The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 23, 1894 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 23, 1894
Page 9
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if wia • 'wwrtiH A xjLJSl i * *t lisJ XPjf JU Jtv A MIR WITH A HISTORY, ^gjl^)!^!.^!,^^ ^tt H^ v £ dtt - « T &*L- ** *& 4^«» 4b ^rftt •-*•*** JL. JL. m^M '"^L, vow want toe . ftitmatiftn Ifl «f& 1?ellow» {9 knotffi as "The Devil's aa "The Cecil's Slidd*'» ttiver Axe, England, lias its i in ft cavern known as Wokey Sole, from which it emerges in full volume. There ia a well In S<srapa f & village B«aP Tlvoli, Italy, wiilch la 1,?00 fett deep, ail but twenty-aix feet being out in Solid rock. the fatnovls "dold Wind oave" la in Gorea. It Is a cavern of largo slice, from which, it Is said, "a wintry wlttd perpetually blows." A traveler who had been so far south as Patagonia and as for north as Iceland says that inusquitoas are to be fnet with everywhere. There is a remarkable "burning spring" in Lincoln county, Ky., which regularly overflows its banks every • afternoon at 4:30 o'clock precisely. The dity of San Salvador, capital of tbe South American republic of the same uatne, is called the "Swinging Mat," on account of Its numerous earthquakes. Gold while in circulation is handled less than any other medium. It is usually/kept in vaults of banks for ' demands rarely made, and for this reason tho loss by abrasion is about onfr-half of one per cent in any twenty years. In a twenty dollar gold piece tbe standard weight of which is fij.0 grains, the government allowance for loss by abrasion is 8.58 grains, but, except in cases xvbere the coins have been tampered with by "sweaters," the loss rarely exceeds this limit. He Was Reckless. Happy bridegroom—"Waiter, I -want a dinner for two.' 1 Waiter—"Vil ze lady and gentleman hal table d'hote or'a la carte?" Happy bridegroom (generous to a fault, but weak hi French)—''Bring js some oi both, and put lots of gravy oh "em." • KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to nealth of the pure_ liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting ia the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial' properties of n perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing t'he system, dispeUing colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists ia 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by tlie California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. "HOTHER'S •. FRIEND".- is a scientifically prepared Liniment and harmless; every ingredient is of recognized value and in constant use by tho medical profession. It shortens Labor, Lessens Pain, Diminishes Danger to life of Mother and Child, Boo£ 'ToMothers" mailed free, containing valuable information and voluntary testimonials. Sent by express, charges prepaid, on receipt of price, $1.00 per bottie. BRADFiELD REGULATOR CO., Atlanta, Ga. m Wllfc Wfllfc flue pane) picture, entitled "MgEMTATIQN » ;B lor 19 Largo Lion .c from £lpn Coffee .. _. wi4 a £«eOt etwup to >y postage. Write tot list of n other flno premiums, Includ- tewica, okjfifi), gonje, etc. SBICf • •: <tm t aa Went ifttm Hit It6ftf6ittii' 8 ya'de'fofiiifif silks And 8&ffioh6tf tblniBfa git blue, Whenever t Set afld Watch the smoke Uo scafflperia' Op tbe flue. It ain't the smoke that's bothfet in* me But the victefs t see inside, • And fnfiny'e the time t felfc that bad ¥bat 1 je'st givd tip ,an« cffed. I kn6 w it's a pflttyl s^ell for a man That's ueed to trouble nad pain, But it's jest that Way when t think of the day That the lad went down the lane. Now Jim wad a boy as stlddy and true A sever ft f on could bo, And t reckon he couldn't have been Much better to mother and me, Rut somehow I didn't ealctlate That Jim was' only & boy A bankerin' after a lot o' things That I was too old to enjoy; Bo 1 took the sunshine otitea hts life And give him back ttothiu* but rain, And it ain't mu h wonder, good as ho 'irfta, That the lad went down the lane. Beyond the corn and the clover field I can see him a trudpiu' yet, And remember the 'lump that filled my throat And how mother's cheeks •wa<j wet, Why I -waited and listened many a night To ketch the click of the gate, For I 'lowed that Jim'd ojme back to ns If we'd only be patient anl wait; But the weeks went by, and after awhile It got to be sortin und plain T4iat it wan't no youngster playin' a prank When the lad went down the lane< I reckon there ain't on the earth to-day A happier man than' Jim, A liviu' down With them city folks, Jest his wife and the babies and him, And it's nice to have 'em comin' around; But somehow it ollus teems The Jim I know ain't a* close to me As the Jim that comes in my dreams. If I ever git holt of the time machine, I'll yank her with might and main .' 