Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 13, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1946
Page 4
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Foge For HOPE STAR, ARKANSAS Wednesday, February By Chick Young FLINT HAD A DATE WITH VERA LAST NISHT. SHE WALKED OUT ON HIM AT THE TERRACE INN AND LEFT INACAR BEARING YOUR LICENSE J SURE, HE MUST NUMBER. WAS IT 17 BE A LOUSY DANCER. YOU, SCARR ? A SHE WAS GLAD TO INSPECTOR, SCARK CAME 1 HERE INACAR DRIVEN BY . VCRA DEI.LE. I SAW B6R. 'AND THE TERRACE INN , DOORMAN TOLD ME LAST NIGHT SHE WAS OBVIOUSLY- SCARED OF MAN IT ALL ADDS UP. 6L-CA HC NOW HAS A BEA BLACK EYE THAT SHE- HAVE LAST NIGHT. I WHO GAVE IT TO HE WOULDN'T BE YOU .»/. KNOW VERY WELL ? THAT GAME LASTED SO LATE«t MOPE I CAN GET UP INTO BED <• A! >s- ^ *v\* i \ vou '^ 7t *S* -{ DAISVP >. . ^ \, _ ^X 8 knew Scarr was lying and I could prove it. YOU WROTE TO JEROME WHILE HE WAS OFF AT SCHOOL, DIDN'T you, MISS AIKEN ' YE-S... BUT FRANKLY, MY LETTERS WERE RETURNED FOR WEEKS BEFORE HE DIED. THEN FINALLY A FRIEND OF HIS VYROfEME WHY,,, ..HE'D BEEN KICKED OUT OF SCHOOL AND HAD DISAPPEARED AFTER GETTING BflPLV IN DEBT TO A TOUGH GAMBLING CROWD/ THIS WAS AFTgR MR. BLEtKE HAD SOME BROKE AWD JERCME COULDN'T C6T H£LP FROM HIM <? YES... THE NEXT VVE/'EAKD WAS -[ MR. VALK'5 VMKL : SAYING HE'D MARY, VOU ,«V TH VOU'D NEVER 96 ME... NEITHER ME SHERIFF!;; I CANT PROVSJ IVITHOLT PRO JULKIE AW, BEEN KILLCD IN A SMASH-UP By Galbraith Side Glances MO1IKST MAI1IRNS Trntlcmnrk IU- K Mcrc'I U. 1». Putcnl Otficc BOTH OF THEM G«XE — SCORCHV AND CEL.IA-- WAS SO CLOSE-THEN I HAD TO CRACK UP MY PLANE.-IT'S A DEAL-- NO T0U.IN'WHERE THAT INFERNAL WATER SR3UT WASHSp 'EM... GRUB-STAKE /'SHOULD NEVER HAVE LET TM VVAMPEK INTO THEM CAVES/ WHY COULDN'T r HAVE y irs FOUND THIS VVM.LEV /MUCH ,V\V .SOONER-.ALL THIS pAULT MAY NEVER HAVE HAPPENED "MY GOODNESS! JiereaUy DOESJgok like \you, Milton!" " " ' 'COPR. 1946 BY NEA SESVICE. INC. T M. PEG. U. S. PAT Off "If you don'l baby him he won't expect too much—that's -how-I .t;ot oil' on the right i'oot with your father 1 ." Freckles and His Friends By Blosser (I 4->-...-i, _ > runny Business By Hershberger JUMIOR.. APEN'T VOU COMMA CRACK WE'RE" BROTHER CLOSED MY EYES? NOW. MAYBE I'LL GET SOMEPLACE! Now SEE \ SHUCKS, j. WHAT YOU'VE- CAM HELP DONE / _J YOU WITH GEOMETRY/ A STRAIGHT LIME IS THE SHOETeST DISTANCE BtTWEEM TWO POINTS /•" WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT , I'A.1 IN LUCK, FINDIN' THIS NICE CAVE... THE ONLY THING WRONG IN THIS WHOLE BUSINESS IS TH' SCR5W-0ALL SMELL OF THIS GOO' I HAPTA RU3 ON MV HEAD AN' FACE.' GOSH! FiNc ^TART I'V£ MADE ON THISKO EXCITEV.SNT PROGRAM BOCM <9>AY_>. I GOTTA POLLOW ! WriOOEY ! "My lawyer did H—he talka too much!" . • -T-5I V tfl aEHV CE. INC. «, ,3 T. M. 666. If. S. PAT. OFF. 2-/3 Thimble Theater . VOU AKE JUST A > .<&-fs : ®;!!-"K>OLH OH, POP EYE U YOU t >HJ AW...SO STRONG m • (you FOOL !/) GOSH I I FORGOT TOJi? * 1ELL HkRMEY HORNER H\6 \W\PE WOULD BE OFFf , STAGE FOR THIS l Ai\V.VY_., Vb h "ONVVX. r-1 c,i __, _ r 1 SOAP J-P-I AND '"—FT C TO if ^.^e<r^ l-'tMtuics Syiiihf.ite. Inc I WEED MY MOST POWERFUL M4GIC FW EXPERIMENT, OAKY/- Out Our Way SO I GOTTA SHAPE' By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople JM) BJS1DE TOE LABOR- AHH/THAT'S MERLIkl'S LABORATORY/ I'LL STICK AROUWD AUD SEE WHAT H/APPEH5/ LOOK HERE, YOU OVER- SCROOGE/ v/OU' AT FlME SOBS ANiD ) \MHV.ER., Lll^E ANi IWCIKlERftTOR. L MPiRTHft---\ 60 i&y',5£ ^° T '& W > SURELY/ PAVING BOARTD/-— \NEI_l_, • — JU'ST " ITS 420 A \MEEK TO O\JeRS|G\AT VOU, PLUS * 1 ,000 / FOR 1 / fO TK£ ^ AKVD GET TH& ) / |£, TH F CftSrA TO)v\C5RROVO///FAClM& ~~GLMULOT LUCKY-' ^H rWBE WE CAN GhT FlND-UIA \ THE ATOM 60MB VA\T HEARTS THAT BEAT A& ONE' *«iff.y;__';, f .!a. 13, 1946 CLASSIFIED * All Wnnt AH f uifice Day Before Publication " '" Advance • Nn* T«I>._ «.... _u_ *.. E STAR, HOPE, A R K A N S M -= a a, , For Sale -A LLr S, C1 'ALMERS MODEL -"lerpllli.r. FJoyd Portor.leld _ _ 12-lf SIMMONS" :I condition. I'hone ll-3t rwo HITCH TRAIL" ««v a .ss.