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THE BLACKTHORN AT SHILOH CHURCH New Advertisements The Democratic Leader akiHc POWDER Absolutely Pure This powder never varies A marvel of purity Ntreugtb uni wholettomt-ntriie Mon economical than the ordinary kind ami cannot he sold In competition with the multitude of low tent short weight alum or phosphate iiwders Hold only in cans Royal Baking I'owder On log Wall street New York At ba moment that Buckland brigade stacked arnu mt Pea Rkije and aafcdown4s ffee tL heaJ ri tie cmi Johnston's arm kcaa marohim' Into the village of Moutere) three miles oufch anti half way lietweao Shiloh an I Corinth The dashing major of the Seventieth ha i been gone fifteen minutes when a half-duteea shots were hoar A in rapid succession in tw direction he had gone Anon the ma c-cams galloping back on his dun charju wild disorder his guard trottMg at his Thi was the story he told: Be was movi slowly along the rood when he raw ou horsemen sitting in the chapparal On neir approach one of them shouted comes there Supposing tha challenger to be one of the marvellous videttas of the Fifth Ohio La pompously responded in accordance with the regulations: guard of the Grand Army of the United 1 it said the profans horseman as he fired his carbine at the astonished major His comrades followed suit and sdx cavaliers in gray galloped away Then the major hurried to the rear to report The brigade stood to arms and held its breath for it had heard its fir hostile shots A council of officers was held and it was agreed that we had encountered a gang of While the council was considering the crisis the faint roll of drums was heyd in the direction of Monterey The soft bamlr zephyrs from the south lifted the ominous sounds into prominence and then hushed them as the vibration of a string dies out Again the roll was heard first faint and then stronger as drum after drum joine 1 tlie alarum 1 had campaigned in Virginia and knew the meaning of the long roll I shall not forget the incredulous smile which wreathed a field face when 1 suggested carried no drums An impression prevailed that an attempt was being made to decoy us into ambush and after waiting for an attack we slowly marched back to camp Suspicious horsemen hung upon tbe skirt of our retiring column and stragglers who came up late that night told of narrow escapes from death and capture This was Thursday April We had met the advance of corps marching on the Bark road and then at The sententious words of the major of the Seventieth were carried that night to Gen Albert Sidney Johnston guard of the Grand Army of the United State That meant that Sherman had discovered the movement and wa coming out to give him battle or check his advance until Buell could come up The forward march was stopped Line of battle was formed and reserves brought up A delay ensued Perhaps this halt at Monterey cost Johnston a victory Maj grandiose re sponse probably saved army for the battle which was to have taken place on Saturday was not begun until Sunday and Buell who was beyond reach on Saturday was crossing the Tennessee on Sunday night On Friday the 4th of April the advance of army was feeling its way to unconscious camps On the evening of that day in the midst of a drenching shower of rain an attack was made on our advance picket-post an old cotton-gin one mile away from our police line After a brisk fight Lieut Heaton and seven men belonging to the Seventieth Ohio were carried away The alarm brought division to arm The Fourth brigade supported by the cavalry went to the frout At tho eotton-giu we formed a line while regiment wa divided and Bent with the cavalry along the two road branching in front of us Sherman the stern loan Tiihonu was there nerv-ou ly riding up and down the line The rain drizzled uway until darkness set in Soon rap I musket-firing was heard where Fuckaad bad gone and anon the terrible growl of two pieces of artillery The guns were not ours they were with the enemy Had the impertura-bio commander or tue Fifth division ever hoard of artillery movmg with on the front of a ho-tile armyf Perhaps so In this skiriniih two rosy young Georgia cavalrymen were captured Thoy were ear-red to the rear wucre they afforded much entertainment to tua Federal soldiers who ad never seen a real enemy We stood in line there in the rain and darkness and listened to a dozen volleys of muskotry away towards Corinth The volleys were fired with precision ami yet officers were found to declare that perhaps Prentiss had gone round to the rear of the and was giving them a drubbing Thoe volleys came from the advance brigades of Johnston Wet charges were being fired and dry ones substituted in anticipation of attack Had the