The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 13, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 13, 1894
Page 1
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'^?& : '&*:£^>$* r;-W*w«« ALOONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13, 1894. We Can Save You Money Enough to buy a family ticket to the circus if you buy your groceries at the Opera House Grocery. BIG PRICES JOB PHYSICS. Bancroft froetors t*f «s6nt Some Bills for Attending th'e the Bills laid Of er. Petitions tof Bridges dnd Gfadss Ga* lore—Wotk Don<4 at th« Session of the Board. CLEARING SALE &U8wed matefl&t, IdWHsWp to fltf wofk, Road tax of $60 on west 4 southwest i lfi>98t 28, refunded. Road tax on southwest northeast * 9,*28, PeUfiet Bonds of J, O. Match td do couttty ftdifig! C. L. Hager, justice} John B. otiselj clerk; John Fitch, constable) -AT- GALBRAITH'S. Ginghams for - - 5 cents- Calico for - - - - 5 cents- Outing Flannel .for - Scents- All-wool C. C. Carpet for 50 cents- Cotton Carpet for - 20 cents- Worsted Dress Goods for 39 cents- Worsted Dress Goods for 15 cents- Jamestown Dress Goods for 30 cents- Jamestown Dress Goods for 40 cents- Plaid Dress Goods for - 5 cents- Cotton Dress Goods for 10 cents- Ribbon for - - - 5 cents- Ribbon for - - - 10 cents- -worth -worth -worth -worth -worth -worth -worth, -worth -worth -worth -worth -worth -worth 8 to 10 cents 7 cents 8 to 10 cents 65 cents 30 cents 60 cents 35 cents 50 cents 60 ceuts 10 cents 5 to 20 cents 8 to 10 cents .10 to 20 cents Remnants at about half price. Clothing regardless of cost. In shoes we have some good bargains. WALL PAPER, new stock at the lowest prices. ,L GALBMITH & CO. When in Need 2=-^ Boots and Shoes . 1 The best place to go for them is the : AiS ell& Shoe Store. We handle nothing but boots, shoes, and rubbers, and our goods are the best and our prices the lowest for first-class goods. BBOWNELL & ALLRED, Algona. The board was beset "fora and aft," as an old settler used to say, at its meeting last Week, having LuVerne at one side on the grade question and Bancroft at the other on the doctor bill question. The latter got the right- of-way and occupied the most attention. Drs. Cutler and Walters presented big bills, and as our correspondent said lust week, the understanding was that the "fun would begin" if they were not allowed. The board laid them over till the adjourned meeting for further investigation. Dr. Cutler wants $156.10 for attendance and medicine for Stude Campbell's family. Dr. Walters wants $43 for attending Mrs. Joe Weston, $125 for an operation on Mrs. Weston and -visits, and $125 for an operation and visits on Ed. Colson. The surgical operations were cutting tumors from the neck. The total of the four bills is $449.10, and the reason the board feels inclined to cut them is that Dr. Walters put .in a bid for doctoring the poor of the north end of the county a year for $100, and then withdrew it, and that was the sum paid last year. Drl Kinney withdrew his bid of $200 for the south end and Dr. McCormack was given the job at that figure. AN ADJOURNED MEETING. The board will come together again June 25 to attend to unfinished business. TO HAVE ARTIFICIAL RAIN. A hydrant from the city water works was ordered in on the court yards, and Mat. will sprinkle the grass during the summer and get a hay crop whatever happens elsewhere. A diagonal sidewalk from the well to the southeast corner of the courtyard was also ordered. It is a good thing and will keep the people of! the lawn and allow all hands to get a drink without going a half block out of the way. COMMITTEE TO SETTLE. This year the county will settle with all the officers, treasurer^ auditor, sheriff, clerk, and superintendent. John. G. Smith and W. H. Nycum are the committee to examine the books. Heretofore the treasurer and auditor have been the ones to stand an investigation. A BIG DITCH. The board have the six-foot ditcher running down the channel of Four Mile creek from the line of Fenton and Lotts