The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 13, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 13, 1894
Page 5
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THE UPPEft DES MOINE8J ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13, 1804, T^iir*inrY TViio Whnln TV/fAn-fVi of June we will offer our entire stock of juuiiny 1 nis vv noie ivion in K&t^nn^v*ii^ *.** &^.* »*. ** &oods, Motions, Clothing, Furnishing G-oods, Hats, Trunks, Talises, and Shoes at away below the regular prices, EVERYTHING- MUST G-O. All Remnants in Dry Goods, Trimmings, Ribbons, Laces, small lots in the Clothing department, broken dozens of Shoes, will be sold 20 PER CENT. LESS THAN REGULAR PRICE. We are bound to close out all light colored, light weight summer goods before July 4. We invite each and everyone to look over the many different lots of good bargains. Yours, here to stay, RAILWAY TIME OAKDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL, TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at ;8:58 a m No. 9 departs at 4:26 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 65 departs at 5:30 a m No. 03 departs at.. 11:55 am No. 71 departs at Oil5pm TRAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at 10:12 a m No. 4 departs at 0:05 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 departs at 11:00 p m No. 04 departs at 1:45 p m R. F. HKDKICK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. North- Mixed 8:18 a m Pass — Freight 10:00 a m South- Pass 8:40 pm 3:33 p m Mixed 0:07pm Freight .... 10:00 am Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Des Moines at 8:15 p m. Lv. Des M. 2:30 a m Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chi cago at 8 a. m. F. H. VKSPBK, Agent. THE CITY CIRCUIT. Grand Army meeting tonight. Dr. Hudson's house is being added to. J. W. Hay expects to build, this fall if nothing happens. M. B. Burgess and Eva A. Woolry are licensed to wed. M. E. Lumbar graduates at Iowa City today. A new Sunday school was organized at the Schenck school house in Union a week ago, with 40 in attendance. Everybody should visit the public schools tomorrow morning and see the exhibits of work in botany and drawing, C. J. Brown is now sole owner of the Thorington house livery, having bought the John Groye interest. New paint is adding to the looks of the homes of Lewis H. Smith, J. R. Jones, and W. F. Carter. G. W. Cady had an invitation to go to Clear Lake Sunday and play with the Decorah band, but did not accept. Rev. Davidson will take his annual vacation in July. He will spend the first Sunday at the Sunday school convention at Waterloo. It is said that the rain stood in the roads yesterday morning between Burt and Bancroft, but not a drop hit either town. S. B. Shadle was called to his father's home near Clinton, last night, by a telegram announcing the old gentleman's death. It is settled that the Fourth regiment will encamp at Spencer, and Company F will not have far to go. Spencer is a good town for the meeting. Elmer Slagle got President Harrison's autograph Monday. He has been a difficult subject for the autograph hunters. Mrs. John Wallace and family have moved to the W. W. Johnson house and Geo, L. Galbraith will begin improving the Hough property they vacated, at once. James Randall, who took his first lessons in THE UPPER DES MOINES office, has gone to Buffalo Center to take charge of the Tribune mechanical department. Fred. Miller has just finished a 10x26-foot two-story addition to his home in Plum Creek, with cellar complete. This gives him one of the best farm houses in the county. Frank J'enkinson has added to his herd of pedigreed Shorthorns and now has eight head, He bought four fine ones of S. S. Rist last week. He now has the start for a big herd. Ringling's day will be Friday. All who come will do well to read this week's advertisements and save their ticket by making a good bargain while in town. Mrs. W. B. Quarton participated in an alumini programme of the Oskaloosa high schools last weejc. Her old classmates were all back and she was on the programme of exercises. Portland and Plum Creek will have their annual Fourth celebration at J H. Grover's. Speaking, music, refreshments, racing, etc., will nil out the programme. About 40 people went to Clear Lake Sunday and enjoyed a pleasant excursion trip. There were ten carloads from Decorah, six from Austin, and 10 from Cedar Rapids, and the grounds were crowded. Secretary Ranney says that the Lotts Creek creamery is taking in 16,000 pounds of milk a day. That is over 600 pounds of butter a day. Last month the milk brought $96 a day to the farmers, W. B. Quarton has received many very flattering assurances during the past week of;» very favorably feeling towards his candidacy in the district for judge. It looks now as though he would surely be the nominee of the convention. The rain over cast Saturday came with big hail stones at Britt, some of them eight inches around. Some of our people have have been willing to have ice drop in