Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 12, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 12, 1946
Page 5
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Office. Tuesday, Pebruory 1?., By Chick Young Scarr and me it was hate at first sight. A slick one, that Scarr. Playing up to GroWlJ and trying to drive a wedge between ul' FLINTS HERE WITH\^ MY PERMISSION. ALL \ YOU'VE GOT TO DO IS ANSWER SOME / QUESTIONS. I'LL DO/Z THE ASKING.^ | m Uci like to have punched him then andihere. I could see what his fame was going to be. FIRE AWAY, INSPECTOR. I RESPECT .PROFESSIONAL COPS, BUT I DON'T HAVE ANY USE FOR AMATEURS. EXCUSE ME A MOMPN1T-- THERE5 WAIT ON£ V; MOMENT - - - TELEPHON IS RINGING SIT DOWN, SCARR.AND SHAKE HANDS WITH VIC FLINT, PRIVATB DETECTIVE. NEVER MIND THE APPLE POLISHING, SCARR. I DON'T LIKE YOU EITHER. PRIVATE DICKS. W RINGING THE vmM BACK CVOR I'D LIKE TO THINK I SAVED YOU FROM A A\URD£f?ER LAST NIGHT, MISS AIXEN, BUT YOU SAVED YOURSELF • EXACTLY.' SO WHEN YOU \THEM IT WAS SCREAMED HE KNEW HE WOU HE MAC HAD THE WRONG PERSON! TO SILENCE! YOU SEE, THAT HAD BEEN / YOU CAM MY ROOM ONLY A FEW /FINP JULKIE ? HOURS BEFORE f ^ MAYBE. 1 BV THE W/WiHAL SAID YOUR OLD FRIEND, JEROME BL6EKE, WAS NEVER ACTUALLY BURIED HERE, AND- WHAT! WHY DID HE; THINK THEY HELD A FUNERAL THEN? AND WHY DID MR, VALK BRING HIS BODY ALL THE WAY FROA\ CONNECTICUT? ANYWAY, I KNEW i,w AND I SUM05E THAT HEARTBREAKING DRIVE-HOME FROM THE TRAIN, BEHIND JEROME'S CflSKETi Side Glances By Gclbraifh Trail.-m.irk K.yijIen-iL IS S Pati'iil Ollu SAME AS TH' ONES OUT IN TH' VALLBV— THIS SPOUTS AND FILLS TH'CAYE—HOVVLIN' LIKE SATAN THROUGH TH ; TUNNELS THE; HISH WATEI? LINE RECEDING NOVV-.-VOU'RE Ri&HT GEU6f-5TA<E THE>' DlDM'T HAVE A CHANCE, -THEY'RE BEYOND DDR HELP... \\ / THIS tVH|!?UPD0u MUST PEAIN THE OV£f?FLCW— THEy WOULD BS PRAWN POWN INTO THE C'A\ON, LET'S GET OUT OP THIS PLACE / ^4 / -—THAT'S tVHEI?E AMP TH' GAL WAS ' WASHED WAITER 1 ; CASHIERS ^ "Maybe his' IS a little small, but he can put in his application, can't he?" MPD. 1546 Br NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. s. FAT. Remember how Mom cried when she blew out the candies on her birthday cake Jasl year? Maybe we oaglrtn'l to remind her thai she's a year "older!" Frecklos and His Friends By Blosser Funny Business By H^shberger . | I'LL GIVE YOU JUS-r-TCM MORE MINUTES TO QUIT BEATING JUNIOR / - -Z-',Ti7_~-"" - ,^fcv - ---I'LL- \ A(3D'I'u_ .'D'ESTROy .^YOU^WITH 4 ; TOIS / M^ir^ THIS STUPF 3COM GAVE ME T'PUT ON MV HEAP AWFUL .' I'LL JU&T STICti TO TH' DlR£CTION9 HE GAVE MC- NO £X OR PHYSICAL EXERTION- AKHH: THI^ 15 A LIKELV-LOO<IN' PLACE TO BED DC//N POR A . STILL IF IT GROWS MV WHISKERS 1 HOLD BACK, I CAN'T KICK! "-sSSOiV-'i '~~~£- :: '*-^.'C-~^~'— "~° " You sap! I told 1 you not to »o past thai dairy stable on our way home from the masquerade!"„....•>- : ~" CQPR. 1946 BY NEA.SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG, U. S. PAT. OFt Thimble Theater OH, POPEVE.'/ HOW l STRONG YOU I BROKE ALL / IT'S HIS STRENGTH > THAT / SHE ADMIRES THE WATCHES, BUT HE TELLS TIME BV THE SUN Cms Ft.iturcs Svn.lic.irc. Inc., \Vnrl.l rights rcscrved 1 '" 1 'Out Our Way Our Boarding House With Major Hoople By J. R. Williams IF IT DOE5, YOU AWD HE SEEMS TO HAVE ^ MEANTIME, A WAP WILL CALM YOUR WERVES/ 60 TO SLEEP// WILL DISSOLVE- A CLOUD OF q'llL TAKF DI5INTK!?ATED MATTER/ /—(XHANCES/ VOU BETTER, SCRAM, LADY/ MERLIN'S EXPERIMEVJT MIGHT GO HAYWIRE/ YJ&LL.' .- IT JLiST H\T IAE — A.MOS GOT FIMB MOST BE .' COME UP HERE.' 1 DON'T LIKE MAKING BEDS IW THE FIR.ST l-i^A/ T/\Bue DELICACY TO TICKLE \\y ]-. P/\LATE :LL NAJ^SBR./ "\^. LJI- r^y^y^^-^ HERE' JzM?