'Way back to a couple of years before • The lad went down tbe lane. J. H. Todcl, in Farmers' Mogaxlnti. WliHt Life Is. A little crib beside the bed, A little face above the spread, , t A little shoe upon the floor, A little frock behind the door, A little lad with' dark brown hair, A little blue-eyed face and fair, A little lane that leads to i chool, A little pencil, slate, and rule, A little winsome, blithesome maid, A little hand witbin his laid, (That is -where he got married.) A little family gathering round A little turf-ho.'iped. tear-dewed moantl. (That is -where the child died.) A little cuttago and acres fonr, A little old-time-fa-hioned store, A little added vo his toll, A little rest from hardest toil, A little silver in his hair, A little stool and an easy chair, A little night of earth -lit gloom, A little cortege to the tomb. (That is what life is.) Washing Blankets. A snnny, windy day should bo selected, and only one pair washed in one day./ First put the blankets on the line and shake tbo dust out u.l them. Cut one pound of good soap 5i:i small pieces and boil in two quarts ol water till dissolved. Add half a pound of powdered ^borax. Fill a tub about half full of water and add the soap and borax. Be sure to have the temperature of tbe water tho same as that of the outside air. This is not a difficult matter, as town water is usually a little colder than the air in spring- arid summer, and only then should blankets be washed. Press the blankets down into the water and avoid rubbing; then let the soap and borax do the' work — they certainly will. Let the blankets soak for 6 two hours, then rinse them thoroughly in several waters until the rinsinj? water looks clear, taking care to have tho rinsing water the same temperature us the first water and the outside air. Then without wringing, put the blankets on the line. Do not stretch them, and be careful to hang them~ exactly even, then the color in the stripes will not run into the white. Although dripping wet, on a clear day they will dry in four or five hours and will be soft and clear. The wear, not the washing, will show to a certain extent, although they will look more like new ones than they did before washing. Take in 'when perfectly dry. They should not be ironed or pressed. They will be clean and will smell sweet, With set tubs the only hard work is to get the blankets on the lino properly, and if some one will ''lend a hand," even this is not very laborious. OF SHOUT WOMEN. — Women who are short must avoid much trimming on their skirts, be they stout or slender, as they are shorter in proportion from the waist to the feet, writes Emma M, Hooper, in an article on "Gowns for tbe New Year," in the Ladies' Home Journal, For the same reason they must omit wearing large plaids and designs. All full portions of the waist must be moderate in size, as the sleeves, bertha, belt and vest. The short, wide revers now wprn arc becoming, also round waists and short, pointed basques, Jacket fronts are in good taste, but the umbrella back basques give a short figure a cut off appearance, as dp tmy capes, while ft clpse^fittiing jacket adds apparently several inches. Materials must be selected with § view to making the wearer look taller.— -Ex. COBN of a sm»ll green beetle, 3 near relative af tbe striped squftsb. §nd cucumber vine beetle. The eggs are J^id about the roots P? tbe eiro in lite summer dad fall wd hatch, the following spring or early supper. If corp follows corn on the same ground year after year these worms will continue to increase and feed on the roots of the corn plants. The effect pf these worms OQ the roots is to destroy a/nd thus wjipJly pr in p%rt destroy crpp, &.rfl!t§tt<>n,p:f cypps frojn Afflteted With & t'e<mUa# IWcftse. tfte liody Covered Willi Lutiitii. OdtUii Not iitttl thouiht lie WIM Siting to Up. lli.4 llixcovory the Marvel of ' Mr. John W. Thomas, J*,, of