Federal general at Bhiloh been sufficiently warned His advance had been tired on at Pea Ridge hh pickets had been seized and canuon bad been fired into his face in front of his own camps And yet not a shovelfull of earth had been thrown up not a soldier was ordered to rest upon hi 4 arms Eudymioii ever slumbering beneath the careaies of the loving moon on Mt Lat-mo could not have been more indifferent to danger than the general who held this army in the I ollow of his hand Saturday morning the Georgia cavalry men prisoners in the old Shiloh church had i eped through the ohinkj at their captors nad taid: fellows act as though jrou bad never seen rebels see enough before you are twenty-four hours and had been marched away to the river I OilRE FITS! Khan my core I do not man marely to atop tb tor a ilm a1 theft have tiiM return Agmiu I rcmn a rad ree corf bsv sviHto Die diwawe of FITS KriUSPST or FALUNO KSS a Uo-locady I warrant my remedy 0 the rrr? 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EDDY STREET Orchard Packed Apples Now is the time to lay in your Winter Stock and we are prepared to furnish them to you in any quantity- Morton Post Co BANKERS SITCC8880RS TO STEBTtINS POST CO Cheyenne Wyoming Transact a General BANKING BUSINESS Pay Interest on TJ DEPOSITS and Drafts Drawn en Principal Cities of Europe Collections promptly attended to and all the facilities of the Hanking business cy tended to customers TV COLLINS Cashier at Chey'enne BULL Cashier at Stiver Cliff Colo It near tho point In my left I took valine Thib was dona with a cool de libera tion that excited my utmost admiration foi i was at that moment the moat frightened man in tbe three kingdoms i so mud mind being killed as being killed in a der like that I knew the verdict of certain kind friend of mine wou be hin right No business going to such a I felt a serene certainty that the worst construction would be put on my presence there and 1 bad a great yearning to be left so that 1 might explain I said allow me to go i have no money except some small change whtoh under the circumstances you are wel come She shrieked an incredulous laugh ni oworu that if 1 did not at once plank dow al least five guineas and my watch she wo Ui dissect me It this moment the door shoved open ag and two more women came squeezing One was young and tail Her face had ooi the depravity of the first but it was bad enough and gave me little hope of the mend ing of matters The other was a short hag aud was I imagined the one who hau oped the door She was simply a living horror Some terrible cancer-lika disease had eaten her noee entirely away and had else destroyed much of the upper and lower lips so that the left half of her mouth was one perpetual aud ghastly grin The first female Still did tbe talking car ryiug it on in a loud voice which illustrated the truth of what she that I might shout my lungs out and no help would coine look I said only a few shillings la my pocket If 1 carried my usual wealth 1 be here shell out these on the table if you let me out aceably 1 emptied my pockets on the table That didn't suit them 'They insisted on the watch and although I said the watch had lieen given me by a very dear friend tit had bought it myself) that seemed to make no difference So 1 scooped back the cash into my pockets and said if there had to be a fight why a fight there would have to be The first woman took her hand Irom com cealmeut and showed an ugly looking dirk She took a step forward 1 backed up against the wall I was more afraid of a treacherous attack from some concealed confederate but I imagine my own fright at the time rather exaggerated the danger of the situation I cried massacre and I flourished the blackthorn She stood back swearing like a trooper for tbe last time will you let me an was the reply I swung my cane and smashed to pieces the Hamlet picture The head of tho cane went clear through the glass and the play scene in the center The broken glass rattled down the floor and one of the cords snapped leaving the shattered picture dangling on the other: then that broke and the heavy frame and ruined engraving fell with a crash to the floor The three women shrieked at the unexpected disaster just as ordinary women would have done The grinning hag was the most disturbed Bhe was evidently tho proprietress of the dan Hue shook her fist and as near as I could understand her mumbling talk said my body would ba found in the Uffy talk to I said your women away from that door and open it II I call the police I will ring up the fire department The next thing I smash that lamp and the moment after this room will be on fire Open that door The woman would have done so but the one with the knife prevented her 1 raised the cane