^ FASTER. MlK5T-«- AMD MEANWHILE OTriEK EYES V.'ATCH RED AN!D LITTLE UtTLET BSAN'ER WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY %wrt-*"a^ - as, ,i*- i'/, ^^' \ 7 fe ^ r CLASSIFIED S TAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Hates are for Continuous Insertions Only MORI, YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" For Sale 12-tf SIMMONS BABY concilium. Phone II-Mt TWO PAIR YOUNG ""MULKS One pair coming 3 and 4 yea,old. one p.-,,,- coming -I and r, S nvnr Hi " <:C W ' B ' R«K8lOS. 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Your sell won't be loo small, and they don't get too arge. See us at 280 East Third i brinf' Fair Enough By Wesfbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. . • - --•- "" "i- *.'.i* i-.u.^i iniri City I'urnilure Co. Phono 873 ' 28-1 m VVilh a faint bluxli of professional triumph, T take this occasion !o roporl thnl (ho native homo of that subtle and baffling offshoot of the American language known as double-lalk is no) Madison Square Garden. Ihe United Stales Stinromc Court, Capitol Hill or Hollywood, but South Boston. Mass. Trie reason why Justice Felix Frankfurter is sometimes erroneously regarded as the father of this refinement oi labberwoeky may be found in fad thai, many years ago, when hr> was teaching school at Cambridge, the Harvarcls. at the (tenths of one of their periodic fool- ball depressions. invaded South Boston to recruit some Irish to things into balance with the 145 Players Real Estate for Sale STRICTLY MODERN HOME IN iMnmel, Ark. Six rooms, nice bath, breakfast room. All eom- plelely furnished garage. Large let. llns is a complete sol up If inlcrestcr! in buying a good home, see me. Immediately pos- „,,„„ •ession. Calvin K. Cassidy. phone hifh( TtflMl.- I^J^I.* TT,..^- A-,- 1-1 , the Cells with them to ,lHd X,.I IT i ,-JiT r Jl i-" lulu -,"if'ne:;i . nnsi 489. Ark. Bank Bldg, Hope, Ark. (statesmanship. Yales and Princetons. It is possible thai 'yn:<«bt double-lalk ear caught an impression^ although IT. eeriai"!v. did not master the forms And it may oven be that, by imparting his own imperfect version lo his ideological proteges •n Ih olaw sr-hool, w'no In'^r f () ]. lowed their piper to Waslifnglon, he .hnr, been responsible for" the adonlion of a modified form of double-talk as the language of our "I jurisprudence and our Ml ACRE FARM WITH HOUSE and barn. lU'a miles east of Hope . near paved Cassidy highway. See C E " ' l.ow.vvei-, even though the pro- lossors on'nims do not make ••onso vhon it, .-.-eems they should •'ind Ihe same is Irue of man • nte napers ;.pd orations, (his anmiage is nol the true mother- I3EDROOM SUITE WITH 4 POST- cr bed. ciioloeot Ice Box, 10U pound cnjiacif, 3 piece mohair living room suite. 3 half beds com- nlete with springs and mattress Jables and other odd pieces included, flat) West Division, Phone PUK-WAR PORTABLE T" t"-'iuh. Goorl Co,"<rl'iion. $15 i-n.,,... 11)00, extension -2-10. 12-.1t 18 T ''T, TWO-WHKKL HOUSK TRA- ilor. Goml rouflid.,!,. 1'. miles m-t on Lowisvillc highway. 12-31 HOUSE CLOSE IN. North Elm. St. 12-fit liKlH. T> See C. E. 1 end of M Cassidy. south. 9-31 57',-j ACRES WITH and U- miles out highway. See C. Lost nil.LFOT.D. S? reccinis, idppf if ; r-:ition Howard for return to Rosie Lee Hopson. Rt. l,Kmmi.-l . i i-. 1( HOUSE. ONE on old Fulton E. Cassidy. 