Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 14, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 14, 1946
Page 4
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•w%»«W>>%*»:,«»»*.-,.<«»»««."«w.>^^ Fcftir HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Capitol Talk ; L' IdHle,, Rock. Fob 14 — Here's , a -new suggestion for coping with > {he confused situation resulting >' from the 1945 legislative enactment separating the congressional pri- 1 maries from those for other nomi- • nations It comes from a member ,61! theJ*D6IRbc)?aUc-State Commit- 1-tee, which has been called to meet '"In LUUe Rock February 20 1 The griea would be to have nil candidates for Osngi^ss waive ob- servante of Act 107, \Vhich fixes j the that! Tuesda.V*'itr>-July and the! first iS August . S% the ; dates for! the coljgTessional primaries The I Other Ihmanes will be conducted' the tasiU Tuesday in July »-\nd the | second?-in August .. • • If art 1 agreement with the Con- [ gress aspirants could be worked I out, tlteir names would a'penr on ! the b.^uots used, at the regular' primaries Their,,ijornjnationsr of j -courseljwould not. be. prima faci legal, fit; would, those .for other of- j flees; Ebut the Democratic State Convention .af-Hs biennial convention thereafter, could — and would ' be obligated to''— -take whatever action would be necessary to estab- lis ths| primary victory' as nominees f, * ThiSjjJiight entail filin« of formal nominiSjiiig petitions with the convention^' oijgjthe theory that technical vaic.iw^jes existed in the nomi- ! j very-irregular, it is », practienr 'approach I!' 011 -ri,?"ci. ijp io' the ernoti^i Uaney^ is indis- _,,._vw suggestions that he Clear ftteiSStmosphere by bringing the lefflfciatSfre into special session to repealrtbe troublesome law l-ega][; (Jfttjiplexities Hem has become in- sfcomplicated Attorney |v E Williams ruled me legislature can fix X dates, although the $Uee must arrange for ,,'held rthe attorney general de"^he legislature cannot _-, c-- J ,iPCT'it* j: bj"-ttie r 'countv of -primary election expenses in "the .absence, of an apropriation by the ,, county § tiuorum court Act 107 at( temptsj.to lay the entire cost of '-the congressional primaries on the * counties, but most;~of-.;them have r not provided funds for the purpose f-and dosaiot intend to do so • f AIsO $pplied, many officials be„ jlieve. i| a grave doubt that the leg:; islatur<§;has power-- to authorize Luxury Items Take Spotlight in Berlin Fashions While many Berlincrs live in makeshift shacks and rummage for firewood in the rubble of the wrecked city, smart dress, millinery and beauty shops are springing LID amid the rums of the once-fashionable Kurfurstendam, famod in pre-war days as the Fifth Avenue of Berlin's West Side. The c.'othes shewn hero were some recently" displayed at a lavish style show put on at one o the newly opened specialty shops Photos are by Emil Reynolds, NEA-Acme corresporH-n 1 -. —~~~_~~._ M ~-_™^. - 3 Thursday, February 14, 1946 nation true. toward^,s, present, Osed ta,f , , The SJr« . creasiiSlj , General < that only: the prirt-is State „them , Glared ^ AJ. HUE; otaiu v.cn^mrliee snould ' ^L-IU uuubus UIHI roi;ms in request! the congressional candid- students as a means of augment- i ates tq. acquiesce in "a' disreenrH m S income I 5 f J he Separate primary law, it is J QllllcllH 1 tn «ptv h^,«.- i^,. ^p <i At left, a pink and gold r-uilted lame ho:.- •• - -.