The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 16, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1894
Page 5
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TMI tJ EEBB BIS M01MB8; AMOKA,10tyA, SAILWAf Witt OifiM 0.83 departs at o.n departs at (o...,, .................. No. 4 departs at...> .................. 6:OSpm ,j>i»igu« *hat carry passengers— No. 761 departs at...... f. lisOftpm No. 94 departs at...,.,. l:45pm R. F, HBDttloK, Agent. CHICAGO & North- Mixed 8118 a in pass 3!83pm 10:00 am South- i?ass 2:40 pm Mixed 0!07pm Freight.... lOsOOam Pass, aifrives at Chicago at 7 a mi arrives at es Moiaes at 8:1S wm. Lv. bes M, 2:30 a tt Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Ohl Des Motaes at 8 Mixed connects cago at 8 a. m. . flyer and arrives at Ohl p. H. VBSPBB, Agent. THE CITY CIRCUIT, The Grand Army post meets tonight, L. H. Hudson has built a large new barn, 5 Martin Duffy and Katie Flanegan are licensed to wed. W. H, Miner has never heard a word from his team that was stolen. Jim Kelly is going to leave Bancroft and go west on account of consumption. John Grove traded last week for Geo. Frink's stock of goods at Wesley, 'The motion for a new trial in the Plumley will case will come up Monday, Company F was inspected Wednesday evening last by Col. Wilkins of the regular army, There will be a meeting of the A. L. A. in the reading room next Friday, at 3 o'clock. Guy Grove has built a neat little home for his grandmother on the lot west of his residence. •Everybody should see u Si. Plunkard's" farmer band and street parade next week Thursday. Horse owners will be interested in the announcement of "Charley H., 2:3H," found in this issue. The homes of A. A. Call, A. H. Durant, Max Herbst and F. C. Wilson are all receiving new paint. Prof. Lilly has moved from Garner and is at home in the Orville Minkler house in the north part of town. Jas. Taylor's special inducements on millinery are for all of this month. Note his announcement in another column. Rev. Flanagan comes from Clear Lake to preach the quarterly conference sermon at the Methodist church Sunday. A horse E. Tellier was riding last Friday stumbled and threw him. He fell on his wrist giving it a very painful wrench. A union memorial service will be held a week from Sunday at the Congregational church. Rev. Davidson will preach. D. A. Haggard sold a good average cow on the streets Saturday for $35.75 spot cash. Cows bring money eyen in these times. Alf Naudain went ten days ago to Mt. Vernon in response to a telegram from his father, who was sick. He is still with him. While down south Mayor Boyle saw Kelly and his army and talked with the men. He says they are mostly tramps, in his opinion. Geo. E. Clarke and Geo. E. Boyle were in Emmetsburg last week on a suit for Dr. Eastman, the big landowner near Whittemore. W. L. Joslyn has enrolled himself among the public spirited citizens by having an elm set in "the court yard. Peter Winkel put it in. Rlngling Bros.' circus will be in Algona June 15. It is the best, circus that has ever been in town, and "carries a lot of new features this year. Sunday, Monday and yesterday were the three hottest days ever seen in this section as early in May. Yesterday the thermometer was in the 90's all day, F. S, Stough has traded his store in Algona to B. H. Anderson for his farm. Mr. Anderson will continue the boot and shoe business and is a welcome addition. E. Tellier, in addition to building his new home, has bought the Almon Lattimore house and will move it to his lots near the old house and have it for rent. N. J. Skinner has withdrawn his electric light proposal, He says that Eagle Grove is considering it favorably and will probably grant him a franchise-,' B, W, Haggard has been appointed a delegate to the nationa.l meeting of young men's republican clubs at •'Denver, June 26, S, S, Sessions will also attend. *- Dr, Pride of Algona and Dr, Beane of Burt operated one day last week on a. man named Wilson, at Bancroft, for two hernias. Our surgeons are having an extended practice, Clerk Grose has made a court cal< endar for this term which is a model. It contains the rules of practice and also an alphabetical list of cases, Court meets next Monday, S. S, Sessions was in, the southern part of the state last week, He is