and struck the lamp The pieces of the shad 8 and the lamp glass were scattered all over the room The lamp it elf swung too and fro unbroken but its yellow chimneylesi smoky light threw a ghastly uncertain glare over the whole scene The second woman now spoke: sake Mrs Duffy let him She drew the fair dirklst aside and whis pered something to her to which the othei nodded to the further end of the room too Mrs They did so and for a moment 1 stood with the open door aud the dark hall before me I knew the street dorr wee locked and that While 1 fumbled at it the three would have me at a worse disadvantage than 1 was then in But I noticed the key of the room was on the outside of the door and 1 saw my way of escape I moved slowly towards the open then made a drew it shut and tnrned the key locking in my fair hot ees abd her sylph-like companions The next instant I was throttled by un seen bands the doore force the cried the voice of my late cowardly comrade as we struggled in the dark Ho had me against the lanisters his two hand on my throat and his knee pressed against me flung hand bag aud coat to the foot of the stairs and tried to hit him with the blackthorn but we were at too close quarters bent back over tbe banisters shortened the cane by grasping it near the end with both hands the numerous thorns on the stick giving me an excellent grip on it and with all my rapidly vanishing strength har pooned him in the face with the point of it With a yell of pain he loosened his hold and grasped the stick I followed up iny advantage by forcing him backwards down the stairway half way down he fell aud putting my foot on hint I swore to brain him if he stirred This took place very rapidly and a- the women inside were shaking vigorously at the door I expected a crash every instant 1 felt along the inside of the street door for the key and handle while one foot remained on the fallen man 1 opened the door and' let in the light from the street lamp off my coat will He rolled I picked up coat and hand-bag The cane I still held As I sprang into the street I heard the upper door crash The ladia of the house had evidently got free I mut confess that I ran for the next few block just about as fast as I was able I hailed a passing oar and asked to be token to the North Wall A few minutes later I was on board the boat for Holyhead The old blessing seemj have put a good deal of usefulness in that cane 1 have it yet but whether or not the blessing still clings to it I do not kn (Luke Sharp In Detroit Free Praw1 I came in on the mail car from Cahiroe-veen and wa going to Killarnoy Pat Ryan was the driver one of the best and joliiest ear driver in all Irelaud Toward dusk wei stopped at a little hut where Pat got off and went in to get the mail There were three other besadas myself on the car and they went in to get drinks I sat on the car A bent old wo-uan came up to see me with a bundle of canon in her arms and akl Fur dho luv ave Gad yer anner wud ye buy a good blacktarn ahtick from a poor ould cratur dhat tasted bite nor sup dhis much are thrcepiuce alcb yer anner right pick uie out a good She did to andjuuided me a tough knotty blackthorn cane with spikes bristling all along it a most formidable looking weapon I gave tbe woman sixpence and this unex pec ted generosity on my part brought down on my head more blessings than ever had fallen to my shara before She blessed the cane and blessed myself until the benedic tions became positively embarrassing When we reached Killarney I took the train Dublin which place I was anxious to reach as my cash was getting short I had stayed a week longer in Ireland than 1 had intended and although I had tickets through to London yet I knew if 1 lingered much longer in the Green Isle 1 would not have the wherewithal to work the railway lunch counter on my way home The next evening after I bought that cane I stood on Back vi lie street with the blackthorn in my hand wondering what I had better do The wind was blowing a hurricane down the broad street and it whirled around tall pillar in a terrific manner that showed me it would bo no fun crossing the channel that night I was afraid to cross I had been pretty sick coming over and the breeze that light a circumstance to the gale that was raging now yet I had not the money to stay at a good hotel for good hotels in Dublin are rather expensive as I had found on my previous visit three weeks before Just then a man touched me on the arm and said as if bad been a thought reader ye looking for a nice quiet lodging tha not looking for anything but this wind to go I answered be worse before said the man casting a look at the tall top of the monument not think av going away from Dublin the thinking of crossing the wurra