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Cheyenne, Wyoming
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iJ Slljsfilfe democratic VOL XVIII CHEYENNE WYOMING TUESDAY MORNING MARCH 17 1885 PRICE FIVE ENTS MM? A ft NOTII KM WALL PAFISR the finest designs Also SHILOH'S HERO Report of Gen Death Cause Excitement AN EXCITING TIME Desperate Encounter Between Officers anti Outlaws FOR SALE The Stock Growers' National Sank CHEYENNE WYOMING Authorized Capital CAPITAL PAID IN $400000 SURPLUS $44 090 fHOM 8TUKGIH i FeMrtrnt USE Vie HKNKV A VI A- ARMY Awi-itaut t'aihli-r I rliEEiioSN Second Asti-tait Uashicr Interest i'ald on atnd Mold Time ItepAHltx Foreign and UomcMIc Klriianir Huuitet Nafety Itrpnalt Boxen la Fire Proof Vault to Rent DIRKCTOItS Tnos St-jrots If Tkschemachrr I nrcrtF Hat Andrew Gilchrist IANt Wm STritflis In CHEYENNE MEAT MARKET 354 Seventeenth Street The Situation London March 16 In the house of commons to-day in answer to a Gladstone explained that England and Russia had agreed as he stated Friday that no farther advance should be'tnade in Afghanistan The statement of this agreement was based on the interchange of communications carried on through the British ambassador of St Petersburg The latest communication on the Afghan dispute received from the ambassador was that of March 5 but to obviate any possible misunderstanding Earl Granville the British foreign minister on Saturday last wired Ills (Gladstone's) exact words to Thornton asking him to ascertain whether the Russian prime minister endorsed as correct the statement made by Gladstone of the agreement reached with Russia As vet no reply has lieen received Gladstone said there had been no time to obtain the assent of the ameer of Afghanistan to the terms of the arrangement made with Russia term said Gladstone a somewhat fallacious idea of what has been obtained I prefer the word The telegram sent by Earl Granville on Saturday to Thornton was merely intended to ascertain whether the understanding of the details of this agreement or arrange-were correct There is no question as to the substance of it Harrington explained that the Russians occupy Katsn and Akrabat and that the Afghans still occupy Penjdeh He refused on the ground of public policy to make any further disclosures London March 16 In the house of commons this evening the government announced a telegram front St Petersburg fully confirming view of the Anglo-Russian arrangement regarding outposts on the Itusso-Afghan frontier Hough on on cures humors eruptions ringworm tetter salt rheum frosted feet cnilblains -xV CO Dealers in Fresh and Salt Meats all kinds Sausages Sugar (lured Press i orntd and Bacon Fish Oysters and Vegetables in Season Sugar Cured Hams anu oacon nsn tjysters and vegei Will Investigate Washington March The secretary of the treasury has directed the collector of customs of New York to make an immediate investigation of the management of the barge office of New York with the view of ascertaining whether the complaints growing cut of the treatment of passengers and baggage is well founded Complimentary to a Territorial Legislature Tucson Ark March An immense msss meeting was held here tonight to express indignation against the work of the territorial legislature which in sixty days session has voted away over a million dollars in sulisidies The meeting apiwinted a committee to devise means to have congress institute proceedings in eourt to stop payment of the amounts corruptly appropriated Restored to the Public Domain Washington March Secretary Lamar has addressed a letter of instructions to the commissioner general of the laud office concerning the disposition of the forfeited land grant of the Texas Pacific railroad directing that notice be given by publication for at least thirty days in each of the several districts that the lanue have been restored to the public domain and that the books of the respective officers are ojien for entry and fixation of the same at $220 per acre as provided for under the homestead pre-emption and other general laws of the United States relating to the disposal of uttoffered public lands Settled Amicably Kansas City March 16 The strikers here received orders late this afternoon from Sedalia to raise the freight blockade and trains were started out to-night The proposed terms have been accepted by the conference committee of the strikers and will be ratified by a meeting at Sedalia to-night St Louis March 1G Vice President Hoxie received a telegram from the superintendents of the Missouri Pacific system stating that all striking employes