The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 9, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 9, 1894
Page 7
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sfaw, and 1 fattf jSFMeV* f ..,.„., ,, ftde k^ fla lathis j 8fl f t any affair. This is an . European American Klai xefiijteraisce anfddate-f "My f r lend, pause before yonder that gildeu den. Reflect *- jrpta have" a family, no dottbt childrefl, waiting tot yott at homo." Demoted stranger— "Yes, sif, bttt »y <#ifo is cleaning ho"8e," MOWLEDGU Brings comfort and improvement and ' tends to »3rsonal enjoyment when j rightly used. The many, who live bet- I ru . tor than others and enjoy life more, with a time - Intfrlty," indicates #¥ea6 Will afld f6f.ce of efid A ybiing ftfaii Wai fln8<* fc' Jj Pfbsifleace jtidga, a fe\v days ag*o, kissing a*#i*I oh the street, A Mi'.'Satnuel Lewis is said to Won dvei» $86,000 attrente et qufit ante at Mbnte Carlo itt four ddya recently. An Atnerlean, colorad \voman, tit's. Amatida Smith, is a temperance evangelist itt England notoj lecturing under tho austtices of Lady Somerset. Mile. Coral,!.! Bracli, a dancer of the Paris opera, (lied lately, and her estate ^dots up $600,000, all of which sho is sttid to ,havo evolved by her pro- 'fession. * v Overheard in the • museums "I foel that I am not long for this world," remarked the dwarf. "I, also, am nearer heaven than most people," sighed tho giant. The^ visiting card of the German emperor is four times as large as the ordinary card for gentlemen, and on it is engraved: Wilhelm, Deutscher Kaiser and Konig von Preussen. "You think," said Sammy Softleigh, "that it .actually hurts a man to be hit with one of Cupid's arrows?" "No," replied Bella Pepperton)"'as a merely becomes senseless for, less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the puro liquid laxative principles embraced itt tho remedy, Syf up of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleas' ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of .the medical , profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them n.nd it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 60c and $1 bottles/but it is manufactured 'by, : the >.. California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. ; DES M01NES 7th & Mulberry ;estl mates tree. Patents, Trade-Marks. Examination and Advice ns to Patentability oC Invention. Send for " Invenlorfi' Guide, or How to Get »• "atenfc" PATRICK O'FABBBLI., WASHINGTON, D. 0. SOMETHING NEW Wanted at once, one man in each county to look atterour business/ No papers,books, ohromos to peddlei'" Work-light, pleasant, honorable and very profitable. Salary or commission. No experience necessary- only common sense and a willingness to work. Apply at once. STANDARD CHEMICAL CO , Des Moines, Iowa. , : : WEll- MACHINERY Illustrated catalogue showing WELL AtTOEBS, BOOK DRILLS. &YDB1TJLIO AND JETTING MACHINERY, etc. BENT FUEE. Have been tested and all warranted. Sioux City Engln« & Iron Works, Successors to I'ech Mfg. Co.. , „ Sioux City, Iowa. 1J17 Union Avo., Kansas Oily, Mo. DR "^ MeGREW is THE OJJI.Y SPECIALIST TVHO TREATS ALL PRIVATE DISEASES, Weakness and Secret Dlsorctarsof MEN ONLY. Every euro puaranteed. 18 years -experience, i^ermnueiuly,. looatoil In lOmaba. Book free. 14tli lie J Farnnm Sts. OMAHA, . UNO FELLOWS SPKOIAT.TSTS. ICHRDNIC NERVOUS AND PRIVATE DISEASES. gBook on 1'rivuto IMaenaea __ , >ol Men and Women sent free. Consultation free by mull or In person, you W* be vureil. Send for free symptom blanks. Of- «ce Capital Inn. Hide., -UU-UU St., Dos llolnes. Ia. 1 iiii i i . , T, Cheap Homes! A collection of tools, said to bo used by the workmen in building tho pyramids of Egypt, are on exhibition by a famous Egyptologist. Those indicate that many tools credited to modern ingenuity were in use when Moses was troubling the Pharaohs. Three ladies mounted the platform of a traincar in Paris only to find all tho inside seats occupied. A gentleman at once got up, and with grave courtesy remarked, "Ladies, allow me to offer my seat to tho eldest of you." Ho was not called upon to surrender it. She—Do you remember what day this is the anniversary of? ' He—Well, I should say I did. She—I thought you would. He—Humph! Who could forget the day his own house was burned down? She—George! He— What?' She—It's the day you proposed to me!