRUSH AN>TJ BEGA^-i&J^, RUBY' HRA1LED LEFTY HANKS HERE -HE COULD HAVE CLEARED w FATHER OF OLD TRAlM ROBBER'T •' ~ipu KNO'/o A POWERFUL LOT, YOL'.SiS LADY' I JU6T FOU^D YOUR R'FLE YUH BEE 2-l"J WHY MOTHERS <3>ET GRAY co»a. 1944 xi MA Milviei. ma T. M. MB. u »•« ^ .• I"'* \ ' i »• • * ,j > 1 » 1946 CLASSIFIED Insertions Only TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" 12-11 ALTO SAXOPHONE if condition. A. ].,. Hargis c-ili or see alter 0 p.m. Phone 1039-W. gj^-condeW^M tlisc and complete single row Dr. Chas. A. Champ_ _ Al *- 15-Gl 1942 NASH •'OOo7 r ^BrpASSENcr coupe. New motor, extra good P.H?' ','!r purlc?ct condition. J.C J-..iltcr.2irj South Washington in-flt TWO PAIR YOUNG~¥lJLEsT5NE pan- coming 3 and 4 year old one pair coming 4 and 5 ye- ,'• rl, « CC W ^ B ' ^'SK'es, Shovcr rings road or phone 31-J-4 . 10-61 TRIPLE A WHITE ROCK PUiJ. Jets, now laying, 10 months old. Notice B EAUTIFUL NANDINA BUSHES" 24 to 30 inches. 50c each No deliveries. Demma Seymour —- Uon - 1G-31 SEE IDEAL FURNITURE STORK for butler furniture and better _jJ!<i'gains^Phone 470. 14.1,,, INCOME TAX SERVJCETip~YOU have income tax troubles. I will oe glad lo help you. Do II now avoid the rush In the last day*' Charges reasonable. J. VV. Strick- VVE~~BUY, SELL~OR"TRArjF household furniture. Anything of smnn' Yo V r ,, se11 w °n't be too small, and they don't ,r ot U)0 '*£:. St l? lls at 22(i East Third Uty I-urniture Co. Phono (171) 28-1 m| FRANK, EMMET. JOHN OR IIAR- ^' r """ l0n a "-' S1 - s : lors write me" 170rNorlh 1V Wo S l 1 Sl! l Jncksoyi'.' 010111 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Fair By Wesrbrook Pcgler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. Giants Look to Cards for for Sale nn ^ Dl G P°, D CONDITION. One and one-half miles out on __Lew.svilIc_higliway,soutl.. lo-lj" r. , . L.C. Kennedy, Near Ho gue Store on Highway 29. 18-31 ONE KAIRBANKS^MORs ohne engino-3 H.p. Force tank " Sec GA.S- _ ___ PEACH, A PPLE AND FL^ T trees. Rose bushes, flow-ine v.nvu a " dlt °vergreens cf man? vjiiotics, Hempstead Nursery __and Florist^ Phone 23G. 18-(H " NICE FIVEROOIv~BUNGALOW and garage, located at 1020 Wesl seventh, modern in every respect Also new living room suite rocker, breakfast room suite' gas healer and cook stove Iwo bedroom suites complete with matlrcss and springs. .Will sell with or without the furniture. If interested see Floyd Porterfield. ., Wonted to Buy I WANT TO BUY" A 1940-41 OR'42 model I-oi-fl or Chevrolet. Buck i. 11)6 South Walnut Many veterans of the war. lack>', political experience and suspicious ol organi/.ers, have boon Mkep'Ical (if lhe Amerierin Veterans Committee whose pro/'ram runs parallel, in some mailers lo tluit 01 li,o Political Action Com- pyllco of t!,e CIO. and Communist organizations in our politics. nuniLier ol them have asked nnin'on. which is that 'his committee is less patriotic than lhe Ameircan Legion and the Veterans ol J'oreign Wars. Sgt. Bill Mauldin, lhe former 01 ^ti'tuomsl wtiose work since his (mu ,,, .,. discharge has .been largely polili- u i n , 0 cnl and extreme left-win.-, writes is not n the conimuiee's bullcliri his opinion lhat lhe "old. well-established veterans organisations are preach- ni" :i doctrine of strong nationalism, lo which he objects. • -<! believes ".some form of wo; Id-government" is necessary to pi event another war and would or-j By GAYLE TALBOT Miami, Fin.. Feb. 19 — (/p)_ The New York Giants, desperately in need of a couple of good pitchers 'I I hoy are to got anywhere in the National League race, still are confident (hat the kind of money [hey arc offering Owner Sam Breadon ol the Cardinals will, eventually pvoc impossible for Sam to resist. So J.hcy are not loo worried they go into their second week of CARNSVAL Bv Dick Turner ii •" • f ^~' '•'"""ing. BO ° dl to "influence i esled legislation on ganixo the vc'.ora.. "'.ibllc- ni-'nio-i and these mailers." '11:0 Aineiiean Communists advocate a world government ;;.