Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa on December 9, 1903 · Page 4
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Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa · Page 4

Iowa City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1903
Page 4
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.Now For The. Holidays M We've been preparing: for the Holiday trade for weeks -- - brought the best here for you to select from -- useful articles at prices that will tempt you. . No trouble finding- just what you want at just the price- We urge early buying, the stocks are at their best now, and many of the finest fancies cannot be duplicated. See our Xmas Haberdashery GOAST SON, The American Clothiers. o o 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 o o 8 0 O O 0 0 0 r. FOP Rent Storeroom on "Washingtonst. now occupied by Mr. Gambe. For particulars call on *Pttone 84 HO 1*2 Washington »t G. M.RENO 'CO SANTA CLAU8 IS COMING, and a good way to help him out in his arduous labor* is to have your boy, your husband or your brother measured by us for an overcoat or a. suit In time to get the completed garments for Christmas wear. See us apbut it and we will arrange everything to your liking. Handsome fabrics are here in great variety, an low in price. JOS. SLAVATA, Tailor. THE LOCAL NEWS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1903, TAKE A LOOK IP YOU DON'T BUY AT THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH BAZAAR FRIDAY. THE WEATHER Threatening, with snow tonight. OPERA * HOUSE THURSJAY EVB., DEC. 10 fg Scenic Production in Play Form of "The Best New England Story '. Ever Written." "It is as sweetly natural as the'j breath of the fields."--Philadelphia Record. Mason's SAWYER and Corner Folks "The Village Gossips Wondered who he was, what he .was, what rte came for, and how long he intended to ·tay." ' . · , - . . . , . LARGE AND EXCELLENT COMPANY "One great big laugh from beginning to End and the sweetest love story ever told." PRICES 50, 75 $1.00 Opera- -Bouse BLONDEU FENNESSY'S Hurricane of Fun and Frolic m THE .Don't Miss Tliem Secure Seats Early .FUN FOR THE CHILDREN At»l-JPXAR CAST TTA'tT CLARK, the distlng'iii.lied German . CAtlOi. TRfX^DX. »-« '·aHfoniH Sunbreim. mXOXtly XG Sn-«-s,Tin33ersandCi)araci*r : Imltatt ns . Bil-LY CinRcS ar;d hs Tr-Inrf "T«3»s"' ll»m Jll« HSji}r'dr'J-». Lei-dun. ·' THE FKNNEJ.S, ' be Acr»)w«c · ondtrs. LEL* LEi-AND-Ui-D n c S - z M rrpl . CBIGfjIK ALEXAXDEK, Ml- LI vSanta Claus Candy...... --^ SAINT NICHOLAS WANTS THE BEST OF EVERYTHING IN CHRISTMAS CONFECTIONERY. HE FINDS IT WE ALL FIND IT A t t h * . Iowa Candy Kitchen 125 S. Dubuctue st. HERE ARE SOME OF OUR SPECIAL HOME MADE CANDIES: CHOICE CHOCOLATE CREAMS DELICIOUS BONBONS TEMPTING CARAMELS FANCY CHRISTMAS BOXES. WAFERS. CREAM CANDIEj, FRUITS. NUTS,ETC. QUALITY THE BEST PRICES THE LOWEST WANT ^NOTICES, Higest market price paid at our tannery, foot of Clinton street, Iowa City, la. E. F. Kate Sons. 12-2j WANTED--Poultry, at Bruce Moore's store. Agents for H. U Dan. 13t Moore Peterson. THE CITY IN B R I I I , Make everybody happy Christmas -one of Townsend's artistic photos ol yourself, gradma or the baby -will, do the work. Presbyterian bazaar Dec. ICth. 12-9 Dr. R. B. Moore has gone to Arkansas to spend part of the winter. Hot chicken pie supper at the Presbyterian bazaar, Dec. 16tK 12-S Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Morrison arc guests of their niece, Mrs. Win. A. Morrison. The Congregational ladies are conducting a pretty, pleasing and present providing bazaar for ante-Christmas shoppers this afternoon. It will be patronizable this evening also. The annual social meeting of; the King's Daughters; will be. held at Mrs. J. C. Cochrans, S. Clinton