The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 11, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1894
Page 7
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fi Htlflbat Unutt. fflftny flnd bHghe Art th« fttttl th*t Appear • Id that fluff, by onr eonntr* nufarrd} AM the Btrlpeo tlmt are iweUluJt la majesty there Llka a rulnbo* Morning tb» world; There light l« unsullied, At that* (a the *ky, By ft deed that our father* have done : And they're leagued In as true aud as holy A tie, In their motto of "Many in one.*' from the bout when those patriots rear* le-sty fliiBi? That banher of starlight abroad, Brer true to themselves, to that motto they clung A» they clticg to the promise of God! By the bayonet traced at the midnight of On the Qelrts where onr Rlonr was •wan, O perish the heart or the hand that would tnaf Oiit uiotto of "Many In one." Itid the smoke of the contest— theoannon's deep rbor *J?S' W ? ft " lias Bothered renown; While those stars were reflected la rivers of Whuu the Cross and the Lion went down; And tho' few were the lights in th» gloom of thnt hour. Yet tlie hearts that v?ero striking below Bad God for their bulwark, and truth for their power, And they stopped not to number the foe. From where our green mountain topi blend with the sky, And the Riant bt. Lawrence is rolled, To the wiivos whore the balmy Hojuerides lie, Iilko the dream of some prophet of old, They couquer'd and dying, bequeath'd to our care, iTot this bjuudloss dominion alone, Bat tbnt bnuuer whore loveliness hallows the air, And thoir tnotto of "Many in one." We arp "Many in one" while there glitters a star In tho blue of tho heavens above; And tyrants shall quail 'uiid their dungeons afar, When they gaze on tbnt motto of love. 'It shall gloam o'er tho uea, 'mid tho bolts . of tho storm— Over tempest aud battle and wreck— And flame whore our guns with tholr thunder grow wnrm. 'death the blood on tho slippery dock. The oppressed of the earth to that standard shall fly Wherever its folds shall be spread; Aud the exile shall fool 'tis his own native sky' Where its stars shall float over bis head; And those stars shall increase to the fullness of time Its millions ot cycles has run— Till the world shall have welcomed its mission sublime, And the nations of earth shall be one. Though tho old AUeghauy may towor to heaven, And tho father of waters divide, Tlie links of our destinv cannot be riven \\ hile the truth of! those words shall .abide. Then, 01 let them glow on each helmet and brand, Tho 1 our blood like our rivers should run: Divide as we may iu our own native land, To the reat o£ the world we are ouel Then np with our flag! Let It stream on the air I Tho' our fathers aro cold in their graves, They had hands that could strike—they had souls that could dare— And theri sous wore not born to be slaves. Up, up with that banner I Where'er It may call, Onr mill'onsshall rally around; And a nation of freemen that moment Khali full. When its stars shall be trnil'd on the ground. ', —GEIROH W. GUTTER. IB ScA.ra.ET FF.VEH DYING OUT?—A 'singular fact has been revealed by the carefully kept death records in Engp- Land. This is a steady diminution in the number of deaths from scarlet fever, which fell from U,375 in 1SS1 to 4,950 in IS'Jl. No adequate explanation has been offered. As contributing 1 causes, however, Dr. William Ogle finds (1) that the proportion of children to the population materially declined in the decade; (3) that the isolation of tho sick and other sanitary practices Tjoeame more general; and (3) that in Boino unknown way scarlet fever has been, gradually assuming' a milder form. Tho last conclusion is justified by ample evidence.. The part played by sanitation has doubtless been of Borne importance, as may be inferred from the fact that typhoid fever deaths have also been diminishing 1 . Dr. Ogle feels assured that epidemics of scarlet fever will not soon, if ever, again be the scourge to infant life they have been. —Ex. THIBSTY BAIITKS,—It seems strange, but true it is, that there are yet iu existence young mothers who never give their young babies a drink of water. Water is as necessary to a child's well- being 1 as good food and its bath. Two or three times a day the baby should be given a drink of water, say a tablespoonful, at regular intervals. Try the little mito and see how he relishes . it. Furthermore, it will, if given at regular intervals, keep the bowels in good order. The other day, by the way, a prominent physician was called In. for a severe case of vomiting and eoro throat. He prescribed a tablespoonful of water and one of milk to betaken separately every hour. His patient laughed, but had the good sense to obey, and sure enough, in a few hours she was well enough to get up and attend to her work. OABB OF WET SHOES.