- ith suppers ana trousers of'same material. At right a gold lame cocktail dress, with bunches of purple g-.ines. Wide sash tops accordian-pleateci skirt. Joshuoh Shepherd to Be Scottish Rite Speaker Joshuah Shepherd, 33rd degree Grand Incpector General in Arkansas, will be guest speaker at the Scottish Kite club banquet meeting tonight (Thursday) at 7 o'clock at Hotel Barlow. CYF to Be°Host to District Christian Conference 2 Days The CYE of First Christian church will be host to the Southwest Arkansas Districe CYE conference on Friday and Saturday, February 15 and 16. Clifton C. McCoy, student cit College of 'the Bible, Lexington, Ky.. will be guest speaker at the Friday night banquet. I V. C. Carpenter, missionary j from Puerto Kico, will speak, at i 11:15 Saturday morning. The public is invited, to attend the morning meeting from 0 until 12:15. — o Greyhound Bus Service Once More Is Normal lUemohis. Tenn., Feb. 14 — o?i — Dixie Greyhound lines which operate buses throughout the miclsouth restored its service to fifty per cent of normal this morning. The resumption of runs to Cape Girardeau and Sikeston. Missouri, and an increase to four trips daily of the schedule to Nashville, Tenn., Jackson, Miss., and Birmingham. Ala., were announced by Earl W. Smith, vice president and general j manager. Tne ouses now in operation are being manned by drivers represented by the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen, with which Dixie signed a contract last week. Maintenance men represented by the Amalgamated Motor Coach em- 1 loyes union (AFL) are still on 1 i-'rikc. They walked out Jan. 7 during a dispute over a War Labor , Board ruling on the payment of bonuses. i Bus service was partially resumed Monday after being tied up lor 3G days by the Amalgamated walkout. Lt, Gov. Shaver Not to Run Again, Says Arkansas Gatette Little Rock, Feb. 14 —^1')— The Arkansas Ga/.ettc suid today that Lt. Gov. J. L. (Ben) Shavor'woiilcl j retire to his law practice and not seek re-election this year. Shaver's home Is in Wynne. The newspaper also said there were reports in eastern Arkansas that Congressman E. C. (Took) Gainings would retire this year and oiuer business nt West Memphis, his home. '0 State Bureau to Demand Absences Be Explained Little Rock, Feb. 14 —•(/?>— Public Service Commission Chairman Charles C. Wine says there are too frequent unexplainable absences of commission employes. As a result he announced, a memorandum has I been distributed requiring all cm- I ployes to account for their time ' during periods they are supposed to be on the job. The rule becomes effective Friday. —.—:_„ Questions and Answers Q—What is a "stale" check? A—Stale is the term applied to checks too old to be cashed. Ten states limit period to six months, la to a year, other have no legal limit except a "reasonable" period, depending on circumstances. Q—What is meant by the U. S. Joint Chiefs of Staff designation "Crossroads"? A—The atom bomb test on a hundred warships in the Marshall Islands In May. Q—What was the disme? A—The early dime. Q—Who are the VIPs at the Nuernberg trail? ' A —Very Important People, a i designation correspondents have I given higher-ups who want passes to the trail for no reason 'Other than curiosity. Q—What percentage of U.S people come from homes in which a foreign language is spoken? A—About 20 per cent. Ammnnin once \v«s distilledmnls and wns known MS spirit o( from the horns and hoofs of ani-hnrtshorn. PAPER ROUTE EARN YOUR A real opportunity for several industrious boys. You'll want to earn your own money. The experience, contacts, and information you gather on your route will help you become a Successful Businessman or Civic leader tomorrow APPLY THIS AFTERNOON ^^^ "« February 14, 1946 Picket Line Got Action for Greeks Ky JACK STINNET Hj-.ashiiiglon — Because n Greek nn*"\t >SS ,.'""" ""• Ci "«»'«l to picket M :I "''!<" Commission with 30 or'i n . p l K>sl!i '"' llu .' G''ci'k Ciilh- vili t j '', ' ;l ' ls " ns '" mx war-cle- <ii ,, . . IUU|VL ' If'iitl are now get- J»'.i, ii regular How of uackiiL'r«; iTounlr'v." 111 ^ nnd ' rio " d ' «" h,'oHn!'' S i, A -r nOU1 ' :lS wh "' with his Ore II • l ( "' (;c ' L 'V' operates the }"<-<* Hallway li,.