The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 2, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 1894
Page 7
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still floujrish'e'g in the na* r'egtfnant'f of trUi Attglb-thdlaa fty, and the entire Mgifnefit 'Is pa". to witness the infliction of the MLishmefit.. Ndvel m'eans wefa taker! by the wif 6 el an excise commissioner in Jamaica, Jtf. Y.» to collect a debt against a saloonkeeper. She obtained possession of his license and held it until There is a tradition Ja dotinty, Pa., that a baby which Wears a black snake's skin foi? a gai'tet will be free from croup. Tfiere is anothei? tradition that if a white baby be kissed by a negro woman it will never, get the whooping 1 cougli. Among the Sious Indians a common custom exists. When one family borrows a kettle from, another it is expected when the kettle is returned a small portion of the food that has been cooked in it will be left in the bottom. Should this custom be disregarded by any ona that person would never be able to borrow again, as the owner must always know what has been cooked in her kettle. A 'queer lawsuit has just been tried in'Iionesilale, Fa. The employers of a glass company offered to their em- ployes who got married a house rent free for six "months arid $10 for the first child born. Arthur Richardson, an apprentice, married and for -the first half year paid no-rent and when his first heir was born claimed tho $10 bounty. The company denied his claim, and not only refused to pay, but demanded the rent. The case in court hinged an whether Richardson married for love or to secure the bonus, and as he declared that love tvas the inducement the court ruled that this was fatal to his case. Facile Prlnceps. Retired Diplomat— I am surprised that you should claim superior abilities to mo as a negotiator. Why, 1 averted a war be- t-ween two of the great powers! Sport— Huh! Well, 1 brought about a fight to the finish between two pugilists. Trletired Diplomat— Pray accept my apologies. sir! HESS AND HEAD NOISES CUBES MPccMlavhMeEarCutWam. Whljperalloaril. Successful when all retneitlia fail. Sol'i ',N.}'. Write for book of proofe £t Slight «*g»a*s it 1* ftwiitBte t« ftt! fldftga With JfftiHlfjd&HSefcW. WANTED SALESMEN •""" ' "•** to soil California wlnos. Sent! 10 postage stamps for full particulars. M. J. MANIX. -1310 IT.trn.ttin Street., Mob. . .. WHERE ALL ELSE FAILS. . I Best Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. tTsej In time. SoldbydniBglsts. Sips of You don't have to look twice to detect them—bright eyes, bright color, bright smiles, bright in every action. Disease is overcome only when weak tissue is replaced by the healthy kind. Scott's Emulsion of cod liver oil effects cure by ^building up sound flesh. It is agreeable to taste and easy of assimilation; Prepared by Scott & Bovrno, 71. Y. ., , lafi , , tioVel expef irfieftt In the ap^licatiofi of" d« v tvifaamiil tb rtn electric lightifig plant. " Thfe plant, though an experimental o»e, is now in operation" withdui &s yet a single mishap, and the storage cells furnish ;cwreat , fot tweut^ foiir incandescent lam"ps.!n Mr. Corco* ran's residence. ' Everything points to the complete success of the scheme. The mill has a diameter of eighteen feet, and ttt a sneed of twenty miles ttfi hour is capab'le of delivering three- horse-power. The dynamo driven by belt from tho main gear charges a''6Ct o'f storage bdtteriesi it is so designed that throughout the wide variations of speed of tho Windmill it maintains the potential constant . Mr. Corcoran says that the application of a windmill to run the dynamos of an electric lighting plant will place electricity in the homes of thousands, \vlio cnn thus secure their motive power from nature. A windmill is not a very costly structure, and any one who owns a bit of open land about his residence Can erect one and fit up his simple electri* cal apparatus inside of it. The thousands of windmills one sees in traveling over the country, if Mr. Corcoran's scheme proves a permanent success, may be utilized for lighting the residences of the owners and those of their neighbors, as well as drawing water for stock. One windmill .Will light half a dozen residences at the same time. The machine in Mr. Corcoran's windmill occupies