The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 25, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 1894
Page 7
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AM6M IOWA 8ft ftrtfiiijh tffpSiJd fia&tl. 6fi ftft fiftgllsh totpedo' bolt n nt» sleeping adbrnmodatfofl tat' the fiifen f adthei? haffifnbclb tto? bedding «< aftjf kiad, la plaes of thesa & blanket suit is provided for each m&n, the Space being so limited, and fifiei shillihrf per day is allowed as ttofflpeiis&tidn for the hardships ttaueed by inadequate sleeping accom ffiodations. APIS Wdtttan'i Kt>My . Pathcsr-^lhoy say that tnattei' how one Buffers, some one lias suffered more. All the same, they Couldn't beat toe in this business, for 1 have walked this child the entire night for fully fiik hours. Mother, calmly— Yes, Henry deaf; but suppose you lived up near the pole, where the nights are six monthi long?— Puck. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement ant tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who' live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting; the. vvprld'srbest products to the needs of physical bein&, will attesl the value to liealth of the pure liquic laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most, acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the iref resiling and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently'curing.constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions anc met with-the approval of the mediea: profession, because it acts on the Kid• neys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from. «very objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in GOc and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by tho California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will nol accept any substitute if offered. B 411 mnkes; soino now; others rebuilt: mime no new. SlOup rjIicwrltiT llcnilqiiiirlrrs, Mil Olive St., St. Louis, Mo. IT. The Best, •Quickest :atid inosr profitable lling: article oil market. NO IIUMBUG Only fliose who mean 'business, scud 25c *or sample and full particulars. IB-W. Street. P. A. KB LLER, Mgr -DAVENBQ-KX, XOWA. Ely's Cream Balm Clnanses live Nasal Passages, Allay* Pain and Inflammation, Keatore.t tho Hnunci of • Taste and Smell. lioHlx tho Sore*. •Apply Balm Into each noitrl). •£LY BROS., 66 Warren St., X. T. "COLCHESTER" COL,C«ESTBU BOOT. BEST IN MARKET. BEST IS FIT. BJ26T IN WEAWNO QUALITY. The outer or tap solo extends tho whole length down to t)ie Reel, protecting th« boot in dlc- plnpr .and lo other ihurd wurk. ASK TOUR BEAIffiR FOB THEM and don^t he j>ut -off with Interior tfooda. _^ CX>. PISO'S CURE FOR CoB»ninj»Hve» ttPU people 1 j WhohSYe weft* lungs or AetJj- { I rou, should use Plgo'g Cure for I j ConBuiuplloju U bo* Cnred I I tboiiwurti. {( has not injur-1 f d one. U I* not bsri »o U (,l3tl)fl tesc cough fyrup. - Bold everr,w&ero.*»'5o f CONSUMPTION. "TWO PAIR," THi FRYING PUTPHMAN gyi-KV PUOW, MOUNE tE-VER HARROW, THi MQMNE CHAMPION THI Pruw (to) tUeao and fill—your coru- cri.bti* £MU pn your dsttl^r OJT ^ddrcm. AE^liiio 4*loiy lpQ«* BXpiliitf 111* Patenis, Trade-Marks, , s« ,oa aud Advice as to J'ateqtahility o{ Send for " Iqveutors' Guide; or How to Get VimDTflV A'WAWDKfT ' VT A BtrTVTARUMT TJ fl _ fhe tallest trees lift tfie WoflcK in Australia* i'hsy Ar6 a sp6ctes of marsh gum and settle ate satd to" eS" ceetl 600 feet in height. I'ho festtfi'eeti&fi plftnt. & native 6f Sotttk Afi'ica, becomes dry ftnd ajajiftiS ently lifeless dui'iii^ dfottth t 'but opens its leaves and assumes all the ttj}|ie&r,- anee bf life when' rain falls. The Victoria lily of (htiana has a circular leaf from six to twelve feet in diametef. It is turned up at the edge Hkfi a ti*ay aad can support, tie- cording to its size, from 100 to 300 poiinds. There is a wild iloxvef, resembling an orchid, which g'rovvs in several piu'ts of Turkey. It is an exact floral image of a humming bird. The breast is green, the wings are a deep rose color, tho head and beak almost black. There is a plant in Jamaica called the life plant, because it is almost impossible to kill it ol' any portion of it. When a leaf is cut off and hung tip by a string it senfls