The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 9, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 9, 1894
Page 5
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"'' ' ' n^ittfl OTmniRBIBsopfjM: ALQONA; IQWA, wiPK^P^rffi|tA^4 -*;; ; , ^^ OASflS, , ST. tooAti tftAtffs Wfis*. at..., i Nd!?l departs at *ttA18S SAS*. N0.2 departs at '••• No. 4 departs At ;•"«;•'" Kf eights that cawy passenger*-* No. 761 departs at 11- No. 04 departs at ^^^.fet a North- Mixed THE CITY CIRCUIT. Aug. Meyer and Martha Kressin are licensed to wed, Bids are advertised for grading the new road from the water mill. A new boy arrived at S. H. McNutt's home yesterday, and all are happy. Corn planting is pretty well along. That beftts last year about three weeks. Mrs. Dexter Turner lias been very sick the past week, but is getting better. The Good Templars will give a basket social at their hall on Saturday evening. LuVerne has a big addition to its town plat. Surveyor Telher laid it outlast week. The ladies of the Baptist church will serve strawberries and cream with cake tomorrow evening. The new part of the cemetery is being surveyed. It will be very handsomely platted. . Grant Ramsey has been putting ^an addition on the house he owns in the south part of town. Stock owners will be interested In . the notice that the pasture west of the Blackford bridge is open.. Rev E. P. McElroy preached at Burt last week and will go again. The Monitor says: He is an able speaker. The Algona ball nine went to Burt to play Saturday. We cannot find one of them who can remember the score. There will be services at the Baptist church next Sabbath as usual, conducted by Rev. E. J. Brownson of Englewood, III. Lorena, the two-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. S. McMurray, was buried Monday. She died of tubercular meningitis. W. H. Connt-.r got $3.95 for his cattle, which was pretty low, but which still left him a profit for feeding. Pat. Kain shipped yesterday. LuVerne has a different kind of a walking club from Algona. It is composed of young ladies and they have actually been seen out walking. Bancroft will celebrate memorial day. Chaplain Barber .of -Sac City will deliver the address, and local speakers will respond to patriotic sentiments. J. B. Brown returned to Algona Monday from a visit to Ottumwa. He will go to a new field in the insurance business and not remain in Kossuth. W. F. Carter has traded for an $8,000 stock of dry goods at Wesley, and went over yesterday to invoice. He will put them in the A. D. Clarke building and sell them out. This morning's Register says: "Col. S. S. Sessions of Algona was in the city over Sunday. The colonel was feeling very much encouraged over his chances for clerk of the supreme court." ' In thedeal for his stock of goods John Grove traded his home on east ' Call street, and will now buy or build another. He will probably add a fine new residence to the season's list. tfia infidelity requite toffi *WW»ty We would like to knew whefe therti h arnftfl who CM e-ftt »ofe&f digest bette? than 1 Col. iHgUfsoll." is this our MP. McElroy? The well diggers got tneit 1 macblftei«y In Monday fat *WM> U W *£\Jj?« water bucket ifl the well and begaa work yesterday, They have beefi delayed over a week, Mr. Swanson is digging a Well at Brltt ahd part of his men have gone there to work. Among the spring's improvements none are more worthy of notice than those at the Bon Ton restaurant. New paper, paint, and skillful artists have made a wbttderful transformation about the place. "Joe" rightly considers that the best is none too good for him. Secretary Rice has had 29 proposals to put factories in Algona in response to a little advertisement inserted in Chicago papers. Everything from pianos down cat! be made here, and men are Willing to come. Correspondence is busy with the commercial exchange. The same Lake City paper which reports the death of Josephine McCoy has a long account of a musical entertainment just given by the two sisters to pay for a piano they had been instrumental in having the public school buy. The high school scholars furnished the programme and $55 was netted. J.H. Quiuk, who taught school at Wesley and once wanted the nomination for county superintendent of the county, is leading attorney at Sioux City in a case that is attracting _ wide attention, He represents a citizens committee who charge that the county supervisors have misappropriated some $300,000'. Glen. Brunson received a telegram from Supt. Hill of the Independence asylum, offering him a first class position, and he has gone to.accept.. He gets a good salary in addition to expenses, and is also leader and instructor of the band which gives him good pay. It is the place he wanted when down before. if tte F86ia ( and wi-whWM'to r; .