a floor space of only thirty inches square and fifteen inches high. The dynamo has a maximum current capacity of thirty-five amperes at thirty-five volts and is put into action when the speed is 000 revolutions' per minute, that is, when an eight-mile breeze is blowing. A great thing that deterred experiments with windmills was 'the wind itself, but it is believed that success can be had with the average rate of .7% miles per^hour that can be depended on throughout tho United States,While the maximum and the minimum rate, of bourse, vary during different seasons at the sea-coast and in different localities, tlie average rate of 7% miles can be obtained at almost any point in the country. Near the seacoast and .in elevated localities the average rate is much" higher, and it is in such situations that the first attempts will be made throughout the country to apply the plan of generating electricity with the aid of wind. So it will be readily seen that the utilization of the waste forces of nature is steadily pushing itself to the front Engineers now study applications which were hardly considered proper for a sane man to consider a dozen years ago. THE ORIGIN OF INVENTIONS. The earliest reaping hook was the lower jaw of an antelope lashed to a stick. The first plow was a forked limb, drawn through the ground by animal power. The spinning wheel was invented in India before the most ancient historical records. The Egyptians, 3,000 years before Christ, had hoes made of bons, with wooden handles. The spade used by the Roman peasant during the empire was a wooden instrument tipped with iron. The telescope was discovered by the children of a lens-maker who were playing with a couple of lenses. Are tell-tale symptoms that your blood is not right—-full of impurities, causing a sluggish and unsightly complexion. A few bottles of S. S. S. will remove all foreign and impure matter, cleanse the blood thoroughly and give a clear and rosy complexion. It is most effectual, and entirely harmless. Chas. Heaton, 78 Laurel St., Phila., says;—"I have had for years a humor in my blood which made rne dread to shave, as small boils or pimples vvonld be cut thus causing shaving to be a great annoyance. After taking three bottles of —-=- f ace is all clear and smoo th as it should be—appetite splendid, sleep well and feel like running a foot race, all from the use of S, S, S. m SWIFT SPECIFIC CO, Atlanta, Qa. ,O.X>* ; O, —T'T" *~~i T' uri•-;•,, ••• --"—*—i- Send for Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed (TCK_ Pat?30h EmefSOft of Conway, ^feadhSd for fifty.-feVon" 1 yeai's in that 'place Iti ttie early,days of the* rejlufo- lic. He kept tt diary from whi'dh the following entries are taken: Jan. 1» 17&9—Endeavored to begin this yoaiS'in ft plbus manner, imploring forgiveness for many offenses afid begging for grace to live batter in tlioffntui'o. * By profession 1 am a OkflstiSh'mifal'stdi 1 , but 0, how, h6\v tmworthy this honor and how inconsistent has my aeportment been with that high and Sacred character. 6—Attehcl a marriage. Foe, CAPITAL CITY NURSERIES, T IIKIVH IB no larger or better selected BIOCK in tno Nor.bwcst, nor one any where better adopted to the uaeu of Prairie Planters, Complete In all depwrt- jnenta. Bruit Trees, Borest Trees, gjnaH Fruits, JBjversreenB," OrnimenteJa, etc. An nqnest, rellnblo Agent wanted In evnry county in the Northwest Complete OutlHand the best of terms oflere<) J87P f, JL, WATiiOUH, DCS Hollies, lu, raw m W. Tb, VQVGKAB S3 SHOE equals custom work, costing froiij $4 In $6, best value lor the money In the world. . Name and price stain|)cd on the bottomry Rvery • pair warranted, Take no substi. tc, See Ipciil papers for ful) description of our complete 'ines for ladies aud gen. tlemen or send for Illustrated Catalogue giving' instructions how to or' derby mail. Postage free. You can get the best iwgains of dealers who push our shoes. TOMl Homes! In San Luis Valley. Colorado, The Qarden §ppt of {he Rooky Mountain?,,,, (.000 acres ot fine land, all under first-class flgating outmls, with perpetual ivater rights, clieap, 8 years time, 6 per cent Interest, Grains, grasses and Vegetables Grow Hereto Perf9ction. s sure; no droutliB, no cyclones, no bllz- ( abupd^nce ot pure arteslao water; oil- Yfe bftvo cbvrjUes, subools, RICE SO CENTS, AI.1.PRUGGI3TS THE HOUSEWIFE'S am mum, n mm CAN ^ 101 FiuJ a btfild B on Jjreaented to hiin. of GfAnt and .Lineolfl high relief Are being modeled ifl by O't>onov4n for the Bf ooklyfl 1ft .Jatt. 19—Went to Shelburno to attend* tho ordination of Mi*. Packard. Coiincil sat until 8 o'clock at night. April 1—Went to Greenfield on business. Lodged at Mr. Newton's. A fire in the night and saw Mr. Chapman's house destroyed by tbe ragfias? elements. 