The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 27, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1894
Page 7
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A KENTUCKY MMACLE, jgjjygg^^^ JUNE 27 1891 JOHN M HOW Hg WAS RHEUMATISM. tfeLLS 6P or SI* Team \tltfi Scln«U-n In tt* tm> ile *5*i»*eted to Die was Saved In it Marvelous Mfiiiher; . .. . _i« Covington, fry., post.) , . The Hon. John M. Rice, of Louisa. Lawrence county, Kentucky, lias for the past two years retired from active life as Criminal and Circuit judge of the sixteenth Judicial District of Kentucky, He has for many years served his native county and state in the legislature at JVankfort and at Washington. and, until his retirement, wasja noted figure in political and Judicial circles. The Judge is well known throughout the state and possesses the best qtial- ities which go to make a Kentucky gentleman honored wherever he is known. About six years ago the bodily troubles which finally caused his retirement at a time %vheu his mental faculties were in the /.euith of their RtrengUi, began their encroachment upon his naturally strong constitution A few days ago a Kentucky Post J{<>porter called upon Judge Hice, who in the following words related the history of the causes that led to his retirement. "It is justabout sixyears since ihadaii attack of rheumatism,slight at first, but soon developing into Sciatic rheumatism, which began first with acute Shooting pains in the hips, gradually extending downward to my feet. "My condition became so bad that I eventually lost all power of ray legs, and then the liver, kidneys and bladder and in. fact, my whole system, became deranged. I tried the treatment cf many physicians, but receiving no lasting benefit from them, I had recourse to patent remedies, trying one kind after another until I believe there were none I had not sampled. "In 1888, attended by my son John. I went to Hot, Springs, Ark. I was not much benefited by some months' stay there when I returned home. My liver was actually dead, and a dull, persistent pain in its region kept me on the rack all the time. In 1890 I was reappointed Circuit Judge, but it was impossible for me to give attention to my duties. In 1891 I went to the Silurian .Springs, AVakeshaw, Wis. I stayed there some time, but without improvement. "Again I returned ,home, this time feeling no hopes of recovery. The muscles of my limbs were now reduced by atrophy to mere strings. Sciatic pains tortured me terribly, but it was the disordered condition of my liver that was I felt gradually wearing my life away. Doctors gave me up, all .kinds of remedies had been tried without avail, and there was nothing more for me to do but .resign myself to late. "I lingered on in this condition sustained almost entirely by stimulents .until April, 18.03. One day John saw an account of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People in the Kentucky Post. This was something new; and as one more drug after so many others could not do so much harm, John prevailed upon me to try the Pink Pills. It was, I think, in the first week in May the pills arrived. I remember I was not expected to live for more than three or four days at the time. The effect of the Pills, however, was marvelous and I could soon eat heartily, a thing I had not 'done for years. The liver began almost instantaneously to perform its functions, and has done so ever since Without doubt the pills saved my life and while I do not crave notoriety I cannot refuse to testify to their worth. The reporter called upon Mr. Hughes, the Louisa druggist, who informed him that Dr. Williams Pink Pills have been very popular since Judge Eice used them with such benefit. He mentioned several who have found relief in their use. ' An analysis of* Dr. 'Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People shows that they contain, in a condensed form, all the elements-necessary to give new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. They are- an unfailing- specific for such diseases as