St. this evening, Dec. 9th. ; All members are ..cordially invited to be present. Bazaar and supper of Trinity Church at Armory- tomorrow evening. At the meeting of the State Park and Forestry Association in Des Moines yesterday Prof. T. Hf{ Macbride was re-elected president, and Prot B .Shimek was named as a member of the executive committee. x The Session of the Presbyteriaii church will give a reception and sociable Friday evening, ;in the church parlors, in honor-oil the congregation. The event will be In chaTge of .the men, solely. The Ladies of Trinity Church will serve hot supper af Armory tomorrow evening. Miss Harriet Holt of the university instruction corps left this morning for a brief visit with her sister Mrs. H. S. Richards, at Madison, Wis. Miss Holt has been slightly ill for a short tlm£ past/and her visit is to obtain needed rest. J. Bennison has returned from Cedar Falls, where he was compelled to leave his wife and two 'daughters, who are quarantined because of scarlet fever, which prostrated all three while they were enjoying a Thanksgiving visit. Why suffer with indigestion, dyspepsia, gastric, irregularities, stomach troubles, when. Rocky Mountain Tea .will make you well and keep yoa well'- 35 cents. W. W. Morrison. W. F. Misegadi, the Smith-Dows foreman who was the victim of tne brutal attack. Saturday night, will re- coyer, it now seems assured. He is still ia the University hospital, but is doing reasonably well,, considering the, severe injuries inflicted upon him by the dastards who struck lum^down. Mr. J. E. Lewis of San Francisco, Cal., is visiting friends in the city today. His home, years ago, was at West Liberty, and he was for some time -a student of the State University. It is twenty-three years since lie left Iowa, and he hardly knows the lay of the land where once was his home. The lineup of the basketball team for Saturday afternoon is "as follows: Newton and Kingsbury, forwards; Parsons, center; Brock and Roff, guards. Games have been scheduled thereafter with Minnesota, Nebraska and Kansas, universities and Orihnell in Iowa City, and elsewhere: with Chi- crfgo, Wisconsin, Monmouth, Missouri, Athletic club, Grinnell and Des Moines Y. M. C. A. Tale's team may come, as negotiations are in progress now. Take a look if you don't buy at the Christian church bazaar Friday. · Miss Eliza L. Seabury, 'aged 87, passed away with little warning, this morning. She arose, dressed aa usual and came down stairs at breakfast time, but did not appear well as she sat at the table. Then she became suddenly ill, and the end, due "to old age and heart trouble, came all too scon. Miss Seabury was the aunt of George Hitchcock, with whom she has made her home since coming to Scott t:-vhnsnip from Yarmouth, Maine, 28 years ago. She was an estimable and well loved old lady and all who knew her wiil mourn deeply. - . -: ·· ; Westward the orb of glory takes its way, Wisconsin Is the state, you hear every body say, .. . . It's made itself famous by on« great stride; Kocky Mountan Tea name world wide. WAS WEAVER TWAIN MADE ONE WICKED MAN ? QUESTION JURY MUST MINI SOON. DETER- W. S. Carpenter I* Aooueed of Urdly Deed--lerthft Brvoan, Aged Thirteen, I* HI* Aoouser-- Trial I* Now In Progreoa. W. S. Carpenter, a weaver, somewhat advanced in years, iY on trial before a' jury In the district court, charged- with wickedly diihonpring a thirteen^year-old girl, little Bertha Brbgan. - - "~. The Jury in the case Is as follows: Jacob Hirt, Jacob Kloos, TJ. 8. Allbright, H. ; ,Vanaderlip,C. N, Holmes; Charles Kurt, W. Hudka,. Qeo. Katt- enmeyer, P. J. Murphy, M. B. Dvorsky, A. L. Kesaler, R. A. Preeton. The -defendant is not charged with using violence to attain his ends, but he is accused of giving the child