have resumed work under the terms of the circular issued Sunday and that all trains are now running and the strike ended Dispatches have also been received from various points of the Wabash system to the effect that the strikers have gone back to work and business has fully resumed Kansas City March 16 Fifteen freight trains were sent out on the Missouri Pacific to-night and ten came in The business of the road will be in the usual shape in a very short time The engineers who were removed for leaving their posts at the requests of the strikers have been reinstated The men at Parsons returned to work this afternoon Springfield HI March The Wabash strikers have won This afternoon Superintendent Johann on behalf of the company signed an agreement with the men providing that they all return to work after Wednesday at the wages paid them before the redaction was made which was this evening ratified by the men at a meeting held tq night with the proviso that the same is ratified at Mo-herly and Fort Wayne or igi 318 Hill street paper hanging calsomiuing and painting at Tut OIN A hunch of keys Call at Leader ofti oe Notire to Stockholders The annual stockholders meeting of Crow Creek Ditch and Reservoir for the election of-trustees and tor the transaction of such other bus mess as may properly come before the meeting will be held in the office of the company in Cheyenne Wyoming at 2 urs the first day of April A 1885 The Ciw Creek Ditch and Reseryoir Company Groan Secretary Four dozcu eggs $1 00: four pounds ot roll hotter I (io at A I sderwooij ti St ly (let ready to attend the ltd annual trail of the Irish Benevolent society of Cheyenne at Library hall Tuesday evening March 17 Tickets 1 A McGregor sells coal from the Fox A Paterson mines which is considered the lsst Colorado coal in the mark Proclamation Whareas a vacancy exists in the office of mayor of the cit? of Cheyenne now therefore I Timothy Dyer president of the city council and acting rnavor of said city do hereby order and proclaim that a special election be held by the qualified electors of the city of Cheyenne on Tuesday the 17th day of March A 1885 for the purpose of electing a person to fill the said vacancy Witness mv hand this 5th day of March 1885 Dyer Prest of city council and acting mayor Hardware stoves-and tinware at Arp St Try fresh home-made taffy Only 30 cents a pound Schuttler wagons and a full line of hardware at Arp Knights of labor meet every Monday night at 7 :30 in the Ideltnan block Try- home-made mixed candy Only 20 cents a pound For fine watch repairing David Miubr 17th street Riner Bulletin Four roomed house on Twenty-second and Eddy streets Five roomed house on Twentieth and Thornes We still have several thousand dollars to loan in amounts to suit on good real property We are also offering about forty lots in one block at a great bargain Coal best in market $550 per 2000 pounds to the ton Hedge Ptauts Privet and Berberry from $250 to $600 per 100 first class plants Dealers in all kinds of fruit shade and ornamental trees Colorado grown Ten car loads fine smooth hark cottonwoods very low Stfmple Shields Lock box 037 Cheyenne Wyo Proposals for Fresh Meet He a nqr alters Dept of the Platte i Office Chief Commissary I OF SCBSUTENCE Omaha Neb Feb 20 1885 The acting commissary of subsistence at each of tne following posts Forts Bridget- Douglas Laramie McKinney Niobrara Omaha Robinson A Rus sell Sidney Fred Steele Washakie Cheyenne iVpot and Omaha Repot will receive sealed proposals until 12 in the 21st day of April 1885 at which time they will Is1 opened in the presence of bidders for the furnishing and delivery of fresh beef from the block that may be required bv the subsistence department 8 army at their respective posts dur ing the fiscal year commencing July I 1885 Blank proposals and instructions to bidders giving information as to conditions to le olwervod by bidders terms of contract and payment will be furnished on application to this office or to the com-missaries at the twists named Pnqiosals will not lie considered unless accompanied by the to aliove referred to The right is reserved to reject any or all bids JOHN HAWKINS Chief WANTtt Wanted A girl lor Inquire of A general house-Weidntan Fort work Russell good girl at Mrs 429 Sixteenth street Wanted A first class cook and dishwasher at Star restaurant FOB KENT For Furnished parlor and bedroom with or without board comer Seventeenth street and Warrenjavenue opposite Governor residence For Rent Three nice rooms quire at shoe store In- For Two new at Cheyenne House houses Inquire For Two