tfheta, Tenn., is ainaawith a most interesting history. At present he is interested in blooded horses for which Mttury county is famous. "Few people, i; take it," said Mr. Thomas to a reporter who had asked him for.the Story of his life, "have passed through as remarkable a chain of events as I have and remained alive to tell the story. "It was along in 1884, when I was working in the silver mines of JN'ew Mexii-O, that' iny troubles began; at first I suffered with indigestion, and so acute did the pains become that I went to California for my health, but the trip did me little good, and fully impressed With the :idea that my last flay had nearly dawned upon me, I hurried back here to my old hoine to die. "From simple indigestion my malady developed inio a chronic inability to take any substantial food, 1 wasbare- ; ly -able to creep about, and at times '1 Was. prostrated by spells Of heart palpitation. This condition continued until one yt-ar ago. • ' "On the llth of April, 1893, 1 suddenly collapsed, and for days I was unconscious. in fact I was not' fully myself until Juli'. yrty* c<>n lition; on September 1st, was simply liprrible;rl weig-hed but seventy pounds, wher.eas my normal weight is -105: pounds. £ J A.ll over my body there were lumps -front the size of a grape to the size of a walnut, my fingi'rs.were crumped so that I could not more than half, straighten them. I hud entirely lost control of my lower limbs and my hand trembled so that I could not drink withoiit spilling the liquid. Nothing would remain on my stomach, and it seenled that I must dry up before many more days had passed. "I made another round of the physicians, .calling in one after the other, and by the aid of morphine and other medicines they gave me, I managed to live though barely through the fall." Here Mr. Thomas rlispliiyed his arms, and just above the elbow of each there was a large irregular stain as large as the palm of the hand and o£ a purple color, die space covered by the mark was sunken nearly to the bone. "That," said Mr. Thotnas, "is what the doctors did by putting morphine into me. "On the llth of December, 1893, just eight months after I took permanently to bed — 1 shall neve.r forget the date — my cousin, Joe Poster, of Carters' Creek, called on me and gave me a box of .Dr. Williams' Pink .Pills for Pale People, saying they hud cured him of partial paralysis, with -which I knew he- had all but dit-d. I lollowed his directions and began taking the medicine, as a result I stand before you to-day the most surprised man on earth. Look at my hand, it is a-- steady as yours; my face has a healthy look about it; I have been attending to my duties for a month. Since I began taking the pills 1 have gained 30 pounds, and I am still gaining. All the knots have disappeared from my body except this little uernel here in my palm. 1 nave a good appetite and I am almost as strong as I ever was. "Yesterday I rode thirty-seven miles on horseback, 1 feel thvcl to-day but 'not sick. 1 used to have from two to foxir spells of heart palpitation every night, since I began the use of the pills I have had but four spells altogether. "I km>!V positively that I was cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and I believe firmly that it is the most wonderful remedy in existence to-day, and every fact I have presented to you is known to my neighbors -as well as to myself, and they will certify to the truth of my remarkable cure." Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People are not a patent medicine in the sense that name implies. They were first compounded as a prescription and used as such in general practice by an eminent physician. So great was their etticucy that 'it was deemed wise to place them within the reach of all. They are now manufactured by the Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y. , and are sold in boxes, (never in loose form or by the dozen or hundred, and the public are cautioned against numerous imitations sold in this shape) at 50 cents a box, or six boxes for $2.50, and may be had of all druggi ts or direct by mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine Company. SAID By SAUES. y, , , Woman,* 1 he thy § 1'ooked her husbaad fight la thq'eye, , , "Othello," she dnswdfea*, oalralyj "i Wight hava kiibwa you would bs hard tb.sooi." ' !?ha hud just times