Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 18, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 18, 1946
Page 4
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, it , .1 J"**"r ' i ' » l } * '"- - " . utje rov Bbndis i' ; n,' I'M AMXIOUS ~N'X, TO KMOW, HOPE STAR, HOPfc ARKANSAS isi^ir &\?Note Voo-HOO ARE \OJ TIMES " CWIM NOURSELFr By Chick Young lU checked in with a sports editor friend of mine about a horse named Cyclone 5am. He told me plenty. c • Ml U • •A ' Side Glances Bv Go I bra if h MODEST MAIDENS Trademark Registered U. S. Patent Ottke in J3 J3 O t/v JC U o u Well, I for one think it's lucky your factory went on strike—now you can fix those leaky faucets!" "May I have your autograph, Miss Del Mar?" Freckles and His Friends By Blosser C V X ?Unny Business By Hershberger •ARD IMVITED HIS PALS TO JOlM HIM AT THE YG6EL HOUSE.' IN THE EXCITE- MEMT OF JITTER- E>u66iMG, HILDA ACCIDENTALLY BROXE: A LOT OF PMON06RAPH RECORDS. GOSH, WHAT WILL. I FORGET IT, HILDA / S\R.S.VOGEL DO IF DAY WE'LL PAV HEE. FOE. SHE FINDS OUT? / 'EM.' MEANWHILE ,. DOMT J BE A TEAR. BUCKET / - u 3 o C o O "Doc's a busy man these days!' : J UMTIL RAISB TME DOUGH, LETS ALL SWEAR. TO KEEP ABSOLUTELY MUM ! v 'i DO SOLEMN LV SWEAR-- O TELL Trie TRUTH , THE WHOLE TRUTH AND MOTMIM& BUT THE TRUTH '» ' — — wCOPR. 1946 BY NEA SEBVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. ^V o O Pop^ye Thimble Theater ME WEPPlN 1 J 15 AT TEN WHAT 3CLOCKX DAY?? . BE BEST - • MAN *—-/THANK • ; C^x . '->. ^1 WILL YOU WHIP PGPEy AT WINE O'CLOCKJ BBS PARDON! SOME o CO Out Our Way IO« ^>t/M> " •^S.~"" wl -ir :fX*,r~^\ ^SIS KIII.L; l-'i-.iniK_s Syi'.ilicnlc, lin'., VX'iirul riylils <»»«ivci|. By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople HEWA-—AMD x TRIED TO TA.KE TKlS DON'T COM= NEAR IT FEE. A S IT'S VJENJT OF FIVE TIMES AM' IS ME YES, A IT'S NAA'<lM ALL TH' MICE IM TH' TOWM NERVOUS. THEV WOM'T COME MEAvR IT PER. I MOMTH STICKING. GUNi ll^ OUR. LOT LftTELV ABOOT 3O PERCENT PAV \tocRBi\tts OS SO (WUCK RlCB PUDDl^G I'M TO TO FOOD PRICES/ EFFECTIVE: /XT RPCTes KOOPLE MAMOR . RAISED 25 PSRCEKiT/ ChA^RACTERS ..ARTrlfX CWCHES a o a S o O V 1 Monday, Febmdfy 1 ft, 1 ^46 ^ there oa the main dra<J> it happened, with all kind* of people around. A perfect snatch/ WE RE GOING TO A LITTLE PLACE OF MINE IN THE COUNTRY, FLINT. WE GOT PLANS FOR YOU WE T'OUSMT VOUR I KIND OP YOU. F6F.T WEREGETTIN' \WHERE ARE -TIREO AND YOU MIGHT VWE GOING? LIKE A RIDE. SO THE HORSE WON, BUT r HE WAS DOPED/ AND JIMMY JERCE BOOKED A BST FROM ROY L." FOR >3,OCO. AT 1O TOl.THATMEANS JERCE WAS STUCK FOR3O GRANC. E'5 WHAT I'D HOPED \ TO FlNDi RANDOLPH! A FEW I PIECES o' RorreoBURLAP!/ I Am ON THE Risnr TRACK, \ FEI-UA ! N!<3W LET'S TAKE A LOOK, AT .TED'S OLD HOuSG .' / —-< / OKAV.N THIS ) V WAY CAREFUL SEARCH IN THE DITCH SKEEN SAID HE'D FOUND HAU IRBV'S NEVER MIND ME... we THOUGHT WERE A DEAD OJC AND CELIA — WHERE IS SHE ~? C5-12UB-STAKE, IT - IT IS, HIAN - - THAT'S EKE'5 TM' C?Al WHAT HAPPENED DIP FIND THIS PLACE.. WHEN DIP >'5U rOME ?5 SCOKHV AND CELIA OP A9 DROWNED IN THE SUB TERKWNEAN CAVERN BLINKIS \=, TO UEAVE THE WEIRP TROPICAL ALASKAN VALLEY IN CELIA'5 PLANE-_-A5 HE BIDS GRUB-STAKE G2 THEY ARE 5TAPTLEP AN APPROACHING- BEPRAG5-LEP SAINTS, IT IS... ruin LOOK, IP YOU DONT UKE Hl\\,l'LL SEE THA.T HE v LEAVES! AW, WMV CAN T I BE1MG Hl\\ ALONG? HE'S A. SV.'CLL CSUV..YOU'LL LIViE HOMEST! BUT OMLV UNOEE THAT CONDITION! ; ^ r BUT MESBE IF I CAM 6ET IN AM EXTRA &OOP LOM& NIGHT'S SLEEP MY WHISKERS MI6HT START T6ROW JUST A WEE