sheets if the rain had come with it. The Baptist society on Sunday elected Rev. Stephens to fill their vacant pulpit, and he will remain in Algona. He was liked better than any of the other applicants, and is a very able preacher. The county fair premium lists will be out this week and will soon be distributed. The premiums should be looked over carefully, as a number of changes have been made since last year. The P. L. Slagle home is undergoing changes which will make the original landmark of the diagonal street unrecognizable to old-timers. The entire roof is being raised, a now kitchen and bedroom being added, and the whole house being rebuilt. The young people of the Baptiwt church tendered a reception last Friday evening, in the church parlors, to those who so kindly assisted them in the Jarley waxworks entertainment. Cake and cream were served, and a delightful social time was enjoyed. Profs. Johnson and Lilly are getting out 2,000 catalogues for the normal school for the coming year. They are thorough school men and understand their business. We predict a more successful year than the school has yet had. It is definitely announced that Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Sessions will be members of the excursion to Denver the 26tb. The date of the wedding is not yet public but it will occur the last of next week. Many congratulations will go with them from Algona friends. E. P. Bircher has secured a new thing in this county in the way of some aluminum horse shoes for his trotter. He can put on a big shoe and have less weight than a thin steel plate adds. He will take his horse to Mason City for the races on the Fourth. Thos. Earley sends THE UPPEK DES MOINES a very handsome souvenir of Passadena. It is beautifully illustrated and among the pictures is one of Mr. Barley's home. Passadena is one of the handsomest cities on earth, and this souvenir is appropriately elegant. The committee investigating the pump question for the new well met Monday evening, and had propositions ranging from $500 to $1,200 for pumps. They could not agree and will await some further information before making a report to the council. A pump will be secured at once. In the Iowa City commencement exercises Miss Florence Zerwehk, who was so successful as a teacher in the normal school, gave an oration Friday at the annual meeting of the Erodel- phian society, on "Giants or Pigmies." Miss Zerwehk went to the university from Algona, Yesterday morning the front chandelier in the court room broke loose at the ceiling and fell in the midst of the mutual insurance men, hitting Mr. Carsterson of Seneca on the shoulder and leg, and Mr. Bernard of Greenwood on the head and shoulder. It went between the two men and so only bruised them. The lamp had unscrewed by the swaying of the wind. About 40 guests were present last Thursday evening at the home of A, P. Hall to congratulate Chas, Palmer and Mrs, Nellie Palmer on their marriage, which was solemnized by Rev. Davidson, After a pleasant evening the happy couple went to the Palmer home, which now belongs to Charlie, and which they will occupy. Many good wishes go with them. Cards have been received for the wedding reception of Miss Alice Spear and Geo. C. Call which will be held at Portland, Me., next Wednesday, June 20. Mr. Call and Mr. Spear leave for the east Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Call will be " at home" in their newly fitted house, Sept. 1, but will return from the east sometime in July or early in August. The Masons are planning on a big celebration in two weeks. Rev. J, W. Geiger of Marion, one of the most eloquent speakers in the state, will deliver the address. Tha exercises will probably be held at noon the same as at the Odd Fellows gathering, in order to allow all to come and go on regular trains. The district takes in Mason City, The Livermore Gazette speaking of the next Odd Fellow gathering to he held at its home, says: "We promise the people now the day will be lively." Jt says the l4Yermore visitors at Algona "report a glorious good time. The finest time they ever had at an occasion of this kind. They were royally entertained and enjoyed the exercises thoroughly, and give glowing accounts of it." The Buffalo Center Tribune says of Col. Sessions: He is a young man of promise and ability, as is shown in his record in the last legislature, and in matters relating to official preferment he has a faculty for getting there which suggests that his Christian name should have been "Eli." He will be a strong candidate if nominated and if elected will fill the office to the entire satisfaction of all concerned. Prof. Chaffee goes next week to his home for a short vacation and then begins his work at the Ellsworth college at Iowa Falls. He is principal of the academic department and has Latin and English as his branches. He gets a salary of $1,200 a year. Will. Chaffee goes on the road for the school as canvassing agent. This is the school endowed by E. S. Ellsworth, and it is in a