Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 14, 1946 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 14, 1946
Page 6
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Ono time , fhroo llmai "THE FIVE MONTH chow. male HOPE. ARKANSAS ThUMtlay, Fe By Chick Young carr could have murdered me. That was great, because wrxn a £uy'r, that mad, he's not careful about what he says. MAYBE SHE DOES, BUT SHE DIDN'T GET IT FROM ME.1 HAD A DATE WITH THE DF.LI.E GIRL LAST NIGHT. I'M LATE. AND WHEN I DRIVE UP TO HER APARTMENT I SEE HER AND THIS WOMAN- CHASER, FLINT, LEAVING IN A CAB. I rOLLOW THEM TO THIS DINE AND DANCE PLACE. WHEN SHE ME WATCHING THEM 'SHE WALKS OUT ON FLINT AMD LEAVES WITH ME. THAT'S ALL. THAT'S ABOUT THE WAY rLINrTOLD IT TOME. HOW WELL DID YOU KNOW JIMMY JERCE/ &r".. n , e<*Apoo M NUI SCARR7 ^a ATALL BUT YOUR GIRL FRIEND KNEW HIM, DIDN'T SHE,SCARR? AMD YOUSEEfy\TO i KEEP PRETTY GOOD TAB ON YOUR GIRL FRIEND. > ALEXANDER •• *XJR L'TTLE GiRL FRIENC? EMILY VU4NJT5 TO SPEAK TO SOU ON THE PHONE I OONT WANT TO ANSWER IT TELL HER I'M CXJTOFTOVNfrO' I'M PLAYING HARD TO GET ,. ( I'LL ANSWER tC POP-I'LL • TWE IDEAt EMILYS A LOVSLV LrTTLE GIRL.' ANSWER IT! ^W3.S MEANWHILE 1/W THE SHERIFF HAS MADE A DISCOVERY: I'M ASTIN'VOU A3IN, JED- AN' V'OU BETTER TELL TH WHERE'P VOU Glf THIS SPADE i TOLD SHERIFF.,.! BOU6HV HIT ! OH, YOU DID. EH». NOW J'U TELL YOU SOA\ETHIN'f THAT SPADE WUZ SOLO TO HAL IRBY JUST BEFORE HE WUZ MURDERED.' WAIT! ru TELL YOUTH TRUTH.I FOUND HIT IN TH' DITCH ALONGSIDE- TH' ROAD ' OH.YEAH? IF I'D KNOWN YOU WUZ BACK IN TH 1 COUNTY I'D WE HAD MY EVE ON YOU SOONER, 3EDSKEEN! YOU AIN'T GOT A 6UN.HAVE Side Glances By Galbraith MODEST MAIDENS TraJemark Kivi.«!wl U. S. Pittnt Office -'COI5PIN TO HA(?OUY ES/UF TO GET OVER TH" MOUNTAINS.-BUf THEy WAS GOING- TO T(?V/ LOOKS O.K 1 . SO PAR... NOT MUCH THEY CAN'T NOW.. ANP CANT SET OVER. THE LOST FEELING; WITH BOTH OF GONE..PROWNEP IN THAT PEVILISH THElE PLANE 15 My ONLY CHANCE OF GETTING- our HERE..-AND H£ SOONER THE BETTER SCOKCHV AMP CEJ.IA C-OING TO TKTV A MO SET OUT QC THE IN THEIR PLANE WHERE 1$ IT, 6-f?L>e-STAkCE2 SHE'S OVEB HEPE WHERE THEV UEPT it/ FOLKS-VMS MEDICINE IS GUARANTEED TO CURE ALL YOUR I..LS- GO WAY, BOY YOU BOTHER ME 1S« BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF "It_was my idea, this WAV he can't back out!" Freckles and His Friends By Blosser Did you fort-el that program you had on yesterdnv n[ 2 o clock, ma'am—the one whtM-e the wife- hud jusf de- u»ed her husband was in love with a nurse?" Funny Business By Hershberger NOW YOU 60 HOM^, )s^ ' " HEY, Fl?ECk',C3ATMER. THE CI.AN'AMD COME OVER. .' HILDA JUST FOUMO < SOME SIZZLING- PLATTERS / , s BOTTLE-NECK, AMD' /' DOMT OOME B/SC AGAIN / COLLECTOI? OF ••; 1MTERNAL •.' REVENUE , .^^ ^ ~*^ V -^ ; *. ^—' v —^>«s-^ ---So I TUCKED JUMlOR. HOLY COW.' WHAT'S BITIN' THW CRITTER? IT MUST BE AWFUL, TO PAWlC ^., . •' ' - T THAT ^WTTER LIKE COMIW FROM I IT DID LE'S UP THEKE; X & 0 nEANWHUE' . . , TAKING THIMGS ANY WHISKEES A'ACH I'NE ' 'C ABOR ATO RV EASY, JUST A5 / POPPING INSTRUCTED LET'S HAVE A LOOK AT HOW OOP'S POIN6 BACK IN MOO " fy '"YI;'U/i- 'St-lf TI—'U srvic •> NY - v\ SUMPIM *?