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MAIL EDITION 14 Vital Statistics Evening News Monday August 20 1951 Responsibility Means Much III iii uneral Service III tr this community HI Many years ol serce dt uneral Xeanrd Xuary serviced III others are judged Ill Our long based on the 'Zli Xsun ding of be needs III families we serve Ill Our experience and ouequpmen TnXen'e esurpasses anyfbng aeafabfe III anywhere EBHEST WEDEKIWI HI HU 7811 III 5 Valden Ave Ill private parking to ALBERT HUTTER HEAD ON COLLISION IRE SPEEDS ELMA Buffalo Livestock BARN RAZING JOB MktaJ NOTED OR COLORUL IN OG ATAL TO DRAWS HUNDREDS In fflnnnriant DECORATIONS DIES TWO BUALONIANS the build saved part of more for Mr SISTERS ALBERT HUTTER MOOSE HAS NEARLY MILLION TO DRAW that the dead are: ROM OR PARLEY internal 189 Sen nooo Road Conditions East Convention White Monday Ben uch Rd be Mr Bailey was paint signs and Amsterdam I rank Jerger Aidf 18 1951 1951 of 85 Midland! beloved wife of Henry riends in Elections $2700 a be Births ERRYBOAT CREWS 2 27 Henrietta crew spnn bulk 6 ciplinary action against the men Hilbert Christo Martin: 1 33c LINE DAY PER 6 3 DAYS 30c LINE PER 4 DAYS 28c LINE Marriages 1 95 I 125 Mattie far Dix ision and Airplanes Adam labionski 2097 Bioadwav and Ma i ion Antiques poor SI a member of Washington Lodge No 240 had been miss INVITATIONS ARE ISSUED Judge How and anti TO ORGANIZED GROUPS Paul a nd TO VISIT SAMPSON BASE Casket Placed and Buffalo Automotive Commercial Gen ago us DE S040 Rl 8298 conf rol Drive 3 5 6 hmbi culls ill Hum below steady Lieut years fi 3 4 4 PER DAY 4 2 4 3 4 6 drive using dear away 1949 April 24 graduated North Oak for in some of couldn't Konstanty Bocrkoxx ski 107 ox and eb onia Bi zoskowska 238 Peckham advanced Benning 28 25 choice cull 17 Nason Aug 17 Ave con 2372 in is load! infantry Ga has the deputies they Pittsburgh Sarkoxics Tonawanda Roberson 41 Peckham Panfil 282 Wellington Myles West Seneca War Beit Jane level of some of his home the extra overseas that it is essential Mr treat per in se good bobsj i Mulholland 65 will be o'clock Inter 18t2O of 214 7 1951 Special to The Buffalo Evining Nrwu SALAMANCA Aug 18 Two ECONOMYCAMPAIGN THREATENS BRITISH EMBASSY DOORMEN Albeit 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 husband of Jtilial Sfldl its I laaj said Charles whit 1 pros face the possibility that their LS of Bren of the late of Edward 16118 Of 344 1 policy into aban sit down their Arthur Ei son Wilkins uneral i Dim it rious Lignns 391 Elm and Evelyn Kotsou 425 Norwond Richard Rogalski 138 Milburn and Alice Pankiewiex (50 Warren Time to 18t20 68 West 16 1951 ive were four of my dear a wav nine 19 1942 Buffalo in the riday evening CARD THANKS The family of the lte Gaetano and Rachel Sicignano wish to expreaa their appreciation and thank to friend and neighbor for their kindnes during their recent bereavement SICIGNANO AMILY Officials ported a shortage of $10000 so and said it may go higher DIVINE In loving memory twin Lester who passed years acn tomorrow Aug Thank God for the faith that teaches When the struggles of life are We shall meet our own our loved onei and shall know them all once more HIS TWIN RUTH CLANCY recommendations to the board on a general over all sports salarv policy Merenus Wietlrick larger than a 'par ago: other steers and uneven around 3700 lower other County 2 AVENUE finest and best A 4 the former Nellie Clark 27 of 663 HUMAN In loving memory of our wife and mother Clara Huffman who passed away five years ago tomor row Aug 19 1946 Sadlv missed by HUSBAND DAUGHTER A SON lers equal one line Count figures initials or letters in groups as a word five day old support of Misuraca who passed ago Aug 18 1942 was called away years ago: saddened on this day The Loyal Order of Moose members to draw from for its 63d annual con vention here next week Paul Schmitz director of enrollment announced in the final session of the Supreme Council in Hotel Stat ler today It is an increase of 210000 over last September's figure Mr Schmitz Extra service and the use of our beautiful home is yours to command without extra cost Paterson Ellis Island ri tt nf on nt 13 one ui deportation on I steady more each day we miss you our thoughts are not revealed they know the sorrow within our hearts concealed Sadlv missed bv MUTHEK BKUTHEHS Bernard Shirley Albert riends mav call at Mary away nine year A kindly heart Just nine sad Our hearts are Because we miss her so DAUGHTER SON IN LAW WIENHOLTZ In loving memory of our dear husband and dad Martin Wien holtz who passed away six years ago today Aug 18 1945 Peaceful with your brothers and sisters sou are sleeping left us alone six years ago today on earth to suffer pain We love you and we miss you but trust in God to be together again Sadly missed bv WIE A SONS DI VINI In loving memory of I ester who passed away Aug 19 1942 More ana Though Little do That is UECHCTARY cherry dropleaf table 4 chaiis marble top chest CL 3326 Death Notices Menioriams Cards of Thanks 4flc a line minimum charge $2 230 offerings pay increases are illegal He also called for conformity to existing salary stabilization laws "Under the present salary laws there is no doubt that old contracts be torn up and replaced with new ones calling for a pay He added that the three man panel Decorated irst Auto Show He conceived the decorations the Pan American Exhibition 1901 and the same year decorated the city's first automobile show in Duquin 36 RaM Dobbin 74 Madison ('arler 162 Laird Bryan