The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 16, 1894 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1894
Page 4
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AMMMU* lOfrA, WttMTCSPAY. MAY 16,1804 W - ?£$&{) ta i«»»<iswasi p»i...,i i * f he republican state committee met t ''ifli fieS Molnes yesterday and decided to ^Bold the coming state convention at ', : - 068 Moines, on Wednesday, July 11. ,, ' J6lm tt. Baldwin of Council Bluffs will V toe temporary chairman. P, B. Nary "•'' 6f Spirit Lake is sergeant>at>arms. 'C' Senator Harsh of Creston is recom- 11 - jnended for permanent chairman. impassible as td Sh&W every IteSH should b« iterftltterd td 666 daylight 1ft 6ne botch, It wduld have been wise? to have let tiie matte* come before ttiecotmlfylteinby item rathe* than agglomerate the dreadful total In one bunch." judge Hubbard will have aft article an "Kelly's Tramps" in .the June Midland Monthly, and den. Weaver on "The Commonweal Crusade." The difference in the titles indicates the views that will be expressed. Snap shots of the army in camp will illustrate the articles. which he wffis cali^td pass lasi week sufficient to be able to o, of We banking duties, although it be & long time before he has regained his health." J. C. Heckftrt was robbed at his Eagle Ctrbve home last week, The ffittesays: White all of the family were absent at church Some thieves effected an entrance at a back window and ransacked the house, making a Senator Funk says that stranger things than the re nomination of President Harrison might have happened in the world's history, but they never have. A NEW DECLARATION. Senator Lodge last week Introduced &ti amendment to the tariff bill, It 'provided that until England agrees to ' assist in re-establishing silver in an international conference that a tariff Of S5 per cent, be levied on nil English goods now on the free list, and that on nil dutiable goods the tariff shall be doubled. By a strict party vote it Was .defeated, all the democrats Opposing it, and the republicans voting for it. Why the democrats voted against it is aot appafent as they have always professed a willingness to "twist the British'lion's tail," and to help get silver re-established, and this amendment would do both with a vengence. Senator Lodge and his associates certainly deserve credit for taking the stand they have. Such an amendment is just as much a declaration of financial independence as the original document of Thomas Jefferson was of political independence. It is an assertion of the belief that America can dictate her own policy and that those who deal with us must recognize Lafe Young says; "Judge Doemer at the tender age of 28 years could umpire a base ball game to the satisfaction of both sides. Is It any wonder that he is now a supremo juflgel The only wonder is that he is not an angel." thorough job of it, number of small They took a- large pieces of jewelry ; including a gold bracelet, and garnet ofle, rings, and many other Wtlcles of Affl* THE STATE CONTEST ffotible At Mofttlcelto Over the out* eome--domf)littientii for Aigoft&'s tine ouf contestant was fim first adds reatly t6 the hdnw 6f the D. Meal £>. Tomy Accorded & Pine Reception at Mis iteme in ^aitfieid-A 6ood' One on Ptol Slanehatd, A VICTIM OF "BLUE SKY." The New York Press says: Of Iowa is a congressman whom easy to place among the most members of the house, hut he Dolliver it is not youthful is only 86 years old, and When he startled the house with a splendid outburst of eloquence early in the Fifty-first congress our standard. It is a hopeful sign because in both parties there has been too much toadying to the supposed importance of foreign ideas and interests, The United States is today the commercial center of the world. Our trade is ten times as important to England or any other European country as their trade is to us. We could by an embargo force most of them into bankruptcy. The McKinley tariff seriously crippled England, and yet it admitted hundreds of millions of her goods. This Lodge bill would give her just the two alternatives, speedy recognition of our silver or ruin. And why should we hesitate to force that issue? Silver is one of the great American products, and the world recognizes that it is needed to iurnish any adequate money supply. England plays dog in the manger to appreciate the value of her bonds and mortgages and cripples eyery ore- 1 producing state. So long as she has her way the world will have panics which enrich the rich and impoverish the poor, and she will lord it over America as she always has done, except as republicancs have kept a tariff he had, hardly turned his 80th birthday. Dolliver was a mere boy of 26 when his name first became known to the country. Elaine happened to hear him-speak at a political meeting during the famous swing around the circle in 1884, and tho Maine leader was so charmed with the youthful orator's dash and feryor arid with the brilliancy of his diction that he predicted for Dolliver a distinguished political career. Dolliver, like Cockran, courts the companionship of the older and more distinguished members of the house. He has already justified Elaine's estimate of his