•'<. \ ::•:{ QUBES1 "The reports are coming in more accurately since we put that dummy at the entrance!" COPP. 1946 B T N€A SEPV.Ce.' l M n. T.'M. REC US. PAT. OFF" " Thimble Theater /OH. POPEVE.'.' HOW OH, POPEYE //; YOU ARE SO-0-0 STRONG/ WHEN I WAS WE DKlMkED VOR TWL ?OVV HOUSE ,tV\W^ VOU'.WOW ' King Fcaiutts Syndicale-. Inc.. \Voilcl righti Out Our Way Our Boarding House With Major Hoople By J. R. Williams ' IT'S GOKIWA T^KE STROUG /HOKUS-POKU5/ L MUMBO- JUMBO// DO OAKY, WHEIJ I MEED 5TROKJG MAGIC/ Q4KY/ 5TAWD BY THAT LEVER/ PH, 1 BEO YOUR. PARDIW-- 1'M SO SOR.R.Y, BUT I DIDM'T SEE VOU BEHIND THAT FAT GUY WHEN) 1 G.IVE HIM A PUSH IM TH' MUSH/ WHY, HBS> TH 1 OME THAT STUMBLED AM' BUMPED ME IMTO TH' BIG BULLY/ WHUT'S HE APOLOCblZIN)' TO HIM PER.? WELL, HE LOOK.S LIKE HE'S GOMKJA AMOUNT TO SUMPIW IM LIFE AM' YOU LOOK LIKE YOU AIM'T, AM 1 THAT TOUGH LOOK.S LIKE HE'S NEVER. BEEN RIGHT IM HIS LIFE--THEM'S TH 1 ONES TO TELL BY.' DONrr THE'EARS, MWSOR/ -ru,,,^r,/ ,^ m Xl ^ Ot *W A TWO-BIT X NA \MORKlNiG•*—1^ SMEl^GALl BOT X' coo , a ,^'°°° t% 7^ T0 PICTURE < FORH^5-«-J^i KER.TRA(OCE, AMO THfKT "DEATTED ' >• — -^y^^, -ruci^v c=-=. vooTipn T»—' W^ \ \ ^ W f YOU'RE TH*ON_l - ' NEAR WHERE HE \<A5 KILLEtD' W .„ 5HERIFF VJILLWAl^T V TO QUESTION TOD •* . . %. <cr^~-,;—'xSS 4 : ^-^ "^^m 1-nj'—<- 1WLJ 1*1, U V^INJ - TAMERTDQW166S? .FHwinry 14, 19/16 SSIFtED J ' word, minimum 30c Sl» ti».. • JlllHr"""""" 1 " *" ^ '• '' ^ :il±r * "° ORE YOU TELL THE atnr'vr.Mj V/-M, „,-,»,,.. QUICKEIl YOU SELL" Sale Notice '"KK IDEAL FURNITURE STONK L'^'' f" n " U !!l<! nnd belter __ ___ __ _ 9-Cl J'HK-WAU PORTABLE HFnON-'o fnnn V """d. Condition. $in Phono" ....1. ' cxlc "S"on 240. 1 2.31 E TRA. Uor. Good rvmdiiion. I'- miles n I _on Lewisvillc highway.' 12 3, OLD CHINESE Bargain, Phone 13-81 OLD NEWSPAPERS^ Pounds for f -. Hope lice. TIIT-IER Stiir Of_____________ _ 5-Gt LARGK SIZE TABLE MODFl" crnom scpnratnr. yood ;,s new Ono smooth mo.ith nailo K n' Hiibbru-d. Hope, Ark. K, )U ( t ,' ^ . ____________ _ 13-31 CAFK KQUiPMENT." 10. Gncvl condition, drink four colfco urns, cash rosr,. scales, S |,v, m table, hot watp, : iK'iitor, dish tubs, two stoves -seven tab e.s. 14 .stools, H chairs.' wo counters, pressure cooker II foot meat counter with nil Set- Calvin E. Cassidy iv j INCOME TAX SERVICE. IF YOU have income tax troubles. I will ue glad to help you. Do it now "void the rush in the last day.-.-' Charges reasonable. J. W Strick- J. :uu Jl I_-24-7w WE BUY. SELL Oil TUADF household furniture. Anything ,/ value. Your sell won't be too small and they don't KB I loo tic See us at 220 East Third City I< urniturc Co. Phone 873 _ 28-1 m jHelp_Wanted EX P E RIE NC ED~~ ~P R F S S E R white or colored, Apply in pc,-. Min at Ideal Cleaners, 107 Front Street. „_ „• HOPE STAR, HOPE, AR Fa r Enough By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. Many soldiers and hlue-jackels have written me angry letters be- n«n i Si '' v ,',' - K 0;lsy f(jr '-'"'iiH-d a fill.