money, etc., and the law contemplates that any crime of the kind alleged in this case, is as great against a mere child, as if violence were used against an older person. The ehlef witness of the state, aside from the girl herself," was Oscar Carpenter; the man's own son--who testified that his father, in his hearing, told Mrs. Carpenter that he had wronged-"her'by his assiciation with the Brogftn child. Dr. Hazard testified that the girl, when brought to him, showed that she had been-abused. Ewing fe-McDosald are opposed to the statrs^aftorneys; Baldwin Fairchild,-fn the" "conduct of the'jease. When the state rested, the 'defense moved that the case be taken from the-jury, but the'court said no, and the defense began "this morning, accordingly. Prior thereto. It being al- 'eged -that 'the defendant , had more than- once committed offense, the state was ordered to elect'upon which particular offense It would rest its flght.~*Th"e defense wanted the election made at once, but the" court permitted the state", to wait nntil j It was, ready-to rest.'- The stats "then-nominated June 25,- as the" time of the crime'; -with which- "'it'' especially charge"d ; Carpenter. "If the" prisoner is found guilty, as charged; Judge Byingtbn/ under the : aw, may send him to the penitentiary for as'Jong a term of years as he sees "«.--or for life. Wise" bridos make their biscuits of "Seaf-orMinnesota" flur.~~It make? LIGHT bigcufts. -For sale by C Sueppel. · _'· - - ff ~ ' Genuine Mexican Drawn: Work at Trinity'church baeaar. Dec. 10. GRIDIRONITES AT GAY SMOKER FOOTtALL HEROES MAKE MERRY IN KENYON HALL--FIRST TEAM ENTERTAINS "SCRUBS" AND OTrpft INVITED QUESTS. " * - j ._ Gridiron heroes had their day--and rught-f-once more, last night, In Kenyon hafi. * The event that attracted about fifty pleasure seekers was the smoker, given by the Iowa " first team to the "scrubs." - - -The" second eleven has taken a whole-lot'of hard knocks and passed through .a, generally unpleasant season for the good of the cause, and the first eleven wisely decided to "do the right thing" by the men without whom a ?ood first ,el even would be an impossibility:' -- -- · ' c - "-" . The" function proved'to fee 7 one of the most' enjoyable "stag parties" of the year: The boys were provided with clay pipes and "heap'plenty Tacco" atfd they smoked to their hearts'- content until one washable to"- write T an essav on the' art of making touchdowns--by merely using his Index finger Judiciously.- In the aromatic clouds that *ere wafted through the circumam- bient space in the commodious hall. Afterwards, progressivewhist wa$ the -order of the hour, and thea Coyle ntid French Imitated the ancient Olympians by engaging in a thrilling wresting inatch. The favorite; Coyle, was to throw French twice lir fifteen mlnutes-^but the etroog-and wiry .French into'too much'tof^ the "brilliant end, and as a result the first fall--a beauty--tooV 6% minutes, and the second went th* -fher way for French captured that AT TRINITY ALTAR W. C. HAftftACH AND MIM AD* LAIDB CLARK ARE WED. Brilliant Matrimonial Ev*nt In Trinity Chureh-- Oellahtful Function Follow*-- low* CHy Loot* Social Star. One of the most brilliant matrlmon- lal alliances in the social history of the Athens was celebrated at on« o'clock, this afternoon, when Miss Adelaide Clark was led to the altar by William C. Harbach of Des Moines, amid » wealth of chrysanthemums and. roses. '-.-. .