—There are few things more disagreeable than to put oua pair of stiff, brittle shoes that ha,ve been thrown, aside to dry after a rainy day, Here is a formula that «laims to eradicate the trouble: First wipe off gently with a soft cloth all surface wet and mud; then, while still wet, rub well with paraffine oil, using flannel for the purpose. Set them aside #11 partially dry, when a second treat- went with oil is adVisable. They may then be deposited in a conveniently •warm place, where they will dry gradually &P4 thoroughly. Before applying French kid dressing give them » final rubbing with the flannel still Rightly dampened with p^raffine and the boots will be soft and flexible as ' kid and -but very lifrtle affected'by > bgth in the rain. jjow TO Coos AS QM> HBN,—When m 9 «»i»wri a wiwtfrt »s Prpf W. * . _ j IIIIHIIJUII mft.iy T3 Wett Williams thought It Worth Ws while to experiment with this somewhat tough subject of gnstrbnoinic contemplation, it may not be amiss to profit by the result of his experiment He took a hen six years old but otherwise in good condition and cooked it slowly In water for four hours, then let it stand in the water until the nest day, when it was roasted for about an hour, basting frequently with some of the broth in which it waa simmered, itnv'as then pronounced as tender and fine flavored as a young chicken roasted in the ordinary way, notwithstanding the good broth obtained by stowing.—Ex. RECOUPING THK TREES.—While it is important that every* tree that is set in the orchard should be labeled, this Work should be supplemented by tin accurate record in a memorandum book. Even where a great deal of care is taken to make them legible and durable, labels sometimes become either indistinct or are lost. A book record is much more reliable*, and it has the added advantages that it can be consulted at any time and with but little difficulty; that it shows how many trees, of each variety ttt^vt is represented, tho orchard contains; and also that it indicates in what year the tree was transplanted.—Ex. .... • CtmuANT Fi.v.—This insect will ruin the currant and gooseberry crops, if once it has gained entrance and is allowed to go unmolested. In its perfect state, it is a small, two-winged fly which lays its eggs on the fruit while it is small. The larvio enter the fruit yet green and feed on its contents, leaving a small black scar at the point of entering. The affected fruit ripens prematurely and shortly decays and drops to the ground, when on opening then,a small white grub will be foxind, about one-third of an inch long. Use powdered white hellebore; one ounce dissolved in two gallons of water, spraying the bushes just before they bloom, and again after the fruit has set.—Win. Stahl. MttKflTBJft TAIL WftH THE , SBA ttttleA fthd nl<» Boat Splintered—tJnfortuaat iy Mr. ITahecn fc6»t tits n«Mt frroof 6t tttt Vcfrnelty— —A Frltftitrrtl ncptlte. : ' 6Lfe!AMB!Ji Ki> MUSHROOMS.—Prepared in this way tho mufahrooms must be large. After washing and peeling, score tho tops with a knife and lay them for one hour in a pickle of oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice. Place them tops down on a clo.-e-barred gridiron aud broil over a clear, slow fire. Serve on toast with a sauce made as follows: Chop the stalks and pieces of mushrooms that have broken in the washing and stew in broth for ton minutes with a littio minced parsley aud onion. Beat ho yelk of one egg with a gill of cream and add slowly to the sauce. Stir the whole until hot without boiling and pour it over the toast. •• STRING BEANS.