making an active canvass and ie receiving every encouragement to believe that be vtfli be nominated. J, D. Sbadle has sold the corner lot west Qf bis vew house to John Grove t and another fine new home will go up at once. It is one of the pleasantest locations in Algona and the price for tbe lot was $550, 0. p. Creed took bis stands- --— s&are to Mason City Monday 1,0 get a qbii from the talf brother of the famous "Storm." She Is tbe mother t tbe colt so roucb is expected of, now eing brpke by Mr, K-iFfc >£heP. Y. P. U. society are'arrang- ing Mrs. Jarley's wax worths, to *« given ift tbe opera bouse, Satur evening, May 26, witb Miss Jesamine " 'ft Jftrley, and Miss ~ -.--•„ BW* ves»t |ft Spjpll Lake to;tftpkf§ the 8o»v trfbs u nan M tbg few m Aft wblch wa§ l,wt night at It Is Said tnat at Lake evett? boafc waS efifaged that eduld be gdt f6P 2 o'cloek this HidBniflg , f as UPi?fiB CES Mdifrtss takes pleasure in publishing Mrs. Llzfcie B. Read's poem this week, as an oftemif for ttetiiftr lal day> No finer tribute to' the soldier either In sentiment of literacy W6f Ufflanship eduld be wished. 1?he Keystbtte, a big jeweler's journal of Philadelphia, cotoes out with ttict* Ures of the officers of the new Iowa jeweler's assdcitttion, aftd E. G. Bowyef is the best looking matt of the lot, It gives brief sketches of each "of the four, C. C. Chubb is just back from a visit to his herd of feeding cattle oh the rahge ih southern Minnesota. He says that cattle were turned out last year May 20 ahd this year May 7, and the feea was much better this year than last. • . Col. Cooke was in Des Moines yesterday attehdlng a meeting of state officers of the National guard, The state will Hot send ft rifle team to the contest this year, it is possible that the encampment this year will be by brigades. , The Iowa City Republican says that in the big bail storm of a week ago "M. E. Lumbar was cut about the head by smashed panes of glass at his room." No further particulars are given, It is not likely that he was seriously hurt. The state crop report for the week is: "Small grain, potatoes, meadows, and pastures are doing notably well. The staple crops of this state have never been more promising the middle of May. The outlook for fruit continues to be fairly good." Thos. McArthur walked in from his Union township farm Friday, a distance of eight. miles, in a little over two hours, which is a pretty good record for one of the pioneers. He is still fixing up, and has planted 175 walnut trees this spring. The county medical society will send delegates to the state meeting which is to be held at Des Moines this week. Drs. Keneflck, Morse, and Cutler were chosen: alternates, Drs. Dunlap, Stull, and Pride. The delegates will all attend, and Dr. Pride will probably go. Fourteen cars of stock were shipped from Algona one day last week. P. Rain had seven, Thos. Hanna one, Myron Schenck three, and J. F. Lacy three. From Burt another car was added. H. O. Buell and C. B. Matson were among the party going in with them. Next week Thursday the "Si. Plunkard" company will put on an eastern farm comedy at the opera house. They introduce threshing machines and other devices on the stage, and those who have seen them say that it is a first-class entertainment. They' play in all the large cities. The well diggers began drilling the lost bucket in the well out last Wednesday, and Monday morning were again at work on the rock. It took four days to cut it up and pump it out. They made mincemeat of it with the heavy drill. They will now go down again in search for that flowing well. Geo. W. Hanna, chairman of the congressional committee, has called a meeting at Lu Verne this afternoon to decide upon the time and place of holding the next congressional convention. That and the judicial and state convenr tions will come probably so that delegates to all can be selected at one county convention. W, B. Quarton went to Des Moines yesterday to attend the meeting of the supreme court. Among the cases to come up is that of Breen vs. Kuhn, in which the question is raised whether spelling the defendant's name "Huhn"issuch a mistake as vitiates the notice served on him. Geo. E, Clarke is In this case. F. M. Taylor and family have moved to the little house north of Thos. H. Lantry's and work has