to laugh hbaWS* ly before ho smothered hot* with 'a He that will not reflect is a ruined man. They never pardon svho commit the wrong. No one can bo happy without first being useful. Our highest joy comes when others rejoice with us. The people who talk the most too often say the least. Some very good looking people are deformed on the inside. Don't scold the world until you know what is in your own heart There are a'great many people who have never learned how to rest, Self-respaet governs morality; re^ spect for others governs our behavior, The man ,who would lead others must not be Afraid to walk by himself, The man who knows a great deal never has to call attention to the fact, If religion has done nothing for yon? temper, it has done nothing for your soul. Wo would not be eo awxious to get gold if we wpuld pray inure for contentment, Eligible Now. "Papa," sold Miss Blooblood, "you, remember you forbade Mr. Trivett to call upon me because he worked for a living. 1 ' "Yes, I remember," "Wejl, P»pa- that objection is removed. May ue calif" ••Whafs feappened? Has wpma ons Jelt him afortuuai" jSOi P&I3jft» jHfl CCIZX w f)PQ 60y 4P-" • fho Sntvito In Session. Child, at Washington —Who aro till those, men lounging around out* gide ftio eupitoli 1 I'ai'out— They" are United States senators, my child. "Are there atfy niotfo seaators be* Bide them?" "Only one." "Where is he?" "He is inside making 1 a speech. "• Texas Sittings. A Clioieo of Tlvo ISvlts, "Oh! oht 0 mother! it's so oold- so cold and wot too. " "But it will mnlco you clean, my son. Doesn't my little boy wish to be clean?" "Not---not— not {£ I have to be wet and cold. I'd— I'd rather bo warm and dirty than cold and clean. "— Arkansas traveler. What n JJorso Can Drair. A horso can draw on motal rails ono an 1 two-thirds tinios as much as on asphalt -pavement, three and one- third times as much us on good Belgian blocks, live times as much as on good cobblestone, twenty ••tithes-as' much as on good oavth road and (orty times as much as on sand. I.lT<ia tVoll on Nothing. As showing how easily London shopkeepers are taken in, Miss Halliday,'a youn,'ludy of -25, of no occupation, and with no visible means of subsistence, has judt passed her examination in bankruptcy with $10,000 liabilities and "no assets." More Important Business. "Did you -win, Cyrna?" nsked his wifo. "Hid I win?" sold the village lawyer exultantly, ns ho throw liimsolf on tholoungo' and wiped his hooted brow. "Well, I should rather think I did. 1 boat him twenty-sovec, games o£ checkers out of thirty, and—" "jes; but I mean did you win the case before 'Squire Ford?" "Oh, I forgot nil about that case 1" At the Beach. "Ho took mo to tha opera and most everywhere. Do you think he la really smitten?" "Has ho invited you anywhere else?" "Yes, he is to take ine to au afternoon tea dny after to-morrow." "Then you may ho sure that lie is madly in love with you ; he most certainly is it ho can btand an'afternoon tea foryour sake." Tha Watches of the Night When of the repeated kind experienced by persons troubled with insomnia, soonbriug about an alarming condition of the nervous system. The shaking hand, confusion of tiio brain, lapses of memory and loss of; appetite indicate, with terrible precision, the ravages produced by loss of sleep, which, if unromeclied, must destroy mental equilibrium altogether. No better and thorough nervine exists than Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. Common sense and experience point to its early and steady use in cases «if iusomula. It strengthens weak and relaxes the tension of overstrained nerves, which, by the way, a resort to un- medicated stimulants will never do permanently, while the after odoct of, such excitants is most prejudicial. Under the influence of this benign invigorant, appe- tito, digestion and sleep return, and bodily comfort and health are alike promoted. It is invaluable in chills and fever, liver complaint, cousti potion, rheumatic 1 and kidney trouble. __ ' Women are temporals as a general rule, but are generally fond oE their glass. The llomity of Nlugarii Can never be described and It has never been pictured so adequately and satisfactorily ns in the splendid portfolio just issued by the Michigan Central, "The Niagara Falls Route." It contains fifteen largo plates Irom the very best