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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, February 14, 1946
Page 3
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, ; t . : , ujf,l ^ fraae 1 wo HOPE STAR, HOPE, ' AR K AN S AS Ifc Dutch Premier Says Holland Wants to Free Indonesia, Mackenzie Hears in Hague Hope Star By OEWITT MACKENZIE AP World Traveler ••*.,*« * Tb 6 Hague, Feb 14 — Prime ;*"! Minister Schermerhorn has paid " this column the compliment of ask- 5h{» it to perform a friendly mis- siijft. for Holland by emphasizing to j America his assurances that not I only his government but the peo- j pie ,of the Netherlands as a whole are anxious to see Indonesia gain j self government and within a fixed > :, period freedom of choice for its \ sVOwn' status j ' This is by way of being a histo- i t ric request, (or It is indeed a strik- ' *", t ingjteeognilion of the great politico " '— Social tide which is '- Star of Hope 1899: Press 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1919 Published every weekday afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. (C. E. Palmer and Alex. H. Washburn) ot the Star bulidina 212-214 South Walnut Street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER President ALEX. H. WASHBURN Editor and Publisher Entered as second class matter at the _.. .„ sweeping Pos * Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the our world It isn't often given a re- j Ac> ° f March 3 - 1897 - ,«„», rter of foreign affairs" — even if e'has been dealing with statesmen *' fpf a generation, as has vour cor- \'t respondent — to hear the prime ';. minister of an empire thus em- "pnasize" the mother countrv'-! rip to ^SPP onp of hpr mn?i -" seeone ° r ner most (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. . Subscription Rates: (Alwoys Payable in Advance): By city carrier per week 15c Hempsteod, Nevada, Howard, Miller and '» . .Lafayette rounties, S3.50 per year; else- possessions become a sovereign i where $6.50 state. ' I -- . ,» Htei'e it may be useful to interpolate that Dr. Schermerhorn has _ a wide,reputation for being a hum- r,R '"-aMuarian. He abandoned a college *" t professorship to enter politics. Dur•*'" v ihg the war he led a Free Dutch I underground movement and the '_, Germans had him in a concentra- ) for a couple of years. ; i gon Avenue; New York City. 292 Modiwn . he joined the Socialistic > Av«.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W Grand Party. Still in his sunny I Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bldg ; Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dis- ^4icn«.'5 credited to it or not otherwise redited in this 'paper and also Ine local lews published hereinl Notional Advertising Representative — Arkansas Dailies. Inc.; Memphis Tenn., iterick Building; Chii-oao, 400 North Mich- he.^Js a man of strong per- ! N|ew Oricons, 722 Union St. y iagd "direct speech. More ' ncid.e.alally, he has a big and —Tr--»«i^""-*!f>j,**»>****v t j *~"«»^**uij,wi.m • . ,. capityating smile, which must be a !'Pp,ines_ to -him .in d ? s , - -•M-™ i' The prime minister's te of fhe .announcement last Sunday, offer- .iing to establish a "commonwealth recjue^L |Q£ Indonesia." ; ! The prime minister agreed with jV'ack! my s "Sgestion that this plan ap- Thursdoy/ Fobrimry 14, 1946 Washington, Feb. 14 •—</P)—Aclm. Cncstcr W. Nimltz told Congress today the navy's carrier fleet may take an atomic air attack on this i-ounlry "very difficult." • At the same time, the chief of naval operations said submarines nold promise of becoming "the Nalional Stockyards, ill., Feb. M >' t - l '- i wpro !l —W'l— Hogs, 2,000; choice barrows uuyiiig-j'e and gilts 100 Ibs up 14. RO ceiling; lighter weights scarce: 'sows 14.05; stags 13. 75- 14. OS. Cattle, 1,200; calves, 500; very light supply cattle consisting ot approximately 50 percent obws; ' eAfi 4. nO- about four loads steers ' offe largely of a kind to sell from 1 lfl.f>0; common and mediun- beef cows 9.25-12.00; canners and cutlers 7.00-0.00; good beef bulls quotable ID 14.00; medium and good sausage bulls around 11.50-1:1.00 round 1,300,000 shares'..- viveil DM the idea ihntv the list 'may have been oversold in live siiei-e.ssivc declining sessions, j Hopes for a White House announce- i men! of Ihe new pav-pri-cc! formula * which could bring .strike settle- ' mem.f aided feiilimenl lo ii eei tain ex I en I. Kail bonds liaidened. NEW YORK COTTON New York. r'eb. M i/l'i— Ag- fires:iive mill and commission ilou.se bitying, .stiini'li'led by «.'X|iec- mo:o powerful cxL-rlor appearance j na\ y's ained with. recommendations are gained with a new styled ract-i postwar fleet. Nimllz brought w h i ch ^ co'wooicd 1'iinbV lo,^v uUh later griUe. lower radial,,)- e-.iihlrm. .him charts which showed plans j ersH%0 double d^-kmosM^^ and more massive sideguord Iv.imp-, for: P n^\, "„ "'.„„ V." 5.^, K ... m '^^;V K I 1 c er trentn-.enl. 1946 Packard Put on Display at Wylie Motor Showrooms . ,j, ... , . . by color-lir. new fabrics, and 'other': Pacific' ancfao 'iiT'ihe Atlantic-Car" \ II -, -^ i .oiM>-eight mechanical and design modern de.siiin lo.,ch«s lhat nciL-.ii-1''ibean area. | U. 5. Cardinals Arrive at the Vatican Ihe | Sheep. 1.200;'pan deck mostly! "ft' partially on profit taking and butch- ! hedging. . . . ,pp,,.l of'Thof'A system of r,3 overseas bases 'flLm^wole^Umbrn 1 "" 1 ears' Interiors Is r-nhor enhanred I lor ships and planes - 33 In the i „"!,'," 700 down P:icifi.- nr,/-] 'in ;,, tl,_ AII_..II.. r , l|UUlilUll I.UU UUWI1. are incorporated in the en the flush of interior r;>wne.