locomotor ataxia, partial paralysis, St. Yitus 1 dance, sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous headache, the after effects of la grippe,-palpitation of the heart, pale and sallow complexions, all forms of weakness either in male or female, and all diseases resulting from vitiated humors in the blood n ^)r, Williams' Pink Pills are sold by ^l^k dealers, or will be sent postpaid "l^^reccipt of price, (50 cents a box, ak'Sy boxes for ft2,i50—they are never sold in bulk or by the 100) by addressing Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Schenectady, N. Y. DAUGHTERS OF EVE. Fencing is becoming a fad among New York girls. Most of the telegraph operators in Sweden are women. A maiden desirous of a swaying figure can easily attain the same by brisk exercise with a swinging gait. There is said to be a revival in favor of the oliMash'ioned names for girls, ench as Sarah, Ann, Martha, Jane, etc. Clara—How did it happen that Miss Debutante was so easily taken in by hiin? May—She had jusfc come out. A New York girl threw her arms arounel a man's neck and hugged him until the police interfered. Jl« was a burglar. The wedding ring is worn on the Jef t h» n d because, in Symbolism, the rigb't hand is authority, and the left Obedience. Bright Child—I know what they call them, mamma, when there's three t\yijjs. -Mamma—AYhat, Katy? Bright "OLD SLEUTH, AUTHOR OF MANY tALES OP BLOOD AND Not a tiftetaty Mati in the Trne Sens* of tlife Word Hn U itotl IOK in lUohea aa ft Kednlt of n iFertll imagination. LD SLEtTTH has resigned frotr the Brooklyn boarc of education. That famous detective whose wonderfu adventures in the realms o f cheap fiction have been followed by American youths for twenty years o r more will no longer help direct the destinies of Brooklyn's school children. Lives there an American boy ever so slightly acquainted with the ways and wiles of the dime novel who has not heard of "Old Sleuth?" Of all writers who won success he is the roost re markable. In private life he is Harlan Page Halsey. It is over twenty years now since "Old Sleuth" first made his bow ' to the public in his present capacity. At that time dime novel rending was a pastime to which the American youth was not addicted to the extent he is nowadays. The writers then in the field lacked the spirit and go - ahead - dasli which afterward made such a revolution in cheap literature. Harlan Page Halsey was then a struggling young writer. But he had "literary ambitions" and a code of ethics which interfered much with his success. He was endeavoring to promulgate for the benefit of mankind theories which, while they are balm for the soul, are ruinous for the poeketbook. One day Col. T. H. Thorpe, the artist and journalist and an early editor of. Frank Leslie's, asked him why lie did not throw overboard this desire for fame In^ the 'conventional channel and contribute to the lower class weeklies, wherein, he ; said, there was a largo amount of money to be made. Halsey, as an experiment, wrote the story by whose title he has since been known. He sent it to George Munro, who published it and advertised it freely. It was a great success and Halsey adopted the title as a noui de plume. Ever since "Old Sleuth'- 1 has been a well-known title, and under it Mr. Halsey has received, independent of wofd ih any story I hate written that could be objected to by the Wost rigid mor'aliSt All df jmy stories hate had fttoocftoofal precept to teach, and 1 will venture td say that out of the mass of matter 1 have turned out a thick volume of moral 'suasion' might be extracted. The trouble lies in the fact that a few bad writers have come into this ranks of cheap literature, and be< cause of their misleading work a blan^ ket judgment is thrown over us all. The objections are always made by people who have never read the works, but get their ideas front comic* papers. "Oh the other hand, take the Work of some of our authors who tread the so-called higher walks of literature, and While the literary merit of their work is