The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 20, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1894
Page 7
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,W',>^*.-^.^ V> . • •- -?* wM>i«sbAf»;'itw«,20, itw, - ' ;•' • '-§^? MEW6 tlflS mile of Watch spring wits eight less than hatf a pound. A ftew York'$oHee«an Walked into uai-ttfra afid announced: "Thftre'i hing th« itfattbr with me.*' On0 Was enough to decide that lie had smallpox. Aluminum is now to be used fo* en* graving in place of stone or steel. It te claimed that, besides the advantage Of lightness, an aluminum plato wil tarnish 8,0'JO impressions, against Eighty to 100 from a steel one. The gutta percha trea is gradually becoming extinct, and in less than 100 years there will bo very little In* dia rubber procurable, unless some way is devised to propagate tho tree and protect it from destruction. The bafkeh tine Triple Bird, which lately returned to San Francisco from Tahiti, the principal of the Society islands, is said to hare covered the distance of 4,200 nautical miles in the Remarkably /ast time of seventeen days and twelve hours. In 1875 congress passed a law forbidding the engraving of tho portraits of living men upon postage stamps, notes or other government securities. Previous to that time the honor hac been given to several men of more or less political importance. The prevailing 1 idea that the hot months are more fruitful of suicides than other portions of the year is nol borne out by figures. In certain ydars during the last quarter of a century the coldest month has been the mosl productive of self-destruction. ' Certain Proo". "Arc you sure ho is dead?" asked th Insurance agent of tho widow of a de •ceased miser. Certain of it" "What proof have I of it?" "There wore twenty carriages at his funeral that I ordered myself. • "How does that wrovo his death?" "Ah! sir, you didn't know him. I Tom hud been the least, bit alive he'd have kicked at the expense, sure."— Hew York Graphic. Not-Exactly a Seminary. "What sort of an establishment is tha across the way?" "Th.ey teach drawing, music and dancing." "A young ladies' seminary?" "No j a dentist's parlor." Not Satisfactory. Domestic — How much do you pay, muni. Mrs. Hiram Daly— I'll pay you what you •are worth. Domestic — I don't •work for no starvation •wages. Good-day, mum I The Kind of Impression He ' Made The Idiot— I 'don't seem to have mad? a deep impression on you, Miss Smllors. Miss trailers — Indeed, you have 1 The Idiot— Therefore, 1 may hope? Miss Smil«rs— Therefore, you need no hope at all. ________ _ "A Cup of Parks' Ten at night moves the bowels in the morning." ' Shadows sometime come to the good, bu tney uever have to be alone in the dark. Hull's Catarrh Cure Is taken imtcwially. Price, 75c. There may toe more danger in'the flirt o; a tau. than •the blow of a sword. A divorce will frequently make i woman's husband a different man. -When a man finds he is inclined to run to mouth ho should go slow. Tua greatest dangers wear felt shoes. KNOWLEDGE Brings 'comfort and improvement nnd tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live bet- 1 ter than others and enjoy life more, with j less expenditure, by more promptly ', adapting the world's best products to j the needs of physical being, will attest ' the value to health of the pure liquid ' laxative 'principles embraced in .the ! remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form .most acceptable and pleasant to the taste., the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches arid fevers ana permanently .curing constipation. J^ ha? given satisfaction to iniUionsand met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kid, neys, Wver and IJpwels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance, Syrup of Figs is for sale' by all druggists to 50c ana $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup 0o, only r wjMJse ^aiae is printed on every pijckag?. al80 ; ttie name, Syrup of Figs, »n4 feeing well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. m Picture, ""Me'PITATI'ON " In excUttuao lor 1$ Large Won cut from Wou •wrappers, pntl a iJ-cout et&nip to pay poatseo, Write tw llw o* pnr otliojjano premiums, lusm*. (eg booiis, ttkijlfe, game, eto, E 50 CENTS. AllDRUGGISTS _,!,_• « i.. , Jon* #cn&<i keSp* ii-Whtsp«?rt>f to tea iffi 1 tBfetnrtfc, •" •' '-. ^ „, An' says: "\VTiy dcte't you fu^ke tt 8 . To study vour lessons 'an' work hafd an' learn, An* never be flbSSfct f rbm sdjrfdl? e story o! Ellhtt Mrritt, , •, ' . v 'at be ever had '. Down at tbe blacks mlthln(t shop.'