Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 15, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1946
Page 4
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MOPE STAR, HOPE. ARKANSAS Friday, toruary 5, By Chick Young About this time Scarr began threatening to call his lawyer, so Growl didn't try to hold him any longer. Cle'd no sooner gone than Growl's phone ft rang. § While he was talking I picked J LEROY LESTER. GOOOBY, INSPECTOR THAT WAS THE CORONER. HE SAYS HE HAS HIS DOUBT ABOUT JUDGE GAURISSY § up a little black notebook from his desk. WAS THERE ANYTHING Y DON'T BE SO MORE? I TELt YOU I DIDN'T; TOUCHY, SCARR.ONE KMOW JIMMY JERCE. ARE /THING MORE. YOUR INITIALS ARG U. WHAT DO THEY STAND FOR 7 BEING A SUICIDE. HE MADE . A PAfcAFPlN TEST AND FAILED TO FIND ANY POWDER MARKS ON THE JUDGE'S HAND. YES, THIS IS.GROWL. THMM.JIMMY HELLO,CORONER.yjERCFSi NAI?,E,' LOOKS LIKE A DIARY OR" SJ SOMETHING. SURPRIS. I'M GC«NS GET SOMET TO EAf HE CAN'T COME, NOW YOU TRYING TO TIE ME UP WITH HIS MURDER? that/I stuck Jerce's notdli m my pocket. That was someth I wanted to see. YOUR ORNERY HIDE SKEEN!£ OU LATER HOWDY. MR. VALK... THAT DERN JED SKEEN'S TURNED UP ASIN ! WHEN I STARTED TO SEARCH 'IM HE THROWEPMEAN'ffUN! IOOKS LIKE VOU SOT SOMETHING TIED UP IN A HANDKERCHIEF LOOKi SHERIFF-THE INITIA THAT'5 JEROME BLEEP'S C AND I'M posmve BURIED WITH HIM /HEV, / SHERIFF.' I WHAT'S THE \TROUBLE ? ^ "Side Glances By Galbraith MODEST MAIDENS Tr»,lemark Keilslernl V. S. Pati-nt Ollic (BUT TH G'NSOUNETTAKE A LOOK AT -THERE 'A INT /-Mi WPEOJE PLANE, I HAVE A HUNCH THE .TANK IS STILL -BRING IT IF YOO RND ANY GAS/ RIGHT 6NUF THAT'S A GOOD IDEA ...WHERTE you IT'S O.K. STAKE I WANT TO SOKT OF TO SCORCH ANP CEL1A 1 GOf v THINK YOU'RE WELL ENOUGH TO n?y AN- GET; SCOeCHV'5 AIP3Y- COPR.-1946 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF ' "Don't worry, we're not j?oini? to move—the first nice ; .^ather^e get, your.rathe^always li k «, to price a few "I've got some tires now. Can you tell me when. J mn get a car to go with ti By.H.ers.hberger Freckles and H«s Friends By Blosser ^1 N p T ,^^f5 L ^!^^;^Y,-WOM'T BE BACK TiLL LATE- ' VEAH ? i MAYBE SO AMP MAYBE MOT! WAIT EIGHT THEEE . I'LL \ SEE IF YOU'RE J ^^r, TELLING THE / PUN ALOMG, LOUIE YOU PRACTICED YOUC PIANO LESSOM ALL RIGHT.' HOMEST, 1 DID! PCI5 A WHOLE HOUE! .THEY'LL HAVE „, WAV OF FINDING ;our.we WERE - OF OF HOT RECORDINGS! ' ^w£S7 YEH "- w£ & ° T LOOK.OSCAR...I CAN UNOsR'STANO HO' ! J THAT MVSTSRIOUS &OO*YOU &AVS MISHT PROMOTS TH£ (33OWTH Or H THAT 'COMPLETE RE9T" SUNK COT TO STINKY ? ? t'REMEMBER, iwnvvoii ABSOLUTELV NO WHY,YOU... £ xciT£MENT OR (fcaGW W .(ct-o,V? ^ Jy/* »\^"e V/Vx'^-J^' 1 - "I think he snapped a rib laughing at one of the jojies he was telling to cheer me up!" Thimble Theater Kiny Ft-Jiuics Synilu.iu, Inc., \VuiKI iif;lm OutOur Way M By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople ABRACADABRA! / HE WAS MAPPIM' AN' TH' TOOL DUG IM AW"BEMT THAT FIME WAV TO HIDE, AIN'T IT? ^INH,SMACH,M E ") HeSA\Owlk, so HE=> HIDIM / SWIMGIM' A BEH.IMp TM-'BENCH, \ THICTV-POUND ' TO STRAIGHTEM k. SLEDGE TO LOOK. E4USV' LOOK? VOU'REr j^WHV.'^JtAV.TvOlSGS/ UP AFTER ^ A LOM&LV DAW/ X. ^ATIAPCT I?, SLE N PPL. L 5^- Jk F&tLAe ° RBFRBSHBtJ/ PffLTHi ' ouccr"-" ZIH, ? \-%> -*—~AND vJHeR.& Mamies OM YOUR Y( is THWT BIG LUMP ^^-j OF lt^E:l<T Mf^TTeR- PI TO X CALL WOW WHEW I m TH' MXtGIC WAL/ WH/4DPA VA KKIOW/3' .UKE. USED TO BE m PE.PU IO TEARS A60 , ARRESTED A F6LUE.R Tl4gH "-' '• HlfA Oil : HARD LUCK VGLACIERA S OUT OF IT -v- AMD HE'S DOT TOO- Jii 1946 CLASS/F/ED HOPE S T A R, H 0 ?" E, A R K A N" 3 A 3 rco times s & 1 su -,£ = jss= "THrr M Snn 8 ?