thrifty condition. It is rumored that J. R. Brown hns added to his sensational career in this county by eloping from Bancroft with N. J. Skinner's horse, F, S. Norton's harness, R. S. Darr's buggy, and August Dinger's 16-year-old daughter. We have not been able to verify the report, but it is at least partially true. If Brown continues to make Kossuth his headquarters he will be likely to take in the south end hereafter. The band has now secured G. W-. Cady as leader. "Pat." organized the best band Algona ever had, some years ago, and one of the best in this part of the state, and he will by fall have the present band in shape to execute good music. He has ordered two saxa- phones, and will try and get some clarionet players. The boys should about double up in numbers, and then when one drops out the band will go on without any break. All who heard Jahu Dewitt Miller last year at the teacher's institute will be out next Tuesday evening at the opera house. He is one of the best platform talkers in the country. The musical programme is one of the best, and the graduating exercises of the normal will all be interesting. A small fee of 15 cents for admission is charged to pay for the house and the speaker. The opera house should be crowded. The school board mot Saturday evening and elected Miss Gertrude Clarke to take Miss Grace Gilchrist's place, and Miss Tenie Wallace to take Miss Jessamine Jones' place in the schools next year. Miss Clarke has taught in primary work with Miss Cramer and was highly recommended by her and comes to the school with excellent qualifications. Miss Wallace is said to be one of the best teachers in the county, and is also amply qualified. At the business men's meeting Saturday evening J. J, Wilson submitted a proposition to put in a 100-barrel mill, fitted with the best machinery in use, where his old one burned, for a bonus to be raised in Algona and surrounding country, the town to raise $1,000. A committee consisting of Gardner Cowles, J. W. Wadsworth, and W. B. Quarlon was appointed visit the business men, Mr, Wilson will put in a first-class mill if he rebuilds. The Courier, and some of the others who would like to stir up a rumpus in the republican convention, have been circulating the report that Chairman Haggard, S. S. Sessions, and W. B. Quarton will have a supply of circus tickets for the delegates. The rumor is unfounded, and delegates will do well to come armed with half dollars if they want to see the elephant. The Ring- lings do not furnish free tickets as read' ily as is sometimes supposed, A dozen Algona young people attended the first commencement exercises held by the Lu Verne schools last Friday evening. Seven graduates gave excellent orations, listened to a good address by Supt. Reed, and received diplomas from Dr. Lacy, president of the board. The church was crowded so by the people that many who came could not get in but sat in carriages outside. The music was very fine, Mr. Wrate of Emmetsburg being present with his violin. The row that broke out in the Algona band at the Burt picnic culminated in court last week. It seems that Hubbard partook too freely of the hospitality of the occasion and went to straighten out one of the band horns and broke it in two. This enraged Prof. Bartlett, who proceeded to raise a musical bump on the side of Hubbard's head. Hubbard had Bartle arrested for assault and battery, and 'Squire Clarke fined him $5 and costs; in all $13.85. Then Bartlett had Hubbard arrested by the Burt con stable and 'Spire Jjajterft ft«&,4 W $10 and costs for being drunk; in all some $20. The outcome of the business is Prof. Bartlett's retirement from the band. It is said he will go to Bancroft. A telegram came last week announcing the death of Mrs. Harry Lantry at her home in Los Angeles. Her parents live at San Diego and Harry took her there for burial. Beyond that nothing is known yet as to the cause of her untimely departure. It takes five days for a letter to come over and none has yet been received. Mrs. Lantry made many friends while' visiting in Algona last summer, and was a very pleasant and attractive woman. Her death will be sincerely mourned. Miss C. T. Dodd received an invitation yesterday to attend the graduating exercises of the women's medical college of Chicago, to be held at the auditorium. It was sent by Kate E. Keith, well known in Algona as a teacher in the normal school. She has taken the two years' nurse's training course since .leaving Algqna, and also the full medical course, and has paid her own way through both. She will practice her profession and undoubtedly be very successful. From present appearances there will be but little for the convention to do Friday. Everybody concedes delegations to Mr. Sessions and Mr. Quarton in their candidacies, and to Mr. Dolliver for congressman. And as the friends of the first two do not ask to name the delegates, but will leave it for the convention without question, there can be no dispute about that. The. appointment of the regular committees