The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 20, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1894
Page 1
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ajj-frj ,. ^ ^..n -~*. ESTABLISHED 1865, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JtlKE 20, We Can \ Save You Money Enough to buy a family ticket to the circus if you buy your groceries at the Opera House V ' . '• . .•;.••• Grocery. , ' Summer Goods ... Reduced in Price at GALBRAITH'S Challies, per yard, - - - 04c Summer Silk, per yard, - - - 28c Swivel Silk, per yard, - - 50c Serpentine Crape, per yard, - - 20c Ladies,' misses,' and children's undervests, 50 each; Ladies' and misses'capes and jackets at half price; Ladies' button shoes, patent leather tips, #1.50. We will give some good bargains in lace curtains, carpets, etc. . L. G4LBB41T1 & CO. LOST ' Money, Time, Ease, and Comfort, By not buying your Boots and Shoes and Rubbers at the BROWNELL & ALLRED Cash Shoe House. Largest Stock in the City. The Lowest Cash Prices." Algona, Iowa. <s I Have Got to Move, and in order to reduce stock will sell at A\VAY DOWN prices. Please come early and avoid the rush, and also get first choice, Remember— THIS IS NO HOAX= and iecjudes eeerything from a baby chair to a bedroom or parlor suit, KB, fr- 1 te When looking Fpr a cpQt? stove or range, remember I handle the Also Heath & Milligan Paints, and Wood Pumps, NEWS OF THE NORTHWEST The Story of the Tfotthle Bob Kmiebs Got Into While Making His A Dynamite Fiend Caught At Eagle drove —low* May Goes to England- Miscellaneous Notes, Dave Jekyll, who went to Europe with Bob Kneebs, the Sioux City lorseman under arrest in Germany for running in a horse under an assumed name, arrived in Sioux City last week ;o secure evidence for Kneebs. When left Berlin Kneeba was still in jail unable to get bonds. Jekyll tells the story of the trouble to the Journal as bllows: "Kneebs crossed the water n company with a jockey named tleffner, an Illinois man, who was to 3ut up a good part of the expenses, in return for which he was to receive a share of the winnings. When they got to England Heffner failed to put ip his money and Kneebs dropped him. SeiTner threatened Kneebs. but he paid no attention to it and had no urther trouble with him until they ?ot to Berlin. There Kneebs had irouble one evening with a Berlin iveryman and horse fancier named Schmidt. Heffner saw his opportunity, ;ook up with Schmidt and was instrumental in causing Kneebs' arrest, claiming that he was 'ringing' Bethel >n German tracks under the name of Fannie Kneebs." This, Jekyll says, is not true. He says .that Bethel is in -his country and never was taken across the water. He reports that ECneebs offered to have Bethel shipped x> Germany to prove his innocence if his prosecutors would guarantee the safe arrival of the horse and the expenses, but this they would not do." Jekyll says "Bethel" is in this country and that Kneebs is not guilty, as he will secure abundant evidence to prove. • Caught With Dynamite. Quite a sensation was caused at Eagle rove, Friday, by the arrest of a man named Stewart, on the charge of threatening to blow up with dynamite the residences of D. C. Fllklns and Dr. J. F. Will, against whom Stewart .s said to have often evinced a bitter hatred. On arresting him two sticks of dynamite were found in his pockets, which he stoutly maintained were for ishing purposes. Being asked if he iad fuse or cartridge about his person 'or firing the dynamite sticks ho said had not, but the officers were suspicious and proceeded-to search his person. Their labors were rewarded finding both cartridges and fuse concealed about his clothing—the Cartridges on the inside of his shirt. A preliminary, hearing was at once given him and as he could give no satisfactory reason for possession of the dangerous combustibles, the justice ordered that, in default of bail, he should be placed in the county jail for safe keeping until the September term of court. Stewart has a hard name as a citizen and it looks as though his chances for going to the pen were remarkably good. * Cowa Hay for the Queen's Horses. Iowa hay shipped to England the last few months is in great demand there at $35 to $40 per ton. W. I. Buchanan of Sioux City, lately appointed United States minister to the Argentine .Republic, writes that he went to his post of duty by way of London, and while in England paid a visit to the royal stables at Buckingham palace, and found that the queen's horses were eating Iowa hay. Transfer of Iowa Battle Flans. August 10 will be a great day for Des Moinos and all Iowa. That day has been selected by the executive council as the day for the transfer of the old battle flags from the arsenal to the state house, where they will be placed in elegant cases that have been constructed for them in the rotunda on the second floor, on either side of the entrance to the state library. A Close Call, While indulging in a shoot at pigeons, at Rolfe, a shell which was partially inserted in the gun held by Jack Daley exploded and blew the look to pieces. Mr. Daley escaped with a few powder burns. A piece of the lock flew through the rim of his hat uncomfortably clpse to his head. A Pertinent Inquiry. The Fort Dodge Messenger tells the story on Guy Ryther that be was down to Gowrie to see his girl the other day, and the following conversation was overheard in the gloaming: He^-M I kiss this dainty hand? She—Ob, yes, if it will give you any pleasure; but where do I come in? • An Iowa Chinaman Exported, Joe Happy Sing, who for many years has been laundryman at Cedar Rapids, is to be sent to China because he will not register under the Geary law, He will be taken to San Francisco. will, on July 9 and 8, sell excursion iokets at practically one fare for the round trip, thus ottering an exception" ally favorable opportunity to teachers and the public in general for a visit to on* of the most delightful resorts on he Atlantic coast, For tickets and de< tailed information apply to agents Chi' cago & Northwestern railway.