™ ^ Conllnuous Insertions Only JTHEJVIORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" For Sale ° R rA LU ?n Caterpillar. KJnyd HS MODEL Porterfield _ ONE WHEEt,,' TWO mTCn TRAII. or with extra tire. IT x 1(T eav v canvass, treated lent. Used Spcod-O-Prinl" duplicatm" ma- clnne. 1'hiino 050-W. y.tf . New licenses, $H. r )0. What- Mnm & f'' vl( - I1 ° Station, corner North Ha/el and E. Division n-oi FIVE MONTlT chow. male. 407-J. OLD CHINESE , Phone OLD NEWSPAPERS pounds for r •. Hope flee. THREE Star Of_ 5-GI LA HGE SIZE "TABLE" """ M'O'DKL uroain separator, good as new One smooth mouth mule E II Hubbard, Hope, Ark. Route' <l ' 13-31 CAFE EQUIPMENT, FR'lGlDAI- re, Good condition, drink box four eoffee urns, cnsh rei'i.stcr' scales, steam table, hot water neater, dish tubs, two stoves seven tables, 14 stools, 14 chairs' two counters, pressure cooker' 11 loot meat counter with unit. — 1... . 1LJE'_£?f sicly- ' 3 ' 3t ELECTRIC nEFmGERATOR IN good condition. Can be seen at Hope Appliance Co. 214 East 3rd 14-3t WINCHESTER gauge, pump, Write Box 98. full GUN choke. 12 $00. 14-3t RUBBER TIRE WAGON Robert Rowe, Rt. 4 old highway. SEE Fultun M-:u UOY'S BICYCLE. GOOD CONDI- i nJm n> , Bl ' oilor "attery to handle, 1.00" day-old chicks, or finish' heating unit need tray Carl I _ Brunei-, Phone 843. ir,.;j t . MODEL A FORD'TRACTOR'TN' good condition, with plow, double ' disc and complete single row i equipment. Dr. Chris. A. Champ- 1 1m. Hope, Ark. ir ) . ( ; l 1 Notice iEE IDEAL FURNITURE STORE [or better furniture and bolter bargains. Phono 470. 14-lni INCOME TAX SERVICE. IF YOU utvo income tax troubles. I will PC glad to help you. Dp it now, avoid the rush in the Inst days Charges reasonable. J. W. Striek- _J a 'i£. l-24-Vw WE B'UY, SELl7~OR TnADE household furniture. Anylhing of value. Your sell won't be too small, and they don't get loo l 1 ! 1 '*^ 1 : Soc us at ™ Eilsl Th "'ci St. City Furniture Co. Phono 873 28-1m Help'Wonted COMPLETE FIXTURES F~Ci R grocery store includiiif! market lixlures. See J. L. Andnrson, Tith and Hci-vuy St. Hope, Ark. 1I-G: ALTO SAXOPHONE."" " IN GOOD condition. A. L. Harris, Call or see after 0 p.m. Phone 1030-W. 13-Ot Fair Enough By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. There seems to be some room for improvement in our affairs but to those despondent souls who think mailers could not be worse- I would address a note of cheer in the form of an inquiry. How do they think we For Rent TWO. ROOMS, UNFURNISHED. Kloclricity, two miles soulli on Patmos road. Box SIM. ,1 W Frisby. 15.31 Production of Autos Is Paralyzed Detroit. Feb. ]<l — (UPi— The .stool strike dried up automobile p'-oduction to a mcro trickle today as C. E. Wilson, president of the strike-bound General Motors Corp., resumed testimony at a government hearing on charges that GM was guilty of unfair labor practices. Wilson was scheduled to continue MCCORMICK DEERING CULT]valor, almost new with set extra plows. Arch Moore, 110 West Ave C - 15-31 Mils testimony _ labor relations board hearing charges thai the corporation COACH, 715 SOUTH CIO ]!)37 FORD Pine St. REMINGTON STANDARD TYPE-1 , p j my ' s , • good condition. Phono' ' y wngc '""-ease in j-nnd I'nilh with United Automobile" Work- have gone about untangling ourselves just now if Mrs. Eleanor Boscvelt, Harry Hopkins niu!. latterly, the laic Mr. Roosevelt had n.'ul their way? Not long after Pearl Harbor, Mis. Roosevelt told us about one of those interesting discussions which had taken place on one of her rare nights at borne of a Sunday evening in the White House and'said it was