power." • The Rock Rapids Review says it-will Join hands with anybody to abolish the element of profit In liquor selling. There is a well denned rumor that Joe R. Lane of Davenport will be the republican nominee for congress in the Second district if he will accept. He is one of the leading younger lawyers of Iowa, and a man of sterling merit, who would go to the front on the Iowa delegation. He is a fighter and if he will run he will make a warm race for Hayes or any of tho numer ous democratic aspirants. J. Fred Meyers says: " Mr. Dolliver will bo re-nominated and re-elected by 6,000 majority." vafue more from" association than money value, To make their exit sure Mr. fleckart's revolver was taken. It Is evident the thieves were after money) but fortunately found none, Emmetsburg Democrat! The sighs of the past few weeks point strongly to the nomination, by the repub leans, of Attorney Morling of this city as successor to Judge Carr, Sis friends are making a vigorous canvass for him and his candidacy is meeting with strong favor in his party, Some time ago this paper made an extended reference to the situation, but develop' ments since that time have been of a rather surprising character, Mr. Morling is, of course, quite reticent in expressing himself, on the situation. His only opposition, worthy of mention, is Mr. 'Quarton of Algona. However, the leading attorneys of the district seem to favor the candidacy ( of the Emmetsburg aspirant and this is a very strong point in his favor. The Mason City Herald in reporting the state contest of last week says: When Mr. Hildreth came on the stage to speak it stormed and rained so hard, that he could not be heard. Finally he yelled out, "Hear it rain!" and stopped talking. The audience applauded him, and he joined in the general hand-clapping and helped them. He crossed his arms after the applause was over and stood waiting for the storm to subside. The president finally excused him, and Miss Wallace with the Algona high school sirls gave a very beautiful Delsarte Montlcello is apparently divided into hostile camps over the success of Herman Hildreth in winning the gold medal at Algona. When he got home a crowd received him but the schbol board had no carriages to take them in triumph through the streets. So they chartered private conveyances and went by the homes of the members' of the board making derisive comments rill. By the time this was over the storm had subsided, and Mr. Hildreth Sam Clark says the democratic party has always had tlie misfortune of being In power when tho country was in trouble. Iff THIS NEIGHBOEHOOD. speaks at Spencer in Swna has Harvey > Ingham on memorial day. C. E. Bravender's barn been struck by lightning. The Algona District Epworth League will meet at Britt today and Thursday. Supt. Hughes of the Northwestern was not benefited by his trip to Hot Springs. He is at Belle Plaine with his son. Ray Harkness of Humboldt, who used to pitch ball in Algona occasionally, is with the Quincy, 111., pro- wall in front of her. The Lodge amendment is the beginning of a policy which Americans should pursue with vigor. THE JUDICIAL NOMINATION. As much interest in this district aeems likely to center in the convention which will choose a successor to Judge Carr as in any political gathering of the year, called but will It has not yet been probably be held as the the at Britt fessionals. Gardner Cowles has charge of department of literary work in Epworth League programme this afternoon. The Champion says Barney Kelley ia talking of moving from Emmetsburg to Whittemore. Barney would he a notable addition to Kossuth. A little girl' arrived at Henry Thompson's home in Whittemore a week ago Monday. Henry and Mrs. early as the middle of June, and very probably at the Hotel Orleans, where the cooling breezes of the lake will fan the fevered brows of the contestants, as they did in the memorable gathering of eight years ago when Judge Carr came out ahead after an all-day and all- night session. Speaking of the candidates now'up the Spirit Lake Beacon k says; - «t The judicial situation in this district is interesting. Judge Carr. who without the agklng could have a third term, declines to t a nomination, There are several re- san candidates in the field. C. W, of Emmet, ol long experience at the bar and strong among the people of his county, has been announced, Palo Alto pre- ata Attorney Morling of Emmetsburg, a »vs *W. wg k nding }„ bis profession and Kossuth rallies around W. B. r Whose large practice, marked publ ^standing before thV district. Huna- ^dtissuppprtt^opeof^Btgong^ -•" no very serious cial convention, understood that jnadein Spirit Lake,' 1 personal mention of Mr, who was a Spirit Lake visitor flUUtl- K»^W -.,_-. _, f V 1 • IB, Chrischilles are in Chicago buying goods for their new store, In Carroll the city council proceedings are officially published attested by the mayor and city clerk as the law provides. When is Algona going to recognize the Iowa statutes? J. M. Farley tells the Whittemore Champion that the Coxey movement means that "a new political party will be formed. Laborers demand something old parties will not supply." Emmetsburg Tribune: Dr. E, E. Bayers