The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 30, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 30, 1894
Page 1
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''' ESTABLISHED 1865, AL&OHA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 80,'. 1S94, IT IS HARD to get good butter at this season of the year ; But You Will Find It Easy Enough if you trade— — «B*BL. At the Opera House Grocery. Capes and.. Jackets at Cost. Jas' Taylor. CLEARING SALE -AT- GAL Ginghams for - - 5 cents- Calico for - - - - S cents- Outing Flannel for - 5 cents- All-wool C. C. Carpet for 50 cents- Cotton Carpet for - 20 cents- Worsted Dress Goods for 39 cents- Worsted Dress Goods for 15 cents- Jamestown Dress Goods for 30 cents- Jamestown Dress Goods for 40 cents- Plaid Dress Goods for - 5 cents- Cotton Dress Goods for 10 cents- Ribbon for -" 5 cents- Ribbon for - 10 cents- -worth -worth -worth -worth r-,w,orth -worth -worth -worth -worth -worth -worth -worth -worth 8 to 10 7 8 to 10 • 65 , 30 - x 60 35 50 60 10 5 to 20 8 to 10 10 to 20 cents cents cents cents cents cents cents cents ceuts cents cents cents cents Remnants at about half price. Clothing regardless of cost. In shoes we have some good bargains, WALL PAPER, new stock at the lowest prices, . L. GALBBAIf H & When in Need Boots and Shoes The best place to go for them is the .* Shoe Store. handle nothing but boots, shoes, and rubbers, and our goods are the best and our prices the lowest for first-class goods, , AJgcma, Has opened a blacksmith shop at the old Peterson stand on west State street, west of the ww livery barn, 9»d is prepared to do. General Blaeksmittuug oi all to thejeat manner awJ at reason- MAIOMGK MBS. P. la fto-<y prepared to do aiHsiads oi dress, inalf ing at her home QB DSf THE DISTRICT COtlUT, Tlie Grand Jury Discharged Last Sat* ttifday, Afte* fteturalttg & $*ew indictments, Colby, the Whiskey Peddler, Walks Into Court—Prairie Fire Damage Case —Court Motes. The grand jury found 'an indictment which promises a series of interesting developments. It is against J, L. Button for a trade in which he got a threshing machine outfit of Geo. Cheevers of Webster City .in exchange for notes, etc. Cheevers came up with his thresher to operate in Kossuth, but not finding much to do wanted to get rid of it. Sutton gave him a second mortgage on his livery stock, and notes, in all to the amount of $1,'200. He then took the'machine over to a Westnrn county and sold it. Cheevers claims that the notes and mortgages were worthless and that Sutton made false representations. Button's story is that Cheevers looked over the stock the mortgage was on, looked up the county records, and made the trade with his eyes open. Sutton also claims that Cheevers made an affidavit that only the engine was mortgaged, whereas the whole outfit was mortgaged, and he says that he will have Cheevers arrested and his two wit nesses. Sutton is out on bonds and the case will not be tried till fall. SUTTON AND COLVIN GET OFF. The grand jury completed its labors Saturday night. Through some mistake somewhere the case against Sutton and Colvin waa not considered and they are let out of the charge of swindling Callies out of his horse on the note trade. It seems that the testimony taken at the trial before 'Squire Taylor was not all filed with the papers in the case and so did not get to the grand jury. The testimony was taken in short-hand by Mart. Weaver and Miss Richardson. ' 'Squire Taylor waited for it to be written out, but finally filed the papers and told the reporters to file the testimony before court met. Mart, made his up and got it in Friday, but Miss Richardson's part was not filed. The jury called for it several times of Clerk Crose and did not get it. The jury could have sent for the witnesses but thought the county would be put to needless expense so long as the evidence had been taken once and should be on hand, and so did not do it, and finally adjourned without doing anything. Sutton and Colvin gave up the horse, and the matter is ended. THE COLBY WHISKEY PEDDLING. , The much-talked of L. L. Colby, who was lined up at Swoa City for peddling whiskey, and who left the constable in the lurch as he was taking him to Bancroft, walked into court Saturday and gave himself up in order to fight the case out. Judge Carr had decided that until he submitted