her conclusion that the government should relieve us till" of the problem of deciding whrit we should do in the war effort and .should tell us what to do — men and women. And Mr. Hopkins, in a much more peremptory tone, told us that we would do as we were told ar.d go where we were sent and warned us that civilian workers would be billeted on civilians in their homes with no regard for Ihe character of eilher the boarders or the homeowners and with equal disdain for the spirit of the con- stiiution which forbade the billeting of soldiers in private dwellings He seemed slightly exultant in the prospect that a social loader would bo compelled by the government to become a boarding-houso keeper and the peculiar facts which may have occurred to him but may have.escaped those whom ho threatened with ii pcisonal application of the Russian society in tne U.S.A. was that nobody had ever elected him to any public posilion or au- thori/.cd him lo push us around and invade and disrupt our homes. He was just a personal friend of Ihe Rooscvclts who had been living in our presidential mansion at ' our expanse for several years and making more money one way and Linolhor, including boodle from the sale of such impudent threats, than he had ever made in his life before. Nevertheless, Hopkins had the gall to add: ''It isn't just talk and it Won't blow over and it does mean you." O; course, it didn't mean Hopkins, who was a member of the ruling and privileged group set up n p.eliiiimary imitation of the Russian stratified society, nor Mrs. Roosevelt, herself, nor Henry Wal- whose special quality was when he doodled Baylor Just Barely Holds Onto Lead College Station, Tex., Feb. 15 — (/!')— Jackie Robinson and his Baylor males had to survive their second straight overtime game lasl 'light to shade the Texas Aggies, --- ---••• . e exas es, domestic ,154.48, and retain the Southwest Conference lead. The Bears defeated Texas in an overtime session Saturday night. ".v. A. and M. was ahead, 4li-42, with would t w o minutes left, but field goals by CARNSVAL Bv Dick Turner national on . lace a ^ has i demonstrated 36 CHEVROLET," GOOD good condition, radio, Can be seen at 1301 St. anytime Monday. TIRES healer' was cent So\Uh"i™in'ke ivuuu^uv ,---.-- -- — —„.. 15-'H °, f the slnk P. and reinstatement of the GM labor contract. Lost TAN BILLFOLD WITH QUALITY of currency,' drivers liecntjo, $^0 check. Reword for return to ,1 V. Moore. 13-31 Services Offered REGISTERED ~~SPENCER~" COn~- setiere, individually designed corsets, brassieres, men and women's surgical supports. Mrs Ruth Dozier, 31U North Elm St Ark, Phone 144-J. 28-lm HAVE OWN TEAM ANDWAGON to break gardens or haul nny- Uiing. J. \V. Brown. Phone M-W- 2. n.ni Reol Esfate for Sale SIX ROOM HOUSE ON NORTH Elm. $3250. Sec Riley Lewallon H-31. a: ouncl, out of a job, between inauguration liM. 1 ) and the day when the host, fanned Jesse Jones and g:\ve him Hie post ot secretary of w. .niiiiercu in recognition of ' his numulc ploUdaig and . door-bell ringing in the lole of Johnny Ap- pluseed' during the fourth term campaign. If Henry had been a Y.",ir~i "u °i" " i'" '"."T Lpmmon man and not a special which he hoped would job, in those days of the ostensible cover the 80 days | but fake shortage of factory, labor, he would have got himself a pair i (non-title), ot dungarees and. a card in the Robinson and Bill Johnson" — Ihe jailer sinking his two-pointer with 2!i seconds remaining — senl Ihe game into an exlra five minutes. The lead changed hands 17 limes during the battle, 12 limes in Iho second half. Baylor commanded an IS-10 hnlftime lend. Robinson