8-31 'WO 0 ROOM HOUSES ON WEST _KUhJ3t. See. C. E. Cassidy. !l-3t ., r >4 ACRES ON GOOD" ROAD near Shover Springs. Extra good home, barn, o'her outhnusp<! Well watered. Electricity. Sec C E. Cassidy. ' j).;jj Hi';. ACRES, nOHnErUNG CITY limits on paved highway, gas lights and water. One five room •lire hoi'se. O-^o four room ront house. 4 brick buildings. 20 l.'ii He pecan trees. SfiOOO. 10 ACRES, BORDERING CITY minis north on pavement. Lights, c'fmn"^' wn(pn S'-"" 1 P'-'i' acre or ! T'l'lllO for tract „, TN HOl'K «Ai"ir>. j day. Tire mounted on wheel Size '' '" ""••'"• pl " call .1. B. Ellen S-. . 13.31 Services Offered REGISTERED SPENCER COR- .selicre, individually designed corsets, brassieres, men and women's surgical supports. Mrs. Ruth Do/icr. IU8 No'ih Elm Si ^ Hope Ark, Phono 144-J. 28-lrri HAVE OWN TEAM AND WAGON lo break gardens or haul anv- ih;ng. J. W. Brown. Phone 38-W- 2 - __ __ 11-01 For Rent BRICK WARE ilOU^E on switch track. See ACRES, G MILES OUT ON 2!) highway, 5 room house, good bam, poultry house, plenty water. $1300. See Riley Lewallen • 9-31 LOTS, lights. 11-31 FOUR HOUSE, FIVE close in. City water and Ail for $2250. C. B. Tyler. . on sports side of the New York- Mirror. a more-lhan-casual philo- lofiian of tincodificd 'tongues has read me a rather lofty essay 0" '.-c subject. But. while he 'cited such eminent authorities as nro- Vssors Al Weill and Lew Ray- 'iMicl. Ins research stopped short •)f double-mlk's origin. His lessons and exa moles were persuasive '.hough baffling, as. in Ihe nal«rc ol he language, they should be. And yet lie would have left an im- '•••••"=i!nin that double-talk always \ V £1 S . J'(>r his education, therefore as well as yours, I share an enlight- enin..; letter from Mr. Johnny Hufers of Los Angeles, late of South Boston, a manager of lithe can bodies and an earnest seeker ijy proxy, of course, of thai golden leece poetically known as the 'iiffiiost bauble in fisliana's realm the . c '?, v1ywciKht Championship of '.'D.'iublc-talk," Mr. Rogers ^!',', l i) !S 'T 1 " h , as b ? on going on around South Boston for more years than I care to remember. There it is known as 'the swerve.' Mr. Dan ' arroll, the reformed policeman and former manager of Jimmy Ma loney, can swerve you out of your chair. The purest double-talk- a; ' d wa s P° kc » by South Sanford, Fla., Feb. 12 — (UP) — There weVe "Dodgers, Dodgers everywhere" in this soulh Florida celery center loday where 145 players began preliminary drills in an effort to win berths wilh Brooklyn or on one of its farm clubs. With General Manager Branch Rickey in charge, a six - club "league" was organized. each team to be designated by a color. Rickey said that the standout players al this camp will go lo Day- lona Beach where the regular Dodger squad will begin drills on March 1. CARNSVAL Bv Dick Turner 51 In Giants' Camp Miami, Fla., Feb. 12 — (UP) — Manager Mel Ott of the Now York Giants said today he was well pleased over the condition of most of the 51 players in spring training camp and that very little calisthenics and limbering up- work would be necessary. •:• The battle for jobs was on in earnest, with the club three deep at evciy position in the- • infield. Ott counted 37 players on the main squad, largest group ever to bo on hand at the start of spring training. ' Doerr Not .For Sale Boston, Feb. 12 — (UP) — The Boston Red Sox made it plain today that their slar second baseman, Bobby Doerr, was not for sale or trade. Phil Troy, jassistant general manager, dcnicdjj: reports from San Francisco that Ijbci-i- was in the Red Sox "dog-house" because of a disagreement with Manager Joe Crbnin before ."he wenl into military service in 1944. Feller Closes