The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 30, 1894 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 30, 1894
Page 10
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,-!''^'-S r ^%^^^ 7f~V'-'^ OM'^.V'^*'.' \ -Vr • '; ,- '• •/,.',' Yt'* 1 '- r ' ' : " W't^Jp' 1 taj^'i^ a «^yi^t^^EA^rtte J ' i^jji-^lfri -jSf ' lf £•&•"'& <imt'*$(•&•**&> rfflte.L "ifr ' ^ /ijtf'- jMMfc- ffi^fc'tf A >«» ''' -'A^ j-%.- itf-tf^ * '" t tf^ 4 ^ffiA^% J ^i.^-rfe»'t -fo rtfa * 'A> ^> '^f^L •> ^M £af*a& ^<&!>^ib i- * r ||||!r|^^ ^..L. Wff^yi ' i" ™ * >!"" / ftM ffltfteeftttj fcft bWe [ffij.he' ttottte 8fid tiBtfs you? msaey ,Wt settle! .set aase tuts, off® thtt D*< KlHf'S New" DiS- wedoH, it Jefe* diai^ i Mai battles ftee at L. A, Sheste.' filleSBOeaftd&fle dollar. 2 . fl a ft *S«ied£ Aft all fdrms of heftdacUe e&lfto Bittere has pf otfed to be thevefy H» It effects ft fteriflilneatcufe, and the ,6St drcftddd Wbttilal sick headaches yield ;lMta iftflaeBea. Watwtfd flll who are af- lleted to fl Senna a bottfe and give this tem-, t*dy ftitiftlr to cases of habitual cbnstlpa- 'ttdtflillectf Us Bitters cutes by giving the ' fleBd&l tofle to the bowels, and few bases iffotlg tfe&tst the use of this medicine. Try It aibe, Large battles only 60 cents at D, A, dfvtg atare. 2 BtfCKlBN'S ARNICA SALvfi. .Th.6 best salve iu the world for bruises, *<™fei SOfeSj ulcefs, salt rheum, fever Sores, y tetter. chapped hands, chilblains, coma and i 'till skin eruptions, and positively 6ures piles 6Jf no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Sold by L. A., Sheete. ' bfftcB &«# first tfwitmal teftft, AlgofiA, 14. W, IB, A<WUKN$¥ Af LAW* 0*e* Kossuth Cdtiftiy Bank, Algonft, fi. tt, CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW* Collection agent. Opera Mouse block, s, s. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Prompt collections. Money to loan on chatte security. Over OhHschllles 1 stofe. A BOtfL-EH, LAW* LOAN'S, LAND, Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Cowles' new building. SULLIVAN A ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office in Hoxte-FeretiBon bl jck. Till? CEAC QQ Vfi'ADQ -Inii oMb oo IMKot One of His Experiences. ' F;.' <hi"'y-"le-lit.years Cnpt. Loud followed the sen, most of that time aa master of a vestal, and upon retiring from (lie water yras appointed by vii! Secretary of the United States 'Treasury to superintend tho ?eal fisheries in Alaska, wbicli position he held five years. He 'relates uiiu experience ns follows: "TP IT -sovern I years I had been troubled with troiit'tal nervousness and pain in the region Of inv litsart. My greatest affliction was Bleeple BEIUSS; It was almost impossible at any time t» obtain rest and sleep. Having seen Dr. Miles' remedies advertised I began using Nervine. After taking a small quantity tbe benefit rooelved was so profit that I was posi- , tivelv alarmed, thinking the remedy contained opiates which would finally be Injurious to me; but on being assured by the drug- gist that it was perfectly harmless, I continued li, together with the Heart Cure. Today I conscientiously say that Dr. Miles' Be- storulive Nervine and New Heart Cure did niorijfor me than anything I had over taken. I had boon treated by eminent physicians iu Now York nnd San Francisco without ben- flt. I owe my present good health to the judicious use of these most valuable remedies, and hi.artily recommend them lo all afflicted \ as I was."—Oapt. A. P. Loud, Hampden, Me. Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine and New Cure are sold by all druggists on a positive cuaran' tee. or by Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elklmrt, tnd., on receipt of price, SI per bottle, or six bottles for S5, express prepaid. They are tree from all opiates and dangerous drugs, .SOLD BY DRUGGISTS. A NEW FIRM. NORTON & ROBINSON Will furnish you with the best of livemjjtgigs, with or without driver, at n|R,'/rate prices. 1 Aloo give their bestfticention to Boarding and Feeding Horses, by the day or week, at their barn, One Hock nortJi of postoffice, ALGONA, IOWA. ON REAL' ESTATE HCcadLe «Ss L. K. GARFlELD, M. D., PHYSIOIAIf AND SURGEON. Office, State st,, one door east of Cordingley, Residence, McQregor st., east of the public school building. M. C. MoCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND 8UR0BON. Special attention to city practice. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. J. M. PRIDE, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SUR&EON. Office over Jno. Goeders' store, on State street, Algona, Iowa. DR. T. H. STULL, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Chronic diseases a specialty. Office, Algona State Bank block. Residence, Glass property, McQregor street. T. J. FELLINQ, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Consultation in English and German. Office and residence over H. Goetsoh's store, Whittemore, Iowa. 5 is the my tst me B»Sf Mmi E. S. GLASIER, D. D. S., SURGEON DENTIST. Office over the State Bank, Algona, Iowa. DENTIST. A. L. RIST, D. D. S. Local anaesthetic for deadening pain in gums when extracting teeth. FRANK-NICOULIN, - Propr. 3 BEAT bargain—80-acre farm within one and a half miles of Whittemore; has nice rove, good house, stabling with shingle roof; ill sell for $30 an acre. H AVE 140 acres 7 miles south west of Bancroft, all improved, with good buildings; 25 an acre. [7STANT13D—A good for general house- VV work. A $3.000 stock of millinery and dry goods— -ii- store doing good, paying business—to ex- hange for a farm. H AVE 11 head or standard-bred horses and mares to trade for laud. OA-ACRE farm 5 miles northeast of Algo~Jw na for sale. Coma quick. "F you want your farm Fold list it with uie. - I shall have a man in Illinois and Wiscon- n looking up customers. T O TRADE—A $7.000 stock of dry goods In Algona, Iowa, to trade for a farm; will •ade part or the entire stock for farm. Ad ress Algona Exchange, Algona, Iowa. ~1 RIST MILL—A good grist mill, water and CT steam power, doing a good business, to rade for land. Algona Exchange. AND—A half section of land in Adams coun- I ty, Wisconsin, to trade for stock of goods or Iowa land, Algona Exchange, »f"iJie *hf6e tintts Wilt Be Met- f4& 4 Sfctt'fiAA 'te'MrilfeifMtfcMt ID JJ&J?M(J JN um Dcro* ltd ddd FWiews BPS pl&Bfciteg tor bfgf&t gathering the district ha§ at AH afrftivefs'ftpy dedaslbti, fhey hAWs aflfaaget thing 3d that delegates daft cotfle itt and go out on regular trains add yet tnlss nothing, They expect 400 certain, anc the total number may reach 500. The banquet will be held at the old s rink at noon. The ladies of the relie corps have it in charge, which insures a repast worthy of the occasion. I there are extra plates after the Odd Fellows are seated the public is invited The public service will be held at the opera house at 2 o'clock, and all are in vlted, The programme is as follows: Opening Ode by,.... , Members Prayer, Brother Laldiey, Bancroft Music i. .Algona Double Quartette Address of Welcome. .Mayor Ambrose A, Gall Welcome, Oft behalf of _ Lodge Bro. B, F. Reed, Algona Lodge Response,...Dlst. Deputy G. M, S. Collins, Esthervllle Lodge Music Algona Double Quartette Address... ,F. W. Evans, Ui'ttttd Master of Iowa, I. O. 0. F. Music Algona Double Quartette Benediction .Rev. Robt. Bagnell The