-s | A navy manned aflo-H -ind I GRAIN AND PROVISIONS 1941) Packards. which follow the] Nol only do the new car;-, incor- j ashore, by 500,000 'enlisted mm, I Chieago, Feb. 14 — (/Vl— Pi-nfil low. streamlined grace of the com- porate as many c'uin^s cis were' and 511,000'officers, pany's prewar Clipper model with | offered in some pr-war vea'-s. bull An active fleet of men i |cashing nnd confident commission house buying had May rye prices jits revolutionary fade-away fenders I they represent first application of : vessels, part of "a"totai' •TceVof "l"-' toclerillg bi)th ;lb(iv( ' '' "nd below land other fresh styling notes. | additional p:-o:-isir-i irsi??c'_ •;•• r\- 070 active, ready reserve nnrl i.iiri. '• yesterday s close most of the time By J. EDWARD Rome, Feb. 14 • bishops Francis J. -(UP)— Arch-' Spellman of ; New York and John Joseph Glen- i non of St. Louis arrived in Rome ! today after a 4.500-mile aerial jour-! ney from the Uniled Slales, com- ' when ° Functional design of the Clipper j perienee learned is retained and new sparkle and intricate war eng; Navy to Repair Ships Hcl by First Atom Bombs, in Order to Make Second Test /y.. ^ _ By ELTON C. FAY "from the joint chiefs of staff, the Washington. Feb. 14 — iff 1 ) — The task force has arranged what il navy will assign its crack salvage , hopes will be a program of graded - --— -- - crews to rush repairs on target I destruction, ranging up "rom ne;<- alighted from the TWA Constalla- ships damaged in the first atomic i ligible damage lo destruction Here tion airliner "Star of Rome" at Ihe bomb test so they can oe blasted is" how the la.sk force thinks !he Rome airporl at 5:11 p.m. (11:11, again in the second. , pattern or damage may shape: a.m. EST) 3 hours and 17 minutes ] Heading the repair units will be i 1st tesl -- Bomb exploded a iVw after their take-off from Paris. '. Commodore V.'illiam A. Sullivan, 'hundred feel above 1-0 anchored They went immediately to Vati- i whose salvage feats made possible 'argct ships in Ihe moll. Topside serve and laid•'» :;ri,ps distributed in the two oceans. neriii! striking force of 3,731 Although strength of (he grain lid doubt that the :use of atomic explosives and other kets were' ;M.W wi.p,. s will mu-o a profound a strong effect on the composition and em- [he time ipjiymcn; of armies, navies and wer 'p fra'r prelates who will be elevated to Ihe •. sacred College of Cardinals nexl ', Monday. ' The American archbishops, ac- : "ompanied by Cardinal-designate Bishop Thomas Tien of China. sofiiritv ;'--ri poMnn ir'<-- desevibed as imparting lone to grains mo;-! ol ,,..,.„.„,,, . , . • .- •-- —, Ihe.time, particularly otits which. nir'K. & KM'"" ^ ^ S° nBlly nhov ' • ve '""" _ Declaring that while the ships, I Wheat, corn and barley finished .cgethor with armies and cities, unchanged al ceilings of'si.JlO 1-2 ;i;-e vulnerable the admiral added I $1.18 1-2. nnd SI.Ml-": ofts "-- "s;nps are difficult and unprofit- j'-hanged to 1-2 cent higlier than ..oie .targets for atomic bombing" i the previous finals, May Hl-cenl '.i:d almost impossible targets for j reiliiiK; lye unchanged Lo :>. cents I.ale ,'l'ii.:rno(in prices were li!) cents lu Si.U.'j a bale liigluT. Meh. i;5.!)(i, May ^Hi.(l2. and .lly. afi.flfi. CLEAN $>' EE1P Chicago. Feb. 12 - i/IV- Ray N. Chaclwick wi'iit to !hr Kcn.^ing'.un police VU,:A.I\ lo : epiicl thai Ijuri;- iais had broken ii.io his ',01110 inulr had st'ilen two j:i.stols. as v.'i.'ll as several oilier art ides "You ought ID ';el a •.vatelulof',." suggested Sgl. Thomas Dernis. "1 had o:'i\" C'hadwick replied. "They stoic lie"', loo." The name Australia sv;i'- first applied to a group of south sea islands. RELIEVES MISERIES OF rockets." Then he said: "The ability c:.f our carrier lask to p. event penetration by hostile aircraft may •K'lr.binj; very difficult. ^"Thf submarine may be expect•: i lo have continued and increased •iiiplovir.eiH in the future. At sea ~ .. i i.v relatively immune to atomic loals on a to-a bombing and also to radar detee- up May S3.14 1-3—.«'' u Cash wheat, corn, and oats were •-- —,rr' „,„,. ... make atomic prices today. Estimated receipts . Hided 20 cars of w'.ienl. 230 of •o'-". and 17 of oals. Cash interests listed 140.000 bushels of corn and 2,000 bushels of , I am afraid there is a : recognized Indonesia"n"'RepublTcl"is ! red h ' at o£ th e cai-dinalcy" from i task '' O1 ' ce wil1 bc prepared' to! 2nd lesl misunderstanding in your country, a clever man pid i'» is i- e >,cr,n",Ki^ 'Pope Pius XII at Monday's consis- carry on 20 major repair opera-i surface level. and the good opinion of our friends He will recognize this as the bnsis ior - v - ' '"'""" Vs T ^hn^ri vi testmea " s much for ' discussions." Archbishops Stritch and ,us I should like to get across w e ^u^ u »vay with the feeling, who arrived in the to^ .o i ouuunj IIA.C lu gei across vve uciun; u \vay with the feeline. who arrived in the Ftprnnl r-ifv ' " Beu ;>1 ' : l jb "•"-•«. ID i-eu message that not only has the ' that Dr. Schermerhorn believed f ' wo da va-ago were rlccived n ' !f arbor in ° rdc , r to rcad - v them ;Cl I**rl5lt>ric CTntt^f*n wt rtt-i+ «.l n j n . n .j 1.1 , , , . . _ * . . * _ e «» w. i v, ".v,»,i_iv»_v( ill 1 1>. S cn/^rt ti rl ^ nc-i Boir.b exploded at ' ['u - . - Worst damage ex-v, tions simultaneously at Biki:ii atoll, i:eclod to come from a 'nine ticUil of making it unnecessary to bring i wave, possibly as nigh as 100 :Vei. bomb-damaged ships back to Pearl created when the .vurface bhisl tu>- It may be the most success- Kl.OOn bushels of oats ported sold for shipment. is. • oi" n were ro- -------- < NEW YORK New York, Feb. 14 — </IV- The government pledged .settlement on the basis of a Dutch ; private "a'udience bv the Pope this but "hat" 1 »^- en ~"' : ---°-'^- mm0nWealth ° f nations was on; Corning, along with four other the majority its wav of the people of