-.d decry "strong" and "narrow" la- linnahsm in lhe United Stales but justify such nationalism for Russia on the ground that she has had to Hi/hi for hei life against capitalistic nations. ''„ is 'TI.V impression that the AVC. under lhe leadership which .ins assumed direction, would create a political body of :.;rmer service men and women according lo lhe pattern of Sidney Hill- The rest of the club Jooks Bill Rignoy, the be- shorlslnp who just got 2 service, is proving some- a sensation afield, though yet denionstraled that 1 he can hit well enough to beat Buddy Korr out of lhe job. ' ' As to rlhe pitchers, they know that the Caidi.-.als have more good ones than I hey can possibly use, and lhat Bieadon is going to have to_ unload before the seasn pens. "I lold Sam we weren't inter- ' n ,• ; " ijimluv 41111",,""? P(: ; l , llit ' al Action Committee political, objec- th Lost , . 3cpER bale at barn. B. C. Lewis, lit " Shover Springs, Bodeaw road' __ 18-31 TWO WHEEL LUGGAGE"TRAHI- . \Vashmgton, Arlc. BUS HAUL, HAUriNG can haul 40. G days a week See Chas. Brown. Barlow Hotel Wednesday, February 20 be _ween 8:30_and 9:30 p.m. ' i 8 -3t ~ ENE BROOD. thormoslai con. Good condition only used twice, E. C. Hacker, 8 miles south Hope on highway 29 18-31 GOLD CHAIN BRACELET LOST downtown, Friday. Reward for return to Jessie Clarice Brown 1H-31 Lost or Strayed | BAY HORSETwTTH~15N¥~WlTmi ; I foot, weighs about >)()0 ]bs. Mrs" I Chne Franks. Phone 274-J. I ' in-3t Fights Last Night By The Associated Press 17^Ti"'o r m''e J ' ~ Bi " y G -'' n " (l Skf'^r 1 '^'^' 9 "" ^.'"NCW Boston — Jack (Spider) Arm outpointed Worker A.V.C. in 1. relates who in founded For Lease M of' S Ho*e MP/ HIGHVVA Y 07 WEST Services Offered REGISTERED SPENCEiT~COR. sctiere, individually designed corsets, brassieres, men and wo- ™ c " s surgical supports. Mrs Ruth Dozier, 318 North Elm St _fj°P° Ark. Phone 144-J. 28-1 m SEWING, ALTERATIONS AND •' buttonholes. Mrs. Fred Camp, 818 i ,p N °,\ V _South Walnut, Phone 971-R. 10-31' d) By United Press New York — Joe Curcio, 148 Newark, N. J., outpointed Ceci Hudson, 153 3-4, Los Angeles (10) ...Chicago — , Bob Nichols,' 142' Mii« nn i atl ' a '] cl Jnhny Hoxin '- M«.' Milwaukee, drew, (,'!) Baltimore — Fn-ddie Russo 133 Frankly Carlo, 131 1-2, Miami--Clarencc (Cotlon) H.', West Pa!-, Beach. Fla King, , and 12fi . New York, (10) JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE For Prompt Expert Service on All WASHING MACHINES Phone 209 304 East 2nd ROGERS RADIO SERVICE We specialize in all kinds of car and home radios. FIRESTONE STORE 209 South Main St. For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark pn e r M ? ss - Kid Chicken, , Pittsburgh, outpointed Jerry I'lorello, 100, Brooklyn, (10) Lewiston. Me — Leo Mnvo 140 Augusla, Me, outpointed EcHe Le iw i"o AI, ~ Danny Williams! KreriVr' A ,'.'? 1any ' N - Y - outpointed 'icddic Wilson. 158, New York (10). . .Tommy Egan, 150 1-2, San Fran- mw ,o. s band served in the House as a re- n live from Tennessee for 24 ll ? ro toda y at the age husb , and wns a member llse . f "'"^ 1B1I7 to 1021. 