and the adoption of their report as to delegates is about all there will be of it, and no one need miss the free street parade of the Ringlings. The annual old settlers' meeting will be held at Call's grove next week Thursday. A complete programme has not yet been arranged but will be given out soon. It is the expectation of the officers to have a very pleasant reunion, and all who have been in the county 20 years are eligible to membership, and everybody is invited to come, whether he has been here 20 years or tot. The old settlers should keep up their annual meeting and not allow it to die out. One day in the year can be devoted profitably to reviving old memories. Wm. Conway, who was tried for murder at Mankato, Minn., a week ago, after lying in jail nine months, vas acquitted. His escape was due to t piece of luck. Judge Cook was in llankato some months ago on legal business, and Conway, who had worked en his farm, sent a note to him to come to the jail. Judge Cook knew him to le innocent of any such crime and Interested himself m getting evidence from here, and in seeing that his cefense was attended to. But for this it is altogether probable that he would lave been convicted as a worthless (haracter had sworn that he heard Conway confess to the crime. The lecture room at the church vould not hold the audience out br the social union club Friday evon- iig, Miss Cramer gave a very inter- ating history of the birth of Kindergarten teaching and some of her oholars gave an entertaining song. Hiss Coan illustrated her paper on cecoration with drawings of various types and told how decoration had (eveloped in all countries, J, J, lyan gave a witty address on public peaking, containing many valuable suggestions. The opening song was a met by Rubie Smith and Maud Cowan, /ho are always enjoyed, and at the dose J. T. Chrischilles gave two short qngs in German. He has a very nuslcal voice and was heartily ap- tlauded. Chas, Cohinour was ap- ioin'ted programme committee for the text three meetings. The attempt to hold George Hawkes or kidnapping failed last week, as no pecific contract could be proved by rhich Henry Curran was entitled to iold Mrs. Hawkes' youngest children. t seems that when Mrs. Hawkes went o Spirit Lake Mr, and Mrs, Curran ook all four children to keep, rather ban have them go to the poor house, 4th an understanding that they Ijould give them up at any time if heir expenses were paid, otherwise to iave their services till they were 18 .ears old. As soon as the two oldest rere old enough to be of service Mrs. Jawkes took them, and now the two •oungest, 11 and 13 years of age, have eon given up, and Mr, Curran gets othing for the care and attention the faildren have had, which all agree has fen the same as bis own children %ve had, Mrs, Hawkes returned to ier home in Dawes county, Neb., ft! oce after the court decided $1 |ere was no legal claim % jjildren here. m CANDIDATES TOR A^SHOT GUN. Two Younpt Men Are Tried for Disorderly Conduct on the Street and Are Now Held for Assault Upon Some Women. W, J. Stevens and J. J. Kirby were drunk on the street in front of John Goedors' store Saturday evening, and blocked the way so some ladies could not pass. They were taken before 'Squire Clarke and fined $5 each and costs. On leaving the court room the two went to the Milwaukee depot and stopped at Geo. Hornung's homo, where Mrs. Hornung is in poor health and two ladies are stopping with her while her husband is in Oklahoma. Here they made indecent proposals, swore, and finally struck one of the women. They were arrested again and will have a hearing today. If guilty they should get a penalty they will not soon forget. 'Squire Clarke fined each $25 and costs, the only charge against them being assault and battery, and they gave mortgages to pay. TWO MORE WRETCHES. Night Watch York found two men and a woman about 4 o'clock this morning wandering about, and shut them up as vagrants. There is a report that they are wanted at Ruthven and that officers will come for them. 'Squire Clarke set the men at work on the stone pile to pound up $20 each, and sent the girl to her home in Ruthven. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Thos. McDermott came home last week for a visit. Frank E. Smith is in DCS Moines and Indianola on a ten days trip. Miss Maggie Haggard is at Faribault for the closing of school. MissLillie Ranks returned from Chicago Monday. She has spent the winter in musical study. Geo. Horton arrived from Minneapolis Friday, having finished his first year at the university. Dr. Glasier went up to Austin, Minn., to visit his parents over Sunday. Mrs. Glasier is in Wisconsin visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Patterson are home from their California weddding trip. While there they went into the Yosemite Valley. Mrs. Chas. W. Russell came from Omaha Friday with her two daughters and will visit at W. H. Ingham's a month or six weeks. J. D. Skinner of Manson, Mrs. H. B. Stafford of Plain View, Neb., and Mrs. Mat. Durjin of Cresco are visiting at N. J. Skinner's this week. Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Walker of Dubuque were here over Sunday visiting Mrs. Walker's sister, Mrs, J. W. Hay. Mrs. Walker will remain some weeks. Mrs. Chas, Slagle and two children are home from Perkins visiting at August Zahlton's. Charlie has now been transferred to Mapleton, quite a promotion. Thos, McEnroe graduates in the law at Iowa City this week, and will bo at home tomorrow. He will probably be interviewed about his fortune in the West Indies, Mrs. Geo, E. Clarke went to Faribault Monday to attend the closing days of' school, She starts home today with Miss Lula and Miss Mattie Haggard, who have completed their year. Fred, Bartlett, who has just graduated at the New York law school, came Saturday for a week's visit in Algona, after which he will go to Omaha and Kansas City. He has taken a yery thorough law training and will be a successful lawyer wherever he locates. THE removal sale of furniture at J. R. Laird's is no hoax, Anyone can tell that by the loads of goods that are leaving his store daily. You can get a quarter's worth for 15 cents at the Opera House Grocery this week. WALL paper, new stock at Galbraith's. CHILDREN'S and men's clothing. We still have a good stock that we are selling regardless of cost. G. L. Galbraith. cut m TWO. The Pioneer Press, always abreast of the times, has reduced its subscription """"st one-naif. The new rate pa y a.nd Sunday editions \$ bjjt 'gQ, "~ '""" months. The Pioneer Press is now the cheapest metropolitan newspaper in the country. Its high standard will be thoroughly maintained, and, in view of the largely increased circulation which it will most assuredly have, it hat) entered into-arrangements to even greatly improve the paper.'' Everyone can now afford to have a daily paper, as it costs but a cent and a fraction a day. All orders should be addressed to the Pioneer Press, St. Paul, Minn. Jersey Bull Cnlf for Sale. Col. Spencer has a handsome three- months Jersey bull calf, of the very highest breeding, for sale cheap. Fourth of July Cigars. Cigars at all prices for Fourth of July celebrations. Will take back all unbroken boxes. F. W. Waterhouse.-t3 DR. WOODBURN, eye and ear special-' ist, from Dot) Moines, will be at Dr. Tribon's office on Monday, June 25. The doctor not only treats all diseases in his special line, but correctly fits glasses for thosu who need them.—12t2 WHITE SWAN flour at Langdon & Hudson's.—1 It2 WATCH for the pink sticker. Money. Plenty of money now for all applicants at the Kossuth County State bank, for real estate loans at lowest rates. Money paid at once on completion of the papers. DAKE'S ginger wafers. Langdon & Hudson.—1112 THIS dusty weather you need toilet soap. Just see what you can get in that line at the Opera House Grocery. GALBRAITH is selling ginghams, out-, ing cloth, calicos, and plad-dress goods at 5 cents a yard. Plenty of Cool at J. J. Wilson's.—12t4 HOUSE and barn for sale. Inquire at the postofflce.— 12tf NONE surpass our 50c tea. Langdon & Hudson.— i CLUB HOUSE coffee— very fine— at Langdon & Hudson's.— Ilt2 Low Rates to Council Bluffs. On account of the annual encampment of the department of Iowa, G. A, R,, the Northwestern line will, .from June 17 to 21, sell excursion tickets to Council Bluffs and return at greatly reduced rates; tickets good for return passage until June 22, inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway.—It Loss than Half Kates to Colorado, On June 23 and 24 the Northwestern line will sell excursion tickets to Denver, Pueblo, and Colorado Springs and return at less than one fare for the round trip; good for return passage until July 27 inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway.—12t2 Half -Hates to Cleveland. On account of the convention of the United Societies of Christian Endeavor the Northwestern line will sell excursion tickets to Cleveland, Ohio, and return at the exceedingly low rate of one fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale July 9 and 10, good for return passage until July 31. For detailed information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway. — 12t4 Half Bates to the Seashore. On account of the annual meeting of the National Educational association, which will be held at Asbury Park, N, J., July 10 to 13, the Northwestern line will, on July 7 and 8, sell excursion tickets at practically one fare for the round trip, thus offering an exception* ally favorable opportunity to teachers and the public in general for a visit; to one of the most delightful resorts on the Atlantic coast. For tickets and detailed information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway. — 13t4 CreeU. LOTTS CHEEK, June 1?.— The teach.' er in No. 4 held memorial exercises on May 29. We understand they were very well executed, and appropriate. Our town has bought a road grader. suppose P. J. Walker will run op* jtol} Wi$ bJ« Plow. We arewiU-

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