Holland are be"- : •hind the government in this ac- i tion." It was more than a request. The irCase of To jo Earlier Dr Schermerhorn -hadjcials indicatd. them several times. .... . Many leading Japanese suspects qualifications have selected-Iheir counsel Some E- has visited are xinderstood to have begun prep- f" '•'.emphatic aration of their defense. that i the American-British agreement to 'J.ie second test. Task force experts said the plans \ Cardinals-Designate. ' [ui ' quick repair of damaged tar- P |oc| t' The pontiff conferred with each : °' ot sn 'l-" s emphasize a point they : v '; : prelate for about a half-hour, and ' la \'° been making — that the Bithe two American archbishops''^' 11 ' al °ll trial is a giant labora- emerged from their audiences with tol '. v experiment rather than a sim- word thai the pope appeared well '-'' a ' n <' battlefield effort to destroy and alert after his recent '"ness a " targets al once. The cardinal-designate refused : Acting under specific orders to divulge the subject of his audi- ; ence, beyond the fact that he paid; .• homage to the pope on behalf of i president was not speaking in a the clergy of the Chicago diocese, i Pickwickian sense when he told He said he would sec the pope ! me to tell ihe truth." ' ' ^^^^^^^-^^^^^ n ^ e ^^ VFS£>ffi«^Ul5 : w?S!!- if^ Se ^t^cu^l aS notl ' "*** tnl c. ^^^-, *~ n t. n 11 . _ . •^ We PACKS [Cdfab-Tooley Radio Co. Ambassador John Winanfa'nd Brill ish Prime^ Minister Clement C. Attlee :LittIe Rock, Feb. 14 — (/P)— Whe- ,, ,. , . ,-, , , ...^.^ were rumos that Secretary college, after which he planned to:of Labor Lewis B. Schwellenbach board a March. 4. presses and pusird outward thn \vator aror.rd tl-.e bomb b.irsl. :!rcl and final tesl —- Bomb exploded at another site and in sev- thousand feet oC wale:-. The ebicl-t i:-- to p.r.;;t I e c-:;..no:-;i( n deep under the target fleet so that waloi-lrm'.jir.iiiod piessiirc; will cliive in he hulls of ships. L'a:;k t'o.-'_• >•'•' <• -'.Is :'^y uuit even if the special!' encased and r ;i::ccl bomb needed o- {}•(• tnird. r'.H-M- water test were ready land il is '.inly In iiie planning phf.se < V.I.K experiment would nol bo trier! first. The reason: All ihe large; vehicle for carrying atomic j ipcns to within short distances coastal targets and for cnsur- 1-iiU'i'r.s ; "' :lLy '" UlC " sc °' guidod islock'markei today cnjoved a tech- '''!£( 'V . , , , . ' inical raliv 01 i in M o .",.• r. .„,,•'• . .rrMM .K, 5 ' 1 " i i' n lh P yca'-s. im-;but eventually encountered opposi- « ,1H ' n d ° nly Bnli > 1 "! tion and advances, near me close •',' rn, '' o° " • , strong enough were well under their best in the •o con.CM seriously our command . majority of cases. of_ the sea areas vital to us." There are air,. iRussia, total f 7!M these . in the fleets of Bril- France and Italy a fighting ships, Nimilz diii not explain wheth- r of active Dealings, fairly the forenoon, slowed as the progressed and trends Star performers in the session wavered, morning were the steels, motors, liquors, or, like i-ails, rubbers, mines and spccial- . include [ties. Most of these backed awav in laid-up ships, .the final hour and scattered losers taken into account T e'slimaling ' " P ° arcd toward the finish ' Trn » s our own naval requirements, ihe , . . , . — —-— admiral said, bill their cxistpnrn i = ships might be destroyed, leaving > o.nlv r.-e of the factors no chance to assess damage re-; "Our primary considc-r: the chest and back tubeswithitssoothing surfocss liko a good, medicinal vapors. warming poultice. Warming, soothing relief—gr.-incl relief—comes when you rub good old Vicks VapoRub on the throat, chest nnd back nt bedtime. Its penetrating-stimulating action keeps on working for hours. Invites restful sleep. And often by morning most misery of the cold is gone. No wonder most mothers use VapoRub. Try it tonight — ho me-proved primary consideration has actual site for the third lest for Chicago on j might cussed the problems" of his Detroit : c'abinet'.' 'There "is > no"ruie""agallis''t i satonal has nol .been chosen, but probably defense establishment so strong wjU.be^n one of the Pacific ocean and so proportioned as to , proportioned as to provid t less Drilling'Co. a Delaware cor-1 archdiocese with the pope. -two cabinet members from a sin- poration now operating in Louisi- • The first pre-consistory audience ; c!e state but pairs are unusual ana, Texas and Mississippi, has ' granted to the new American card-! There was also some talk of for- announced plans> to do business at i mals-designatc was conducted with ner S"ii D Worth Clark of Tri-ihn Texarkana, The firm filed notice ] traditional Vatican formality in Ihe Gov. Robert SKerr of Oklahoma of entry into the state with the pope s private library. . ; and Rep. Harry R. Sheppard, D., secretary ot state yesterday. Swiss guards in shining silver i Calif breastplates and red, yellow and Assistant Secretary of Interior blue striped uniforms snapned to Oscar L. Chapman will run the de- attention and raised their lances j partmenl for Ihe lime being in salute as each of the prelates i Whomever Mr. Truman appoints arrived at the Vatican in cars pro- as interior secretary, he is under VlflOn nv t nn Hnlv Si no ...