undoubtedly good,*yet you can hardly fall to agree that the moral Ships of 1 'OLD. SLEUTH" JN AN I.MA01NAHT CHAK- ACTEM IN ONE OF HIS BTOBIES. element is decidedly bad. Take tho 'Scarlet Letter,' for instance. It is the mere exposition of one of the worst crimes in tho moral calendar. Or again, take Robert Louis Stevenson's Enchanted Island' or his 'Master of Ballantrae.' I for one can not see where the consistency of this condemnation lies. Or take 'Lucia di Lam- mermoor, 1 enbalined ;in novel and opera, or that other very popular 'East Lynne.' I can not see that the theme s very elevating. "The reason the cheap novel is sue- icssful is because it is essentially true ;o life. It keeps down to the level of ,he masses, and while there are seem- ng exaggerations they are never eally so. The public knows what it vants and always selects to suit its palate. An absurdity would soon be noted and laughed at, and hence ou: HAPPY FAMILIES. 4fc0** JPottntl Aboard Am<>rlc:ui Wnr. Sailors ftfe the children of tho POK. Cut Off as they are, from .so mue-h that, makes life merry they tsiki; to simple sports «m<l potk This is especially' true of tho big white- ship? that soil in tho service of t'riclc Sam. The^most comfort Jack Ukes is in cultivating pets, and on board evory warship some sort of a menagerie Uto be found. The best :uul irrnst unique "happy family'' in tlm navy is that kept on tho San Francisco, the splendid flagship of tho North Atlantic squadron. Th.>ii<jli the iliir- nity bf the navy is at its highest development on a flagship, that formal stiffness which groat men havo about them is well nigh banished from Ilio San Francisco by the antics of Hilly, the ship's goat" He is tho idol of 41)0 prank-loving sailors, and liis education ie anything but what a nice, little black nnd white goat should be. But Billy is privileged because lie would be ablo to write "A. H." after bis name if ho knew how. Thai, .moans ho is an t old sailor who has crossed tho lino and boon annual tho Horn. Tho JSnn Francisco was built in the i-ity whoso nanio she boars, and as she was the first warship to be constructed on tho 1'ueilie; coast, San Francisco couldn't do too much to show appreciation of tho 1'uct. Gifts wore showered upon .ship mid crew. Down in tho wardroom is a case of beautiful .silverware, and every cover has for a handle a solid ffold g-rixzly boar, and this does very well indood as a testimonial, but it is nothing to Billy. ,San Francisca supplied Billy as well. Ho was little moro than a kid when tho ship sailed away for Valparaiso to havo a hand in settling the Chilian nquabbJo that made so much noise in tho fall of 1893. After that tho San Francisco took her time about getting around Capo Morn, but Billy improved it all until now ho is an accomplished sailor. Ho took part with tho ship's crow in tho Columbian naval review, and was every inch as good a goat as tho British capricornus on the big cruiser "Magiclonno." Billy is • a privileged character, says St. Nicholas. Ho has tho run of tho ship, as sailors say. His favorite loafing placo is on tho "bridge," with Lieutenant Kimball, tho navigating- officer, but ho is us much at homo on tho quurtor-deck as the forecastle. Every day the men are formed in line for an exercise walk around the gun-deck. When the drum taps to "fall in" Billy scampers to the head of the lino and marches to tho piping ot the life as long us ho can. When at fioa tho roll is so heavy that Billy's sharp hoofs can find-no'foothold, and after a desperate struggle ho is pitched headlong into tho scuppers. The lino does not wait, but Billy linds sweet revenge in bracing himself against-a stanchion, and butting every pair of legs that goos by. it lills him with keen delight to butt a marine; but that is part of his education. On the day his portrait was taken Billy was not feeling very well. Ho had eaten a box of matches and tho phosphorus did not agree with him. Highest of all in Leavening Tower.