1'hank God, no lives wore lost. May 28-rSot out on horseback foi 1 a journey to Boston. The country was in an alarming 1 condition and some means must be devised to suppress infidelity. Was gone ii'om homo near two weeks'. Expenses to and from Boston $2,16. Nov. 7—A Baptist minister was ordained in town. I did not attend. (No, of course he did not. The fences wore very high in ye olden time.) Doc. 3—Went to Charlatnont to the installation of my son-in-law, Joseph Field. (It is well Parson Emerson was taken to heaven before Mr. Field became a Unitarian minister, which ho did later in life. A church was built for the new denomination and Parson Field preached the ser ; mon from the text, "Tho glory of this latter bouse shall bo greater than of'the former.") I Dec. 29.—Lord's Day. Preached < from Samuel, i. 27: "How are tho mighty fallen," on the occasion of the death of General Washington. Jan. 1, 1800.—Had much company. In the evening married a c.ouple. Fee, $].2o. Had u cheese given roe. Value, about $1. Deacon Ware a present of beef. Value, about'20 cents, Jan. 23—Married three couples. Fee, $6.25. Jan. 24.—After* service Lemuel Billings read a paper containing reasons why ho can no longer commune with our church. Spent a long time to convince him of his error and to dissuade him from being dipped and joining the Baptists, but to no purpose. July 6. —Bottle rum at Bardwell's store, 60 cents. Aug. 1-2. — Two quarts rum at Williams' store, $1.50. Paid for killing hogs, 17 cents. Feb. -1.—Postage for letters, 17 cents. Paid a woman tailor for one day, 26 cents. ,Oct. 20.— Put in a cellar for winter use thirty-eight barrels of cider. Value, $32. Yttng Iftt, the Chinese minister at Washington, is cutting a v«if# wide swath, liis costume, carriage and mansion outshine those of any other diplomats. iTi'ank Knssell of Cheboygan Wid., has succeeded in domesticating a seagull, which iu now i'unning about his farm with a brood of chickens, of no earthly use to anybody. Lord Rosebei'y's son ftnd heir, who bears the title of Lord Dalmony, is a bright boy about 12 years old. There are also several little daughters in the big mansion in Berkeley square, London. Evelyn Abbott, fellow ot BalHol college, Oxford, has been chosen by the present master nftid follows to prepare the biography of the late Professor Jowett, so long the master of Balliol. Lady liutler is engaged on a picture of "Waterloo," which may possibly rival her wonderful ''Roll Call 11 in public estimation. She is now set* tlud at Aldershot with her husband, Sir William Butler, and her five children. William Pinney Teeple, who died at Manchester, Pa., a few days ago at the age of 76 years, was famous as a deer slayer, lie began killing them when ho was 11 years old, and is said to have 'shot not less than 3,000 of them. Consolation. • The young lady at the piano was playing a difficult selection from Wagner. In the midst of it she suddenly stopped in confusion. ''What's thomatterV inquired ono of the • , f»»t(«/v • f « I,YW*4 •',,-;• v* '!«'• >* : '^wl '• ' <-,;/,, .-«<,••/,> ' v '| 5 'ml : -'^^Mm TAKING SOUNDINGS AT SEA. The Method by "Which a llopth of Five Allies Is Reached. A ship regularly engaged in doop sea Bounding usually has the sounding machine mounted at the after end, says the Popular Science Monthly, and when about to sound is brought to a standstill with the stern to the sea. Tho stray line, with the sounding rod and sinker attached, is over the guide pully and carefully lowered to the waters edge, the register is set to zero, and the deep sea thermomerer Is clamped to the sounding lino; a seaman ia stationed at the friction lino which controls the velocity with! which tho wire IB unreeled, another at the brake, and a third on the grating outside to handle tho sinker and instruments and to guide the wire as it passes overboard; a" machinist