to the authorities the hearing could not proceed, and his attorney, A. C. Ripley, got him in. He is under $450 fines assessed by C. A. Molinder. He insists that he did not peddle liquor, as he only took orders and collected the pay, the house at Albert Lea doing all the business. This question of what constitutes peddling is a close one, but County Attorney Raymond has no doubt that he can convict Colby. In any event he will carry the matter to the supremo court and get a decision as to what constitutes peddling liquor, Colby was released yesterday after trial. It was decided that he could not be held under the law, W. D. MOULTON NOT INDICTED. Some time ago we noted the bringing of W. D. Moulton hack to Bancroft from Wisconsin on the charge of larceny. The justice held him to the grand jury, but they after hearing the whole case have decided there is nothing in it, Mr, Moulton used to live in the county, FOR HIDING MORTGAGED PROPERTY, An indictment is found against J, R, Thornton, who lives a couple of miles southwest from town, He owed B. W. Haggard a note secured by a mortgage on a team, He offered to pay what he said was due on the note, but a dispute arose as to the amount and the mortgage was foreclosed, When they went for the team Mr. Thornton had them at a neighbor's and refused to tell where they were, He is held for concealing the horses, Sullivan & McMahon will defend and the case will be fought out. PRAIRIE FIRE DAMAGES, Last fall Aug. Gt'iramens set a fire on his stubble in Irvington and went off and left it. IDrickson and Lord lost a lot of hay and some tools and sued for $000, Quarton prosecuted and Sullivan & MoMahon defended and the jury brought in a verdict for $500 against Grimmens, Grimmeps is under indict* merjt for setting this fire, but his case is continued, A nmn who sets a fire these days must make it his business to tend to it, A LANP DEAL. Charlie Blanchard made a, land sale up at Elrflore in which he showed an old abstract to the parties and agreed in writing to bring it down to show title in him. The abstract does not show a good title to the land, The parties claim that he agreed to make ft show a good title in him. He claims that he agreed to wake entries to show such title as tfcere was in h}m. The court took bis view of it and took the case 9W»y from tfee jury. Geo. E. Clarke and W- B.. Qtiarton argued it. 4 Test P4SE. A suit is on this term which will test the new law compelling those who put clouds on title to remove them or pay costs and attorney's fee, Geo. 33, Clarke and Gardaer Cowjes own a s^mp piece Callanan & Sayery refuse to'release. Chas. Oohegour Is attorney asking that" the Mtle be qwieke4 a fpp & ff they defend the new law* will be passed upon. A NfeW QtMsfWH »AlSBtJ< Lawyers Clarke and Sullivan argued a, question Monday that has never been passed on. tt is whether an at' tachment issued by the court 4 would take precedence Of a mechanic's Hen that had not been recorded. Judge Carr held that the mechanic's lien would be ahead) but it is a close qttes* tion and Mr. Sullivan says he iMay go to the supreme court on it. TfiE WESLEY STREET VACATION. Mrs. Ann Mct*herson asked .the court to issue a certlorari compelling the town council of Wesley to produce their records and show by what right they vacated a street by her place. A. C. Ripley was for her and W. B. Quarton for the town. The judge held that the writ was properly asked for and the town must answer. The case will be tried this week. This is the street E, B. Eddy's house stands In. COURT NOTES. County Attorney Raymond tried to hold the bonds of the Germania bootleggers for their fines, but finally decided that he could not do it and dropped the matter, , The Kossuth County'bank sued Henry Norder on a note that had outlawed shortly after the suit was begun. The jury found for Norder. At the last term the jury found for H. Austin against Jesse Hartshorn on a horse trade in which $135 was claimed, but gave only $36, although there was no dispute as .to the 'amount. Judge Garr gave Austin a new trial and this term the matter was argued to the court, who gave a judgment for the full amount. Swetting sued. In the suit by C. Breen vs. F. C. Fuller at the last term the jury failed to agree and some said eleven of them were for Breen and some had eleven for Fuller. This term Fuller got the whole twelve. Breen