— Latest U. S. Gov't Report GRAINS OF GOLD. Au niinlrs-s life is a fruitiest: life. Tlicre is no rest in ilninf,' nothing. ThoiigUtfulness is tlir< nurse i>f tlir> nge. (.'nhiinny is lil;o con]; if it docs not l.urti, it will soil. He-al glory springs from the Bik'iit e-ori- (jiit-st of owxolvrs. Two iin]iossil>iliti(>s— love without fcnr nnd lifo without euro. Those nre fortunate who borrow cxpi>ri- cne-o insle'/id of buying it,. A great ninny giants bci-oiuu very small wht'ii you get, Huso te> tin-in. People nlwny.s mliniro tho wi.'idewi of tliosci \vhej conip to aslc for udviot 1 . Tho day that a man marries ft good wife ho lalcos a big step toward bonvpii. One inny lie bettor Uuui his reputation or his conduct, but ijyvrr hotter than his Cheerfulness is an uxcullent working quality, imparting great elasticity to the chin-actor. It is tho religion that begins in the heart and then gets into the hands and feet that lilts tho world. It angels are pt-rmltled to look down upon us, they never see anything on earth moro beautiful than a godly life. Money dishonestly acquired is never worth whut it cost, while a gooel con(science never coasts as much as it is worth. Scandals uro like dandelion seeds, they ore arrow-hooded, und stick whore they fall, aud bring forth aud multiply four fold. 1'he first consideration with a knave is how to help himself; and tho second how to do it with an appearance of helping you. PcrfccMy lU lioiiin. The irrigated lands of Idaho possess that peculiar qualification which is perfectly adapted to the raising of apples;apricots,pcachcs, cherries, peara, plums, grapes, prunes, hops, alfalfa, corn andopotatoes, which always find a ready market and bring good price. You cun't overstock the United States with these commodities. We'll send our advertising matter on application. K. L. Lomax, G. P. <fcT. A., Omaha, Nob. Difference of Opinion. Hardcake (who has had two orchestra chair tickots given him)—"By ginger, Martby 1 Can ye see good from here?" Mrs. Hardacro (who has iiever Keen a ballet before—"No I I don't see good from, here! It's all dowuriprht wickedness what Jsee; that's wbatitis!" A PORTRAIT OF LILLIAN KORD1CA, QUEEN. TUB FAMOUS OPERA dye is considered so detrimental to long- Ufa that a Paris insurance company refuses to insure the JJvee ef women vvho use it. The eight flowers most prised by the Japanese are said to be the morn-, apricot, sherry, wistaria^ royalties, something like $400,000. Judicious investment lias greatly increased this figure, so that at the present time he is little short .of being a millionaire, . "Old Sleuth" is the author of over one hundred and fifty stories, averaging- between fifty and seventy-five thousand words each. In twenty years he has written more than one hundred and seventy-five thousand pages of closely-written manuscript. He has contrib\ited continumisly to one weekly paper, working regularly every day in a methodical manner. Uq writes for two hours, a dfty and averages about three thousand five hundred words. The rest of the day he devotes to a publishing- business Svhich he owns and carries on, Jtis writing is all dope in WB pliice on Astor place, New York. Mr. IJalsey -jg n ot a be' liover in inspiration. His work has become almost mechanical. Ho writes a given amount, aa$ the watehingof his pen Curing his two houj$ daily w ork is |n cesssn t We payer see'ms, at a }96s for words, and an exajnin,atioij of )iis manuscript disc-loses ! uo interlineations or corrections..- IJis chapters are ftU pf uniform Jength j»fl each ends with a climux, enabling the etpry \Q b,e svspwdea 84 aJmoft any point. He },s characters are consistent. You will find no reformed villains among my work. The hero always triumphs and always saves the heroine. The good are always rewarded and the wicked always punished, It is the poetry of justice, and is as it should be. There is compensation in all thing-s, and in this the moral precept is distinctly brought out." Now that Mr. Halsey has mode his fortune by catering to the wants of the masses, it is his intention to return to those early ambitions which he had lie nrst