was high score'^-wilh 22 points, while U'nwsoh meshed 10 for the rapidly impnrving Ag- gies. who get another shot fit Baylor and piny Arkansas Iwice. Baylor, which also must meet tough Texas Christian at Fort Worth Saturday night, must win its two remaining games to. clinch »m undisputed title. A loss would give Arkansas n chance to tie for top honors, providing the Rnzorbacks beat A. and M. Feb. 25-20. Sabafh Asks Truman to Run Again Washington, Feb. rH- •— (/P) — Chairman Sabath (DD-I11) of the House Rules Committee today urged President Truman to seek election to the presidency in 1948. The dean of The Ho'use'*referrod lo Truman as "a man: who was elevated to the presidency against his own wishes but who has proven by his honesty and fearlessness that he is fully qualified to hold that office." Talking with a reporter, Sabath said he had heard recenlly "much talk that President Truman should not or will not seek reelection." (Mr. Truman was elected vice president, advancing to the presi -dcncy upon Ihe death of President Roosevelt.) "That is coming from the Republicans, the reactionaries and the lories who want in the White I House a man whom they can con- I trol." he declared. "They can't I control Harry Truman." Fights Lost Night 'Prcnliss likes to sec me in the gallery while he's filibustering—he says it gives him inspiration!" This Curious World By Wiiliom Ferguson i Si:ice his last appearance on i Monday, Wilson has seen his cnm- 1!) 1-2 cent hour- to 175,000 strik- u . p0ul her i detennoH 1 -», - g By The Associated Press Baltimore — Pork Daniels, 200, Chicago, T. K. O. Eddie Blunt, 222, New York, 5. Rochester. N. Y. — Pat- Scan- 141, New York, outpointed , 1-2, Los Angeles, Rudy Campa, 10. Orange, N. J. — Ike Williams, 137 3-4, Trenton, outpointed Cleo Shans, 138 3-4, Los ; Angeles, 10. Die NLRB hearing originally was set for yesterday. Bul it was postponed on advice from Washington to permit federal mediator James P. Dewey lo talk separately with the lop GM and UAW officials in an effort to narrow the issues in dispute. In addition to wages, these included man- plant-level issues, seniority provisions and maintenance-of membership to which GM has refused to agree. Dewey was making every effort to gel the two sides together again. VJ So They Soy No plans for atomic energy, and no plans for anything else, for that matter, can bo made orf the supposition that we are going lo war. Any war wo have will be so desliuctive that no plans can bo carried out. —Dr. Robert M. Hutchins, Chancellor U. of Chicago. HERE IS SOME OF THE esl land in Hempsleud Count} and only $45 per acre. % cash", i C. B. Tyler. ID-.'it ' Wonted to Buy What we must control is not the atomic bomb, not the sci- RICH- enlist who makes it, but the ability to make war. In short we, must I WANT TO BUY A 1040-41 OR'42 model Ford or Chevrolet. Buck Williams. 10G South Walnut SI'-""' Phone fiOO. 17-tf Tydings (D.i of CIO and gone to work. Later on, enlarging her thoughts, Mrs. Roosevelt put it to us that a young man should 1 not be allowed lo become a doctor just because he wanted to qnd that, having become a doctor,'he shouldn't ce allowed to hang out his shingle wherever he pleased but should be assigned, arbitrarily, lo a place where authority, who would be failed a commissar in Russia, should decide that his services vvei-e needed. Those are some of the novelties that two of the most powrH' 1 'i 01 '- sonalities in the Roosevelt government proposed for tlie American people, many of whom, nevertheless, still revere tne ruung sel us God-sent selfless benefactors of the common man, and Mr. Roosevelt himself .after a long spell of waiting, finally endorsed the substance ot their proposals about a year ago when he advocated a draft of civilian labor. Only passing notice need be paid By" United Press •"" New York' iGolden Gate Arena) — Tommy Bell, 149 3-4, Youngstown, O., knocked out Billy Fur- rons, 148 1-2, Philadelphia, '(2). . New York (Bronx Park Arena) — Lee Q. Murray. 