begun on tear- Ing down the old house they have occupied so long. They will erect at once a new home on the old location. It will be much such a building as J, D, Shadle is building for himself, and an ornament to Thorlngton street. The Grand Array post has adopted resolutions of respect in memory of R. J. Hunt, in which they say: "We desire to record our tribute of regard for his worth as a man, his earnestness as a comrade, his patriotic services as a soldier. In his death our post suffers the loss of a worthy member, our community a valuable citizen, and his family a devoted and faithful husband and father." The first thing to come on in court Monday is an argument on the question of a new trial in that $8,000 judgment Geo. E. Clarke secured against the Minneapolis & St. Louis road for killing a brakeman at Lu Verne. Yesterday Mr. Clarke argued another branch at Fort Dodge, where the company is attacking the manner of probating the will and the right of the ex ecutor to sue, L. C, Lindsay hfts a peculiar patch of ground on his farm near Burt. Some years ago he dug a big buffalo's skull out of it, and this season has taken out a lot of big bones. The peculiar thing about }t is that no grass or vegetation grows on the spot although it is a rich and fertile soil, Mr. Lindsay thinks he will find an Indian burying ground on it, or some thing of that kind, C. Byson returned from Sioux City Friday evening, where be attended the state meeting of the United Workmen. He reports a. very successful gathering and an enjoyable time, the best meet' ing yet held by the grand lodge. While there he met the Algona delegation, &, F, Call, Judge. Weaver, S. B. Sba4le'a son, John. Fpttby's son, and otfeers, The no** meeting will be bel4 at Port Radge, The P44 fellows &j?e planniner on a big time June 5, wJien they gather in Algonj, ts celebrate theif anniversary, They expect 4QQ to be present, A big banquet will be served at noon and the opera bouse has been secured for the address by Grand Master Evans. He will be remembered as a very witty and entertaining talker by all who b>ard bin a.t the dedication of the new hall, and be will have % good audience All g)4 baje been eprry to eee For t\ro years he h&4 bjen unable aM has eefistfiM feemdrfliages of th6 st&fB&dh, which wealth him sdthat at times hd bafl barely get abbUfc. He Still has hopes that he will fecovef arid at times is inu&h better, Everybody will hope that his trouble is flf some temporary kiftd. Prof, Lillys wh6 has C0m6 to join in ihe maflagemeftt of the nofmai School, has beefi the civil engineer* ift change of a lot of the big'ditches that have seen made in Hancock county, He says that the county has made 86 miles of dit6h ift all, a«d he has had charge of 38 miles. One ditch of 18 miles has cost $8,000, which is a fair average. Most of these ditches are wide on the Bottom and quite deep, some of them made with scrapers, Burglars opened the bay window in J. W. Robinson's home Saturday ntght, went to bis bedroom, secured his clothes* took a gold .watch arid some $6 in money, threw the clothes back, and decamped. . A low light was burning, which aided them after they Wore in. Mr, Robinson has long believed that no One could enter his house without waking him, but he is obliged now to idrnit that it was successfully done. The watch was quite valuable, but the '.oss is not as great as it might be. A curious suit comes up from Wesley at this term. Some time ago the town vacated a street by E. B. Eddy's and now Mrs. Ann McPherson asks the court to have the council appear and show cause inasmuch as closing the street is a great damage and inconvenience to her. A. C. Rtpley represents the plaintiff and W. B. Quarton the town. What gives interest to the case is the fact that there was a mistake as to where the street ran and Mr. Eddy built his house in the middle of it. Prof. Benedict, who was here a short lime ago mesmerizing and reading minds, is about to locate at Iowa Falls with B. B. Bliss and use his powers in lealing the sick, if reports are correct. Mr. Bliss was Geo. W. Hanna's partner at Lu Verne in the early days and has been since then encouraging >eople to believe that they need a ittle electric battery he has to dispose of. With mesmerism added to his lealing stock in trade all who are not sick