furnished rooms in the Tilden block comer of Sixteenth street and Warren avenue To Rent Four large rooms suitable for offices or a small family Apply to FOR RENT nished rooms by Offices also furnished or unfur-F WARRKN FOR NAIK For Salk A fine restaurant furniture and fixtures complete for forty Warders Inquire at Leader office For Sale One Hambletonian stallion one pair good work mules Work and saddle horses ol all kinds at prices to suit buyers McKinley Moore At Star bam Seventeenth street by Camp Car lin track For Sale-Shot Guns rant For Sale Several hundred acres of land scrip Address no DJDobyns It Co comma? Wyo i good Breech Loading Nichols Star Beslan For A camp outfit complete tminj quire at No will accommodate seventy-five men Info 312 Thom es street In Albany and Carbon Counties 'r- WYOMING! is Time to Buy 620000 oi Railroad Lauda in Southern Wyoming including the celebrated Laramie Plalna open to Purchaae and Settlement The Wyoming Central UHMVtn COMPANY Ha nearly completed I lie PIONEER CANAL Hringit muter irrigation about 50 ooo acres of lie agiicultural land in the territory surveys are made fora larger canal covering about acres of equally good land all located within twenty miles of the Union Paelttc railway Every other section of this land being goyei mnent land is auhject to entry under the Homestead Pre-emption Timber Culture and I)sert lauul Acts and it is proposed by this Company to lurnish water to settlers at low rate i rental The railroad lands will be sold on en and at per rent Time Sl Interest Aiul every facility will be furnished to actual tiler and t4 purchasers for the Improvment amt cultivation of the land The Conditions of Climate and Soil are Unequaled 4 unlimited rrjxtna of the finest grating hinds in tile mold contiguous tn hinds if this company Coal Timber and Building Materials in Close Proximity Social educational and business advantages equal to any In the United States Ready and profitable markets for all agncultrual products are furnished by the adjacent towns and settlement? whose people are engajf ed in mining manufacturing and stock raising ane-iputidt iu is spirited and information will lie furnished tree of cost upon application to the Secretary ol the company Address DOWNEY Wyo Cent A I Co Laramie Wyoming flit he 1 Selections FINEST STOCK OF POULTRY lu Ol leyeuue Which ytm dl it ml at the PHOENIX Tender juicy young mutton trhirh can't be duplicated in Cheyenne BUY YOIJR CARPETS FURNITURE Of call Uiudm at CRAIG DAVIS I Where you can find large stocks ant' Reasonable Prices Bresnahen Washington Market SIXTEENTH S1REET Cheyenne Wyo Keeps constantly on hand all the delicacies of the season Fresh Meat Game Fish Poultry and Fresh Oysters IMP VEGETABLES ALL KJENDfi Three Robbers Left Dead the Street in Citizens of Springer Appeal to the Military for Aid A Desperado Captured Denver March 16 The Trihmie-RepidJiectn' Springer sjiecial says: A desperate encounter between officers and outlaws occurred here to-day Last Sunday a noted desperado named Bill Todd was arrested here and fixlged in jail He immediately telegraphed the fact of his arrest to Dick Rogers a leader of one of the most gangs of outlaws in the whole of the southwest This morning Rogers appeared with a number of followers went to the county jail where Todd was confined and attempted his rescue The officers opened fire from within to which the outlaws replied and a desperat battle ensued The attacking party finally withdrew leaving three of their party Dick Rogers Ed King and Red River Tom dead in the street The remnant of the party hastily left town to summon reinforcements They are hourly expected to reappear The greatest excitement prevails The citizens of Springer have appealed for protection to the district commuuder who promptly ordered the troops stationed at Fort Union to move quickly to the scene of the action A Santa Fe special at 10 says the latest from Springer is to the effect that fifty men are surrounding the jail determined to mob the officers who have taken refuge inside Soldiers from Fort Union are momentarily expected and may prevent (further trouble Co second regiment territorial militia are at Santa Fe and in readiness to move at a moment's notice 12:45 a The regulars from Fort Union arrived at midnight Cowboys are flocking into the town but the presence of troopers hits produced a wholescABo effect on the lawless element and no further trouble is anticipated A Cattle Thief Killed New Orleans March The Times- Democrat' Little Rock special re ports the running down and killing of Frank Strong a noted cattle