-.- &ny fibUe 9n«5 ."""H^ ?&jft/2* «ut Wa9 wftHtlfijf ibfttit In heP StocKlng feet when she d?6$ped & needle aftd stepped 6fl it, ruftntng H into he? foot over fttt inch, it was bright afld so did fi6t faake a bad Wound, bul she felt it ail the time that she was la town. J. ¥. ChfischllleB /wrifit to MlfifiB' apolta yesterday eft a business trip. Henry WeftvV and^ family", alarWd tof theiP hew hotne in KaiiepBli, Mont., One of the visHofS at the state can- test was Mrs, W. 'P. Barclay, *ho was Mrs. Geo. & Clarke's guest, She Is a sister of PfOf, Doras, ahd was ifl Algona several years while Prof. Barclay presided 6vef the destinies of Algona college and occupied the Methodist pulpit. They are now at .Mason City, wheVe Rev. Barclay has had 300 conversions and where he is soon to begin the erection of a $25,000 church. Her old'time friends greeted her warmly and were pleased to see her again, Those who remember Mrs. G. G. Ames when she was a teacher in the Algona public schools will regret to learn of her recent death in her Portland, Oregon, home. Mr. Ames 10' cated in Algoha in the law Practice with C. P. Borland in the late '70s, and Mrs. Ames took a room in school. After a few years they went to Portland, where Mr. Ames was very fortunate in land speculation and in his practice, Mrs. Ames was a scholarly woman, and greatly admired by all who knew her. Carter's advertisement of free candy brought out more youngsters than the Pied Piper of Hamlih's magic flute did, and more than anyone believed lived in or about Algona. They were to come at 10 o'clock, but 20 minutes before that the store was so full that he had to begin to give out the candy to get rid of them and let in customers. The 100 pieces of candy were pasted on slips of paper and he gave out nearly 600 slips, and no one over 12 years old was allowed in tbe race. If anyone doesn't believe advertisments are read let him offer something free. J/\O« Sam Lee and Fong Loy were up from Eagle Grove yesterday to open a first- class laundry. Loy will begin in the Galbraith basement. They are very pleasant and intelligent Chinamen. The opera house company, have no connection whatever with the Twitchell & Bobbins company, who occupy the opera house the balance of this weelc, they having rented the house to them. Last Wednesday evening Rev. Bagnell joined Chas. Roupe and Miss Emma Walker in marriage. We join in congratulations to the happy couple, 'whfl are among the county's best young people, Supt. Reed found that the chief objection to moving the old Greenwood Centers school bouse was that it was too long, and like Solomon he ordered it out in two if necessary and part ol it mo'ved, Dr, Morse went to Bancroft last week , to assist in an operation on the. \verMN^aPpendi/of a lady living \there She is recovering nicely, Which is'not "the rule after these i 'operations, I \ Miss May Curry, who represented 1 ison City in the contest, is daughter . an old'time Algonian, who was em* [oyed as "fireman on the Milwaukee Her mother is ft sister of Mrs, iy conversing with the professors j were here last week and who. .ted the city schools THS UPPBS JU^Tvrflg-jfc satisfied that Algona .