can be made to believe that they are, and the combination should prove a great success. The social union club listened to two excellent papers Friday evening. Mr. McMahon discussed the merits and defects of the jury system very enter- .ainingly and Chas. Cphenour presented the lawyer's claim tp be the ;rue bulwark of liberty and justice so eloquently that the audience was nearly ed to overlook the services of a free jress, and agree to his proposition. Both were heartily applauded and )oth did exceptionally well. Miss Grace Gilchrist gave a fine vocal solo, and the male quartette was encored on be closing song. An old settler of Portland township died Monday, Jessie D. Davison, who has been sick at his home in Burt about five weeks with pleurisy. The funeral is held this afternoon at 4 o'clock. Mr. Davison was 52 years of age, a veteran of the war, and brother of R. E. Davison of Bancroft and D. J. Davison of Portland. The Algona Grand Army post will attend ;he funeral, W. A. Chipman arranging ihat yesterday, Mr. Davison located lis homestead in Portland in July, 1865, and was one of the best known and most respected of the settlers who came to the county after the war. Letters are advertised for W. E. Barnhart, Mr. Bahr, Jabob Brockman, Blanche Cleary, Thomas Clark, Phil Coleman, Mrs. Addie Driver, Miss Ellen Ericson care L. Schmidt, Mrs. Lucy E. Foster, John Henning, Henry Husinger, J. Henly, Jessie Hartshorn, H. P. Hathaway, W. E. or E. T. Johnson, B. Kinney, Laurits Lauritzen, Mari Merojen (2), H. J. Mead, Max Miller, R. M. Murray, J. D. McCain, Sam Squirs, Ora Sheldon, Sam Squear, Joseph Stewart, Daniel Stebbins, Mode Stewart, Mrs. R. T. Ward, W. A. Williams, Geo, E. Talbott, Mrs. Helena Thandberg. Henry Merrifleld and Mrs. Belle alkins were married by Rev. Bagnell at the parsonage Saturday evening. Yesterday they started for Oklahoma, where Henry will run a 65-mile mail route for $1,600 a year. Henry drove to Hobart Monday, and his wife and two daughters joined him there. Pete Smith and another go with them and Henry takes 10 head of horses. They will drive across the country, Mrs. Calkins is a daughter of Jas. Roan and a pioneer in Kossuth, while Henry has been scarcely less well known as section man in Algona in early days and later as farmer and politician up in Ramsay. Myron Sohenck and Thos. Hanna met the old three-card fakirs at Chioajo last week. After selling their cattle and hogs they went down to the world's fair grounds to see how they looked and on coming back were accosted by a plain looking man who asked about the grounds and then invited them to go over to see some wild animals be was going to exhibit. On tbe way another man stopped the party to ask a question and soon got to telling how be had been swindled on a game, With that he told about the game, showed a big pile of money and the cards, and about that time our citizens decided to walk on and left the pair. It was tbe same old game and they say was very cleverly played, but they weren't interested in it, 4 WQBQ TO TOB It Generally la Sumctent~Sor»e Pacts About tUe M^estjp Range, People who come, fo tbe store of Par isb & Frlse on Monday, May 31, will see a full line of tbe wonderful Majestic steel ranges. This range is known anc is in \48e in every state f» (be unios and in. every l«*ge city, These ranges operate wltb less fuel, worte quicker, roast and bake better, boil more wa,ter aj»4 do it wicker thin any other range or etove made, TJkey are sold on. their merits, and during tbe nest week y& will ma^ke the moat liberal terms on tbe first ranges gold. We bake biscuits }u four minutes while you wait, and serve them with hot drip coffee and cream FREE TO AW<. We want every lady IB AJgoaa and vicinity to visit tbe store ol ?arisb & Fr^e and bave tbe superior parts of tb*s grand ragge ebpwa tjjem. Post and auxiliary societies will assemble at G. A. R, hall at 1:80 p. m,, form In col- imn and preceded by the Algona Military band will match to the cemetery. Decoration of soldiers' graves. Exorcises by the post. Reading address to unknown dead by E. Tellier. . The Algona Military band will render >atriotic and other appropriate pieces. Pasture Notice. I have 320 acres of pasture on Sec. 32 n Buffalo township, with plenty of vater. All persona desirous of having took