\pres.<, Marled n S ' J ^ '" '»* ^fm-ts to set ship! PI .« space lor individual nnck- HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS the other all used eel. bul have doi Hoorn.s b' to «(- lembcr piled up "LVhi,,,, LO " l: ."''."'.K nuich-needcd "'^ hi- V •''•''V'" es lmcl otllc| - nv.hities for the war - .stripped through Greek language news- piipers nnd Ihe church, Booras sent mil the good word. In order to facilitate loading, packages were accepted nt the Jersey L'ily pier. For nine days, there was an almost unbroken line of persons with pack- ftfies for friend.", and relatives on side. The space was not when the Gripsholm sail;i few more clays would le it. sent to work immediale- niorc space. Through Scp- iind October, packages -., al hi.s New York offices, but no .ships. He appealed directly to President Truman nnd was re- lerred to Adm. Emory S. Land, chairman of the Maritime Commission. The federal wheels ground as .slowly as they usually do iinlil Uuora.s thicntencd lo picket the commission with Greek priests. | That did it. In November, Booras was allocated 30,000 cubic feet on I the John W. Gates nnd now has a monthly allocation of that amount. Booras is a business man, of course, bul. hi.s program to get the Greeks back on a self-sustaining basis as quickly as possible not only has won the approval of 'Rochester' lost at Sea, But He Turns Up Safely Los Angeles, Feb. M —(A') — Rochester, tin; gravel-voiced gremlin 01 the Jnciv Benny program, was listed as missing at sea lor several nours yesterday. But the JNegio comedian's cabin .criiiiiei put iiuo Los Angeles harbor late in Ihe day -— towed by a lishing bunt. Kocncsier, in private liie J.',ddio Aiulei.soii, wa.s a victim of motor lioubie and drifted all night. -L,I he didn't lose any sleep. "My two companioiis"4ind 1 built a fire and look turns on Ihe watch," tne comedian related, "f flew my ensign upside down, 1 gave the SUb wan mirrors, and 1 spelled out distress with blinker lamps. Nobody saw me." Hetuming home, he turned on the radio to learn that Ihe search for mm was .still under way. "lley," he called up to say, "I'm iiume and ok, and guid lu be back, Gardella Jumps Giants Salary Row i Miami, Fla., Feb. 14 — (UP) — Dangerous Danny Gnrdclla, Ihe j New York Gianls' colorful war- jtmie outfielder, was on the., loose , today and if Manager Mel Oil ever i-incls him he'll sell the 25-year-old i Italian quick. I Gardella, an off-and-on regular I with New York last season when he hit .271, "jumped" the club last might after a row with Oil concern- ting his 1048 contract demands • Club officials said that Gardella j would be sold cither to Milwaukee lor Minneapolis of the American As; uociation won't have you marrying so-and- so. For young people arc headstrong nnd the more obslacle.s that get put in || lu W! ,y O j ,.,,. niiince -- Ihe more dcleVminod they become to h;ive \,'h.-it they want. If G. I.'s knew Ihev cuulrl m;:r- l-y Germnn girls. some <.\ DIP drama would be tnken out ol the Page romances. Tell (hem they can't iind they have lo prove l<i liiciri- Hr:;Kl In The Clouds i.i... ini.-.r IHIVL- 111 prove ID icin- \v,,..,., i n- >• . ,* e o " Ui ,He{"»v win, 1 :, 11 "Hr A r rir' J; »«-»^.^ -,? c of ( ih-e i V'7"' l . d ' J1 "^ V- —•; ! ^AA "Sa id oi, £ ^V^ v ^^^^ ireKs—bul in,I. a Germ;m vvi;•..