-<: r T _ i ^i* , ... $5.98 to $10.98 Jt't Altt>4yt Fashionable! Spun Rayon Butcher Linen suit dress with Gold buttpos. Go-gettin'colors. Sizes 9 to 17. We Give ond Redeem Eagle Stamps Geo. W. Robison & Co. Hop* Noihville vided by the Holy See. The cardinals-designate notice from Ickes thai the nomi- were nee should be above suspicion and escorted up the marble stairway I must not be an oil man to the courtyard, where they took I Congressional Democrats are fed an elevator to the Loggias of Ra-| with embarrassment and appre- " *° „ hension about the whole business, nail, they were Democratic senators do not want phael. At Clementine . ^ wi iv-ij welcomed by the pope's" secret | to~ "buck" "ihe" ^pre'si'denT But thev' abovc J ' lf " :icl s;;i K e . »l Calico Rock. added. o An income tax was imposed in Great Brilinn in 1790 to finance the war against Napoleon. ivers cl Mark ! Little, Rock, Feb. 14 —(.T>)—- Four Arkansas rivers were above iluod stage today and were exploded lo rise further following continuous, general ranis yesterday. The sharpest rise was on the White river, which lumped more than 17 feel to 21;.^ led, four feet COMING ,• • • • waiter of the sword and cape. Cal- | f:"in.iwT'too."that"sVnatc"'Re'publicans i a ; ld to ," Ion do Vignale. who ushered them (arc eager for Pauley lo be con-. : ' (:v , ! ' rji - — — -• -• • The While in separalely lo Ihe library. Valican altaches said the pontiff, between the private audiences, was working on two main speeches, a Latin address for the secret con- sist9ry and a radio broadcast in Italian on Feb. 21, o- iM-foot k-\ 1 .^a^e. M J)a!csvillo. s expeeled lo rise seven feet more at Balc;.-\'ilie bv .Satur- tirmed. The Republicans figure that with Ickes' committee testi- , mony and his blasty remarks on ; aa £: . ! departing the cabinet they have a ' The nver stl11 was below danger campaign issue which is worth I stages at NewDiirt, Augusta, ' votes. But they figure it will be l Georgetwpn, Des Arc and Claren- i worlh more votes if Pauley is con- I °°n. out flood levels are due to be Edward S. Morris Representing the METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Life and Personal Accident and Health Insurance 418 S. Elm Telephone 32 Two Types Continued from Page One and feels that wives of the "burra sahibs," or "big shots," have given a particularly bad impression. "Some of them have spent a quarter century in this country and. ..„ „.. .^ ,„„,„,.„ have never spoken to any Indian i Mr. Truman when"he~'ciuit*.~He"was exceot their own servnnts." hi> sairl shooting more at the president's close associates — notably Demo- OVn tio "NT '.l t inn i 1 f~*r\ i-v\ »-»-i i t i n rt f'U »-.!.» firmed than if he is rejected. The dispute has little to do with Pauley's ability. He is conceded to be a first rate business man capable of taking and discharging heavy responsibilities. But he is a political issue now. There will be renewed efforts to persuade Pauley to request withdrawal of his name from the Senate. So far he has resisled such suggeslions. Ickes did • nol wholly repudiate except their own servants," h« said. "They live only for bridge and mah jong parties. They lead sheltered lives, know nothing of the distress of India and might as well be living in Kensington." Rudd feels that any kind of im- cratic National Committee Chairman Robert E. Hannegan. But, in effect, he warned the president to j H u , , change his company or to expect rlol - K n ' lcl trouble. He said he might support reached at these points within a few days, Ihe wealner bureau said. Petit Jean river was four and a half feet above flood slage at Uan- ville following a six-foot rise. The Ouachita vis above flood level at Camden and Arkadolphia, ^"d the Black exceeded floci stage at iiiac-k Rock. I Accompanying a cold wave which moved into the stale late yesterday, precipitation took the- form of light snow in sonic- sections,, around Bales.-, ille and Harrison High wi: t-';- were ex- erpeinccd througl.uut the slate Mininuims this niorninj' were erialism — British, American or] Mr. Truman for re-election," but Russian — is old fashioned and ; that would depend on who was run- out of date. ining against him. "We have governed India for , The facts are that Ickes is a po- 150 years and we've made a bad : liiic»l nnwer of some significance show of it because we have never despite his disavowal of polilics given^these people freedom from. He nas great influence wilh Negro want," h says. j voters in the northern industrial "If you stay here you should live 'states and he has been a defender with them, eal Iheir grub, learn of olher minorilies, nolably Ihe their language, mi xwilh Ihem around the frc-iv.i:ig p ni.t. l.lul a low of 27 degrees. A Complete Line of .... CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS TJRES, TUBES, BATTERIES and ACCESSORIES ANTHONY SERVICE STATION Phone 1106 PAT CROSS, Operator U/. TO VJUOM DID CONGRESS G/V£ $2OO,OOO AND A TOWNSHIP OF LAND IN ANY UNOCCUPIED PART OF THE UNITED STATES E MIGHT SELECT Select Byers' Drug Store as your buying head- quarters for day in and day out satisfaction. Answer to Last Week's Question Faneuil Hall.. Boston — a large market building, during the Revolution the Whigs, or Patriots, met there. • , I freely and, as I did in Bengal in , Jews. Ickes on the stump and ap- nealing to minorities to repudiate 1943, suffer their famines. In that j Democratic candidates is a night;one there were a million people [mare figure. It will be keeping a | who died of starvation. What India! lot of Democrats awake in Ihe meeds is men of sympathy and j night to come. i understanding — men willing to i Besides his self-assigned title as I work hard and sacrifice. There are i the Old Curmudgeon, Ickes was [Englishmen of thai lype here. I j known around town as The Ick and I know them, but you don't hear | as Donald Duck and had'distinc- much of them. jtion as the only surviving member "I have wanted to see two things I of the original Roosevelt cabinet in my life — labor government in : If he had served until March 4 next England and India politically free, ihe would have completed 13 years 1 1 have lived to see one and I ex- I as secretary of interior Ipect now lo live lo see the olher." Ickes