pastured, either horses or cattle, may apply to A. G. Burdsall, on the >retnises. Terms, $2 per head for cat;le for the season; for shorter time in >roportion. Stock at owner's risk. 81,3 WM. LOCKRIDGE. M flOSOfi the is ot the Be Ad to Be The programme for memorial day is arranged and will be as follows; Post, Woman's Relief corn's, aed Softs 6f Veterans will assemble at G. A, R hall at 10 a. m, and march to the opera house. Overture by Algona Mllltafy battd, 10 m l&vocatton by Rev. Baghell. Music by the choir. ceremonies by the past! Music by the choir. Oration by Col, H, G. Hicks of Minneapolis, Flag drill by Miss Wallace's class. Music, "America," led by band. The Soldier's Oh, heart so still— oh,' Up so mute— Which late in freedom's high pursuit 'Or spake, the word, or felt the steel, Where clashing armies form and reel. Now battles o'er— sweet freedom won From eastern shore to western sun— The world Its gai'lands offers here, To decorate the soldiers bier. Oh, hand so cold— oh, cheek so pale- Where all the throbbing pulses fail— 'Twas not for glory's fading crown, In war's mad rush their heads went down. For man their precious blood was spent, In sacred trust each drop was lent. What shades of heroes linger near, And guard the faithful soldier's bier. 'Twas worth a nation's best of life, 'Twas worth some weary years of strife, To put away one cruel wrong- To make the bonds of love more strong, High was their purpose, brave and true. While we their covenant renew— Unnumbered blessings cluster here, And consecrate the soldier's bier. Sad was the day, and dark the night, When from our shores we missed the light Of loving eyes; when coming feet Our own made haste In vain to meet. They rest with God— the Patriot's Friend ; Above their tombs His angels bend; The skies more bright— the sun more clear- Shines and illumes the soldier's bier. LIZZIE B. READ. Red Polled Bulls for Sole. Two red polled bulls for sale, one full- )lood, at prices to suit the times. 8t3 M. SOHENCK. ROOMS to rent. J. J. Wilson.-8t4 Cnll at tlio New Store and see how cheap you can buy ladies' and children's shoes. 8 W. F. CARTER. E. T. BURBANK is now ready to do well work.-8t2 Two GOOD pumpkin pies for 6 cents at the Opera House Grocery. CARPETS, we have a nice new stock and are making some special inducements. Our all wool C. C. at 50 cents ,s a big bargain. Geo. L. Galbraith. E. REEVE & Co. will sell all millinery at.cost until July l.-8t2 , ALL goods at cost. E. Reeve & Co. Farm for Sale or Rent. I will receive bids for my 80-aore 'arm, in Sec. 20, Fenton township^ with ill improvements, until July 20, 1894, The farm will then be sold if the highest bid is satisfactory; if not, then I will lease it, and those desiring to rent should also be on hand at that time. The farm contains 80 acres,' 25 acres under cultivation, the balance fenced in Ive pastures. Barn, 38x44; granary, 12x28; good wind mill, well, and all needed out-buildings. Long time will je given the purchaser if desired. HENRY BRASS. May 10-JuneSO-27—July* If You Are Looking for genuine bargains go to Bailey Bros.' old stand. We own these goods for 16 cents on the dollar, and they've got to go.—8 W. F, CARTER. Money. Plenty of money now for all applicants at the Kossuth County State bank, for real estate loans at lowest rates. Money paid at once on completion of the papers. LEAVE your orders for ice at Ladendorff's. Peter Winkel,—6t3 BUY your canned goods at the Opera House Grocery, You can make it pay, .HOUSE to rent. Inquire at Kossuth County State bank.— 7t2 BRAHMA eggs for hatching—50 cents a setting. D, T. Smith,—7t2 CHAS, WINKP) has the A, A, Call sand pit, and has sand to sell,—7tS GAifBBAiTO is selling ginghams, outing cloth, calicos, and plad dress goods at 6 cents a yard. LEAVE your orders for ice at Laden dorff's. Peter Winkel.