out vvhito' threadlike foots, gathers moisture from the aitf. and begins to grow new leaves. The Owen Olendbwor oak, near Shrewsbury, Is forty-four feet in diameter at the ground. It owes its name to the fact that in 1401 Oweri Glenclpwer, the Welsh leader, climbed into its topmost branches to recon- noitcr an approaching English army. The banyan trao is a grove of it- •sslf. Its branches send ont stringy filaments which finally, reach the ground, take rorjt and become trunks. One such tree in India lias 4-00 main trunks and over 8,000 smaller. An English army of 7,000 men has been sheltered at one time under its •branches. The baobab trees of Senegal are denominated by Humboldt the "oldest organic monuments of our planet." One he. describes particularly as being over .100 feet in diameter, and calculates its age at 'the very least as 5,000 years. Its foliage forms a gigantic green semi-circle over 100 feet high and 400 in diameter. The sago of commerce is made from the trunk of, a palm tree. It is said to be ;a most extraordinary sight to sea the trunk of a largo tree cut down and in a few hours wholly converted into food. A single tree will provide food enough for a man for a whole year, and ten days' labor will convert it into a palatable and nourishing article of diet. A DASH OF HUMOR. "Willie, do you and your brother ever fight?" "Yes, sir." "Who whips?' "Pa." Budge—What a lucky fellow Boun cer is! He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.' Grudge—I'll bet it was plated. Bildad—Did the editor sead thai joke back to you? Shuhite — Yes Bildad—That's funny. Shuhite—The editor said it wasn't. "You shouldn't be hard on the poets," said the sentimental man. "You know they learn in suffering what they teacli in song." "Yes," replied the soulless citizen; "and so do the public." Clerk, stepping to the speaking-tube as it whistles—Well, what is it? Agonizing Tones of Uncle Joshua, room E front—Send me up a bellows. I've blown on this 'ere 'leetric light till I'm winded, an' it's burnin' yit. He—May I ask your father, Miss Margery? Miss Margery—That will bo unnecessary, Mr. Spoony, but I should prefer that you secure the consent of the four other gentlemen I'n engaged to. They are quite select. Author, to his wife—Rejoice, -ohl wife of my bosom; 1 have gained a prize of 500 marks for my lat est effort.. Wife—Which article was it? Author—Oh! that essay of mine: "The Defects of a Wife; A Study From Nature. " Mrs, Honeymoon, to bridegroom- in train—Do you love me? Old Party, confidentially, from the other seat, to bridegroom — She's asked you that forty-seven times already. I get -out here, but I'll leave the score with this gentleman in the window. BITS OF INFORMATION. Saxony has the largest coal mine, its galleries being 1£5 miles long. Deaths from smallpox averaged 580 a year in 1830, where now they average but six. Last year 859 people died on the steamers en route from Europe to the United States. Native laborers in Palestine work for fifteen cents a day and pay their own expenses. Last season, a bunch of grapes weighing -six pounds was raised in Washington state, «\t a aiecenfc cotirt bq.ll at Rome Qweew Margherite wore sixteen strings of pearls, the lowest hanging half way tto the waist. Patrick 8y»n of Lanark, Wis., grew faint and fell into the grave of a friend the other day and received injuries from which he died. Sam Wah Ki&g, a Chinaman, hqs started a, cattle ranch in Montana with a capital of $110,000. He em- ploye only Chinese on, bis ranch. Evidence pf Intelligence. 'I told that new story pf mine to Pulton astnigbt." BrumWe—What did he say? <'NpthU»g, HQNV, vsh^t do you thintf?" Bramble—That Palton knows more than : thought he did. A popular' movement—-The effort to abolish povwty. Extreme, Chronic, TorturJm 6VRI0 m 9hd{>it6<>t>6W ftitd the Pruetteo ^ffef iookiHff fttths^inddwd thing within proving ca^tiviltinf you decide oti going in and fmfchasittf says a wt'itet 1 in the New SToi'k I'itne^. On .tne aobf la usual iy painted "English Spokou," but ih you go, determined on sinking yout hatiduality in bad iTfenoh, BO as life to have prices raised, but, by hoav ens, yout 1 Hhgo betrays you. 1foii are answered in English, and the pMoes in Fi'ohch money, that by long division you can turn into dollars and cents, are transferred into Eng lish shillings and pence and farthings; your nationality has been wrongly fixed. 