„„„-« to he pleased with the work >W\}s being done- Prof. Johnson of the normal school spent a part of his vacation in Des Moines. While there he completed a contract for a special teacher in reading. She will begin her work in the summer school. She is not only a fine elocutionist, but she comes recommended as one of the best teachers of reading in the state. James C. Taylor post, Grand Army of the Republic, are perfecting arrangements for the proper observance of memorial day. Judge Hicks of Minneapolis has been invited to deliver the memorial address and has accepted. The judge is well known in G. A. R. circles in Minnesota, and has a national reputation as an orator. Senator Carpenter, who gained considerable reputation in the last legislature through his bill for regulating tbe liquor traffic, and who is a leading candidate for attorney general of the state, was a room mate at the state university of C. B. Matson during one term. He was the youngest senator at this session and is one of the rising young men of Iowa. Prof. Walt. Doran of Monticello, who is one of the leading spirits in the state declamatory association, was located in Algona once as a lawyer. That was 19 years ago and he staid exactly six weeks. He had an office over Dr. Sheetz' store: He is a shrewd manager and stands high as a school man in the state. He enjoyed his visit to Algona. Assistant Claim Agent Austin of the Milwaukee road was out Monday looking oyer the ground where the Jos. Thompson accident occurred. He and Geo. E. Clarke had J. F. Nicoulin take a number of photographs of the spot and of the surroundings. As the plaintiff also has a lot of pictures the jury will not be at a loss to understand tbe situation. E. P. Bircher is now driving the fastest stepper that ever went on the Algona track. It is " Belton," a handsome six-year-old with a record ol 2-25i, that he traded his Minnesota farm for at Hampton. The price of the horse was $1,860. He will enter him in the LeMars races first and go through the northwestern circuit in the 2;23 class. The New Hartford Index has an item about a well known Kossuth teacher: "A. A. Sifert, who has been .the successful principal in our school for the past year, has accepted the same position in the Clarksville school; We are sorry to have Mr. Sifert leave us, as he is now acquainted with all the scholars and knows just what each of them can do. . He has been very successful in his school work and is spoken very highly of by all who know him. We recommend the professor to the best citizens of Clarksville as an educator and gentleman." A tramp at LuVerne tackled Conductor Ford of our Northwestern train with a revolver. The News saya he had possession of an empty box car, which was set out there. He didn t like the idea of having his special car sidetracked in that manner, so he jumped out and made for Mr. Ford with a big revolver, which he pointed straight at him. Mr. Ford is not easily bluffed and he gave the fellow to understand that he had better drop his gun and get out of the yard. This fellow probably thought he could steal a train all alone, but he stumbled on to the wrong conductor. C. Byaon went to Sioux City Monday mornlhg as a delegate to the state meeting of M6dern Wobdmeh. Rev. A. S. Flanagan will dome oyef from Clear LaUe and pfeach a week from next Sunday, His old hearers will be glad to welcome him. Col. Thos. F. Cooke goes ( to DCS Moines soon to discuss with Adit, Gen. Prime about putting a state rifle team in the interstate contest this year. Iowa will have a team if there is money enough, R. M, Seeley was up from Des Moines over Sunday. Mrs. Seeley will remain in Algona till her mother comes, which will be in a short time. Mr. Hedrick hears that his little girl is much better. She has been very sick in her Florida home. Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Chrischilles returned from Texas last Wednesday. Mrs. Chrischilies has entirely recovered from her rheumatic troubles, but Mr. Chrischilles has not been feeling well since his return, on account of a cold which settled in one ear. CUt in Two. The Pioneer Press, always abreast of the times, has reduced its subscription rates just one-half. The new rate on the daily and Sunday editions is but 60 cents per month, $5 per annum, in advance; for the daily, without Sunday, 40 cents per month, $4 per annum, in advance; Sunday only, $1.50 per annum, in advance, 50 cents for three months. The Pioneer Press is now the cheapest metropolitan newspaper in the country. Its high standard .will be thoroughly maintained, and, in view of the largely increased circulation which it will most assuredly have, it has entered into arrangements to even greatly improve the paper. Everyone can now afford to have a daily paper, as it costs but a cent and a fraction a day. All orders should be addressed to the Pioneer Press, St. Paul, Minn. .