instantaneous photographs, which cannot bo bought for as many dollars. AH these will bo sent for 10 cents by FHANK J. B»AMHA.T,L, Advt°r. Agent, Michigan Central, 402 Monaduock block, Chicago . No orchestra can expect to get along harmoniously without concert of action. Western American Scenery. The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul R'y has now ready for distribution u slxtoeu- page portlolio of scenes along its Hue, halftones, of the size of the World's Fair portfolios lately .fisued, They nro ouly" ten cents each nud tan bo obtained without delay by remitting the amount to (Juo. H. H it AFiroain, General 1'as.s. Agent, Chicago, Death, to keep up with the times, has turned his sickle into a surgeon's kult'e. CONDUCTOR 'E, D. LOOM1S, Detroit, Mich,, says: "The effect of Hall's Catarrh Cure is wonderful." Wrhe him about it. Sold by Druggists, 75c, A beetle can draw twenty times Its own weight, So can a mustard plaster, Beeoham's Pills have a pleasant coating disguising the taste of the pill, without impairing its etlioacy. 25 qents a box. It is doubtful if culture will ever bo able to make a niau stop snoring in his sleep. Ill 1850 ^JJroimi'n Uronthial Troches" were introduced, and their success us a cure for Colds, Coughs, Asthma aud Bronchitis has been unparallelled. The first lesson in deceit by going into debt. »'• often takou Olif glu Corn salve." uU to »ui'o or money rufuuUed, Ask your r It. Pi'icu ijucnuf, It is not the bird with the brightest plumage that sings the sweetest. Car» ts sold on a Runrantw. It cures Incipient I'onsumi* The world P":*i more attention to what a mtui does than to what he says. i3 tbo Oldest itiri Ix-st. It will break uu a Tola qulelk sr vuau ftuyUMff "t»". U to «M.y<tyj>'ri«ii»M» Try it. LOBSOUS learned i« tbo school of espo- rie«ce are reujeraborsd the loudest. Even a dead man has a ghost of a chance. Royal Baking Powder ftever tievcf Makes sotif, soggy, of Iiusky never spoils good materials | never lumps of alkali in the biseuit of cake { while all these things do happen with the best of, cooks' who cling 1 to the old-fashioned , methods, of who use 6thef baking powders* * ', * * ^ ' If you want the best food, ROYAL Baking Powder is indispensable* ROYAL BAKINO POW6ER CO,, 109 WALL H., NEW-VOBK. ' '£' CURRENT GOSSIP. Mndamo Albini bog-nn learning 'music when she was only 4'>ye'ars old, Tho last pure-blooded Iroqnois Indian, named Teirafassriake, recently died in Canada, • The finest tomb in 1 Great Britain is undoubtedly that of the duke of Hamilton in the grounds of Hamilton palace. It cost'£180,000. Gordon .\V. Lillie, or "Pawnee Bill," as ho is known, is to furnish the \Yild West show at'the Antwerp exposition. Ho is under contract with King Leopold to do the work. Key. Dwirrht L. Moody is a poor man. Although he lias made thousands of dollars he has saved none of it. Tho bulk of his earnings has been used for the support of his summer school A shoemaker at Haverhill, Mass., has received an order for a pair of shoes for the Princess May—the duch- pss'of York—of England. The public •will bo interested to learn that May wears a No. 4. If ns much preaching had been aimed at tbo heart as there has be en, at the head the millonium wtjuld have dawned long ago. Woman's band may bo pale and delicate, but she can pick up a hotter plate than a tuan. A Stamp That'* Seldom Soon. . It may not be generally that Undo Sam prints one postage, stamp that ia not for sale, i, e> t the second-class mutter stamp. This • stamp, new or canceled, never passes ' out of tho hands of postofllco oiMciajSt'-, Postage on periodicals is prepatdT>;^ r | tho pound in cash, and tho 4 * i'd* 1 '" ceiving clork cancels these special; stamps to the value of ,tbo postttgd ; thus prepaid and forwards the" oau-> coled stamps to the tieparUnobt aa vouchers. Home Seekers' Excursion Tloket» Will be sold by tho Chicago, Mll\voubea.& St. Paul Railway on May Sth nndMoy.SOtb, 1804, from Chicago to St. Paul, Minneapolis, Omaha, Sionx Cltv. Kansas City, and points beyond at practically one faro for tho round trip. Excursion tickets will be good for return passage thirty days from date of sale, but nre good for going passage only on date of sale. For further particulars apply to any Coupon Ticket Agent in the United States: or Canada, or address GEO. H. HEAWORDV .Uen'l Pass, and Ticket Agent, Chicago. The man -who looks through prejudice is' always ready to swear that there is some* thing green in Biiulight. There is more power in the influonco of A boy than there is in oil the steam in a lo» comotive boiler. 