* Jane Jones she honestly said it Vas BO; M?bbs he did— I duimoj 'Course, what's a-keeplttg, We 'wny ffdffl the top Is not fcevef having n6 bltoksuithtng shop. She snid 'at Bott Franklin wad awfully But full o 1 ambition an 1 brains, An* studied philosophy kll 'is hull lite- An 1 see what he got tor his pains. He brought electricity out of the sky With a kite an* the Hghttiln' ah* key, So we're owin* him more'n any one else Per all the bright Ugh ts 'at We see. Jane Jones she actually said It was BO; Mobbe he did— I dunno ; 'Course, what's aUers been hinderln* me IB not havin* any kite, llghtnln' or key. Jane Jones said Columbus was out at tho knees When he first thought up his big scheme; An* all of the Spaniards an* Italians, too, They laughed and just said 'twas a dream; But Queen Isabella she llsten'd to him, An* pawned all her jewels ot worth, An* bought ; im the Banta Marlar 'nd said: "Go hunt up the rest of the earth." Jane Jones she honestly said it was so; Mebbo he did- 1 dunuo; 'Course, that may all be, but you must allow They ain't any land to discover just now. Destroyers of American Homes. . No one with the best interests of our American life at heart can look but with disfavor upon the enormous growth of boarding houses and apartment houses in our large cities, writes Edward W. Uok in "At Home With the Editor,"in the April Ladies' Home Journal. To a far greater extent than many suppose are these growing factors the destroyers > of our -.American home system. Each year finds these apartment houses more generally patronized by families. It will indeed be a • pi,ty if our American women shall continue to eschew housekeeping during the next twenty years as they have in the past score of years. Nothing bodes so ill for our children. What recollection does life in an apartment house, a hotel or a boarding house give to a child in after years? The sweetest memory to a man is the home of his boyhood, and how little sweetness can there be in the memory of a childhood spent as a ''cliff-dwellerl" A child has a rightful claim to a home influence, and a mother is untrue to her highest trust when she deprives her child of that right. To otter the argument that a home circle can be established in our modern apartment house just as well as in a home is simply to excuse wJiat we know in our hearts to bean untruth. Home life is only possible in a home. A poor apology indeed for a home is even the most comfortable and gorgeously appointed apartment. f a aMost all dfttigef of the last Week 1ft April Ip Cbftke reacty fof of all Sew Is put tt the t& CAKE or CIXJTHKB.—All garments ehould be thoroughly aired after wearing. Under no circumstances should they be hung up in closets or folded away in drawers until they have had every opportunity of drying and purifying by exposure to the open window if nothing more. Even a bonnet or a pair of gloves should not be set away at once, after the fashion of the over- fafitidious who can not bear to see an article out of place for a moment If the bed-room is not also a sitting-room this may be arranged by leaving a window open there all through the day, and shutting the door upon . this, di's- order, which is the highest type of neatness, because it is essential to wholesomeness and health. JLI>EFFKCTS OF MINEHAT, WATKIIS.—. There is no greater or more common delusion than .that effervescing mineral waters, including the inferior ones artificially made, , are wholesome. They are, on the contrary, even the natural ones tuat are -highly effervescing, injurious to all delicate stomachs. ' A commission held in France considered this matter, and a good many artificial waters of this kind were condemned as containing lead and other injurious matters. But even without the addition qf poison, an effervescing water is a doubtful beverage, and .-this, notwithstanding the' enormous amount of capital invested in the business. TOAST WATKit.