'Y" s ;: ' Sl " - vivocl bv seven Amonf. them are Mrs of fir' f ?h' , manager of Knoxville, Tenn WANTED Sawyer and Filer, good salary, has to make home in Louisville Kentucky. Apply Chess & Wy. mond 421 West Avery Street, Lou, sv , ne 8| Kentucky. MagnoMa NOTICE — WR H/VVR'M'OVED to 513 S. Walnut Call us for repairs, parts and supplies. We do liem'- slilching and make button holes. luy, Sell and ExchniiHc 1 Machi,u>« C. W. YANCEY, Singe, Disl Phone 573R Wonted! TELEPHONE All Dimensior Dimensions 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMOS, ARK. nd lot lives. The chairman of the AVC is •larlcs G. Bolte, a Dartmouth .ilummis who fought us a British soldier, lost a leg and Ihevnaftcr "•ii* n "militjii'y write;'" Cor lhe Office of War Information which •n New York, at least, was a bus, Ule ot Communists and a refn"ce , alien >_ : minunist.s His bioc- larhy also lepovts that he nas been a writer on military n ff ail .; s [oi the nation, a dull hut doHi'i-1 bulche-s paiier weekly whoso pojj. '• '^ rfi'Mi are i-r!'-' inpnUhr.hl,. li'om (hose of lhe Daily | rt s,:u«t n.SLo.y of ,.io I us b;ilh-'i'n ,,i p'rl) 'iiarv lhat Gilbert Hai rison" . .;iinu:iry UI4,'i personally 1'v' commhteo, in Feb'-uary ;contaeled" Bolte to start'a pe- lu.aic.-ii uulleun. Hnriison nerved 4:i months in the army .after a short en! cor in the Oftice of Civilian Defense in Washin ( M'>i "Bolte, with continuing'instruc- t-ons from Ilanison and others in |iho_ori;-'ial gr.-vip. set i-p the or- jganizalion along national 'civilian' lines, ' the hisio-y says The A.V.C. will have 'a national •••"•ontion in DCS Moines ncxl •June. uait May, when lhe preliminary meetings; of lhe United Nations wore held m San Francisco, and notwithstanding the shortage of transportation and hotel room, not only Sidney Hillnian and his followers showed up bill Bolte and other agents of Ihe A.V.C. as well Millman s group was not invited fh A wo° °, frit ' ial s| al"s Hiore and the A.V.C. alsa seems lo have acted on its own initiative Among the rosier of officiuils at present there is, according lo his oipgraphy i n ( hL . bulletin, another laic member of tiie staff of ihe Olfice of War Information, Lewis I-rank, Jr., now employed bv Hillman s national citizens PAC as 'public relations director "' mere arc also two members and olficial of the National Lawyers Ouild, whose first president, .Indge - crdmand Pecora. of the New iork .Supreme Court, and a number of New Deal lawyers in Wash- 1 nglon resigned because they found HP Communist influence too There are two New Yorkers, Arhur p. McNully. chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee of the Guild, who served 15 months as a c-apiam in the AMG n Africa and Italy, and Harry H. Zucker, formerly employed by the N R A a fascist experiment of ihe first New Deal a consultant of the violent anli-Nar.i League of New York and a prison "case worker " Oiant Keynolds is an ex-presi- denl of the Cleveland' branch of Uie National Association for the Advancement of the Colored Peo- R . a "5' ls nuw o» the Mew York I'an- Kmployment Practices Committee Merle Miller was a GI editor of >ank, was a Washington reporter in civil lik- and attended the London School of Economics where Harold Laski. the British radical and secretary of lhe Labor Party now in power in Britain, taught h'is phi!os;,|;iiy m the guise of e-onom- |cs I aski is an old White House latch-key confidante and a- imi- mate friend of Felix Fran::furter and the selfless White Jl-.use I anonymity known as David K Niles. Edward M. Chale, the executive secielary. served four years in the army emerging as a' lieutenant, and became co-ordiiuitor of field ( « ) i' :>el uV i ,' J ,'v1 'i 1 l!le 1:l bor division of the W.P.B. m Washington. Ihe A.V.C.'s political program advocaic-N the proijosed minimum uuue law, the Wagner-Fllend.