Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa on September 23, 1899 · Page 5
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Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa · Page 5

Iowa City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 23, 1899
Page 5
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THE FOOT BALL GAME. I Contractor and Stone. A FALL HAT, WOOLEN UNDERWEAR FINE SUIT . . HEAVY WOOL ULSTER TINE DRESS OVERCOAT UP-TO-DATE FURNISHINGS If So, We Have Them Our Suits and Overcoats are Guaranteed to be First-Class as to wear, workmanship and style. We poshiv.ely give you a Dollar's worth of merchandise for $1.00. All goods as represented or money refunded. A Full Line of Trunks and Valises. Geo. Sueppel John Sueppel, Jt. Edward Houser John Chopek. HOTEL, Sr, ELRM B, MOORE, j ^vwvwv^w^vwO Weather for Iowa To-day. Threatening tonight but generally fair on Sunday. * NOTICE. All advertisements for less_ than $1.00 must be paid for in advance, "except from regular advertisers who have an account that is payable monthly or quarterly. Chicago, Sept. i6th, 1899. To WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This is to certify that Messrs. R. C. -Stevenson Son of Iowa City, Iowa, have the exclusive sale of our genuine Pocahontas coal at that point, and same cannot be purchased there through any other leader. We understand that inferior -coals are being offered to the trade at .Iowa City under our name, and would suggest to the prospective purchaser that the best proof of the inferiority of these fuels is the fact that they find it necessary to use our reputation in order to secure a market. Yours truly, CASTNER, CURRAN I THOS. N. MORDUE, Agent. 98 6t NO Convassers employed or comtnissiors paid to sell our Pianos and Organs. We save 'you the middleman's and agents' profit. The shrewd buyer knows this is the secret of our low prices and easy terms. PRICB, KEITH Co., Organs and Stringed Instruments. 106 SouthCHnton Street. LOST--Blue jacket, red lining. Return to 602 East Market street. Mr. and Mrs.M. J. Lumbard and daughter Pearl, of DesMoines, are in the city, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Townsend. Local News. . Townsends Photo Studio, South Clinton Street. Miss Sadie Morgan is visiting friends in West Liberty. The Rebekas held one of their enjoyable social events at their hall last evening. C. W. Startsman left this week for Pennsylvania, where he takes a post graduate course in electrical engineering at Lehigh University. About-forty friends gathered at the home of Mary Gibson four miles east of the city last night and spent a most pleasant evening. Supper, games and music were in order and all report an enjoyable evening. In the case of Holdeman Douglas va. Lucy Richey tried in the district court yesterday the jury returned a verdict for the plaintiffs Jin the sum of $32 CD. The plantiffs built a house in Lone Tree for Lucy Richey and presented a bill of $90 oo, for extras which she refused to pay claiming «it was too much and the case was brought into court. The action of the mayor and council in stirring up the matter of lamps on bicvcles is having a good effect. At least a half dozen bicycles with lights were seen on the street last night. This shows how quickly the public respond to laws that interest every one. Until the police are provided with tin goggles it is barely possible a lanternless bicyclist will be "run in" some night. Rev. Francis Harrington, an old time Iowa City boy and a graduate of the University, but now a missionary located at Iquique, Chili, is home for a year's vacation. He arrived in New York August 3Otb and is now visiting friends in Iowa City. Rev. Harrington is meeting with much succes in his chosen work and says the people of Chili are hungry for the Christian 'religion. The general arrangements for Inauguration Day will be in charge of a committee of eight, composed of Professor C. C. Nutting, chairman; Professor H. S. Richards, Dr. J. W. Harriman, Dr. J. G. Gilchrist, Dr. L. W. Andrews, Dr. E. A. Rogers, Dr. B. F. Shambaugh, of the executive committee of Alumni Association, and Mrs. C. P. Rogers, president of the local alumni association. This evening the DeMoss family of lyric singers will give a concert at the Baptist church. This organization comes with high recomendations of successful bresentation of beautiful and attractive music, and the Baptist people cordially invite the presence of their friends at the church this evening, with the