-Vronlod- "'cnV"' "u"e'd chs / ncc « l ;,9.-P r .' n r.«?.«P»cnlln B rna PICK-UP ood tiros, motor in ,;ood HMO PONTIAc7"or FOUR" DOOR lnn, New licenses, $850. What. leys Service Station, comer North Hazel and E. Division __________ _______ BEDROOM SUITE WlflTT~POST or bed, cooleoot Ice Box inn pound capacity, 3 piece r'nohnir Hyln« room suite. 3 half beds complete- with springs nnd mntlress rabies and other odd pieces included. 520 West Division, Phone _. m '^ _____ _ 11-31 PR E-WAR PpRTABLE~PJfioN61 d CO''"'"^!!. $15 Phn'V> extension 240. 12.31 .. ** •-• " * * *:j A:^IJ i i w ur5 i'j L'Jt A- Hor. Good Condition. 1". m ji(>s nut • _on Lewisvillc highway. ]2-3i FIVE MONTH" chow. male. 407-J. OLD NEWSPAPERS pounds for f •. Hope ••', flee. Notice SEE IDEAL FURNITURE STORE for better furniture and bettor bargains. Phono 470. l4-l ni INCOME TAX SERVICE. IF YOU nave income tax troubles. I will be g ad to help you. Do it now, avoid the rush in the i nsl c i ay ,j Charges reasonable. J. W. Strickl land. l-24-7w WE BUY, SELL OR TRAI^E household furniture. Anything of value. small, Your sell won't" be and they don't get us at 220 loo too Fair Enough By Westbrook Peglor Copyright, 1948 By King Feature* Syndicate. Driving home other evening, from work the George Spelvin, n; r c City I-urnilure Co. Phone 073 28-1m Help Wonted EXPERIENCED P Ti E S~S E~R white or colored, Apply in person at Ideal Cleaners, 107 Front Mroet. 8-(it Wonted to Buy WANT TO BUY A 1940-41 OR'42 model Ford or Chevrolet. Buck Williams, 100 South Walnut Street Phone Oij(). WE BUY FIELD ~AND peas. Moots Seed Store. COMPLETE FIXTURES" grocery store including _ I7 " tf TABLE 31-121 pcTH fixtures Biid See _J. L. Anderson. Hope, Ark. 11-61 OLD CHINESE 1 __ _ Bargain, Phono j ALTO .SAXOPHONE. IN GOOD 13-311 condition. A. Hargis. Call THREE Star Of- 5-Gl LARC.I-. SIZE TABLE MODEL cream separatnr. »ood as new One smooth mouth mule L H Hubbartl, Hope, Ark. Route -I 13-31 C A F K KQ UIPM ISN'T, l^ricTnAT re, Good condition, drink box i lour coifee urns, cash i-egisler', -scales, steam table, hot water healer, dish tubs, two stoves or see after 0 p.m. Phoiic 1039-W. Joe DiMaggio Again Heads Yank Hitters Balboa, C ,Z., Feb. 13 — The New York Ynnkees packed a new postwar "sock" today which brought bnck prewar smiles to Manager Joe McCarthy's 1 face. McCarthy showed new confidence in his postwar "murderers' i-ow in yesterday's hitting drills when Joe DiMaggio touched off a general over-the-fcnce barrage against eight pitchers including Spurgoon Chandler, Jake Wade Floyd Bevens, Johnny Maldovan, Alex Karpcl and Marv Brer.sr DiMaggio, his weight trimmed down lo 193 pounds-after , eight weeks of gymnasium workouts in New York, pounded five balls out of the park. Tommy Henrich, Charley (King Kong) Keller, Buddy Hassell and Nick Ellen accounted tor seven, more "homers." ' _/ i" -•••-"•- -.