thief by a posse which traced him to a deserted cabin on Wild Horse creek near the Chickisaw nation where he was shot dead He fought hi? pursuers to the last Fifteen hundred dollars reward had been offered for his capture He had operated successfully in Western Arkansas and the Indian Territory for years stealing herds of cattle from ranchmen and driving them into Texas aud disposing of them Lynching Supposed Murderers Omaha March 16 At 1 o'clock Sunday morning eighty masked men went into the house where Thomas Jones and Mrs Taylor lived near Spring ranch Clay county took them to the bridge a few rods away and hung them therefrom They were supposed have Iteen itnpli cated in recent robberies in that vicinity and in the murder of Edwin llqlierts a month ago Four other persons Th- the house at the time were tied and guarded till daybreak Three of them were warned to leave the county as were William and John Jones under penalty of suffering the same fate Killed Her Man The Hague March 16 A Brussels girl to-day followed rise Japanese charge do affairs in this city to Rotterdam and shot at him She then sui cide with a dagsrer but only inflicted a slight wound The man subsequently died in the hospital He promised to marry the girl who learned he was married already and that his wife was coming on here A Defrauder Arrested New York March Edward Yard for nine years the trusted agent of Sally Carr Shaw the executrix of Charles Shaw and who appropriated over $200000 of the proceeds of the estate to his own nse arrived to day from France in charge of an officer A Sheriff Killed Lexington Ky March 16 Deputy Sheriff Bumgartner of Rowan county was killed to day near Morehead Ivy by a mob The assassination arose from the Tolliver and Martin feud which has caused the death of five or six men in the past few months Fist Fight Pittsburg March 16 A bare knuckle prize fight between James McDonald and Joseph Davis local pugilists for a purse ot $200 took place in a room on Penn avenue to-night Six desperate rounds were fought when McDonald struck Davis after the latter had fallen and the fight was awarded to Davis on claim of foul Prompt safe and sure pleasant to take Red Star Cough Cure a cure will make Slew Htj'leM Slow In We are in receipt of our first shipment from Dunlap Co of spring and summer style stiff hats We would say to those who intend buying that as this hat leads all others in the princiiial cities of the east and as we offer the latest styles for sale in Cheyenne on the same day they are opened in New York City you can wear the and know it to be the correct thing We can give a hat in style at any price named for out of date or inferior makes Trcckey Vandyke Attaches of fixe Press on the Uui Vive Gen Hazen Racked with Court Martial Tortures Gen Grant Reported Dead New York March After visiting Gen Grant Dr Douglas returned to his office at midnight an Dour later than usual He stated that he had remained at the house until his patient hail gone to sleep The doctor said: Grant did not sleep at all Sunday night He slept this afternoon Tonight he Is bright and chatted with friends Pulse good temperature New York 4 a The newspaper world is in a commotion this morning over the report of the death of Gen Gram Reporters arc Hying in all directions rushing to the residence of Gen Grant and his several physicians while the telegraph is busy bearing messages to the same place and people Gen Grant's home is fully hall an hour's quick drive from the nearest newspaper office and verification is necessarily slow Dr Fordyce Barker telegraphs as follows: New York March 17 4 a Wm A Smith General Manager As-tociateil Press' I have not heard anything of the kind (Rumor of the death oi Gen Grant) Lsaw the general at 2 yesterday (Signed) Fordyce Barker All the New York papers are ready to issue an extra edition should the report prove tree Chicago March 17 4:45 a Information has jast been received that the report of Gen death iB without foundation The Hazen Court Martial Washington March 16 Gen Hazen testified in his own behalf before the court martial to-day He admitted writing the article in controversy hut said he intended no disrespect or discourtesy to the secretary of war He gave as is reason for making the statements that he had been held to a most serious responsibility for not effectively rescuing the Greely party That it had been published all over the world that he was in fault and that in his own defense he simply wished to state a fact that Greely could have been rescued and that he (Hazen i did all in his power to have him rescued The