cried the man with a despairing gesture would be a case of life or death wud take a man out to sea a night like That was about my own idea of the matter and as the wild blast gave an extra swoop thaK seemed to blow out every lamp on Saokville street we drew closer into the dark shelter of the side thorohghfare you know of a good lodging that is I asked The best in Dublin kept by a dacent widdy woman and troth if the price plaze ye no obligation to sthay Just stip there wid me and luk at the rooms ani if the price and room plazo hhure no harum done at all at it far from a Everything is just a step in Dublin I said go and see the be plazed wid it he replied as he led down the side street It was quieter as we walked along this street and my partner talked in-a soft insinuating deprecatory sort of way He struck me as a man whom life had completely crushed all ambition out of a stranger in Ireland I said from have ye seen much of this poor coun try been three weeks in a wild country that sor a wild country No safe there I find it so I was delighted with Kerry and the people thim well armed have little to fear wheriver they never carry I said aud I often have thought since how long a man may live in this world without acquiring too much sense It bad been always a sort of Idiotic boast of mine that I had beeu in all kinds of places unarmed and unharmed We went through a maze of streets and at last I said: here going no further We must have come a mile the next said the man hurry ing me on It was in the next street He knocked at a door which after we waiteJ a long time was cautiously opened I looked at my watch in the interval and saw I had still au hour to catch my boat at tbe North Wall if the place suit The mau said a gentleman that wants to look at the big room Is it occupied? I hear what tbe answer waa but the man said up the stair and 1 followed him up llie hall was quite dark and the stair rather steep At the first land ing he pushed open a door and the light came out on the top of the stairway if it suits ye he said siiul in the landlady room was large In a corner was a bed that was neat and clean A sofa ani comfortable chairs comprised the furniture with the exception of a big solid square table that occupied the center of the room over which hung a large lamp with a huge shade on it This lamp threw a brilliant light on the table and the shade allowed a mellow haze to pervade the room A large wellframed steel engraving hung on the wall and the subject was that familiar picture of the play scene in the original of which is in the National gallery The whole interior of that room is indelibly photographed on my memory I can see as I write the eager face of the Danish prince as he lay at the feet of Ophelia scanning the half-turned countenance of the king answer to the inquiry about the name of the Mojuse seemed to me since singularly applicable to my own case at the time I put my vafise arid waterproof on the sofa and laid the stout blackthorn beside them 1 concluded to take the rooms if the terms were reasonable The door opened and a big muscular woman shoved in as if some one bail bean holding the door against her Bhe shoveJ it shut with a by leaning back against it One band was concealed behind her the other held the handle of the door She was young and her face had lonce been comely but was now blotched by drink and dissipation Her eyes were red and watery She strictly sober then She began in a loud voice as if I were a mile away Her first utterance was a torrent of the most fearful oaths I have ever heard from human lips She ended by commanding me to lay my watch and money on the table under penalty of having my crushed in With a calmness that I Vegret there were no impartial witnesses to I pieked up my water-proof nnd threw it over my left arm In my right I took my blackthorn grasping Mr Walker a leading citizen and druggist of Calamus Iowa who buys Cough Remedy in lots says of it have sold Cha Cough Remedy for eight years and it has given universal satisfaction to my customers I use no other in my family and have never called a doctor for any lung trouble We could mot keep house without Sold by Runt Boot Blttera Root Bitters are not a dram shop beverage but are strictly medicinal in every sense They act strongly upon the liver and Kidneys keep the bowels open and regular make the weak strong heal the lungs build up the nerves and cleanse the blood and system from every impurity Sold by druggists 00 Dr I'ruleFN Magic Ointment A Bure cure for little grubs in the skin Rough skin etc It will remove that roughness from the hands and face and make you beautiful Price 50c Sent by mail Gray Pearse Sole Agents INCIDENTS PRECEDING THE STRANGEST BATTLE OF THE REBELLION rile