-.M'- 1.111 lousing bill, a permanent Na- lionai ]• air Kmiilovment Practices I omiinssion, the socialized medicine bill and the anti-poll-t;:x bill . Jl also would recognize as service ycterans the civilian Merchant Marine sailors who served fitfully oi Jaithiully, according to llu-i'r individual preferences, at hinli wages plus bonuses and o.vertiiiie pay. Jhe committee damns the Amencan Legion for rtfusin,/ to recognize them on the ground that they elected to remain civilians -'or :'Hvantam..ous reasons. Recognition ol the merchant sailors as service veterans would give UHMH - M ual beneiils with service men wlio.se |J 'Vu W iV S . wlL1 lclied uy I'oinparisun with theirs and served uiidv-r mhers while the civilian sailors could do as they pleased. And most important. j t wiiuld open the way to lull citizenship for many alien Communist civilian sailors. ' Little Rock. Feb. 1!^"-^,—J D ,,,.,„, Moore Little. Hock Negro, entered ' how Pulaski circuit court toclav a ! ow plea oi guilty to second dc'yree murder in the fatal stabbing of Curl Jenkins, another Negro and was sentenced lo six years in , e slate penitentiary. The slabbing occurred during a dice game last March 24. -.--- ... any of his pretty-good pitchers." President Horace istone- ham says. "I told him I wouldn't buy one of his $25.00 boys, but thai when he got ready to talk busi- ! u n s nb< ? ul a rcal P'tcher I would talk real money to him. • ^ "I said I meant Walker Cooper money — as high as $151),000 or $175,000 for the pitcher we wanted. Breadon nearly fell out of his chair, 1 think." They still don't know, by the way, when Cooper will get out of the navy, but they are hoping it will be around April 1. Whenever he is available, however, both Stoneham and his ,,, ----- -••- manager, Mel Ol, .still think thcy made a great deal when they bought him. In the meantime, Ernie Lombard! has not yet reported, and the Giants arc somewhat cramped for big league catchers. This is the last year, Stoneham says, that the Giants will be trying to buy pitchers .or .nny other '.sort of ball players from the Cardinals, so it is possible that Breadon had better grab the "Walker Coper money while it stiil is being tossed around. "Carl Hubbcll has done an out- si anding job as head of our farm system," Stoneham said. 'He's proved to be as great behind a desk as he was out there pitching —and you can't say any more than ...^, mat. He s already developed a fine lfl'i-1 |ciop of youngsters, despite ihe war - - ' and some of them will be read' next year. We'll be selling bal" players instead of buying them." •o "And now, gentlemen, I do not intend lo quote statistics as do 94.7 per cent of all speakers!" This Curious World .By William Ferguson Greenberg Weds Gimbel Heiress Greenwich, Conn., Feb. 10 ,UP)_ Henry B. (Hank) Green- beig. baseball's highest-salaried player, and Divorcee Caral Glazier Gimbel, brunette heiress to a department store fortune have been married al Sea Island, Ga the bride's father revealed today' Bernard F. Gimbel, head of 'a l\cw York department store, made the announcement at his home here and said the marriage had taken place while lhe Iwo wore enroute o the Detroit Tigers' Lakeland, Ma., spring training camp. Greenberg, slugging first baseman ol lhe world champion Tigers, who recently signed a contract calling for a reported $GO,000 salary. Left New York -with his tianeee by automobile, stopping off al (he Georgia island town. The former Miss Gimbel, well- Miown New York horsewoman obtained a divorce Jan. 9 from Edward Lasker, former fiavy' lieuten- n 1commnnflo >' and son,of Albert u. Lasker, ex-chairman-' of the u. S. sniping board. — o . Basketball Scores Bv The Associated Press Bainbridgc (Mel) Navy 52- Valley Forge General Hospital -18. Brooklyn Naval Armofl Guard Hi, St. Albans. Hospital 37 i Nofstra (iO; vYesliiva i 28;-.1 !