Williamsx i Up ROUTE 384 (Delaware Ave Placing pavemenl under new railroad bridges between Linden and Knox Aves Drive 1900 2550: 2650 3050 more most at 9 and from Church at 10 vited Deceased was Sodality of Cnurch and Branch 233 TAIPEIf ormosa Aug 18 The military mission will begin training Chinese marines in amphibious landing operations soon American sources said how ever that the project is not de signed to prepare Chinese Nation alists for a landing on the Commu nist mainland but is part of the Nationalist defense program THURN in loving memory of our dear daughter niece and sister lean who passed awav one year ago tomorrow Aug 19 1950 Sunshine passe shadows fall Love remembrance outlast all And though the years be many or few They are filled with remembrance dear of you Sadly missed bv MOTHER DAD BROTHER DAVE 4 AUNT THERESA Ave Kenmore MARTIN Martin of 178 Smith of the late John of Evan Chris LONDON Aug 18 UP) An econ omy minded parliamentary commit tee asked today whether Britain's embassies abroad do without their doormen some of Chautauqua 17 Resurfacing villp and Dewitt ville 5 Dunkirk Taxing Monday cows and bulls were in slovtf demand and the market barely steady A few sales were reported 50 cents lower in late trading During the week trading was slow and the market spotty and ir regular Good dairy type cows were quoted from a low of 2400 to 2600 with a few smooth young animals of high cali ber reported up to 2800 sparingly cut ters 2150 to 2300 top: fat yellow cows 2200 24 50: cannen 1800 2000: shelly and off grade canners 1700 and below slaughter 2400 2600 29 00 30 00 State Hol cleared at 2700 28001 GIAMBRONE uneral Home 909 WEST One of Buffalo's equipped new funeral homes Nelson A Giambrone Lie Mfr GR 2456 White and the Hutter grandfather Mrs Robert and Jack A of Ross and be made at Catherine Thomas 2202 Main Edward Roth 115 Phvilis and Jeanne 26 airfield nf annie Thomas Doiothv LoGalbo roncK wi a Mrs Santo Sanita: brother of Santa LoGalbo uneral from the Louis Mas carl uneral Home 860 Niagara St Mondav morning at 8:30 and from St New Cathedral at 9:15 riends invited 17tl8 MAI Ernestine MaL at Lancaster 5' Aug 18 1951 wife of George Mai: mother of Mrs Dorothv Meyer and Ed ward Mai grandmother of Karol Meyer: sister of Rudolph Weber uneral from Seeger A Severer uneral Home 5486 Broadwav Lancaster Tuesrfav after noon at 2 o'clock riends invited 18120 BALTIMORE Aug 18 A Suit land Md marine who had mar ried two attractive women today! was cut back to one wife by court order Corp Peter leming 31 es caped with file probation on a bigamy charge but faces charges of going AWOL from the Marine Corps tie ing since June and ond offense Baltimore Countv aid Murray granted leming pro bation apparently because of a plea bv his legal wife blonde Pa tricia leming His was brunette Elizabeth Meredith Reid 29 of Baltimore who relin quished all claims neral from the John neral Home 1869 Sene a morning al 8:15 and at In amily Tomb SAN RANCISCO Aug 18 William Randolph Hearst was laid at rest riday in a family tomb near the city where he was born 88 years ago Hundreds attended his solemn impressive funeral in Grace Episcopal Cathedral here atop Noh Hill The bronze casket of the late publisher was placed in the tomb' with his parents at Cypress Lawn Cemetery carrarauqus 1 6 A progress in BAUER In loving memory of my husband William who passed tun vur non tomorrow Aus 19 You did much to brighten life In way both great and small No wopder you were loved by tho Who knew you best of all Sadlv missed by WIE ELIZABETH that he he able to handle such arrangements himself He has received word that his application to attend the course at been approved He expects sometime next ster has been on duty in the Buf falo recruiting office since August 1950 Meanwhile Lieut Commander rederick Raleigh officer in charge of the Buffalo Navy recruit ing office disclosed that enlist ments for the Navy's highly tech nical electronics and aviation pro grams are again wide open Re cently they have been held to about 10 of total enlistments One new WA arrived today for duty in the Buffalo recruiting sta tion and another is scheduled to report next week Today's arrival was Corp Mildred Ondicko of Yonkers who came from Ellington Air orce Base Tex Corp Mary Joy of Niagara alls Ont will report next week I two car collision on Route 17 at Kill Buck a short distance east of this Southern Cat 5 taraugus County 1 city sons ju red I riously The crash brother of Plains and the Heavy Use of Mines by oe Predicted for New War to leave week Capt Web At a later automobile in Broadway Auditorium he created what is believed to be the largest flag Made of a paper it stretched 253 feet beneath the rafters and was 176 feet wide During his career he made pro fessional signs for hundreds of doc tors dentists clergymen lawyers druggists churches and schools He did work for such municipal observances as the Perry Centen nial in 1913 Old Home Week in 1907 and the Shnners in 1914 Born in Buffalo on 1863 Mr Hutter was from old School 15 in St At the age of 14 he went to work for the Rother Com I ROUTE i tween Ma ROUTE 5 (Dunkirk' Taxing work in progress between Brigham Rd and west citv line Prive slowlj ROUTE 60 Reconstruction half mile of pavement approximately 2 miles south of redonia By the State Dept et Agr Weekly Review CATTLE (Aug Receipts eluding 1250 direct Receipt of wai nine less than the previous period Monday choice and prime steer and heifers were in moderate demand and sold steady with the previous