*£*& % state prpp report lor the 'tTalfing the state as a --^ is about one?balf completes, ripmjitions ape favorable for a good IA AU increased acreage ol po- 'Mhas been planted," ^ B W,. H, Porward to to deliver H W. Byf .'s of Harlan, who was con- ceeded to be 1 the best speaker in the lower house at Des Moines, and who made a reputation that will put him to the front in Iowa politics, used to live in Kossuth county north of Wesley, He came to this section with Mr. Daggett, a well known citizen, some years ago. His memories of pioneering are very amusing. Webster City starts out an Uncle Tom's Cabin show this spring. The Graphic says; "This will be Webster City's first offense against her neighboring cities, and we beg they will not be too hard on us. The mule, the dogs and Topsy must live," The Brunson boys traded their wagons and outfit to the new company, who will stop a week in a place and give a variety of plays, The Collins Family Concert company gave two very fine programmes at the Congregational church Monday ana Tuesday evenings, They are good musicians, 'A sister of Mollie Scott, who was so well known as a pianist in Al« gona years ago, plays the yjoUn and Another the piano. They both have the talent their sister had and are very fine. The Scott family were evidently born musicians, The social union club meets Friday evening with a programme including a paper on the the petit jury by J, W. McMahoRi and oa the legal profession by Cbas. Cohenour, J. J, Ryan will take part, and music will be ,. by Miss Grace Giichrist and by a quartette, D, T, Smith, A. L. , Geo. Hamilton, and C. M. poxsee. A good audience is insured by so excellent an entertainment. The two jail birds who broke into Wolpert's store made a second attempt to go through our jail Sunday night. About a week ago they broke into the little cage and tried to dig out at the same place that Kenna went througn, but Sheriff Samson caught them at it. Sunday night they had a little steel strip they had notched and were sawing the bars of the cage off. Night- watch York heard them and aroused Deputy Brunson and he got Sheriff Samson and the two went down about 1 o'clock and stopped f u rther proceedings. The jail is a hard place to hold anybody in and it requires constant watching. The dedication of the now Catholic church will occur May 30, at 10:30 o'clock, and the address will, be delivered by Father Calmar of Chicago, one of the leading speakers in the church. In the evening he will give a popular lecture. About 30 priests will be present and the ceremony will be very Imposing, Speaking of the eyent the Dubuque Times says: "Father Nicholls of Algona will dedicate his new church May 30, Much praise is due the reverend gentleman for his untiring efforts in building the present edifice, which will compare favorably with the best churches in the state," FONG LOY will open a laundry in Algona on May 25, and will then be prepared to do first-class work at reasonable prices.— 7tl3 Two GOOD pumpkin pies for 5 cents at the Opera House Grocery. CARPETS, we have a nice new stock and are making some special inducements. Our all wool C. C. at 50 _ cents is a big bargain. Geo. L. Galbraith. LEAVK your orders for ice at Ladendorff's. Peter Winlcel.—6t3 Dress Making. Miss Mury O'Connor is prepared to do dress making of all kinds. Rooms in second story of the Galbraith building, on Call street.—4t4 Special inducements all next month in our j. Millinery Department ^EXCLUSIVE STYLES. Charley H., 2:31i Will malse the season of 1804= at the fair grounds. Terms-$10 for the season, with return privilege; $15 ?*tia If the horse takes a mark of 3:30 orbettei. Something for Nothing J. F. PRESTON, M. D.,. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat i • SPECIALIST. MASON CITY, IOWA. Spectacles scientifically fitted and guaranteed. Is now east; will return In June. Cheap Excursions. On May 8 and 29 the Northwestern line will sell home-seekers' excursion tickets to points in northwestern Iowa, western Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Manitoba, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and Montana at exceedingly low rates for the round trip. Tickets will bo good for return passage within thirty days from date of sale and will allow stoo- over privileges on going trip in territory to which tickets are sold. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern Kail- way company.—6t4 LEAVE your orders for ice at Ladon- dorff's. Peter Winkel.— 6t3 To those who prefer it i I .will make a win« of ffifiO for 2;2o. $7u lor /i.'-u, ui IlOO for 3:15. Colt' free if the horse does not make these records. I C. A. SMITH, 7t3 - ALQONA, IA. NOTICE TO GRADERS. Sealed proposals will De received at the ' m BUY your canned goods at the Opera House Grocery. You can make it pay. U the fill will he , tatam and also the price Do you want reliable abstracts?' We make them promptly and at moderate prices. Is your title to your land perfect? It is always well to know about this. A small cloud on your title might cause somebody a good deal of trouble. Better, see about it now. An nrmrovecl Dona 01 twu JIUUM*.«« dollars ($200) Will he required from the successful M Tne r 'commlttee reserves the right to reject any or all bids Li e8tlniate can D6 se en at the u. CALL, Mayor. nr, ++, vwvi*»i* *•» *y *t~**,',"» wtftl day address at gurotoldt. tnetia Vewber of the. geth We*° e Tbfantry during the war, and a »WC^k|r'on w»F suWects. He to. Ibe b«U4; Pasturage. For cows, with entrance near the Blackford bridge, is now ready at the usual prices. No responsibility for loss or damage to stock from any cause whatever will he assumed. All stock pastured on any part of the farm must be at owner's risk. J. A. Vipond will have the management of the pastures, 7t2 WM, H. INGHAM. • Smithing Coal, Piedmont Cumberland smithing coal at the Northwestern elevator, The best smithing coal mined. 7t4 a L. LUNP, FOB sale cheap, a pure-bred Jersey bull calf, entitled to registry, Call on J, B. Winkel,-7t2 HOUSE to rent, Inquire at Kossuth County State bank,—7t2 BRAHMA eggs for hatching—50 cents a setting, D, T, Smith.—7tg CBAS. WlNKCS has the A, A- Call sand pit, »nd has sa.nd to sell,—7t2 UALBBAITS is selling ginghams, out. }ng cloth, caUcos, and plad dress goods at 5 cents a yard, WHITE SWAN ftour sold only by L,angdon & Hudson. He f*'\» '4MiTMU$r*lH,.. |b9Ve teS«ST- Sjent b\a on tfee ipte **«, ^ «T-.f--T- ffcey furnish pne of ike SHjj j, y *.a M&muA bfi wtU " et u,p The school board me$ Saturday and by unanimous yote elected the present corpsolteaoherBfor the sowing year. This is a high compliment to ajl aB(J welUeserved, They have been giving Algona as good » school a* any two in the state has, It is reported, tb&t Mies Qilcbrist will pot beaojletpaccept ber election, as sbe will go to WeUeuey in tbe fall t9 enter cpuege. Sbs has high praise for her worfe tbui I»P. Ope of tbe young Mfca (r°». .jj ^fjpH. V 1 —p — *•—T— Friday at Jja»gdoa & LEAVE your orders for ice at Laden' dorff'a. peter Wjnkel.-6t3 WALL paper, new stock at Gal' to loan on long or short Geo, Q. CaU.--tf _ ti-,es tJ '.r, , ""sA-T^' i/-V* \> i|»4 Friday %re strawberry '- M v*^*»» WY4NPOOT , bebM Qf Cbariyy f^ge, •f$lSi**iil • , • S. S. Sessions For Clerk. Sioux City Journal: Hon. S. S. Sessions of Kossuth county is announced as a candidate for the republican nomination for clerk of the supreme court. Mr. Sessions is a member of the present general assembly, and during the late session added largely to his already large personal acquaintance throughout the state. He will undoubtedly go into the convention with a strong following in northern Iowa in addition to his friends in other portions of the state, Des Moines Capital: In another column we publish the formal announcement of the candidacy of Colonel S. S, Sessions of Algona for the office of clerk of the supreme court, Colonel Sessions served with great acceptability in the Twenty-fifth general assembly and his friends ave supporting him with great earnestness for the office of clerk of the supreme court. He will be especially strong among his associates in the