• SOUTH ' Miami University 44 Tampa University 23. -• Alabama -16; Tulane 43. Langley Field 70: Fort Story -I' Georgia 44; Florida 41 Wake Forest n!); Catawba 27. Marshall (W. Va I 5H; Toledo 51 FOR REASONS YET UNKNOWN, MANY SPECIES OF BIRD5 HAVE BEEK) OBSERVED IN THE PECULIAR RITUAL. OF GRASPIN6 AN ANT IN THEIR BEAK, of "•"BIRD ANTING." THE PERF0RAAANCE HAS BEEM 6IVEN THE NAA\E, ^ ' Pegs Political Announcements The Star is authorized lo announce the following as candidates subject to" the action of the Democratic primary elections this Summer: 8th Judicial Circuit For Prosecuting Attorney CHARLES W. HACKETT For Sheriff & Collector T1LMAN BEARDEN SUM-DIALS ARE PRIMARILY FOR. TELLIN6 TIME...BUTIF THE TIME \$ KNOWN, A SUN. DIAL CAN BE USED A? A COPR. 194G BY NCA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. ANSWER: San Antonio, Texas. -Bf Hnsh S. FBliertos, J?.- By WALT BYERS New York, Feb. 19 — (UP) —An iHernalional baseball controversy developed today between Branch iickey of Brooklyn and Bernardo Basque! of Mexico City concerning lie sudden epidemic of "home •CKDOSS" which has gripped the Dig league's Latin section. Specifically, the gone, of contcn- 1011 is Pasquel's north-of-the-bor- ler raids on the Ncw York Giants nd Brooklyn Dodgers which has etted four unhappy Latins in the 'ast 24 hours. Pascjucl. who has offered fabu- ous salaries to lure big league )layers south-of-the-bordcr, an- ounried yesterday the signing of he flowing players: Outfielder Luis Olrno, 26-year-old iiprto Rican who hit 313 with the Dodgers last year, to a thrre-year •ontract at. a total salary of 340,000 Outfielder Danny Gardella, 2G- ear-old Italian who hit. 18 homers •ith the Giants in 1945, at a re- orted $13,000 a year. Infielder Napoleon Reyes of the Giants, 20-year-old Cuban who hit 8h in 122 games last season. Pitcher Adrian Zabala, 29-year- Id Cuban who won 14 and lost even with the Giants' Jersey City inn club during 1945. Pasque's latest "bag" brings to eight the total number of big leaguers who reportedly have signed to play in the Mexican millionaire's eight-team league. Previously, Pasriuel announced the signing of Adolfo Luque, old-time Giant coach; Rene Monteagudo Philly outfielder; Fermin Guerra, Washington catcher; and Roberto Estalella, outfielder of the A's Although the Giants have been the principal target, ' President Branch Rickey of the Dodgers has been the only major league representative io challenge Pasquel. And the Mexican promoter, whose pockets have supplied most of the pesos for the raids, holds the edge so far in his verbal jostings with the Dodger boss. Pasquel announced 'in Havana that he had advised his lawyers in Jie. United. .States to "proceed in a libel suit" against Rickey for labeling his league "unlawful." All the i big-name players have been fairly ! contracted,' Pasquel said, and in I lavs accordance with Mexican Elsewhere around the "grapefruit" circuit: , M j am i- Fla. — Manager Mel Ott of the Now York Giants was battling six determined holdouts today including Catchers Ernie Lombardi and Ray Berres, Outfielders Jesse Pike, Bobby Fox, and Charley Mead and Pitcher Sal Maglie. Iheea8tcrnschools Return Game for Peppers at Prescott Hazel Walker and her Dr. Pen. per basketball team have been booked for a return