Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 20, 1917 · Page 11
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Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 20, 1917
Page 11
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THE PITTSBURGH SUNDAY POST, MAY 20, 1917. SECOND SECTION PAGE THREE Mie WW. EDISON XV III Century English ? (MAHOGANY) Designed and Executed by Messrs. FRENCH & Co. jj gg ' ' il 5 I i' 6 i E IT is difficult to give an exact style name to this cabinet. All through the latter half of the XVIII Century there was a considerable amount of finely hand-painted decorations done on furniture. Amongst some the great artists associated with this work are the well-known names of Pergolesi and Angelica Kaufmann. This painted work was probably done more often on satinwood or enamel, but there are instances of it being executed on mahogany with beautiful effect. This special XVIII Century cabinet shows an example of the latter type of furniture. The grilles are cut out, and on the wood formations thus left are finely executed motifs of fruits, flowers,' etc. The door panels are painted with Italian decorations usual with this class of work. NOW ON EXHIBITION AT PATRIOTISM mn IT FLAG RAISINGS Stars and Stripes Honored at Exercises in All Parts of County. 513 Wood St. "THE PHONOGRAPH WITH A SOUL' More than 2, COO persons participated in a community flag raising at the Ml Lebanon and Castle Shannon junction last night. The Hag was raised on a pole which was used during the Spanish-American war. Afterward it was lowered to half mast out of respect to the memory of D. H. A. McLean and Frank Erbe, officers of the First National Bank of Castle Shannon, who v, ere shot to death by bandits in a laid on the bank last Monday. Addresses were made by State Factory Inspector Francis Feehan, State Senator ChaiTes II. Kline and Rev. Dr. Daniel L. Marsh of the Smith field Street Methodist Episcopal Church. A joint celebration was held in the Homestead Steel works in Homestead yesterday afternoon, when flags were raised at open hearth plants Xos. 1 and 2, and at the metal mixer plant. A parade of employes preceded the exercises. Addresses were made by officials and employes of the plant. Residents of lower Southern avenue, Mt. Washington, will hold a flag raising Thursday. Addresses will be made by city and county officials. Employes of the Allegheny ' Steel Company will participate in the flag raising to be held this afternoon at the plant in Brackenridge. . Addresses will be made by officials and employes of the plant. Employes of the Etna plant of Spang Chalfant & Co. participated in two flag raisings yesterday. Addresses were made by Prof. J. F. Mitchell, superintendent of the Eetna school; Senator Charles H. Klein, and Attorney F. A. Piekerski. The exercises closed with the singing of patriotic airs. The Post's Weekly Almanac The Wood Thrush. if 1 Calendar SON I SUN" HOOS sgjg RISES SETS RISES Q Si I ELM. n.M. gs THE real voice of snrine. 1 of spring when the shad' jO 5 L-1257 9 350j and stands in fairy finery against the filmy green of n c v buds just showing green, is the voice of the wood thrush. Albert Durcr born 1471 ; Christopher Columbus died 1506; Charles Bonnet, naturalist, died 1793. "Fame's a pearl that hides beneath a sea ot tears." " Take, dear, my little sheaf of songs. For, old or new. All that is good in them belongs Gulp to pou. At d, singing as when all was young, They will recall Those otlirrs, lived but left tisung The best of all." police wmms STIRS SPECULUM! War Conferences In Final Stages WASHINGTON, May 19. It was disclosed by a high authority today that conferences between the British mission and this Government have reached their final stages without a disagreement of the slightest character and without any obstacle being met with which was not overcome in a manner happily agreeable to all concerned. Contrary to popular belief the initiative was taken in every subject advanced by the representative? of the United States, the British representatives, it being declared, never volunteering anything except when asked. It was learned also that for the present at least, the war legis- j lative program has been completed. except where measures before Con- ress have not been passed. The administration, it was said, has no ; additional bills to be introduced and it will ask no further general legis-'ation unless necessity arises through the meeting of new problems. Visions of Black Horse Squad Restoration Roused by Purchase. Early spring, hefore the hepatica have