close Medium to good were mostly 50 cents lower One small lot of prime of Buffalo extra fee as provided in the lines regular tariffs The truckmen have refused to Knopf 53 Do kata and Rertfcr 255 St Lawrence the doorman to least of Main Westbound traffic i jx slowly County 17 lood Portville 2 6 3 3 4 6 43 leet I came head PRISON OICIALS ADAMANT SALEM Ore Aug 18 (UP) Oregon State Prison officials said today they were ready for eventuality and their no husband of rn I father grand fat her hint her of i i II the Bury uneral Home 3070 Delaware corner Kinsey where funeral services held Mondav afternoon at 3 father Helen Thomas and Margaret Martin neral from the Kennedy Mortuary Abbott Rd Tuesday morninr at and from St Church at 9 riends are invited 18126 Bridie Sheehan Aug 17 1951 wife of John mother of John a Jack husband of the late Catherine Geiger Jerger father of Mrs George Rose George Charles rank Jr James Mag dalena Mrs George Wtedenbeck Mrs Rudolph Hamann and William Jerger brother of Mrs red Reinig of Water loo ma i (fence 247 Cleveland Drive Tuesdax at 8:45 A AL and ar St Alovsius Gon jSt I i A (T ZA 4 4 ri unuilll fl i J77U 5 I vited 18t20 KRANZ Augusta Wohlert Krani of 132 Theodore St in Buffalo Aug 16 1952 wife of the late rederick mother of Mrs Herman Waff Mrs George Klein Mrs Henry Block Henry Mrs Richard iller Albert rederick and the late Mrs Augusta Wein and Mrs Margaret Miller sister of Gottlieb Wohlert and the late Daniel Mrs Louise Balzer and Mrs Henrietta Bach: aid ktirviVPd hv ra nrtrh Irl i nzl i nxe gi eai granucniidi en friends may call at the Sieck Mast uneral Home! 1009 Kensington Ave where funeral 1 1 1 Uc lieivJ JlOHUay fll Al friends jnvited 17(18 i LEfSNfR Ex a A (nee WagnerL Auk IT 1951v of 29 Eggert Rd Cheekl ow aga wife of the late Louis Leisner! mother of Mrs Anna AL Gardner Miss Marv Leisner Katherine Leisner Mrs Gerevicxe Seybold of Dunkirk and Louis Leisner grandmother of Jeanne Doiothv Richard Gerald and Mark Seybold uneral from resi dence 29 Eggert Rd Tuesday morning i beven Dolors riends are in a member nf1 Seven Dolors Marine Now Has One Wife And ive Yers Probation St Aug 18 1951 husband of the Anna Wartinger Gharels Edward Closed and Union Rd Lancaster Village bridge construction BUTKOWSKI In loving memory of our dearly beloved daughter 3d Alice who died in India six ago tomorrow Aug 19 1945 Darling we miss you more and as the years pass by Sadiv missed bv MOM A DAD Thomas Ray UNERAL HOME 465 RANKLIN ST GArfield 1074 Our Only Location Pa Lir Mqr 29 nn top 29 00 handy slaughter and utility kinds with the week's and choice calves 4100 freely: medium to and strongweight bobs 2800 3000 4(174 inrhifTintf ct Monday handy weight hogg Io 50 cents lower: 2flnfh un lUesdav ripmanrl wac mnrloroia with Rates for News Want Ads Closed for railroad Use short posted detour PERRY Closed to traffic be tween Court St and Porter Axe Use posted detour MAIN HUA1BOLDT Ken jsington Ave closed al Humboldt East bound tiaffic detour Alain to Ler Kensington westbound detour at mme Ave to Lerov or Delavan year agn In Erie County ROUTE 18 Widening and resurfacing between North Collins and Gowanda reek in Broadway lan( Use short posted detour ROUTE 263 Resurfacing between Al 1 1 1 lersport and Getzville Drive with cau tion Loomis 1820 Seneca St Tursdav after noon al 2 Deceased was a mem her of Buffalo Lodge 84( A AL 18120 WOLE Aug 17 1951 John Wolfe husband of the late Ethel Van Dusen Wolfp foster brother of Ralph Shee han riends may call at the funeral home of John and1 Son 615 Elmwood Ave until Sunday evening uneral will be private I inko the mess room for their re T0 Ahira Widrick 1 1 I A 1 I rk II I uiai uiuarudM vi LUUtX HIU lUliS1 The convicts who eaten' since breakfast filed ini 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 xv i i ii VUIIIIIIVIII WHdIM) Good dairy type heifers for 2700 28 00 common heifers i Good weighty sausage bulls top 3050 however one hull waiahinfl 917A lh JamiSOTl 33 00: medium bulls mostly SHEEP Ar LAMBS Receipts 1242 in cluding 1050 direct Sheep and Iamb re ceipts this ucck totaled 192 an increase of 79 from the previous period Those offered were readily' absorbed by the local packers Good to choice pwp and wether Iambs 3150 3250 medium lambs 28 00 3000: culls 2500 2600 light culls down to 2200 Choice ha nd xx eigh sheen 1500 1600 medium to good 1400 15i0 culls and canners 800 1000 old bucks 1000 1400 James Shine Cohoes and Helene Lukasik Dunkirk Raymond lliiharh 521 Howard and Irene Kinnaum 24 Johnson 1 itzpatrick 472 Connecticut Sally Lambardo 81 18th Malcolm Alarieia lier's Widow to Wed His Twin Brother Leona Howton 193 Monroe Anthony A Revilacqua 101 Spruce and Helen At orte 900 Jefferson John McLinfork 21 Katnpei and Dorothy Garlow 219 Wpu Edward Hrennan Jr 16 Harn and Ronnie Elliott 129 Olean Henry Zulewski 208 Titus and Irene Borkowski 56 Lathrop 1 14? Cub 3 Continental motor meal prop $450 as is or will license for $500 cash Call Silver Creek 481R Leopold Prince 71 HANOVER Hi Aug 17 (INS) New York Municipal Court Judge Leopold Prince known for his Central Park Orchestra concerts died riday at Mary Hitchcock Hos pital in Hanover of a cerebral hem orrhage He was 71 do without their doormen some ofi ROUTE Closed while raisinR bridge whom get more pay than junior "aZtei London diplomats 1 The House of Com mittee on Estimates parliamen tary watchdog over expenditures RIVER PKWY Grand Island between Staley 18120 Aug 17 of Ruth and tn He ing produce Central in and invest! trucks have to haul