The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 30, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 30, 1894
Page 5
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•'- r ^-;'- . vr<v,~-->••"'•'-*a vc; -. -•;*•;• '*:?:*;#-$ f $'l^*$^ ' ' '* ,1 ,,»-'.• ' ,' < " <' l ,~ ; * "< * "-' H '?' I''?,* , IOWA* Prank Blakeslee and Steams Jas. Taylor's. Fans, Waists, Millinery. Stylish. Best Value. Invented and manufactured by our former well-known townsman, A. H. Langdon. Electrical Effects Without Electricity. This bell is first class in every respect, the movement being a clock train with pitman, operating two hammers, making it Simple and Durable. The appearance is attractive, both the gong and back being nickel plated and highly polished, making a bell that is ornamental. It is automatic, requiring ,5) NO WINDING, © ® NO ELECTRICITY, ^ is always ready, and with each push of the button there are' from 28 to 32 vibrating strokes, giving an effect similar to the electric bell. I have this bell for sale and will call upon the citizens of this locality and give them an opportunity .to judge of its superior merits. LEWIS A. HUNT. Millinery. Latest Styles. Finest Stock. Mm & Are now prepared to show customers and intending purchasers one of the finest and most varied stocks of millinery goods to be seen in this section, It has been selected with special ref erence to the wants of this community, and we have no hesitancy in say- that we can satisfy the most fastidious as to price or quality. The LATEST IN TRIMMING constitutes an especial feature of our business. We are prepared to fill all orders promptly, We want your patronage, Come and look at our goods. I will sell you better FLOUR an4 other mill products for less money than you can buy else^ where, , or no money, Every J, J, WILSON, SHERIFFS SAIE, Notice ts hereby given teat by virtue of t* speclftl.«/0 execution tome directed by the clerk or to« district court of Kossuth county, Iowa,agaissUhegQo4s,chatt«W. lands, tene- we»tej etpy pf Jaije Hamspa 994 Lim« garrison et«!., defeadante, in favor ot the |Tortb,ero fcumbe? company, piai*tjfl, I wUl offw at public sate, to ti$ Mgbest asd best bidder for cash, at the door of the court house, to the town of Algona, couaty of Kowftth, ;te Harrison, Emma < ftis,;B. M. Richmond, a' right, title aa£ tote-- "*—^--wibed real !< ffi:¥L j ft oa ^ ot Tenj RAILWAY TIME OAEDS, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE *, ST. PAUL. LOCAt, TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs at No. 9 departs at 4:26 pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 65 departs at 5:30 a m No. 03 departsat —11:55 am No. 71 departs at 9:15pm TRAINS BAST. No. 2 departs at 10:12 am No. 4 departs at G:05pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 76 departs at ll:00pm No. 04 departs at 1:45 p m R. F. HEDMOK, Agent. CHICAGO & NOBTHWESTERN. North- Mixed 8:18 a m Pass 3:33pm Freight 10:00 am „... .... Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Des Molnes at 8:15 p m. Lv. Des M. 3:30 a m Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chi cago at 8 a. m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. South- Pass .' 8:40pm Mixed 0:07pm Freight.... 10:00 am THE CITY CIECUIT. The first circus of the season comes Friday. Mrs. Wm. Barron of Lotts Creek was buried Saturday. Mrs. James Chapin is down from Minnesota on a visit to her parents. Ed. Haines is running a mail route for Frank Nicoulin in South Dakota. The monthly covenant meeting of the Baptist church at 2 p. m., Saturday. All who heard Jahu DeWitt Miller last summer will welcome him June 19. Algona has built more houses thus far this spring than in any previous year. Prof. Shoup will be with the teachers at the institute this summer. It opens Aug. 6. Thos. S. Dailey is a grandfather again. His daughter, Mrs. Chambers, has a baby. A barn is up on John Grove's lot and the stone will soon be laid for his new residence. The Jarley waxworks will have a free street parade tomorrow noon. Be sure and see it, T Madam Jarley's fine exhibition of waxworks will be given at the opera house tomorrow evening. Will Brunson has bought the A, Rodgers livery, and John Edwards has the barn in charge for him. Tomorrow evening the annual pew renting of the Congregational church occurs, after the regular supper. Mrs. W. H. Conner of Plum Creek started last night for a month's visit with friends in Whiting, Kansas. Thos. Sherman was down from Bancroft Saturday, He says the new bank building is progressing finely. Rev. Dor-ward goes to Oregon early in June. He gets $1,000 a year and will build a new church for the society, As soon as the new well gets into operation there will be water enough for the street sprinkler. Hasten the day, Will Heise, who has been with Chrlschilles & Herbst several years, is helping Henry Thompson at Whittemore, Geoders & Cullen move into their new store at Whlttemore this week, Mr, McGovern has built a good building, The county mutual insurance company has now over |800,000 of policies. Its annual meeting comes a week from next Tuesday, The city council are thinking of getting a road grader, it will be