house, all of whom became bis fast friends, If he shall be nominated, his uame will add strength to the ticket, State Register; The Algona UPPER DES MotNES has announced S, S, Sessions of that city for clerk of the supreme court to succeed G, B. Pray, Mr. Sessions is in a measure well known in Iowa affairs, having served as director of the state agricultural society for many years and as a member of the last house from Kossuth county, in the house he was a very valuable man on account of his wide acquaint* ance, He was a bard worker daring the entire session, and was successful in securing favorable action on many billB which be favored., He was chair' man of the committee on insurance. Mr. Sessions has many qualities that fit him for the place be is seeking. His record a? a republipan, is good from first to last. Ri8 chief competitors for tbe nomination at tbe present time are 0. T. Jones, the present deputy! and Mr, Allison of Grundy Center. Carroll Herald; Hon. S. S, Sessions of Algona is formally announced W THEUPPEB DBS Moores is a candidate for clerk of tbe supreme court, tbe position now filled by Gib Pray. Mr. Sessions ie tbe prince of gaoft fellows and possesses every quaUflpatiow for tbe office, The .Tentji ._ .. to seeeyery STATE OF IOWA, .tor's Office. Insurance Department, Jones & Smith. [For publication,] DBS MOINES, Iowa, April 30,1804. Whereas, The Minnesota Farmers'Hall In- ^^^w>s^^^^ nee a sworn statement of its condition nn tiiB thli-tv-flrat day of December, 180t), in accordance with^the provisions of Chapter Four Title Nine, of the code of Iowa, AD 1873, and amendments thereto, relating to insurance companies; and whereas, said statement shows that said Insurance company hoei compiled with the laws of this state relating to Insurance. T n n Mn Therefore, In pursuance of law, I, O. u. MO McCarthy,!auditor of state, do hereby certify that said insurance company Is authorized to transact the business of hail insurance iu the iiSKfv.,:„„,,„*., nvnnftriv aivnolnted and au- TO THE PUBLIC. I desire to say to the people of this section that I am better than ever prepared to meet their wants in the line of Painting, Paper Hanging, etc.. and feel free to say that I can guarantee my work to be first class. I mix my own paint and people can Imow just what they get. It may be well to add that I was not responsible for tlae inferior work done last, season by the flrm with which I was unfortunately connected for a short time; circumstances whica I could not control caused some poor work to be done, but I promise my patrons that it shallnot'ocour again. I am fixe ''boss" now, and you may rely on what I tell you. Give me. a trial and you will be satisfied, JAS. A. ORB. for ana on DenM>n ui otuu ^w**!^.*"., «~ •-**"--r^- by law until the 31st day of January, A. D, 1 Ifurther certify that the statement shows- 1st, The actual amount of paid-up 1803 to be .. .. ..«.,"••• -'"" Mutual. 3d, The aggregate amount of assets of said company, Dec. 31, . 1893, to be., y; 11 , 1 ," fl 5 " 3 "*" 1 * 3d, The aggregate amount ol liabilities ofsaid company, Dec, Jl, 1803, to be .,.,..,....,.,.. None, 4tb. The aggregate income of said ,..„.„, company for the year 1803 to be 14,004,71 5th- The aggregate expenditures of said company for the year 1893to be,..f...*,.. ,,-•• rl8.150,Q3 In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed the seal of my office the day and year above written, _ •« "-"'"'""^ AYidltoF of state. Livery and Sale Stable, BY GEO, HUNTER, nant house, I am now prepared to furnish the public with the best of livery rigs at moderate prices, Also Break Colts to Drive, and guarantee satisfaction. Have all' necessary appliances for property handling colts, iwd break them into kind; ana gentle drivers, wm also. BOARD HORSES and give them the best ol care. Giving onr personal attention to the business, patrons can rest assured we will do our best to please them, GEO. HUNTER, Proprietor, A NEW FIRM, NORTON '& ROBINSON Will furnish you with the best of jivery rigs, with or without artyer, at moderate prices, .'Also give their. best attention to Boarding and Mg Hows, L-.« AJaifiik'4? £ .

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