•. • -,-, , ' " .. . . Snowblindness burn of the eyes. . '-'; iv.o war veterans applied to ii;o I;, h. Gra/ing Service for land - - Pluto. Now -- what with Pluto so far off (and considering other disatf 1 vantages) — the two have obtained equipment and will go into tfie road construclion business. Says Rnuchfuss: "We are getting dwn lo earlh." ; 'i:i-, -..1 ;i,i.s iiiKl sold they were of-1 Every coast town of Norway is ".ire.! ii:.'ile;id gra/.jng rights on on a fjord. • war ravaged lands, llcpre- seiilalivos of Ilaly, Yugoslavia, Belgium and Norway already have asked Booras for an outline of hi.s operation. He is working on a plan now lo .ship thousands of packages of seeds to Greece this spring and as soon as Ihe freighters come along to ship over 5,000 cows, timed to arrive so that cnlves will be born noun after the cows are settled in their new homes. II is this phase of the plan thai UNRRA for every person put on n self-sustaining basis means one newspapers. o - (UP, UP u— Norman kings of England were the lirstto establish game preserves. less on the relief rolls. "Tile Greeks are a proud people," says Booras. "They don't want charily. Give (hem the tools lo work with, seeds and cows and '.hey will be tnkinj.; care of themselves sooner than you would think possible." m. uiem ord to raise nn objection oepardizing their popular •* t» ~ ,._i mi ^ r . - - i ••» t.1,-11 ^W^JVIllll- the voters The prospect "IB. to go four times to the s fr~ ~*' order i-o nominate one a. Dernocfatic slate has not set well | A with niost Arkansans of r r g-- - — r> — * '" Jii me.- UULU-&U 01 me »j oenate , filibuster (,or debate, if you - , , eae, you •-•"">-.• »t fe ninr. me- outuu UL irus prefer>«fw.-as the relatively few al- l ? cs prepared plans, for two addi leed " Students of two decades nnd longer ago will recall how inadequate were Gray, Buchanan and Hill halls, for men Considerably more mordern was Carnall hall for women, but it still lacked a !ot of supplying the demand for rooms Late . in the administration of Gov J M Futrell, a new men's dormitory was projected, and it was completed in 1937. when Carl E Bailey was governor In those years, the governor was ex-officio ». v.cu tiKcuiisi, . ' course of the chairman of the board During the Bailey regime, the Board of Trus- tional dormitories, one and one for women . lor men |* -r •,-- — ~ -..^, *^.4MnvdY AC\V til" kjleged violations of Fair" Emploj-- ' Jjment Practices Committee regu- " |rlations* docketed in the'- 5 South,in-, T- cludin*, Arkansas. OnlV '24,- such | Everything Called Off .cases ^.-tere instituted in7A l rk'ansas ' Virtually everything was in readi- ,o ' 1043 ' to- January n U sou *ern states, with ness for receiving bids, when the administration of Gov Homer M. B t of cases |i[originafed ° f ^e , popu ation; Adkins took ovw. At his requost ' cent Ol the total the legislature reorganized the sps in *>,» ,^c,.,, u«,,.j ^Uj !.«» ^. „ " *» „ in the nation 1 Wasrflhgton-bound " 4 "R T rt*'W-ft-Jv. O * ^. 4- ., C* i ... ,i' > cp'y a Naval Deserve lieutenant, is re, ported ,t,o be preparing to accept ta goveSinment position - that will — -- a -_ ^ reorganized the board and left the governor off. The revamped board, dominated by Adkins appointees, showed a Strong aversion to anything that had been proposed by" Bailey. At the same meeting at" which the name of "Bailey Stadium" was changed, the board decided to - . * ...u.. vitvii » 111 | CIMUIIUUII L his living in,,Washing-j lion plans. would indicate that he no I Those buildings for States attorney foi- Eastern District oi Arkansas abandon the dormitory eonstruc- would have come in mighty handy now, «,m former Gf's flocking to the institution in quest of the educational op------ -•••-i «»-•'•• "»n*'-^.v«i.n»eiLJUiJcli.ULJ- 1 portunity which the nation, through Congress, promised them. has Howove ''- the board that cancel- j H U AOf A Pniitl u • ' ' Little?lEo C k ™i Cs -" ousm 8 come *s a ^'mf . ~ U as owove ''- te board that cancel, zen^Jle-frn th P -H ,i to ,, n . lany . citi " ed lno building plans need not be University of censured too strongly for in the ~- : -------- '" •• • — such mea'ger accomoda lions Gover- 1 oa occasion com - , .....ju, lllt;s UK um,? n , \ hl * s ' tuau