of Algona, assistant state veterinary surgeon, consulted with Dr. Molison through the fatal illness of Win, Mulr's valuable brood mare. The Forest City Summit says that L, L, Colby, the whiskey peddler from Albert Lea, who was caught at Swea City, is flitting about in Iowa again, He will do well to keep out of Kossuth, West Bend Journal; A party of young bloods came over to the Bend from Algona last Sunday on horseback, They said they were part of Kelly's cavalry, The boys did not seem to be hungry, but oh, so thirsty. Des Molnes Capital; Mrs, Call and daughter, Mrs. Cowles, have returned to their home in Algona, after a pleasant visit with Dr, and Mrs. Shore of Fifteenth street, Mrs. Shore will visit with them some time during the Godfrey age, son neighbor' came on the stage with a large umbrella under his arm and laid it down at his feet on the stage and then rendered his piece. __________________ JDOLLIYEB'S TROUBLES. A Lot of Mistakes—And the Speeches Were Xot In His Own Handwriting Either. The Washington Post tells the following interesting tale: Representative Dolliver, the handsome young republican Demosthenes of Iowa, who has recently been greatly cast down by being confounded with other members of the house, enjoyed a gleam of sunshine Saturday—found the silver lining of his cloud, as it were; felt inclined to quote from. Shakespeare: "Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this son of York." A fellow citizen, whose acquaintance with Mr. Dolliver he admitted was somewhat limited, struck him for a loan of $11. The gentleman from Iowa didn't have it, and < sent away the applicant partially satisfied with profuse assurances that the great burden ol his life was that his financial resources were so restricted that he was prevented thereby from ministering to the necessities of those who applied to him for aid. Thinking over the matter later, Dolliver was struck with the force of the Poor Richard maxim that "a dollar saved is a dollar earned," and received congratulations from friends on having made $11 in addition to his per diem as a representative. But as to the trouble that he has experienced from being confounded with other members, it has rested heavily upon his mind and conscience. Speaking of it, he said: "I want to know who I am. Some time ago the Western Associated Press printed Hepburn's speech on pensions, crediting it to me. It was a good speech, and I've received a hundred letters, I suppose, complimenting and commending me for the criticisms therein made upon the policy of the pension bureau. Of course I can't reply to them thanking the writers for their good words, and I don't want to let them know that it isn't my speech. "Then at another time the same association carried a speech I did make under the name of Springer of Illinois, He felt compelled to repudiate it on the n _*il 1_ ,..-.,•.« TTrt *1 An/3 n 'fr. llO.VO and raising'Ked generally. The board met and adopted lengthy resolutions in part as follows: In view of the disgraceful proceedings of certain persons connected With the public schools upon the streets of Monticello, Saturday evening May 6, upon the Occasion of the return of the contestant from the declamatory contest, for the purpose of casting odium and reproach upon the school board for not having a carriage in waiting, parading the streets With .a banner on which was inscribed, "School board is busted" and passing the residences of members of the board with the yells of hoodlums, we believe justice to the board requires that a statement of the facts In the matter should be placed before the public. The statement made by persons who knew better, that heretofore the school board had hired a carriage with which to parade the streets and escort the successful contestants to their homes was false. An examination of the records will show that no bill for carriage hire for any such purpose was ever presented or allowed. No member of the hoard who had any regard for his oath to faithfully perform his duty, could vote away the people's money raised by taxation for any such purpose. It is true that individual members of the board, acting on their own responsibility may have ordered carriages, but they never presented the bills to the board for payment. In probably two cases the of Interest a he made white here, which that he was well able to Io6k .out for- his end of the string, He heard Tomy 26 6ver bis piece while practising, and later weftt to the business session where the question of giving a silver medal in the oratorical class was up and objection was made on the ground that there were but three speakers. With great suavity and disinterested* ness Prof. 