---.ui^ uuw IJU liuiutitl HIS I OOKS' L40OQ boy Lllioll get out of debt like any'.,, Mia ™i. Fla., Feb. 13, ~ (UP) — decent father would and about how Tno all-navy infield fh'bf th* New his grandmother left them a mil- Yor k Giants loked ibctter with : -•»- i-,, vjv-wt j^i; o|jtM vn j, American, picked up a thumber who noticed Mr. Spclvin's paper on the sent between them and said: "I don't see how you read that dirty smear sheet, nothing but lies about President Roscvcll and his wonderful help-meet and always trying to smear labor and every day they publish those hale articles by thai louse, Pegler. And if n man slops so low-down that he can t let our great president rest m his grave after he gave his life lor the common man, why does he wall until he is dead and can't de- lend himself and any decent man •ind not even a rat wouldn't smoTir their worst enemy after they are dead." "What lies about Roosevelt?" Mr. Spelvin asked. "Nothing but low-down, coward'" smears about how he nelued his CARNXVAL —. v . 1.1 LIL-I WULIIU mm etUUUl ilOW his grandmother left them a million dollars from smuggling opium into China and our gracious first lady she profiteered by teaching us on the radio how to bo tolerant and always smearing the working man," the thumber said. "Were those lies about how Roosevelt gol Jesse Jones to square Elliott's debts and then he got buck the collateral by telling the suckers it wasn't worth a dam and then the old man, personally sent it to Elliott's wife to square the alimony rap and it turns out to be worth $250,000," Spelvin Nelson Out of New Orleans Open iiwcucr, uisii uios. two stoves ; New Orleans, Fob. 13 — (UP) — seven tables. M stools, 14 chairs. !Byron Nelson begged off from the two counters, pressure cooker, Pi'o-umateur preliminary * •• ' II foot meat counter with unit AT ""' " "" '" °~- Calvin E. Cassidy. l.Vu Lost CONTA1N- BLACK BILLFOLD, 111"" S? rnnoinl c • •• r> 'i**«i lUH.IJJLb, I llfl : ' | i i l"-l I 1Q11 Reward for return to Rosic Lee _Jlupson, Rt. 1,Emmet . n-3l SOMEWHERE IN~lT6p~KrSA ; ru?- r»! y ;,- Ti r° mounted on wheel. Size GOIMO., Please call .1. B. Ellen Sr. "Wny didn't he do it when Roose- It was alive?" the guy asked. Nooody but a rat would smear a (lead man when they can't answer back. "Maybe he didn't know thp fads ilil he died," Spelvin -argued. But anyway, why didn't Elliott defend him instead of admitting it was all true when the treasury gol .itt'i- him and if you know il is IP a , p ? ck " { lios w "y c]on 'i you defeiH him and if il was my 'old man Ihey smeared in his grave you can bet your sweet life I would show them up if il was all lust nothing but a pack of lies but if it was U-ue, 1 guess I would change the subject. pro-umaieur preliminary to ihe ' '", Not when Ihe victim is dead New Orleans open golf, tournament ;V ld can't answer back," the today to tune un on his pulling in i [number insisted, "and of all the an effort to regain his position as nvv - (! "wn louse-rats why even a golfs number one money winner. i loll ? e : rat , las rcs P e ct for the dead' Nelson, who resumed competi-' , lnei ' e "° is doing Hitler's work --~ . loked i.pctter with S? i '' fvm S°" grounder today as Mel Oil sent his filTman squad through its third day "of sprlnn training drills. JKR Sparking the ex-sailor infielders was Dick Barlell, 38^ear-old veteran attempting a comeback with Ihe Gianls this season. Barlell played third base with Johnny Mize al first, Buddy B]atlner, second, and the highly-loiilcd Bill Rig. ney al shortstop. r; • Barlell kepi up hi^'j pace .when he moved over to shortstop with the No. 2 units of Mike Schemer first base: Pet Pnvich,second, and Earl Pugh, third. ,V; Bartell, who is asking for a two- year contract, has not signed yet bul is permitted to work out while outfielder Danny Cordelia, who reported yesterday, was banned trom practice until herinks his 1946 pact. Braves Off to Camp Boston, Feb. 13 — (UP) •The _. , A ^^. Ju \.