Creek townships to where the channel is a sufficient drain, about five miles in all. It drains a lot of the worst places on the roads the county has. ON ACCOUNT OF THE BANCROFT FIRE. The assessments of the men burned out up at Bancroft were reduced, John Duckmanton $75, A. Ward and Wm. Dletz $250 each, Campbell and Reynolds $300, and Nemmers Bros. $400. ANOTHER BRIDGE IN LUVERNE. A petition was in for a 70 foot bridge between the northeast of 16 and northwest of 15-94, 27 in LuVerne. Hollenback was appointed to go and see it. He is figuring on taking Company F hi . . , . clerk; John Fitch, constable) approved, Tax of $6.04 oa southwest northwest 36-99, 28, refunded. TttX of $7.83 on northwest 6-94, 29 and $7,83 on southwest 6*94, 29, fe- funded. Treasurer authorized to redeem lots 3 and 4 block 5 of IrVington, being 'church property. Auditof instructed to remit $1,900 of J ( J. Wilson's tax assessment on account 6f the burning of his milt. Highway asked by Wm. Waburton through 19'99, 27 be laid whenever owner of southwest i northwest i 19-99, 27 gives his consent. Tax of Julia A, Neeltngs on lot 7, Bancroft, abated for 1893. . Treasurer Instructed' to redeem lots 5 and 6 in block 18 for 1892. Doable assessment. Tax for 1893 on northwest i 20-98, 80 remitted. Consent highway of J. A. Caulson on east side of 9-99, 29 located. Consent highway 44 feet, asked by J. A, Winkel on 13-98, 29, laid. Consent highway 66 feet asked by E. Bacon on 29-97, 28 laid and original highway vacated. Tax for 1893 on west i 6-94 4 29 refunded. College land. County poor continued for June as before. The court-house roof will be fixed again to prevent leaking. May He in paying too much for a- thing or in paying too little. If you buy groceries for less than we ask, you'll not get as good quality— that's poor economy. If you pay- more you pay too much, because we sell the best there are. Grocers/ Langdon & Hudson. Is not to be had at any price; but you can get dry wood at Hamilton's cheaper than ever, Remember we also keep our usual large stock of hardwood lumber, sewer pipe, brick, tile, posts, etc,, etc. Come and see us, J, A, Hamilton & Co. I Have Got to Move, and in order to reduce stock will sell at AWAY DOWN prices, Please come early and avoid the rush, and also get first choice, Remember— THIS IS NO HOAX' ar pate everything from a baby chair to a along to see him through. GRAND JURY ON THE JAIL. Thejast grand jury sent the following to"the board: "We, the grand jury, do respectfully recommend that the part of the basement used as a city lockup be cleaned and kept clean at city expense or be vacated. "Tuos. HANNA, Chairman." The board referred the resolution to the city council. LOTS OF GRADES AND BRIDGES. Hollenbaok was appointed to do the following work: To make bridge between 14 and 15-95, 27; to make grade between 14 and 15-95, 27; to make ditch and grade on west line 81-96, 27; to make grade between 28 and 24-97, 27; to make bridge on 17-95, 29; to repair mill bridge north of Algona; to ditch slough on south line of 86-96, 28; to make grade on east line of 12-95, 28. Smith was appointed a committee to do the following work; To repair Brayton bridge; to build grade on south line of 17-98, 80; to make grade between 4 and 5-98, 37; to make ditch and grade between 5 and 8-98, 27; to make grade and ditch between 21 and 28-98, 27; to make bridge between 21 Hnd 82-99, 28. REPORTS OF COMMITTEES, Rawson reported on the petitions referred to him, as follows; To lay on table bridge and grade between 21 and §2-97, 30. To build grade on west line 33-97, 30 provided slough is drained without expense to county, To build grade along south line 18-96, g9, TBINQS STILL IN PROSPECT, B,awson was appointed a, committee to "report on J» J. Banwart's petition for bridge on souttj Une §5 and 27-95, 30; to wake grade between 28 a.n4 §3-94, 30: to build bridge and grade between 16 an4 8^96, 30; to build bridge on 4-96,80; to b«U4 bridge pa 89-97., SO; to buU4 two bri4ges over Jlftcfe Cft* creek between gg and 83-9T, 30; to tUe road between § and 6-95, W; Jo build gra4e on §o«th U«e of 33 an4 34-97. 