11 It you can ''raise the wind" tho "dust" is quickly collected. "What makes some girls look young so -"; long I" "The men lire to blame. They won't propose." V t Genius is a curse unless it loves truth. / , <' '• 1 ^^^iMf^^fCf f\f »f f V • i **f The subject of the above portrait is the Rev. Chas. Prosser, a much beloved and most flevoufc minister of the gospel at Mount Carmel, Northumberland Co., Pa. Mr. Prosser's usefulness, was. for a long time, greatly impaired by a distressing, obstinate disease. How his malady was finally conquered we will let him tell in his own language. He says ; "I was a great sufferer from dyspepsia, and I had suffered so long that I was a wreck; life was rendered undesirable and it seemed death was near : but I came in contact with Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and his' Pleasant Pellets.' I took twelve bottles of ' Discovery,' and several bottles of tho 'Pellets,' and followed tho hygenie advice of Dr, Pierce, and I am happy to say it was indeed a cure, for life is worth living now," For dyspepsia, or indigestion, "liver complaint," or torpid liver, biliousness, constipation, chronic diarrhea and all derangements of the liver, stomach and bowels, Doctor Piorce's Golden Medical Discovery effects perfect cures when all other medicines fail, it has a specific tonic effect upon the lining membranes of the stomach and bowels, As .an invigorating, restorative tonic it gives strength to the whole system ami builds up solid flesh to the healthy standard, when reduced by " wasting diseases." Mr. J. F. Hudson, a prominent lawyer 0* WhitcherviUe, Sebastian Co., Ark., writes; ** Having suffered severely, for a long time, from ft torpid liver, Indigestion, constipation, nervousness and general debility, and finding no relief in my efforts to regain my health, J was induced to try Dr, Pierced Golden Medical Discovery and 'Pleasant Pellets, 1 Under this treatment, I unproved very much and in a few mouths waj ubto to attend to my professional duties," Yours truly, / To purify, emich and vitalize the Wood, and thereby Invigorate tbe Uyer and digestive organs, brace up the aerves, and put tho system ui order generally; also to up both solid flesh and etreiigtb after grip, pneumonia, fevers and other prostrating diseases, "Golden Medical Discovery" has no equal, It does not make tat people moro co'rpulent, but builds up solKl, wholesome Jleih. Do you feel dull, languid, low -spirited), have fullness or bloating after eating, tongue coated, bitter or bail taste in mouto, ii'rogu-. lor appetite, frequent headaches. " floating specks " before eyes, nervous prostration, ana drowsiness after meals ? If you have an-y considerable number ot these symptoms, you avo suffering fvornj torpid liver, associated with dyspepsia, op indigestion. The inoro complicated your disease the greater tho number of symptoms, No matter what stago it has reached, J)r, Pierco's Golden, Medical Discovery will sub' duo it, Nervousness, sleeplessness, nervous piO$r tration, nervous debility, and kindred disturbances are generally duo to impoverished blood, Tbe nervous system suffers for want of pure, ricH blood to jjourisU and sustain it. Purify, enrich aud vitalize the blood by taking "Golden Medical Discovery" a»4 all these 'nervous troubles vanish, The " Golden Medical Discovery " is f wf bettor for this purpose than the much advertised^ nervines aud other compounds ea loudly recommended for nerypus prostration, as t»ey >l put the nerves to sleep," but do, not invigorate, brace up and po strengthen the nervous system, as docs the " Discovery," thus giving |3trm««enf benefij; and n rwigw of reliable dealers. With any ot something else that pays them better probably be urged as " iust as good," Laps Jt is, for them; but Jtt'an't ce, for A Book (136 pages) treating o| the going diseases amf pointing gut successful means of homo cure, also containing v«s| uurobera pf testimonials, (wjtb pholoJT5S»' portraits of writers), references and Invalids' potel and Surgical lugfitu. in Btrlet, Buffalo, $(,*"

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