The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 2, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 1894
Page 5
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'tif, *-! DM MQ1NB& CHI6AUO, MitwAtikEfi « Si f AUfc, , , tfe. i departs At N0.8 defiarM ftt., ............. <• ..... 4!26»m ^Freights that carry passengers-* tf a, eir depots at..;.,, N6.B3 depattsat ................ '• No. 71 departs at.....,..., ......... 0515pm tBAttfS EASf. *to. 2 dep-arts at...... No. 4 departs at ............ ; „ Freights that carry passengers— Mo. 78 departs at No. 8* departs at....: ....... *••,!'•"• lj 4 «»R to R. F. HBbniCK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWfiSTERtf. tforth-- Mlxed 8:18am 86uth-» Pass S!40pm Pass'.t 3!33pin Mixed.... ... 6i07pm Freight...... 10 iOO a m Freight,... 10:00 a m Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a mi arrives at t»es Moines at 8 -.151> m. l.v. toes M. 2130 a to Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Ohi- eago at 8 a. m. F. H. VBSP«H. Agent. THE CITY CIECUIT, The Wigwam seems .to be making a great run on corn planters. A lady's watch charm, found on the street, was left at this office. It has rained more the . past week and easier than for two years before. A new soda water fountain at Ladendorff s makes summer seem near. The Odd Fellows meet in Algona in June for their district gathering this year. Pocket book found in Algona. Owner can have by calling at this office. . B. F. Hedrick's youngest daughter is very sick. Mrs. Amy Seely is up from Des. Moines. D. T. Smith has moved his express office 'to the Byson building and is fitting up a pleasant place. Pat. Kain is to go with a train load of cattle to Chicago the last of the week. He has 110 head to take in. Robt. Stephenson, one' of the pioneers, was married by 'Squire Clarke last Friday to Miss Anna D. Vigdal. Mrs. Geo. Johnson found a pair of old people's spectacles in a case near Irv- Ingto', ^st week. The owner should call. '" < , Rev. ' Tward is still thinking of acceptin call to Oregon. He has moved to .is new home in Webster City. Two diagonal roads have been closed in town, the one by the fair ground, and the cut-off near the Milwaukee depot. Monday night was the limit set for J. R. Brown to pay his $75 fine or leave the county. He took the train south. The week's crop report is that "fruit prospects are very much better than was anticipated at the beginning of April." The sale of seats for the contest Friday evening indicates a full house. There are still good places to be had, however. Eugene Walston, a son of Henry Walston, was married last week to Miss Violet Cleary. They set out with bright prospects. The appeal case before Supt. Reed, to have the old Greenwood Center school house removed, will be heard at Bancroft Friday. The Bancroft Register says that the Seneca creamery has three separators and will buy two or three more to accommodate patrons. Unity circle will meet with Mrs. J. R. Jones next Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock, for election of officers. All members are requested to be present. Marriage licenses have been issued to Gustav Minderman and Annie Vogt, Perry H. Spangler and Carrie B. Wolcott, A. H. Brooks and Susie Dunton. F. H. Vesper gives an entertaining account of the California excursion of the ticket agents in this issue. He had a splendid trip and our readers will agree. Dr. Morse was at Bancroft last week to assist in cutting four tumors from Ed. Coleson's neck, A lot more will be cut away later. Part of the neck will be left. The Unitarian church lot, just west of the Methodist church property, is being sodded and fixed up this spring. The society holds this lot and still hopes to build some day. Four young Whittemoreites got some prohibited beverage Saturday night and Monday morning Mayor Boyle assessed them a liberal fine each for disturbing the peace. The Knight Templars in Algona belong mainly to the Estherville commandery. They were ordered there Friday for inspection, but gave all sorts of excuses and no one went. The nine Knight Templars residing in Algona joined in a memorial resolution to Dr. McCoy, who is a Knight, on the death of his daughter. It was written out on heavy paper and signed by each Kiright, The daily State Register has reduced its price of subscription and comes to towns in this section as early as though it were issued here, It is the daily for