the cars HUtR I ouis Huer in Silver Creek Aug 16 1951 riend may call at the Earl Hole uneral Home OC curred in a dense fog and tied up traffic Three ambulances were needed Both cars were demolished Sheriff Morgan load mostly utility 950 lb steers 2750 load 845 lb utility merciai Brahma steer prime prime heifers 28003100 few utility kinds 2400 2700 commercial cows largely 27 00 30 00 ijuik tanner in uiiiity cows utility tn good bulls mainlx fexv heavy hulls 31 no or slight good to nrimp vealers 35 nn'Lft no cull to nmmercial 24 00 3400 medium tn gnod stnekers and feeders 3100 35 on good and choice stock steer calxew 3650 3750 load good and choice around 950 Ih steers showing considerable grain feeding 36 00 on feeder account load com mon around 750 lb mixed colored feeders 25 on Receipts none Compared to a week ago all classes steadx Jambs active eastern shippers and small local killers big local killers bought yearlings and sheep freely: natixe lambs predominated Donald Hockey Cheek oxx a ga and Chmlotte Zimmerman 49 Carl Anthonx SumtnskL 276 enton and Cecelia Sixvirc 538 Willet Thomas Dennis 327 Busti and message from a co worker said de claims department of the old Buf rf fiiorrl 9 ucn i lonn nno Rai rA3H hom they1 joined the New a ork 11920 as a claims clerk 1 rl of He Lodge Mr wi one daughter Mrs George of Westfield two Mrs red Hawn and Mrs Snoring of Hamilton Ont brothers Carl of California and Clyde uneral services will be held at 2 Tuesday afternoon in the Loomis Offers Loomis uneral Home 1820 Seneca St The Rev Leo Engler pastor of Woodside Methodist Church will officiate Burial will be in Hillcrest Ceme tery Armor (CHOICE antique glass and china for sale Carter Goodrich Rd mile north fumi Clarence Center 15 LN antiques it china and glass lower A Gift Shoppe Route 16 Holland phone Holland 2121 open weekdays 9 A At to 8 except Monday close at 5 Sundays of Ruth and Ella Heiden of North Tonawanda Mrs Eli COUNTY APPOINTS 5 7 RESIGN POSITIONS cloine top at 2310 na'irl for weights At the 190 240 lb brousht 22 75 2300: lbs at 2225 2275: few 280 300 21 50 2225 Weights up tn 400 Bernard Bnjuuki 182 Titus Robot Binder 79 Ideal Mr and Mrs: Race 680 Walden 7 Langfield (iled up to 1 Aug 18 Alichael DeVna 931 Genesee and Gloria Rowe 703 erry will be held on Monday to be given later Mary pher nf 36 Eiseman Aug 17 1951 wife Christopher mother of Evan Chris topher: grandmother of Mrs Robert i Drewery and Evan Christopher also survived hv three great grandchildren riends mav call at the Bury uneral! Hnme 3070 Delaware corner Kinsey until 8 Sunday evening neral and interment at Rochester Mondav afternoon DEAN Anna Wolford Dean formerly of 137 Svcamore St Aug 16 1951 wife of Harry Sr mother of Walter and the late Harrv Dean Jr: sister of Paul Wolford uneral from Joseph Stauth uneral Hnme 66 Johnson St Mondav at 8:45 and at St Church at 9:30 riends invited Mrs Dean was a member of the Gold Star! Mothers Club and the Married Women's Society 17tl8 inimum Charge 66c Rates quoted for 1 or more days are for consecutive days only hulk good to prime native 3 1 041 32 DO: inn 39 95 nairl 2300 2900 mostly 26 00 2800 fedkin yearling xcethers bulked at good to 14 00 15 50: 0 50 1 3 50: hichrhnire light pwes quotable to 1600 demand for bleeding owes ali at 175O 25no per cxvi Much broader than supply all ovine grades and clae measurably 4 higher than ear earlier: crumbling pelt prices nioct bearish factor jn Jive trade Mrs Glenn Mrs red Camo Stanley Beach Alain St corner WAGNER Suddenly Aug 16 1951 at Syracuse Willard A Wagner beloved son of Willard and Anna McCarthy Wagner brother of David grandson of Andrew and Gertrude Lock and Mrs Marv Western New Yorkers interested in observing the Air orce recruit training at Sampson Air orce Base today received a formal invi tation to visit the base The invitation was issued by Buf falo Army and Air orce recruit ers and followed a similar in formal invitation bv Brig Norris Hai bold Sampson com mander issued two weeks through the Military Manpower Committee of Buffalo Capt Alfred I) Webster assist ant recruiting officer said the in vitation applies to all organized groups such as church groups parent teacher associations or any similar organizations very anxious to have area residents visit Sampson and see for themselves how' the place is Capt Webster said we will make arrangements for their visits if the groups will con tact us here at the recruiting Capt Webster revealed however LOT will buy whatever you have salennt iquo or modern EL 1072 iANTEI) Old jewelry silver china furniture etc top prices Robert I esses 244 Delaware Ave CL 6518 VK huv for cash old china glasstoys dolls jewelrv furniture etc 105 Elmwood EL 0392 SU 5389 uituiitu ju Dunugiuiii one wi ui uuu i steers ai Nuwer Elma flor weedin8e 1 11 idnue ui tuu 1 common DENSBSRGKR Lydia Deniberger Auf 16 1651 of 8 Laird Ave wife of the late George Densberger mother of William Oscar Andrew Mrs Oscar Everett loyd Densberger the late Mrs red Woeifle and Alice Dens berger grandmother of Helen Woeifle Patricia Jean and Paul Densberger Mrs Charles Hoy riends may call at the George Denneville uneral Home 366 Ontario St where services will be held Mondav afternoon at 2 riends invited 17tl8 DREWS red Drews of 81 Meriden St zug 16 1951 husband of Minnie Knack drews father of Pfc rederick Drews brother of George Drews and Mrs Han nah Diehl uneral from Chapel' Loomis Offers Loomis 1820 Seneca St Monday afternoon at 2:30 Deceased was a member of Buffalo Lodge No 846 A A Buf falo