entered the He is now about to AVImt Ailed Jllm. __ They say that the mountaineers of Kentucky, Tennessee and adjoining states have no sense of humor, and possibly they have not. Be that as it may, as 1 rode by a miserably poor hillside farm one day, on tho lieadwatei-s of Big Sandy, i saw the farmer sitting on the lonce, chewing 1 a bite of long gicen very complacont- "Go:>d morning," T said; "How fails it 'to Farnshaw's mill?" ••'Bout three miles in tho way you've got to go," he replied iu a whisper. Another-question or two brought tho same whispered answer.. "What's the matter?" I asked. "Havo you got a cold?" ".No, mister," ho whiupoiod again: "'taint that. It's this yor farm. IVo beon, liviu' on it for.'ten yors, an' tho land's so de'-n poro I hain't been able to laiso my voice ou it for tho last live." at heart when literal y arena. publish ft series of novels o£ the better class, undey a title different from "Old Sleuth," which will, he thinks, entitle hirn to recognized literary prestige. He is a direct descendant -of John Qg- the early governor of New Jersey, of Robert Trefl-t, the Indian %hte'r, and qf Tfconms Halsey, one of the ori- ginaj s«ttlefg of Soiith Hampton, 1^. I, Bis four gwtgrajjdfatheFs ' the - at, sis' of lite jn, th^ Old-time controvorsios woi-e often vigorous, in language. In a controversy with Milton, concerning tho divine right of kings, Salimvsius called his opponent a, puny piece of a man, a houumoulus, a dwarf not having a human figure, a bloodless bomg, a creatui'o of skin and bones, a contemptible pedagogue lit only to ilog boys, a rhinocerop, a hang-dog^ looking fellow, Tho great -English poet not only, answered in kind, but entered into an extensive correspondence with people in Holland to ob^ tain potty gossip and scandalous anecdotes concerning his opponent, Appropriate, "That Lord Branson who married Jenny Simpson was an awful boor. Ife was married actually iu u business suit- " "\VeU, why not? The wedding was a pijro matter of business so far as he 'was concerned. "—Harper's Wabash Excursion. "i.P. S. C. E. at Cleveland, Ohio. July 11th to 15th. Tho Wabash in connection with tliOoDetrolt and Cleveland Navigation Company forms the pleusantest route, breaking the monotony of an all rail route by a delightful sail ot about six hours across Lake Erie. For further information address or call on, HORACE SKISLY, Coin- meicial Agent Wabash Ry., 220 4th St., Des Moines. Iowa. Every man has un idol, nnd if you watch him a short time you will see him worship Wabash Excursion—Niagara Falls Short Line. National Educational Association Meeting at Asbury Park July 10th to IHth. For this occasion the Wabash will sell tickets at half fare- plus two dollars membership fee. For further information and tickets call on or address, HOHAUB E>BKi,y, Commercial Agent, 230 4th St., Des Moines, Iowa. Every day a man submits to some injus- tfco that he vowed yesterday he would never staud L ^^^^ The-Ladles. The pleasant -effect and perfect safety with which ladles may use the California liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs, under all conditions, makes It their favorite remedy, lo get the true and genuine article, look for tho name of the California Fig Syrup Co.. printed near the bottom of the package. ... " Frederick Vaughn, of Social Circle, Oeorgia, although 87 years old, is the defendant in two suits for divorce, Wabash to Toronto. For the meeting of the Baptist Younc People's Union of America, July Hith to 32nd, shortest and best route, elegant tourist sleeping cars from Chicago to Toronto, berths only §1,50. For further information call on or address HOHACE hEKi.Y, Commercial Agent, Wabagh Rv 220 4th St.. Des JHoines, Iowa. >0 Houses in New Zealand are all one-storv and straw thatched. ' H. and H. Will oleim Slllts. Woolen Uoexls, lllbhons, Curtains ami Cim, 0 tn. 'Uueqiiiiloarov elonnlne Soifce. kll"! liW JUOths uml i-eiiovutln«K.