operated today and the officials will attend in a body and inspect it, The Outlook will meet in the Congre* gatiohai church parlors Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock, A cordial invi' tation is extended to the ladies, The work of raising the roof and enlarging Geo, M. Johnson's home is well under way, He is practically rebuilding and doubling in size, Messrs. Chubb, Rawson and Hollenback were looking over grades asked for, Monday t They went; PWt to see ajbpqt the old Wesley road, Sexton. The Supreme court decided Spelling'8 name "gijhn" i« notice served Pfl biro personally was npt enough, to lit him put pn the ground of faulty notice, "ft, £, Potter oj Cresco is quite l ftgain, put is now batter, Or, Potter, his brother, wp yjslting in Marshall county last week bu.t came home on g telegram, Friday, The frames of tfee W»rtwa.n, Tellier, and Taylor houses are in various stages of completion, while J. D. Shadle has bis enclosed, an.d the There is t&ljs tfert the lajryerf pj |he county wUi oh^JLejjge, fhj gg\y »s4ipal - — flp.MAlM g peoj J^. MefSfs, Mayne and f hoDSflsOfi 6f c'f bf I, ftnd wo'Uld Seeft to b6 handicapped. N6v<§Pthe1e8§ they" afS inclined tb vefttuf6 & chatteage. At least six Weeks' nbtfee Should be glvefl. Of. Morse has 060 r<5eU of as fine little ofiions over south of towfi aS are oftetf seen, The onion is said to have gr-eafc remedial properties. Perhaps the doctor is going to start an onion tonic. There is a big shooting, tournament being held at Sheldon yesterday and today. S. S. 'Sessions Is bver acting as general manager. John G. Smith, Henry t)urant, and others are in attendance. Hai'ry Dodge's Shetland pony came to an untimely end last evening, Hitched to a loose fence post, it started to run, when the post caught in the ground and the pony was thrown on its head, breaking its neck, The foundation is begun for Theo. Chrischilles' hew residence on the lots north of his son, Julius. This ground is part of the original A. F. Call property, and rated as fine residence property as there is in the city, S. B. Shadie returned last week from his visit with his father, He brought with him a fine gold-headed cane he gave his father at his golden wedding. His father and mother are both .living and have been married nearly 65 years, W. K. Ferguson left last night on an extended eastern trip. Mrs. Ferguson went a week ago and meets him in Chicago. While gone-Mrs. Hay wood assists in the bank and Chas. Palmer and Chas. Smith divide up the cashier's duties. Rev. Venting of Perry is being very favorably considered by the Baptists in connection with the vacancy in their pulpit. He is 81 years of age, unmarried, and a very eloquent and forcible speaker. He spoke in Algona a week ago. Photographer Peterson was at St. Jo. Sunday, taking pictures of the Catholics who 'gathered in great numbers for some church service, in which they profusely decorated all the graves in their cemetery. He says at least 800 were present. I. E. Mungeiy state secretary of the Y. M. C. A. association, was in town Monday looking up the local work. He says that W. M. Parsons, who married Mary Paine, is located at Grinnel and is working up a fine Y. M. C. A., building for Iowa college there. ' • Rev. Bagnell and Miss Carlton attended the Epworth League meeting at Brltt last week. Archie Hutchison is elected district secretary for the coming year, and Alden is the next meeting place. Rev. Bagnell gave an address. He reports it as the largest league meeting yet held. The city well is tested and Mr. Swanson has taken his machinery and gone to other fields. The water is excellent and there seems to be plenty of it. A pump will be put in as soon as possible and then water enough can be pumped to sprinkle the streets, which is the main object at present. Supt. Reed was up at Germania last week and'two anxious looking citizens approached him and asked, "Are you from Algona?" When he said ho was their anxiety increased and they asked, "Is your name Raymond?" The 'squire is evidently getting a reputation up in that part of the footstool. Saturday as Walter Brace was driving to town he decided to ford the river at the mill in order to tighten his wagon spokes in the water. In driving down the bank Mrs. Brace became frightened and jumped out of the wagon and broke her arm. She was brought to town and Dr. Morse fixed her up. C. C. St. Clair came in yesterday morning from a trip to Denver. He is now cashier of the leading bank at Marshalltown at about twice the salary he was getting in Algona, and will remain permanently there. He stays tomorrow to clear up some business here. His old friends will be pleased to know that he is so well located. The city council met Saturday evening and got into an animated discussion over extending the water mains, The desire seems to be to put in mains as fast as possible so aa to supply the town and get rentals enough to make the plant self-supporting. Mains should be put in first where the most rent is guaranteed for the least main. The world's fair postage stamp will run out in Algona this week, then wo shall come back to the old red stamp, The Algona office is one of the