fought wilh everyone who i Rudd hopes lo retire in hree : crossed his path. He even set his years "and dig my garden" by a ! detectives on the trail of James small cottage on a five-acre tea j A. Farley in the early years of the plantation he owns in the Nilgherri i first Roosvelt administration hills — the blue mountains. I When Farley charged Ickes in "I never want to leave India," ! Mr. Roosevelt's presence with sel- I he said. "All my life and heart are ling snies on him, the lough little • in the hills here. I think all pen- man denied it. but it was true. He I sions for service in India should 'also fought with the lale Harry L ] be payable only in India. If this Hopkins, with Wallace, with con- counlry is worth living in it, is,gressmen or whoever was handy ! worth dying in. o— Ickes 7 Continued from Page One night and reiterated that Pauley did not tell "the truth" before the Senate committee. "In the light of succeeding cir- imstances. Ickes added, "I may It did not bother Ickes that "he i was, iis interior secretary, a politi- ;cal accident. He called on Mr j Kusevelt after the 1932 election hoping to become commissioner of Indian affairs. The late Sen. Bronson Culling, R.. N. M., Ihe lale Sen. Hiram W. Johnson, R., Calif., and some olhers had already rejected the interior post. They and others recommended Ickes. who was offered tne job to his over- be peraited to doubt whether the; whelming astonishment. WE. DON'T KN\OV/ WHAT TO DO 7 TO ot\y ' I Kr\ow A TT DArsoy GAME. To PLAY HARD BATTERIES FOR ALL POPULAR CARS — 24 MONTHS GUARANTEE DEAL AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE and old Battery y»-^tfjs : l-«jti*i»i^--': : r'^'ai '•-T'^i'U"j-';-'-^.'' HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Social and P ersotia I Phone 768 Between 9 a. m. and 4 p. m. Social Calendai Notice The Oglcsby P.T.A. will meet jointly with the High School P.T A Mils month. The date will be announced later. Friday, February 15. The City Council of the Hope I nreiii Teachers Assorinlinn will entertain with a Founder's Dav •leu at the Homo Kcnnomics Coi- lijgc ill Hope High School Frid;iv (illernoon, the ten will follow t lie J"'" 1 . meotiiiK of U,e four schools 1 - l.A. at .') u'clock Friday nl'lor- 1100,1 at the Hi K h School Auditor- nun. Participating will be Oglesbv. " 1 ' 1 ^ nild ni « h John Cain Chapter, D. A. R. Held Luncheon Meeting r> rh L llohl1 Clli " Chapter. D. A «.. Mrs. J. M. Houston, regent at Us regular monthly lunohi-oii meeiinx :•! Hotel Barlow, Wednesday, February lath, honored its candidates for the National Good UlixiMiship Pilgrimage. They are Haxel, Splllers, Hope; Mafyaret Blake ot Lewisville ;ind Miss Marv Ann Wilson, Fulton. Mi«:s Wilso'' wat unable to be present. Mesdaines Lloyd Spencer. Cha.s H. Locke and Dick Watkins WPIT- hostesses and members and guests were seated at u T-shaped table which was attractive in an unusual valentine motif. The regent l ec | in thy salute to the flag and the impressive 13 A R riliuil. Mrs. Catnerine Howard] program chairman, introduced Mis fom Purvis who sang "Jealousy." (Bliime). and Carrie Jaco'i Bond's "Her Greatest Charm." a'-cum- pimied by Luther Holloman at the piano. Mr. Holloman played several selections during the luncheon hour. . Mrs. Chas. A. Haynes. State Regent. Arkansas Society. D. A. R. gave a preview of the state conference to be held in Little Rock February 20-21 and introduced two of her pages, Misses Barbara I.aGnire and Roberta Howard. Miss Matilda McFaddin. a student at Hendrix College, will be Mrs. Houston's page. Delegates to the conference from John Cain Chapter will be Mrs. Houston, regent; Mrs. O. A tn-aves, Mrs. Catherine Howard i'lul Mrs. H. M. LaGrone, Jr., with All's; Gus Haynes, Mrs. Dick Watkins and Mrs. Frank R. Johnson alternates. Mrs. Gus Haynes, chairman of tne nominating committee, presented Mrs. Catherine Howard for regent; Mrs. Dick Watkins, vice u'geni; Miss Mamie Twilchcll, recording secretary; Mrs. O. A. Graves, chaplain; Mrs. F. R. Johnson, treasurer; Mrs. Wilbur D. Jones, registrar and Mrs. R. L Searcy, historian. They were elect•-'d by acclamation. Miss Beryl Henry was Introduced by Mrs. Howard and gave an infoi malive address on a National hero who is also a native Arkansan: General Douglas MacArthur. She was asked to bo the guest or the Stale organixalion and repeat the address at a luncheon meeting during the State Conference. Guests for the luncheon, other than members included: Mrs. L. A. Foster. Mrs. D. R. Pickard,' Mrs. E. S. Kicliards, Mrs. Dolph Hayes. Washington. D. C., Miss Beryl Henry, Mrs. W. N. Blake (Lewisville), Mrs. Cril Stuart, Mrs. Syd Henry. Mrs. Tom Purvis, Lul- Uier Holloman and the good citizen ship girls and pages. .Pag* DOROTHY DIX Odd Beings, Husbands The Doctor Says: BY WILLIAM A. O'BRIEN, M.D. Written for NEA Service Mumps Is an infection of the sal- icury glands (sometimes (lie sex glands nrc affected i caused by a specific virus. Incubation period ... ol mumps Is 12 to y.K days; as a I seemed lo think that I was just rule IB days alter exposure, a su- about all right in every way. Ev- cepllble child or adult comes, down I 01 ylhiiiK I did was perfect: If I with mumps, although many light- | asked him how he liked my new y exposed persons do not eon- hut, he would say: 'Darling, it's a tract mumps even though they are ' " A bewildered young woman wants i Not a bit of it, daughter. Don't to know why men treat their wives so diflerenlly from the way they treat their sweethearts. She says: Before we were married Jack susceptible. The virus Is found in secretions of me mouth and possibly in the nose. It Is spread in talking, coughing and sneezing, or by eonlnmlnted hands; the virus probably enters the body through