/ Tears and a' scene. CURRENT FUN. In San Luis Valley, The Garden Spot of Mountains,,,, Colorado, the Rooky «D oop acres of flue land, all uniler flrst-otass Irrigating omwls, with perpetual water rights, C«r tfule cheap, fl years time, 0 per cent interest Grains, -Grasses and Vegetable* . Grow Here to P«rfeQtipn, . w>s sure-, no <Jro«tfcs, no cyclones, so bJl»» WS abundance or pure Artesian wafer: elk »ie unequaled. Whaye w churifies, sohools, and good markets. For maps, clri fmj fnformsMon, address WB *' 9 '. < " r ' ,4AM ES A, KSUY * GO,, Agent?, Colorado Valley UN CP,, VISTA, ooi.0. W, N. U,— D,J4, 1133 -'»<-»"t>' •*•>< •v>»-w>'>rx>»~v ~-><!> When answering »4vwtisewe»ti n thjs paper, He, after their first kiss— Ah, Ethel it was your womanly instinct that told you I loved you. "No-o, your ; sister. "It is as easy 1to write shorthand," Foggs says, "as it is to rui\ into debt. In either ease it is the notes that bother a fellow." Irene— I've read so of ten about stag parties. What is a stag party? Laura , — Don't you know? It's a party where they are all male dears. "AVliat right -have Miss Scribb's friends to consider her a brilliant writer?" Scratchley — Er-why, the kind of ink she uses, I suppose. Mr. Mash—Was your sister expecting me this evening? "Yes, Iguesoso." "Did she say anything about it?" "No, but she went to the opera with Mr. Jones." Jess — Miss Fitz gives her ago as 29, but she means 30. Bess — Then why doesn't she say 30? Jess— O, that's the way merchants mark their goods nowadays. Wife — Cousin Kate says you were very impolite toward her when she called on Monday. Husband— That was because it was twilight and I thought at first it was yourself. Pastor, to peasant girl — Why do you weep so much? "Because, my lover has gone to tho army for three years." ' 'But those will soon be over; then he will return." "Yes, but I am afraid in tho meantime another man, will marry me. The Greatest Anus uiul t>iouk Coniry in the World. Keep your eye on tho country through Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas, now he- ing developed by tho construction of the creat through line, Kansas City, Pittsburg &GuLf railroad, completed nnd In operation between Kansas uity, Mo., and Pittsburff. Kansas, Joplin, Mo., Neosho, Mo.. Sulphur Springs, Ark and Siloum aprlnsfs, Ark., and rapidly extending to Port Smith, Ark., Texarkano, Avk., and tlie Gulf of Mexico. Remember Benton county, Arlr., 1ms taken 1st premium for fruit at all National and International e* positions. Copy of paper givinsr ful description of tho resources of the country through which this lino passes nnd wil extend into, mailed free upon application urundest opportunity ever offered to the himeseeker, JAMBS DONOHUE, Genera Passenger Agent, Kansas, City, Mo. An echo }s the only thing that gains rep utatjou by repeating itself, Home Seekers' Excursion Tickets Will be sold by the Chicago, Milwaukee & SL 1 ^" 1 Bailey on May 8th and May 39th, 1894, from Chicago to St. Paul, Minneap. oljs, Umnha,, Sioux City, Kansas City, and points beyond at practically one fare for the round trip. Excursion tickets will be good for return passage thirty days from date of sale, but are good for going pausiige only OR date of sale, ' " r * For fijrtber particulars apply to any Coupon Ticket Agent in the Untied or Canftda,, or address Qgo. H. gB Uen'} Pass, ao4 Ticket Agent, Chicago. A Business it>f smalt ' Wan!e&-a& ineoftel (6 a' My iowadaysj says Mrs, tilsofl la "Hofthweatefii Agrieni'lurlst." 1 A feliabJe aequaintdaee. told Me slie ckafed', thrdugii eggs and eafly dhiek* ens, $80 off heir fowls last ydaf, starfci ing with forty of them oa a village placfe bf three ot four tij&rel. Now" Most Women, tlie wHtef Included, ttimlt $I(J Quite a plum. But toefdfe all my rea'd- era wanting incomes rush into poultry culture, let me say the fr'end referred to above is an energetic, saving wdman, who, according to 'my favorite e&* pfesston when describing fiueh thrifty persons, Could get a living on a desert island. *he same industry and intelli* ptence which bring a pfoflt out of pbul- try ventures, would, if exercised in most other employ'nientst pr6bably command higher pay, and no money at all Is to be made in the poultry bus* mess without much of that pluck, a pound