LITTLE BIT.' THAT'S FUWWV ABOUT OOP WALLOPIMS A COUPLE OF f REMEMBER, NO ORDINARILY NOTHING... BUT WITH HIM BELIEVING THE RESTORATION! OF HIS WHISKERS DSPENP5UPON OBSERVING STRICT ROUTINE OF KEST AMP QUIET... no, 1 LOOK i NOW WAS JUST BUNK, EH? EXCITEMENT.,. AND AVO/D ALL PHYSIC N!OW I'VE RUINEP EVERYTHING THXIT HamljilSg** - THERE'S BEEW SKULDUGGERY -AFOOT/ EH, WH4T 5AYP THAT MASKED / MASKED WOMEN WHEW l "~ '*""' V TH' GREATEST EVEWT IW HISTORr HAS JUST \J| ; l^;l«t y REDnTHlS 15 PINKT STEBBiHS'S DAUGHTER I f?UBY.' HE'S 5U5PECTED l« RUBf VJAS LUCK1 THIS Tl^E , BUT SHE WOKl'l 6E \F ^ME. KEEfS BRINGS THE SHERIFF TO UUCK C5LAOER TO / 194*5 CMSS/F/fD Six times . Ono month • Se word, minimum 75e 18e word, minimum $i.70 THro FELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" i2-tf fe il,f,7 UI c ..'HisnuGERAToiiriK K'liid condilion. Can be seen • noun Appliance Co. ; 214 - M-H1 ALTO SAXOI'HONE' ~IN" GOOD condition. A. L. Hn.'sls c-il or see alter (i p.m. Phone ]'()39-W J3-(H BOY'S BICYCLK. dltlon. Drrrln Phone 843. MODEL A FOHD^T eood condition, with MCCO R M I CK D EK KU NG^CUl/P 1 [ valor, almost now with set cxlr-i Plows. Arch Moore, llfi West Avo 1 19 plne F S? D COA C>'.~™ SOUTH _ii!!LJ:L_ i5-:n RKM1NGTON STANDAhlTTYpnf $7 i cr ' good cu "dition. Pho,K> .___ ___ CHEVROLET, GOOD~rTR>s" good condition, radio, healer' Can be seen at 1301 South muin Monday. ir,.; j( \\.~ii~~ r. •""Y" i ulv ''' STOKE better furniiuro and better J™>;Bnins._l>hoMo 470. 14.1,,, INCOMK TAX SKUVICK~IP""YOU hiivo income tax troubles. I will »e B ad to help you. Do it now avoid the rush in the last d ys Charges reasonable. J. W. Slriek- ..I". 1 ^.: __ ; 1-1M-7W WE BUY, SELL OR TRAUF household furniture. Anylhing of value. Your sell won't be too small, and they don't ,/el too c! 1 '^:. St ^' lls at a2(i Knsi Third £>t. Lily 1'urnilurc Co. Phone 873 —___ 28-1 ni HOPE STAR, HOPS. ARKANS-AS By Wcsfbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. I resident Truman's audacious program of a.700,()()() new homes to i r",,>',"' pul "Aether by the u; Ul ,?' !H7 ' fjulli "«l 'J.v Wilson wyalt, his new housing aclminh;- trator, inevitably calls for another ;(Mind of loodle.i with union eei s and crooked preying on the rein of For Rent TWO ROOMS,' " Klcctricity, two miles .south on Palmos road. Box v;o ,j w ' . ___ ..... _______ Regl Estate for Sole IERE is spME~5F TiTF~raSr. CM land in Hompslcail Count, and only $45 per acre. </, cash ' BABY BED, One and one-half miles out on Lewisville hi«liway. south. 115.3 HOOM" <ind gara«e. located at 1(O) West Seventh, mociern in every respect Also now , livin;; room' suite rocker. brea):f.ist room suite' «as lieatcr and cook .strive, two bed,o om sllltcs comple , 0 , , mattress and springs. Will sell w'lh or witlvmt the tiirnn.m" If interested see Floyd Porter- Won fed to Buy I WANT TO ^BUY A IIMIMI 01^42 model Ford or Chevrolet. BueL Williams, JOB South Walnut Street l j honc (jfi(). n it , i /-t[ hey Jiavc done in most big ''proj- ecls of Movernmenl enlorpriKPs ncIudmM vvar construction and ji'oduction The plan i;; set in motion just n time lo revive the graft of a Jack of cynical parasites who had ound themselves .suddenly idle ipon the completion of the Irain- ng camps, flyin;.; fj,_.] t i s ;ln( | WJ1| . laciones H wanly pines for some u-.;isuimblc conce.ssion.s on the purl of licensed looters in the public interest and makes a special, but lutile, appeal to a theoretical sense •" iieiu.