Consistory Ismailia Temple and Seneca Lodge No 556 of i Masonic services Sunday evening at 7:30 at 1820 Seneca St 17H8 ASO Jessie (nee Barone) aso of 444 ourteenth St Aug 18 1951 be loved wife of Charles Sr mother of Charles Jr: sister of Jerome of Van Nuys Calif Mario Mrs Christy Buscaglia John the late Joseph Barone Jr runeral from 152 Albany be announced later RANK Clavton rank of Hazeltine Ave Kenmore Aug beloved husband of Norma elts rank father of Susan aye rank brother of Mrs Leo Dermont Doras rank and Mrs James riends may call at the Bury uneral Home 3070 Delaware corner Kinsey where fu neral services will be held Monday morning at 11 o'clock riends are in vited 17tl8 GARRINGER Wallace Garringer sud denly in Buffalo Aug 17 1951 beloved husband of Janet: son of Mr and Mrs Jesse Garringer brother of Airs Gladys Glose Mrs Nellie Lewis Mis Pearl Bogardus and Jeffrey Garringer neral from the home of his mother 28 Ardmore PL Monday afternoon at 2 riends are invited El DEN Esther Heidenfeldt at North Tonawanda Aug 17 1951 sister feldt wood Marble of Buffalo and Alfred Heidenfeldt of Benton Harbor Mich uneral services Sundav at 3 from the Hilliard uneral Home 147 Delaware Ave Tonawanda 17tl8 HEROLD Katherine Graf Herold of 22 Macamlev St Buffalo Aug 17 1951 wife of the late William Herold: mother of Mrs Walter Kofeju Mrs Charles Leonard and Mrs Harold Sofsky sister of Mrs Rov Minor uneral from the roehlev uneral Home 84 Lake St Hamburg Tuesday at 2 18:20 ANDREW SMITH uneral Service 2293 Delaware Ave said Miss Zola Kenney grand re Elmwood Music Hall corcler ot the Women of the Moose' said that 210000 women currently are members of auxiliary chapters Here for the convention Dr Byrd president of the Univer sity of Maryland and chairman of the three man panel which Tuesday Silver Creek where services Will open age btabll IZatlOn Board will be held Monday at 2 o'c lock hearings in New York on nrofes UHTTrn i 7 tnci it A i rx zx ur I l'fH of 813 Potomac Axe Zesch: father of Mrs ing Mrs Wilbur late Harold George of Mrs Leland Jumper Albert Hutter great grandfather Eileen Kirk Calls mav the Legg Burns uneral Home 1084 Elmwood Ave until noon uneral private JACKSON rank A Jackson of Pkwy in Lackawanna 1951 beloved husband of Nellie Kearney Jackson: father of Gerard Edward Jackson and Mrs Vincent Griffin brother of Joseph Jackson of Boston Mass Mrs Martin Coleman of Scran ton Pa and the late James and Edward Jackson and Mrs Mary Ciunan uneral from Leo Buchheit uneral Home 666 Ridge Rd Cails mav be made until 9 Sunday evening Interment at Scranton Pa Deceased was a member I i a 1 I I i lx 1 1 A 111111(3 vl 4 1 1 3 A (Il 1 1 I Ou I 3 Council 2243 17tl8 I 88 retired Scott GALBO Dominic ToGalbo of or Condemned killers thrir strike at the Cook County a Dorothv LoGalbo Mrs Stanley jail today hen they docilclv filed' nerr HliaiR lb rdldl risk Mrs Louis Marrone and jnko the mess ronrn fnr thoir rnolT 11J was a member R4R 1 1 1 I WIOIICK IS survived OV niS inr uiumikh illett' pay these extras lees 1 Mann sisters 1 Richard and two Paul Jones 128 Arkansas and Eileen Gcarinan 225 Davidson Joseph Richter 298 Longnecker and Rose Cerandkou ski 184 Lathrop Rav Meunier 2137 Seneca and Margaret Siguidson 1432 Kenmore Anthonv Nowicki 89 Lombard anil WJ4Q droll' rs I rrxl Ci urhri )d I iy 1V1 rtill a I XL liable HL he learned to paint signs and scenery Seven years later he went to New York and in his brief six month stav there helped paint seven stage sets before which the great Ellen! Terrv Sir Henrv Irving Shakespear ean team gave their lust American seven performances Steel and yearling 3675 3R50 most good and (hone steer and vearlings 3200 3S50 bulk commercial to low good 2800 32 00 tip horned and com 27 25: a da tAf 1 A 3 heifers 3700 3725 most good to heifers 3200 3675 commercial Albert Hutter president treasurer of the Sign Company whose signs men were kiMed at 4:05 decorations colored virtually every this morning in a headon Catalano 17 1951 beloved I DiDomenico Cata sjvp organization vho5p Rights Congress bail had been re Thursday and riday the demand was clzorl hv tho Cnvornmont i moderately active and the market strong yoked by the Goveinment His Good and choice 170 240 Ib nearhv hr2: wife Rose submitted substitute 23 00 24 00 extreme top 2450: 25d 38o 2150 22 SO 280 350 lb 1900 2150 Good sow under 450 lb 1700 1850 450 600 lh I 1650 1750 4 1 rt i el I rs 1 HO I was a delegate to the convention oi William Clayton and Edward Wife Alimov 1a Rotary International in Brussels He was one of the earliest mem bers of the Buffalo Rotary Club LORRAINE WILSON WASHINGTON Aug 18 Pretty Lorraine Beazley Wilson widow of Air orce lier Charles Wil son announced today that she would marry her late husband twin brother on Aug 25 The Wilson brothers identical twins inseparable in grade school high school and in the Air orce were flying in the same formation last September when Charles was killed in a jet crash (AP Wire photo) A barn razing job in Elma was hastened riday night when the partly demolished structure was ig nited by a bonfire our volunteer fire companies responded to an alarm and ing The fire Rd Elma i ij 11 a WIU range ot uu Jiw common 1st who had purchased the old 'and plain steers and heifers 26 00 26 25 a1 a a A I K4 nrlft 0 '1 rl I 4 Darn irom Aonan ivieiz or isast au rora said he had removed a quan tity of hay from the building and set fire to the hay Mr Nuwer said he hooked up a hose line to the nearby home of William Hilfiger as a precautionary measure before lighting