—1214 flffiftB OABB AT DBS MOIKE3. Me *ell« Abdtit the Ban kef and His lawyer to fin Attentive Audience, . In reporting the banker's meeting the State Register says: "Judge Carr spoke of the relations between the mnker and his lawyer. He spoke at Irst in a complimentary view of the listory and character of the banker. le spoke with pride of the stability of "owa banks during the recent financial mnic. The run that was made on the >anks was hot by good business men who were in a position td Know whether he banks were sound or not, but by those who did not know what the ituation really was. Their confidence lad been restored and the banks were ounder than ever." The judge spoke ibout 30 minutes and the Des Moines >apers speak highly of the address, Cut In TWO, The Pioneer Press, always abreast of the times, has reduced its subscription rates just one-half. The new rate on the daily and Sunday editions is but 60 cents per month, $5 per annum, vance; for the daily, without Sunday, :0 cents per month, $4 per annum, in advance; Sunday only, $1.50 per annum, in advance, 60 cents for three months. The Pioneer Press is now the cheapest metropolitan newspaper in the country. Its high standard will be .horoughly maintained, and, in view of be largely increased circulation which t will most assuredly have, it has entered into arrangements to even great- y improve the paper. Everyone can now afford to have a daily paper, as it costs but a cent and a fraction a day. All orders should be addressed to the Pioneer Press, St. Paul, Minn. Bain Makers At Des Koines. Wednesday three crews of rain makers cane from Kansas to woo the heavens about the capital city They 8<matte4 Rt Peppy, Bo|ej WpuJ4 to a,H Sign, GOT, has refund to sign a .petition J,Q l \m saloons in Hack. Eawfe county, Half ftfttiyi ts On acwuflt of tlje aanwal al you find yourself in need of, New Carpets, TWO LIVES SAVED. Mrs. Phoobo Thomas of Junction Ctty, 11., was told by her doctors she had con- .umption and that there was no hope for her, but two bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery completely cured her and she says It aved her life. Thos. Eggers, 189 Florida street, San Francisco, suffered from a dreadful cold, approaching consumption; ;riod without result everything else, then tougat one bottle Dr. King's New Discov ery and in two weeks was cured. Natural- y he is thankful. It is such results, of vhich these are samples, that prove the wonderful efficacy of this medicine in colds and coughs. Free trial bottles at Sheets'. Regular size 50o and $1. 5 ELECTRIC BITTERS. This remedy is becoming so well known and so popular as to need no special mention. All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of praise. A purer med- clne does not exist, and it is guaranteed to do all that is claimed. Electric Bitters will cure all diseases of the liver and kidneys, will remove pimples, boils, salt rheum, and other affections caused by impure blood; will drive malaria from the system and pro- vent as well as cure all malarial fevers; for cure of headache, constipation, and indigestion try Electric Bitters. Entire satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded. Price 50o and one dollar a bottle, at Sheetz.' 5 Rugs, Mats, REMEMBER- Millinery. Latest Styles. Finest Stock. Are now prepared to show customers and Intending purchasers one of the finest and most varied stocks of millinery goods to be seen in this suction. It has been selected with special ref ; ereuce to the wants of this community, and we have no hesitancy in say- that we can satisfy the most fastidi- * ous as to price or quality. The LATEST IN TRIMMING constitutes an especial feature of our business. We are prepared to fill all orders promptly. We want your patronage, Come and look at our goods. What is this anyhow ? It is the only bow (ring) which cannot be pulled from the watch TQ be hid oinly with Ja>, Boss Filled and other watch cases Extravagance May lie in paying too much for a thing or in paying too little, If you buy groceries for less than we ask, you'll not get as good quality— that's poor economy. If you pay more you pay too much, because we sell the best there are. Grocers.- 'J? Langdon & Hudson. Curtains, Portiers, and Draperies, I Carpet Sweepers, Curtain Poles, etc., The Grange Store Offers you the largest assortment, the best'goods, and the lowest prices. Center- of Attraction Studley's Pharmacy Emybody Goes Then ! Do yo,u want to be happy? Do you want to sleep well? Do you want to live to a old age? t Then Buy Your Groceries at the New Store, James Patter mJMu N^riUftjt&NUtttij

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