of which, Gen. G^arfleld said, is worth a ton of luckl But poultry culture is available for many who can not leave home nor spend time to engage in independent pursuits; it needs only small capital, and as spring s a natural and very good time to start, we better at once take up that ender subject,the spring chicken, preparing his cage While we have leis- ire.' It is a common practice to lay a jox or barrel on its side, then drive clown stakes in front, leaving just space enough for chicks to run in and out, thus keeping their mamma a prisoner until such time as they can do without her. liens belong to the free, active bird family, so this !above plan s incongruous, like the remark of a man who asked for an "empty barrel of flour to make me dorg a bin coop." Each brood of mine is given a roomy coop, 22x26 inches on its bottom, 23 Inches high in front and 10 inches behind, its single slant roof securely shingled. The coop floor rests on low 2x4 pieces, raising it from the damp ground two inches, thus preventing rheumatism, one of those, ailments human beings have incorrectly regarded as their own ^peculiar property. A door about two-thirds the height of slatted front, buttons up or lies down, and the coop back unbuttons to lot biddy out. These coops have been portrayed before, but I find nothing better to displace them. If housed during winter they will, like mine, last years, and in good repair, certainly prove rat, skunk, and dog proof. A dry goods box can be metamorphosed into such a home; the hinges and handles leather, the button wooden. ftev, 8» t to Assfes." *Wh%£ p-ubttsliedY la ol r tne felgfl'df" rfttfnes'l*' tt" id 1 naihed gyivesSef published a g entitled, ''Tobacco fiaite'f'edf dad the Pipe's Shattered ' Aboui Tliei* i&iPs Who Idly Use Sd Basa anJ Barbarous ft Weed." The British museum ha«j a book pub- lislied by ati anonymous author in 1?(50. It ho«i the odd title 1 , f'Did Ybli Eve* 1 See Such Stutf, oi'« So Much tef, Being a story Without Tail, \Vit c* Humor." • The Radclitfe library has a black letter book entitled, "A Chrystall Glass for Ohrisfan \Yotnen, Exhibit' ing tho Uoodlio Life and Death of Khtherino Stubs, of Burtan, upon Trent, in Staffordshire." ^ In 1595 an English proache* published a sermon entitled "Quippes for Upstart Newfangled Gentlewomen, Containing a Pleasant Invective Against the Fantastical Foreign Toys Dailie Used in Wdinen's The t= 1 ast and the Future. Bobhlo (In a sober rcood)— "Oil, momma, I \vis,b 1 only had all the money I've spent for candy," Matnmn (proudly)— "My boy would bis saving bank, wouldn't ho?" put are Feeding Table Bird*. A great loss is sustained on farms In general by neglecting to fatten table birds. Excellent authority says "the bird is allowed its liberty, and frequently but a scanty living until the morning when the pot-pie is wanted, and the good wife feels of his bony frame and sighs, sometimes even wondering that it is not fatter. Every bird should be shut up in close, clean quarters, and fed for seven to ten days. Kept in confinement longer than this, most birds begin to pine, lose their appetite and decrease in weight. The feeding- troughs should ba well scalded out daily, or every other day if the weather be cold, and sharp grit kept within reach of the fattening birds. Sweet oat meal and hot corn meal ma^h are among the best things to induce rapid fattening. The feed should be very slightly scalded. In this way every bird may be made to gain from one-third to one- half in weight without noticeable expense, and whether for selling or the table i£ means considerable profit A little salt in the food once a day is also advisable." Btateii A do erally 's tafl Is no teamster, but |t eea- Insures to Life of Mother and Child, y Hsing «MOTHPB'S FRIEND,' passed through the ordeal with little pain, was stronger in on $ k OHr tha» in » week alter the birth of her former child. —J. J, McGoLDRics, £ean Station, 1 ^^ Ground Aleut to Hens. The usual way of feeding ground meat Is to mix it with ground grain of some kind. This is unnecessary. It should be fed as a variety, and in a way to afford a change. There should be certain meals, on special days, for giving it to the hena. For Instance, give it at night, on every other day, in a trough, unmixed with other food, so that the hens will have nothing but