—String, snap and wash two quarts beans, boil in plenty of water about fifteen minutes, drain off and put on again in about two quarts boiling water; boil an hour aud a half, and add salt and pepper just before taking up, stirring in one and a half tablespoonfuls of biit- .ter rubbed into two tablespoonfuls of flour and half a pint of sweet cream. Or boil a piece of salted pork one hour, then add beans and boil an hour and a half. For shelled beans boilhalf hour in water enough to cover and dress as above. J>AKED MUSIIKOOJIS.—Toast for each person a large slice of bread and spread over with rich sweet cream; lay on each slice, head downward, a mushroom, or if small, more than one; season and fill each with as much cream as it will hold. Place over each a custard cup, pressing well down to the toast; set in a moderate oven and cook fifteen minutes. Do not remove tho cups for five minutes after they come from the oven, as thereby the flavor of the mushroom is preserved in its entirety. CAULIFI.OWKK.—Tie up tlucaxiliflow- er in a coarse tarletan and boil in hot water to which 1 a little salt has been added. Drain and lay in a deep dish with flower uppermost Heat a teacupful of milk thickened with two tablespoonfuls of butter cut in pieces and rolled in flour; add pepper, salt and tho beaten white of an egg, boil up for a few seconds, strrinff briskly. Take from the fire; flavor with lemon and prur over the cauliflower, reserving about half the sauce for use at the table. PAKSNIP FUITTKHS—Boil the parsnips, and, when tender, take off tho skin and mash them fine; add a tablespoon- f ul of flour and a beaten egg; make into small cakes with a spoon and put into boiling hot lard or beef drippings in a hot frying pan. When fried a delicate brown put on a dish with a little of the fat in which they were fried over them and serve hot. SCAT J I..OPET> CAUI.IFLO \VKB,—Boil in a net, then clip into clusters and set, stems downward, in a buttered bake dish. Beat a cup of bread crumbs to a soft paste with two tablespoonfuls of melted butter and four of milk. Season and whip in a raw egg. Butter, pepper and salt the cauliflower, and pour the mixture over. Bake ten minutes, covered, in a brisk oven, then brown. ' HEB BEAI. BIGHTS. Mamie-r-I believe in woman's rights, Qertte—Then you think every wo» man should have a vote? Mamie—No; but I think every wo man should have ft voter.--Harper's Bazar. i , SAFE JN JIJ5R POCKET. Burglar—Where do you keep your money? Big^sby—JOr—it's in the pocaet of my wife's dress. Burglar (to pal)—Come on, Pete; we ain't no Stanley explprjn 1 expedition,—-Petroit Free Press. ___^____ SEE that your breeders are healthy, vigorous and of gPQd size- TUJS |»eo that toys well is jp? that IB moving tjw»4 and icratoWsg ftU Poter Hanson, who lives 6t Quartermaster, Wash', up, on Pugct Sound* is the last .man to havo it personal encounter W-ith that sorhtfwhiat elusive creature, the sea sorpeat, says a^San Frftnoisdd paper*. I was in my 'boat towing ft small raft of cedar logs from thd opposite shore oi my., ranch. The bay, of rather strait, is about three miles Wide hero and 1 was within'••half a inlle'of the west Shore, upon which stahds my cabin* The raft t had ih tow contained six hewiy-cut logs. Upon the middle of the raft I had built a small platform of cedar shakos, and on this platform were my toals. a double- bitted chopping ax, a broad ax, and a double-barrelled shotgun. My . owfoundland dog was with me in the boat, standing high up \x\ the bow barking at tho ducks and gulls. Carl had just finished a prolonged fit of barking at tho ducks when ho suddenly fetched such an unusual growl of anger that I looked around to see what tho matter could bo. Tho sight that met my ga :o paralyzed mo and the oars dropped from my hands. On my port quarter, about three quarters of a mile distant, there loomed the swaying head and neck of some monster unlike anything 1 had ever seen or dreamed of in all my life, and I have baen a seaman for more than forty .years-and visited every part of tho'navigable globe. My first impulse was to roach my trusty shotgun, cartridge bolt and hatchet. I p.unge.d into tin sea and swam for tho raft, about twenty yards astern, call .ng to my dog to follow mo. .But I had in isoalcu luted the speed of tho great snake, for while yet several yards from tho raft I