\ji-> J. MO Boston Braves' advance spring training party entrained for Ft Laudcrdalc, Fla., today where the National Leaguers are scheduled to open drills Friday. Included in the 21-man contingent were infielders Billy Jurges, Al (Skippy) Roberge and Sibi Sisti, Pitcher Ben Cardoni and Catcher Bob ^yotte. Bv Dick Turner _COPR. 1946 BV NE« SCRVICF. INC. f. M. BEO.U. S. PAT OFF. "And don't fink dis Army-Navy merger means I'm gonna share my recipes "wit no gob cook I" This Curious World By William Ferquson . . „, .11^ wii yit. i | j(jl f Li 111 II -il ' . ,lirt i i month, 411 the San Antonio, Tex. ! , V '' hnt ;ibout Hitler?" Spelvin open, found that u lack of .sharp- a ; sl - O(l - "Him and Mussolini, what ness on Ihe greens was lo much ",!,,.' uncl Goebbfls, loo?" 'o overcome a»d he finished third ,, Wnnl , c '° y° u mean, whal about behind Ben Hogan, ihe winner lho f° low-down louse-rats, the . at Post Office. . 12-31 TAN BILLFOLD WITH QUANITY ot currency, drivers license, $40 chock. Reward for V. Moore, return to J. 13-31 Services Offered The found dirty- pro-anuiteur« competition I "But," Spelvin said, "they're full-sized field ready to ^d, ain't they, and they can't an- 111 nil I/"I MM* V-i/ll U TJT...r^.. 1 Clirfel< Inn nl, n » J I ** *»«***• «n , , n ey c compete including both Hugan and , ?wer back and here you go Bvi'd :mrl t hr> rnr>nnll» ,.ni,,,.„.,„,».i inrr Um™ :„ ti,_:.. '.. . fa "' REGISTERED SPENCER COR- setiere, individually designed ''"corsets, brassieres, men and-wo-1 ^ c S s l"'« itul Mrs. V, ,. fc,"'"' -TU1JJJUILH. 1V11S. Ruth Do/ior, 318 North Elm St _JIopc Ark, Phone M4-J. 2fi-lm HAVE OWN TEAM^ANrTwAOON to break gardens or haul anything.-.I. W. Brown. Phone 38-W- 2 ' 11-Ot Real Estate for Sale FOUR HOUSE, FIVE LOTS close in. City water and Ik'hts A1 1 for_$22.')0. C. B. Tyler. "11.3. SPECIAL. MODERN FIVE ROOM house, vacant now on 15th St Reasonable down payment. Balance on monthly terms. MODERN 5 ROOM HOUSE WITH garage on large lot, just off pavement. Near hieh school. Furnished or unfurnished. Immediate possession. Call Vincenl W. Foster, Phone 53-M. 12-31 9 ROOM HOUSED ~BATir~AND half, well arranged into three .3 rooms apts. ample closet space, good buill-in's. Garage : large corner lot. Phono 81C-.I . Mrs. R. O. Robins, 705 West Ave. B. Hope. i_-3t .._.», ...i..-.....-! ,£, uuiu iiuyuil iJllU llyrd and the recently rejuvenated Henry Picard. Picard, former Professional Golf Association champion, became a good bet with local followers because of his return to 'form Ho is the only person ever lo win the JNCW Orleans open twice, copping il.e prize in iqau and again in 19-11 He also holds the 72-holc tournament record of 276 which he set in 1941. • o — New Mexico Giant Is National High Scorer, Basketball New York, Feb. 13 — (/[>)— A seven fool, one inch giant with a mouth-filling name to go with his ••!• — iMmore Morgenthaler of Mexico Mines — is the « new J\ -"••-• nt-i\^ g them m their leaclei points the Na- For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Nlqht Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service J14 E. Third St. Hope, Ark , . ' ..... " i^»J*nio in LI 1C IN il tional Collegiate individual basket ball scoring race. -,','" ~' 3 - yenr -°ld star from Amarillo, Tex., went on a 99-point scoring spree in four games last week o vault from fourth place to Hrst He replaced Bill Hall, of Marshall '"' ......... — ' r,n on One-Armed Pete Gray Holds Out on Toledo Club Toledo, Feb. 13 — (UP) —The Toledo Mud Hens and their spec- laeular one-armed outfielder Pete Gray, were still a couple of thousand dollars apart today in their contract negotiations. Gray demanded $3,500 more than he received