- ' · . , " ' - · · · . -./: The officiating clergyman, Rev. Dr. W. D. WUllams, pronounced tha couple man and wife, In Trinity church. Dr. J. G. Gllchrist played the imposing wedding march. The best man was the groom's brother. Len Harbach of Des Molnes, and the bride was attended by her sister, Mrs. ·T;; Burke Carson of Davenport. ' Rlgjht Rev. Thomas N. Morrison, bishop of the diocese of -Iowa, pronounced the benediction. The bride was arrayed in a magnificently simple white broadcloth sown, and carried a "white * prayer book. In all her young life, her regal beauty never shone more rsplendently than during this.cthe greatest hour of 'ier blameless life. The wedding luncheon was served at the Burkley Imperial, .where covers were laid for 70. guests. The hostess ,was the bride's mother. The bride's* table was garbed In immaculate tulle. Mr. and Mrs. Harbach wiU reside In the capital, where the groom Is the business manager of the Harbach- Furniture company. He is a splendid young business man, with a large num ber of friends in Iowa City. He has won a queenly- bride -- a daughter of the .late Senator Ezekiel Clark^ whose name is inseparably linked with the saving. of Iowa's financial honor, when the stress and strain of the dark days of the '60's tortured Governor Kirkwood and threatened the undoing of the Hawkeye state. In -Miss Clark's departure from the Athens, the old capital loses from its social firmanent one of the brightest stars therein-- and the new capital .gains conversely thereby. tTpon-Mr. and Mrs. Harbach a host of loving friends in both cities will invoke Heaven's richest blessings throughout all the years to come. "Mr. Condit has a beautiful tenor voice, worthy of a place on any concert stage."--Des Moines Capitol. Mr. Oondlt will sing In The Holy City, at the Presbyterian'church Monday evening, Dec. 14th. WISE DOCTORS MEETING HERE SEMI-ANNUAL CONVENTION IN has made it? W. W. Morri son. . HATI0 JOXES,B«r3 one Vrral!«. THOS. W. KBL^Y. Sff-et-t TuioeJ Sln Admission 35c and 5Gc WOOD SAWING. Parties wanting wood sawed leave orders at P. X. RHtenroeyer's. Phone. 4tt Prt«« il »er cord. P. A. Froj. FIOHT WILL 8E BITTER. who will persist In closing their etrt against the continual recom- ·eadatlon of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, w«il nave a long and bitter fight with their troubles. If ·ot ended earlier by fatal termination. Bead what T. R. Beall, Hiss., has to "Last fall my wife had even of consumption. She tool: Or. sthtfi Ktw Discovery after every- IMW *)M H* fined, Improvement i Mfl four hettiee entirely bf W. IB. Snr*. LOST--Small go:d watch. Xo chain, ring broken off- On Market SL between Oubuque and Van Earen, Marked with name and date. Fander returned to 4 E. Market St and receive reward. 12-10 MKDICAL. LADIES--Our harmless Remedy re lieves wit-lout fail delayed or sup pressed menstruation. For fre- trial address PARIS CHBMJCAL, O» iVis 9-30- Auii-Carbon is a great Invention Martin Gerber will tell you all aboui it It destroys loose carbon and soo! in stoves, furnaces, pipes, boiler fla«s, etc., and makes soft coal a* clean and pleasant as hard coal. Satisfaction Is guaranteed, moreover, or the money you pay (40 cents for a package bis «aong* te Itit all wlater) will b* r« fMle4. du ,vou think that woman'* cl«v- Clever! Why, the can make all her clothee without other women toowlng it!--Brooklyn LW». George Schubert, proprietor of the New York bakery, has sold out his pant and business to his brothers, Will ond Ed. Schubert, and will locale in Los Angeles, Cal., whither he will go in January. The best wishes vt his many friends will follow the worthy young business man to his new home, and the good will of his brothers' friends wJ31 be theirs in the business they adopt Witb Mr. and Mrs. Scnnbert will go the latter's sisters, the Misses Agnes and Loretta Glasgow. Nellie Fuller, Denver--"My face was full of pimples and black-heads. Rocky Mountain Tea has driven them away. People hardly know me. Tm looking fin*. Si cents. W. W, Morrison. Master Edward Ererdelng of Ger- roanla, an S-year-old victim of an accident that ruined and ultimately cost him his left eye, is Improving at the university hospital and win be able to go home tomorrow. He was brought hither by Dr. Clarence Waud of Oer- tnanla, a graduate of the College of Dentlsiry, whose father 3s a physician of German!