heard a howl of agony from my brave Carl. While Iliad been swimming fifteen yards the snake had glided more than half a milo and pounced upon Carl. The dog weighed seventy five or eighty pounds, anl his green-eyed captor was holding him in his mouth twenty feet in the air. ; I do not know how I reached tho raft, but in less tima than it takes to record it 1 had seizad tho gun and sent a heavy charge of buckshot into tho creature's belly about where it emerged from the water. A visible tremor passed through his body, his head fell, and, bringing Carl down with frightful velocity, tho poor dog was hurled against tho tide of tho boat with a force that killed him instantly. Tlio snake released his hold, and Curl's body sank oit of sight. Throwing back his hooked head in true serpentine style, he began to strike at the boat. At one time, , fastening his jaws upon the starboard gunwale, ho wrenched oil a pieoo of solid timber fivo foot long and two inches thick as easily apparently, as a man would bite into the thin end of a shingle. Throwing his body into a series of coils eight feet in diameter, ho completely encircled the boat, and with one constriction crushed it into a shapeless mass. An alequate idea of the strength of the monster may be judged fro:n the fiat ir«ptl M»An« ta tilth \Vf~tt t«* S«ft- KAttonat to tesortpe ftotlfce. A couple 1 6t California frahchers hooked their chins bvef th& slit-rail fence thai divldeu their 1 feosstssioas. "Feel any 'af thquake over ytiur way las' night?" ihquirM onft. "Nop; not as 1 recollect oh. 1 ' "Maybu you wua btastih' out stumps?" , ' "Nbpj I alluz burn 'etti out in tho fall." "If out* hired matt aia't turned Anarchist and tried to blow up your house, has he?" "Nop; he's spadih'.aroun' the fruit trees over yon." • • •*The old woman didn't' build a firo with kerosene, did she?" "Nop." "Well, it mout a bin your boy Jake a- playin' with the powder- horn aroun' tho fireplace?" "Say, neighbor, you're getting doWn purty close to home how. i s'pose your 'tention was 'traoted to suthin' over my way yisterdayP" "Yep; I thought u bnngshell ' had busted over that direction some- whore." "Well, it was mo cleanin' out tho ohhnbley. It got stopped up with sut till it, wouldn't draw, and mv family wuz smoked till wo looked liko bacon. .When I was in town Saturday 1 bought one o' those hero big skyrockets that packs a who^ brood o' little rockets along with it,' iiud when itbu^ts sends them soootin' in every direction. I tied a big gunny sack to tho tale of it' to swab out tho chirabley, -stood up in tho fireplace and touched her off. " "Did it clean out the ohimbloyP" "Yep; clean as a whistle. Didn't leave a brick, an' come mighty near cloanin' out tho ranch. Fallin' bricks killed two calves over in tho lot, an' a litter o' pigs back o' the barn. I'm thinkitt little ones to clean with." tiigfesst «tf fttt i of gottin' some lamp chirabloys Tlio Aucrxmt Si't 'otl 'n Ifull. At a salon in Paris some years ago tho Sieur d'Aimerio was one of a. group to whom he was imparting an account of his pedigree, which ho claimed was derived from the pharaohs of Egypt. 'Just then the late Baron do Rothschild approached tho group, and one of its members called out: "Baron, come and lot me make you acquainted with the Sieur- d'Aimerie. Ho comes of pharaonio stock ami you ought to know each other." "Yes," said tho baron, bowing gravely and addressing D'- Ainiorie, "1 boliovo our families had some transactions in time past." "Yes," rejoined Jj'Aimerie, "wo have a record that your people when leavlngjthp c mntry borrowed a considerable amount of jewelry from my people, ior which I should now liko tofte repaid, with interest." "1 ro- mambcr tho transaction," said Rothschild, "but' tho account w;if< settled at due date. Your fathers received a check on tho banks of tho Rod sea." that ray boat had formerly been the pinnace of a large ship tullt of oak, with inch planking and natural crook knees under the thwarts. After crushing the boat tho serpent did not immediately uncoil himself, but lay for some minutej with tho fragments still in.his embrace, while the everlasting tail whipped the sin--' face of the sea. Curiously enough in one of its gyrations the end of the tail foil upon my