-i tors in their midsl to exploit men- honest grievances for ulterior political purpose:; and to their own eventual detriment. With great re- I . f<-'>' Ihoir intelligence and pull lolism but realizing their lack of •.xpeiiencc I still insist that they n;,t don I know what they are talking about. This will make thoni : ; u;ner than ever because a man i.Ues to be told thai he is being Jlayed for a chump but per'o ri^ KANSAS Uncle Sam Gets Boatload of Page Seven low 456 ., l o sons of American servicemen a H P ; : wives who recently arrive"™" NPW Yo-k ohnnT?.' " Ul S dubbed, of coune, "Stork Special box ' COMPLETE FIXTURES F O R grocery store including market lixtures. Sec ,1. L. Andi-rsoir. fith and Hervey St. Hope, Ark. 11-fit ALTO SAXOPHONE! IN GOOD condition. A. L. Harfiis, Call or see after (i p.m. Phone 1030-W. II these men knew as much as know about such manipulations ... would examine the background of comrades who spring i m »m»ng them and, by clever .^v. "spokesmen." They would reah/o that this manipi la-on ,s .;, 1,-ade regularly it 1 organ.-/™! classes around u To, square which produce rcmarl ab y ellective operators. 'l'1'C.y would keep aware of the •'i •••(-I propaganda line of union ZiTn/ 1 '^ 1 1 ? 3 " ^ S'""-".-"-it " of J, lh,i • 1( r p " Iilical P'-opagan- «•' "ml is mixed into their or- '' " '' l ' ; ' s iinc l resolutions. ----- •••«-"t-j»vfijv./r\ iiv' condition Can be seen at . Co. 214 East WINCHESTER SHOT ~GUN~~~'l2 Jr!M'T/ UU C "' jkC; ,4*2, i ny'uBER TIRfif WAGON.~~SKF ( Jffi& R .° wc - "'• < f "« ™$\ Lost * ••-.-... • t . ».j i i i i i u j" r, >*/\'('' ' K. i rn. y ir m nlol " ltL>t i on wheel. Size 1 Mit.-IG. Please call j. n Film S._ ol Post Office. 12-.ii TAN BIT T "ROT n^vrTTM of currency, drivers license. $40 check. Howard for return to J v. Moore. n i, Services Offered REGISTERED SPENCER COR-, sctiere, individually designed corsets, brassieres, men and wo- mo !J s _ surgical supports. Mrs Huth Dozier. 318 North Elm Si' — °.?f j2^-_?'^?" c H4 ' J - 28..1rri HAVE OWN TEAM~Ar7rj"\VAGON to break gardens or haul any.. .T. W. Brown. Phone 3H-W- __ 11-6t Estate for Sale SPECIAL. house, vacant now on 15th SI -lahle down payment. Balance on monthly terms. MODERN 5 ROOM HOUSE WITH garage on large lot, just off pavement. Near high school. Furnished or unfurnished. Immediate possession. Call Vincent W.' Fos- _U;r, Phone lili-M. 12.3! n nooM~Hous i~" "B ATI i AND nan. well arranged into three rooms apts. ample closet space, good bnilt-in's. Garage corner lot. Phone 810-J ----- R. O. Robins, 70n West Ave. B. Hope. ]9.ni six ROOM HOTJSE~ON" NORTH Elm. $3250. See Riley Lewallen . 14-31 Basketball Scores By The Associated Press EAST Coniiecliciiu 51: Army 50 Yves I Virginia Cl; Pill'41 Columbia (ill; Pennsylvania 5G. Bethany (W Va i 41; Washington and Jefferson 40. Boston Naval Separation Center 77; Colby 41. Mai-bard S12; Northeastern 25 Quonset Naval Air Station 47- Amhersl 34. Brooklyn College 42; Fort Schuv- ler 37. Philadelphia Naval Hospital 71- La Salic (it) (overlimei. Rutgers 07: Haverford 30. South Navy 74; U. S .Merchant Marine Academy 45. Woodbcrry Forest 00; Randolph Ma con 2?,. Mississippi 45; Mississippi State Corpus Christi Nas 51; Louisiana Stale 4!i. Henderson State Teachers (Ark) •n: Magnolia A. and M. (Ark) 2f! Jiu ;ksonville Nas 71; Key West North Carolina Slate 51- Clemson 4U (overtime) Te'ch"''^ Carolina (33; Virginia Loyola (Baltimore) 45; Western Maryland 43 Aberdeen Bombers GO; Norfolk- Navy 41 Kentucky State College 45; Lincoln U. (Mo.) 35. Midwest Peru (Neb) Teachers