sued for $200 rent. Fuller set up an offset in the way of repairs, and got a verdict of $3.05. Swetting for Fuller and Raymond for Breen. Goo. Henderson and James Moran are indictedfor breaking into Wolport's store. The First National bank dismissed its suit against B. G. Hough. The court released Joseph Brass in a case by the Advance Thresher company against John and Joseph. John is still in for a suit. Olio H. Anderson was granted a pharmacists' permit to sell liquors in Wesley, F. 0. Groneman is allowed to do business in Whiltemore under his old permit. W. J. Studley has a pharmacists' permit in Algona. John Ray and Bridget Ray are divorced. J. B. Johnson, S. W. Callanan, and R. M. Richmond are appointed to assess the value of real estate belonging to Ira and Bessie Anderson at Bancroft. S, Mayne has the settlement in charge. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Thos. F. Copke was at Waterloo lust week on a social visit. Father Calmar arrived from Chicago yesterday for today's dedication. A. D, McGregor attended the state meeting of undertakers at Des Moines last week. Wm. Getty, for some time lumber dealer in Algona, has gone to Rad- clift'e to go into business. He, is an excellent business man. J. W. Wadsworth was in Des Moines last Thursday attending to the preliminaries for the state fair. He says the prospect is for a big fair this year. Mrs. C. Sessions was called to Des Moines some time ago by the sickness of Mrs. Lon Sessions. She returned Friday, as her daughter was much better. Alf, Naudain returned Saturday from three weeks with his father at Mt. Vei'non and other places. The old gentleman is much better and has gone to Omaha to visit a brother, Mrs. R. F. Hodrick with her son and daughter is back from her winter in Florida much improved in health. Her daughter, who was very sick, is also on the road to recovery. Messrs. Callanan of Bancroft, Miller and Fitzmaurice of Ledyard were down last evening riding the masonic goat in some new antics, Mr, Fitzmaurice starts for Ireland today on a visit, W, E, Wellington, a wealthy Du- buquer, who went to public school with John G, Smith back in Cambridge, has spent several days the past week visiting him and other Algona friends, John Galbraith and Will, went to Mason City Friday to attend the concert, where Will., Herman Hildreth of Monticelio, and Miss Nellie Fllok of Rock Rapids repeated their gold medal declamations, These were the only ones of the contestants present. A large audience was out, and a fine musical • programme was rendei'ed, and everybody seemed to enjoy the entertainment. TJje Wtld West Show, We are pleased to note that Frank Blakeslee and Stearns' World's Fair and Wild West combined Railroad Shows will exhibit in this city Friday, June 1. A great many' who have never had the opportunity of visiting the theatres of the large cities will have placed before thein Cleopatra in Rome, which stands in the lead of all ancient plays, never haying-been brought before the public, aud can only be rendered by the very best talent of the world. We understand that this show is a consolidation of Egyptian and Roman tragedy, light opera, comedy, horse aad military shows, trapeze aud contortion acts, in fact everything known in the amusement line. Coupled together we see here the very highest type of work known to the theatrical world, and the extreme, shown in their wild west shows. This is an entirely new departure in the show line, and is sure to meet with public favor. piedmont Cumberland emitting coal the Northwestern, .elector, When you are in need of Groceries— Try , , , , Club House Goods, We carry a full line oi this brand, have aiarge assortment of Garden-and Flower Seeds which'seem to be in style just now. Call and look ,, M fl| them over. - .- < .?'i Langdon & Hudson. t- you find yourself in need of New Carpets, Curtains, Portiers, i Rugs, Mats, and Draperies, Carpet Sweepers, Curtain Poles, etc., REMEMBEI The Grange Store Offers you the largest assortment, the best goods, and the lowest prices. Center of Attraction Siudley's Pharmacy Everybody Goes There! EW STORE. Do you want to be happy? Do you want to sleep well? Do you want to live to a good old age? Then Buy Yuur Groceries at the New Store, James Patterson, Thg Northern Iowa Exchange, *r^«"' L-' t jS

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