with the St. Louis you er you arc supposed .your mouth shut because to . ecause a guy is dead or whether you iust mean because it's Roosevelt whereas I fell for the guy the firs time and cheered like a fool whe, he was going to give the menoy changers the bum's rush and thei we find out he -and his wife anc Jimmy and Elliott were grabbing dough with both hands and the ok man knocks off a stamp collec ion nnd.it cost him peanuts and now ,t is worth $100,000 to the estate and I just wonder how yoi are going lo learn anything abou history if you say Hitler was t "'''!» u suy J - l i sl bL ' C!1 "se he is dead.' Wnn cntrl T-Iitl^,, . ____ ..-•- - ---- oilered a Gray's 1945 pay. increase" ove _ t'" t - .(»•» Who said was a great who rimmed , 32 points two ---•••".w»^ uu jj i-i n j i o in \_\ games, but fell to second at .150. One of the important .contributions of the Greeks to humanly was a system of logic WANTED Sawyer and Filer, good salary, has to make home in Louisville Kentucky. Apply Chess & Wy. rnond, 421 West Avery Street, Louisville 8, Kentucky. Magnolia 19(2. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Tailor Made SEAT COVERS Direct from Factory Orders filled within 10 days ROBERT R. RIDER Phone 435-J --- » « . w * * i i. 4 ^ i \v ti a tl « U ,Y.', .the Thumber yelled. Well Spelvin said, "what about Harding and Cool dge, because they are dead, too, and I don t suppose you would want to smear them in their graves although it seems to me like I have read a lol of New Dealers "Iwnys lulk about the Ohio gang and old Harry Daugherty was the ' ' 101 and wU , w it is always that he busted the police strike in Boston and he and - " m8 Ut S wa " stl ' eet t "Well, if you arc so crazy about that eroked bunch from Ohio and you think Coolidge was so swe 1 why don't you defend them?" the e • re " 80 " ' "* ."But Harding died in office," Spe ivm salci, "so was wonderiiu' if that means hq^gave his life for the people ike Roosevelt or the one just n»i, Whll f y ,°l n ' t ' uy die(1 of lla ' causes but he was a' martyr " soe - vou llavo been d"Ped • •A f r P r °Pa8anda." the gijy -sijid, "after we .just fought a terrible war to abolish hate" "Roosevelt was a pretty fair hater, himself, I always thought " Spelvin said, "and it seems to me ' ° b hnlln « lhis "About how all unions are r guys."' lh ° rlch 13C °' Jlc "«•« Wanted! TELEPHONE POLES All Dimensions 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMOS, ARK j Y r."!-. •"""*- union crooks ain't dead," Spelvin said, "and a lot of them are in the can so why don't you Drove they aren't rackefeers aid, anyway, I ncvel . ,, oUced where the guy said all unions are rackets and I never knew him boosting rich people or anybody else, much, bul a picket ii sh i ed ,!? lc wlth a b|lj <*. today and, brother, tomorrow 1 am going to carry my own brick becausS picket or no picket, no dirty brown «»""' is going lo bust me with a said, "You are dam well tootin vou i. said George Spelvin, Am'cri- n-iL 1 J ™J • . ' ' " Ihe Browns shipped the "•one- armed star to their Toledo farm club in ihe American Association this year after he failed to hit American League pitching. Gray a standout slugger in the Southern Association in 1944, proved to be a magnetic gate attraction throughout ihe American League last season, however. DeVore to Coach St. Bonaventure's Football Team Olean, N. Y., Feb. 13 — (UP)— Hugh DeVore, coach of Notre Dame's football team last year ,i f 01 ™. 