80; to buil4 gra,4e between 22 and 25-96, 80; to 4itPU OB, w^fe }ine of 8-99, 30. Consent .Wrtww fgked by A, J. feet on }H9.39 Ifti4 ._ i-j^-n-s.W.K*,?*. OOBN ALONE IS ALL BIGHT. Onts Not More than Two-thirds of a Crop— The Iowa Crop Prospects as Seen In June, The June crop report of the Iowa weather and crop service bureau, giving a summary of the crops from 1,000 correspondents, is completed. The winter wheat acreage is 207,860 and the condition 87 per cent., and .the spring wheat acreage 564,770; condition, 89 per cent. The estimated total yield of winter and spring wheat is 8,500,000 bushels. Reports show an increase of corn acreage in every county, making the present acreage 6,738,170. The condition is 101 per cent, and the outlook has never been more promising. Oats show a decreased acreage o_f 3 per cent., the number of acres being 4,029,719. Its average condition June 1 was 85 per cent., with a probable loss of at least 10 points since that date. The state as a whole will not produce over two-thirds of an average crop of oats. The-rye acreage is, 102,967 , and ^ the, condition 88 per cent. "* Barley in number of,acres boasts 501,031 and a condition of 87 per cent. Irish potatoes number in acres 115,729, and their condition is 96 per cent. The average amount of last year's corn in farmers' hands June 1 was 16 per cent., or about 34,000,000 bushels. The stock of oats on hand is 11,000,000 bushels. Live stock condition is 98 to 100 per cent. ___ WATCH for the pink sticker. ALL FREE. Thoso.who have used Dr. King's New Discovery know its value, and those who have not have now the opportunity to try it free. Call on the advertised druggist and get a trial bottle, free. Send your name and address to H. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get a sample box of Dr. King's Now Life Pills, free, as well as a copy of Guide to tlealth and Household Instructor, free. Allpf which is guaranteed ,to do you good and.cost you nothing. Sold at L. A. Shoetz' drag store. • * you find yourself in need of New Carpets, Curtains, Portier's, (•^•^^^^•^"•••""•^^"^^^^^•••••••^••^^"••^ •••"•••••"••••'•^ ^^^^ t and Draperies, Rugs, Mats, MMMMMMMMWBMMM ^ ^ Carpet Sweeper^ ,'. Curtain' ; etc., ,p REMEMBER- The Grange Store Offers you the largest assortment, the best goods, and the lowest prices. . r "#8 ;"<a SEE THE WORLD'S ¥AIR3?QR 15 CTS. Upon receipt of your address and 15 cents in postage stamps we will mail you prepaid out 'Souvenir Portfolio of the World's Co- lunbian Exposition; the regular price is BO cei(s, but as we ,vant you to have one wo nuke the price nominal. You will find it a week of art and a thing to be prized. Itcon- talis full-page views of the great buildings, wi;h descriptions of same, and is executed in ilghest style of art. If not satisfied with it rfter you get it we will refund stamps anlflet you keep the book. Address H. E. Bujklen & Co,, Chicago, 111, 4 I BUCKLEN'S AllNIOA SALVE. "Jhe best salve iu the world for bruises, CUB. sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetbr, chapped hands, chilblains, corns ana allskin eruptions, and positively cures piles or Jo pay required, It Is guaranteed to give peieot satisfaction or money refunded. Free 85o a box. Sold by L. A. Sheets. t Plinery. Center of Attraction Studley's Pharmacy Everybody Goes There! Latest Styles, Finest Stock, Are now prepared to show customers and intending purchase^ one of the finest and most varied stocks of millinery goods to be seen in this section. It has been selected with special rel' ereace to the wtints of this community, end we have no hesitancy in say- that we can satisfy the most fastidious as to price or quality, NEW STORE. D,o you want to be happy? Do you want to sleep well? Do you want to live to a g old age? Then Buy Your Groceries at tho New Store. James Patterson, it A .-'$ ' • S*

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