raised tem-j:l I fi I qUz510 Isefcs . . Philip II. of bpam born 1527; Corneliui leaves, the Voice is that of;Tronl-P. Dutch admiral, died 1691; Dr. the meadow lark; hut now, when the bluebird sings in ecstasy and when the catbird is intoxicated with the sound of his own outpour- "Ihomas Warton. poet, died 1790; Maria Edgeworth died 1849. " Li.'e goes crooning, faint and fain, one refrain ' If it could be always Ma -" Yz lT bHH711 194 Alexander Pope to:n 1688; Henry VI. of England murdered in the Tower 1471; Gen. inrrc the real melodv Of viO- r alas, ir ist turn to nay. fiesh to clav." i . . . . , let time and lilac time comes from the throat of the wood thrush, greeting the morning or saying good-night to the day. In human experience there is much joy and much sad ness and in the notes of the 3W )4237I tlias Ashmole, antiquary, born 1617; Empress Catherine of Russia born 1729; Jerome Savonarola burnt at Florence 1498. " We should train if it always could be 24 It L mUzz 73 03z Charles von Linne born 1707; Nicolas Copernicus died 1543; Jane Porter died 1850. " Gold or silver every day dies to fray.'' wood thrush there is all of 15 I F LUZI 7i4 I H4 human experience, a lyric ex- Cmaui UAmhol minJcr of Jui, x,. nression of what sentiment died i5io: Dr. William Paley died 1805. K-o "Fate's a ftddI"- Life's dance." arm ncn-nnnv. ; .. Shall xce not take ihe ebb tcho had feel as they awake fresh to begin the day or as they sit at west windows to watch Now, if it be our the flotef IAfe was our friend foe Dear, though it spoil and break ust neei we care U -urtainc nf the nio-hr hat is to comef being drawn upon the col- 65 JBAZO 715 ored death of the da v. 1 1 1 I H As the day begins and as it dies the wood thrush sings the song of human expert ence and people know that in its exquisite sadness is the song of themselves. CLIFFORD RAYMOND. The Venerable Eede died 735: Samuel Pepvs died 1703; Thomas Southern died 1746; Franci-. Joseph Haydn died 1809. " Riches won but mock the old unable years." "So may it be: that so dead yesterday, -Vo sad-eyed ghost but generous nd gay. May serve you. memorie like almighty wine, "When you are old!" United States Army Receives Dirigible Washington! May 19. The nrst clrlffible balloon to be used by American military forces now is in operation at the Penaacola naval aeronautic station. It is known as I-M-l and it is fcelntf used to train crews to handle the IS coast dirigibles soon to be delivered by the builders. The new deriKibies will resemble closely the Uriush "blimps" now extensively employed in coast patrol and submarine chasing. Thousands 01 men irura a.u ian.s 01 the -runtry have applied for enrollment in the naval reserve flying corps. Since only a limited number of men was desired, the department has been able to select the men it desired with fireat care. Amongr those who tiled applications were J. P. Warburg, son of Paul M.- Warburg of the Keaeral He-serve Board; H. P. Davison, Jr., and P. T. Davison, sons of Henry P. Davison, a New York banker; V. A. Rockefeller. E. K. I,. Gould. G. C. De-pew, J. M. Vorys, all of New York and R. A. Lovett of Boston. Military Traininir and learning to save money are good discipline for young men. The best way to save is to buy a IMamond on credit. Loftis Bros. & Co., tit Liberty. Visions of the restoration of Pittsburgh's famous "Black Horse Squadron" were entertained by certain police veterans last night when Superintendent Edward Ward of the bureau of horses, and City Veterinarian H. Weit-zel, left for Kansas City, Mo., to pass upon 10 horses that have been selected for the police bureau. Advices from the western city that the required number of horses meeting the Pittsburgh specifications for pure blacks har been secured, reached Pittsburgh a day or two ago, and the city representatives started preparations at once to inspect the animals. The specifications are so stringent that only the largest horse markets can attempt to fill them. Pure blacks of a certain height and weight only can qualify, and it was impossible to fill the order east of Kansas City. If found to meet requirements the 10 horses will be shipped immediately to Pittsburgh. The contract price per horse is $237.50 to which is to be added shipping charges. The city, has been asked $300 for blacks meeting the specifications in the local markets and no guarantee of the number to be delivered was tendered. The 10 horse which will be put into the mounted police service will be the first addition to the "Black Horse Squadron" since council two years ago declared the famous