towns on the Northwestern and every* . body can afford it, Melvin L, Roney, the young roan who bought the Kinzey Carloo farm, and Daisy Robison, ft daughter pf Brint Robison, are married, THE Up- P6B DES MOINES wishes them gopd i«ck and a happy life. The two propositions for electric lights in Algona were referred to the light committee Saturday evening, Toe council wants to hear from new weu pafpi" 6 tiw>y problem OR their winds, W. H, Conner left last »igb* with Bi$ CftrJpads pf stock for the Chicago pjarket, Agent Vesper secured a special train for him. Be was accom panted by Owen, McEnroe, Lewis Hunt- Word was receive^ by Mrs, at Spencer that her mother, Old Mrs till/had fallen tjowB stairs and-wis aeriowely injure^ Mrs, Fill is living in Milwaukee with her daughter, Mrs, Haupt went in at once. Tbe pity well is 980 feet deep, JTo new water veins of Importance fcaye heej» tapped and. the w%tev still staa4s at aopjjf 66 fej>| frfim, toe "" ------- ' ---- The the, fmsseftt. ffifte&tesry if develops shorfc 61 that depths eeuftelf wa&t a fldwlfig,W!>H if .p and n6# thatttay are Wit Will gd M long as the prospect is favor* able. W. W, Jones* ftew bar n Was moved oti the fbUfidatiofl a little by the Jtdrffi Sunday evening, ftftd Cb&8< Busa's house beldw" him Was struck by light* ntng, We hear also that a woman was killed by lightning at Ger-ttanla. DC, McCormack came back ffoffi Allison without testifying, and the case to set aside the will is still on. J. S. Gallagher, Sam Grove and Hugh McCutchin were subpoenaed from Wesley to testify against the doctor. Company F is expecting a call from the governor this time if any more soldiers are called out to attend to Kelly and his army. The companies here, at Webster City, and Fort Dodge would be as handy to Des Moines as any, A party of Mnsonic brethren went to Emmetsburg Thursday to do special work. They were J. R, Jones, F. M. Taylor, 0. B. Matson, C. C. Chubb, and B. Fi Grose. A banquet was given in the lodge room, and everybody reports a most enjoyable evening. W.'H. Miner has spent several days looking for the team that was stolen from his farm last week. He found that a team had gone west in the early morning, but could get ,no trace of them after daylight, and thus far no word has been heard of their whereabouts. The Masons are arranging to publish a complete history of the order in Algona. It will contain a record of all that has happened and also be fully illustrated with views of the old and new lodge rooms, members, etc. It will be a handsome and valuable historical document. A report comes from Gerrnania that justice court last week adjourned every few minutes to allow the jury to visit a near-by restaurant, and that by the time a verdict was expected the jury were unable to do much more than hang to their seats. That is a situation where justice is surely blind. Eugene Tellier is occasionally seen taking a few lively steps these days and proposes to be in condition for the grand army foot race for the fair. Last year the rain beat them out of it, but this year there is going to be no rain fair days. We expect to see D. B. Avey going through his paces before long. Prof. O. H. Baker left his daughters, Myra and Emma, in Europe. Myra is in Paris studying modern languages and literature, and Emma is in Weimar studying German and teaching English. Before coming home from Copenhagen he traveled with them through Germany, Belgium, and France. The trial of the barrel of beer and the Marshalltown "health" captured at Bancroft came off Saturday. Mr. Smith appeared and defended, claiming that he had for some time shipped in a barrel of beer a week for his own use. 'Squire Clarke ordered the whole lot destroyed and assessed the costs to Mr. Smith. The music and Delsartean drill to be furnished Friday evening for the pon- test will give our visitors a good idea of Algona talent. The violin piece to be played by Miss Kate Smith is one that she studied under her professor in Des Moines and is much more difficult than anything she has ever played in public in Algona. Rev. Bagnell united A. M. Jasperson and Miss Franlde McMurray in marriage at the bride's home last Wednesday. Mr. Jasperson is one of the rustling young business men of Algona, and the 'bride is the highly esteemed daughter of Landlord McMurray. The best wishes pf a host of friends go with them in their'new life. W. D. Moulton, who went from Bancroft to Wisconsin