is at the hoisting engine, and the recorder takes a position for reading tho register. When tho sinker is let go the vessel is maneuvered so as to keep the wire vertical, and the friction line is adjusted so as to allow it to descend from seventy to 100 fathom per minute. The instant it strikes bottom, which is unmistakably indicated by the sudden release of tho wire from strain, the reel is stopped by tho friction lino and brake; the recorder notes the number of turns of the reel, lu an hour this messenger of man's ingenuity makes its excursion through, five miles of watery waste to the abysmal regions of perfect repose and brings to the light of day the soil with which the rain of shells of minute infusorial organisms from the upper waters has been for ages mantling the ocean's floor. Here and there a, giant peak vising from these sunless depths lifts its head to see tho sky, and the cjredge and trawl tell us that all along h" rugged sides, and on the hills aua plaius below, and even in the Jaky blackness and the freezing oold ol the deepest valleys, there is life! Thluks Oranges May J5e Iwprovoc}. A scientist thinks tha^i ftgricql- tural chemistry should teach l\ovr to make Florida oranges better. To this end he is now engaged in a, Chemical ftnaiysis of the different varieties grown upon different soils, etc., fed .by different fertilisers, wit/hi ^he idea that be can do for oranges what the Freachinen -have dope for pears and what the g*'«pe growers uave done for grapea. When the* Royal Baking fowd'ef' mikes fiher and more •whc-lesbnie food at a fesd cost, which every housekeeper familial 4 with • it will affirm, why not discard' altogetherUhe old-fashioned methods of soda and s6ur ' milk*! oi 4 home-made mixture of cream of tartar and soda, or the cheaper and inferior baking powders, and use sit exclusively? ROYAL BAKINQ POWDER CO., 108 WALt ST., N6W-YORK. Ari Appalling Accident. "Mr. Prnncer seems very timid about horses. Has he ever met with an accident?" "Well, 1 should say BO." "What was it? Anything serious?" "Yes; he met n, llverymau that ho had been in debt to for ton years." She Knew the Number. "Let's eee. Ji 'said ono of tho guests at a Chicago wedding, "how many times has Sue been married before this one?" "This is'Sue'a U£th annual wedding," replied another. "8he always invites mo, and I've been to every one." a false note," she replied. 'Well, what of it?" said -another. "No- DOdy but'Wngner would, ever know it, and le'sdontl. Go ahead with tbo music." And she wont ahead. The Urn, of Muscle. This is an athletic age. Everybody wants to be strong. The craze—for it has well nigh ronciiod that stage—affects both sexes and oven childhood. The pugilistic phnso ot this fad in youni* America is by so means morally promising. But It is one thing to bo endowed with vigor and another to be 6'midowed with ruusclo. Super muscularity is often induced by physical effort perilous to health and calculated to shorten life. The vigor which means a regular and officient discharge o£ the physical functions, is tho first medium at which all may safely aim without causing ruptures or breaking blood vessels. Hostotter's Stomach Bitters is largely conducive to n gain in vigor o£ this sort, since it stimulates and assists tligostiou. promotes regular bilious secretion and keeps thfi bowels in order. Sleep, that grand recuperator of nervous vigor, is encouraged by it, aud itremedies malarial, rheumatic and kidney trouble. A Chicago man has opened a school for barbers. His pupils practice on those who can't afford to pay for a professional ihavo. The Greateit 4'rnlt and Stock Country In tho World. Keep your eye on tho country through Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas, now being developed by tlie construction of the great through line, Kansas City, Pitta- burg & Gulf railroad, completed and in operation between Kansas Uity, Mo., and Pittsburg, Kansas, Joplin, Mo., Neosho, Mo.. Sulphur Springs, Ark. and Siloam Springs, Ark., and rapidly extending to Fort Smith, Ark., Texarkana. Ai-k., and the Gulf of Mexico. Remember Benton county, Avk., has taken 1st premium for fruit at all National and International expositions. Copy of paper giving full description "of the resources of the country throush which this lino passes and will extend into, mailed