207 1-2, South Norwalk, Conn., knocked out La Lr-"fi-v. 203 1-2, Trenton. N. J., (2l. Philadelphia — Gene Burton, 140, New York, drew with Lennox Dingle, 145, Philadelphia, 8. Fall River, Mass. Al Costa, 158, Wonsocket, R. I., outpointed Bau- 'Mia Vanlcncia, 1C2, Mexico City, 8. Portland, Me. — Coley Welch, '14 PoHinnrl. Me.. outpointed J. C. Wilkins, 104 1-2, New York. 10. rhin:,g u _ Holman Williams, 1C8, Detroit, outpointed George iWild ML WORK IM JUST ONE KILOWATTHOUR OF ELECTRICITY EQUALS THE EXPENDED IM O.IMBIN6TOTHE TOP OF THE- WASHINGTON MONUMENT MAYBE USED IN A\A,KING A MA£> OF? 7HS /VtOO/V/ SOME SCIENTISTS BELIEVE IT WILL BE POSSIBLE TO RECEIVE RADIO ECHOES FROM THE A\OON, AV4KING IT POSSIBLE TO 5TUDV IRREGULARITIES ON THE SURFACE. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. YOU CAN BE RELAXED WHEN you ARE SIN6IN6 A STRAIN/' Says PRISCILLA WRI6HT, 2-15 Political Announcements The Star is authorized to announce the following as candidates subject to' the action of the Democratic primary elections this Summer: 8th Judicial Circuit For Prosecuting Attorney CHARLES w? HACKETT For Sheriff &.Collector TILMAN BEARDEN Employment Gaining in Arkansas Little Rock, Feb. 14 —(IP)— An upward trend in Arkansas employment, was indicated in a report issued today by the state oilice of the U. S. employment service. Job placements during January showed an increase over the preceding month for the first lime sinee the middle of last year, and the numoer 01 unfilled jobs was greater than that for the preceding monin for the first time since Sep-. teinber. . Although gains in both activities were small, the USES pointed out that January usually was a light employment month. '.twenty-six local USES offices in Arkansas last month placed 4,349 applicants, compared to 4,245 in becemoer. Of tnose placed, 1,183 were war.veterans. Job openings on file with the offices I-'eb.' 9 totaled 2.4U1, an increase ;-of^"approximately ten per cent over: openings on j an , ]2. i-Ma'cemenls made during the month included: Little Rock, 1,204; Camden, 552; Fort Smith, 501. The greatest percentage of increase, nowever, was recorded at Stuttgart, which filled 67 jobs, compared to 24 in December. Unsettled labor conditions of the nation were reflected in total placements in manufacturing and construction industries. Only 888 peisons were placed in manulactur- mg positions in January, compared to i.uoi! during December Construction placements dropped from 734 to Cba. Fukuhara, Former Jap Commander of Prisons, to Die Yokohama,"Feb. 14 — (fP)— Capt. Isao Fukuhara, former Japanese prisoner of war camp commander was sentenced to death by an Eighth Army tribunal today after it heard testimony of a'n American officer who flew to Japan to tell his dramatic story. . ; Fukuhara listened intently as Maj. Achille C. Tisdelle, of Chicago, and Orange Park, Fla., told m detail of the death of Corp. Walter R. Johnson of MacPherson, Kas., in the Omuta prison camp. Thoughts -O : For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark to the threat, inherent in the Hop kins article, that dangerous characters might be billeted on decent American families whose male members were away fighting the Germans and the Japs and that innocent