School Tnmpn. Fla.. Feb. 12 — (UP) — Bobby Feller, closing the books .on his baseball school ioi- ex-servicemen today, said that at least GO players who attended it.had been signed by major and minor league teams. He said he had given 'up trying to keep lists of all the play- 01 s who signed contracts because the scouts didn't always advise him when they picked up .a player. Feller left for Chicago for a brief visit with his wife before joining the Cleveland Indians in Clearwater, Fla. The fire-ball pitches- said he was in excellent condition. Braves Already Trimming Boston. Feb. 12 — (UP) — The Boston Braves, on the eve of their departure for Fort Lauderdale, Fia., sent two of last year's squad members to minor league farm clubs on option today. They were Vin Shupc, first baseman, who returns to Indianapolis of the American Association, and Outfielder Bill Ramsey, who will take over at Seattle in the Pacific Const League. nilir.DTNG Robert La- 9.31 Help Wanted A LADY WHO CAN KEEP HOUSE for me with husband, house c-om- pletclv furnished. J. A. Sullivan 404 North Main. i-if MAN OR WOMAN WITII~CAlTTO represent large manufacturer in Hempstead and Nevada conn- lie';. Both counties will require full time employment. Will consider dividing counties for part time employment. This Is a real opportunity for someone to make a nice nrofitnble iob for themselves. Write for full information and interview will be arr.inf/cd Morris U. Allen, District Representative. 121!) Magnolis St. TPV. nrkaiiii, Texas. G-Gt EXPERIENCED P R E S"iTc R white or colored, Apply in person at Ideal Cleaners, 107 Front Street. g-Ct For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Ninht Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark n nnoM HOUSE!" nan. well arranged into three 3 rooms apis, ample closet space. Rood built-in's. GaraRe InrRc corner lot. Phone Slfi.j Mrs. K. O. Robins, 7fl, r i Wt"U Avc. 13. Hope. 12^1 Wanted to Buy WANT TO BUY A HMn-41 OR'^ model Ford or Chevrolet. Ruck Williams. 10G South Walnut Street Phone R<V). WE BUY FIELD AND pens. Monls Seed Store. TABLF. 31-121 COMPLETE FIXTURES F~6 R erouery store includi:it{ market fixMircs. See J. L. Andowon fith and Hervey St. Hope, ArU. 11-01 WMITCD Sawyer and Filer, qood salnry, has to make home in Louisville Kentuckv. Apply Chess & Wv- rnond, 421 West Avery Street, Louisville 8, Kentucky. Magnolia 1572. _ — _ _ - - -...,,. ,., ., n.j ojjui\»jj i u v ijlJUlll SPECIAL. MODERN FIVE ROOM f^fi? 1 ? J « hmi y Downcs, the lighthouse, vacant now on lath SI ! rin - •• wh ° was dealing in terrific Reasonable clown payment B'lll'r , , leJls ancl rights to the ance on monthly terms. ar ~ MODERN f) ROOM HOUSE WITH garage? on large lot, just off pavement. Near hi»h school. Furnished or unfurnished. Immediate possession. Call Vincent W. Foster, Phone 53-M. 12-31 and body in Ihe twenties" --ny I-armor, of Los Angeles another former Bostonian (South')' and manager of Manuel Orilz the bantamweight champion, is an- otner expert, specializing in speed however, at some sacrifice of syn- Uix. T agree that Professor Parker excels all others at presenting swerve on paper and assume that our beloved tongue travelled with me Irish migration down to his native Waterbury. I am fillec! with ^"^"L^l"..?,. h .eai- unquali- Dodgers Get Two More New York, Feb. 12 — (UP)—The Brooklyn Dodgers said 1hat Third Baseman Lew Riggs and Outfielder Elmer Durretl were expected to join the team in spring training immediately at Sanford, Fla., uftcj- both signed 1946 contracts. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmoro Auto Supply . m.H°A n F< ? llo - v - of Hi oBoaton Rec- oia-Aniencan and Sunclav Adver- i.^er. likewise (races D-T to Boston (South) and adds••You _ are righl when you state lhal it is a gross insult lo Ihe few exponents O f pure cloublc-lalk and •in offense to those who love the language, to say thai famous -statesmen and eminent jurists express themselves in same. For 30 .years I have studied double-talk and I scorn tho gibberish of mere c;on usion.sts. I submit excerpts f.om a paper on the subject which I lead recently in support of mv proposal that double-talk be ado pled as the universal language bv hn, U '? lU ; d , N; 'Vi )lls in the B hopl- thn , if n S h ou i d bo> thcn b i, over would pondrive anybody hornr qUIK S aild . tha1 ' hl "WO. the efore, the nations and people ft the earth would robrcnorizc in a nnu-vent spraltis, forever." ftlr. I-ahey's scholarly paper not only maintains Unit double-talk was born m South Boston, but even heon..es as to Ihe site of tho his- lo ic back-room. He agrees with ™' ••nogers that its true name is Tnilor Made SEAT COVERS Direct from Factory Orders filled within 10 days ROBERT R. RIDER Phone 435-J TELEPHONE As an example of a sound approach to mid-national problems he suggests the following: -^Ven' 't looks like they're getting ready to spemm the rossnel in Vree'-e according to the Ricbcrstoff re- This, Mr. Fahey submits. at least provides an oportunily for Iporsons of 0|)posi,-d opinion lo lam- pam Ihe stramfin, and J am in(.•lined lo hear him out. •Some mnslers swerve at n ve rv ,f'Uh or sixth word," Mr. F'ahev ' "•" / im !1 purisl of 1|1C u >f' and swerve only bv in- bm Recalling an occasion when a committee called on a Boston hote'l banquet manager lo arrange a dinner, Mr. Fahey wrote that, in the midst of the negotiations, the '?m,, ? i sman ?P. 1- ""e to his feet and .mgnly exclaimed: "I want to know, frankly, is (his the customary fcrbit to offer to t| u . mos , dis . inquishcd Spauldens, considering Ihe typo of omilrads who are ex- pec-li'd lo respervc?" The manager was puzzled and another I'ommitteeman came to his delense. "] lliink," ho said, "it would quobol the homatrovcs if tlic Heii- leman could codersperl the apper- but I think for dessert at I his uncc. we should have our oico, of grontlaub or beelmile " Jhey compromised." Mr Fancy recalls, "on frozen fobanbren with ermot dressing " Well, progress is slow in this world, but we have gained todav. \\e are ositive, now, that Felix JM.inkiurter s opinions are not wnllen in double-talk, more's the And no wlhe moon has been contracted by radar. Are there anv homes for rent? y Bucs Get Three Hurlers Pitsbiirgh, Feb. 12 — (UP) — Tho Pittsburgh Pirates lined up three pitchers, one an ex-service- mun lur ineir spring training squad today. The army veteran was Righthander Hank Gornicki, while the others, Southpaw Al Gorheau- ser and Righthander Nick Strince- vich are holdovers from last year. Yanks Rough on Hurlers • Balboa, C. Z., Feb. 12 — (UP) — The New York Yankees, 'still hitting in mid-season form, 'caused Manager Joe McCarthy to concentrate on workouts for pitchers today, after the six who worked yesterday were treated roughly. Charley Keller, Joo DiMaggio, Joe Gordon and Tommy llonrich all members of tho 1JM3 world BV MEA SERVICE. INC. 1. HI, REG. U. S. PA1 I get n degree al college, work hard, gel lo be a C. P. A. — and my wife goes around among her friends referring lo me as a 'bookmaker'!" This Curious World By William Ferquson MATURE, DENSE .STANDS Op CONTRARY TO POPULAR OPINION, ARE ALMOST DEVOID