-.v icr the s;,ke of homeless veterans of the ri;;hliny war .;>i| L'xi'crie-ce shows Ihal.' ve might a.sh well appeal to a Com- inunisl ;, sense; o, hoii')r or Hie sporting inslincls of a weasel in a lion-lioii.se. The only protection lie:; in nre- yenlion by law. and Congress will in,I us incrc because the Democrats •a-o Ihe iialron party ol' Ihe racketeers and lho Republicans By STAN OP6TOW8KY New Orleans, Feb. Ifi — (UP) — Byron Nelson, who has convinced almost, everyone else that he is IUILT, !"' Ki'eatesl. golfer of modern r;icUe- times wasn'l far from .-.ollinR contractors ' lfi(1 '' ( ' n " lr 'dea loday after us just asj winning, the $7,500. _ New Orleans CARNSVAL . his aslonisning • - ... ,n i ni_- jA<.-jjLiuiH a us will o'Hiiinuo their policy of avoid-1 Si'ecn ("Pen with one ol finishes. Nelson suggested (hat he was not only nl Ihe peak of his own career but that there wasn't much opposition on hand that could touch him when he said: ."I Khnl a six under par fiG to win vs loninnment with a ?.ll. .1 don't trunk I played much belter on this round than f did on Saturday, but I luKi moie hick. I don't know what lho future holds of course, but I don I think that Ihc competition '•Mil get much tougher. As far as m.v own game is 'concerned, well .•••«ii_ reach a certain point and vou can t go much further." oo!! J< ; li ! ol , 1 \." lllck " c 'ia«lcd him to M2 total. Nelson had trailed Hogan by two strokes for the three days ol Ihe tournament unlil he hit his slrche .yesterday. But the sensation|i 1 final run, only a stroke off the Ui-holo lonrnamenl iccord, was achieved with some miracle shots, on the fairway and on the re.sponsibilitv for cleaning up a mess created by their opposition. However, the program is feasible at an unnecessarily high price ,nd tne need is so desperate 4hal \ve probably will submit to the ex- lortion. This is going to mean a revival ol the incredibly bold rackets of the common laborers-locals on most oi the sites, the same locals that charged thousands of farm«••= and » olhcr <-"' s "al workers from W5 lo $35 each for "initiation" v.-ncn the silos were being clear progress -••^... L.C. Kennedy, Near Hn ~ t ' Uc .. &ton -' °" Higlw'ay 29. J8-3I ONE FAIRBANKS-MORSE" GAs- ohne .c-ngine-3 H.P. F 0 ,. c( , p Y, m ,-, J^fol^ AIS ^_^jg PEACH, APPLE "ANOFUTM slim-h R °? e bllshos - ""Wei-ing Mm bs and evergreens of many "moties. Hempstead Nu sery Florist, Phone 2.%'. I S . G | ----- at barn. B. C. "Lewi's ill'") Shover Springs, Bodcaw i'oad. . 18-31 TWO WHEEL I «<•_._ metal top. 0:50 by 16 Ark. BUS HAUL, HAUI ING can haul -10. G "days ;| week' See Chas. Brown, barlow Hotel Wednesday, February 20 be f^!' 8 ! a ° and 9::io P.m. ' 18-31 n,. djR— KI ?ROSENE BROOD?mi r^S" 0 "*' """-mostat con- UOL Liooa condition only used S-Iiope C o,/n1^wayl 9mil ° S .__ 18-31 CHAIN BRACELET LOST downtown. Friday. Reward ' for return to Jessie Clarice Brown 18-31 __ Services Offered ' REGISTERED SPENCEli"cOn- setiere. inrliyidually designed corsets, brassieres, men and women s surgical supports. Mrs. i Ruth Do/.e,-. ;,iti K , : ,)i Kim St , JH"Pe Ark, Phone M-f-J. 28-1 ni •HAVE OWN TEAM AND W^GON I l",^, 1 ' 0 ;} 1 ' enHens or haul any- ' 11-Gl Lost or Strayed :n'.d the building was in •'is the nalion turned to war It would be a fine discrimination .I' s ^ v '' lal l hi , s is Ule f'irtiesl of uie A. I- . ol L. unions, lor the teamste-s, the movie employees ana lno building se, vice workers unions have comparable records •- a; •••! tne opcratiiiK e'it?ineers. For Nelson slnrlcd his roujul by hoi- nig a 3.