troop should be reduced from 36 to 12. When the 4 horses were sold there was no limit to sentimental expression at the parting of the trained animals and their masters who had been returned to foot work again. While the new horses will not mean restoration of the "Black Horse Squadron" to its original proportion, city executives consider it a step in the right direction and that the standards raised when the organization was at full strength are again receiving proper recognition. A number of the horses will be necessary to replace animals worn out by the mounted service. Captain Ball Held In German Prison LONDON. May 19. Captain Albert Ball, the British airman who was reported missing last week, is a prisoner in Germany. POTTERS GET DEMANDS. EAST LIVERPOOL. O.. May 19. The strike of 300 gilders. liners and timers in potteries here and in Wellsville. Ohio, snd Newell and Chester, W. Va.. declared yesterday, was practically ended today. Several pottery owners granted the strikers" demands for a 13 per cent wajre raise. Germans Seize Norse Ship; Norway Roused CHRISTIANIA, Norway. May 19. The Norwegian steamship Thorum has been seized by a German submarine inside the four-mile limit, which Norway always has claimed as the boundary of Norwegian territorial waters, and a serious diplomatic conflict may result. The Thorum was chartered by the government to carry forage to northern Norway, where there is a food famine. LONDON. May 19. The "Tibens Tegn" of Christiania, as quoted in an Exchange Telegraph dispatch from Copenhagen, says the Norwegian government has expressed the opinion that the Thorum will be released. Premier of China Asked to Resign PEKIN. May 19. The House of Representatives, by a vote of 229 to 1W, decided today not to consider any war measure until the premier and Minister of War Tuan Chi-Jui resigned and the cabinet reorganized. Virtually all the cabinet resigned recently, but the premier refused to accept their resignations. There is a deadlock on the war question in both the House and Senate, many of the members of which are for war, but are unwilling to have China enter the war under the present cab inet. The demand for Tuan Chi-Jui's resignation has been growing rapidly since the mob demonstration on the night of May 10. Charters Are Issued CHARLESTON, W. Va., May 19. Certificates of incorporation have been issued by the secretary of state to the following new concerns which will operate under the laws of West Virginia: Coalfork Coal Company of Charleston, to operate in Cabin Creek district. Kanawha county ; authorized capital, $100,0(0 ; Incorporators. L. P. Williamson, R. G. Walsh. J. H. McClintic. W. G. Mathews and J. G. Farquahar, all of Charleston. Parkersburg Playgrounds Association of Parkersburg, to maintain public recreation places without profit; no authorized capital ; incorporator, T. H. Creel, Ida B. Weyer, S. D. H. Wise, Nellie H. Taylor and H. M. Buland, all of Parkersburg. Burning . Springs Coal Company of Charleston, to operate in Kanawha county ; authorized capital, $5,000 ; incorporators, W. G. MacCorkle, S. B. Chilton, R. E. Sell, J. E. Chilton and Harold L. Snyder, all of Charleston. Gem Pocahontas Coal Company of Welsh, to operate in McDowell county ; authorized capital, $25,000 ; incorporators. James A. Henchey. Beas Graham. Nellie Quinn, Anna M. Henchey and Graham Sale, all of Welch. Will Repeat Pageant The Lawrence park pageant, which was given Friday night in the gymnasium building of the park under the supervision of Miss Margaret McClelland, will be repeated tomorrow night. FORFEIT TAX COLLECTED. CHARLESTON. W. Va.. May 19. A forfeiture tax of $10,000 was collected today by Tax Commissioner Walter H. Hallan from the estate of the late Jenkins Jones, whose estate was one of the most valuable in McDowell county. TRAINS CONTINUED. CHARLESTON. W. Va., May 19. The Western Maryland railroad filed ap-p'ication with the public service commission asking permission to discontinue four trains. The trains to be taken off run between Beelington and Elkins and Durbin. Two trains were discontinued May 13 and others will be taken off May 2Z. FALLS OFF HOUSE; HURT. George Harrison of Broadway and Diamond streets. West Park, suffered a fracture of the right leg yesterdav morning, when he fell 10 feet from the top of a wall on a new apartment building at 712 Russellwood avenue. West Tark. He was taken to the Ohio Valley Hospital. Summer Furs Capes, Stoles and Scarfs of the popular furs for Summer wear. Very moderate pr:ces. (THIRD FLOOR.) 