frco upon application. Grandest opportunity ever offered to tho homeseeker. JAMBS DONOHUE, General Passenger Aconi. Kansas, City, Mo. Mrs. Amanda, Smith, an American colored woman, is delivering temperance lectures in England, under the auspices oi Lady Henry Somerset. The following letter we clipped from the Anamosa Journal of April iflth. It is easy to be seen and understood why the Hawkeye Fire Insurance Company of Des Koines in doing the largest business of any company iu Iowa, and is the most popular company—because it treats the farmers fair in adjustments, and pays its losses promptly. A policy in the Hawkeye is as good as gold: S. B. UOLBMAN, Esq., AGENT HAWKBYH Ins. Co., FAIKVIEW, IA, DEAII 8m:—Tho adjuster for the Hawlteye Ins. Co. called upon me to-day and adjusted the loss upon my dwelling ami contents to my entire satisfaction, and treated mo as honorably and fairly as I could ask; and you can refer any one to, me you wish for a recommendation of the Hawkwye Ins. Co., as their treatment of me wna liberal, fair, honorable and to my entire satisfaction. I will re-insure with you again as soon, aa I build. Yours truly, HENWY " The World's Columbian Exposition "Will be of value to tho world by illustrating the improvements in tho mechanical arts, and eminent physicians will-toll you that tho progress in medicinal agents lias boen of equal importances, and ns n strengthening laxative that Syrup of *igs is far in advance of. all others. Whirls in the wheat pit disturb the grain market. For Strengthening nncl Clearing tho Voice use BKOWN'S • BKONcnuil THOCIIES. "I have commended them to Mends who were public speakers, and they have proved extremely serviceable."— Mev. Henry Ward Ucccjur. In Slam and Afghanistan, where tho ol- ophantistho chief beast o£ burden, nn 'elephant load" is reckoned at two tons. The man who is too fond of bis anto usually ninkos the acquaintance of his niicle. Tho unconvictod criminal courts, the danger of delay. m tlie|| " UontlnR on Tholr Honors. Vermont and Now Hampshire ., moro slowly than any other states the union, and the former seen nearly as may be a finished fenced in community. Old as) state is one county has less 4,000 inhabitants, and. another-' than 10,001 Villages in bofch- are drained of their yottnft'rnen,. )( __ ^ go to Boston or New York in Boarck of careers not to bo found at honi'tlH}ii i ^ '•'fV* r . , « 1 J^ * •»' Tlio Sllk-SplnuIng Spider. . ' ,Ci?-l Investigation Is being made as tho silk spider of Madagascar, wim* ^ the object of creating a new industry.^if A single female spider gave a French'. ;$/ missionary 3,000 varda of fine silkea ;;| thread recently in twonty-soven dnya.--;' Small textures wovon by these spi* ' ders are used by tho natives of Mad* , asascar for fastening flowers on sum, \ shades and for other purposes. Man and His Surroundings. "Do you think that a man can becomp . superior to Ill's surroundings?" asked 'thlfr , roflectivo young man. • ,*°^*T "• "Yes," replied tho flippant girt; 4 '6nfc there nro cases where it is inapossihl«." "For Instance?" "Well, taUe the modern chappie-. Yow' can't make him better than his clothes, tfi* i save your lite." j><? Make life a ministry of lovo and it •will- always bo worth living.— Browning, Bosouit's lato pamphlet, "Man of the Nineteenth Century," Bays that only one man out of each 203 attains a height of oyer sis feet. S. K. COBUB.F, Mgr., Clarie Scott. writes: "i find Hall's Catarrh Cure a valuable remedy." Druggists sell it, 75o, About 40,000 tramps, it is estimated, are traveling ovov Uerpiany all the year around. _ _ _ ' Beechaw's Pill? are a certain core for weak gtonjach a,od disordered liver, and are famous the world over. $3 cen,ts a, box. No matter how dearly you may love your darling you cannot cut bis eye teeth fur him, Consumption Cure fssoW on a guarantee. It i ['ures Incipient Consuron, KUII. It W lUo ta>t CougU Cure, &uu., 50 ctu. ft $l.tx), If all cannot live on the piazza every one niay feel the sun.— Itolhn Proveeb. »legom<vn'»C»*mpHavlt*>wltSJ Glycerine, The original anil only h'ouuinc. Cures ChupjieiJ liamfc »nd face, Cpltj 6ory», fe;. C. a. CUu-li. Co,,K.a!»veo,Ct. Two men to five women are employed w teaching m the United States. Magic corn Warrtuiuxl to euro ur money r«(uaU«4, AsJs your y vico 15 ct;i>U). Tho Cucumber a Bee Plant. In Florida the cucumber is regarded as an excellent bee plant. It is said bees favor it, and. that the honssy prepared from oueumbej? flowers IB of flrat-class qualify, o cumber paUeq, is, also said, to b e a fa,YC4t9 .