parade will be the feature of the day between 11 and 12 o'clock. The reception will be at the fine new hall from 9 to 10:30 o'clock and the banquet from 12 to 2 o'clock. D. A. Ha gard is marshal, and Geo. C, Can, Gardner Cowles, C. C. Chubb, T. H. Conner, and F. E. Smith are reception committee. Algona should assist in making this a gala day occasion, If the day is fine t will be one of the big events of the year. The Sunday School Meeting, The Kossuth county Sunday schools meet in Algona next Sunday, June 3. The programme is as follows: IOUN1NO SESSION, 11 O'CLOCK AT .CONOBEQA- TIONAL OIIUHOH. Music. Scripture reading, Rev. Davidson. Prayer, Rev. Bagnell. Music. Address, Mattie M. Bailey. Music. .FTERNOON SESSION, 2:80 AT M. B. CHURCH. Music. The Sunday School Library, Dr. F. H. Jntler, Bancroft. Paper, Miss Waters, AlgOna. How Not to Conduct a Sunday School, L. C. Cady, Burt. Music in the Sunday School, Rev. Bng- nellj Algona. Discussion, Union Teachers' Meetings, Are They Practicable? A. W. Moffatt, A. Hutchison, Gardner Cowles, Fred Anderson. . ' • Sunday School Work in Iowa, Mattie M, Bailey. Business meeting. EVENING SESSION, 8 O'CLOCK, BAPTIST CHURCH Music. Prayer, Rev. Gorrell. Address of president, Ernest Bacon, Burt. Music. Address, Mattie M. Bailey. Question box. Music. Benediction. Reception committee, Mrs. Conner, Mrs. Putsch, D. B. Avey. Tho Burt Baud Picnic. The Burt Cornet band, assisted by all the bands of the county, will give a grand bund picnic in Wm. Blake's grove, just east of Burt next Saturday, June 2. A base ball game between Algona and Bancroft, bowery dance afternoon and evening, picnic dinner, lunch counters, racing, and sports of all kinds on the programme. Teams will run from Burt to accommodate all who go. Besides music by the Burt, Algona, and Bancroft bands there will be an address by Rev. Hawn, recitations by Mary Shaefler, Anna Barslou, Mable Peck, and Fannie Richards, songs by Mary Shaeffer and the glee club, and music by Laura Stow nnd Mary Schaeffer. Algona will find it pleasant to spend a day in the beautiful grove on the river there and enjoy the entertainment. Mrs. Jnrley's YVnx Works. Tomorrow evening Mrs. Jarley's famous wax works wilt bo on exhibition at the opera house tit the low price of 25 and 85 cents. There will be 50 people each bearing out his part as the On Earth. We will open this week in the A, D, Clarke building, [Bailey Bros,' old stand], a large stock of Dry Goods, Boots and^ Shoes, Groceries, Crockery and Glassware, We want to close this stock out in the shortest possible time, and will make lower prices than have ever before been offered in Kossuth'county, This is not a bankrupt sale, neither have we sold out nor are we obliged to reduce stock ; but it is A GENUINE CLOSE-OUT! We want to sell the goods because we want to sell 'em, WV 3J tar of the evening. Miss Jessamine ones as Mrs. Jarley, assisted by her Id maid daughter, Miss Gertrude Van ]pps, have exclusive control of these tatues of wax, and will give in minute etail the history of each. While 'the ttendants are describing each, keep our eye on farmer Jones and wife, n connection with the above the ladies' uartette are arranging a very choice alection. Everyone will appreciate he solo by Dr. Hist, wbo needs no in- roduction to this community. We ave also secured the services of Miss ioa Wartman late of the Central Music mil, Chicago, who will render some of ier classical pieces, both vocal and nstrumental. You will be pleased also o know something about " The Reveres of a Bachelor's Life," one feature'of bis unique entertainment. ORIGINAL NOTICE. « THE DISTRICT COUKT OF IOWA, IN and for