the prround meat for that meal, The nest morning give some other food, as corn, and the following meal naay be of wheat or cut clover, The ground meat may be given plenti" fully, if fed in this wanner, Simply allow the hens to have all of jt thivt they will eat, and they will relish, it and find it beneficial, if fed on meat every mea^ it may cause bowel dim"* cuHyj but given pnee every two days, it will not be in any manner injupioHS, and will prove of great assistance in. inducing the h,ens t j Jay ^ this Robbie (delibetately)—"No, ma'am: I'd buy inora cnndy." For Ladles Only. Old gentleman—"There is something wrong with that slot machine In there. It claims to tell your correct age. I am over 70 nnd it maile me out 85." Hotel cleric—"That machine is for ladies only. You will find' a better one in the billiard room." t)ld Ton Ever Meet ti Tnaly Good ManT 5o doubt you think you have, but we'll wager a ainio or so he did . not have the rheumatism. If he did, he swore occasionally, and no ttinii can be truly good who swears occasionally. Health, nerve iran- quility and morality are apt to go hand in hand. Painful-, spasmodic diseases like rheumatism and neuralgia ruin the temper, M, 0 ," 8 . one morose, peevish and rebellious. Ihisisasad foot, but it is none tho loss true. Drive away tho pain, mollify the temper, restore tranquility of mind in cases of rheumatism and neuralgia with Hosteller's Stomach Bitt rs, an anodyne and tonic of comprehensive range and effect. It hoolthtully stimulates the kidneys, blod- dor, stotflticli, liver and.bowels when inactive, end-induces sleep and appetite, v A very quieting effect, not an unnatural, stupefying one like that of nn opiate, is produced by a wineglossful before retiring. It is incomparable in malarial disease. As long as a woinrn rstalns her maiden name it is her maiden aim to change it. HOUSEHOLD TREASURE, Growing Popularity of tlie Oxford Sowing Maolilnos. There is nothing more truly a household treasure than a good sewing machine. To bo without it is to ho willfully deprived' of tho immenso > advantage of 0110 of the greatest of all inventions. A machine ouca bought is a perpetuaUtreasure.. It demands no wages, occasions no expense or trouble, and is always ready without a moment's notice to render tho work of tho laborious housewife tenfold more efficient and ex- pedi tious. Some machines combine the host ideas and suggestions whick have been so abundantly introduced'in this remarkable mechanism. A machine which exhibits in liberal combination all tho best features introduced is the Oxford Sewing Machine, made by the Oxford Manufacturing Company; Chicago, with lock-stitch, shuttle running- light and quiet. These machines have tho following important features: Cheapness, perfect, self-adjusting and graduated tension, are under control of tho operator and are always positivo in their working. They aro entirely self-threading in all points, including tho shuttle. The needle is self-setting, tjhe nttncnmonts nro quickly aud easily placed and fastened. Tho shuttle has an easy oscillating motion, causing it to keep its proper place against tho race. Their Oxford, No. 14 and Columbia machines, with attachments, were awarded tlie medal premium at tho World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago. Poverty proves that more men know how to make money than to save it. Homoseolcera' Excursion South, via the Wabash Railroad. On May the 8th and 20th the Wabash will sell to nil points in Tennessee (except Memphis), Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana (except New Orleans), Arkansas, Indian T rritory, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico at one faro for the round trip. For tickets or descriptive pamphlets of lauds, climate, eta., call or address the Wabash Office, 220 Fourth street, Des Moines, la. HOIIAOB SisBi.r, Commercial Agent, The general who undertakes to do the private's work generally gets licked. Prompt Settlement. [ffrom tjie Anamnxa Journal,] Th« loss ou my household effects and to my borne which I recently sustained by flre, was promptly settled by the Hawkeye Insurance Qompany, of Des Mi lines, for which S. B. Colemao is agent. The Hawkeye makes many friends by its prompt settlement of losses. B. P, IBBI.ANP. township, April 12,1894 the Economy requires that