to live a while ago, was brought back last week by Geo. W. Skinner and bound over to meet the grand jury. He got J. A. Campbell to advance $100 on a crop of oats and then sold the oats at Burt, Then he gave mortgages on other crops to Campbell and sold the mortgaged property, The Collins family concert company will be at the Congregational church Monday and Tuesday evenings. The Worthington Globe says of them: " Their music is of high order, and all lovers of th'at style of entertainment here were well pleased with the performance. Miss Scott, the violinist, plays admirablj'. In fact the company as a whole gave good satisfaction." Mr, and Mrs, S, B, Shadle went to Comanche, south of Clinton, last Friday to attend his father, who is veej*. low. Mr, Shadle writes to THE UPPER DES MOINJES; u We arrived at the old home yesterday and found father alive yet, but in a very critical condition, He has heart trouble and dropsy in a very bad form. He might linger along for some time and is liable to drop off at any time." The mental strain of one of Supt, Reed's teapher examinations was too much for a young lady from a neighboring county, who was in Friday. She was stopping at the hotel and in the small hours turned put in her sleep and paraded the halls and yelled till she brought the people out, When found she was fast asleep stand* ing in her room and exclaiming, » There's a man in the room." The petit jurors for the coming May term of court, which meets the 2lst, are as follows: H. Klinglehofer, G, 0, Shelly, S. H. McNutt, D, W, Hahn, D. D. Calkins, W, C. Hart, E. P. Bircher, John Jacpbs, W. E, Starks, J. W, Hopkins. M, Rahm, Wm, Colby, A, W, Welter, M. Bonstetter, John Osborn, Peter iHowe, Joseph Welp, Q. B. Hoftus, S. C.'Newcembe, A. Moore, Cbas, Farrow, John Eanwart, John Warner, E, Q. Fit?, S. A. Fox, an old man, 76 years of age living north of Wesley, was adju insane an4 taken to Independence day by Cepijty Sheriff Brunspn, a » rafysis was a,t the bottom of bis trouble which hftS grown worse lately. Me would keep the family of his son awake all night with bis outcries, and it bar absolutely necessary to have aim somewhere where he coma be c§reeL for by special attendants son regrette4 ha,v}ng him but fpr this. Monday night was a bad one for fifty weU ¥ 4ifg«W., Itrly IMhe even, " " the welt ftfiii ifc took a gotrd Mils is f at it 6n Bg-ftlfi* f hens at B o^Ieele, IB th§ mtoing 1 Soffife Shftle OP sotfiethitig fell IB 6ft the bucket and dftught it 86 th&t It dduld n&t be hauled 6ut. Some irofi tubing was slid down the tdp6 id l663en the bucket and this cut the foee, leaving the whole outfit over 000 feet deep with nothing to get hold of it with, f hese men say they onde lost their drill the same way and were 14 weeks getting it out, 'Carter offers 100 pieces of candy to every child under 12 years of age Sat' urday. It is the chance of a lifetime. Thfi Sioux City Journal has this item of interest: "Senator Sessions of Algona left for home last evening after a stay of foilr days. He came down to attend the interstate fair meeting, thinking it was last Thursday Instead of next Tuesday, He said that he is in hearty accord With the project and that his county will have a share in the exhibition. It is the general inv pression that John R. Shaffer of Des Moines, now in the city, will be' made secretary of the fair, fts he has had 20 years' experience in that capacity." A very pleasant party met at the Baptist church last Wednesday even* ing to give Rev. Dorward a farewell Word. Tables had been arranged in the reception room and the Company were first treated to a very fine repast, after which Rev. Davidson talked briefly on the pastor's relation to his flock, Rev. Bagnell on the flock's relation to the pastor, Miss Cramer on the young people, Mrs. Ingham on women in the churches, and Rev. Bispham on the transfer of pastors. Rev. Dorward spoke feelingly of his years spent in Algona, of the aims he had had and the work he had done. All the remarks were excellent and at the close all joined in a pleasant social visit, Rev. Dorward leaves Algona with only the kindliest feelings towards him and the best of wishes for his further happiness and success. The State Register says: Consul Hanna writes the Register from La Guayra, Venezuela, that Admiral Benham, the hero who recently taught the Brazilian insurgents to respect the American flag, called on him the morning of the