The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 6, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 6, 1894
Page 5
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THE tPPER BBS MOlNES: AL&dNA, IOWA a&Ditv TU ' M fk 1 TV /T 1-1 fV> of Jrune we-will offer our entire stock of Dry G-oods, Motions, Clothing, Furnishing lillS W IlOlC IVIOHUI Hats, Trunks, Valises, and Shoes at away below the regular prices, BYEBYI MUSI* GO? All Remnants in Dry Goods, Trimmings, Bibbons, Laces, small lots in the Clothing department, broken dozens of Shoes, ""** 20 PER CENT. LESS THAN REGULAR PRICE We are bound to close out all light colored, light weight summer goods before July 4. We invite each and everyone to look over the many different lots of good bargains, Yours, here to stay, EAILWAY TIME CARDS, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TBAINS WEST. No.l departs at '? : 5f£ m No. 9 departs at .' 4:26 p m Freights that carry passengers— No. 05 departs at ,? : 29 am No. 03 departsafc UioBam No. 71 departs at 9:15pm TRAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at 10:12am No. 4 departs at G:0opm Freights that carry passengers— ....... No. 7<f departs at 11:00 pm No.94 departs at 1:46 pm R. F. HBDHICK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. North- Mixed 8:18am Pass Freight.... 3:33 p m .10:00 am South- Pass 2:40 pm Mixed 8:07pm Freight .... 10:00 am Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Des Moines at 8:15 p m. Lv. Des M. 2:30 am Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chi cago at 8 a.Tin. F. H. VESPER, Agent. I THE CITY CIRCUIT. for with The Kossuth mutual insurance company meets next Tuesday. Mrs. Peter Besch was buried from tbe Catholic church Friday morning. Rev. A. O. Stepbens of Chicago will preach for the Baptists next Sunday. Algona has several pear trees which give promise of having a crop this season. Amiel Johnson has the contract to build a house over the new well. It is to cost $200. The list of improvements is increased this week by a large addition to A. W. Moffatt's house. The council Saturday evening voted not to invest in a road grader. The city is too poor at present. Hugh Smith is getting up a brass band at Lu Verne. Hugh runs a good paper and blows a good horn. The LuVerne school graduates a class of eight Friday night. Supt. B. F. Reed is down for an address to the class. T The Bancroft band hava two excellent players in Mrs. Campbell and Miss Lutie Wallace. They have been studying the past winter. June 26 the Masons meet in Algona. They have a bigger district than the Odd Fellows and expect a bigger crowd if the day is pleasant. The wedding of Charlie Palmer and Mrs. Nellie Palmer is announced tomorrow. Many good wishes go them from their friends. The new Irvington creamery opened up for business Monday. They have put in a first-class outfit and begin with a good supply of milk. The Des Moines News intimates that Col, Sessions knows something about one of the bridal parties said to be going on the Denver excursion, Petitions are thick for water mains, Three blocks on east McGregor street have 24 who want water. The council will begin work as soon as possible. The closing school picnic of Whittemore will be postponed one day on account of the circus and will be held at Scott's grove next week Saturday, There will be 104 delegates in the county convention next week. Wesley and Greenwood lead with six each. Prairie comes in with two for the first time, E. B. Butler and W. C. Danson collected a variety of fish poles Monday and hunted up their rusty hied away to Spirit Lake the fish would do, The Northwestern switched out a a box car of tramps one day last week, and left it. The tramps unloaded and got on other cars and went on, The trains carry a lot of them, every day. One of W, H. Jngham's pecan trees is full of blossoms and if the nuts don't turn out to be walnuts, as seems likely from all external appearances, Kossuth •will see its first crop of pecans this fall- F, H. Vesper and C, p. Pettibone went to Cedar Rapids Monday as delegates to the Masonic grand lodge. WV F, Laidley, S, Callanan, and J, A. Freeh went from Bancroft pn the same train. Geo. E. Boyle of Wbittemore w iiJ go as a delegate to the republican club meeting at Penyer, He has been appointed by President Conaway, and mil visit ' bis brothers while in Polorado, Pr. Hudson reports that Charlie Lockwood has recently married and has settled down into a staid business man, and is d,oing well in his California home. Tom