GO; Tarkio (Mo) 41, Loyola (Chicago) 04; Si Ambrose (la) 45. Culver-Stockton 40; Iowa-Wesley- i3 M Oo. College of Emporia (Kas) 57- Friends Univ 31. Emporia State 54; Baker 40 Western Illinois Teachers -G3- Eastern Illinois Teae('i-..s -i i th,t '_';„ ,. vas , ""' stM' - V " d ''served l. in the editor of youn 9 s / ers ? m ° ng ] 7 ° trans P ort pictured be - childr ^ °"d Argentina," d r in H ? noluUl • wa ««° •icivisecl early m the game. ! How it was possible for a m-in i',-M' C ii P '--' llc ' s lo bc editor o" 1 l.io Mul-Paeifican in the very s-in",' own where Richardson had ,jt ead C|U ; in s U)0 . I'. m a h,.s pleasure. Bu! reason- Jb!u soldicis who road this i!!;? 0 , 1 ;:^ 01 ^. '•'•'it"'-Nhip. not "IK h:s politics, might ask them V,b n ,h i" 0811 -"' w'^lHoi' it isn't pos on ? onijno s!i|3 ' )crl CURLY — Lear-old James Michael Little gets his ringlets prettied up hy his mama, Betty K. Little, wife of Pfc. James M. Little, St. Louis, Mo. fV"> ' r f- ( ^u FEJiT—Three-year-old Mark W. M. Olley had no trouble at nil m winning top honors as "cutest baby" aboard the "Stork Special" which brought him and his mother, Mrs. Isabel Evelyn Siff, to America from England. They are the wife and foster son of Lt. Dayid Siff, USN, of Nyack, N. Y. Southwest Met e S s , C ;l4 HsUan 42: Southcr » Texas 50: Rice 48. Far West Oregon 69; Washington State 05 Camn Mirarnar Marines r>!i- Camp Elliot Navy 37. Service Basketball Tourn-iments -Ml S .?, rv ^?_ Command. Eastern ,-,. Commit « IX Co or.t ; :i m :'.ations." Jjst Jick Lord, of San Francisco " a ? n Communist Insurrcc 1 do not know as — a B"C ia p*j :-fl V8.V4? A 12-Knmo football schedule including nine conference contests—and with hall the schedule played at home— was announced for the c:ilK totla >' bv Coach Joe Ihe 1940 football sound announced the election of Bill Morion as captain, and Busier Kogors as al- 'ernate captain. Coach Dildv reported that of last year's 22 IcUcrmcn 10 arc ox- r.-celed back for the new season Ho also ha.s propects of gainim' further strength for the foam tipm players of the other season*. '-vlio.se education was interrupted by war ant! who are now n>pr/ruVi planning to return to high school who will play next 7.<>n, m Philadelphia, outpointed Buck Strontor. 143, Haddonfield. *' . »J . . JU. By United Pres Brockton. Mass. — Al Barhom lr f North Carver. Mass, outpoint cdEcldie KJlis, 158. Quincy, Mass., ., 1 ^ 0 - ~ Irish J Johnny Ma. •>(/!•), Portsmouth, N T honey. 132, Portsmouth, N H ' (5.° Ut L °' J M(jlho1 ' ]3 --Dragonflies have been known to consume more than iheir'- own weight jn horseflies in two hours. ML1 Cullough, Jack Wollq ; : im- Buster Rogers, Don-' las Mullins, Charles Read. BUI Wanted to Buy I WANT TO BUY~A 1910-41 OR'42 -lei Ford or Chevrolet. Buck Jiam-i. 10G South Walnut Sti-eet Phone flfid. 