raft, and with what must have been superhuman agility I seized my broad axe and with one blow cut off five feet of the wiggling end. I was esteeming this a most valuable prize, but before 1 could secure it the slimy mass wriggled into tho water and was lost. From this time the great reptile evidently began to weaken from the loss of blood, which was pouring in streams from his head and the wound given him by the broad-axe. Slowly regaining his normal position in the water thp' creature withdrew toward the open sea and was soon out of sight. The great flattened head was hooded like that of an liast Indian cobra, and from the tip of the nose to the insertion of the neck would have measured perhaps three foot. The head was fully two- foot and a" half wide, but .appeared to bo deficient in vertical depth. The eyes were sot forward of the hooded appendage and were as large as the oyes of an ox. There were no indir .^cations of a dor»sl fin or rudimentary feet, as have been attributed by some former observers to the so- called sea serpent While the snake was coiled around my boat 1 had a pretty good opportunity to study the great size of its body. The loop, or, as seamen would say, the bight, of the coils wer>e uppermost, while the crossings were fat- below the svufaoe of the water. That portion ol his ,body forming tho middle coil (tue^e were three of them), though much flattened from the strain iiuppsed upon it, was considerably large'? than tae trunjt pf ft stoutly-built man. The hack, from head to end ol tail, w^s of a brown cplor,, closely approaching ' of JinpiM'liil Kutvlicrliij;. A collection of seventy-four pairs of antlers belonging to the German emperor has been placed in the arsenal at Berlin. These trophies were gained by tho emperor during a few days this year tynd last, in the woods of BackbbJrg and other places. Tho hunt at Buckeberg was very successful, The strength, endurance and accuracy of aim of the emperor, which enabled him to kill so many stags' in a comparatively ! short time, havo been described as fact ! admirable by a Berlin correspondent. The antlers from those of eight to one of sixteen points, are displayed on tablets covered with green cloth, and are a pleasant sight to sportsmen.—London News. • A. Western Use tot It. "Ah, but this _is such a fiat, ugly country. England has such beautiful scenery of valley, hill, aad dale," said J>udgato Hill,' of London. "Yes; if she was only a little nearer we'd float her over to Chicago and make a park of hoi 1 ," said Mr. Packingham, of Chicago.—Puck. It More 1'olltoly. Teacher—Her dress was plain. Can you express that,idea in more polito language? Little Miss, one of the 400—Her gown was ghastly.— Life. • : V IN LIGHTER MOOD. Bakin PIQUfiAt 1VELY SPEAKING. Tlie thinnest tissue paper measures 1-1,SOU of an inch in thickness. One Sunday's census of church attendants in Liverpool gave G3,000 out of a population of r>no,ooo. The Bureau Verilas states that the number of vessels alloat throughout the world In 1891 is 43,514; of those, B8,ST(} aro sailing vessels add 9,1)38 nre steamers. Of tho latter number finglaud owns 6,81'J, Germany 089 and Franco 4T1. • There nre about 150,000 locomotives'in the United States ^-beiug one to every flvemltosof railroad—nud 1,100,000 cars of all kinds, of which 37,000 nre passongor coaches. The locomotives cost S4iiO,000,- 000, the cars SSOO.OOD.OOO, making tho approximate cost of the rolling stock §1,500,000,000. Talcing- No Chanoaa. "Madniu," said Meandering Mike, "I'm terrible hungry." "Poor man I" exclaimed the sympathetic housewife. "I wanted to ask you it ye have any work that I could do'(" "Why. yes; 1 could give vou something to do.'