-ettse spot! X'rlee isi, H & U 1j » ilol e» 1 BU «" ev<Jr >' w V'' e - AUctrosu Twenty-five per cent of the population of England have their lives insured. et »<H.e wpp't do." to Ills at colored v from Alabama?" told him last nisfot to get I needed iw the bjjll, OJMI -'-' mo my r a aov,"--J4|e, out • , V 000 nllles °t telephone wire in tho United States, which cost 110,000,000. iihi ls f hva: T s say * ug tbat we light close by when we get iq the dark. Is a constitutional cure. Price, 75c. $8.000 She Matin Him Tlrml. "John," said Mr*. Billiis, "wh:it is tho salary of an alderman i"' "I think it h $!i for each mooting." "And yol. there sooins to bo plenty of men willing to tako tho placo at tlint pitiful salary. How hard tho times must b(3 when strong, ablo- bodicd men, willing to work, no (loubt,nnil capable of filling far higher .stations in lifo are driven to the necessity of taking just such jobs! ] am sure we ought to bo very thankful John, that you haven't felt tho pressure nl the hard times to tho extent of that, and—" "Maria," said Mr. BJllus, looking fixedly at her over his newspaper, "you make me very weary," Looking Ahead, A little follow of f> years fell and out hit) upper lip so badly that n doctor had to b* summoned to sow it up. In her distress tho mother could not refrain from remark-•< ing: * "Oh, doctor. I fear it will leave a uring scar/' Tommy looked up into her tearful nwa^j and said: • '' "Novor mind, mamma, tny moustache •will cover It/] A Fair Substitute. \ "The guests are hero, but tbe catnol's hump steaks 1 promised them have not ; . come." ,f "Why not boil a few sofa cushions' „ They'll never know the difference." t „ ,'•- THE VERY 1'HlNa FOR CHILDREN^ —Doctor Plerce'a Pleasant Pallets. r They're BO tiny, so* easily taken, BO easy and natural > : In the way they ' act — no disturb- " i ance, no unpleatM antness. no Mac- 11 tion afterward,»,, :They're. made ot' 'nothing bat re- " fined and concen- - trated vegetable . ( extracts—sugar-coated. One of them at a < dose is a corrective, a regulator, a gentle < laxative. » When you feel "a touch of biliousness" or >'Vj indigestion, take one of these little Pelleto.. " They go right to the spot. / They absolutely and permanently citra'i Constipation, Sour Stomach, Dizainess. Sick' v«| or Bilious Headaches, and every derange- f , ruent of the liver, stomach, and bowels. r % Almost never does Dr. Sage's Catarrh' Remedy fail to cure the very worst casea of chronic Catarrh. You can judge of the chances of it from the makers' offer. They'll guaran tee it in every cose. DES~~ MOINES~ PIEMS" ^"*"*-*'^-*"w-»-'-fc^-^rf-*-i-^*-fc<-«^ w -w--. r _ NO PAY UNTHj OUBHD, £U A-AJf UNTIL, OUBHD, ., 'j nuYOiiport Hernia lno,UTOr ','& 603 Walnut Bt., DCS Molno». , '^ J ,? Wttl Texas a " d , M cre!l)iiudlH3. Htocks, eto., bought anaiioiei. Uurt»^BIal«e, PenMolnM.V Bicycles, Sundries, llepairlncr, Ktr., Write us before buying, Now WALI PAPFR Hculcru supirtled ort»term» ot ' ""•"I" rRrtn Natlonnnvnll Paper Co. Sontl for samples. I/uUirop-KJiotuls Co.,BoaMolnos,la.' Wood wiitcr tanks of all uUe» Write for prices, statins yoi»r lice .18, Oeo.A.Carter DeaMaine*, TANKS WANT TiinitiQ tor SEIi- «o A o D llIluUdlUliwrBt HBXIABLB Moines, to. Marrfad Ladfa* Ben<110 ° for lt °y» 1 safo- maiiicu haillDO |>uar<l. No(irugH;nofraud< STOry lady needa It. MIIIES EBfOaiUM.Ttt. Lonl«, Ho,' P • sj 3.yr3lulautwar. 15ailju<l]i;i>Uug claims, TOURIST TRAVEL To COLORADO RESORTS Will Bet in early this year, »n<J the Great .Rook Island Route bM already uiuplo aniTporf»ct»r! HIGH ALTITUDES. Tlie Truck In porfeot, and doublet over " lilvlslona. Train Equipment tbe very beat, i VuBtlbuled Train called the BIO FIVE leav«. vmww daily at :op, m. and arrives second morning at Denv« or Oolorado Sprinitei for brqakfewt. •«••»»• Any Coupon TlejUet Aaent can jive yon wfen, ana further information wljl be cheerfully nnd quicklyJFO. »ponded to by adelrenBlng JNO (SEBASTIAN, ™ Qoueral pasienger Agent, Owlcaijo. THE HOUSEWIFE'S 'BEST FRIEND; os mm OK um >,<• CAN LABELS AND BE T__T * * ' "TTyTTTlf McELREES' m WINE OP CARDUIr]: > PISO'S CURE FOR

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