in every receipt ' for baking powder the Royal shall be will go further and make the food lighter/ of finer flavor, more digestible and whaies^ffief; ftOYAt 6AKINQ f>OWbE& CO., 1-08 WALL ST., NEW YOftK, ANIMAL LIFE. So many sparrows have been killed at shooting matches in Bucks county, Pa., that the farmers exoect to be largely rid of the little pests. A sow on the farm of Richard Col- Iyer at AVoodbury, Long island, is said to have given birth to twenty- four pigs in the past month. The pigs were born in two litters and are claimed to be Sound and healthy. Massachusetts has spent $800,000 in efforts to exterminate the i English sparrow, and when the resolution war introduced in the senate the other A Woman of the World, Mr. Verarfoh—"Do not,* do .not, ,,t hastily, I will give yoit time to roB you wish." Miss lloautl— "It won't take long, many clubs do you belong to?" , "Well—ei—five oral*, but—*> , ._, "Then I will be your wife. I probaw* Will not see you often ettotigh to matterl"" Contentment. ,-, "Rabbi, who ft the happier,, the man"wl owns $1,000,000 or he w.ho has soveh * ' tors?'* "The one who has many daughtera'^ f i<l "Why so?" • •, - ,'^f "He who has $1,000,000 wishes for 'mcrt*^ the man who has seven daughters do&r not." '• , • , " day to.provide for the propagation of Homeseekers' Excursions—-On the Mongolian pheasant in the com monwealth the members displayed much caiition and asked many questions before voting. George Dlefenback of Louisville has a game hen from County'Gat way, Ireland, that is better than a rat terrier. The other morning a large rat tried to get at the hen's nest. Instantly the hen was all feathers. When the rat tried to run under her she pecked at him viciously. Every time the rat came, at the hen she dropped her wings and met him more than half way. Once the rat pulled out a little bunch of feathers, but his jump was short and he failed to catch the hen's neck. This made the hen more angry. She went at the rat in earnest. The two fought for half an hour and the hen killed the rat. The raj weighed three pounds. •.•'..' Submarine cables stretch 153,000 miles. Fare for the Round Trip. May 8th and 20th tho BurHngtdn' I., will sell round-trip tickets at tha' 'one-v rate to points in Nebraska, Kansas, "C orado, the Black Hills of South ~ " and northern Wyoming. , , „,.. Tickets good 80 days; stop-overs allowed*'^ This is what you've been waiting for—£ i* chance to come west and get a farm'itt" practically your ownjlffiire. Don't let the oft ' ' c { portunitygo by. A little money «?oes ^£""4^ long ways now-a-davs, and a few hundred ' dollars buys more and better _. land to-day than it over will again. Ask your nearest ticket agent (or full Ini > formation, or write to J. FIUNOIS, G. R,'/« T. A., Burlington Route, Omaha, Neb. „ Most of the* telegraph-operators in SwedwV are women. , . Fuffecevs from Coughs, Sore- Throat, etc., should try "Mrown'sJSroncM<$> ,".•$• Troches," a. simple but mire remedy. 8c&t 'K?4 only in boxes. , Price 25 cts. , . ',/$ With the aid of platinum wire, a battery and an electric bell you can hear a plant, grow. French railroads employ 282,000 persons. ' are simply pr» »ii4 ^re not rea4ily salafeje. Toey j&re proat^bJe pn » farm,, as) the male is vindictive and destroys cnicfes ai»4 amblings t»at may come in bis way. The ben seldom begins to lay until at leafct two ye^rs olil, and ofi«n o,ot until tUree year* of ftge, ing from five t« eUtsen e^gs, b§tch in about thirty (Jays- young peafowl fea^beri Tory rapidly, aud shou44 be fed every fcwp bows the firetnionth; thes fpiir limes ft 4*y until three months old, when it ehonlcj be given tnree me^le, jequiringg, lurge ehara o{ animftl fpo4, eueb us ws%$ bone. Otherwise they require t'lfl j care os ypung^? ke y«- P n !y the peafqvyl caij raise $hem, ss tieus wc3n them too eoon. Never judge a, woman's cooking by cake she takes to a church sooiabjb, E, B, WALTHA^L & CO., Druggists, Horne Cave, I?y., say; "HaU's Catarrh Cyye cpres every «ue thftt takes it," Sold tog druggists, 75q, f he flxperienced \7witer js seldom Bpset, KO inatter how b*K a tip he gets, Beeoham'sfills, for biUqus disorders, »re extensively gold and used in all civilised. countries. J.G cents a, box. When a ninu vuna into estrayagance it makes his pouket-book limp. Phi fob's r0n««inpU<m Cure Is noM on a R>«iran1ep. jt CHICS Jtii'lplent Consumn. ^^ S Before a nan kicks be ought to make tib- eolutely sure of his footing. , .. jCungU i»th8oMis.t<nrl be>t, Jt win Ureivlf uijuroia qulclc- ier tli^u it i.