'Bewll dered and helpless you have to explain that you are an American, and beg to be told the price in French money. When this is done, however, you are so un< settled that you can neither multiply nor divide. Possibly the price is given in colitimea, and you exchange them'itito 'cents and'then"wbnder'i the tales of French cheapness are not imaginary. A cotoletto de volaille truffeo, for instance, you are told is 60 centimes. "Fifty cents for a cutlet! Only enough, for one .person! That is eating money for a truth; we canno.t afford chat, can w6*P" you ask, turning, to your com patriot on French soil. You give tho cotelette a second look, and i is so good. "ilo\v much'did you say i 1 " to tho shop girl. "Fifty centimes, 10 sous." "Ten sous! Why, a sou is only a cent; why that is only ton cents What a stupid I am! Of course wo can afford that. We couldn't buy .anything;like it at homo as cheap." Because it is cheap you take six when you only need two; it seems like saving money to buy more than is necessary because of the chance. Prix fixe—fixed price—is prominent in,.every shop, but the buyer is to look upon the sign as au ornamenl and not as a rule to bo adhered to. It is the custom of the country to "inerchander"—in English to bargain, or in other words to beat down prices. If you do not it takes tho seller's breath away. About some articles you have no hesitation, bu1 about others, a Christ or a Virgin, for instance, oven in plaster, it goes against tho grain to cheapen. Bo- cause of this bargaining shopping takes time, and the way to do it is to ptart early with a superabundance of patience and "cheek." Ask French person about a shop and ton to one the answer will he: "Oui, je lo connais bien, il cst, colour. >; "Yes, I know him well; he is a thief. 1 ' This term might bo a compliment the way, is indulged in unblushingly and no 'offense taken. One shopkeeper does not hesitate to call his neighbor a robber and trickster. All this gratis information is not pleasant to the purchaser. I do not think the most liberal minded likes to feel be has boou cheated; it is such a reflection on his common sense. But there is one thing that can bo said for shopkeepers, if they do still steal your cash, they are BO civil about it, so very civil, that you buy when you do not want a thing, and very often the thing you do not want. Tho liuukcr'H Son. When Mr. Goschen was chancellor of the exchequer and all alive with his scheme for the introduction ol •one-pound notos.he met Mi*. "Hughio 1 Drummond at dinner one evening. "Hughie" was introduced as a banker's son and a member of the stock exchange, and Mr. Goschen at onco began to question him as to what that institution thought of his idea of the paper money. "Oh, we don't think much of it," replied Mr. "Hughie." "Indeed, and why not, pray?" asked Mr. Goschen, somewhat taken aback. "Well, you BOO, you can toss with a sovereign, but flimsy Is no good to anybody."— Argonaut Ho KiiiUly Wanted a Shave. A curious case of tho tramp was eeen tho other day. Ho was a veritable one with a three weeks' growth of stubble. Sliding: into a restaurant ho asked for alms. "What would you do with a dime if I gave you ones'" asked a guest "Spend it on a shave," he said. tie got the dime, nobody, however, believing him. One of tho spectators followed him to a shop iu the neighborhood and the man did spend the money on a shave, and on being spoken to about it said he thought be might now strike a job, he looked eo respectable, SJlneriU or mineral wax, is substance which can be used for almost every purpose to which bees wax can be put; and is especially useful to electricians as an insulator. Until 1888, when deposits were found in Utah, our supplies had come exclusively from Ualioia, but now a fresh deposit has been found in Southern Oregon. This new wax is of a yellowish- white color, amj burns with a dense smoke but no smell. the Limit. Matilda Snowball— Will you lub me allors as you does now? Will yer be true ler ma forebber ancj ebber? Isam Johnsipg — Forebbor