'Blanchard said that a way out of the difficulty was to change Tomy to the oratorical class, that he h&d heard him and thought his delivery was oratorical, and that this would balance the programme better. It looked as though the change might be made until Tomy was asked and he said he thought his piece belonged in the dramatic class, which settled it. After Tomy had finished speaking the rest of the association thought they understood Prof. Blahchard's willingness to have him in another class. They Were Well Entertained. The Wesley Reporter says, speaking of the contest: Schools in all parts of the state sent their representatives, who were loyally entertained by the citizens of Algona. The contest was fiobt, Callles TfftM fof ft ' -Sttttoft and CoiViti Bound Over for the Aliped It f trffts Out that dallies Beads Me CoUft* ty Paper, and f hat's Why Me ttn't Posted—Dr. Keildgg's Case, 4. WJ. P**!)" •**«•• »« —— i V - - ., ,. carriage bills have been paid out or the receipts of the declamatory contest, but not a cent of tho money from these contests has been paid into the school district treasury for the past eight years. It has cone directly to the principal or superintendent of the schools and disbursed by him without dictation, consultation or knowledge of the board. The school boai;d congratulates the contestant upon his success. Ho won in his class; the humorous, over four other schools. He imitated and acted the part of a Scotch preacher a little better than his competitors imitated and acted the parts of somebody else. That is all there Is to It, simply a little diversion from the regular school work. The Express skies with the Hildreth supporters and ' criticises the board: "In the school board proceedings this week will be found a long statement which is in answer to the criticisms of the public which have been freely and emphatically expressed. We have no comments to make thereon except to call attention to the ironital congratulations extended to the contestant which are belittling almost to insult. The tone is unworthy of a dignified school board, and will nave no tendency to aid in excusing a neglect that has arisen for the first time in six years. Speaking of the contest the Express says: "This is the sixth medal the Monticello high school has captured through its speakers during as many successive years." held in the Call Opera house Friday evening, beginning at 8 o'clock and lasting till some time after, midnight. It was very close and all of the con- testents did great credit to themselves and their schools. Will Go to Mttson City. Will Galbraith has decided to accept the invitation to speak at the Mason City meeting on the 25th. GAVE UP A BAP JOB. The Twltchcll <fe Bobbins Comedy Company Dlaband-Thelr Baggage Attnclicd-A Hound of Hard Luck Generally. The Twitchell & Robbins Comedy company succumbed to the inevitable here, and disbanded. They came to town from Bancroft last week Monday, but on account of the musical entertainments in the church did not open until Wednesday night. Their houses grew smaller with each performance, and after the first night the receipts were, not enough to pay the rent. Saturday Landlord McMurray attached their baggage for board, and attachments came a little later from Bancroft and Blue Earth City, where they had also run behind. They closed the week without any money to pay railway fares out of town, with, their baggage all held, and with all their bills unpaid. As there were many circumstances calculated to excite sympathy for the troupe the members of the opera house company gave a benefit Monday evening, at which the house was free, and tickets were sold by personal solicitation. Some $30 was raised, which was divided between the two families of the proprietors, while three of the company, B. W. Haggard, Leo Puegnet, and F. W. Dingley psrsonally contributed. i , «° .•_! j._ i._ C1J— /~114... ^n» enough to buy tickets to Sioux City for the musician and his wife, who have friends there. The one unmarried lady of the troupe wrote • to her family in about nipe years of of Aug. Sohultz of the boo.d, waj east last Sunday a good deal ol istrict in con- to floor of the" house. He needn't have done that, I thought, for It was a good speech, if I do say it myself. But the latest Is the most outrageous. American Industry, the new publication established by that remarkable individual, Josiuh Quinoy, has a whole page of Bryan's Denver speech on Reed's Boston speech, introduced with the statement that 'Dolllver's closing words warrant reproduction in full, I don't know whether to lick Bryan or join forces with him and go and kill that editor." „ .. Dolliver Is preparing an application for early membership in the "Uni* versal Identification Association," TRIED TO BSOAPE. A Beer Vender Jumps tfpm the Train at West Bend *- Marshal Nelson of Bode Jumps After Him, Marshal John Nelson of Bode and Constable Oleson took a liquor seller to „„„„ ^monkeying''with a 88 revolver cartridge and a match. An explosion occurred which tore away the boy's thumb and fore finger and badly iaseer* ated his cheek, The Freeman referring to the perennial row over city school prinol' pals in Webster Pity *W'- Tbe dead' v k in the city school board was last Thursday night by some improistee, whereby f»rof, of PJI ftfoines vim em* as Byperintendent of the WW 1 "" West Bend, as could get bonds claimed, there. What be Contest to Be Repeated. Rev. C. C. Smith says to the Mason City Herald: You can tell the people that we have a rich treat in store for them. Many of us paid $2 and $3 to go to Algona and hear the state high school declamatory contest and we propose to furnish the same to the people of Mason City for 25 cents. After the contest was over I was