women might be sent by political commissar, holding live the .. .._ — the imposition of total authority over the free American civilian and the flat proposition that his home should cease to be liis castle. Once lliat had been achieved, anything could happen. Because she is so evasive we never heard from Mrs. Roosevelt whether she recognized in her suggestion about the young doctors an identity with one of the features of Hitlerism which .she .and her following had professed to abhor with special fervor. Others ncilecl the resemblance only to the called ... or not we can Rollsc velt-hatcrs as though that sivoid another 1920 collaspe were a term of special opprobrium, --Reconversion Director John W for P" in l' n K H "Lit. Of course, there never was »"v actual shortage of labor, over all. Mock-work ai.d loatlierbi'damg .and slow-down rules in war industries 1 control ourselves. —Sen. Millard Maryland. In my opinion the next attack isl snme i- 10 " 1 "-'" 1 cuiumissar, noi certainly going to come throuuhl 1 ° lillc ot billeting officer, to the air, and the enemy this tim"!" 1 ovil surroundings. That was will try to knock out the United nnllll ' al expectable result of States first. T'u jest way to pre- lm """ !<i "" " F '-'"' >--••••••• vent such an attack is to be so well prepared that no one will start it. —Gen. Carl A. Spaatz, AAF Chief. It is only by Christian doctrines spiritual energy and human teehngs in the world that we can control ihis atomic age. —Dr. Francis C. M. Wei, President Central China College. What we do in the next year or two will in a large measure cletei mine whether Snvder. WANTED Sawyer and Filer, good salary, has to make home in Louisville Kentucky. Apply Chess & Wymond, 421 West Avery Street, Louisville 8, Kentucky. Magnolia 15* £•« i were wasting much of our avail- cat) Henry, Mass., 10. lf>7 1-4, New Bedford, CUPID'S HELPER .Toliel, 111., Feb. 15 cuit Judge the James list of —(/TM— Cir- V . Bartlcy, 80 suits filed fro'm Jan. 1 to St. Valentine's Day. Rallying to cupid's defense, Bartley ordered a 20-day cooling off period. That amount of time must elapse after filing, h« said, before he will hear any divorce case. Wanted! TELEPHONE POLES All Dimensions 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMOS, ARK, able, voluntary energy, and strikes at Die rale of 5,000 a year, though highly detrimental lo national efficiency, still couldn't thwart the production of much more than enough under freedom. Imagination not only falters but swoons at the thought of the problem of social, industrial and personal reconversion now. added to the calamities of readjustment of the service men and women had Mrs. Roosevelt and Hopkins had their way and scrambled the people at home as they so heartily proposed. And they weren't kidding us, cither. They meant it in the words of Hopkins that "it isn't just talk and it won't blow over and it does mean you." Minimum Wage of 65c Approved by Senatorial Group Washington, Feb. 14 — (UPi— The. Senate Labor Committee today up- ' proved a bill to raise the minimum! wage lo U!) cents an hour. I U added amdnements which I would bring between 2,000,000 and 4,000,000 additional workers under the wage-hour law. o The French settlers In Nova Scotia and Quebec planted apple seeds more than 300 years ago. Basketball Scores By The Associated Press East Geneva 41; Coast Guard Academy 31 Wake Forest 47; North Carolina Slate 27. Duke Gl; Clemson 33. Holy Cross G2; Boston College 46. Rhode Island Stale (i2; Providence GO. ;•'••', South •;;. Georgetown College K5; Boron 32. j Kentucky Stale College 42; Lincoln University (Mo.) 3(5 . Midwest Missouri, Valley 51; Central College (Mo.) 34. North Dakota 49; North Dakota State 45. Southwest Missouri Slate G2; Rol- BT Hnoh S. FnUerta, Jr.