last io have the 25 and 50 cent stamps and several collectors from away have written here to get them, one stating that he had been notifiied by the department at Washington that Algona had them. J, W. Samson has the contract to grade Park avenue, the new street from the water mill under the railway track, and has begun work, His bid was 8f cents a yard for all dirt moved 100 feet and a cent additional for each JOO feet, The railway company begin on their bridge next week. They will put that in before any dirt is moved from the road bed. At a recent musical entertainment at the Highland Park school, Mrs, Lon Sessions played a piece of her own composing, and was encored and played another, It is the first time such an occurrence has happened in the school, Mrs, Sessions has an ambition to write music and her talent seems to lie in that direction, and several of her compositions are being published, The band concert Saturday evening, was entertaining in many ways, and a pod audience was out. The Britt and lurt hands were present and made excellent mwsio on the streets in. the afternoon, a clog dancer, and other features were added in the evening. A violin, and piano piece by Misses JCate and; Maud Smith, was very fine and Mrs. Platt sang a very enjoyable song. The call for the county coventipn is published this week. It will be held on the day of Ringling's circus, at 10:30 in the morning, The delegates, will be sure of % circus in the afternpon, and can have another io the morning if they thick one is not enough. AH there is to do is to elect 10 delegates to tjM» ftate, oongreMopa} and judicial conventions- ILegsionf, Polliyer, an4 faffft, attd J, 0. ftawsdfi Monday, to Slfert tfhd ffechle?, Ibfe IbWest bidders, The$ |5flt it ifl ftt filftfi Cents a rod fb* each fbbt deep. Ifaat is 36 cents A wd whefe it Is fo«p feet de6p> etc. About WO rods 6f UIS will be pm in, Whefi it is dOHd ,tHe poof fafta will be a sort of experimental statioft /or all who wish to See what tillflf Will do. It is a wise move. The high school graduating exercises this year will be held Thursday evefl" ing, June 14, at the opera house, The full programme will be published next week, The graduates are will. Gal' braith, Ollie Salisbury, Howard Wai' lace, Clara Hamilton, , Lutie Hart, Lizzie Wallace, Ruby Smith t and Maud Cowan, All will have orations and fine music will add in making this one of the best commencements in the history of the school. Judge Hicks, who spoke this morning at the opera house, is on the district bench at Minneapolis. He has been in the state legislature several terms and is a prominent man in the Flour city. He was a member of the same post with Capt. Dodge and is visiting the captain while in Algona. He has delivered memorial addresses several times in Minneapolis and in other cities and is a very able and eloquent speaker. Rev. Gorrell of tho Episcopalian church is captain by .brevet. He had four brothers in the war. One was killed in battle and one, a doctor, after going through the four years was sent to Memphis at the close to tend yellow fever patients and died there of the fever and lies in . an unknown grave. Rev. Gorrel was in the secret service, part of the time chaplain of the hospital at Chattanooga. Sunday evening he told many interesting incidents in his experience in a memorial sermon. The Congregational church was crowded Sunday morning for the union memorial service. Rev. . Davidson, whose father went through the war and came out broken in health, spoke as a son of a veteran to the assembled grand army men. He reviewed the issues of the war. brought out in clear light the conditions which caused it, and congratulated the old soldiers on the noble service thev had rendered. It was a fitting and eloquent tribute to them, and presented in clear light the history of those times to tho younger generation now coining on. The week's crop report .is: _"Corn has partially recovered from its setback and is in a fairly-promising condition, with a good stand and improving color. The usual complaints are heard of the ravages of cut-worms, and some re-plan ting has been necessitated. The acreage has been increased by the partial failure of oats in many localities. The prevalent drouth is injurious to all' spring grain, and the hay crop is damaged past recovery. Pastures are becoming very short, and in many sections stock water is scarce. The recent freezing temperature was most destructive to truck gardens, grapes, and small fruits." Company F will be interested in the following order from Adjutant General Prime; The regular practice season will close November 30, and only such scores as are made between May 1 and Nov. 30 will be considered in making up the aggregate required to determine the class to which any soldier shall belong and that men will not bo permitted to fire at longer ranges who have not made 40 per cent, of the possible score at 200 yards. Company commanders are urged to complete their practice by July 15, if possible,' and failure to instruct at least 50 per cent, of the total strength of tho company present for duty, in firing at 200 yai-ds each season, will render the company liable to be mustered out of the service as falling below the standard of efficiency of the Iowa national guard. IT is the best of the season. Notice the " ad" of L. A, Hunt in this issue. Now is the time to get choice Black Spanish eggs for hatching; $1 per dozen, Guy Grove. PLEASANT furnished rooms 'to rent. Address Box 28, Algona. PORTFOLIOS of western American scenery can be procured of R, F, Hed- rickat the C., M..