— In many cases of illness ^toast water is recommended by physicians. Stale bread should be toasted until as brown as possible without burning. Break i» small pieces, put Into a pitcher, and pour on about ft pint wore of boiling water than is sufficient to coyer i$. This may be taken either hot or cold, and may be flavored w}th orange or lemon peel, or some slices of pineapple may be cut into it This is said to be very cool' ing a»4 refreshing, a»d may be taken other drinks are not allowed, is then fratttfig lays NeW. fc&rttefe beds Should be with": ati : aba&daoc atid tettdejP animals sown. For this tt is a good plan prepare a litter of light straw or boards to cover the ground at night and oa cool days, this makes it possible to plant seeds at least a .week earlier than would otherwise be [safe, and the plants get So much farther advanced. .; There is another advantage in this, which is that the weeds can bd kept down much more easily if the work is begun very early in the season. When* seeds ate seven lat$ the weeds have a chance to get well established before the tender seedlings show above ground; in pulling the weeds then, it is almost certain that many of the plants will be uprooted. With rafe and valuable varieties this is quite an import- and item, and one not to be overlooked even by the amateur. In the training of vines it is important to • provide supports at once. Many plants seem to forget how to jclimb if they are not supported when they first start to twine, therefore some little twig should be put out 'as soon as they shoot up from the Aground. ;. In putting out large vines such as the cobea, . passion _ vine and similar climbers, a bit 'of poultry netting is the ,very best possible support. Started 'early in the season and protected until fully established, two or three cobeas will entirely shade a porch or window, but it is absolutely necessary that they get an early start. Plants of this kind, that are late in beginning a vigorous growth, rarely make it up during the season, but continue a sort of ^half-Hearted existence, throwing out a few straggling shoots and seeming to lack the vitality that is the charm of the perfect climber. Thrifty plants such as geraniums, fuchsias, heliotrope, salvias and the like may be cut for slips for mid-season use. In, a warm, su'hny corner; sink a water-tight vessel of some, sort, pan, -kettle or tub,' fill it with sand, raise the earth a few inches above it, all around, put in the cuttings, make the earth very wet and lay a single hot bed sash over the raised-up earth, covering the top entirely. In three or four weeks the cuttings will be perfectly rooted and may be transplanted .to the border. A single thrifty geranium •would furnish a score or more of healthy cuttings, and these judiciously distributed in odd corners of the yard would insure any quantity of delicious green until frost Salvias, are among the easiest of all cuttings to root and will make the garden brilliant with their long stalks of scarlet flowers until the ground freezes. It takes but a little work and time to provide for these .useful favorite flowers, and every householder who has a few square feet of ground at command may revel in this most delightful companionship during the entire season. tip the fMiways 1ft tfcg Russia, amounting altogether id about &,6ui6 xnliftt* before the TjrE«j<j45.'son}e, difference of- opinion as \o washing butter. Qpe saye n fee afraid of it— you can out buttermilk tftste but »ot the true ftavor-^while another instate th.e contrary. No doubt is iwjurea by two much To polished furniture o&e part of alcohoi »&$. Suggestions on S praying. The benefit derived from orchard spraying is no longer doubted by the intelligent and progressive farmer, and' is practiced by many who distrusted its eflicacy so long. The time for spraying orchards comes in a very busy time and where one is "short of help" seems almost impossible to spare time for the operation, and where one is not positive in regard to results are apt to be overruled by difficulties. Another drawback is the weather at that particular time is apt to be catchy and an unlocked for shower will undo the whole work and so it must be repeated. We must look this business squarely in the face. It is either spray trees, vine, •shrubs and bushes or lose thorn and the fruit also. "Where there is a will there is a way," and as a nation we are great in overcoming difficulties when we are sure we are oa the right track, I have sprayed everything that needed it on the farm for seven or eight years past.and shrubs and plants always. Being a florist I took up the orchard spraying as soon as Prof. Cook recommended it, and it pays, and I never think of neglecting it, and if every one else would do the same it would soon finish tho business. I have tried several remedies years ago for black aphis on cherries, but found none to do. as well as the kerosene emulsion. That required but one application to be effectual. The black knot on plums, if pruned away in season, is harmless. The spring is the proper time, I think. Our trees seemed