exhibition lame against the famed Service Jptical company girls of Des Moines, Iowa, at the Prescott evm- nasium Tuesday, March 5, it was announced last night at Prescott A high school game will go on SL , p / m " followed gy the Peper- Des Moines game at 8. Reserved seats are . $1, and jj block of 25 has been set aside or Hope fans who apply this week .o: F. A. Turberville, Box 601. Prescott. ' New York, Feb. 18 —(/P)— Sgt. Jack Wood made a 1,420-mile nonstop dash by automobile from Ar- cadelphia, Ark., when he learned us English wife, Patricia Joan, and two children, James, 2, and ^ynda Ann, 10 months, were on the Vulcama, which docked yesterday jut he had to wait six days lor .hem. Wood left Arkadelpbia' "'Feb. 0 and arrived in New York last Tuesday. " 1 i? v ? been sweating it out' in w York like I never sweated be- ore," he said. ' , At that the Vulcania arrived a day ahead of schedule. i lllinois '12; Wisconsin 53 Iowa State 74; Kansas State 39 Great Lakes GO; hamline (St. Paul i 59. Northwestern 52; Minnesota 50 Iowa Navy Prel'light 45; Si Mary s (Calif, i Navy Preflighl 3«. Maryvillc (Mo) Teachers 49: Southwest Missouri Stale 39 Wriuht Field 52; Sayton U 40. Missouri Valley 61; Turkic (Mo.) Bradley Tech 49; SI .Louis University 4(>; (Iwo overtime) SOUTHWEST New Mexico Highlands 41; Panhandle Aygies (Okla.i 36 "« 7«; Chiliuahua, Ncw York, Feb. 19 — (/P)— As a ign the spring training season really is under way, some of, ihe ex-service men who were ,",et:ir.y the headlines a week or so alrcadv have begun to fade. . . and don't be surprised if a lot of others who looked like world boaters in the service leagues tur:i out to be just fair ball players. . . There may be an exception in the case of pitchers. Shag Shaughnessy, the international league boss, claims they've had a chance, lo-develop because, they didn't,, "npve xo bijar dotoii..: so hard .aii'd ieo^ldf ccflidtn- trLite on gaining control and working up new stuff. . . As a reward for his winter activities on ihe alleys, including a bunch of exhibitions, Babe Ruth is geliini- a pass to the American Bowling Congress tourney all for free. The Babe presumably has the nickel to go with it if he wants a ride on the subway Ari/.t FAR WEST SI Mary's Clara 27. College of Pu cific U 61. Mexico (Calif) 2!!; Santa :el Sound 70; Pa- So They Sav 10 NUV m Service Ace Some of the 13th Air Force fliers who played in the recent all-serv- ce tennis tourney in Australia, void .his ono ab'iut :> m-iinr whf >lsn was a tennis enthusiast . . .When his group was abuiu io bomb jiai- ikpapan, the major instructed: "uomb inslallalions but don'i touch tennis courts." . . After the raid he received Ihis report: "Installations, etc.. obliterated; regret one tennis coui'l unplayable." One-Minute Sports Paqe Bryon Nelson.the golfing umbrella man, is turning sports \vrit- or. He'll do a golf column for the Toledo Blade three times a week during the spring and summer. . . The Giants' Bill Voiselle has moved from Ninety Six, S. C., to Mustang, Okla. . , and no cracks, about his not wanting lo be "broke" . . The shotput field for Satin day's A. A. U. indoor track and field championships includes Army's Tex Coulter (225 pounds) and Doc Blanchard (2101. Purdue's Bill Bnngert (245) and Ber- nio Mayer C'.SO) and Irv Kinlisch (240> . . . Those guys really can thiuw their weight around. " Cleaning the Cuff Michigan and Oklahoma. 