full assurance that they will enjoy a delightful entertainment of the most artistic and pleasing qualities. |v-« j Is a deceptive disease-- IMQney thousands have it and Trouble don't know it. It you want quick results you can make no mistake by using Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, tbe great kidney remedy. At druggists in fifty cent and dollar sizes. Sample bottle by mail free, also pamphlet telling you how to find out if you have kidney trouble. Address. Dr. Kilmer Co., Binghamp- toa, N. Y-: - j ,^_, _» _ Mrs. Emlin McClain, of this city, recording secretary of the society of ' Colonial Dames resident in Iowa, was ! in attendance at tbe meeting in Dubaque on Thursday last. ' The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Zimmerman of Greham township died at its parent's home early this- morning. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon. Iowa City Lodge of Masons had a large number of student visitors at the meeting last night and gave them excellent entertainment, finishing the evening with an oyster supper. W. P. Hohenschuch has returned home from the longest and most success ful of his lecturing tours. He traveled 6coo miles and put in seventeen nights in the perepatitic hotels of his friends--the Pullmen Car Co -- and it has no more constant prtron than Will. The O. S. Kelly Co. got in another carload of machinery today which will go into the factory on Monday. This morning Sheets Co. began work on the new boiler house, and will push it as rapidly as men can hustle the material into the walls. In the district court the case of G- R. Irish vs the Election Board of east Lucas township is on trial. Mr. Irish claims that the board threw out defective ballots wrongfully and on this account the tax levy of $600 was carried for a new school road in that township. Two more car loads of stone. from the Cleveland Stone Co. came in this morning, and are on the Rock Island tracks. This makes six car loads now here. Unless unloaded pretty soon there will be a prospect of a bill of demurrage on the part of the railroad, and its one that will be apt to hold good. A letter from Dad Walker to Steve Coldren gives the names of the following old time foot ball players who will play in the alumni game on inangration day. The old time favorites are as followsr-- Thomas, Rank, Dutcher, Iverson, Gardner, Coldren, Burge, Littig, Klingerberg, Meester, McKinley, -Elliot, Hetzel and Walker. John Beecher aged 84 died at his home at 516 south Van Buren street at 8 o'clock last night. Mr. Beecher was one of the early pioneers of Johnson county coming here in 1847 and settled iu Graham township where he lived until a year ago when he moved to the Jcity. He leaves a wife and seven children to mourn his loss. The funeral will take place from St Patrick's church tomorrow at two o'clock. John U. Miller, the marble works man, extended his visit down east to points in Vermont, and at Montpelier went out to see Admiral Dewey's home. It is a stone house on the hill side, built almost a century ago, and as usual in that part of New England tbe stable is joined to the dwelling. John asked why? and when told it was to save a trip out doors in wintry weather, he made up his mind either it was fearfully cold in Vermont in winter, or tbe natives were not inured to a bit of zero temperature when the houses were built. Notes of the Team and Game Personality of the Men Who will Battle for Old Gold. This year the football interest at S. U.. I. is at fever heat and nearly fifty men are candidates for positions on the team which will carry the banner of old gold on to victory. M. E. Eby, for two years one of the best players on the S. U. I. team, is captain and Fred. McCutcheon editor-in-chief of the Vidette Reporter and a warm friend of athletics, is manager. Among last years players, who will appear on the girdiron, are Baker, Eby, Burner, Morton, Brockway, Williams, F. A., Warner, Williams, S. C., Howell, Middleton and Macy. The new material contains some excellent players. Carl and Bordman come from the State Normal where they played last year. Edson was Ames' end last year and Weiland won glory as full back on the South Dakota University team. Ingham comes from the team of Wilton College, and Clark from the Yale Law team. Other old time players who will join the forces of S. U-1. are H. B. Waters, V. E. Herbert, R. E- Robinsofa and F. H. Meggars. Other new material is present in goodly numbers and nothing stands in the way of a winning team