o». but he ministration. The „. ^.,_, ,. u ^, JL, uiifri.? . LU1 JJJ tUt 1940 primary Washington county and Fayctteville had both turned in ' majorities against Ihe Bailey ad- board H^ps build up resistance against MONTHLY FEMALE PAIN When taken thruout month — Mio a great stomachic tonic! IT f If female functional periodic disturbances} j cause you to., sutler from cramoa, headache, backaclie, feel uer- vous.Mttery. cranky—a't such'" times— try famous Lydia E. Ptnkham's Vegetable Compound to relieve such sympwms. iiam's Compound DOES MORE [elleve such monthly pain. It (ievcs accompanying tired, ner- ranky feelings—of such nature. __,_n thruout the- moatU—-tbis greatjmediclne helps biiHd up resistance against such monthly distress. Wefjurge you to give Pinkham's Comnound a fair and honest trial. Also &, fine stomachic, tonic! LYDFA E. PINKHAM'S .. , , v - . vj, in i vi J1U L Ul 1 I \ are buildings sorely needed, but the governor no longer is a member of Ihe board; hence he cannot verv well be charged with the responsi- ibihly to do something about the- jliotising shortage immediately. I COMPLICATED OR SIMPLE? I St. Louis. Feb. 12 —UP)— Ju P. Finnegan, Internal Revenue Col, lectur, is confused, he admits. I r ,." Tllis is the way I see it," says (l-innegan. "The simplified federal I income tax form is one of the most | complicated I have ever seen and the so-called regular f complicated > form is one of the most simple." To prove hi.s point: Forty-eight clerks are far behind processing simplified return forms: 19 clerks are managing very well with me complicated version. Polar bears have been known lo drill from Greenland to Iceland on cakes of ice USE COLD PREPARATIONS Liquid. Tablets, Salve, Nose Drops ! Caution use only as directed ! DO YPU NEED CASH? We will loan you rn^ney on , refinancing see Tom McLarfy at the Hope Auto Com- pony, 220 West Second street in Hope, Arkansas. Next Door to Sterlinqs in \ui RESC SATURDAY, 9 A. M. • The biggest Surprise package ever wrapped, is ready to be opened by you, when you attend our Grand Opening. Merchandise such as you never saw or dreamed of —- now awaits your viewing, choice and use at Prescott's newest Department Store. Because you did without so long, because you now want your money to buy you the maximum in Value and Usefulness, we urge you to attend this Opening at Owen's Saturday morning promptly at 9 a. m. MAKE YOUR PLA BEN J. OWEN, Owner PRESCOTT T. M. MASHBURN, Wgr. Notice is hereby given thflt we will in person or by deputy attend at the following time ad ; ; Icces in Hk*--r v-j-j.-t'y .'<. •• !':••••• "'impose of As~e ;.• and Colte 1 '•' ' for the year 1945. BIcv'ns ,.,... .Monc ? oy Blhgen Tuesday ..... McCaskill..... Wednesday... February 20 ion .,..,... Thursday A, M.... Feb. I sfrngton... Thursday P. M ,..,... Friday A. M... February 22 Beards Chapel Friday P. M.... February 22 Hope ^ cowhouse Saturday .... February 23 McNab ........ Monday A, M. February 25 Saratoga ...... Monday P. M. February 25 ,.*. = .. Tuesday ..... February 26 Wednesday A. M Hill Wednesday P. M Sardis (Holiday's store) Thursday A. .......Thursday P. Friday A. M Cross Roads... Friday P. M 5C Saturday, March 2n.' to Wednesday...... A Jt.1 IG'h F * B ..-.,•> * *i»< Vrfi*. 7 K .ta-n Beit ttb-i x^f Q i* 9 • * • 4 Q O O O O Pn / *.. LJ i Am At Courthous After v/hich time tSie penalty r quired Lr ; ' / y'M !