- New York, Feb. 15 —(/I 5 )— The optimism that Frank Leahy was displaying over Notre Dame's football prospects have dropped he heard that. last week-end must a few points when Frank Yokas, the flashy guard from Rock Island. 111., high school and St. Mary's Pro- flight, had signed with Ihe pros. . . Yokas is Ihe kid who, when asked by Leahy if he thought he'd make good in college football, solemnly replied: "Coach, I'll eat them college kids alive." . . . Leahy still won't have much cause for moaning. If pll goes well he can start JoTuiny -LuJack, Phil Colella and Bolj Kelly in his backfield, a,nd then take his c|iojce'_ol^iTim Mejlo,. Gerry Cowhig, "Cornie 'Clatl,' John Soortspourri The three men who headed the naval aviation physical training program during the war all have moved into top-flight athletic jobs, Tom Hamilton as Navy Coach, Frank Wickhorst at California and Killer Kane as assistant athletic director at Annapolis. . . . The Braves' Johnny Hopp is a nephew of Jake Gettman, who once made ten consecutive hits in national league baseball .. . When Tommy Burns, the Australian welterweight, as training for his recent scrap with Vic Patrick, he engaged wrestler Tommy .Nilan, -weighing 15 stone 10 pounds, as a boclyguafd. . The dictionary says ; "stonb" (jerry cowing, Cornie 'Ciatt,' Jolin • • *ne mcuonary says -^ -'stonfe Pinelli and Floyd Simmons at full- | varies in weight from five to 32 back. . . Speaking of football. I pounds but for cheese its 16 g pounds. Presumably that figure applies to wrestlers, too. performing back. . . Speaking southern scribes are ,__.__ „ eyebrow exercises over Carl Snayely's com'me.nt when Charley justice, the most sought-after kid in the south, registered at North Caiolina: "1 certainly hope lie will come out for the football squad." " la School of Mines 42.' Central (la.) 4fl: Luther 38. Depauw 42; Ball Slate 40. Valparaiso 85; Butler 40. St. Louis University 52; Lung Island University 32. Southwest Baylor 54; Texas A. and M 411 Far West St. Mary's 36; Univ. of San I'rancisco 34. Farragut Naval Center 53; Geiger Field 43. Service Basketball tournaments Ninth Service Command .Eastern Division, at Busnull Genera] Hospital, Utah, (second round i: J'ort Douglas, Utah 54; Bushncll Clcarficld, Utah, Marines 31; Ogden Arsenal 22. Dugway Proving Grounds 26; Ogden ASF Depot I'A. Women's Division: Ogden Arsenal 31; Fort Douglas 27. Bushncll 31; Ogden AFS Doot. 13 An ii ansporl Command, Ferrying Division, National champion- Ka.s., AA (Love Field wins tourney I. Long Beach 49; Charleston. S.C.. AAF 30. (Consolation finals). Bill Cummins, former AAU hurdling champion who spent six months in a naval hospital recovering from wounds suffered at Okinawa, is reported planning n rome- back effort in the national meet next June. He plans to re-enter '••re in March but will save his last year of track eligibility until 1947 ] l 1 '. M.Torrace has been timing jPenn Slate Athleli cevents for 37 i years, W. S. Hoffman 35 years, i r< M. Robinson 27 years and Sam Crabtree 17 years. Got the time. buddy'.' BUTTER BE MINE Portland, Ore., Feb. 15 — (/P) — plumb squealed with opened from .a friend on bo And I will establish my covenant with thee; and thou shall know that I am the Lord: • That thous mayest remember and be confoujided, and never open thy mouth any more because of thy shame, when I am pacified toward thee for all that thou hast We live in an atmosphere of shame. We are ashamed of everything