—6t3 WAL& paper, new stock at Gal' braitb'e, ^ MONEY to loan on long or short time. :, O.C»li,-tf CHILDREN'S and men's clothing. We still have a good stock tb$t we are selling regardless of cost. Q. L. Gal Will be afforde4 your eastern frienes to visit you by the low^rate home-seekers excursions arranged by the Chicago Northwestern railway for May 8 and 29 1894. If you will forwar4 to W. 4 Thrall, general passenger and ticke .agent, tbe Jfartbwestero Une, Chicago in,, |h.e names and a^reasee of you eastern, f pleads to w&om JAS. TAYLOR, Special ii/ -U-roinents all this month in our Millinery Department ^EXCLUSIVE STYLES. *} JCT '13 PEBSONAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. W. F. Carter is in Charles City isiting her relatives. C. N. McCoy of Minneapolis visited lis cousin, Dr. McCoy, over Sunday. Ora Malcom and Miss CoraSpence ,rove over from Bolfe and spent Sun- ay at C. J. Doxsee's. Martin Bronson is home from Cali- ornia. He says the grain crop is dry- ng up on account of lack of rain. Dr. Gary of Whitewater, Wis., has jeen here during the past week, a vis- tor with his brother-in-law, E. P. :eith of Plum Creek. Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Walker go east his week. She will visit in Elgin, 111., jut he will go to Connecticut and spend he summer with three brothers. Mrs. S. C. Spear and Miss Alice tarted Monday for Portland, Me., and vere accompanied to Chicago by Geo. 3. Call. This makes public a coming ocial event which has been rumored or some weeks. Mr. Call and Mr. ipear go east in a couple of weeks, and he wedding will occur some time owardsthe latter part of June. As Alice had spent the past four years with her eastern relatives they consid- ared her a member of the family and vere very anxious to have the wedding here. LEAVE your orders for ice at Ladendorff's. Peter Winkel.—6t3 J. F. PRESTON, M. D., Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat SPECIALIST. MASON CITY, IOWA-. peotaoles scientifically fitted and guaranteed. Is now east; will return In June. Pasturage. For cows, with entrance near the Blaokford bridge, is now ready at the usual prices, No responsibility for loss or damage to stock from any cause whatever will be assumed. All stock pastured on any part of the farm must ie at owner's risk. J, A. Vipond will have the management of the pastures. 7t2 , WM. H. INGHAM. TO THE PUBLIC. I desire to say to the people ot this section. iat I am better ,than ever prepared to meet Uelr wants In tae line of 'ainting, Paper Hanging, to., and feel free to Bay that I can. guarantee my work to ba first class. I mix my own paint nd people can know Just what they get, It may pe well to 'add that I was not responsl- lefo'v the-Inferior work' done last season by lie firm wltlv;vyhlch I'was unfortunately con- eoted for a short time; circumstances which. couW'pot,control caused some poor work to a; dotteinbut']; promise my patrons that It jiaU not occur again. lam the ''boss" now> nd you-may rely on what I tell you. Give me trial and you will be satisfied, JAS. A. ORR, DON'T forget our Angelina, She is an extra good baker. M, Z, Grove &> Son. WE have a few onion sets left at the Opera House Grocery. . Smithing Coal. Piedmont Cumberland smithing coal at the Northwestern elevator. The jest smithing coal mined, 7t4 C. L. LUND, FOB sale cheap, a pure-bred Jersey bull calf, entitled to registry, Call on ~, B, Winkei.-7t3 Charley H., 2:314, Will make the season of 1804 at the fairgrounds. Tems-JlO for the sea- Southing for Nothing si&wwss. WSjWw llOO for 3:15, Colt free if the horse does not wake these records. Q, A, §MITH, 7t3 TO GRADERS. , cein Algona, Iowa, until 3 p. m. o !veallwfloj twflU»W4wa^Qll|rs W^«l^tf«gP*Wj^> tuwtem 1*4, C4LfoM?yw ABSTRACTS. Do you want reliable abstracts? We make them promptly and at moderate prices. Is your title to your land perfect? It is always well to,; know about this.' A small: cloud on your title might cause'somebody,a good deal of trouble. Better see about it now. . Jones & Smith. ,. .''•*'..!." "Jf- Livery and Sale Stable, BY GEO. HUNTER,' Havjng become sole proprietor 'of the Uvery and feed barn south of the Teu- naut house, I am now prepared to fur- , nlsh the public with the best of It very rigs at moderate prices, Also Break Colts to Drive, and guarantee satisfaction, Have all BOARD HORSESVw B wW, and give them the best of care. Giving ,. our personal attention tp the business, • patrons caii rest assured we will do 'V our best to please them. ' w GBO. , Proprietor. .<, ..^» W U»W4 > A NEW FIRM, NORTON & ROBINSON Will f urnM you with the best of livery rigB, with <« Without driver, • ,, Boarding and Feeding Horses, by the flay or weelf, %t tUe^r bftrp, « One .T-1-" wi^S-^

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