* "Much o'bliged. I jest asked for information," and ho moved along toward the next houso. * Andrews— rWhat is the extreme penalty for bigamy? Brigg's — Two mothers-in-law. *Vfc •, Mrs. Nuwed — And this bit of old brass is from Mrs, Shorely. Mrs. Bit- tersnap — Charming 1 gift.' Just like her, isn't it? Ethel — Oh, auntie, we've been having 1 such fun! George has been showing me Venus through his telescope. Auntie^ — I'm surprised at Georg'e. Sunday School Teacher — Charley, what will happen to the man who attends to his body at the expense of his soul? Charley— He'll get fat. "That's a wonderfully bright dog of Timvnius'. Can do most anything 1 but talk." "That makes them, a pretty good team. Thomins -can do nothing 1 but talk." Husband — Where in thunder did you get that coat? It fits you like a potato sack. Wife, delighted — Does it really dear? I was so afraid it wouldn't be quite up to style. Little Charley — Papa; will you buy me a drum? Pond Father—Ah, but, my lx>y, you wll} disturb ine \ery if I do. Charley—Oh, no, papa, I won't drum except wheu you No Danger of That. <• "Do you think, doctor," asked Cholly Tbistlotop, anxiously, ''tho symptoms indicate softening of tho bw.atu?" "Not at all, sir," replied tho physician, decidedly. "Not at all. There aro no Indications of brain disorder. The trouble lies at the upper end of the spinal cord, liot mo see your tongue." , As to Advertising-. Merchant—"Do you think uilvortisluR .pays?" Uoolc ngent—"No, I don't." . ' Merchant—"Why not!" Book agent—"Why not? Becnuso it takes all the people to your store to buy goods and I can't dud anybody at homo to soil a book to; Unit's why not." Not Mated- He says that ho is wodded to tho muse, (Ah, what a curious combination I) I do not see how she.canlielprefuse To sue him for a separation. Irrigated Fruit Lands. Did you see the fruit in tho Idaho Exhibit at the World's Fair? Nothing finer, first premiums and all raised on irrigated land. It's sure, it's abundant, it's profitable, 'it's your opportunity. The country is new, the lands are cheap, and the eastern market is from COO to 1,000 miles nearer than to similar lands iu Oregon, Washington and California. Advertising matter sent on application. Address E. L. Loinas, CK P. & T. A., Omaha. Neb. German dentists aro now using glass in filling teoth in some instances. When Traveling, Whether on plensuro befat or business, take on every trip u bottle of Syrup of Figs, as ic acts most pleasantly and effectually on tlm kidneys, liver and bowels, preventing fevers, headaches and other forms of sick- neso. For sale iu SOu. and §1 bottles by all lending druggists. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. More than four-fifths of last year's murderers wore men of no occu patiou. Wabash, to Toronto. Kor the meeting 'of tho Baptist Young People's Union "of America, July Wth to 2Und, shortest aud best route, elegant tourist sleeping cars from Chicago to Toronto, berths only $1.50. For further information call on or address HoiueE SKKLT, Commercial Agent, Wabagh Ky., 220 4th St., Des Aloiues, Iowa. A machine has been invented to count dust particles in the air. ' ! H and H.' Will clenn fillks, Woolen Goods. Itlbbona, Curtains nnd CurpetB. Unoquuleii for denning lioubo, killing motUe and renovating greaso npot8. 1'rloe 16o, 2 cukes t or l!5c. Kor biilo everywhere. Addreas U. •& U., Den MolncB, Iowa. An express engine consumes ten gallons of water a mile. Fou SAUI.— A §:!,000 first mortgage at nine per cent, due iu throe years, op Omaha city property valued at $U,800.00. Interest and principal guaranteed. Address, E, T. Allen, aOO Paxton block, Omuha, Nob. Female frogs have no voice j only tho mules can sing. JUall'g Cutarrh Cure Is a constittitkmal cure. Price, 75e, Scotland has over oue hundred deer forests. " Ulnngon'B magic corn Knlve." Warranted to i-ur« or money refunded. Auk your drwKgibt I01 ' il - l*i'luu IS uuuta, Choose an author as you choose a friend. — Koscommou, «l«g«nn»n'i< Camphor Ice with Glycerine, The original and only tieuulne. CuresCluippiul Humf, lUiU I'uce, Cold Sores, &<-', o. Q. Clur.k Co.,N.l}ivveji,Ct, Books are immortal eons "deifying their Plato. There Is a now $2 counterfeit in ctrctrJntloii. It ia of series 1S91» letter B, .T, Fount Tlllmnn, D. N. Morgan, treasurer} McPfafcrSoii H portrait. The note is described bj Boston Hnniltl ns a trlflo smaller the gonnino, and Is printed on very soft* 7', flimsy impcr. Tho numbering Is pool 4 *. both ns to formation nud color* being < almost brown or chocolate Instead &t { carmine. Tho seal is abottt one-Si*- - tcontlt of nn inch smaller than the genuine, nnil Is u dull, dark, fudccl red !n» i stoul of a bright, pink. In (ho portrait of McFliMsori the hntr ntid whlsKe» nro almost wholly represented by gollA ( black color, with