>f 00 t null on the first hole und finished his first nine with a '« i ol i or , on lho ninth - Whc '» h c landed behind a bunker on the second hole he calmly chipcd out to a sot two feet from the pin and dropped his putt. Nelson had three bogies, but he more than countered those with nine birdies . His first nine carci was J3, four under par and on •SO a conven- - ^cn and. as iM.-> old ••anssstors sickened and died, they were succeed'., by patient subordinates uniil :it. last, the entire official roster \v:c:.: one unimportant excction' was made up of self-elected bosses V.MOSP quarter of a million sub- .iccts had never had ;, chance to vote and yet \»ere compelled by pa'v their Roosovoll goverr.menl r -- — WITH ONE WHITE fool, weiRhs about 900 Ihs. Mrs Chnc Franks. Phone 274-j. 18-31 For Lease JvlC'S CAMPrHlGHWAY 07' \VEST _ot_HIope. ) 8 .^ Rozorbacks Rooting for Texas Fayelleville, Feb. 18 — (/p) — Texas A. and M. never had anv ^^,» sl " C r orAc .., i :^?.': s th 9." tho Uni- JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE For Prompt Expert Service on All WASHING MACHINES Phone 209 304 East 2nd ROGERS RADIO SERVICE We specialize in all kinds of car and home radios. FIRESTONE STORE 209 South Main St. wm H will be this week. ih^°P in '!"-' f-«« ios ai'o embodied Ihe Razorbacks' only chance of sharing the Southwest Conference l) wilh lhc | them tribute ,-ind submit i Ji ulnl discipline. I This vilo iu.s,,.;-y was exposed in | these essays shu-lly before' the na- Uon swung into ihe war effort and was placed in public record in hearings of lhc House Judiciary Committee in Washington. Yet" the shakcGowns continued all over the r ? j"!? '"c^dcd an aslonishing font of daylight, looting in the very capital, itself, and the same crooks will not be rude enough to decline ' 'L again in the lho Ag- Baylor, which gies in their first ,-inhi, i , t WGCKl all- cady' nas cincneci at least a tie for lho crnu>n wilh ten conference victories "nd one dofci'l. If they 'beat the Ag- again at Waco tomorrow night men- j,nal circuit game, they'll be undisputed tillisls. If they lose Arkansas has a chance. ' ' ^ VL ;'! ' f n B " y ' nr , is bcnicn by A. Hogan's second place finished enabled him to retain the lead among he winter circuit money winners but only by a bard $10. His earn! ings to dale for seven tournaments I mis year totaled S(i,f>10, while Nel; son was pressing him with $6,500 ; m lour tournaments, in three of which he finished first. Hogan's i'inal round of 73 one ;ovor par, barely enabled him save second money and gave him i no chance to keep pace with the ir- !t:nre?;ible Nelson. Another regular among the top coiuenufis. aiinimy Snead of Hot Springs, Va., was third, turning in n final round of 74 for a 280 total and S<aJ winnings „ Foi ,",' tl L nion °y of S GO ° wont to with •?"- paden ° C Sanford . M C., The early pace setter, Fred the pro-amateur event, finished m Haas Jr.. home town pro wlio won a tie for fifth with Dick Met/, of Arkansas City. Kan., at 288 George Schneider of Salt Lake City, Jim Forrier of Chicago and Henry Picard of Harrisburg Pa were tied at 290 while Toncy Penna o Dayton, O., and amateur Frank S ranahan of Toledo. O., were at . Jim Hmes of Chicago had 292 while four golfers,,Sammy BmKof Pn '"n 1 K . v -{.Lafroon of Orlando Fa. Denny Shite of Akrofi, O., and Clayton Haefner of Char olte N. C., were lied at 294 Vi , i lKW Qi' 1h Vines ° r Chicago and Virgin Shreove of While Plains of Wh l . " w ° 7 ?' Hermai1 Ban-on of White Plains had a 298 and Herman veiser of Akron, O., Johnny