the fire Water pressure failed however and the flames spread to one end of the barn Lm innkdAxl' XJ iilld ijpt lllUf IJUPi iJ ill i 11 I r'J niruiuui uuiis musuv Road and Marilla Volunteer irej rx ftd ftA d4 4 Lft ftft I Railov nf 751 i Robert Bailey Walnut St Buf falo skull fracture and 1 injuries Arthur Batty 26 of eca St Buffalo broken neck and skull fracture The injured are: Thomas Hatcher 47 of 19 Wal nut St Buffalo head and face lacerations left leg contusions and shock William Eagle St Buffalo lacerations of I face neck and forehead Raymond Priti 24 of 679 ront Ave Salamanca shock severe in juries of undetermined nature Barbara Moritx 20 ront Salamanca face lacerations fusions severe shock red Pavlock 21 of 311 State St Salamanca facial lacera tions All the injured were brought to Salamanca District Hospital Pavlock was released after ment Sheriff Deputies Herbert nett and Robert Uhl reported that Mr Pritz was driving his car to ward Salamanca driving the other car The injured Buffalonians told were en route to The smashup occurred in front a the I mha Pino a manca Police sent a detail to the! srpnp tn assist denuties Kill I ft vft II' I I 1 i ti 1 1 1 tc i uirinru MftiMvu wim detail to handle traffic Coroner George Middleton of Little Valley ne V5OUH1 dltlUtlHfll i i 1 of 1 ho uninn whioh they were willing to pay an operated by and for employes iuo nri a i 1 a aypvimiHVHld rfllU resipnaf inns nf pnnntv mrinlnvo were reported today by County Retired Two Year Ago PAlXnnnpl Offir'OV I3rt n14 AC Vrtff A mccooA Jrnm 3 mviiii VI vz A A vv 1 J7(J Hrtlll IV 1 IIH uneral from ho fa mil a ei I 3 fnllrtii'e i kd i KrrL' tn 11 1 1 a 1 mV (J fl 0 1 i I 1 3 'MO 4UHVH3 'IHUUKIIl IJI111 utivn 1 APPoiNTMENTS Jean James 256nvpr and thev bought the Scott Mr Haney nao noen empioyeu Lawrence election clerk Board of! 7 as a rnolcr bv the JOSCDh A Sann Patrici i K4 LJ i i 11 IIL I lieu UI (traiii uiu a in for the removal Morris Race Mo'iis 'r i ind charged with brutality VIixx Mary vi! 400 500 Ih and 500 600 lb rwdu diiu birfinid voiunieei Receipts 786 all salable A Companies responded with tank trading progressed Monday a Stronger trucks and saved part of the struc anfl Jlose? with ost 1 sales 100 200 higher than (he previou ture lames visible for miles at period Tuesday the market was fully traded several hundred spectators with Mondays high time Mid 1 VUPf'ir a WalrAr ti Anrl ft gidue cdivei were iuu off Lower calves declined unevenly 2 00 300 riday me market was hiw tnnp CZzArori 18 iP) Man 42oo top 4300 000 40 00: culls 3400 3700: light HOGS Receipts Alien reed nn Bail NEW YORK Aug uel larazona of was released from day on S4000 bail 1 1 ah 1 rf 111 nn lacing uupui lauuii uts 'uedtiy 1 uesaav (icman rharppe nf mnmhprhin in a ciihvnr an( th market steady kncA I i Wednesday an active demand 1 1 1 i i ry zs i a ax nA uu vs i Km him 3 cents nicner 1 1 1 oeiwet published the results of its inves siovyiy 1 rfn 1 An trx hn 1 1 rt ES UtailUII 1 1 1 I lie VUOl UI lUiJIillltl sr 1 A 1 uinnip 1 Under construction I the ambassies land Express Hgwv I The report points an accusing okorge rbax 1 1 "itween Harlem Ave ci 1 uir ninisn rinuassy uoui man in Buenos Aires and like places who gets £5 ($14) weekly pay plus $63 overseas allowance well above the superiors back The idea of urn' has been 'for the representatives traffic using south ice road to Main St and main ()HI1 11 Ippn nn thp irnHitinnal ct i fc i nH nori service road XX 4 4AA a IS SA rail I appearance of the good old days routes The committee cited ihp door work I clcvr lv I H1OII HO Uilt i A 111 yUlUi 1 11 xzx All 1 wx a tn fx XX rx 1' a rn or ui uni in dii vnui i Udi 65 Thatcher txpist (temporary) county two veais ago cions inc io La op a little off of soaring cost of run I Trivet Mr Holler hobhvHe born Georm and came ning (orea mssins Auto Bureau: I ester Reed Alden as sisiani nerdsman county and Philip ahrer Eas Grand Island jail guard $2710 ES I A I gene i de out Rus rd 43 Sanders Rd would enforce1 his familv work no food to starve 1600 convicts doning strike ma nds in rauicK idv sisiei or Airs Christopher John Michael Wil Capt jnomas ana vioriis oi ire ann nhar PnlTink Jirnp and lic Mar niece of Rev William and Kt Rev I Patrick lobin Mrs Nell Lee and Kath leen Tobin uneral from her late resi dence 20 Burke Drive Monday morn ing at 9:15 and from St Alovsius Church at 10 riends invited 17t 18 PRATT Sarah Heaver Pi of 39 North umberland Ave Auju 18 1951 beloved wife of Ralph Pratt mother of Robert and grandmother of Robert Ralph of North Haven Conn: sister of Thomas Heaver of Pittsford YJ Mrs Charles Snvder of and the late Mrs Marv Harscher uneral from the Baron uneral Home 1932 Bailey Ave Tuesdav noon at 12 riends are invited Deceased was a member of the Order of Eastern Star air field Chapter No 3i8 ment in Pittsford RUMMEL Bernard Ku 1 Sr McKinley Ave Kenmore Aug 1 the rate Katherine Hum Hummel Jr: Hummd: Ea 1 1 1 of Arthur Sasala 73 Urban and Marv Wales 25 Rnehrer Paul Martin 8 Elsie and Margaret Jackson 26 Madison Leo Downing 366 xSanders and Patricia A Cunningham 229 Beard Thomas Bean 105 William and Anita Crawford 475 William Richard Napierala 1255 erry and Lorraine Kacprnwicz 56 Woltz Clifford Eiskant 118 Bushnell andloan Lauck 5 St rancis Auctions nAMBURG Auction Hut Lake Shore Rd next to Snvder Tank Co riday at 3 AL: 1000 bargains: bonded auc tioneer Bring anything vnu wish sold orall il 6207 days R2752 evenings ON vacation watch for auctions next month Davis Bros Auction House Joseph llubino