Gathering at tka Confederate Forces Major Who Checked the Advance of Johnston A In A CockertU In New York World In tbe month of March 1802 the military division commanded by Gen Hher man composed of tbe new levies from Ohio Indiana and IUinoi was picked up at Paducah and carried up the Tennessee river to Pittsburg Landing Scarcely a man in tbe command had heard shot fired in anger" Sherman set tip his standard at the pritni tive church in the wilderness called Shjloh five miles from the river side and his brl gades which were soon to receive such a baptism of fire stretched themselves where ever swamp and lagoon permitted grimly Corinth tbe ganglion and railway nerve center of the western Con federacy After him came the troops of army squatting Irregularly between Shiloh and the river and the Han nibal of these legions fresh from the con quest of Fort Donelson sipped his teddy in peace at Savannah fifteen miles away from the patient soldiers who kept watch at sol emu Shiloh church The division of tew Wallace slumbered at Landing six miles slumbered and wondered when tbs war would actually begin Across the broad face of the state of Tennessee the grandly disciplined and speodidly equipped army of Don Carlos Buell was moving by easy marches to join the invading boats on the bank of tbe muddy river At Shiloh 35000 men mounted guard daily devoured their rations and slept in peace The army trains dragged slowly along the heavy roads between church and river and sutlers vended luxuries to raw Spartans at a profit of 100 per cent The man at the front line saw a squadron of cavalry ride away toward the militia rendezvous at Corinth every morning and return lazily at night with an ia well 11 There was au honest belief ia camp that these horsemen scoured the narrow territory between blue and gray as the dragoons of Claverhouse beat up the Presbyterian quarter of Scotland Subsequent events proved that the gallant hussars of the Fifth Ohio were in the habit of playing and sleeping through all those days within a mile of the camps they were charged to protect Insufficient scouting and carelessness at headquarters were fearfully atoned at Shiloh How was it at Corinth! At first we were told of a handful of raw troops holding the great point of the southwest But there came a day when the Wellington of the confederacy entered Corinth to execute the boldest stroke of the war He saw the army of Buell moving to the junction with Grant and he conceived the plan of failing upon the loungers at Shiloh and annihilating them before the union of forces made Grant too terrible to resist There was no force of consequence at Corinth and all would depend upon rapid concentration It was a gigantic plan and splendidly was it executed Fresh from the abandoned trenches about Bowling Green came tbe men of Kentucky From Pensacola Mobile New Orleans Memphis and the camps of in struction in the interior came the soldiers of the Confederacy They came by rail by one grand invocation It was the gathering of the clans at the summons of tbe blazing cross Man wbo guarded for(s on the Mis sissippi or watched sails whitening on the southern bays poured into Corinth stopped to cook five rations and turned their faces toward Shiloh Enthusiastic soldiers who had faced the legions of Buell in front of Nashville paused to feel the hand of tbe great military organizer listened to the reading of this strange battle order And pushed on to Shiloh: HIADQUARTER3 ARMY OF THE MISSIS sippi Corinth April 2 1862 of the Army of the Mississippi: I have put you in motion to offer battle to the invaders of your country With the resolu tion and disciplined valor becoming men fighting as you are for all worth livn I dying For you can but march to a decisive victor fighting as you are for all worth living or dying For you can victory over agrarian mercenaries sent to subjugate and despoil yon of your liberties property and honor Remember the pre cions stake involved: remember tbe dependence of your mothers wives sisters and children on the result remember the fair broad abounding land the happy homes and ties that will be desolated by defeat The eyes and hopes of 8000000 of people rest upon you You are expected to show yourselves worthy of your valor and lineage worthy of the women of the south whose noble devotion in this war has never been exceeded in any time With such incentives to brave deeds and with the trust that God is with us yonr general will lead you confidently to the combat assured of success A Johnston general commanding At Shiloh church April Dayl The Fourth brigade of the Fifth division of the Forty-eighth Seventieth and Seventy first regiments of Ohio lay on the flank of the old sanctuary In front of the quarters of the