>T added. Ail taxpayers are required fo bring tax rcc^p! o? land numbers to avoid errors. Sheriff 8. Collector C. COOK Tax Assessor Hempsteod Cctv^tv Brooklyn Dodgers opened his check took tod»iy and announced he would like lo buy a couple of good pitchers lo bolslcr the Dodgers' weak hurling corps. Casting a longing eye at the Cardinals bulging mound list, Rickey said, "A major league club has asked for waivers on nine players including a couple of good p:('jhcrs." He refused to say whether Si. Louis was Ihe club Meanwhile, lhc Brooklyn catching gstalf, another weak depart- I menl, was bolstered wilh the an- ' nouncement thai Bobby Bragan has received his naval discharge and will join lhc club in lhc im- medialc future. Red Sox Loom Strong Boston, Feb. 14 — (UP)— The Boston Red Sox were rapidly assembling a strong pennant contender today wilh holdout Johnny Pesky brilliant shortstop, the la- esl player lo sign his 1946 con- trad. Pesky, a former navy lieutenant, was runnerup for the American iiui gvl ° i u baUing ch ampionship in 942 with a .331 average. Terms of ms contract were not disclosed but l esky said he was "very hapy." Gordon, Rizzuto Fancy Pair I Balbpz. C. Z., Feb. 14 — (UP) — I h early spring training workouts | a re indicative, lhc New York Yan- j kees will come back this summer | with the best keystone combination in baseball — Shortstop Phil Gordon "'^ Second Bascm un Joe j Back together again after .1 war- il 1 ."? 0 . L a J^ c ' R'zzulq. and Gordon Braves May Lose Pitcher I'l. Lauderdalc, Fla., Feb 14 — lUi)— The Boston Braves' 'advance squad of 24 players arrived lodny minus a valuable soulhpaw Ure f 0 '' ma . y b ° :forccd to re- ailing fli-in. aSC a ecausc of an lofth 1 rfjohn . son - highly-regarded eflhander who suffered a sore arm before he entered the navy in 1942 Ou?nn Hi Gc , ne '' a! ^"naeor.-John sli nrl n • hls , lhrowi "g , .arm snowed no signs of "reconverlinc " He added that if his arm fa led to [•espond lo treatment he would re° lire from the game. 11,720 Service Men to Disembark Today on Coasts By The Associated Press twenty troop-laden Iransuorts bringing home 117,20 service Mr' sonncl, were scheduled lo reach ports today on Ihe easl, wes and gulf coasts, wilh a single soldier due to debark from theT lone si m reaching the easl coastal 6 Nor' One vessel, carrying 88G men was expecled al New Orleans while 18 wilh 10,833 were due -H hrec west coasl porls, Los Angeles, San Franrisno and Seattle. At Norfolk ^Elijah Kellogg f rom Leghorn, At New Orleans P^L t S? 0ns £°r t ..,. :Flo '-Wa from ro coe from Okinawa, 450; eight mi c I ST° P n?« V' 0 " 1 S earl "arbor 90; LSM '^ r r ° m Pcal ' 1 Harbor 37 ' ' Xo a;;my; Perida, 1,492 army;', in ^ ' 1 ' 1 " 08 At Seattle Sea Owl fr 0m Korea, 2,084 army and 20 navy miscellaneous pcrson- the Women By RUTH MILLETT NEA Staff Writer "You can fight nature for SO .. -;irs but you won't win I'm : going to have my Trudy," said an ! American ex-G. I., now a civilian i ------ .„! the Army m Gernvmv • who married a German girl "n an l nnl H' c\ c(eremo »y «"ti wants the ! i iage '° lc Z' Mzc th c mar- ; Uncle Sam—of all people—should , ':"°8 n «e the truth i,{ what he =>il.> b. fou"hi „ U "i ;le - Sam alre ady has ought one losing battle with human nature. It was Uncle Sam l I who made and tried lo enforce ' no- ra crmzalion rule in Germany But human nature won out - and Ihe ban had to be lifted bo it looks as though Uncle Sam might as well lell Ihe G I 's light now to go ahead and marry their frauleins if they want lo without prolonging a losing battle' Uncle Sam has two counts -gainst him m ihis fight. There's human nature-as the American boy pointed out. Young me, o marriageable age who are set down m a foreign cuontry without American girls to date are ""'»" lo dale foreign girls and 01 them are going lo fall hones ly and deeply in love and want lo marry. And Ihen there is lhc dcep- looicd American idea thai a-man , .ias a right lo marry any woman i he pleases. YOUTH IS HEADSTRONG . By rclusing to recognize Aincr- u-an-German marriages it looks ati though Uncle Sam is beint; as foolish us parents who arc some- nr:ies navic enuiigh to say: "I (• A^,. 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