so much pleased with the ability shown by the speakers that I interviewed them and asked them if they would like to repeat the contest in Mason City. They all expressed themselves as willing to do this and some are making arrangements for this entertainment. It will be held on the 25th of this month. The place is not decided yet. Mrs. J. E. Moore will have charge of a concert in connection with the speaking and this is a guarantee that it will be a high class entertainment. , We expect to have all the speakers here, including the winners, and I have no doubt it will be much appreciated by our people. The young people seemed pleased to have a chance to visit our city. We pay all their expenses In coming here, A BIB Time at IFalrfleldf The Fairfield Daily Journal tells of the reception of the favorite in Algona on his return home: If there is one school boy in Falrfleld who might reasonably be excused for getting a severe attack of the "big head" that boy is Neal. D. Tomy. Not that he has it—and it is hoped that he has not—but such an ovation as he received last night at Columbia hall would tend to turn the brain of any boy of bis age not well supplied with extraordinary good sense, Neal came home Tuesday morning from Algona, where, in the declamatory contest of the high schools of Iowa, he carried oft an elegant silver medal—second prize. Consequently bis fellow students of the high school gave him an ovation at Columbia hall, Speeches were made by Joe Craih George Kennedy, Chas, Jaques, Lee King, representing the Minneapolis and got money Monday to take her home, and she left on the afternoon Northwestern train. It is re- reported that she had become " stage struck" and had run away from home to become an actress. If this is true her first experience is likely to satisfy her. TO HELP THEM OUT. The opera house company directors met yesterday and decided to contribute enough to help the members of the troupe out of town. Mr. McMurray made a liberal reduction on his board bill and took |43 for what was still due; 'Squire Taylor and Constable Telller contributed their fees, and the $30 made at the benefit furnished railway transportation. A traveling man who is here representing a road grader paid $15 out of his own pocket. The company were all ladles and gentlemen and were very thankful for the assistance. The opera house company gave within a few dollars of all that they received for rent, but felt that they had better do it than have the people stranded, without baggage or means of support, Some went one way and some another, but the most of them went to Webster City to engage with the new Uncle Tom company organizing there, OT-PABTISAN JUDIQIABY. The old story was told in Justice Taylor's court again Saturday, Robt, Callies up in Union township had traded a horse for a note, and wanted J. L. Sutton and Enos Colvin held for obtaining property under false pre* tences. The note was given by J. A, Wright, a late accession from Corwith, and was payable to bearer. In the deal Sutton and Colvin both signed it " without recourse," which of course meant nothing at all, and Callies put it in his pocket, turned over a pretty good horse, and enjoyed his usual sleep until he. asked an Algonian what the note was worth. As Callies seemed to be a man of' good intelligence THE UPPER DES MoiNEShada reasonable curiosity to know how it happened that after this note swindle had been advertised by the papers for two years, a new sucker could be found so near Algona. It accordingly approached the gentleman, when the following conversation took place'. "Wheredo you live!" "I am on the Wheeler farm three miles south of Hurt." " Which one of the Algona papers do you take?" " I don't take any of them." "I suppose you get all the news in the Hurt paper?" "No, I don't take that either. I take a German paper and don't take any county paper, or other paper. " The firm resolve to show no mercy to the perpetrators of the fraud on this innocent gradually evanesced as the talk with Callies preceded, and when it was done the reporter was in a quandery whether after all nature has not provided a way for" educating a certain class of the public, and whether it would not be a wrong to them to have all the bunco steerers eliminated. A man, who in this day and age does not take a newspaper, may be able to arouse a feeling of sympathy in some bosoms when he is victimized on some old dodge which the editors have been at trouble and personal inconvenience to repeatedly expose, but it wouldn't do for him to go to an editorial association with his grievance. Callies and his wife told their story, which was that Sutton and Colvin had represented the note to be good. But they wanted more signatures and insisted on Colvin and Sutton signing it, whereupon both had truthfully stated that'their signatures would not add a whit to its value. This frank confession should be set out with along credit mark, for a more indisputable statement was never made since the axioms of mathematics were written. Sutton and Colvin said that they represented that the note was good, and so believed. As the note is not payable till fall they were curious to know how anybody could tell that it is not good, especially as Wright testified that it was himself. 