Kossuth County, May Term, 1804— James Beem, plaintiff, vs. Unknown Defendants, the unknown heirs of Andrew Lugen- bul, deceased, defendants. To the above named defendants: You are ereby notified that there is now on file in the ffloe of the clerk of the district court of Kosuth county, Iowa, a petition of the plaintiff bove named, asking a decree of said court uieting the title to the northwest quarter of ectlon Thirty-four, Township One Hundred, ,ange Twenty-nine, west of the Fifth P. M.. lossuth county, Iowa, in the plaintiff. That IB said unknown defendants above named are he heirs-at-law of one Andrew Lugenbul, de- eased, who died in Seneca county, Ohio, on r about the year 1804, and that whatever in- ercst, if any, they may have in the above de- cribed lands were derived by virtue of their eirship from the said Andrew Lugenbul; lat unless you appear and defend thereto on r be/ore noon of the first day of the next Oc- ober term of said district court, to be begun nd holden at the court house in Algona, in aid county, on the second day of October, 804, default will be entered against you and udgment rendered thereon. W. B. QUARTON, Attorney for Plaintiff. And now, to-wit, on this 22d day of May, 804, the within and foregoing notice having een presented to the court for approval, and le court being fully advised in the premises, he within and foregoing notice is hereby ap roved, and it is therefore ordered and ad- idged by the court that the said notice stand pproved; and that said notice is hereby or- ered published in "The Upper Des Moines," weekly newspaper of general circulation, ublished at Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa, nd that said notice be printed and published eekly for six consecutive weeks in said news- aper. GEO. H. CARR, udge of the Fourteenth Judicial District of Iowa. . lOtO TO THE PUBLIC. I desire to say to the people of this section that I am better than ever prepared to meet their wants in the line of Painting, Paper Hanging, etc., and feel free to say that I can guarantee my work to be first class. I mix my own paint and people can know just what they get. It may be well to add that I was not responsible for the inferior work done last season by the firm with which I was unfortunately connected for a short time; circumstances which I could not control caused some poor work to be done, but I promise niy patrons that it shall not occur again. I am the " boss" now, and you may rely on what I tell you. Give me a trial and you will be satisfied. JAS. A. ORR. Any ons whose Watch has a bow (ring),will never have occasion to use this time-honored cry. It is the only bow .that cannot be twisted off the case, and is found only on • Jas. Boss Filled and other watch cases stamped with this trade mark. Ask your jeweler for a pamphlet, or send to the manufacturers, Keystone Watch Case Co., PHILADELPHIA. T ,EGAL BLANKS— •*-* Buy them at the Upper Des Moines oftise and get the most approved forms. FINANCIAL: Kossuth County State Bank CAPITAL .................. . .. ......... 850,000 Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collec tions made promptly, and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. W3I. H. INUHAM... .......... ..... .President J. B. JONES ............. ....... Vice President LEWIS H. SMITH.... ...... ............ Cashier Directors— Wm. H. Ingham, John G. Smith, J. B. Jones, T. Chrlschilles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devine. The First National Bank OF -A.XaCtO:tT.A-.. CAPITAL . 