Revolt a of Evanslon, 111 nn rf " A " loilio '' Tcx o Bv Dick Turner Me says the house l, c WO s moving ( o is already Inland that wc can't evicl l,i n , i'Sr six monlffl" Ferquson / <«iAiB TlJC EAREST APPROACH TO THIS LEGENDARY CARNIVORE OF THE BOTANICAL ARE SEVERAL, SMALL. INSIGNIFICANT PLANT5 THAT Political Announcements The Star is authorized to announce) I he following as can did al us subject to the action of the Democratic primary flections this Summer: 8Hi Judicial Circuit For Prosecuting Attorney CHARLES W. HACKETT For Sheriff & Collector TJLMAN BEARDEN For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark Arkansas -.-;:: pu , |5 lhis wcck f the Aggio series by meeting Camp Itobinson at Fayeliev:lle Wed es coy night. The Porkers w ore idle n conlerence play hisl week bu\ ook U on (he chin twice from Ok lalioina A. and M., 53-2!) ami 40- WANTED Sawyer and Filer, good salary, has to make home in Louisville Kentucky. Apply Chess & Wy mond, 421 West Avery Street. Lou, svl ||e 8, Kentucky. Magnolia NOTICE — WE H<WR MOVED to 513 S. Walnut Call us Inr ivuau-s parts and supplies. We do hemstitching and make bultou holes. Buy, Sell and Kxchanj-e Machine's C. W. YANCEY, Singer Dlst Phone 578R Wanted! TELEPHONE All Dimensions 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMOS, ARK U ,"----= Program. Jho veterans, whose housinc problem is emphasi/.ed for cmo- lonal appeal in this bold plan set |»-h by Mr. Wyatt. will discover Ihal they are, as one practical unipnoer pul it. "a dime a dozen" and will not only pay at least $25 jiiici as much as $;jQO for union niliation, his dues and periodic shakedowns, bul, in buying their n om , 0 ? n °/ ''cnting them", will get the bill for a most ingeious system of mock-work and on-anix.ed' loafing Like so many of the war workers thousands of them will be Mid olf by crooked contractors in collusion with Ihe union gangsters -)« scon «s they have pa.d (he i,,: Mallments on their initiation fees to make room for new initiates' and irieir government will ovm- C ss its gralilude for their service in the war by upholding and prolccl- L 1 ur C ''° nK - s :ls "'^l-'or leaders " Mr. Wyalfs plan speaks confj- clenlly^of labricaled houses assc'iii- iii.its in airy disregard of iirU- restrainls againsi not only . liirge units but even l'acloi- : - Iwislfd steel rods fur use in rei'n- I forced concrete \vork and a:<ainsl Pipe Ihreaded in iaclories an'cl .sheet plaster. If the use of sheet Plaster is permitted, lhc price oi labor will he sot at a figure not only high enough to frnslrale economy bul in many places high eaough to pay for three layers of piaster done by hand whereas two coats are quite enough. lhc coiilraclors in many locali- Hes also have their unions or "associations' 1 of "rei-ogni/od" firms whose only purpose is to exclude compelilion from their field* Bv contracts with the bosses of' Un- building trades unions they are able to keep labor away from ••„,. dependent projects undei laken bv joulsiders'and Ihe ,vsnli, of course. '•-•• llial they moiujpoh/.c and rlis li-ibule ihc business among 'ilu'-m- selves and pay | a | mr ;lf . „„,,,,, Ihe traflic will bear. Wage rales :>"d HKiek-work ruh-s mean nolli- ing^to Ihcm because:, wilh P- cnm- pelilion, they can set their profits. Mr Wyalfs lon K discussio:i' of ni.s.plan contains many rocommen- dj.il ons bin no frank coiisideraiion ot lhe.se lacls which an- ihe iea- boii why m-w homes are not beini,' bin I by in.hvulu.ds ,„• speculators nd will not be. His legislative p,-,,. osa s bashliilly ducu the .subjc.