17 <r For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark . Utah (First Round) _ o Fori Douglas 78; Fort Missoula De°ot e 34 ArS0nal 48: °8den ASF Clem field Marines 32; Dugway Proving Grounds 20. l b«"y Women's Division Bushnell 32; Fort Douglas 20. senal 22 P ° l 3 "' ° Bden Al ° . Air Transport Command .Fcrrv- "hrp °DMl°") Nalional Champion- T ""'<;•'•'"•• 1)5- Charleston , r )2 !e.cn°' l (Dnllas) 4l) ; Lo »« •Topolcii and Love Field into finals tomorrow night). GODEN RULE Unite Mont, Fob .14 -I/I')- DDr! • '>• I'odgc is sold on being a god smarilan." He picked up a stranded motor- -st by the wayside and hauled him •ind a can of gasoline to the siranger s automobile. ,,, T l lef n la V wholn ne befriended gratefully handed the doctor three pounds of butter Sea in, was cent und .. Imittee of ,even to go to'Wnsiiin'H." Lv h °o,T£ ?™,™±™& i'»cemTn" powor- fmi,, 1 "^"' 1 "" '" U1G ''ooster. For -i lon^ time the guild followed the th ni f?' 1 "' 0 P ulitiL '"l line in ,u vfv; <ysf * f J "T AVTi'AT ?~*™ """ •*•—- **' " **> «*-*JU>4 ta,iji.t>..fjffi. OA5>UALI\—t-j nci- \ Mil din an, 19 niontns old, fell out of his crib during stormy weather that rocked the Argentina — hence the patched Lvow. He's the son of Navy Lt. and Mrs. Francis Hardiman, of New York City. Rr.crv--- .J,,r lm7 WaHcrs. Hob• Franklin, Bill Gulich, Porter Bass Jack Duffie, Charles Wilion, Clarence Walker, Chnrle; John Bullock-, Jamos Rus- ---.Billv Ray Seale, S. A West jrook, Lawrence Albrilton, Johnnv Biannan. Tommy BriU. Buddy Sui on, Bobby Beardcn. Ralph Snind- ets, Jimmy Hammons, James Me :oiklc. O.T. Cranford. Glen May There were ?2 lettcrmen from thr J4n season, and two student"; mar igers. making a total of 24 let- ers Jhcy were as follows: Clarence Carroll, Robert McCul uRh Jack Wells. Billv Milan Doc Zimmerley. Bqiy En-.-se. Bi" er Rogers, Douglas Mullins.Char cs Reed, Bill Morton, Charle- Crawford, Billy Arnold. Lee Meri- vealher,- Dennis Cheshire, Charts Hyatt, Recce Miller, Billv Rue .les, Ira Porter, Jack R-iy Bill- Board, Dw-Bht Sandifcr. Ravmonc 1 -ycrs. and Eugene White and Doi lolt. managers The 1046 Feh~U!lc follows: Sept. 13—DcQueen, hero Sept. 20—Smack-over, there (C) ^ e P'-/'—tIDorado. here (C) Oct. 4—-.lonesboro. ihere (C) Oct. 11—Nashville, there Oct. 18—Tcxarkana. here (C) 25—Camden. here (C) 1. Hot Springs, there (C.) <•!—Bcnton. there (C) In—Ourrton, here 22—Fordyro, llverc (C) 28—Pine Bluff, here (C) • o— Htshiis By The Associated Press 1 •> W 510 ;,- 1 ^ Y ' ~ Willil ' P CP, 128 'm-,- i--°i' C ; ° llt Panted - Jimmv title)?' ' ai ' y ' Ind -" 10 (nnn 'Camden, M. J. _ Wos tlcy Mou- ROGERS RADIO SERVICE We snecialize in all kinds of car and home radios. FIRESTONE STORE 209 South Main St. JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE, For Prompt Expert Service on All WASHING MACHINES Phone 209 304 East 2nd BUTANE SYSTEMS; Plumbing Fixtures ' Plumbing Repairs ' HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbins • Heating /. Phone 259 Hope. Ark. Harry Segnar, Sri PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J threat in Ihe Arkansas hirrh bnsoketball tournament this Magnolia is the only learn K1S ,- bcGn able lo defeat the -leadniR Camdan quintet. H--iW.L...Wal«r.;.,, seventh AAU athlete 'and all-America women's bas-ke- ? 0 V hi?1SS ° nS ' V lasl : ' j fiht as -.li, " P(el ? ei V s ''"i-nped o\-cr thc "o l COMPLETE ;• BUTANE SERVICE Wanda Butane Co. Phone 370 Hope, Ark. Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt the factory way. HALL'S HAT SHOP- East 2nd St. ; , pjhorio 7« Alterations Pressed While You Walt j—one OT youngest of the Argentina's' baby cargo was four-months-old Durward L. W. White, who shows great interest in the cameraman. He's son of M/Sgt. and Mrs. D. D. White, LOE Angeles. I Althoiigh rosigncd to n division berth in the Southwest Conference, (he Rice Owls, '"fond' ng champions, figure to hold nt eas one record this season -ha of- the lewest personal i'ouls The Owl. committed only ]fil personals a ganfc. "" avcra « c °f H-fl Loe's Tourist Cafe-Court Featuring—-• • « Steaks • Fried Chicken • Barbecue ' «Fish ' • Sandwiches •Soft ..Dr'inks Open 6 a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room—Phone;222 Owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. P. j; Loe City Limits & Highway 67 West By Hnah S. Fnilertoa Jr,- I i.ivingslon. Maslnr ^n,T,^.,,,i T F^^;r d '$^^^ mtm.in. both ol Brooklyn, were to - • WANTED Sawyer and Filer, good salary, has to make home In Louisville Kentucky. Apply Chess & Wymond, 421 West Avery Street, Louisville 8, Kentucky. Magnolia 1572. j Thereupon the lead'inT'spirM's^'of I lie demonstration "issued a slate- ^^ Sl ^^^^ v B ±l?^^!!?'»:S»mcMili.n,T,n; ^^^^fmmH^mmmmmmmt Wanted! TELEPHONE POLES AH Dimensions — 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMQS, ARK. m llco l thc of th i H ' K V'° WIlsn ' ( enee !; ,f C< B " 1 a " Vllte tience. ol course - New York, Feb. 14 — (/f>) — France's Marcel Hansennc hasn't aroverl that he's a (.'.rent miler in us few appearances in Ihe United Slates, bul he .shuv.-ed he's a pretty good sports reporli.M- when hi- iruppetl into (he AP sports tleuan- nent yesti-iday . . . JHarepJ snowed urea I interesi iii ihe crowds ,:it American spoils --- especially bas- uHball, which di-uws only 'iiboul tans for "bi;V games in his lomehmd "When they have .1 •ri-.\yd of lU.flOO and a !>ate of «ay 40.000, as they did at the Garden n.st Saturday." llanseime n.:ked. 'where does ihe inuney ge 1 .'" ncidentally there wore no iVn-rr Ihan three acti\-(> and Iv-n mind Nutre Dame public relation.--', .-x- ii'vl? '' l ', hal c;)11 ' (lo;1 Kamo against NYU and J,,e Priritx, relir..-d io the comparative cairn of the All Ami-iu-n loolball conference, snggesls: "They should have |nil' us in Ihe game" i.yard .races this winter,, may blossom out as a contendel- :• in- ithe 'mile Coach George Eastment: claims Fred "has everything need- jeci for a great miler" ! Poles Aart ! When Billy Moi'ir'e. a navy V-12 trainee at Western Michigan col: lege last year was transferred lo I Not thweulern, he left his favorite 'vai'llin;; pole behind and couldn't | I'iiul another to suit him . Lasi I Saturday Billy wa's competing in i the Mk-hu'un state relays and Coach Frank Hill of Ihe Wildcats •''OIK <i HI Western Michigan's Roy Wietx to borrow the pole . .Wiet/ delivered it and More tied for •second —- bill Wc'Mein Michigan •couldn't claim half the points. Arkansas Sporfreffres By CARL BELL Associated Press Sports Writer As good a bet as any on finalists in next month's Arkansas AAU basketball tournament would be the Camp Robinson all-slurs and the Arkansas Stale College Indians :— providing, of. course, both are entered. ! The Indians appear without doubt :to be the class of Hie collegiate j group .Camp Robinson has Johnny [Logan, former Indiana and Camp iCIuiffee flush, and mile mor-': need : be said. j Camp Chaffec's current cage edi- jiion, sparked by former Ra*-.