& St. P. depot at 10 cents each. Bed Polled Bulls for Sale. Two red polled bulls for sale, one full- blood, at prices to suit the times. 8t3 . M. SOHBNOK. Call at tl»o Neiv Store and see how cheap you can buy ladies' and children's shoes, 8 W. F. CARTER. CARPETS, we have a nice new stock and are making some special inducements, Our all wool C, C, at 50 cents is a big bargain. Geo. L. Galbraith. Money, Plenty of money now for all cants at the Kossutb County State bank, for real estate loans at lowest rates, Money paid at once on comple* tion of the papers, Buy your bread, butter, and coffee at the Opera House Grocery, Pasture Notice, I have 320 acres of pasture on Sec. 32 in Buffalo township, with plenty of water, AH persona desirous of having stock pastured, either horses or cattle, may apply to A, Q, Burdsall, on the premises. Terms, f 2 per head for cat' tie for the season; for shorter time io proportion. Stock at pwner's risk, 8t3 A FEW more seeds to take the place of your frpst?bitten garden at the Opera House Grocery, At reduced rates to the principal sum.' mer resorts of the United States are now on sale via the Nprth western line. For particulars apply to agents Chicago & Nprtb western, railway.— 9t$ BOOMS tp rent, J. J, Wiltoe.-8t4 pf phpice butter at the Opera , \£-i. Combined Railroad Showllj Over 400 noted performers and horses from all quarters of globe, A consolidation of grandeur never before presented to the people of the World. More to be seen in this show than in any tit* cus. A perfect avalanche of marvels and new-born ideas. It is a"' great and mighty show, universally heralded as wearing the purple of superiority, Moral as it is mighty, Introducing new features never before attempted. The largest spread of canvas irt the world in which is placed two mammoth stages fully equipped with mechanical devices and scenery, upon which Adah Richmond appears as Cleopatra in Rome, supported by 50 noted performers, attired ill ', the most gorgeous costumes. A new production in which appears '' the $10,000 challenged Egyptian drill, together with lady chariot-' eers in the most daring feats of horsemanship upon the stage. Upon the other stage is presented light opera, comedy specialties, illusions, and dancing of all nations. At the world's fair you will see - during the grand review mounted military displays of all nations including a mounted Mexican military band, Russian, French, English, and American cavalry, cowboys, and a band of Sioux Indians, being the greatest number of performers ever placed before the public at one time under canvas. You will see the largest troupe of performing Japanese, also male and female trapeze, aerial and contortion acts, stage robbing scenes, horse racing, hurdle races, chariot races, U. S. , cavalry drill, exhibitions of sharp shooting, male and female horsemanship with bucking broncos, war tableaux, great realistic battle scene of the last charge of Custer, in which appears the United States cavalry troops against a band of Sioux Indians, a reproduction of the massacre of June 25, 1876, on the Little Big Horn. ' The entire world's fair production, containing an assemblage of the earth's most startling representations, indisputably the grandest and most gigantic organization ever perfected, will be given twice a day, 2 and 8 p. m., rain or shine. Five consolidated shows in one. Calcium lights will be used. during afternoon and evening performances. Grand street demonstration at 10 a. m. The Cleopatra performers will not appear in the parade. Excursion rates on all railroads to. the patrons of the World's Fair shows. •WILL ZES^ZEaHIBIl 1 " .A.1 1 Algona, Friday, June 1, .^Jt 2 a,n.d. Q p. m. . . LOOK OUT FOR THE Monstrous Street Parade 1O a,, Reduced Rates on All Railroads. When looking- , Garland, For a cook stove or range remember I handle the Also Heath & Milligan Paints, Iron and Wood Pumps. Please call and get prices and look my stock over, T. Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention, Prices are reasonable, g, h, J, 3, RY4N (Successors to p. L. fcuad—|!st*bysheft J.88Q,} . REAL ESTATE DEALERS We wish to announce to the readers of THE UPPBB p«s Moitres that we have ary facilities for the selling of farms and unimproved lands in northern Iowa, all who wish to dispose of their property to call on us at our ojEtlce in Algona, or with us. I3T*As soon as spring opens we have a large number of customers from tut states who are ready v> come out and secure a piece of Iowa soil at reasonable rates. Ueye Jn fajr 4e%l%, §a4 if you want w sell your property don't waste «ny^time, to^Us witftW' Yours respjectfuig, soltS CBY<« fc A, Drugs and Medicines, J, F, PRi§T9N, M,

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