-i Still, it i., a feasible plan „„ the assumption Ihal iu,- every .«•.' , vo .,|. "I bousing, the buyer, 'nnu'r or the whole body c,|' laxpavei-';' vn the treasury, shall pay a third dol- ol inbuie lo licensed and privileged extortioners. VISITORS ~° Chicago, Peb Ui — ( .v,_ i ,>;„], !"/'/• Burham 1C, score.l a hi," with j snowball on what he had ide.itilied as a wasp's nest Out came ladybiiKs. Burham-suK/a'sjs it mi M ht be Ihe lousniH iiliortago. nf| X; ' S ' ^ nri f li;Jn ' Hk ' c ; '"fl "• ilu-ii- ^ 1l ; lhlldlsl h »™ f' - "- IIH-I r.,.i,leiviu-e eonipf-tition. ,...^,,1. Ihe celhir ^,,"' " • Sll "' lK ' dndlwi ! ^ ^"^ ^jf^.^led. is of "in i..in ,.„',,!„.. u'.i , ^', . ISJ . S gargan-i should be considered on "a non 1 artisan status." He said the "welfare of the Unit once lill In -1 i " iv""" 7 " > '-"" l; '" oc ' slates depond.'-- ni>.'.- „,,,. . i.., . tallied 190 points in t^i e^rence i in ^canef:"? 1 ^'' a " d thi8 | both production and markets'.'- °" DID YOU KNOW THAT YOUR BRAINS ARE creMT COPR. 1MO DV NEA SEBVICC In * T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. ' 10 SHOOT A 6DN RI6.HT, YOUK. FORE - 'l6HTMU5rBEBACKOFTHEHIND5l6HV •"- LAWRENCE RUSSELL 3 Dyer Retains Captain of Cardinals By United Press Si, Pt'lcj'sbiirg, Fla Peb Ifi (DP)— Eddie Dyer, "starting 'his tirst season as manager of lho Si T«°,M-X & lrdinals - « ilve "Id - timer icuy Moore a yote of confidence lociay by naming Ihe S'-i-ve-ir l°!).|(i Olltricld lc:11 " captain for -Spiking repoiis'ihal Moore \vas to be traded or sold, Over said'he expected the tall Tennessean i 1 . ? • j 1 , nia J«'- role in the Cardi- pcnnaiH th ° Nali " ni |l League „,!' w , : . ls !1 ,, llp;l1 tribute to Moore, - alter hree years in .the army conies back this season .jn an at- .empt to live up to his prewar repu- as the greatest defensive oul- in the senior circuit. Mooio captains probably the eulest group oi talent in - ( he big leagues, including five tqp - f]j»ht oullielders whom he will 'have to to regain his old cenlerfiold By JOE REICHLER New York, Feb. 11! —f/p)_ with ;1J major college teams defeated I least once in this action-lacked University, with If! triumphs • Si'inst only one setback, today laskelball season, Wesl Virginia oasts the best percentage, 'toning such highly rated quintets as 4 » ™ m \ University, Oklahoma ^ & M, Notre Dame, Kentucky owa and Kansas. The Mountaineers, sparked bv cloran forward Leland Byrd have eon beaten only by Temple (48- t> on the victor's court. Prior to iat game, they had won is raight and are currently work- ig on a five-game winning streak ix tilts remain on their-schndul" Kansas, unbeaten in Big Six ompetition, is next with a IG-'l jcord, followed by the New York lolcls, Iowa, Big Ten leader; ale ^nd Rhode Island, each at 4-1. Harvard completes the one- me loser list witn 13-1. Tne Viols h"ve lost only lo' North Carolina, Kansas to the Oklahoma Ag- g;cs. the Hawkeyes to Indiana, lale to Harvard who in turn bowed lo Holy Cross, and Rhode Island was bealen by SI. John's of Brooklyn. Of the six, only Yale nas completed its schedule. Pour conference championships already have been decided Dartmouth won the Eastern Intercol,,,- L « a * ue title Saturday bv defeating Columbia 47-27 for its sev- enlh loop triumph against, one de- leal. Cornell, beaten twice by the Indians, tinished second. California trounched Stanford twice over the weekend to win the southern division of the Pacific Coast Conference with 11 victories in 12 starts Sou hern California, only team to ond with Bears, finished sec- RCo , ]oi 'ado Stale captured the Rocky Mountain Conference cham- P'2 nsl i J -P b >', sh adin g Colorado Col- Jtge 3;j-J3 for its- seventh win in eight games. Montana State fin ished second, at 0-2. Ursinus, will" eight victories in nine "ames fh lV^ i, the A ? out hern division of lhr o Middle Atlantic League. up •By Eaafh S. FnQntea,, Jt.