the exception of ft ,,^ fow scratchy linos above tho forehead^ l tsvi instead of having a neatly brushed up- U, peiiruuco. In tho counterfeit, also, th6 r " 1( s wlilslters nro trtnmiert evenly nll.rovmd, " showing the white collar below» while Iu the genuine a small part of the whlt»"<^ collar and Hie coat collar are hidden " tho whiskers, which are unevenly trimmed. Two joints "of a second star can be distinctly seeu in the left shoot- cler strap on tlio genuine, but in tho counterfeit this appears as the white . ._ border of the shoulder strap. The small \3 Avords "two" which appear in two places iu, the figure two, lower light hand corner on the face of tlie genuin^l'Si are not to bo found on tho counterfeit, ^ *<S Tho lathe work ou the face of this counterfeit In well executed, but on tl»» back of the note it Is imi'Ji broken and J disconnected. The letter "o" in tho' M word "two," lower right corner bade of Iho note, Is poorly-formed. The dls*/ trlbutcd silk to bo found in the' Keen- Ine paper Is represented in this conter> ,y, fell, by splitting tho paper and tracing tlio Irregular creases of same witfc "' red ink. Taking the note as a whole,. it is a very danirerous counterfeit " In Franco the ballet girl begins her career usually at coven years of age. HELP IS every nervous, exhausted, woman sufferlrijr from " female complaint j' or weakness. All pains, bearing-down sansatio^j, aud inflam-, mations karo relieved and CURED by Dr. Pierco's Favorite Prescription. ' Ifai/dentown, Pai WOIUJO'B DlSPBNS AUT MEDICAL ASSOCIATION^ Jluffulq,N.Y.: • Gentlemen — Vfo cannot Bulllclently tlinnk you for tlio great amount of benefit my wit'o received from' thu use of your medicine.!! My wife linil u bad case of". k'ucoi-rhca, and she used., Dn Plorco's Fuvorlto Prescription for it. I canuofr , pruise it above its value, f I Iwve a dauifliter who- 1ms been poorly over A-, yciir; she is taking tb» l 'Kiivorlto Prescription,''' and is already feeling: bet» tei-, after taking two hot-tins. Yours. < GEO. W. SWEENEY. Guarantees a OR MONEY MllS. SWHENEY. ars CHEAfn BALM CURES mx,,^-** ,>< ""*-*•', •>! •*<K? PRICE 50CENTS, ALL DRUGGISTSj TOURIST XRAVEt To COLORADO RESORTS Will net in early this year, and the Great Rpott Island Route h»» already ample and perffoCitr* raniruiiionlB to tramspart the many wbo will taka In tho lovely cool of Colorado 1 * :| HIGH ALTITUDES. The Track U perfect, and double over Important Division*. Tram Kquibment dm very brat, and a »oU4 Vntlbuloil Train callo.i the BIC FIVE learr dally at 10 P, m. and arrives eocond morn or Colorado SprinffH for breakfast. -' Any Ouupon'Tli'JTet Amnt con frlve yon rate». »n<J i ther information "ill be cheerfully und qmckhuvt - -• - -' ' JNO SEBASTIAN. • f wither information "ill b upoiided to by addressing Qcneri I Pasienecr Agent, W.L_. $3 SHOE IS THE BEST. NO SQUEAKING. CORpOVANl FRENCH&ENANIEUfDCALK r Clover Jtoot Tea, The ttreat Blood pm-ltler.b'ives f ru.slint'sii nnd plcartvcss Ui llio Cuniplexlou ;uiU cures Couutlpalloiu ^Su.,EiOu M $l. Borne books, like the city of London, fare the better for being burned.— -Tom Brown. "4 Cup of Parks' Ton at night moves the bowels in the moruhig." TUe book to read is not the quo which thinks for you, but the one which makes you think. Ko book in the world equals the Bible for that.— MoOosh. BROCKTON, MASS* ' You cnn save money by wearluff tUt* W, I.. DoiicJas 83.00 Shoe. Because, we are the largest manufacturers of, thft gradoorshooB ia the world, and guarantee tt*elr value by stamping the name tmtl prluo or* the* bottom, which protect you against ftigltprlflWBft* che mltldlamuu's pi'oQts. Our aboea equal CtwtMB worlt In style, easy fitting and wearing qualttfc% Weliavetbem soli every>Yh^re qiilower vrloef fHF the value rcJven than any other make, Take «o B(j>- stltuto. II your dealer ciwcDt supply you. wsi^jfc McELREE5 ? OF CARDU!, '% s The cue who nets a scandal afloat would go in for lynching the man wbo wowjd tarn a wolf 'oose in the street. Jt may be that the woman who gt^ve twojaiitesnever httd very muuh to , who bojw to get to be»ve» Biniply because they IJ^VQ ^ever be^an i( What Ukafle you lenft \JTObr<3lj|a? YPU <w»8 witiiowt aaeel

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