day his letter was written and that they had a splendid visit for over two hours. The admiral's time of service having expired he is now on the retired list, but looks young and vigorous enough for 30 years more of hard service. He is quite gray, but looks healthy and vigorous, and'is a very lively, everyday sort of a man. Consul Hanna also writes that he is expecting Gen. Thomas, a Florida man who was in the confederate army, to take charge of the consulate at La Guayra; and that he " will be very glad to return to good old Iowa." Consul Hanna has rendered efficient service and honored his state and nation. Samuel Reed remarked, as he was paying up his subscription a_ year in advance last week, that he believed he had taken THE UPPER DES MOINES longer than any man in the county. He began with the old Pioneer Press, while Ambrose A. Call was editor and John Somers printer, and has taken the paper ever since. He and James Henderson in 1860 went off and traded county warrants for a threshing machine and brought it back, the first one ever owned in the county, and this happening in the days when newspapers didn't flourish very well except when publishing the laws or tax list, Somers dropped printing and went to running the threshing machine. The papers in those days were issued part of the year, Mr. Reed has been on the books nearly 35 years, and his subscription has been paid right on time. If such a record don't entitle a man to a kindly smile from St. Peter we don't know what will. EVERY child in Algona between the ages of 1 year and 12 will be presented with 100 pieces of candy by calling at W. F. Carter's Saturday at 10 o'clock. LEAVE your orders for ice at Ladendorff's. Peter Winkel.—6t8 GET our Angelina to make your bread. M. Z. Grove & Son. CARPETS, we have a nice new stock and are making some special inducements. Our all wool C. C, at 60 cents is a big bargain. Geo. L. Galbraith. GOLDEN WYANDOTTE settings can be had of Charley Laage. Price; $1 a setting.—5t9 Carpets, We are still in the lead on carpets, lace curtains and window shades; these goods are selling with us very fast, as our very low prices make them go like blizzards. Hemp carpet, 20c; ingrain, 25, 85, and 45c; all-wool extra super, 60o; brussels at 75c. JNO. GOEDERS. WE want to see every boy and tfirl in Algona, not over 12 years old at our store Saturday morning at 10 o'clock, W, F. Carter, ___ SEE Bradley & Nicoulin before you buy a corn planter.— 5t2 CHILDREN'S and men's clothing, We still have a good stock that we are selling regardless of cost, G. L, Galbraith, ' JJyess Miss Mary O'Connor is prepared to do dress making of all kinds. Rooms in second story of the Galbraith building, on Call street,— 4t4 SUoes, Two thpusand dollars' worth of shoes at less price than any closing-out or auction sale in the city, Call an4 see then*. J^°' GOSDERS. Pip you see the moral to pur &4ver* tisement? M. & Grove & Son, OPERA Bouse Grocery lor canneft and dried fruits. MONEY to loan on }ong or snort time, Geo, C, Cail,-tf ^ TUESDAY and Friday are strawberry days at ikjogdon 4 Hudson's.—4tg You can now get Gold Mine flour at P§r$ejr'i. jttefts&efe A^QSI*P4 i§ tbe'beet Wer ^ fewik ta Sf»w iff fteitdfttees ihe Homiest »« Every affangeffleht is completed for the state contest Friday evening, It Will be the big event of the SeaSbfl, The programmes wefe Pedelved ffflffi Monticello last week and show that gona's representative is the first to speak and has only two competitors. The judges of the contest are G. W. Rondlett of Oaage, G. W, Samsdn of Atlantic, and C. F. Woodwdfd of Eldo* ra, Miss R. Anna Morris of Des Mdittes is referee. The evening exercises will be as follows: CLASS t— onATOHlOAL. Mnslo— Violin sold, Styrienne ........ D. Alard Miss Kale Smith; Miss Maud Smith, Accompanist. Oration oft Daniel O'Cpnnell^.Wl!! Gfalbfalth Washington .......... ,^?"?', . .Morton Kinesis? Waverly, . Spartactis to the Gladiators. -. . . Roy "W. Zlnsei: Bed Oak, CiASS it— DttAMAMO. Music— Quartet, Annie Laui'le ..... . ..... . Buclt Miss Grace Gllcln'tst, Mrs. F. H. Vesper, Mrs. E. G. Bovvyei 1 , Miss Belle Tweed. The Rivals ..................... Ethel Bratnober East Waterloo. . English Jeni .................. ... .Jennie Collins . The Sioux Chief's Daughter ..... Louise Fisher Vllflsca. The Gypsy Flower Girl ...... ,...,. Nellie Gllck Rock Rapids. The Bj/i.dge ot the Tay ............. Marie Keller Colfax. The Black Horse and His Rider, Neal D. Tomy Falrneld. Benedict Arnold's Confession ............. ................. . ....... Herbert D. WHson Cedar Falls. CLASS m— HUMOROUS. Delsartean drill. . . . Algoim High School pupils Conducted by Miss Amy Wallace. The Movement Cure for Rheumatism. ... ........... ...... , .......... ..... May Curry Mason City. , Repertory— Little Oiphant Annie, ) The Bugle Call, }• ..... . .Laura L. Flslc The Raggedy Man, ) Pella. Sandy McDonald's Signal... Herman Hlldreth Monticello. Too Late for tho Train ............ Mary Power Mt. Pleasant. Christmas Night In the Quarters ......... . ............................ Josephine Retz Monteauma. Music— Duet ............................ Selected Miss Agnes Randall, Mv. A. L. Rlst. Decision of fudges and presentation of medals. P33B80UAL MOVEMENTS. C. B. Matson is going- to Chicago the last of the week on business. Mrs. 'L. J. Rice is at home after a visit with friends at Iowa Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Chrischilles are expected home from Texas this week. H. E. Rist and Chas. Smith went to Des Moines Monday to see Kelly's army. Sioux City Journal: S. S. Sessions of Algona, the crack live-bird marksman, is here on business. Henry Weaver starts soon for Cal- lospelle, Mont., where he will make his home. His father-in-law lives there. J. W. Sullivan went to Emmetsburg yesterday to try a case for a Whittemore man who is defending against a threshing machine company. Geo. E. Clarke spent all of last week at Garner trying a case arising out of the building of the opera house there, He will not get through with it today. Mrs. J. E. Neisvvanger, a sister of J. S. Paxson of Sherman township, is out from Chicago for the summer.. She had not seen her brother for 26 years. S. S. Sessions and Geo. E. Boyle went to Ft. Madison Monday evening to accompany the son of the latter, who takes a place as guard in the penitentiary there. G. W. Cady is home at present. He has been playing with the Decorah orchestra the past winter, and brings Mrs. Cady with him. We join in late congratulations. Guy Scott is home from a season in Texas, where he has been selling books for a Kansas City house. Guy is a rustler if he has lost both hands. He says Texas is pretty dead. Dr. McCoy will go to Lake City tomorrow to arrange matters connected with the death of his daughter. Miss Louise will not return and has resigned her place in the school, More Spring Building. D. H. Hutchins has the foundation laid for a large house just west of his present home. It will be after a stylish design and a decided addition to Hall street, Geo. Williams is putting it up. F, M, Taylor is arranging to build his now home this season, If he gets to it he will put in one of the handsome homes on Thorington, J, W. Robinson has been making extensive repairs in his house lately, putting in hot water hoat and a sewerage system with a private cesspool. This gives him every advantage of a home in the city, hot and cold' water, bath room, water-closet, etc, D. T, Smith is raising the roof on the wing of his house, and enlarging it, W, F, Carter is putting a 16x24 foot addition on his house, adding four rooms. Jim Stacy has had an addition made to his home on McGregor street, A JIllJU SclipoJ J»oet, Poetry and algebra are not generally supposed to go together, But last week Prof, Dixson received the following metrical request, signed by members of his class, which is pretty good poetry; " Although each one of us worked hard, And did our very best, We could not get our algebra, So please grant this request. " We all do humbly beg yoij to Accept this our excuse, And if you will give us jnore Ww We'll put »t to goo4 use." He cou!4n't well refuse, and the class got a new chance at the problems, • WE have started a candy factory an4 to introduce the goo4s will pre> sent 100 pieces to every chU4 in Al? goni Saturday ftt JOVolook., W. ?, Parter- • thousau4 dollars' worth 0| Ben's, boys' «w4 chil4re«'s 9U>tbinf $t nearly wholesale prices. Dpn,'t fail W lS8 k »$ PUP new The Union. Steel Frame Corn Plantei? Jf! The only planter on the market having a single adjustable.''?