- Ncw York, Feb. in —(,T>)— Does lybody know how many baseball : 'urer woiVh! "do inns there are? . . . We don't I ball followed the mean the total attendance, but how y-m i't many of the millions, who live in vorite , major or minor leafiiie territory who actually go to one or mure games a season . . . A business man with a product to sell would find out about such iiiin.'Ji.s and he'd keep on gathering J'iytn-e.s u> learn the percent age of buyers in hi'-, po- That's what your manufae- - And it base- usual pattern, uld e\-pecl lo hear yuur fa- radio aniiuuncor ' intone' b a s e b a 1 1. . Big Six — Kansas is undefeated m seven games, but is pressed by after serving with the Eighth Air i 1 OTCG ?1S in loll f rfr»inn nf-T:^ -n/r i\'i a - . hpellod backward it's Dodgers." Inviting Disaster When Henry F'rnka made his speak in», debut as Tulanc coach before ihe Brown Derby Club mer ^^ ^ W^- ! Ioilel ^n pla^ i'-"" welcome' 0 an nrii i'hf.,, K,-,.;,I "„;• Vi',.' v?'.'. 1 ' i uPlJ'"'tiinil.v_ to pot your thoughts. H-.il one mint; 1 i>sk is don't wail niitil alter the game is over to send U 10 me .Bring it right down io -;ho I : c-ich durinij the game." . . . Yeah. •m.i dnn't foi-uet lo bring two good Uickles an da fa.sl HUl-pound hr.lf- l.at-k to make ih.at play work. Monday Matinee Wlu-n he was looking for a job i'J'l.': World Series his age and Ihe tc. I 1 ,?.,m 1S , 'r?S n ^'"yi'^'withv.^"}^,!"! e«ni at Colon. Canal Zone, since nit, discharge from Ihe army \.eighing in at li)D pounds today, - .s ho Cardinals went through ihoi • hi .heavy drills. Moore, said he w.ii. in lop condilion. Most of tho early arrivals were ex-sei-viceinen who will be given and Third Baseman Jeff Cross" o- lionnl League service bin-can, conducted one of those opion-siuiiplins' affairs which incluili-d some' qucs^ lions on altendance . . . Tiie results are buried somewhere in the league's files. Figuring The Figures Brancll received u^ll answers to his questionnaires, which the experts figured was ubo'ul half the number distribntod . . Of the^e aa« people, -I(H> said they hadn't ••oen a ball game that season Another 2(i2 had allonri(!d- ten or less and Irom there the answers \vent_ up to one guy who had attended 125 games and three who had seen 100 each . . . Assuming [hat I lho Jolks who didn't answer -Cercn't ' mtercsled in baseball, these fig. i urea show that 7,1 per cent of Un- people "sampled" definitely; weren't baseball fans . . . Another i 14 per cenl were lukewarm and only 11 percent saw more than ten games . . . Baseball doesn't i need lo worry about that guy who 1 jsaw 12fi games: lie's incurable . j How about doing snme'.hin; 1 , to do-' «:lop Cue ••market" among ihe !