850,000 Special attention given to collections. AMBROSE A. CALL President D. H. HUTCHINS Vice President VVM. 1C. FERGUSON Cashier C. D. SMITH '. Asst. Cashier Directors—D. H. Hutchins, S. A. Ferguson, Philip Dorweilor, W. F. Carter, Ambrose A. Call, R. H. Spencer, Win. If. Ferguson. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties furnishing flrt>t-class security. CASH CAPITAL, 850,000. A.LOONA., IOWA. .Officers and Directors— A. D. Clarke, President, G. 0. Chubb, Vice Prest., Thos. H. Lantry, Cashier, Geo. L. Galbrafth, W. 0. Tyrrell, Myron Schenck, Thos. F. Cooke. General Banking. PRIVATE SAFETY DEPOSIT VAULTS, 8^"lnterest paid on time deposits. > Roman Empire/ One glorious incident „_,,„„, .,„,.,—,.„,_„ , ,.,-s expended in one surpassing pageant! »high-salaried performers and more novel features than any two other °wv"9i ftll exhibited under the largest tents ever constructed, T T T TV T T\ TIV T THE STRONGEST MAN in the WORLDS - l» 1 \ I II \ Wfts 3 ' 500 pounds with ease, Supports tv plat; M JLrf \*J I 1 JL*/ * i ^ fort 8 containing go men, A physical paragon, *W» -^f * «w»r * » Tb& wow j ep Qf the age _ FAMILY GILET most celebrated quintette of acrobats, especially imported lor Eingr tog Pros,' sljQws, The}? -flretj nn<j duly season in,, * - >~- s - ' JQJAI& . t T Worths phampipn. MissJosie tr.i ^hiUmaiPgci America's; ypujgestftj4 M to AlpM, May, June 15, in 10 Universal Desire. Ringling Bros/ World's Greatest Shows! Towering like a colossus above all others, and now beyond comparison the largest, grandest, best exhibition on earth. T?nTr£ll "RnrnQfl TTl'rmnrlT»r»m£» f Three-ring Circus, elevated stages, mighty millionaire menagerie, aquarium AVU,y OO, XVV^xJ.C|;Xl J.iJ.JJJJVU.1 VJX1J.CJ , O f mar iii e wonders, mammoth museum of marvels, far-famed horse fair and equine congress, embracing 350 of the finest blooded horses in the world, together with the greatest aggregation of European aerialist's, gymnasts, acrobats, riders, and arenic specialists of every description ever exhibited in this or any other country,' Glorious revival of the Circus Maximus, terrific; gladiatorial combats, absorbing trials of strength and endurance, grand gala day sports and spectacles, two and four-horse chariot races, Roman standing races, jockey races with lady and gentlemen riders, novel elephant and camel races, child" delighting pony races with monkey riders, laughable donkey races with clown drivers, and other exciting racing contests, Akimoto's Troupe of Japanese Equilibrists, Princely entertainers to the JtpperJaJ Court of the Mikado, Now seen for the first time on the Western, continent. LARGEST LIVING GIRAFFE, the tallest beast that breathes, stands full 18 feet high; the only one in America, The MONSTER HIPPOPOTAMUS, blood-sweating behemoth of the Nile, weighs four tons; the mightiest amphibian on earth,' PRINCE' CgAkPEAN, BWgnifi' nent Jong-m^ned Pe,rcheron, stallipn. mammoth big'hopped gnu; JOO dens, of rare wild beasts; schools of educated goats and ponies; mirth-making porcine otrous; h_igh'bred horses in "astounding dfills; double herds of bondej-oys, per-_ forming, dancing, and clown elephants, gf 5 FREE PAJkY PAGEANT OF GLITTERING SPLENDOR! The procession leaves the sbow gvoijnds promptly ftt 10 o'clock on the mopp- ipg pf tee exhibition, I| }s over a mile in length. Ten pf tbe magnificently* wyofl and decorated fleps, pf performing wild animus arp exhibited free ajd ppjet) on the streets. Ten kinds pf pjusio, including Moscow's Silver OUimes and ft MammQtb, Wolden Steam CalUPpe. wake the air mwy with melody, No pp8t» ponement on account pf wea,t&§.r- The precession jRQyes., p§jia op gblne. Two Complete Performances Daily: Afternoon st 2, Night at 8 ppjora op§» P« water i

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