and Mrs, LoekwooiJ are both, in gppd health- Miss Bertha Carey pwns § building in "'" " iiSi week on a price to buy or sell. We suggest that this is a case the Courier matchmaker should devote his attention to. Rev. S. S. Hunting, who preached in Algona often in the early days of the Unitarian society, died in Des Monies Saturday. Rev. Hunting was 68 years old and leaves a wife and two sons. He was an able man and an excellent public speaker. Laird's furniture store is liable to be moved to a new location soon. Martin Bronson, who owns the building it now occupies, intends to use it himself. Mr. Laird has not chosen a new place, but will plan to get more room, for his big stock of goods. Miss Zoa Wartman, who sang at the Jarley waxworks, will spend the summer with her parents in Algona. She comes from Chicago, where she has been in the musical conservatory. Before going there she had a large class in music at Ames. The pew renting at the Congregational church Thursday evening amounted to over $1,200. This is more than has ever been raised at the opening sale before, and the increase speaks for the satisfaction felt with Rev. Davidson's services. 'Guy Taylor went to Boone Saturday to catch in a match game of ball for the Webster City nine. Williams of Blue Earth was to pitch, but gave out soon, and the game went to pieces. Guy caught the game through, but don't say much about the outcome. One of Mr. Williamson's mares, in a pasture up in Plum Creek, got her foot over a barb wire and literally sawed it off. When found the foot was cut off and the mare had bled to death. The blood was strung the two rods between posts where she had traveled back and forth. R. B. Warren saw a woodcock with three little ones on the bluff near his home, Sunday, and caught one of them to make sure and then let it go again. The woodcock is seldom enough seen hereabouts, let alone finding one up on the townsite. They were working towards the river bottom. The day was fittingly ob- hooks and to see what Judge Carr will Address the state bankers' meeting at Des Moines, June 13, and talk about "The Banker and His Lawyer," There is no rn'an in the state better qualified to ably and entertainingly deal with such a topic and the address will give the judge a good introduction to his new home. The state reports for grass and grain show damage in all sections: "Grass and oats are suffering the greatest damage from this almost unprecedented spring drouth. The early hay crop will be extremely light, and in the central and southern districts the damage to oats is beyond recovery," The high school commencement will be hold at the opera house next week Thursday evening. As the examinations are not yet completed the honors of the graduating class have not been awarded and the full programme cannot be given till next week. Examinations will be pretty well over this week. Miss Jessamine Jones will not teach the coming year in the public schools, but will join her brother at the Wigwam, taking the books and office work and giving him more freedom to do outside business. Miss Jones will be a very successful business woman, and her place will be hard to fill in the school. The Dubuque Times noticed the Courier's yarn about lightning melting a water pitcher "flat as a pancake," and says; ** There are no saloons in Kossuth county, so they can not be charged with, responsibility for that item," The Times should know since the wolf bunt that no artificial stimulus is needed by Ike's fertile imagination, The Social Union club will meet Friday evening. The programme will include a history of tbe kindergarten by Miss TiUie Cramer, a paper on historic ornament by Miss Ella M. Coan, and J, J, Ryan's delayed recitation. Miss Zoa Wartman will sing, J, T. Chrischilles will give a German song, and a chorus of children will follow Miss Cramer's paper, Bro. Mayne says in tbe Emmetsburg Reporter that E, H. Ellison has been there working up his chances for supreme court clerk and aflds: "He is affable in wanner, of a pleasing address, aM will make S, S. Sessions of Algona get a bustle on. him t,o get the solid support pf this sectipn of the state." Hustling is just what our man ia doing. Memorial day at Bancroft drew a crowded bouse. Chaplain Barber pf Sao City made an eloquent address, as did alep Rev. Laidley, while Pf C. Thompson talked in a. way which, amply warranted all THB UPPER PBS it fojQffni6j^ bim foy fee «oip# a,t? torney. served. N. J. Skinner now owns a big democratic paper, the Eagle Groyo Times. He traded