Sons UNERAL HOME 202 NIAGARA ST Cfc 2259 Pat Rubino Lie Mgr A UTOCARS Brorkways Macks and al) Zv other makes of trucks tractors and trailers bought and sold dump and stake hoists winches pintle hooks re conditioned parts: all sires (ruck and pas senger (ires National 909 Baiiey TR 8000 CHEVROLET 1940 li ton sedan delivery in good running condition $223 HU 7N9 7 tilEVROI ET I ton sYakr' must be seen to be appreciated HO 1931 1HE R()L7l' 1946 1 1 IT with bo cellent condition Diamond Truck Co 57 1 Jr fri son WA 2760 SHA ROLET 1940 chassis with lift good condition private owner GA 3329 I jOl)GE 1946 lon panel 8795 Great 9 Lake Motors 3068 Main St AM 952 1 DODGE trucKs new and used all moV els wheelbases a selection of 50 Sues Motors 2036 South Park TR 70X PODGE 1918 chassis and cab with full tractor equipment saddle tanks 5th wheel etc 795 Great Lakea Motors 3066 Mam St AM 9521 Herbert Ernest Ma er 69 Clarence John Marchiarella 324 Plymouth Eugene Jaworski 153 Briscoe Lawrence Jasinski 41 Moselle Nicholas erri 260 Trenton Thomas Crnsbx 22 O'Connell Albert Chilcott Amherst Albert Brooks 378 Walnut Arthur Rroadxxav Kenmore A 1 1 IB twin boys Were Born To Mr and mA! Urx nf Thomas Rudnicki Cheektowaga lllOlllCl OliYll'INC 1 Raw and Cir two was charged today with em i rancis Miller Kenmore bezzling more than $10000 fromTwiN girls wr Bom to Mr nd Bigg 206 Rounds important event in past 60 years died l(Aug 17 1951) in his home 813 Pntnmae Avp up nan nppn i 1 eight months air carnival or exposition Hutter was active and artistic increating special effects that high lighted the event in the minds of many who saw it During the A encampment I in August 1897 Mr Hutter was (vice chairman of the local com mittee He designed a tremendous arch which straddled the street at Shelton Square The main figure in the arch was a great letter 75 feet high with a branching out on one side and an on the other A bandstand capable of seating 20 musicians was erected on the cen tral bar of the the arm Bureau insurance com panies anil the Pennsylvania arm Bureau Cooperative Association filed formal charges against Mrs Arwilda Jane Malesich after ai whirlwind investigation The alleged embezzlement was discovered when auditors wcrel called in to SAN DIEGO Calif Aug 18 )in the books he Navy top submarine com mander in the Pacific says he be lieves mines would prove to be one of the most destructive weapons in a new world war Rear Admiral Charles Mom sen said riday the Russians were "the most mine minded people in the world" He added: mines is a way to fight a Admiral Momsen Pacific submarine force commander here from his Pearl Harbor quarters for an inspection of sub marines and submarine repair units rx a 5 ri 1 1 1 1 OS Ort Laid Jacqueline 1 i 1 a 1 1 1 1 SM a I ft Chapin clerk typist all Hospital Salaries listed do not include an Mrs Charle Whiting and Mrs additional $700 cost of living bonusjwilber White rduii umpiuye 6 i 6 4 3 (State steers topped the market at 3R0G per cwt Choice Canadian steers cleared IriP hulk nf lnwrffTin steers and heifers were of southern orb gin Medium to good steer and heifers in mixea lots nrougnt 3000 3200 with Billington one lot of good state steer al Huttaio aooui iz years ago surviving are ms wne me ioi i mer Alice Clark thiee step sons WOMAN WARNS KIN iStep daughter Mrs Auarey uavisi yj ftKIjnti his parents Estelle and George: Bailey I NEW YORK Aug 18 A Mr Batty was employed by the 65 year old Brooklyn oman her' Merchants Refrigerating Company (own clothes flaming early today' jHe formerly worked for the Knowl routed her daughter and son in lawi iton warehouse company SHEA Agnes Sulivan Aug 18 wife ff Arthur Shea mother of Alfred Quarenghi Mrs William ing Mrs Ravmond Crawford Mrs Maggio Arthur Jr anti (hr late Shea sister of Charles Sullivan neral from the family residence Tuscarora Rd Tuesday morning at 8:15 and at St Church at 9 I riends are invited Mrs Shea was aj member of the Altar Rosary Soriot of' IKI 26nee Kerr of Aug 17 1951 xvife of the late George Smith mother of the late Uapt rederick Smith riends mav call at the family lesidcme where the funeral xvill held Sundav Aug 19 at 2:30 late nf Ya I 914 8:15 ORIENT POINT Aug 1 erry service across Long Island Sound between here and the Connecticut shore was tied up to day by a walkout of ferryboat men Thev apparently acted in uu on 4 nathv with ri in Lr nneratfirs El I i I 1 i XI I I 7 1 New York Central railroad claims have protested carrying automo wiinout anv commen wha so examiner died en roue Mercv mies tn tntn empty ever" said Warden Philip Scanlan i Hospital ridav evening (Aug 17' during ferry crossings He said he would not take any dis 1951) after suffering a heart attack Chester bwezey president oti while driving with his wife from! me ixew jonaon rieignt uineyoow Orchard Park to Buffalo on Route 'said the crewmen quit early today 240 He was able to stop his auto when the ferryboats docked in New! (London Conn About 40 trucks at Rm in Rockford Mich 1 Widrick moved to Canada with and attended school! there While in his teens he came to Buffalo with his family and for several years was a clerk in the sym ho' CHICAGO Aug 18 Re ipt 500 Hoge raltlp inri quoted nominally steady today A two dax market developed in hogs during this week Increased marketings nf light new crop nuicners weighing less than pouncis sent prices nn down amund '25 cents continued tn run hrlnw the sheep sectinn an increased demand from the East rtrvplnrrH fnr slaughter lambs which held steadv Com pared to a