the mouth. Mumps virus infects susceptible persons of all ;iges, but the " CCU1 ' S i ir most n usually are protected up beauty! You look just like a dream a-walking in it.' If I gave him n slice of a cake I had made myself, he would ask me if I was going to feed him on angel's food me ual- nnce of his life. "But now everything lhat I do Is wrong. He is the critic on the hearth. IT I show him my new hat, he says: 'Gosh, that' awful! Take lhal monstrosity ' back and get . , something that doesn'l make yon Inlants look ]jk e you ) lac j j us t escaped from _,^r! the home for feeble-minded girls.' lime he munity. although second attacks of the disease are not rare. Mumps with my cooking, and throws his mother's biscuits in my teeth. Too Tired Now "Before we were married he look me slcpolng almost every night. but i ow he is too tired to stir from . . lose any sleep worrying over yoi husband using the hammer instead of Ihe salvespreader on you. The wise cracker who said thai there was no sense in running nflcr the bus after you had. caught it, put the average man's theory nbo.it marriage in a nut shell. There is one technique for courtship and another for matrini ,M- As long as a man is trying to sell himself to a girl he uses ail of his artsnnd wiles upon her. He butlers her up with flatlcries and makes her believe that he will spend the balance of his life burning incense before her, taut once he has gotten her he reverts to norm ay and drops the role of the great lover as if it were a hot polalo. And because a hrsband never pays his wife a compliment is no sign thai, he doesn't really think that she is the most wonderful woman in the world. way of keeping ho- H is just hir in her place and impressing upon her that E ' made an awfully" gocd bargai when she got him for a Ivis'iand. Many a husband who dons nothing but find fault with hi? -vife at home. Coming ond Going Mr. and Mrs. Don Mulligan of , Seattle, Washington have arrived i for a visit with Mr. and Mrs.' jGiaydon Anthony. Mr. Mulligan i has rceenly been discharged fijorn I tin- L.'oasl Guard aller three yqars | service. \7 is contagious as long as there "is any swelling or inflammation of the salivary or sex glands. BEGIN WITH EARACHE n^ m hi? m ' S '! KU;lll - v fio }'\ , wiln a ; his own fireside of an evening, or I spends his time boosting her »,,- JJ.UI1 rjeiow ine ear -Which may | else his feel 1'airl him and he has lues when he is abroad. lor earache. Inis is i \ o re st Ihem. and I can't get him, And, furthermore, husbands have swelling ol the sal-1 even as far us Ihe neighborhood I to have somebody to pick on, and movie. And in the days of court-! a wife is the handiest and safes' ship he neve'- forgot an anniver- victim. They can't call Ihe atlen- •••ary. or what were .'lowers, but now Replace YourOJd Record Player with a new AUTOMATIC RECORD CHANGER Now in Stock COBB - TOOLEY RADIO CO. Mrs. Robert Vesey of Los Angles. California has arrived for a with her parents. Mr, and H. O. Bridewell and sister Elizabeth Bridewell here. •. | visit i Mrs. Miss followed by „ w ivary glands as the temperatu'rc rises. In severe cases, the patient may become ill before the onset of swl.-lling and there m,</ be p high fever, nausea, vomiting and bcr „ sl , 1!f i p las prostration. DC1 a SI ''« 1G lab .Swelling of salivary "lands leaches its heighl on the second day, although the other gland a may be affected later. Both sides usually are involved, although Kiwanis Hears Scouting's Role in War Harold Moore; executive secretary of Caddo Council district, was the chief speaker at Kiwanis luncheon Tuesday. His remarks had to do with the ft y ,P?SS rtr?™! r "?,i °4 a * sls . ta , nce in scrap drives and Bond drives aereed laneuaep which would ho, during the war. Then he explained Uh osame afl over The wortd * the reconversatkm program which -Eleanor Roosevelt '•••'•' is being Inaugrated throughout Am- ljlc <" 101 ^oosevoit. erica this week as pertaining to w e have 'ance In So They Soy Two World Wars' 'HaVV* shown beyond, dispute lhat Ihe United, S.aU's is lh£ rearbarr^rVJBjinyone , dieaming'of conquest.' .T !af eVer" there is. a next time, the United » States will be,.first-on the 4ist. —Admiral Nimitz,' Chief r <tf«Naval • Operations. ' I hope to bring'up', the lact fa the 'United Nations? Organize* , tion that every child throughout the world should learn the Ian- , guage of his own country and one loin lands. Guests were: bal. * But ! u < ma . lerials . what we have of freedom f- <n> them to scouts '" war r , v; led at frequent intervals by- Ira Halliburton, Lynian Armstrong, Luther Holloman. Robert Moore, Jr., Rav Lawrence, Frank Kirk, Tommy Purvis, Ur. F. C. Crow, Ted Jones, Coach Nolen Tollett, Guy Bayse, Edwin Stewart, Earl Clifton. Most of the guests were connected with the Boy Scout Program of Hope and Hempslead County. Joe Black was welcomed baet _________ ____ r ______ .^ as a regular member after sev- wilh atomic 'power "ik ' ~ ~ ~ the results of economic insecure ! ity. ' i —Harold D. Lasswell, Director of 1 War Communications'"Research, Library of Congress. , . t Progress 'wilt undoubtedly take ' place as we work .in the (atomic)., tield as far as efficiency of, processes Is concerned. This means,' J of course that ;ihe possibility of chiving submarines, oeeqn-going vessels, arid .possibly even .trains' - ... •« yl i , .