^-'i-t^ii, Tho man of mark is frequently % target. - N. P.—P.M. U39 If ft" 18, It your nearest, best and most esteemed neighbors hod written the following letters they could be no more worthy of your confidence than they now are, coming, as they do, from well known, intelligent and trustworthy citizens who, in their several neighborhoods, enjoy tho fullest confidence, and respect of alt Mrs. F. L, Inman, of Manton, Weiford Co., Mich., whose portrait heads this article,. writes as follows: "I began taking Dr. Pierce'a Favorite Prescription about a year ago. For years I have suffered with falling and ulceration of tlio womb,;b»t to-day, I oro enjoying perfect health, J took four bottles of tho 'Prescription' and two of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, Every lady suffering from female weakness should try the 'Proscription' wul * Golden Medical Discovery,' " Miss Mary J. Tanner, North ^-, St, I^awrence Co., W, Y,, writes! "I was sick for four years. For two years I could do no work. I had five different physicians, who pronounced my case a poor or impoverished condition, of the blood, and uterine trouble. I suffi erod a great deal with pain in both sides, arid much tenderness on pressing over the womb. I bloated st times in my bowels and limbs ; was troubled with leu- corrhea, I could not sleep, and was troub- Je4 with palpitation of the hea^ t. Suffered a great 4eal of pain in my head, temples, forehead and eyes. I bad a troublesome cough, raised a great deal and at tunes experienced q. gooa deal of p^Jn in my chest and lungs. My voice at times was very weak{ suffered excruciating monthly, periodical pains. Since taking seven bottles of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription sometime ago, } have enjoyed better health than I have for more than four years previously J iu fact, for several months past I have been ablo to work at (sewing. J have gained in weight thirty-niae pounds since taking your pjnes; the soreness an<| pgi4 — — J " truly, Mrs. Alex. Robertson, of Half Rock, TUter* cer Co.. Mo., writes: •' For twenty yotu *" suffered with womb disease and moat of time I was in constant pain which rende- --, lifo a great burden, I cannot express what I suffered, I had eight doctors and all th»< medicine I had from them failed—tho oa»' after the other. I was nervous, cold bands and feet, paJpita-- tion, laeadacho, backache, constipation, Jen- corrbea and no appetite, with bearing-down pains, 1 got so weak I could not walk around. I nad to keep my bed, thinking I would never get any better. Ono day my husband got one of your littw books and read it to mo. Ho said there w«» nothing doing ma any good, I said I wonld try Dr, Pierce's Favorite Prescription, J a}$ try it. After the first few weeks piy at tite was batter; I was able to sit up in I r I wrote to the World's Dispensary Medic Association, at Puffalo, N, Y.I and descrjbwit ray case; they sent me a book on woman * diseases. I read carefully and followed tl» directions as jiear as I could and took wet medicine for two years. With the "—'— of God and your medicines, I aw cure4, That w«a three years ago," . Yours truly, «' Favorite Prescription » fe ft positjye for the most complicated and obsftnate _ of teucorrhea, excessive flowing, painful men* Btruation, unnatural suppressions, anq irreg* ularitfes, prolapsus, or falling of the TTflpIfe • weak back, '* female -weakness," anteyemWt retroyersion, bearing-down sensations, carffljj ic congestion, inflammation irn4 \Ucerati9S! «f,' the womb, inflammation, pain and ftspd in. ovaries, accomparned with," internal The Book (168 pages, Illustrated) r above, is gent seated secure from 06 in plrin envelope for ten W»ts M st»WE pay postage. Wto for it Jfh9 out the means o£ successful Bonw for all the peculiar weaknesses and i diseases Hicident to women, Address Dispensary Medial Potel cm4 Surgical Sure Gur« for Sprain, BruY&^r Hurt! KST.JACOBSOIL Y«ffl Un It UMII fn i Uto iUtap. 'I •• .. "W "- ,-* « -. 1. •*' . , <f _ \ -, ti "* ™

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