this year. Coach Knipe has his mon well in hand and will give them a test this afternoon against the State Normal team which defeated old gold last year. The State Normal team arrived last night and are a husky looking set of fellows. They have a strong team and are coached by Dr. Sweetland of Uulon University, New York. Mr. Sweetland has bad four years' experience as coach and thinks that he has a team of winners. Many of last years players appear on the line up of the teams together with some excellent new material. The State Normal boys seemed wel pleased with the stand that S. U. I. has taken against professionalism and say that in all probability they will also cancel their game now scheduled with tbe Des Moines school. The line up of the teams in this after noon's game is as follows. Mr. Mohnke Talks About the Court House Stone. MOCHA AND JAVA True beauty comes from within instead of from without. A beautiful face is the outward sign. That's why Rocky Mountain Tea makes women beautiful. Ask your Druggist. Osteopathy. Dr. J. F. Minear, D. O., graduate of American school of Osteopathy of Kirksville, Mo., has located at 113 North Clinton street, for the practice of osteopathy and will be pleased to explain his method of treatment to all who may be interested in the drugless science. Examination free. Office hours 9 to 5. 3-6 Chicago Festival. The Rock Island will sell return trip tickets to Chicago Oct. and to 9th, at one fare the round trip return limit Oct. ijth. STATE NORMAI, S. U. I. E. Hemsworth c. Bake Stokes 1. g. Burrie Philpod r. g. Brockway Bullard r. t. Howel R. Hemsworth ' 1.1. Warne Wyant 1. e. F. William Roberts. r. e. Middletoi* Huntley q. b. S. C. Williams Hoover 1. h. Edison Schurley r. h. _Ioover Detwiler f. b. Griffith Substitutes--State Normal--Summers, Thompson, Speer(captain) and Swain. S. U. I.--Herbert, Ingham, Stafford, Morton, Macy and Eby (captain). In the first half S. U. I. got the ball. Edison got the ball and made a touchdown in thirty seconds. Griffith attempted to kick goal but failed. Norm- alites then kicked off and a lively sciim- mage followed, S. U. I. forcing their line steadily forward, the theater ot war changing often. The game was a hotly contested one, both teams boing about evenly matched. The score at the end of the first half resulted as follows: S. U. L--5. State Normal--o. In the second half S. U. I. made 17 points completing the victory by the score of 22 to o. Contractor Mohnke of the Court House arrived in the city on the fast mail this morning and at eleven o'clock talked to a representative of the PRESS about the stone and the delay in the work. To start the story Mr. Mohnke states that today he notified the Cleveland Stone Company that four cars of stone were here subject to their orders and further states that he will unload no stone until some changes are made in the contract now existing between the Cleveland Stone Co. and Rawson Mohnke. When asked what the contract provided for and what changes were desired Mr. Mohnke replied: "The contract now provides that the stone is to be accepted by the board of supervisors of Johnson county. That we pay 70 cents for the tone and must stand the loss of all work one by us on the stone if they are not ccepted." These are the two principal hings which are in controversy. -"Mr. Rawson, my partner, signed this ontract through a mistake. We had demanded of the stone company that the icceptance of the stone should be made y the same persons and under the same conditions as are provided in our contract 'or the acceptance of the completed building from us. This, we think is right, and demand it for our own protec tion. If cur work is not accepted by the architect we can not draw a cent of money and if at any time the material used is not up to the standard the work can be taken from our hands, a board oi arbitrators appointed and settlement made and we be dismissed from the work. "The other change desired is a clause fixing the cost of work of unloading, cutting and work on inferior stone, should any be sent us by the stone company and this is also necessary for our protection. Should tbe company ship stone here not up to the standard of the sample and we unloaded it the loss to us might amount to more than our profits on the building. "The mistake in signing the contract by my partner was due to a misunderstanding, both of us thinking these clauses were in the.document. From here I ordered stane shipped and the company refused to ship any stone until the COFFEE, v 2Oc f oupd 2Oc Liimsden Ruaidliarl Telephone 104. 