01 ' all-Ameriean end for the fighting Irish, has;,signed a Ihree-year coaching contract at St Bonaventure college, the Rev j'homas Plassman announced today. DeVore, under whose guidance iNotre Dame won seven victories and a tie against two losses in 1945 had been considering the offer for Iwo months. A niirnhnr nf . • slitutions also had been seeking his snrvmnt- " •"" 5AND LOT BASEBALL IS Nor ALWAYS PLAYED ONASANDLor,".%r FLORA CENTER, .. . FOUR OF THE SUN AND TWO OF" THE 'MOOH/ NO YEAR CAN HAVE MORE THAN COPff. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. 0. PAT. OFF. SPORTS -Br Hnofc S, Faflertci, Jr. services. Basketball Results By The Associated Press Gallandet 49; American U 48 SOUTH 1 ' 8 ° 4 ' Moravian 50 - 4: Curt " Va . Randolph Macon 40;^|.Richmond puke 73; Georgia Tech, 51. Mississippi 58; Mississippi Slate MIDWEST Wurrcnsburg (Mo.) Teachers 4fi; <irksville Teachers 34 C|'ile Hospital 55; Denison 35. Oberlin 48; Allegheny 40. Ohjo 59; Muskingum 45. Oklahoma 57; Kansas Stale 44. ' Sl . ) " ther »,.Illinois Normal 58; loutheast Missouri Slate 4(j Central (la) 51; Simpson 45. Cornell (la) G3; Ambrose 48. 7 Washburn (Kas) 44; Rockhurst £r.^ hto " ?P: D ^ke 31. 51; Carthage Col- New York, Feb. 13 —(/P)—' Although the major leagues officially partment at their recent meeting approved Commissioner Happy Chandler's baseball promotion department at their recent meetings here, Happy won't get the $50,000 to run it until he presents a comprehensive plan that is approved. . The minors have to give their nl'nv. to. since thpv're rmtling up $12,500 of the dough . .One story is tnat Chandler luiU Hit; club owners he would need six months to work up such a presentation. . . The recent- Minnosota- lOtVvajbqsketball game a$ Ipwfi Qity outdrew the ifobtballsclgslu'balwl-eh the same schools by 14,400 to 13,800. . . headline : "Outstanding box- '•r ; nt|i of Westminster show." Suppose the dogs didn't want 'id muko Mike Jacobs' Garden sn'ows sufler.ioo much by contrast. Making Both Ends Meat The Bonneville County sportsmen's association of the Ulper Snake River valley in Idaho will hold its annual jamboree at Idaho Falls Friday and Saturday. The piece dc resistance will be a mea^ loaf made from a moose and a half, bought from the state game commission after confiscation from poachers, plus a bit of beef and pork to make it large enough to feed .4,000 people/ . . The bi gloaf- ers! Oregon Gl. St. Mary's GO; San Joso St.-Ue 54 Pepperdino 03; San Diego Amphibious Base 37. ATC Ferrying Division National basketball tournament at Dall-is Topeka (Kas.) 34; Memphis 30* 3g Long Beach 52; Slocklun (Calif.) uiVr'fo Fk>k ' (D:illas> 34; Cillci »- The Dodgers, with 58 pitchers in their Sanford, Fla., Camp, also have a pitching machine on hand. . . Don Barksdale, now playing for Camp Ross, Calif., has tal lied 760 points in 30 games so far. Dean and MacDonald Mathey sons of the former intercollegiat doubles tennis champ, are about a good at hocky as they are at ten nis — which isn't half bad. . . Suej Welch, who managed Gorilla Jone and K. 0. Chrislner, returned t the corner the other night to handle Austin O'Jibway in the Los Ange les Golden Gloves Tourney. . . ob servers said Austin probably re minded Suey of Christner because ,lh£. army had fed him too well ii the 'C-B-I theater. Today's Guest Star Bob Coke, New York Herald Tribune: "The Dodger presiden not only enjoyed his meal of roas beef, but he also put the bite 01 Larry MacPhail and A. B. (Happy Chandler in his subsequeir speech." Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Jersey City, N. J. —Dom Amor oso, 130, Jersey City, outpointed Victor Moreno, 144, Venezuela (101. Johnny Caruso, 152 .3-4, Jer soy City, outpointed Charlie Howard, 150 1-4. Pittsburgh, Pa., (8). By United Press Hartford, Conn. — Pat Brady, 131, New York, stopped Oscar Lewis, 131, Newark, N. J., (8) Salem, Mass. — Tommy Greb, 129. Boston, knocked out Bobby English, 130, Fall River, Mass., Illinois State Normal 51; Illinois Vesleyan 50 (overtime). 