> tiling I'bw. UI>iH.lwiiyiM-«)Ubie, Try it He who raises v, laugh doea not neoesear- jly elevate bis wudi-euce. cure or inunvy rcfgujed. - * W " UI?U ' Dou't depend too much on popular sympathy. There are more tears in a peeled loan in a public cal«mity. r Uncle Saaj issued 5^,000 patents your laying hens feijsy. That s, give them eyercl^e by throwing their graJQ |e«4 BPQ^ the froor If the following letters hod been written by your best known and roost esteemed neighbors they could be no more worthy of your confidence than they now are, coming, as they do, from well known, intelligent, and trustworthy citizens, who, in their several neighborhoods, enjoy the fullest confidence and respect of all who know them, The subject of the above portrait ,is a well known and much respected lady, Mrs. John Q, Poster, residingat No, 88 Chapin Street, Canandaigua, N, X, She writes to Dr, ft, V, Pierce, Chief Consulting Physician to the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute at Buffalo, N. Y., as foflowss "I was troubled with eczema, or salt-rheum, seven yeara I doctored with a number of pw home physicians and received no benefit whatever. I also took treatment from, physicians Jn Rochester, New York, Philadelphia,. Jersey City, Binghamton, and received no benefit from them. J» fact I have paid out hundreds of dollars to the doctors without benefit, My brother came to visit us f rom the West and bo told ma to toyDr, Pierce's golden Medico] Discovery. He had tekoa it and it «M cured him. I have taken ten bottles of the 'Piscovery, 1 and am entirely toured, and if there should be any one wishing any information J would gladly correspond with them, if they enclose return stamped envelope," Not less remarkable is the following from Mr, J, A. Buxton, a prominent merphant of Jackson, N. p., wto says; **I had been troubled with sk|n disease all roy life, As I grew older the disease seemed to Jx> taping a stronger bold upon me, J tried many advertised remedies with no benefit,, until I was lod to try Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. When f began taking it my health was very poor; in fact, several persons have since told me that they thought Ihadtheconsunjption. {weighedpnlyaboijt 185 pounds. TheVupJaon on roy efeift was accompanied by severe itching. It was first confined to my face, but afterwards spread over the neck and head, and the itching became $iw$y unbearable. This was my con- diwon when I began taking the 'Discevery.' When I would rub the- parts fltffiected a kind p| lo-anny scale wo V 14 PI off r * *^ For a while I saw no change or benefit, from taking the 'Discovery,' but 1 persisted, in its use, keeping my bowels open by taking Dr. Plereo's Pleasant Pellets, and taking og- of the • Discovery,' It has "now beei' four years since I first used it, an4 thongK not using scarcely any since tho first yewrT my health continues good. My average weight being 165 to 160 pounds, InstettdCofl^ 125, as it w«s when I began tbo use oif w» ( 'Discovery,' Many persons have reminded me of my Improved appearance, Som* say J look younger than I did siJEjeajrp ago when I was married, I aw now for eight yeftra old, and stronger, and better Taealth than I have ever done to my hfe.» Ypure truly, . it Thousands boar testunonj terms, to the efikaey of th edy in curing tho most of rouses every organ into-l, r fies, vitalizes an4 enriches the — -,, through it, cleanses and renews tha system, All blood, skin, and. scalp d.jse$ua& from a, common blotch,or enjption,t<)M worsti scrofula are cured, by ife r For te«w£ ^^fV"rft&Wtt| 60Z6IXL& a-»'tTo!ir.Aln« V.At1n —*C«* bunoles, goitre, or 1 glands and .swe"' Js rc-bhedl Qf'itsfeors'Fy W'^'OisSyS™* an4 by ite persevering use fo 9 p^j • • system renovated amfbuitt \m A Book OQ Diseases of the i pre4 plate, itotratwgths ,__ tions, njailecj by tho World's DisperiiarF' Sfedical Association, Buffalo, 3f. TiTmt. receipt gf si* c«p,ti for postiige. "~ ^^.J^^^ff^V^^M »ores," i* vVhite 8w$J Jfl60B§ Oil IS Tfli »6URI OViR flbt, fiBAflfHWfl»iTflflg«. J Ai|!|!|i t to

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