„ .. . .... the famous one-armed paper- were my favorile lion of their bosses or their clients hanger thought he was busy he .v he can't remem- or their customers lo their faults should take a look at Cpl Jo'bri- s!f| that I have, or arid weaknesses, but their wives nv Citron nf Hnmilt™' i?i n ia 1'ial I occasionally have a birthday. • • "A^cl he has me gueising. What's other glanda e i langc d lover" to Ihe fa"H-finding husband? one side may swell before the other. a day or two him f-om the -flattering Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Railey liave arrived from Pine Bluff for a week end visit with Mr. and Mrs. B. L. HettiK. Hospital Notes Friends of little Miss Jo Ann Illicit v.ill be pleased lo know she is doing nicely following a Ion- sil operation nt Julia Chester hospital Tuesday. ; Friends of Fletcher Reed will be rlcasi-'d to learn lhat he is re- pi.i led as doing 'nicely following an appendicitis operation at Julia Chester Hospital on Tuesday morning. Inflammation of the sex glands! In the male is uncommon bolero pubelly; in epidemics, aboul one oul of five adults develops or- chitis. The complication usually ;tarls between Ihe fifth and tenth day, reaches its height in iwo or hiee days and then subsides Sterility is not common following this complication, although the glands mnv be smaller afterward MILD MENINGITIS POSSIBLE Some patients develop head- nche, stiffness of Ih? neck, and [ever about a week after the salivary gland swelling. Examination of the spinal tluid may snow signs of inflammation (mild me- ingililsi. The outlook is good even though ins patient may be dull and complain for several " Perspnal Mention Friends of Mrs. L. D. Springer will regret to learn of the death of her motheT; Mrs. R. W. Griffin who died Wednesday at her home in Tiptonville, Term. Funeral services and burial will be Friday Morning in Tiptonville. o Galen, ancient Greek physician, prescribed lelluce as a remedy for sleeplessness. Pretty Cotton Chambray I OU MUST see these lovely cotton chambray dresses with lingerie trim. Some button all the way down the front and some all the way down ihe bock. Stripes and plain colors. Junior sizes 9 to 15, Misses sizes 12 lo 20. You'll want several so don't wait. Chas. A. Haynes Co. Second and Main T haven't altered. I'm the same <.{irl before and after taking, wilh Ihe same amount of looks and "ains and funny little ways, nnc' if sre right on the spot and have lo lake il, and like it. Ar.fi the husband who makes his wife believe tha' "-. conS!de's her a rn-'r failure, ant '"'o never tel'.s her lhal he loves he .'.-id admire-- Cilrn . citron, once a bass V . 1C Y P^Ver, lost the use of his right hand in a gun accident last November. He has learned to ploy the drums and all their liked 'em once, why doesn'l hoi hood. Queen things husbands. No like 'em now? II makes me won-1 wonder their wives don't undo.r- d.;r if he is regretling his bargain." I sland Ihem. her, works himself to death to keep traps and plans to form a band her. soft and in his heart thin!::: o f veterans incapacitated like she '? (he pry-agon nf ,-n «'0!nan-' ' ""-"- alcu ""•« months in the service. Social .Situations THE SITUATION: You borrow a book which you did not find interesting and when you return it to the owner asks you how you liked it! •.WRONG way: Say: "I thought it was dull." RIGHT WAY: Be more tactful in your criticism. Say that you were glad to find out for yourself | what it was like—since the owner i was kind enough to let you read i it. himself. W By DOROTHY STALEY They Crie l, 1946. NEA Srrvicc, Inc. Barbs BY HAL COCHRAN Knowing what you're aiming at makes it a lot easier to hit you in life. A bargain ment whereby have one dress and buy another. . a woman can torn off of her is an arrange- Springs styles already are on show. Tht p more change in women's clothes, the less in men's. The smart traveler wants to see America first. The smarter one wants to see it last—for ever and ever. WJlll UI.UJ1JJU JJU\VC1 Ifc I tTcll. M ( t —Dr. Reuben..G. Gustavson, U, of*[ Chicago. : ' / , , ,• You cannot teach a man to be a democrat by taking away his job-' and his future and threatening'*him with starvation.' '" ^ ' '{I COMING • • HOUSE DRACULA; V/ILLYOUSELLr yoiT OM fable : : Model Rqdio?^ Phone 98 cr see , - v Cobb-Tooley Radio' Co. XVI ®I looked at the clock in Ihe upper hall and was surprised lhal it was only 9 o'clock. The time for th • and I wanted to smack him. i lid he think I was going lo i "I saw her, too, here in the; Mumps bed as lon^, _ _ ._.». swelling. Scconcia.y infection"'of | ' lacl l:>cen planned yesterday, and the mouth can be avoided by 1 v ". e . 1 il was only life here at Cliff's suitable oral hygiene; plentv of fluids and soft diet arc indicated Winter and spring are the seasons of greatest prevalence of mumps; the disease is common in large cities where at times it assumes epidemic proportions •we do not have a reliable method of preventing the spread of mumps as sjseept/oles are usually exposed before the disease is recognized. Maine was Ihe first state ever lo vote dry, approving prohibition in 1846. COMING SUNDAY "KISS AND TELL' PAN - AMERICANA Friday - Saturday DOUBLE FEATURE RomnncEf UIHflT HCTiam UJHflT num "HOP A LONG ENTERS • • • SUNDAY "HOUSE OF DRACULA on the third floor som? ,,,„,,,,.,-, j i nine aiiiTi 5. And.," I added, "she /.dge l.iat had char.ged. had change d. At 4 o'clock she was Dr. Berloletle stopped off a_t ihc'stui.in a riding haoil. Sne nad a second floor lo see my Miss Jenny pale blue linen dress on when wo r.r.d I u-enl down the back slairs to j found her." Ihe kitchen to see how cook and the girls were reading. I was jusl in 1 time lo hear Sarah say, "And afler ner-lhne bill bolh she and her car that, bee-lecve me. I wasn't a "oil were gone." m '~ " ' Zern just grunted, and Mr. Will ' •'"'•• l"<->kerl for her al din- surprised. There wasn't a one in this house She stopped, and I said. "Go ahead, Sarah, finish what you were saying." "It wasn't nothing^ Miss Harrold," she said. I lold Ihem nol lo do Ihe rooms on Ihe third floor and Ihr.t if they wanted lo lake the 'day sit)le tn5t shc was nekl , nf r , as had been promised them. I th . en ,, ne; " bod y dropped o they should go ahead and I could manage the meals for the family, but the three of them declined. The 'Is ner car here now?" Zern demanded. Uncle Andrew answered,. "Nf. fi wasn't in the garage when I went lo get Hendricks and Ihe station wagon." Jeffrey said. "So it's quite pos- and Ihe cliff.' Zern looked al Slraub and Straub at Zern. They bolh had I-lold-you- held , up over excilcmenl town. I suppose, s°«pres8ions_. , , "Nice idea" wouldn't hold a candle to what was| ? tl ' aulj sald .