week ago Barrows and giltff under 240 lb weak to 25 lower: heavier xveiehts steadv to 25 higher: sows strong to 50 hjgher most advance on weights below 350 lbs the week's top was 2335 "nil 1 1 1 choice 200220 Ih io choice lb? at lb as low as 1925 earlier in the week Sows weighins 400 lbs and under j1 at on weights at 1800 19 00 heavies at 1700 18 00 C4TTIE Receipts 500 Compared to rv dixit rm pts sngnilV td' i ecK nut still prime steers active and yearlings generally slow with market nn kinds selling down 25 to fully 50 nr mA ro slaughter rattle largely steady Stocker and feeders moderately active mostlv steadv: tome fifteen loads prime 1220 1353 Ih fed steers 2900 equaling highest nrice since last Mav numerous loads prime 3860 3890 bulk high choice and prime WATERS Herman Waters 1951 in Buffalo husband Chapin Walers Euneral servi I Ar rt id 3 I In i I WIEDRICK A Wiedrick of 30 Meriden St Aug 18 1951 husband of Nellie Willett: father of Mrs George Mann biother of Mrs red Haun Mrs Bich at Spearing ('arl Clvde and the late he BOYS Were Born to Mr and Mrs: Richard Zorn 68 Glor A Zabawa 426 Benzinger to safety in a tenement fire then waiter Succop 212 Peckham died before she herself could i isiowik? 350 KoonT'a I escape Charles 11 Pullev Kenmore I The body of the woman Mrs A A I ZX I I Al I Anne 1 at zko WS OU nci in 8 hal 1 Joseph A A score!) a 84 argo WALK UU I I ALL wav connecting her bedroom with! eon M5riuba 17 Matejkn Kl CSIIKIIN: from which her kin escaped i Joseph Kuhn Kenmme jtKVILt UlN jUUiNU bv a fire ladder Iloseph Kita Hamburg Donnh i ft Chief tvawaier vuinoro a vim mhiik i ilium reported that the blaze apparently Joseph started on a staircase leading to the top floor in the three story Xndrc w' a 341 'nth omc hm Hinn nPinarn 1 After flames reached Mrs Klatz C(RLS Wer Born t0 kos bedroom setting her night s11(v Wrona 40 cioines aure sne ran io me oea Joseph Wendt rnnm ncniiniod hu Lnr JonnkiAr I Estnn ells 1 iri i Edxxard Rarabula 283 Woltz Hi Ida 4k and cnn in lau Mav clu ir5XI(l4lMvX4 1 I A dll 'Mile died en route to Mercy biles in their empty truck beds Schwartz 51 screaming for them'Edw in Sieman Drchard Park I A I zx 1 rx rs William riiniien me oenuarizs un hut Mr uac rinon when help arrived Knislv Hamburg junior election i lions Balder A jail guard Clara 'r i 1 i 1 1 a 5 a ih i i it ii rri westland Cheek iand a so was a member of Buiialo Society Buffalo Orpheus 1509 Jefferson I me VC HJKC i Id I id loan carnev js survived bv his wife Julie Merer Memoria! I jj 1 1 antW0 daughters uneral services will he private I I 1 I Di i rn it naval LI rv dl I Hv 5 ii nt oi 10 Killers End Hunger Strike 1084 Elmwood Ave Monday after A 11 noon Dr Ralph XV Loew pastor Ai U00K bounty Jail of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church CHICAGO Aug 18 (UP) Burial will be in 7 I 1 1 1 I A aA 1 4 I 1Illt UvU I I UL 7 fl I a Mr! New London and another 40 here Mother Ot Two Charged HenrvPJacobsS leader of the pro Embezzling $10000 testing truckmen said that loading) HARRISBURG Pa and unloading the piggy back cars: 35 vear old VdUNrN dll(l I Ildl ICdh age taints the truckbeds for haul I 1 A At I HL dl ill I lilt dll 1 1 1 1 U'JlivIl Mr Swezev said that the empty which she was treasurer I 1 a i in 1 I Lx zx flralhs William of 74 lorida St in Buffalo Aug 17 1951 be loved husband of Bertha Barnard lather of Lawrence Benson riends mav call at the Lesswing uneral Home 92 East Delavan corner Jefferson un til noon Monday uneral service from orest Lawn Chapel at 2 o'clock rienos invited BRENNAN Katherine Mulholland nan Aug 11 1951 wife Michael Brennan: mother and Harold Brennan of siter of Lillian uneral from her eiHenr Millirent Ave Tuesday at 8:15 A and at St James Church at 9 o'clock riend invited Member of LCBA Branch 263 Interment in Oswego BURT Mary nee Critchlowi Burt sud a I 1 A tf 1 I nE a Ave Kenmore A Burt mother of Philip Allister Burt grandmother of David and Susan Burt uneral from the Nagel uneral Home x587 East Delavan Ave Monday afternoon at 2 riends in vited 17tl8 CAMP Harold Camp of 83 Cadman Drive Williamsville suddenly Aug 17 1951 beloved husband of Evelyn Dress ier Camp son of Goldie and the late uamn: Eolev of White Douglas Washburn unera from uneral Home 5541 Cayuga Rd Williamsville Sunday after noon at 4 riends are invited Interment at Toxxanda a CARMODY lorence (L Hvan Carmodv in this city Aug 16 f951 beloved wife of Wiliam Carmodv sister of Alice Ryan and the late anvie Charles Mrs Margaret Tierney and Arthur Ryan uneral from the family resi dence 28 Bogardus St Monday morning at 8 and from the Visitation Church at 9 riends invited Deceased was a member of Roval Neighbors of America jviapie amp no J266 a i lanu rasquaie Normal Ave Aug husband of Palma lano: father of Theresa Carmeline and Carmen: brother of Salvatore George Anthony Carmela Catalano Mrs John Matassa Mrs Russell Germaine: son of Mr and Mrs Carmen Catalano neral from the Louis Mascari uneral Home 860 Niagara St Tuesdav morn ing at 8:30 o'clock and from the Church of the Nativity at 9 A riends in vited 18t20 CHESLEY Jennie ChesJev of 29 Penfield St Aug J8 1951 in Buf falo wife of the late John Chesley: mother of George of Kenmore and Aaron Cheslev of Lancaster Pa grandmother of Ethel Ricketts (Mrs riends mav call at John Home 448 Dela funera! services afternoon Time Rpfotp the davs of the automobile Buffalo about 12 years ago il oi hi xvi A hP had visited every state in me (temporary) '9 Us A ft BATAVIA.

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