last week and like the man who got the white elephant, he is figuring on what to do with it. We have confidence that his ingenuity is equal to the emergency. He ought to sell it to Geo. W. at Bancroft and let him and Bro. Ryan enter journalism together. So many reports come of incidents at the Burt picnic that we cannot hope to give a full account of it. J. R. Brown was there in full force, played with the Bancroft nine, and ran a foot race. The Algona boys were defeated at ball but showed up well at refreshments. A broken band horn and a threatened rupture in our new band are the chief results at this end. Mr. Burdsall of Buffalo township is of the opinion that there is gas in the county. He was putting a pump into a well on the Lockridge farm and put a light in the well. The result was a big explosion, which burned Mr. Burdsall"s mustache off and scared teams standing near. A light now will bring on an explosion any time, but there is not gas enough for a steady blaze. The state crop report for the week is: Reports from all parts of the state are burdened with complaints of continued dry weather and serious injury to grass, grain, early potatoes and small fruit. The average rainfall during the month of May was less than half the normal amount, and in the larger part of the state the last three weeks were practically rainless. A lot of the pa.pers have been publishing an item which opens up: " We are pleased to note that Frank Blakeslee and Stearns' world's fair and wild west combined railroad shows will exhibit in this city." They will not be so "pleased" when they begin to look about for the pay for their advertising. The unparallelled combination went to pieces in ten days up in Minnesota. Miss Maggie Hunt was not feeling well the evening of the Jarley waxworks and the strain of standing in a fixed position for so long caused a fainting spell. She was carried from the stage and it was some hours before she was brought out. . The same day her brother Will, in stepping off his bicycle turned his ankle and has a sprain which will keep him lame for several months, Saturday evening, June 28, there will be a meeting of the Algona Commercial club to elect officers and discuss business matters, A meeting of business men was held Monday evening to hear a proposition from J. J. Wilson for the rebuilding of his mill. A committee was appointed to discuss with the citizens and report Saturday evening. Mr. Wilson will put in a 100- barrel mill with the latest machinery if he does anything. The last of the famous twin trees north of the Milwaukee depot is dead this spring. The trees were planted in 1857 or 3858 by a man named Burright, who had a claim there and built a cabin on the mound they stood on. They were poplars, but never grew much and the dead tree now standing is no larger than it was 25 years ago, The twin trees were a landmark in early days, especially to people coming from the east, and were visible nearly to Wesley, Harry Moore had his examination at Annapolis last week and after passing successfully was rejected on account of the condition of his throat. This seems very unfair to him, as the examining physician knew that he was just up from an attack of diphtheria, In the regular examination out of 90 applicants, 50 were unable to pass, so Harry may at least feel proud of his success. The Sunday's Register announces that he has been at Washington and will return to Annapolis. It is barely possible that be may yet have a chance if this report is correct, The programme of the normal school commencement promises one of the best enteytaintnents evei< given, in Algona, Jahu Dewit Miller's lecture, on"Our Country's Possibilities and' Perils," needs no commendation, With it will be given a piano solo by Miss Zoa Wartman, a vocal solo by Miss Grape Gilchrist, and a vocal fluet by Miss Lillie Ranks an* Pr, A. L, Bist, Diplomas willbe awarded to the academic class by Prof. Chaffee an,d to the commercial class by Prof. Johnson. The exercises will be held at the opera house a week from next Tuesday. At the meeting of the Outlook club on. Thursday afternoon of last week, in the Congregational church, Miss Clara Zahlten gave a, very interesting paper on "Modern Jtaly," Mrs. 0. U Smith read a paper of wuoh merit OB the/"New South," §n4 Mrs, Putsch review §| an article Jo. a Condition in the Old World." A short discussion followed each paper. At some future meeting Mrs. Dr. Hudson will give some reminiscences of California life. Art will be the subject discussed in the June meeting. "\Vnntod. Two men to write insurance. Liberal inducements given; experience not necessary. Call on N. J. Skinner. WATCH for the pink sticker. Dross Making. I will do dress making and plain sewing by the day or at my room at W. E. McMurray's. Miss EDITH VAN SCHAICK. WALL, braith's. paper, new stock nt Gal- ROOMS to rent. J. J. Wilson.