colonel of the Seventieth sat a group of field officers in the early twilight The sage and solemn Buckland commandant ot tbe brigade was there as was Hildebrand Loudon and Cols Kyle and Canfield who were fated to die so gallantly on this very field six days hence A bucket of best fresh from the tent was the rally ing point of this squad of officers They talked ot the inertia of camp life bemoaned the lack of drilling -grounds and complained of the scorbutic tendency of the times and tbe malaria which was weakening the men Tbe raw recruits lacking in healthful exercise were not proof against that insidious climate A thought struck the solemn Buckland He would go at once to Sherman and ask permission to take his brigade on a picnic excursion He would march on tbe road toward Corinth Tbe exercise would greatly benefit the men and men and officers would be familiarized with the country The suggestion was readily acquiesced in and Buckland stalked away to the marquee of the general commanding Assent was obtained and next evening the Fourth brigade cooked a rations and went to sleep a'ter much turmoil dreaming of picnics Next morning the bugle sounded en avant and a handsome column of blue filed down into tbe ravine and marched away on tbe road to Corinth I trudged on foot and oarried a rifle in the ranks of Company I of Ue Seventieth The snowy daisies were peeping from under the green banks the bird were twittering in tbe budding forests and golden sunlight streamed on bayonet and sabre The roll of drums and tbe steady tramp of the moving column awakened echoes on that jocund spring morning quite new to thoee pastoral scenes At noon a halt was called at Pea Ridge six miles from camp Arms were stacked coffee-pote unslung fires lighted and small games of poker begun The holi day soldiers disported themselves everywhere and displayed a juvenile determination to enjoy the Major McFerrin of the Seventieth was placed in command of a squad of twenty men and amt in advance to picket the Corinth road Nobody recognized the need of the precaution far nobody dreamed of a foe A McGregor sells coal from the Fox A Paterson mines which is considered the best Colorado coal in the market Ferris moves houses and safes and al ways has houses 3nd rooms furnished and unfurnished for rent at the very lowest rates Inquire at 378 Fifteenth street Hedge Plants Privet and Berberry from $250 to $500 per 100 first 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enjoyable evening was had Rev De La Matyr will lecture at the Methodist church Tuesday evening March 10 Subject: of Human Missionary society will meet at the Congregational church this afternoon at 3 Mrs Taylor president Mrs Powelson secretary It is gratifying to know that the Baptist church has secured the services of Mrs King as their choirister and something of a high order may be anticipated from one to accomplished in the line of music Madame Dooley the great clairvoyant has returned to this city and is stopping at Leighton's hotel room No I where she can be consulted on all matters relating to the past present and future The Signal Service office reports that the highest tempeiaturc yesterday was lowegt mean temperature mean humidity 07 per cent: highest velocity of the wind 36 miles per hour As will be seen by an advertisement elsewhere seats for Minnie Palmer in My Sweetheart will be on sale at the box office of the theatre from 9 to 12 a in and from 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 those being the office hours at the box office Mr A Boardman is the manager and Mr IV Gill treasurer The Larimie Boomerang reports the sale of 140000 acres of land for $196000 by the Wyoming Central Land and Improvement company as follows: 50000 acres to the Douglas-Willans-Sartoris company of land between the Little and Big Laramie rivers 50000 acres to Marsh 18000 acres to Hutton at the mouth of the Laramie river 11000 acres to Thomas Alsop on Little Laramie and Cooper creek and 7000 acres between Little Laramie river and Seven Mile creek to Hutton Sprague PERSONAL MENTION Meyer of Carbon is in town De Mansfield of Greeley is in the city Mr II Gurney returned to his ranch yesterday McReynolds came in from Raw-hide Buttes Mr James Crowley arrived from Little Powder river yesterday Hon Groesbeck arrived from Laramie City yesterday Mrs Fred Ransom is visiting relatives and friends at Grand Rapids Mich Mr Wm Lykins is in from his ranch on Horse creek and reports cattle doing well Mr George 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Geld Head Canes Field and Opera Glaaaes Spectacles and Eye Glasses Silver Plated Tea Sets Ice Pitchers Castors Fruit Dishes Napkin Rlnpe Ac Bin i MCE ltd 1ITEAOTI Slid USDS it LSI WCtS It was a morning