130 S. Dubuque St. flew jVlillipery Stoye.... A Complete Line of Millinery, Ladies' Furnishing Goods and Notions at Lowest Prices. We handle all grades of these goods and can please all customers. Call at our store 117 South Dubuque Street. Mrs. M. Horton. IsD Is our's and the University's Colors, and Old Gold Smoking Tobacco Is the popular Tobacco for Pipe and Cigarette. It is the coolest, most pleasant and richest tobacco on the market. It is reasonable in price and a winner. See our display window. Wieneke's St. James Arcade Cigar Store. The Mikado. The Mikado scored another success last night and to-day every one who attended is loud in praise of all who appeared on the program. The entertainment was managed and controlled by Iowa City people exclusively, and everyone who attended got full value for their money. In all, about $400 was cleared for the benefit of athletics and represents the amount, which was practically given by the cast and management. They give their services and their services brought the cash. Sums like this is what will make athletics a success in S. U. I. contract was signed and a bond given. I notified my partner of tbis-and he immediately signed, the contract, furnished a bond and_forwarded them. When our copy of the contract came back I saw it for the first time the other day, and we immediately rejected it because it provided for the acceptance of the stone and other matter as I spoke of before. Yes I telegraphed my foreman not to unload any stone and none will be unloaded un til the contract is amended as we wish it. The architect and board must be the parties to accept the stone. If they are not we are not safe in preceeding with the work, and can't do so until the matter is arranged". When asked if the delay would keep tbem from completing the contract on time he stated--"It may be, but if it does we will come on the Stone Co. for reparation". The next question ? s \ e i M r Mohnke were--What do you pay for the jail stone? Answer--"50 cents per cubic foot delivered here --That is their standard price. What does the contract now existing between you and the Stone Company provide as to the price of the court house stone?--Answer--"70 cents. Why is the difference?--Answer-"Find out,--I can't. "The specifications of the court house call for their stone and the}' make the price. The price of stone at 50 cents was bid on by us as we knew that was their standard price". WAXTED--A good second-hand typewriter. Remington or Smith" Premier. Adddress Lock Box 1878. If strong the frame of the mother, the son will give laws of the land. All mothers should take Rocky Mountain Tea. Gives life and strength. Ask your Druggist. Wanted--A pain that Mull's Lightning Pain Killer will not cure. Kills any pain instantly, internal or external. Guaranteed absolutely pure. 25 and soc. Louis Breene. Will do good, careful washing for students very reasonable. MRS. ANDERSON, 1-6 312 South Linn. General fflercier Finds it hard to resist the attacks of Justice. We think you will find it hard to resist the e'xtremely low prices we're quoting on our Stock of Iron Beds, Odd Dressers, Bedroom Suits, FOLDING BEDS, AND COUCHES. HOHENSCHUH. 20 DvbttquelStreet. /W%%%V*%'W%*'%'WWV» Fall Opening--* | ..Millinery ^GoodLs 5 Wedpesday apd Thursday SEPTEMBER 27th and 28th. Full £ine of Sadie's Furnishings. "Mrs. M. Horton, 117 S. Dubuque St.' J, J, HOTZ CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER. PLANS FURNISHED AND ESTIMATES MADE. CONSULT US IN REGARD TO YOUR BUILDING^ Now is the Time to Order Window Screens. 'Phone 121. 402 COLLEGE ST. MAHANA A beautiful design gone to waist in oui new and handsome stock of Wall Papetf would be a pity when you might have on your walls for the Decoration of Par lor, Bed room, Dining room, Hall or Library. We have them in such beanti ful designs and colors, with such rich and refined effects, that we feel as if wtt should call them mural decorations only 121 Washington St. HOT AIR emember This the is the best season of year to ride a wheel. Wheels will be higher in the Spring. Buy now and save p emember 1 V^^^·^^·^^ Money. We have a few fresh new wheels at Reasonable Prices -which will, suit anybody^ Columbias, Sterlings, Ramblers and Crescents. Sundries to burn. Lichty Thomas, Hardware. ··" ._ __ _. .' , ·«·· Do You want to Buy a Home? CHERRY CO, REAL ESTATE AND LOANS. PreM Bldff. NEWSPAPER!

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