1o was a tennis enthusiast . . Wh major improvemenls in ihcir football press boxes this summer How other countries. If successful in ; this enterprise, we will aunin em- j brace disarmament as an oxamplr ! And again we will be the onlv ' example. ' ! —Sen. Millard Tydings (D.i of! Maryland. CALL US YOUR WIRING and REPAIR TROUBLES Phone 231-R COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore AuJo Supply Tailor Made SEAT COVERS Direct from Factory Orders filled within 10 days ROBERT R. RIDER Phone 435-J LILE'S FIX-IT SHOP for REPAIRS 933 Service Station Phone • • • 933 or 869-R ELECTRIC CO. Detton Houston n.! ough to carry <u to it. and — on* oul and ask assign- dynamid enough to changing and —Admiral Nimitz, Operations. Chief of Naval un The Allies are now selling conditions which 20 years an, lo.«ored Nazism and which, if ihev contmuc, inevitably will force ueimaii youth into some new ex- PrS " i mill ' ism and and will The great rise of unions seems to be creating - a new kind of economy. No one really knows this economy will wages and prices behave. —Prof. Sumner H Harvard U. work in it SJicMer of The objective of our country is to reduce our atomic strength to one or equality with that ol Service - Quality Variety We hove a most complete line of Field & Garden Seeds, Insecticides and Inoculations. AGENTS FOR Funks G Hybrid Corns Dodge Famous Onion Plants Wilthire Melon Seeds Getmaco Hot Caps Sinker's Delinted Cotton Seeds Triple Cleaned Kobe, Korean and Sericea Lespedeza Alfalfa Soy Beans and field grown Cabbage Plants! We Appreciate Your Business MONTS SEED STORE The Leading Seed Store DR. H. T. SHULL VETERINARIAN In practice in Tcxnrkana TEXAS CITY HALL Phone 140 or 1490-J THEO LONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, Arkamoi Motor Repairs—Light Fixture! Hope Appliance Co. 214 East 3rd St PHONE 613 Appliance Repairs—Appliance* SEAT COVERS FOR ALL CARS Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S-Main Owl I VwV • •! —But He SMILES, Now Be wise as lie was. Use same formula used by doctors adjnnctively at noted Thornton & Minor Clinic. Surprising QUICK palliative relief of pain, Itch, soreness/Helps soften and tends to shrink swelling. Get tube Thornton & Minor's Rectal \ Ointment — or Thornton & Minor Rectal Suppositories. Follow label directions. [£ not delighted with this DOCTORS' , way, low cost refunded on request. ' At all good drug stores everywhere — m Hope, at Gibson Drug. BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures -'Plumbing Repairs.,.. HARRY W. SHINIER Plumbing • Heating- Phone 259 Hope. Ark. Harry Segno r, Sr. PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J COMPLETE BUTANE SERVICE Wanda Butane Co. Phone 370 Hope, Ark. Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt the factory" way. " HALL'S HAT SHOP East 2nd St. Phono 71 Alteration! ..' Presied While You Walt Loe's Tourist Cafe-Court • Featuring • • Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue «Fish • Sandwiches »Soft Drinks Open G a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room—Phone 222 Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. P, J. Loe City Limits & Highway^/ West _^_^_^^__^__ y, 't • ' < 1$ ', ' J. T ' SEE US FOR THE REYNOLDS PEN The miracle Pen that will Revolutionize Writing. Guaranteed to write 2 years without refilling. Doug /"MTV Carl Bacon V*l I I Jones ELECTRIC CO, Phone 784 Hope • Real Estate If you are in the market to buy or sell Farmland or City Property, call or see Calvin E, Cassidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark. Arkansas Bank Building Sea Us For BABY CHICKS You'll like our quality chicks, hatched right {com selected flocks. Hardy, fast- growers. Low price. Ff EDERS SUPPLY CO. 4th and La. Sts Phone 25

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