3 Wnght Field 7U; Fort Sheridan ' CALL US FOR YOUR WIRING and REPAIR TROUBLES Phone 231-R HOUSTON ELECTRIC CO. Pelton Houston Southwestern (Kas.) 53; Bak- l S L 0°liV S H C WES K T e 68: Ca " 1P Grnllt r ' 9 ' New Mexico 45 ;Texas Mines 28. A. and M. 38; Tulsa East Central Slate (Okla.) 4(j- Connors Aggies 37. ' Pexas Tech 71; Hardin Simmons Far West ^Colorado College CO; Denver U. Idaho 53; Montana 48. erf w- °& Nt !v y (Ca ^ : P Shoemak- w i • S , an Dle «° Do »s 39, Washington State College 68; Service - Quality Variety We have a most complete line of Field & Garden Seeds, Insecticides apd Inoculations. AGENTS FOR Hybrid Corns Dodge Fqmous Onion Plants Melon Seeds Germaco Hot Caps Sinker's Delinted Cotton Seeds Triple Cleaned Kobe, Korean and Sericea Lespedeza, Alfalfa Soy Beans and field grown Cabbage Plants We Appreciate Your Business MONTS SEED STORE The Leading Seed Store Saratoga and Mineral Spgs Split Tourney Saratoga Bulldogs and Mineral bprmgs Jtornels shared honors in the invilalion Tournment played at Saratoga February 8 and 9. In spite of the stormy weather twenty-six boys and girls teams attended the tourney Large crowds attended, especially the finals se- sion. Saratoga and Nashville boys went into the finals Saturday night Saratoga had defeated Murfreesboro 28-19 and Nashville had overcome Center Point 30-18 in the semi-finals Saturday afternoon, ine baratoga-Nashville contest was E,? ei u from the beginning—at the B ,L lhc score was ti( ? d 12 ' ]2 - Toea Bulldogs lead in the final score 1615. High point scorer for the winning team v/as Gathright with 8 P oi . n .ts; ' for the losing team, W. Hutlleston, of Nashville, with 5 points. Saratoga girls also went into the finals, losing to Mineral springs by a score of 12-4. Mineral Springs acquired the lead early in the second quarter, maintaining it throughout the game. Mineral springs had defeated Kirby 13-7 ?P<?„ Saratoga won over Nashville lfa-12 in the aflernoon semi-finals High point scorere for the game was Pool of Mineral Springs with 8 points. Harold' Austin of Murfreesboro and Houston . Norwood, of Nashville, were officials for the tourney. Teams participating were boys and girls teams, from Mineral Springs, Saratoga, Kirby, Nash- n, v', Cenler Point, • Murfreesboro, Delight, Langley, Patmos, Guernsey ; Columbus Blevins, Fulton rirls;,and Washington Boys. The. all tournament- teams were chosen by .coaches and officials the girls team,was comprised of Pool,, Mineral Springs, McJunkins, Saratoga: Babbit, Kirby as forwards; Coley, Clayton and Moore, all of Saratoga, as guards. Pool was selected as Captain. The bovs earn included Thompson and Fin- cner Saratoga; W. Huddleston and B. Huddleston, Nashville; Grinder Center Point and Cornish, Murfree- boro. W. Huddleston was selected aptain. Barkley to Direct British Loan Bill in Senate Drive Washington, Feb. 12 — WP)—Dem- Jcralic Leader Barkley -fKv) will ake personal command oT'ihe ad- mimslralion's drive to win Senate Tn 13 )! 0 ^, of lhe Proposed $3,750 00.000 loan to Britain. . • h . °"P° n enls already lining up gainst the proposal, Barkley told i reporter hearings probablv will egin before the Senate Banking ^ommitlee next week. Ordinarily Barkley permits committee chairmen to head the battle for spe- nic measures. Howevei-, because r\ ir^ " lness of Senator Wagner o-P^nlT t'u 0 "_J irrnnn of the banking eipup, lhe Kenluckian said ho will ake over this case. Th loan aulhorizalion was mong logislalion- discussed 'by eaders al a White House confer- U-M^ y estterd ay- ' While Barkley vould nol comment directly it, vas indicated that President 'Tru™^ ^i!