>rbi>ck j Mike Schumchyk, lomcd as serious contender earlier in COMPLETE RADIO SERVrCE Bob Elmore Auto Supply f -Mt season but has lost many of i lup performers and has been leated by Robinson. a Ihe its cle- The duel of Giants, Arkansas' sixt-en George Kok and Oklahoma of J lie Dies Committee! does not " wiih C 'u? S - H " : ''"''v^^ivimislonp. \vitli an e on the end. He was He Couldn't Say Dough When someone a.skoci MMiikv P-il ii'iermo, manage,- ol' Billv K,,.<. the young Philadelphia kin.cke'-^iiter how about fight in;; Jimmy J<,)ui i-slons lightheavvweiftln. 'Archie Moore. Blinky re|-,lied: "Th.- only Mure I know is more money" Sports Before Your Eyes ^-Iiuiii Amador. who got the » anks to train in Panama fur S:ili OOU, wants two big league rlubs nexi .spring and jnoposc-s a ".side" M'l-ie.s a| P.ai i.-nuiuilla. Columbia Manhattan's Fred Sickini'er v, inner of three major K, 0 ,;) and 1000 j Dots All, Brothers The Dodgers' Tommy Brown has been ordered to report for induction Feb. 21. reducing the shorl- jslop field by one . . . When Bill .Reid, Colgate athletic director, won a !.KI!) pound s'.eer in a raffle, he donated il to the fire department for .1 steak dinner. Bill's ;Uh- leles still are moaning. Some girls proclaim their beauty Irom Die hose lops. i.... v vij '-j\_v<-£.,»_. j.k.wrv ii i in v-'jvii.tllUlllii A. and M's seven-fool Bob Kurland, . will be resumed this weekend when the Rax.urbacks and ihe Aggies , iKiigle at Slilhvater i tomorrow 1 night i and Oklaliomii City (Saturday night i. I Kurland lopped the Porker star • in scoiing and floor play in Uvo of ;their three meetings last .season — luiii, considering Kok's marked ipj- 1 P'.-ovement, mis year's battle ; .should be a hotter one. j Kok has a far better scoring iiecord Ihan thc Aggie ace so far I i his year. I We're lipped to watch Magnolia Tailor Made SEAT COVERS Direct from Factory Orders filled within 10 days ROBERT R. Rlfi Phone 435-J LILE'S FSX-iT SHOP for HEPAIRS 933 Service Station Phone o o » 933 Ol , SG9 . R SEE US FOR THE . REYNOLDS PEN The miracle Pen that will Revolutionize Writing- Guaranteed to write 2 years without refilling. Doug P| TV Carl Bacon V^fl | | J on es ELECTRIC CO. Phone 784 Hope CALL US FOP- YOUR WIRING and REPAIR TROUBLES Phone 231-R HOUSTON EUICTRIC CO. Delton Houston with iho United Wholesale Km- plovoe.s of Hi,.. C.I.O.. and was ,-ic- ive in l lie New York council of the C..!.()., whic-h is b ; .,!lv inl'i-sie.i with Comnuinists. His lieadnua''- UM-S in .Aslur slreel. in llu- Un.on jScniarc tlisli-K-l. Kfluarl G. Ciuinier is lisle-.l a-; presich-nl ol Uu- N,- w Y,,,-!.. dislvic'i ol I he .slalc. cijuniy ;\nd municipal workers of Ihe CM.O.. also a far lell wing political f.i-oup which is noloriously cordial to Communists Still respecting their inlelliyeiu-e and patriotism, 1 suy the 8,000 who attenUcd the political rally and selected (he committee were prime suckers for trained organ- ix.crs and simply didn't know what at was all about. Service - Quality Va riety We have a most complete line of Field & Garden Seeds, Insecticides and Inoculations. 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