is q mighty long time. S'pose we make bit for two weeks. — Texas Siftings, The Wife — I've quit asking people if my bonnet is on straight Tfco Husbitnd— Why, my dear. Tho Wife— I love you too much, John, to disgrace you by calling body's attention, $o ajj HEM ' 2ooTdgMs Say that ati l«K(ft>n 6pe* cics of Wild anhnals &W gradually diminishing in steo. ' The owl's wise look is the fresitlt of a physiological oddity— his eyes boifig fixed immovable in their sockets. A piece of wood from the coffin of George Washington is Claimed to be iti the possession of Mi?. Jacob P&rdOis of Marcus Hook, Pa. Perhaps tho greatest trick of the camera is to reveal the marks of smallpox In the human faee sbrne time before the victim is aware that he is ill. Miss Mary Kalkotis fell from a third story of a New York house to the ground below, lately, without sustaining any injuries, "not even a scratch." Observations reeentl^ made under the auspices of the Australian government prove that there are places in the Mediterranean sea that are over three miles deep. During the trial of a case in London recently it. was'developed that dealers in eggs usually sell the bad ones to certain confectioners of that city, who use them in making candy. It is said that a whale measuring eighty . feet in length must exert a force equal to 1415 horse power in order to send his enormous body through the water at the rate of twelve miles an hour. Chicory, or succory plant, is raised principally in England, Holland, Belgium, Franco and Germany. A small quantity is raised in the United States, most of whiah is grown on a few hundred acres in California. An interesting' find of Indian relics has been made on the shores of Muskego> and .Wind lakes, Wis.,-by two Milwaukee sportsmen. Among the find are a war canoe, thirty feet long, made of a single log of black walnut, arrow heads, tomahawks and tho like. The largest pearl fishery in tho world is in California bay, aud during last year hundreds of divers employed found nearly 500 ton.Sof shells. One blue pearl weighing sixteen carats was found and sold for $10,000, and the yeai-'s finds .were valued at over $300,000. A Spanish inventor claims to have produced an iron automaton whose inner organs are machinei'y and whose diet is cartridges. Tho rifle which the monster carries can be turned in any direction, and delivers 50,000 shots in fifteen minutes. Electricity provides tho motive power by which the machinery is set in motion. Hou Should The Government Chemists, after having analysed all the principal brands of baking powder iti the market, in their reports placed the "Royal'* at the head of the list for strength, purity and wholesomeness 5 and thousands of tests all over the country have further demonstrated the fact that its qualities are, in every respect, unrivaled, Avoid all baking powders sold with a gift of prize, or at a lower price than the Royal, as they invariably contain alum, lime or sulphuric acid, and render the food unwholesome. Complexion by the GI*OSF. ''Where does Miss Puttie get her beautiful complexion ?'' Miss Oidcly— Thnt's what I've been -won- derin ff this long lime, \vhe1her she buys it of Mine. Peocbblow or sends away. "Brown's Krotictihil Troches" are widely known ns nn admirable remedy for Bronehitisi Hoarseness, Coughs and Throat troubles. Sold only in boxen. It takes about four generations of riches to produce a boy without freckles. ' Stir up the livor,. remove disease, promote pood cheer and Rood health, by the use of Beecham's Pills. Convince some men that it pays to :be good and yon couldn't .keep -them, out of tho church with a shotgun. : CnnnntnpUoii Cnr« fs Bold on a Riiarantco. It euros JnnliMfnt Consumr* lion, IDlslliuLestUousll Cure. 26.i;la..OOoLa. & tl.Ol). Dull times apparently Increase the surplus of "sharpers." H.*8 Very Pleasant* "Doctor told nmitilna the Other frvenfnjf*- that il! I didn't give up wearingfashloflablo bonnets I'd have neuralgia." "And so. you're going back to tho good old comfortable styles('' '•Nonsense, Lena; if people only make nj* their minds to it, neuralgia isti't such an awful thing.'