^..".ere is a difficult First Woman From Georgia to Enter Congress Sworn in Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 13 — (UP)— Mrs. Helen DouRlas Mankin bc- an today 0 '' 8 ' fh ' St c ? n Bresswoin. On the basis of unofficial returns, Mrs. Mankin won out by a "f"' OW f n l argi " nover 17 me" for the ?ti r°, - R f P i Robert R amspeck as 5th district delegate to the nation (9). ,-Burlingion, Vt. —Roger Burke JdJ, Windsor, Onl., outpointed Bus- 00) uprc ' 141> Burlin g ( °»- vt., ,^ an ^ est ^' N. H .- Joey ,~.~n\—' """' - 1 '"^'idence, R. i. ,.J J °5 An Seles — Bobby Yaeger .l.Wr.Los Angelesu-tlrew,:with.Memo Lelanes, 140, Mexico City (101- George Jenks, 203, Los Angeles' knocked out Hank Morris, 197 San Anton.o T»V .^. Babe ' H'^" . e , Mexico City (4). LILE'S FIX4T SHOP for REPAIRS 933 Service Station Phone • • • 933 or 869-R DR. H.T. SHULL VETERINARIAN In practice in Texarkana TEXAS CITY HALL Phone 140 or 1490-J THEO LONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, Arkaniai Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co. 814 East 3rd St PHONE 613 Appliance Repairs—Appliance* SEAT COVERS FOR ALL CAR8 9ob Elmpre Auto Sypply Phone 174 215 S. Main al lower house. Rarnspeck recent* ly resigned. With all bul a few^scatetefed voles in, Mrs. Mankin, felt Thomas L. Camp, 1),1J« to lO.aSK^Sixteen other candidates were lefl tar behind. Camp, former secr'elary to Karri' speck, led Mrs. Mankin in Rqckdale and Dekalb counlies, but she came from behind after he had taken an early lead. With half the precinctfe reported. Camp had led-by 1 220 votes. Mrs. Mankin -trimMed his lead lo a scant 200-tth'eh^returns from 77 of the district'.sjKlfll nre- cincls had been regisleVSfl., When ihe final nrecirict began ahead ° ROGERS RADIO SERVICE We specialize In all 1 kinds of car and" , home radios. FIRESTONE STORE 209 South Main St. JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE For Prompt Expert Service on All WASHING MACHINES Phone 209 304 East 2nd BUTANE SYSTEMS: Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs i HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hope/'Ark'. Harry Segnar, Sri PLUMBER I REPAIR-WORK ' ' Phone 382-J COMPLETE BUTANE SERVICE Wanda Butane Co. Phone 370 Hope, Ark Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt the factory way. • HALL'S HAT SHOP East 2nd St Ph*on« JW Alterations " 7 Pressed While You Walt' Loe's Tourist Cafe-Court Featuring • :— * • Steaks • Fried .Chicken •- Barbecue •Fish . • Sandwiches "Soft Drinks Open 6 a. m. to 12 Midnight Private Dining Room—Phone 222 Owned and operated, by Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Loe" City Limits & Highway 67 West SEE US FOR THE REYNOLDS PEN The miracle Pen that will Revolutionize Writing. Guaranteed to write 2 years without refilling, , Doug fMTV Carl Bacon V*l I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. Phone 784 , • Real Estate If you are in the market- to buy or sell Farm land; or City Property, call or see " Calvin E. Cassidy Phone 489 Hope, Ark, Arkansas Bank Building See Us For BABY CHICKS You'll like our quality chicks, hatched right from selectee? flocks. Haidy, fast, giowers. Low pric«. FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. 4th and La. Sts ' Magazines You can now get the latest issue of your favorite Magazine at GENTRY PRINTING CO. (Commercial Printer*) Phone 241 Hpp*, Ark. 1

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