-8t4 LOADS of choice butter at the Opera House Grocerv. Money To loan on real estate, town and chattel security. Call Skinner. property, on N. J. A PEW more seeds to take the place of your frost-bitten garden at the Opera House Grocery. CARPETS, we have a nice new stock and are malting some special inducements. Our all wool C. C. at 50 cents is a big bargain. Geo. L. Galbraith. WATCH for the pink sticker. Our Bargain List. For trade, a stock of boots and shoes, groceries, dry goods, and a general stock to trade for improyed land in Kpssuth county. If you desire to trade your land for any kind of merchandise and desire a quick deal and haye a bargain to offer, list it with me immediately. N. J. SKINNER. BANCROFT IS BOOMING. Nearly Recovered Prom tno Plro— Social and School Events—Valuable Ilorso Shot, Bancroft has about recovered from the fire of last winter. The new state bank building is about completed and is a fine structure. Will Deitz 1 building is well under way, and G. W. Skinner is the last to commence building, but from the plans his will be the best building in the row. It will be one story higher than any of the buildings built since the fire except the bank building, The commencement exercises at the opera house were well attended last Friday evening and we wore well pleased to see the efficient work done in our schools since last year. The school board has done a wise thing in selecting the old teachers for another year. The musical and literary social given at Mrs. G, W. Skinner's last Friday was attended by fully 150 people and a good time was reported. Word comes from Chicago that Carl Ostrandor is improving slowly and will in time be able to use his leg as well as ever. Our doctors havo presented their bills for medical attendance on the poor and if they are not allowed, fun will commence. We understand that G. W. Skinner has just had his stallion, "Mac," shot. He had the misfortune to get his leg broke, at noon Tuesday, and the fracture was so bad that the veterinary surgeon was of the opinion that the horse would never go right, and hence tne shooting. "Mao." was one of the best stallions in Iowa. Millinery Is not to be had at any price; but you can get dry wood at Hamilton's cheaper than ever. Remember we also keep our usual large stock of hardwood lumber, sewer pipe, brick, tile, posts,' etc., etc. Come and see us. J. A. Hamilton & Co. When looking For a cook stove or range, remember I handle the..,. Garland, BUY your bread, butter, and coffee at the Opera House Grocery. WATCH for tbe pink sticker, GOLDEN WYANDOTTE settings can be had of Charley Laage, Price; $1 a setting.— 6t9 CHILDREN'S and men's clothing, We still have a good stock that we are selling regardless of cost. G. L, Gali braith. ^ Now is the time to get choice Black Spanish eggs for batching; $1 per doz* en. Guy Grove. _ WATCH for the pink sticker, Also Heath & Milligan Paints, Iron and Wood Pumps. Please call and get prices and look my stock over. T. Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention, Prices are reasonable, 0, J, J, [Successors to C, L. L«nd—Established 1880.] Plenty of money now for all applicants a. t the Kossuth County State banki for real estate loans at lowest rates. Money paid at once on completion of the papers. FONG LOY will opep a laundry in Algona on May 25, and will then be prepared to do first-class work at reasonable prices.— 7tl3 REAL ESTATE DEALERS We wish to amnounee to the readers of TEtB UPPER PBS MOINHS that we have ary facilities for the selllug of farms uud unimproved lauds in northern Iowa, and wa invit all who wish to dispose of their property to call on us at our office in Algonaj or to cpwjsp \yith us. taPAs soon as spring opens we have a large number of customers from the, 'e states who are ready to come out and secure a piece of Iowa soil at reasonatf— "•-- "' Hove lu fair dealing, and if you want to sell your property don't waste my time in lisi wlthus. Yours respectfully, &JNP * «?4 A, is selling ginghams, outing cloth) caUcoSt and pla4 f rees a,t 5 cents 9, yard, Drugs and »* j. * JYV'V J. F, PRESTON, M. 0., EKe.Ear.NiyoilTlMt

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