*; Explained It. Mother—Why are you not as uolite and considerate and gentlemanly ris little Tom* my Dodd? :•'. ,, Small Bop—I guess v may he fie ikiut, brought up on'some street whore tho othaf- boys was bigger than him, . »" Already Engaged. -> ,. ,-. • Straw bar—I.hear you proposed^ to Mis*.. Twilling' the "other high't. Did she glv»yot^ an answer? ''' Bingerly—Not till I came the next night. Strawbcr—Then what did she say? Smgerly—She told the servant to toll jnfr sl.e was very sorry, but she was already engaged. Won the Medal. * ""What did Mfingle receive that medal for that he wears now?" "Ho has run over more people than any i man in our bicycle-, club. >! . ' Fro/en — Then oil Fire! Like, tli e application of ice to the small of your back, is tho sensation produced by the ohill that precedes the fever of malaria. Then comes tho roasting stage, when every vein throbs and is scorched as if with liquid fire. Then you well nigh dissolve in exhausting perspiration that leaves you as limp as a wet dish rag. These alternating torments ore act remediable permanently with quinine, which is, moreover, a most damaging cumulative poison. Hostetter's Stomach iiitters drives out the foe and repels its further attacks. It is tho leading medicinal safeguard agninst malaria all over the continents of North and South America, Guatemala, the Lstlnnus of Panama, Mexico and Australia. It regulates the liver, stomach, bowels and kidneys, enriches the blood, and promotes appetite, sleep and digestion. It is not duly a medicine, but an effective cordial welcome to the most delicate palate. Rheumatiu tendency is counteracted by it. Breckinridge, by his own confession, is a bad man, but some of his loudest, critics arc going to have a mighty hard time St. Peter. $1OO, The renders of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease- that science has' been able to cure in all its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's (Jatarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and raucous surfaces of the -system, the-ieby destroying the foundation of the disease, and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution «nd assisting nature iu doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its curative powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any casa that it fails to cure. Send for list ol! testimonials. Address, F, J. OHEN-EY &CO..Toledo, O. by druggists, 75c. The towering fashion in hair dressing is quite as formidable as the high hac iu the theatre. _ ' COP'* C'otiglt nnmant istheoltlestari'l best,. It. will breitli ini aCoki quloli- er tlmn anj'tlilnt; else. ItUulwayiiraluble, Try iu Tho man who loves his neighbor as himself will not keep a dog tuac bowls all night. _ »* t»*ngon'« Itfagfc Corn S»Iv«." Warranted to cure or inuney refunded. Auk your or 1', 1'rke IS cunta. The preacher often needs a change of people as inueh as the people need a change of preacher. One of the hardest lessops to leavn is that we are made of (tie aauie Uind of play as other folks. By and by the American Indians will have nothing but mental reservations to stand on. The subject of the above portrait Is a prominent and much respected citizen, Mr. Robert Hanson, of West Bye, N. H. Where Mr. Manson is known " his word is as good as his bond." In a recent letter to Dr. E. V. Pierce, Chief Consulting Physician to tho Invalids' Hotel and- Surgical < Institute, Buffalo, N. Y., Mr. Mauson says : "Dr. Pierco's Pleasant Pellets are the best pills I ever took for tho liver. All my friends say they do them the most good," This opinion is shared by every one who once tries these tiny, little, sugar-coated pills, •which are to bo found hi all medicine stores. Tho U. S. Inspector of Immigration at Buffalo. N. Y., writes of them as follows; "From etu'ly childhood I have suffered from a sluggish liver, with all the disorders accompanying such a, condition. Doctors' prestviptions and patent medicines I have used in abundance ; they only afforded temporary relief. I was recommended to try t)r, Pierco's Pleasant Pellets. I did so, taking two at night and one after dinner every day for two weeks. I have reduced the doso to one ' Pollet ' every day for two months. I have in six months increased in solid flesh twenty-two pounds, I am in better health than I have been