506-508 MARKET ST. I U 506-508 MARKET ST. Our Windows Each day our windows show the latest fashions. Look at them. This Store Answers the Question St Wh at Shall I Wear ? 79 n sv rr is Ail Read Hicr Uress Sal For every occasion, the proper suit, coat and dress is here. Of one thing- you can be sure when you buy the style is that of the very moment, quality and workmanship of the highest standard and the price reasonable and right. For instance j . Right From the Makers Wonderfully Good Looking Suits Poiret Twill, Serge, Gabardine and Silks. Many made in gfo 4&k 4 sporty, tailored or dressy types. Others handsomely trim- j Jsjjj A med. Perfectly cut and tailored to the most minute detail. r Jj T Plain and fancy silk linings. Navy, Rookies, Tan, Gray and Hair Line Stripes. Some with silk bound edges. Alterations Free. Specially priced $25. New Skirts In a Special 3Ioiiday Sale. Every whim of fashion is expressed in these skirts of silk. Their good style points gathered tops, belts and pockets that are differ- S If fib. 75 ent. Wonderful arrav of colors, rm w mm Coats and Capes A Wide Diversity of Styles. Splendid selection of Taffeta Silk Coats. A score of large collar effects each smart and distinctive. Belts and pockets. Full length. Also stunning Summertime capes of .Navy Serge r" r lined with plaid A silks. Specially pneeu ai 7T y tor a e i omorrow styles which Dresses of Our Third Floor is resplcndant with an enormous selection of new ,ivncn W Srort f!mmtrv mid Afternoon wear, inst arrived from the manufacturers. The models show the type and the their designers htfve created for wear late tliis Summer. Serge, Taffeta, Georgette Talteta and satins m .Navy and in beautiful Copenhagen, Beaver, Maize, Green and Grey. Worth a great deal more than the special price of (DRESS DEPT. THIRD FLOOR.) $16 .50 WAR GARDEN DAY SET By GOVE I Mayor Armstrong Also Issues Proclamation Making "Dedication Day." Governor Martin G. Brumbaugh has declared Thursday, May 24, as '"Farm and Garden Day," to stimulate the production of foodstuffs throughout the state. In a proclamation issued yesterday Mayor' Joseph G. Armstrong announced the day would be called "Dedication Day." and announces the following community celebrations: Frick lot, Forbes street and BellenelcL avenye, Oakland; Reynolds street and Lexington avenue, Homewood; Ridge avenue, between Allegheny avenue and Fulton street, Northside, and Beechview. Addresses will be delivered at the community gatherings by city and county officials, and arrangements are being made for bands and other features Mayor Armstrong, in a letter to Charles A- O'Brien, city solicitor, yesterday morning, announced that anyone who steals from war gardens or destroys what grows on them commits an act which is almost treason and should be fined $500 or sentenced one year, and urged that an ordinance to that effect be prepared. David D. Cadugan and Major C. W.Robinson, in charge of the borough and township recruiting at the gardening commission headquarters in Wood street, announced that the enlisting of volunteer gardeners and offers of land had increased last week. Railway Allowed To Operate Ships WASHINGTON. May 19. -The Southern Pacific Railway was authorized today by the Interstate Commerce Commission to continue in possession and operation of its fleet of merchant steamers plying between New York, New Orleans and Galveston. Wonderful Skin and Wrinkle Removers STUDENTS TO TAKE EXAMS., CHARLESTON. W. Va.. May 13. Many students who left West Virginia L'niversity to take up agricultural work will return to take final examinations, according to President V. B. Trotter. Bishop M. S. Hughes, of Portland. Ore.. an alumnus, will deliver the baccalaureate sermon, and SoPcitor General John Y. Davis wi:l address the commencement ciass June 12. President Trotter will deliver the commencement address at Welsh High Tuesday. The method of removing bad complexions by absorption seems to have come into general use in this country. Ordinary mercolized wax, applied nichtly like cold cream and erased mornings with warm water, gradually absorbs the coarse, faded or discolored outer film skin in almost invisible particles. Soon there's a brand new complexion, formed by the younger, healthier under-skin. No cosmetic or artificial treatment can possibly produce a complexion of such rfuliant. youthful loveliness. Druggists all have "mercolized wax; it i3 seldom that mnrr than one ounce is necessary. Thousands have also reported great success with the famous saxolite wrinkle-removing formula. One ounce of pure powdered saxolite is dissolved in a