secretary of war in his annual report had largely confirmed the opinion expressed in the press that he (Hazen) was responsible for the death of these men The report either made hint wilfully culpable or neglectful and inefficient in his work Neither was true he wrote the letters simply to relieve himself of that blemish upon his record which the report wrongly placed there In an argument upon an objection Judge Mackey counsel for Gen Hazen said: know that the prosecution does not want to touch Cape Sabine The accuser does not want to face those hor-We propose to show the animus of the accuser: that he was imbued with malice deep and deadly against the chief signal officer of the army He liecame blind uioti any question touching Arctic matters suggesting his deep tireless hate that indeed his rery body exhaled malice whenever the chief signal name was mentioned Judge Mackey then called the attention of the witness to the fact that his letter to the secretary' dated Feb 17 last was endorser! by the secretary as having lieen received at the war department Feb 26 and also to the fact of the statement concerning the contents of this letter published in the Chicago Tribune Feb 25 and asked where the letter was kept prior to Feb 26 Gen Hazen replied that it was kept in his desk Judge Mackey asked whether within a recent period official letters had not lieen purloined ftom the desks in the signal office and taken to the secretary of war The judge advocate objected to this Judge Mackey said the purpose of the defense is to negative the presumption that the accused circulated the contents of this letter He said he proposed to show that letters had been purloined from the desk in the signal office and taken to the secretary of war by the person purloining them and that the person received special employment after purloining the letters He said they wanted to show the general course of the administration with reference to the chief signal office That nothing was8afe or sacred in the office of the chief signal officer from the hand of this secretary of wav by day or night The judge advocate said he did not feel called upon to reply to the insinuations of the counsel in respect to the secretary of war That official he said needed no defense at his hands and the attacks upon him were in very had taste to say the least Without concluding the examination ot Gen Hazen the court adjourned 'tough on instant relief for Neuralgia Toothache Faceache Ask for on Toothache 15 25c For bilious disorders St Pillt have no equal besides they are the moss searching and most reliable cathartic in use and always nroduee a pleasant cathartic effect without nausea or griping They are sugar coated 25 cents per box or five for one dollar Sold by IV Huut Legal blanks at the Leader office condition Ifl CO CD Free of Charge Telephone calls promptly miAimriiY DKAItKK IN FINE G-ROCERIES TRO I7AIOAA A fresh assortment of all kinds of NUTS CANDIES TOBACCO AND CIQAR8 Constantly on hand also FRUITS IN THEIR SEASON 320 HILL STREET CHEYENNE WYO All our goods are ft-esli and warranted first clam In every respeet STAR OF THE WEST RESTAURANT The Only First Class Place of the Kind in the City OAi THE AKKKICAW ASII Kl'KOPKAX PLAN OYSTERS SERVED IN EVERY STYLE 3IEALS AT ALL HOURS BOARD BY THE DAY WEEK OR MONTH 'suppers and Lunches for Parties Got Up To Order in First Class Style FURNISHED ROOMS FOR THE ACCOM' M00ATI0N OF TRAVELERS A NICHOLS Proprietor SIXTEENTH STREET y-HEYENNE WYOMING TER IT DRUGGIST AND PHYSICIAN No 220 EDDY ST CHEYENNE WYO LLK SEWING MACHINES All G-rfttl on FOR SALE RENT OR EXCHANOE Warren Mercantile Coi Hill and Sixteenth Stmts Cheyenae Beef delivered to all parts of the city Atended to A KENT BANKER And proprietor of the CHEYENNE SAVINGS BANK -OF- Cheytmne Wyo Docs a General Banking and Exchange Business and offers to customers every facility in the banking line interest Paid on Deposits Pasbflgt) Tickets for Sale to and from Great Britain Ireland or anv Parr of Kurope- stiHidnrd Maim fad urns Pi nn ob Pianos Organs Organs FOR SALE RENT OR EXCHANGE Warren Mercantile Co Hill and Sixteenth Sh eets Cheyenne MICHIGAN APPLES Plum Peach 7 AND RASPBERRY PRESERVES Ranch Butter liggs etc Kvcrvlhing first class at our new store in of Block A UNDERWOOD BRO UNDERTAKERS And wholesale dealers In ndert akers' Supplies Riinuiinnin Enrulahetl auit Ktrrtril Flowers Carriages Badges and Attent' si Furnished Warren Mercantile Co H1U and Sixteenth Streets Cattle Receipts BL Chicago March J6 Cattle receipts 6500 market active early closing weak 1050 te 1350 pounds $-1 30(5 550 1350 