- He l 18 ^ bee " watch- happening in the house. I i"R Mr - Willson 'with kind o£ »a 'SCOTLAND YARD INVESTIGATOR" Friday-Saturday « W11D BILL ELLIOTT Bobby Bloke Alice Fleming — Added — Royal Mounted » Cartoon i T got back to the living room just as IJr. Berlolelte came down Ihe slairs. He took me' by the arms and looked at me carefully. He said, "You"ll do, Nana. And Jenny is holding up pretty well, but watch Betsy. She seems lo be in a state of suppressed excitement that it, I think, worse than shock." Before he had a chance lo say ; my more, Jeffrey Hazlett came in. This is Jeffrey's first year as dis- lri"t attorney a-id he was more nervous than any of us. His parents are close friends of Stephen di,a Jenny willson. There were two •ncn with him, one a bulky pack- He ol a man, aboul GO, with a real shock of while hair, ar.d Ihe Jlher ono was a liltle gray man .vno mace mo think of a squirrel jocausc of the way his eyes darted u-om one thing to another, storing ..) everything in the room. >'.: il; O We went into Ihe library where Mr. Willson, Flotch and Uncle Andrew were silling wilh Smith, the -•oroner. ..,."}' m ,, n r i ^ hty sorr y about lhi s, ;«letch, Jclfrey Hazlett said. "I'll i.V to make the whole thing as brief as possible, and no more unpleasant than absolutely necessary." J saw the little man radio a mes- -age with his eyes to the b : « man. 11 said ,-ii plainly as anything. "These people are his kind/' and, 1 knew what il meant There's had ' -~i... m.:cn opposition to Jeffrey | aazlctt s being district attorney be-1 cause of the silver spoon adage thai ..ad been lacked to him by the ol.ier political party, and I realized thai! ihese me:: felt that hei o was sonic- .lung thai wouU-; ba covered up and I lor that leason they were already ..ntagonislic. Jeiirey went on to .-piain thai these men were Ihe co,inly detectives. The big one was Mraub and the little squirrel was Xorn. Coroner Smith told his story concisely and Jeffrey interrupted only to say to I'Metch, "You shouldn't i nave moved her, Fleleh. 1 can understand .your doing it, bin it makes j H rather bud." ; When Smith had finished, Jeff! rcy asked, "Haven't you any idea . where Phillipa went yesterday, I r letch" j S * V • Fletch simply shook his head and Jellrey turned to the rest of us. I j looUccl a I Uncle Andrew and he i looked at Mr. Willson, and Mr. Will: son said. "None of us know where i she went yesterday. Jeffrey. My , ion saw her at 4 o'clock and no one saw her afler that." Zern iiuerrupted. "She couldn't have laid there at the foot of thai clifl' before dark; somebody would .nivc .seen her, but she could have be- i chopped off after dork Any idea, Smith, whether she might have been dead when she went "i"" thai olili?" Smith said. "No. I won't know, llu.1 until Or. Mac-Donald gets I j here." | i Dr. Bertolett" inierrupled. "I'm i certain .she wasn't." ' "We'll have lu wait and sec," I Zsrn countered, and I thought ill was time the subject was changed, so I said, "Fletcher wasn't the only one who saw her at 4." I saw Fletcher's frantic glance in my di- troublcd expression for some time, and now he spoke direclly to him. "I'm surprised, nobody has suggested she might have jumped off tha I cliff." ' I sal back weakly. Why had.-i'! we thought of thai! (To Be Continued) —o • - ' - Movies to Feature Supper Meeting of Presbyterian Men t The monthly supper meeting of The Men of Ihe cnurch will be held Presbyterian at 7 o'clock Thursday night, February 14, at !• irsl Presbyterian church. A motion picture program will be piesented by Kemmel Young and Ihe local theaters organization. All members ar.d friends of the Men's group are urged to attend. The Hindus are credited with originating the science of trigo nometry . Suits Him j— .Partly to solve the clothing 'shortage problem and partly to :spaed up his dressing, Jack •'Denst ot Cnicugo designed a onc-picco suit for himself. Above, his sister, Mrs. Bi-lty Vo2s, who made it up for him, gives him a tilting. Denst says he can slsep eight minutes ,lonfie_rjeach morning, thanks to ~~- the suit ring Clothes at If you ore thinking about some!-hlng new for Spring be sure to come in and see the pretty new cloHies at Rephans. Just the clothes you'll like and wrrn* in new colors and styles for Spring and Summer. NEW COATS Smart new coats for Spring in the new colors. Most sizes 1.95 NEW SUITS You'll just have to have a new suit. A nice selection to choose from SPRING HATS Many new hats in the new styles and colors for now and later. and A gocd selection of s-art new purses fcr your new cl Ihes and WASH DRESSES Children's Dresses Many new styles and colors in these s;nart new wash dresses «1.98 «B.98 SATIN SLIPS A real value in a pretty salin slip. Only <V98 A new shipment of children's dresses have just arrived. 4.98 PANTIES You'll want several pairs of these panties. Only SHOES We have a large selection of smart new shoes for now and later. Many styles and colors. 1.98 K .98 BLOUSES | See our selection'of lovely new blouses • for that new suit. Many styles, new t colors and materials-'you'll like , - 20 I 1 ''

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