that is real about us; as- named of ourselves, of our, relatives, of our incomes, of our accents, of our opinion, of our experience, just as we are ashamed Bel " COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Tailor Made SEA^ COVERS • •-•; Direct from Factor-y Orders filled within 10 days ROBERT R. RIDER Phone 435-J LILE'S FIX-IT SHOP for REPAIRS 933 Service Station Phone o o o 933 or 869-R Love Field i)( ij zl lli,si":H: Topcka.l^l^^rVho- opened'"a five" i pound val pound valentine an Idaho farm. The inscription "You better my valentine," accompanied heart made of butter. CALL US FOR YOUR WIRING and REPAIR TROUBLES Phone 231-R HOUSTON IliCTRIC CO, Pelton Houston Service - Quality Variety We have a most complete ^fe line of Field & Garden Seeds, Insecticides and Inoculations. AGENTS FOR Funks G Hybrid Corns Uodge famous Onion Plants Willhite Melon Seeds Germaco Hot Caps Sinker's Delinted Cotton Seeds Triple Cleaned Kobe, Korean and Sericea Lespedeza, Alfalfa Soy Beans and field grown Cabbage Plants! We Appreciate Your Business MONTS SEED STORE The Leading Seed Store DR. H.T. SHULL VETERINARIAN In practice in Tcxarkana TEXAS CITY HALL Phone 140 or 1490-J THEO LONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, Arkonioi Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co. 214 East 3rd St PHONE 613 Appliance Repairs—Appliance* SEAT COVERS FOR ALL CARS llmpre Auto Supply Phone 174 215 8, M«in HOME SWEtr HOMti Reno. Nev., Feb. 14'— (/P) — Reno newspapers, their houses-for- renl columns long empty, ran this ad: •' "For rent — unfurnished; small chicken house, goal house adjoining: suitable for couple. No Children or pels. References required: immediate occupancy, now vacant. Shown by appointment only."* By nightfall, answers were pour- jng in. Feldspar is a rock-forming mineral used in the manufacture of pottery. ROGERS RADIO SERVICE We specialize in all kinds of car and home radios. FIRESTONE STORE 209 South Main St. JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE '• For Prompt Expert Service on All WASHING MACHINES Phone 209 304 EastTSrd' BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures, , ', Plumbing Repairs. ' HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating, Phone 259 Hope, Ark. Harry Segnar, Sr. . PLUMBER REPAIR WORK '< Phone 382-J COMPLETE . * BUTANE SERVICE Wanda Butane Cp. Phone 370 Hope, Ark. Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt .the factory way. HALL'S HAT SHOP Eaft 2nd St. _ : . Phone.,7*, Alterations-.-- *-» Pressed While YOU Walt- Loe'sTburfef Cqfe-Cpurt; Featuring i> • Steaks • Fried Chicken « Barbecue 11 ?,«Fish 5* • Sandvyiches iSbft Drlnfts ..'..- •'••;; .i- I "•'• ^_ ' /-ifj 1 Op?n 6 a'.i'm. to' 12,Midnight Private Dining Room—(Shone 222 Owned and operate^ by I Mr. and Mrs. P. J.iLoe , City Limits & Highway 67vWe«t SEE US REYNOLDS PEN The miracle Pen that will . Revolutionize Writing. , Guaranteed to write 2 • years without refilling^ - Doug ^ITV Carl Bacon V^l I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. Phone 784 . -Hope • Reol Estate If you are in the market' to buy or sell Farm land • or City Property, call or ". see Calvin E, Cassidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark, : Arkansas Bank Building See Us For BABY CHICKS You'll like our qual: ity chicks, hatched right from selected flocks. Hardy, fasti growers. Low piici. FEEDERS SUPPLY CO, 4th and La. Sts ' Phone 25 ," Magazines j You can now get the ; latest issue of your favorite Magazine at GENTRY PRINTING C9. (Commercial Prin'teril Phone 241 Hope, Art.-

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