benefited by the trimming off, as the knot is usually on the older limbs I notice,. and the trees never bore more or finer fruit. I have a tree pruner and it is a quick and easy way to do the work, I mention my own "deeds" as many read newspaper articles as if only from imagination; "farming on paper," and now after the apple orchards are an unproductive ruin, it is time to unite and set to work in earnest this spring. Every one who owes a tree or vine should make sure that there are »o bugs or worap to accomplish mpre misohief,-r- Mrs. M. A. Fuller IB Farmers' JJe'- view. ^ __ ' , BwwsTOJfKS JPOM— Mr. Camp- beUJ'of Dwake, New £ea,land, erafli. cates 'the Canadian thistle thus: "Ab.ou,t twelve months agp I bad a pa,teh o| these, thistles on, my farm, to London Iron and Coal Trades Review. "The desire of the government is tiottfi. The gatertSttteiSfc fc&UwtfS Bf the western jporlibtt of 'fcttisia will b6 divided Into' circuits— the Warsaw, Vilna, Kieff, dharfeoll, Mdscbw and Caucasian. The fertile* o^tiestidn of constructing a railway tb the Polar and White sea Js'tb be considered by a special commission appointed by the government and the Sti ,, Petersburg town council. The scheme of eoh* stfucting ft line across Finland from Uleaborg to the Moorman coast on the Arctic' ocean Seems to have been abandoned) both from commercial and strategic reasons. It id proposed, however, to construct a 'railway line connecting St, Petersburg with Kemi, on the extreme north Of the tfnlf of Bothnia, via Ladeinoe Polje and Petro- zavodsk— a distance of softie 000 miles. T?nis railway,, it Is thought, might be afterward extended to one bf the open harbors on the Moorman coast, which would furnish Russian warships with a naval station. Mother contemplated scheme is for a line from St. Petersburg 1 to Vologda, in order to place the capital in more direct connection with the Trans-Siberian rail way, and to develop the resources of the northern governments; which are greatly in need of railways and roads. The question of extending the Vologda line to the once flourishing seaport of Archangel is also being seriously dis cussed." , WASHING BUTTKJI.— -Mr. F. N. Menzies, late secretary of the Highland Agricultural, society, writes as follows on this subject: I hold that, by the system of butter-making now taught, the -whole bloom,, color and taste of the butter is washed out; moreover, it takes as much trouble to get the water out of the butter as it does to get the buttermilk out. My system is, when the butter forms into small granulations, to run off the buttermilk and allow it to draw off. the butter for a few minutes; then lift it out with wooden scoops or spoons, and put it on the butter worker, and press as much of the buttermilk out with "Scotch hands" (little wooden flat spades) as possible; then place all the butter on a cold slate, and work it in portions in the butter worker till it appears quite solid, and all the milk is out of it. If the butter is to be kept fresh, it is then weighed into pounds; if it is to be kept pickled or powdered, this is done in the butter worker after it has been weighed, and it is salted according to taste. I use a mixture of one pound of granulated cane sugar to .threeipounds of Scotch sea salt I may add that I have for many years got the highest price going for my butter, and could sell a vast deal more than 1, have to spare. ANTARTIO ICKDUBGB. — Mr. Bruce of the Dundee Antarctic whaling fleet, describes the whole of the district south of 30 degrees south latitude as strewn with icebergs, which become very numerous south of 03 degrees. T lie base of the bergs was colored pale brown by marine organisms and other brown streaks were seen beyond the water level No luminous glow was observed. Clothed in mist they rise their mighty snow clad shoulders to a stately height, or shine forth brilliantly in the sun. Although they are of the purest white yet they glow with color. The crevices exhibit rich co- baltic blue -and everywhere are splashes of emerald green. IN 1878 this country exported 1.008,461 pounds of oleomargarine. In 1893 this export trade had increased to 3,479,323 pounds of the solid and 113,939,303 gallons of the oil. This oil was sent abroad, chiefly to Holland and Germany, to be made into bogus butter, a laige part of which finds sale in England. Holland is the great exporter of oleomargarine. In 1801 that country exported more than 140,000,000 pounds of the stuff— principally to England. It is this immense flood of 'fraudulent butter that has compelled the English to pass stringent laws against adulterated goods; but even these! laws are evaded. It is hard to think that indirectly at least this country is at tho bottom of the European cheat by providing the oil. FAHMS IN LONDON.