of profound peace sparkling sunlight and sweet songs In the afternoon the whole army was drawn up for review on the Purdy road The forests forbade a marching review' While waiting for Grant to ride down the line and hurry off to Savannah the officers with their glasses could look across an old field and see 100 rebel horsemen calmly sitting in the skirt of the woods watching our strange proceeding The cheek of those audacious and was something to admire It was perhaps a way they had in that army The Federal army slept quietly that night after having been soothed by the eye or the great commander A few straggling shots were heard along the front but they disturbed nobody When the morning fud arose it gilded a magnificent rebel host moving to battle against an unsuspecting enemy The driving in of pickets brought the first Federal regiments into line The dropping and pattering fire of the skirmishers had scarce given way to witherin volleys when a battery trained the night before on the camp-fires of the Seventieth regiment sent shot and shell shrieking among the white tents The boom of those guns was beard at Savannah by unwilling ears The roar of tbe erce cannonade was heard at Landing and Lew Wallace the farceur of the army lost the opportunity to play the role of Desaix at Marengo On Sunday night April 0 the mangled bleeding crushed army of Grant was lying hemmed in on the bank of the Tennessee river At sunset that day the red star of signal corps had waved from the opposite shore and the head of gallant old column had emerged from the lowlands hot and weary after marching all day to the sullen terrible roar of battle Buell bad come and Grant had been saved All night long compact steady rivera talions crossed the swollen river and tramped through mud and rain to take position for struggle In the dull and the band of the Eighteenth the morrow struggle In the dull and oming regulars stood on the deck of a steamboat By that token and in that spirit the battle was renewed and when the night came Shiloh was worn The number of suicides committed in front of altars in the Italian basilicas is largely on the increase freeze when you can telephone to Riner Johnson and get the MarAall coal at $550 per ton Telephone 102 Prepare ter Winter Do you know that every window or door has from 15 to 35 feet of crevices or openings around which the cold air comes in and if they are effectually closed with the Perfection Metal Moulding and Rubber Cushion Weather Strip the savipg of fuel each year (aside from comfort) will more than pay the cost of weather stripping This strip is for sale by the Warren Mercantile Company Mr Ward a leading grain aud stockman of Craig Mo relates his experience as follow uOur babv has suffered with a severe cough and we tried several remedies without effect We then got a bottle of Cough Remedy which produced immediate relief and a permanent Sold by Hunt Legal blanks at the Leader office An Effect Climax I Chicago A melodrama was being performed in a provincial city and the closing act was to witness the death of the heroine from pois administered by her lover The end approached when the lover said have forgotten the me with a pistol or a whispered the actress have me quickly for the audience is she exclaimed An inspira tion seised him and as she turned he gavo her a kick She faltered aud fell exclaiming: die by the hand of tbe It was an effective climax Northwestern Christian Advocate: Crimu is so differently reported by two distinct classes of dailies that a change from one to the other ought to produoe the impression that the world has suddenly grown very wicked 3ZL 'IR HUBD Wholesale and Order your coal from Riner Johnson" Telephone 102 Being Bore Pleasant To the taste more acceptable to the stomach and more truly beneficial in its action the famous California liquid fruit remedv Syrup of Figs is rapidly superseding all others Try it Sample bottles free and large bottles for sate by Hunt rap of Fir Manufactured only by the California Fig Syrup Co San Francisco Cal' is Tnre Laxative This plea-sent liquid fruit remedy may be had oi Hunt Whipple druggists Sample hot ties free and large bottles at fifty cents or one dollar It is the moat pleasant-' prompt and effective remedy known to cleanse the system to act on the Liver i SASH nOORS BLINDS MOULDINGS BUILDING PAPER CEMENT PLASTER PLASTER HAIR LIME AND ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIALS Mr Hurd being a Practical Builder will furniah estimates lor any building when required Special attention given to orders by mail Telephone No 21 1 arris corner Nineteenth and Ferguson Streets iUproare the Court Kouae-g red ilk Courtesy of Wyo Arch.

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