half-pint witch hazel and the solution used as a face wash. The effect is almost magical. The deepest wrinkles and crow s feet, as well as the finest lines whether due to age. illness weather or worry are immediately affected. No one need hesit.Me to try this dimple lotion, as It won't barm any skin. Withdrawing Goods To Escape Tariff WASHINGTON. May 19. Withdrawal of imported goods from bonded warehouses, so as to avoid payment of the ten per cent ad valorem tariff provided for in the pending war tax bill, has reached proportions never approached before in the nation's history. Figures reported to the treasury department today show that in New York good valued at nearly $3.00J,Q00 was withdrawn in a single day and that the withdrawals are continuing at a rate of from $1,500.(X0 to $2.0CK).00L there daily. In other ports of entry similar conditions exist, and the pace in most places is growing steadily. Millions ot dollars in revenue that would be collectable, if the goods remained in bond until the tax bill became a law is being lost to the Government. r i ) rV . , . .' .. j' I SEE B COURT MARTIAL ORDERED. CHARLESTON, W. Va., May 19. A general military court martial lias been ordered to sit in Charleston at a date not yet made known, to be presided over by Captain George M. Ford as judge-advocate. The court will hear the case of Private Paul Vagienti of Company I"), Second Regiment, who, while on guard duty near Princeton some time ago, shot and killed Watson Chambers. DRY LAW PENALTY IMPOSED. CHARLESTON. W. Va.. May 19. The first test case under the new prohibition law was tried in Wheeling and resulted in conviction. Justice of Peace Hobb sending George Cline of Ohio to jail for GO days and fining him $KW and costs. This announcement was made by Judge John Sims of the prohibition department, who has returned from Wheeling. FIRST FLOOR DPELaUiTE F COMPANY 915-017-919-921 PENNAVE MARRIAGE LICENSES. Albright. William H Aspinwall tichultz. Elizabeth As-pinwall Egnot. Michael l.Hinbar Kandzer, Anna Pittsburgh Muchkivch. WillHm Mllvale t-teigerwald, Margaret Millvale Weber, John Pittsburgh Brietzki. Johanna Pittsburgh Weizel, Francis A Pittsburgh Ioris, Helen E Ilttsburgh Rainey. Hugh M Pittsburgh Ijowie. Catharine Pittsburgh Mcl ermott, Kdward Pittsburgh Pixon. Elizabeth Pittsburgh KraiiKhaam. Adam Louisville. Ky. McClarren, Anna Pittsburgh Paradysz, Joseph McKeesport Short, Mary MoKee.-port Reinsel. Peter G Pittsburgh Rinkoff, Matylde T Pittsburgh Ruttkamp, Otto H Carrick Culp. Margaret X Carrick Carney. Patrick J East Pittsburgh Stewart. Helen E East Pittsburgh Bahmer. William J Pittsburgh Traynor. Margaret A. Pittsburgh Sloan. Vere T Wilklnsburg Williams. Iva B Sewickley Maher. John E Pittsburgh Ritchey. Grace R Pittsburgh Lynch, Jeremiah J Pittsburgh Hannan, Xellie Pittsburgh Desirable Positions in a Large Bank One of Pittsburgh's largest banks requires additional clerical help, both male and female, and offers good salaries to start, with opportunity of advancement to those who are capable and willing to apply themselves to making their services valuable. It is clean, pleasant work in congenial surroundings; the hours are good, with Saturday closing at noon and eleven bank holidays per year. It is in immediate need of several girls with typewriting experience. Stenography is not essential. Apply at once, in your own handwriting, giving your qualifications, to G-S88, care of The Post. Sup EYE TALK No. 90 Blindness Is Often Preventable -2, T has been estimat ed that there are altogether nearly two and one-half million persons who are totally blind. If it were possible to learn in how many cases blindness could have been prevented bv PROPKR EYK TREATMENT, the total would probably be startlingly large. All persons whose eyes require treatment will not go blind, even if they persist in neglecting- their trouble. BUT SOME WILL. Do not take these unnecessary chances. If you have any suspicion of eye trouble, see an Oculist an eye physician NOW. Glasses will probably prove to be the necessary treatment. In which case, take the Oculist's prescription to a DEPENDABLE Optician to have your glasses properly made and fitted. B. K. ELLIOTT COMPANY PRESCRIPTION OPTIC 1S 126 6th St. (tSST) WE DO XOT Examine Eyes. This "Talk"' is from a copyright series. All rights reserved. Kat what you want. No need to suffer with sour stomach, indigestion or dyspepsia. U-EAT-M tablets bring instant relief. 4 Every Evening Read THE PITTSBURGH SUN The Clean Newspaper 0 0 m Li f

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