—Those who regard London as a densely populated province covered with houses, will be surprised to learn from recent published agricultural returns that 14,000 acres, or one-fifth of the total acreage embraced within the metropolitan limits, are devoted to agriculture nnd actually under crops; This is made up of 818 acres of grain crops, s,840 acres of green crops, 401 acres of clover and rotation grasses 10,183 acres of permanent grass-land, 833 acres of small fruits, aiid 300 acres of bare fallow. Wituia this area are kept 17,500 head of farm live stock—horses, cattle, sheep and which I applied &• g %ht powdered brinjijtefte by sowing- broad east with the lifted, somewhat similar to sowing artificial manure, This wholly eradicated the weed. Brim, stone is a. neYer.f#iUpg we f QP tbe tMette- Jfe destroy all yogis table and grow** fretted, as I ta s»pjwt> Mfe Isy ' ' Tke Royal Baking Pawdef is !ri« 1 dispensable to progress !ft eookery and to the comfort and eoftve* tiietice of modern housekeeping, Royal Baking Powder makes hot bread wholesome* Perfectly leav*. ens without fermentation, Qualities that are peculiar to it atone,- flOYAl (3AKINQ POWOEB CO., toe WALL 6T., NEW-YOHK. '' But This Was In China. "We find," reported the royal commission, "that the contractor has, in several instances, been patching up our new armor plates with putty," "Very well," said the royal high panjandrum, "the proper thing to do is to cut off his pigtail. 1 ' . •'But, your royal imuiensouoss, his life will not be worth living without his queue." "That's so. I guess you had better cut) his head pff along with it." INVEST1QA1E the irrigated lands of Idaho and you will find them the cheapest, the best and the most accessible to markets. EMIGRATE to Idaho and you will bo happy. Its a now country, its for the poor man aud the smaller farmer and fruit grower. IRRIGATE the lands of Idaho and you have a . surety of crops and fruit in abundance. COGITATE? , Of course you will, then send for our Idaho advertising matter. Address E. L. Lomax, G. P. & T. A..•Omaha, Neb. Woman's moral support is as valuable to a man as his material support is necessary to her. An ICcho from the World's Fair. The Lake Shore Route has recently gotten out a very handsome litho- water color of the "Exposition Flyer," the famous twenty hour train in service between New York and Chicago during the fair. . Among the .many* wonderful achievements of the Columbian year this train—'which was the fastest long distance train ever run- holds a prominent placeV and v to 1 anyone interested in the subject tho picture is well worth framing. Ten cents in stamps or silver sent to C. 1C. Wilber, West Pass. Agt, Chicago, will secure one. Deadbeats make much iioise on the base drums of hollo w lives, Wabash Excursion. "S.P. S. C. B. at Cleveland, Ohio, July llth to 15th. The Wabash in connection with the Detroit and Clevolnn-l Navigation Company forms the plensautest route, breaking the monotony of an all rail route by a delightful sail ot about six hours across Lake Erie. For further information address or call on, HOBA.OB BuunT, Coiu- me)cittl Agent Wabash By., 330 4fch St., Des Moiues. Jowu. Han is willing to admit that woman is queen of hearts if sho will just let him be king o£ chocks. Wabash Excursion—Niagara Palls Short Line- Notional Educational Association Hooting at Asbury Park July JOth to 18th. For this occasion the Wabash will sell tickets at half fare— plus two dollars membership foe. For further information and tickets call oa or address, HOHACB SISKLY, Commercial Agent, 830 -1th (St., Dos Moiues, Iowa. Don't throw.a way your mmll llsh until you have caught big ones. Indisputable. Why spend:$1 for a bottle of medioino when one box of Beecham's pills, costing' only 25 cents, (annual sale exceeds 0,0011,01)0 boxes) will cure most diseases! This i-a because constipation is the cause oi' most ailments and BoBchani's pills cure constipation. A valuable book ol' knowledge mailed free, on request, by B. 1«\ Allou Co., 305 Cnnal St., Now York. Don't fish with so many lines that you can't attend to the bites. Wabash to Toronto. For the meeting of the. Baptist Young Poopio's Union of America, July 1'Jth to U2ud, shortest and best route, elegant tourist sleeping cars from Chicago to Toronto, berths