OF VAyiL.DL.IFE/ ONLy'WHERE THE FORESTS' ARE BROKEN BY OPEN SPACES IS ENOU&H FOOD PRODUCED TO SUPPORT ANIMAL LIFE IN ' ABUNDANCE . COPR. 19.'f, EY KEA SERVIC". IJJC T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. A SNAfL'S 15 ABOUT FIFTEEN FEET PER HOUR.,. IP If KEEPS 6OII-J6 THATLONS/ A MILK COW CAN STAND IN THE RAIN ALL DAY, AND STILL BE DRV," Saps '. N. LIECHTY, 2-11 championship homers. Yankee team, 4!); 47 Basketball Score's By The Associated Press East City College of New York Fordhtiim 22. Harvard GO; Rutgers 40. Long Island SI; Canisius (overtime i. South .1 North Carolina Sii; North Carolina State 44. Tennessee 58; Georgia 28. Florida GG; Jacksonville Cavaliers 51. Ouachita 50; Henderson 4G (o>'erf imet. Louisana State 58; Louisann Tccn VA, Chattanooga GO; Hiwassee 47. Northwest Louisiana Slate 71; Louisiana College 42. Midwest Missouri Valley College 41; Westminster (Moi 3G. Great Lakes 59; Michigan State 58. Oklahoma 51; Nebraska 44. —(/P)— Al- Missiouri University 52' Central College 50. Indiana (50; Cincinnati 22 Ohio Stale 4G; Chicago 25. Michigan GG; Wisconsin 5G. Southwest University of Arizona 4G- Arizona State College at Flags'.-ff :JK Southwestern U. Texas G 1 '- McMurry College Mi. New Mexico (31; Texas Mines 27. Texas Tech 53; Hardin-Simmons Far West College of Puget Sound 53; Willamette U 49. Montana 5«; Idaho 57. NAMED ON BOARD Little Rock, Feb. 12 — (/I 1 )— 11.H Moore of Blytheville has beon reappointed by Governor Laney to a five year term on the Stale Library Commission. New York, Feb. 12 though a search by Ihe Garden publicity department last week mined up something like t!0 "eligi- bles" for the New York invitation tournament, you can look for North Carolina and n. y. u. lo head the list of bids. .. The Tar Heels are the only team to knock off NYU and Navy so far and the job the Violets did on Notre Dame Saturday was a masterpiece. . . Barney Ross is leaving Chicago and will move to New York after he does a refereeing chore in Seattle. Barney hopes to land a radio broadcasting job i or .': to open a liquor; store . . IJIs.'going;'to cost the Tigers plenty ' ol dough this year if they pav Hank Grcenberg and Hal Newhouser what they're asking — and the fact that Dick Wakoiield signed .for $45,000 won't make the dickering any easier. Not Jet But Soon Hal Self, quarterback of the Alabama football team last fall, is a resident of DDecatur. Ala., and editor Ben Blooclworlh of the Decatur DDaily comments: "Wo like to ponder on i he fact lhal Alabama hud | Ihe only sell-propelled attack in Ihe ! country. No wonder opponents louncl it baffling." One-Minute Sports Page When Elmer Ripley, Notre Dame C. oacli, goi a letter from four wounded bMarines asking how they ••ould buv tickets to last Saturday's Notre Dame - NYU baskelb'nll game, Rip not only located them at considerable effort, but paH for Im himself and. invited the' boys lo bo Ins guests. . . Fc-alherweii'.IU Uiamp Willie Pep '.vas slightly C nn- '' S H"'";,, "looting Howie Odeil and i|.-rl bolio, Yale coaches, recently .when they asked almost simultane- ,'Jiisjy: -DO ym , siudy m ovics of i' opponents." . . . The Eli film •Bf Bnah S. Frs'lcrtoB, Jr.