•'();! I or so who don't go lo ball vanies'' v; , '""-nuience ouieer, Ma .,,.r Earl Breilbard decided to become a boxing promoter. He'll stage his first show in March Line in the staid .New York Times before last Friday's fight s£id? 1 no pvolimuuiry card nro«?pni c -i ,-..,,,_ i t > .. J *-***»-« |JJ\-ocliLo tl numoer oi prohminary boys " £0 Vnlrfveilft™ haVi " g ^° m ' in COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply u Austin, Vermont Republican, for Loan to Britain CALL US FOP. YOUR WIRING ond REPAIR TROUBLES Phone 231-R Tailor Made SEAT COVERS Direct from Factory Orders filled within 10 days ROBERT R. RIDER Phone 43S-J LILE'S FIX-IT SHOP for KEPAIRS 933 Service Station Phone « « • 933 or 8G9-R ELECTRIC CO, Delfron Houston Washington, Feb. or Austin (H-VI) 15 — (XP)_ Seni- announced to- us consideration on linos. }"i'-" 01 '' ;l '"pmber of the la lions commitec. lold lhc credit is necessary Service - Quality Variety We have a most complete line of Field & Garden Seeds, Insecticides and Inoculations. AGENTS FOR _orns Dodoe Famous Melon Seeds Gcrmaco Hot Caps' Sinker's Dciintcd Coilon Seeds Triple Cleaned Kobe, Korean and Scricea Lospedeza, Alfalfa Soy Beans and field grown Cabbage Plants We Appreciate Your Business MONTS SEED STORE The Leading Seed Store DR. H. T. SHULL VETERINARIAN In practice in Texarkana TEXAS CITY HALL Phone 110 or 1490-J THEO LONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, Arkoniai Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co, 2K East 3rd St. PHONE 613 | Appliance Repairs—Appliances ' SEAT COVERS FOR ALL CARS Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 215 S. Main Oklahoma at' 61. The title will be decided when they meet Feb. 28 Big Seven — Colorado and Wyoming are lied for first with 7-2 Southern - North Carolihr. beat \i-i. but the annual tourney start- Southeastern — Kentucky and Louisiana State tied for first at 7-0. The annual tourney starts .Feb. Southwestern — Baylor is jfcs- surcd of at least a tie with lF-1 Arkansas second with 82 Missouri Valley— The Oklahoma Aggies unbeaten in six starts, are second Wi "' Wichita ' al 5-3- is Pacific Coast (northern division) re tied siun, ddlC Ur la , n , Uc u- f »°lhern division) — Muhlenberg, at C-l is chance 3 ." 1 Lafayette ' al 1-1, has a °i h n io i 9°n forcnco ~ Akr °n leads 10 Injunctions Sought Against 7 Gaming Houses at Spa Little Rock, Feb. IB — (/T>)— was v a df e - was « vaicled lo the resort city for- sis- alure by Chancellor Sam Garreli vho granted the injunction ' BUTANE SYSTEMS < Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs ' HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing Phone 259 Heating Hope, Ark Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J COMPLETE BUTANE SERVICE Wanda Butane Co. Phone 370 Hope, Ark. Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt the factory way. HALL'S HAT SHOP East 2nd St. p h one 7« Alterations ••-•> Prested While You Walt ' Loe's Tourist: Cafe-Court • Featuring . • Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue •Fish" • Sandwiches "Soft Drlrtks Open 6 a. m. to 12 Midnlg)jf Private Dining Room—Pho,nV2&2 Owned and operated by -._ Mr and Mrs. P. J. Loe ' City Limits & Highway 67 West SEE US FOR THE REYNOLDS PEN The miracle Pen that will Revolutionize Writing. Guaranteed to write 2 years without refilling. Doug ^ITfV' Carl Bacon V^l I T Jones ELECTRIC CO. Phone 784 • Reel Estate If you are in the market to buy or sell Farmland or City Property, call or see • .; Calvin E, Cassidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark. Arkansas Bank Building Ses Us For BABY CHICKS You'll like out quality chicks, hatched right from selected flocks. Hardy, fas;. growers. Low pric$. FEEDERS SUPPLY CO, 4th and La. Sts Phone 25 TOW Magazines You can now get the latest issue of your favorite Magazine at GENTRY PRINTING CO. (Commercial Printers) Phone 241 Hope, Ark. , I

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