sinco childhood. Drowsiness and unpleasant feelings after meals have completely disappeared." Assist nature a little now and then with a gentle laxative, or, if noe.d be, with a more tiearching and cleansing cathartic, thereby removing offending matter from the stomach and bowels, and toning, up and invigorating the liver and quickening its tardy action, and you thereby remove the cause of a multitude of distressing diseases, such os headaches, indigestion, biliousness, skin diseases, boils, carbuncles, piles, fevers and maladies too numerous to mention. If people would pay more attention to properly regulating the action of their bowels, they would have Jess frequent occasion to call for their doctors' services to subdue attacks of dangerous diseases. That, of all .known agents to accomplish this purpose, Dr. Pierco's Pleasant Pellets are unequoled, is proven by the fact that one* used, they are always in favor. Then* soo>- ondar'y effect is to keep the bowels open and' regular, not,to further constipate, as is tbo- • cose with' other- piUV .Henoo, their .great,< popularity with sufferers from habitual conv stipation, piles, and indigestion. The " Pleasant Pellets " art; far more effective in arousing the livor to action than "blue pills," calomel, or other mercurial preparations, and have tho further merit of betngi purely vegetable and perfectly harmless iS any condition of the system ; no particular care is required while using them. | Composed of the choicest, concentrated vegetable extracts, their cost is' ranch more than is that of other pills found in the market, yet from forty to forty-four "Pellets "j are put up in each sealed glass viol, ao soloy through druggists, and can be had attho price of the more ordinary and cheaper made pills. Dr. Pierce prides himself on having been first to introduce a Little Liver Pill to tho American people. Many have imitated them, but none have approached his " Pleasant Pel^ lets " iu excellence. For all laxative and cathartic purposes' tho "Pleasant Pellets" are infinitely superior to all '• mineral waters," sedlitz pow-. ders, " salts," castor oil, fruit syrups (so- called), laxative " teas," and tho many other purgative compounds sold in various forms. Put up in glass vials, sealed, therefor* always fresh and reliable. One littlo "Pallet " is laxative, two gently cathartic, As a "dinner pill," to promote digestion, take one each day after dinner. To relieve- distress from over-eating, nothing e them. They are tiny, sugar-coated, bilious granules, scarcely larger than tard seeds. Every child wants them. The:-., after they are taken, instead of »- turbmg and shocking the system, they act ib a mild, and natural way, There is no jv- action afterward. Their help lasts, Accept no substitute recommended'to be, •' just as good." They may be better /or the' dealer, because of paying him 4 bettor profit, hut ho is not the one who needs help.' I: Young Wives WHO APE FOR THE FIRST TIME TO UNPEROQ WOMAN'S SEVEREST TRIAL, we OFFER ——"nothers' Friend" A remedy which, if used 35 directed a few weeks before confinement, robs it of its Psio, Horror gnfnitj$l» to, yfe of both mother and child, as thousands who have<l it testify, * I used two bottles of 'MOTHERS' FRIENO' with MARVELOUS BESUI.TS, %nd wish every woman who has to pass through the ordeal of child-birth to know if they use MOTHERS' FRIEND' for a few weeks it will rob con- finerowt ° f #">' J»"d suffering and insure safety to life of mothtt gu4 "'••'f—ftlBS. SAW HAMPTON, Eurefca Springs, Ark. Boofc to Mothers mailed free containing voJptajry i "* "".SW.',. 011 *^ vrw^ojj^cjlpt Jfjjggg. ftM BJl- v*>'j, 1 ! ~\V T YlrtlTf T AQ Kt 1 ** • T-" **MVM"-«*fr«l %»** nuwA (equals custom work, costing froia y |^ to $6, best value for the money in the world. Niirae and pri« stamped on the bottom . Every ' pair \varrantcj. -J'uUe nq s«bst£ ' '-te. S«c loc»J papers for f«JJ description ol' our complete » lines for JadiSS amlrtw- >- tleineii or seiul for Jfi- _ .. - det by mail. Postage free. Voq can get the bfff bargains of (Jealers who push oijr sfeosn? WELl MAGHINEBY Sioux City Uuflqfl * Icon H'orks, t» Vccla Mfe Co., W. N. U—D.M.

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