'Squire Raymond prosecuted with vigor and W. B. Quarton and W. L. Democrats Urge the Nomination of a Democrat by tUe Republicans to Succeed Judge Carr. The Emwetsburg Democrat joins some other democratic papers of this district in urging Mr, Morling as Judge Carr's successor on the ground that no question of politics should enter into a judicial contest, It thinks the republicans should nominate Mr, this senti- Vindicator above all filled really was planning was to give them the slip, This he tried to do by jump> ing from the 9;30 train after it ha4 got under good headway, leaving his coat in Marshal Nelson's banjs the marshal did not .... to go home with an empty coat, He followed his man off the moving trate . and succeeded in. capturing bfw before, he got yery far, &e was then p«t IB jail, and while the marshal was absent »n attempt was made by ent<4f mrtiei to pry the iMk off the Soar, tort tbw .did not have (ime, Mr, Nelson then ^ ! Sfarsbal left!?*" toote, tfee yawp fsa B, j, They were followed Wilson, Rev, P_r, _W I Mr, Mr. . D tegget , IPr. Smith ol Parsons ege irf JJ.' Jf, Brighton, Rev, Sohreiner, Fred ketts, and PtPf, Williamson, Weal himjel told how the matter was accomplished, The mandolin pl*rt> furnished the music, 8 seemed aj if hall the town iw present. The ball was filled to the brim and the audience emended out the idoor ontolhe sidewalk, and hordes ol Ihose who could not get in went aWy> It was & happy occa*Um lor > the reoipieat el the Morling In recognition of ment, The EsthervUle says of this; "The ju others is an office that shouli with reference to fitness first and party affiliations should be a secondary matter, Yet, that office j 8 a political one and the people must, at least, know what party the apirant for this office belongs to, whoever he may be, Nothing can be said against the fitness of Mr, Morling for the judgesbip, All that has been said about ms quaHnca' tionsforthe place is true, but there seems to be an uncertainty as to bis Joslyn defended ditto, and after hearing the matter at length 'Squire Taylor decided to bind them over in $300 bonds to meet the grand jury. A Doctor Without a Certificate. Last Wednesday W. H. H. Kellogg, a gentleman who has been spending some time In Bancroft, was arrested for practicing medicine without having complied with the state law. It seems that he has some combination of herbs which he says is good for small cancers, and Frank Byrne having one of these on his lip, Mr. Kellogg treated it, receiving $12.50 down and $12.50 to be paid in a year. The state law is that before practicing a physician must be a graduate of some standard medical school, must have been in continuous practice in the state five years, or must pass an examination before the state board. In any of these cases he must obtain a certificate from the state board, and register it in the county. Failure to do this is punished by a fine of not less than $50. Mr. Kellogg was brought before 'Squire Clarke who assessed the smallest fine. After a day, however, the fine was remitted and as he paid the costs he was allowed to go. It was not thought that Mr. Kellogg was practicing sufficiently to warrant more than a warning, The law is one of the best for the protection of the public on the books, and should be rigidly enforced. It is possible that in some oases it seems rather harsh, especially when it shuts out the neighbors with their smart- weed and bone-set decoctions. But our doctors—and THE UPPER DBS MOINES has great admiration for the profession—are none too good after all that the law requires is compiled with> while of all the plagues that infest the unfortunate the average traveling quack is the very worst, Iowa is stjll behind many states in the restrictions she places on the practice of medicine, and the law should be made stricter instead of being allowed to go unenforced* Estberville Democrat pro* "seTM'r. Morling as the out'and-out SemMratiooandidate-.^^Wedon'tknow what the democrats will conclude to do this fall as to'judicial maters, Many Of the most sagaeiou.8 wen in ow party are in favor of nominating. Mr. Morling of Dmmetsburg, who U MJ soiind democrat and one of tbe .belt lawyers in the district, _ W itb JAMES BEAD OUT, :pp,rt Podge Chronicle Snye Democrats Have JJp lawyer §s tbe candidate of dew? they would ^a»d » good " ve lu tke wertd tos wws» t * it rtaWi {eyf p — * mm Wok el (bit Pte» • *-• The Fort Dodge Messenger contains information that may be the means of swelling the republican vote in Koss«tb this fall? 'The chronicle reads Jimmie Ryan, T, F. Breen and J, B. Butler out of the/ democratic party and delivers them over to the republicans and really seems relieved to have disposed of them. It says'. **J4is,mie has been trying to'gRd an excuse" t° leave the democratic party ever since J, fy pun* — u - secured the appointment of ter at Fort Podge. T>' F, „, whose experience as a Pindi' date cost him J&QOO, aad his wan Friday, J. B. Bugler, will n? doubt openly espouse as they have alwavs done secretly, the republican ticket, —- sf Jbey p>d they BM no ij ---—"- D | Q f |, f

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