to pounds 540(2)575 stackers $360(21425 feeders $430(0)425 Remember that a 50 cent bottle of Cough Remedy is fully equal to a dollar bottle of any other cough medicine in the market Sold by IV Hunt CAMELLINE FOR THE COMPLEXION Absolutely Harmless The undergittned physicians of San Franciseo are familiar with the compos ition of the principal articles used for the complexion and freely certify that CAMELLINE is harmless and free from all poisonous or injurious substances: 0 Iane Cooper II Toland Dennis A McLean 1) McNulty Brigham Shatter Bern Dean MD Carman Gibbons Jr Ayer Clarke Bruner A Lorvea Bard II Simms 11 Stallard 1 McCuesten 'I I Keeney I A Wilder II Powers Swan 1 DoorM Keeney I) Holland Bennett I) Hammond McNutt MD A Bowie I Shiirli A Hillman 1 Rosenstirn I Whitney IUJ Bovson -P Kenyon I Titus JLMeares MD Price 1) Gibbons Had a me Id el in a Patti the Writes: shall now have to repeat praises of your CAMELLTXK hoard from alt For By Rhodes Troxell Cheyenne and all first-class druggists too A BEST TONIC This medicine combining Iron with pure vegetable tonics quickly and completely ares Dyspepsia Indigestion Weak net I injure Blood Malaria t'Ullls and Fevers is an remedy for Diseases of the Kidneys and iJver It is invaluable for Diseases peculiar to Women and all who lead sedentary lives 1 1 does not injure the teeth cause headache or produce other Iron medicine? do It enriches and purifies the blood stimulates the appetite aids the assimilation of food re lieves Heartburn and Belching and strength ens the muscles and nerves For Intermittent Fevers lassitude Lack ot Energy it has no equal The genuine bas above trade mark and crossed red lines on wrapper Take no other FROWN CHEMICAL Mk BaLTIMOU MU KRedington Woodward Co Portland Or Wholesale Agents BEAR SPRINGS RANCH JOHN NEWMAN Prop This well-known road-ranch on the Fort Laramie and Black Hills stage line has rec'-ily been re-u tied and the proprietor is prepare to gc 1 accomodations for man and beast Meals 50 cents Horses to hay 75 cents per span Hay sold by the bale Large corrals and barn for 40 horses Broken horses for sale The Conference Sr Loris March 16 Fitzgerald chairman of the executive committee of the grievance committee of Brotherhoixl ol Locomotive Engineers accompanied by two or three other members of the committee arrived here front Sedalia to day and several other committeemen are expected to night and Arthur grand duel engineer of the Brotherhood will be here to-morrow The object of this visit is to consult among themselves and then have a conference with the officers of the Missouri Pacific regarding some grievances which the engineers claim to have against the company Still Waiting Arkansas City Kas March None of Oklahoma boomers have yet left camp They are still awaiting further advices from Washington An opinion prevails among them that the proclamation is only to prevent their moving until the cabinet have more time to consider their question The colonists representative at Washington telegraphs that the matter will again be considered at the cabinet meeting on Tuesday An Interesting Case Montreal March 16 Mrs Domingo Monjo wife of President Mon jo of the Toledo and Ann Arbor railroad appeared in the court of the bench this morning as a petitioner for a writ of habeas corpus to compel Father Lirage of the ViUe Marie refuge to show cause why her three children in his possession should not be returned to her Mrs Monjo told her story alleging that three children and her old grandmother were kidnapped by her husband and his brother from her residence in New York in March 1884 and that from that until yesterday she had not seen them Her story of how she trailed the children to Brooklyn and thence to Toledo Toronto and Montreal was very affeetiug The children complained that they have for the last year been only half nourished and have suffered from want of clothing The Internal Machinery Even when we go to sleep the compli cated apparatus of the inner man is continually at work Heart lungs liver kidneys and all keep at work from birth until death How important it is that all these should be kept in perfect order Let any of them run down or let th' blood become impoverished and the re suit is disease and decay But Iron Bitters is the sure restorative Wit ness for instance the case of Mrs Gil lespie of San Antonio Texas who was for along time a great sufferer She says have used Iron Bitters for dys pepsia and general debility with great ben i i Historical Dept Cheyenne Wyo Documnet in poor photographic.

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