only 81.50. For further information call ou or address Hoiuou tir.KiA, Commercial Agent, Wabash By,, 330 4th St., Des Mo? oes, Iowa. Many a poor devil who has the world before him, never patches up. Excursion- Low rates aud quick time by the Wabasli to. Denver for the meeting of' National Republican League JuueSOth to 8f?th. Call o« or write, BOJUOU SJSBI.Y, Commercial Agent, Wabash By., 830 Fourth street, Des , Iowa. '•••.' The things that go without Baying, nave escapetjl femjmu? attention, H. H, Roo8T8,*~Hoosts sUpuld Ve S?c4—bet- ter plane them BQ that the smppth sur^ fftce m»y dJscowfpj-t the Jiqe as #ftv as possible,' Have tliew faBte»e4 by dropping Into Blpts. Tbeee should be on a frftme vyh.i(?h has legs in front »»d hinges behind, go that roosts naav be * — •, —— <— swuiopput'pf iSShw. s^! w^T^ra n w» t^as time, ^faite the nest^sjagle ftp4 loose, wouW jjot have him punished Jor the fault Put no tpttpws in thep. ^hey a " easier ciea,n,e4 so WUloteau Silks, Woolou Goods, muVou^, Curtain^ aud CurjiBts. Uncq^alaU for cUniulua l»owao, Jtltl- lug woftd »ua rfcaovttUuBjfH^so spots. i»u«e Jftp. S oatoa fov 2»e, For Bale everywUoro. Aaami DON'? f 9 to work' ««$ spesd your time p,n£-WQmjjr OR f»;ney houses. chickens 4o,n't Imow the, All they w&ftt i| to. fce fcepfc * ' Air Overworked- We walto up and make npy We rake up atid fake up, And use the word "up" when we canj We drtak up and t.hink up, "We kink up and shrink tip. And do up a shirt or a man. We Block up nnd bnck up, We slock up and whaclt Up, And hold up a mun or an ace; Wo heer up and. cheer up, ' We steer up and clear up, And work up ourselves or a case. l We walk up aud tnlk tip, We.stalk up and chalk up, And everywhere "up" >s to bo heard; Wo wet «p and set up, But hang If we let up On "up" lhu mUch-overwoi'ked w6Mt. ' • Ohlcago^fewt. ' Just Habtt. , ' 'n'>5| Johnny—"Maw, what makes yon always count the things when you send them to the washerwoman t" His mother—"I've always done it, Johnny, ever slnco your father and I began housekeeping." "Why don't you count them when they comeback?" , "Well, 1 never got into the habit of doing thot." ENLIGHTENMENT enabJPB the more advanced and Conservative Surgeon, of to-day to cure many diseases without out- ting, which were formerly regarded as incurable without resort to tho knife, RUPTURE or Breach. 1» now radically cured without tho knife and without, pain. Clumsy Trusses con. bo thrown away! TUMORS, Ovarian. Fibroid (Uterine) and many- others, are now removed without tho perils of out- ting operations. PILE TUMORS, how- over large, Fistula,and other diseases of the lowei bowel, are pormanentlj_ cured without pain or I*-™ sort to the knife. STON E in thn Bladder,no matter how large, is crush-! ed, pulverized, washed outf and 'perfectly removed, without cutting. For pamphlet, reference* and all particulars, send 10 cents (in stamps) to World's Dispensary Medical Association, No. 663 Main Street. Buffalo, N. Y. pj$ Send JOo for -.„„ M . v _ ,_ . ijimrtl. No Urugn; no frauds every lady nooda It. LADIES EMPORIUM, Ht. Louis, Me. THRESHERS SH?* JOHN B. DAVIS' SONS, 1 Iluvcnuoi-t. lowu. Ciitiiloinjfi Madame ? e *"? lhe f " ct tttat "•o .1 1 ' ; , ve "°'" !Wd »* «,«» account of pr lce, w l,; 0 h !»«},«, l c i,l.,i.« In urd«r that *i t , my glve ,fi Mr tri.l, | will suml u Snmplo Bollle, pacit,). i» Bi'fW 1 "' 11 ' °" r 'f 1 "" ot S5r - Wc « BM.ACH romoi(aon<l inrja nlwiloWy all tttcUa, |i!inpl«i,moih,1)hik)uaita, Bullmr. ness, ru'ne, «i^i>inn t Mrlnkltw. or rough mu of TOURIST'-.TRAVEL To COLORADO RESORTS Will net In early .tlilu year, und tliu Grant Roolf Island Route nos ulroady ample unif perfect _R ninKonicntH totransport; tup juony wJio wfij take I* tbe lovely cool ot Colorado'* HIGH ALTITUDES. Tho Tract is porfoet, nnd double over important ]>lvit(ionK. TrainEquipment UIH vory beat,and a BoUil Vestlbulod Truin call oil tUe BIO FIVE Wvi'B (Jhicaco (tiijly ut 10 p.'m. and nrrlven cocond mornlnir at Peuvtv UK Colorado Spdnga for bveukfuut. Any Ounnon Tiqkpt luttud can jlvo yoc rates, nn<1 fuitlior information will bo obcorrully nnd qnicklrr-, uponUed to by addrossins JNO BKUABTUN, Gonere ' '^ §V9c£REW SPECIALIST p ffi!ES^lEs-, p, Kvery cure mivranteeft, 18 yours expedience. ,1'cniinuently Jowitla to Oiimntv, OMAHA, Unlike the Ouich Process Other Cliemicafe are \ispd i» m preparutlon of Jftsj Jj§S^ISS <j$ ^'^K'SS^sj^i ^-/ -> «^ji PISO'S CUKE; FOR . Ow»Wi|l{|VMIJRr wto _a,Yft wpi iypp ? '-»n.ifto^aWif- - »w«w?».siS

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