—^; addicts wore equallj Willie said "no." . . cles" Slranahan weights around and amazed when Fran!; "Mus- carries :• set of ... the golf circuit practices lifting them after his daily rounds. Frank once lifted 270 pounds but he can't break 270 for 72 holes — at least nol often. Cleaning the Cuff Marcel Hansenne, the French Miler, suffered a pair of badly blistered feel during his early work outs after reaching the 'United Slates but didn't say anything because he didn't want to ulibi. . So that's what has made Marcel waver. Litlle Rock, Feb. 12 — (/Pi—First meeting of the 34-momber advisory committee apointcd by Governor La i icy to try lo find means of solving Arkansas' highway problems will be held here March 11 Legal Notice NOTICE TO CREDITORS OF GRANT OF LETTERS TESTAMENTARY Letters testamentary on the estate of Hugh Winbu'rn Timberlake, deceased, were granted to the undersigned on the IGtli day of Jan':!!i-.v. 194G, by the probate'court of HempKlead County. Arkansas. AH persons having claims against said estate are required lo exhibit them, properly authenticated for allowance, to the undersimii'd as executrix of said estate, before the end of six (fil months from tho date of the granling of tho loiters iif execulrixship upon said estate. :"id if such claims be not so presented, they will lie forever barred. Mrs. Lndic Timborlake Executrix of the Estate of Hugh Winburn Tim- berlahe, deceased. 21). Fob. 5. 12 Jan. 22. CALL US FOR YOUR WIRING and REPAIR TROUBLES Phone 231-R HOUSTON ELECTRIC CO. Delton Houston Service - Quality Variety We have a most complete 'line of Field & Garden ' Seeds, Insecticides and Inoculations. AGENTS FOR ii,-i.i G H y brid Corns Dodge Famous Onion Plants Wihhite Melon Seeds Gcrmaco Hot Caps Sinker's Delinked Cotton Seeds Triple Cleaned Kobe, Korean and Sericea Lespedeza, Alfalfa Soy Beans and field grown Cabbage Plant's. We Appreciate Your Business MONTS SEED STORE The Leading Seed Store Page Five Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Pniladelphia — Hilly Fox, 170, Philadelphia, knocked out, Nate Bolden. 175 1-2, (2). Baltimore — Jimmy Bivins, 180 1-2, Cleveland, stopped Yancey Henry, 190 1-4, Washington (10). ' By United Press New York (St. Nicholas Arenal — Charlie Fusari, 143, Irvington, N. J., outpointed Maxie Bcraer. 147, New York (10). Newark N. .T. — Freddie Amber, 144 1-2, Newark, outpointed krncst Robinson, 151, Brooklyn (10). ( New Orleans. L a . — p a tsy Spa- tarp. 138 1-2, New York, outpointed I'ldel Rivera, 133 3-4, Tampico Mexico (10). Providence. R. T. — Charle Lewis, 128, New York, stopped Larry Bolvin, 128, .Providence (10) Burlington, Vt. — Tony Roberts 12:5 Winnipeg. Manitoba, outpoint- ed Kid Roy, 128, Quebec City (10). Boston — Al Priest, 153 1-2^ Cambridge, knocked out Joe Blackwood, 155, Newark, N. J. (8) irp f -' r , a , t " n Pa - - T'rentiss Hall. 160 1-3 Buffalo, N. V. stopped Jolly /alter, 105 1-2, Montreal Detroit — Art Price. 133. Detroit, outpointed Lefty Lachancc. 133 Listen, Me.. (10). Stamford. Cor,n. — Rockv Pro- gamo. 126, Stamford, knocked out Murray Baurnan, 125, Brooklyn, Lewislon Me - A] Mtehaud, 145 Lewiston, Me., knocked out Duke Dcmers, 141, Sanford, Me., Work Outfits. Silverware 1847 Rogers. Community Plate • and Asphalt Tile Curtain Stretchers Wear-Ever Aluminum SEE WHY WE'RE CALLED DR. H. T. SHULL VETERINARIAN In practice in Texarkana TEXAS CITY HALL Phone 140 or 1499-J THEO LONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, ArkonioK Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co, 214 East 3rd St PHONE 613 Appliance Repairs—Appliances SEAT COVERS FOR ALL CARS Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 215 S. Main CALL US FOR Guaranteed Sewing Machine Repairs. Used Machine Parts & Supplies. We S>uy. sell, exchange and handle only genuine Singer parts. We will make an Electric out of your treadel for $22 50 Phone 3G1-R. C. W. YANCEY. 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