«ij seed plate. Has been sold at the Wigwam for twenty-four years. In use everywhere. , '">|| The price lower than ever before. THE WIGWAM. Algona, la. WILFRID P. JONES. NEW EEADINfl BOOM BOOKS. A Fine List of Late Standard Publications Added to the Beading Room. The following books, sent for by the ladies of the literary association, have been received and will be found in the reading room. A cordial invitation is extended to all to come and see them: Parliment of Religions, Rev. Barrows. Short Stories, E. E. Hale. Our Heredity From God, E. P. Powell. Marcella, Mrs. Ward. Story of Chaldea. Story of Greece. Among the Lawmakers, Alton. The Attic Philosopher, Souvestre. Rowena in Boston, Pool. Walks in Rome, Hare. Stories of a Western Town, Octave Thanet. Unveiling a Parallel. The Two Salomes. Pool. Edward Burton, Henry Wood. The Birds Christmas Carol. Wiggln. The Phantom Rickshaw, Kiplinfj. Irish Idylls, Jane Barlow. Dreams-plive Schreiner. Prairie Folks. Hamlln Garland. Hoave*nly Twins. Sarah Grand. The Rulers of the Medeterranean, Our English Cousins, Van Bibber, Gallagher, The West from a Car Window, Davis, A Girl in the Kerpathian, Dobio. Jackanapes, Mrs. Ewlng. A BlK Aerolite. Last week near Anamosa a farmer named Wasoba was dragging corn stalk's and heard a hissing sound, after which something struck the earth, He gave It no attention but later while dragging, his team shied when crossing the field and upon investigation he found a hole about six feet in diameter running down into the earth. The hole when sounded was found to contain water at a depth of 28 feet. A large sounding pole was obtained and at the depth of 48 feet a hard substance was struck. A large sum of money has been raised and work has begun in digging out the heavenly boulder that lies at the bottom. Fourteen feet of sand was taken out the first day and it will be but a short time until the curiosity, whatever it may be, will be exposed to view. Scientific men from all over the country will come to see it, for it is supposed to be the largest ever known. It made a hole about 50 feet deep and six feet across, The V»Je of Mlmiekalitn Is the title of a beautifully illustrated booklet recently issued, descriptive of the Hot Springs, South Dakota, and the efficacy of their waters for the cure of rheumatism, neuralgia, and kindred diseases. Copy of this pamphlet will be mailed free by W. A, Thrall, general passenger agent Chicago & North' western railway, Chicago, 111., upon -receipt of request, enclosing a two-cent stamp, — 5t2 ___ hams, out' ress goods is selling gin ing cloth, calicos, and plad at 5 cents a yard, BRADLEY & NICOULIN will s<41 you a corn planter cheaper than anyone else.— 5t2! WHITE SWAN flour sold only by Langdon & Hudson, Liwy Ban! FRESH ye Friday at Tuesday a son's. WW1 furnish you >rtth the bestot Uyeryrtgs,Wiw>pr Without driver, em? A NEW FIRM, NORTON & ROBINSON J. F. PRESTON, M. D., Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat SPECIALIST. i MASON CITY, IOWA. Spectacles scientifically fitted and guaranteed. Is now east; will return In June. ABSTRACTS. Do you want reliable abstracts? We li'iake them promptly and at moderate prices. Is your title to your land perfect? It is always well to know about this. A small cloud on your title might cause somebody a good deal of trouble. Better see about it now. Jones & Smith.' TO THE PUBLIC. I desire to say to the people of this section that I am better than over prepared to meet' their wants In the line of Painting, Paper Hanging, etc., and feel free to say that I can guarantee my work to be llrst class. I mix my own point and people can know Just what they get. It may be well to add that I was not responsible for the inferior work done last season by , ,,. the firm with which I was unfortunately con- I J nected for a short time; circumstances which, I \ 1 could not control caused some poor work to r -• be done, but I promise my patrons that it I shall not occur again. I am the " boas" now, and yon may rely on what I tell you. Give me a trial and you will be satisfied, > JAS. A. ORR. Livery and Sale Stable. BY GEO. HUNTER. Having become sole proprietor ol the livery and "eod barn south of toe Ten* nant house, I am now prepared to fur- Blsh the pu'irilo with the best otlivery rigs at moderate prices, Also Break Colts to Drive, and guarantee satisfaction, Have all necessary appliances Tor properly handling colts, and break them into kind and gentle drivers. Will also BOARD HORSES and give them the best of care. vn,, W s -•« .-. out' personal attention to the business, patrops can rest assured we will do our best to please them, < 1 * QEO. , Proprietor,

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