*. Dr. Dalbey removed the doomed eye. and thus averted the destruction of the sight of the. fight, which had been imperiled, when the ether optic WM destroyed. The remaining eye will be caved, barrta* u«- expected development*, a* the operation was a distinct SMMH. handsoinely, downing Coyle ir S mlrintw." French waa declared winner. ···; ? ·--'·'- · , Refreshments were then served and after the feast, TerpsichorUn dlverds- mcnts 'of the cervine type (thontb wthout dean) were the order of the SESSION NOW. Twenty-Fifth Meeting Of its Kind Attracts Considerable Attention -- Good · .Papers -are Read by Leading Physi elans. ·The 25th semi-annual convention of the Central Iowa Homeopathic association is in session here today, in"- the College of Homeopathic Medicine. Dr. W, L. Bywater of Iowa City. president of the organization, welcomed the" visitors and gave a paper on: "Some Thitfgs the Young Doctor Should Know.-" . Dr. George Royal of Des Moines dean of the college, gave an address OB ^The/Value of the Different Classes of Symptoms." -Dr. W. A. Hubbard of Cedar Rapids conducted a discussion. Dr. D. E. Tiffany of Cedar Rapids, treated: ^SpecfaHsm;" ' The nezt annual meeting will be held in May, .1904,; and. doubtless Cedar Rapids win; be the meeting place. The local ·Hahnemannians gave a luncheon at noon today, to the delegates is the St James. The session today was devised es- at least, largely-- for the For Men and Boys Fur Overcoats Fur Lined Overcoats Long Coats Short Cpats Cravenettes Lined Cravenettes Full Dress Suits :Tuxedo S : - I t V Busirie^ Suits .'Working Suits Boys'Dress Suits Boys'School Suits Children's Suits Children'sOvercoats White Shirts- Fancy Shirts Flannel Shirts Working Shirts Union Suits Underdrawers Undershirts Wool Hose Cashmere Hose Fancy'Hose Stockings- Garters Silk Hats Stiff Hats Soft Hats Caps ·NighfRobes Bath Robes Lounging Robes Smoking Jackets Suit Cases Telescopes ; Valises Umbrellas Canes ~ Collars Cuffs . Cuff Buttons ' ' . Neck Ties Gloves Mittens Jerseys " ~ Sweaters. · Mufflers Silk Handkerchiefs Linen Handkerchiefs Fancy Suspenders etc. tHiet the Habit of Going to Bloom Mayer THE COLD, BLEAK WEATHER IS UPON US THE SEASON FOR WARM FOOT' WEAR is here, We are ready with a a large stock to supply every demand. We have EVERY STYLE IN WARM FOOT COVERING and can FIT EVERY FOOT, and accommodate every pocket-* book,.. We cannot take time pr space to list all the different styles but we assure you if you come here you are reasona^ bly certain to find just what you want. Also a large stock of FELT BOOTS, KNIT BOOTS, GERMAN SOX and ARCTICS of all kinds, Come, before Jack Frost gets you, Flannagan Bros' Shoe Store Jl5 CLINTON STREET, AMUSEMENTS benefit of the collegians pursuing the study of homeopathy here at the present time. President Bywater had this Until nearly one o'ctoek. this morn Inc. the merrymaking continued. Vic tor Barrer providing: exhilarating pl- a-H music for the dancers, and even then tfee event seemed all too short to b the flrst team, the "scrub*." and the invited guests, not connected with tut firm supporters of, the athletes. thought in mind in selecting- his theme, .and his discourse abounded in valuable /'pointers'.', for the ;youns man or woman .who is sooner or later to embark upon the professional sea. He was given close attention by £heso ambitions young men and women, bnt his excellent paper also received glow- "Mrs. F^tz-OIbbon created a sensation, receiving tferee encore* on her first nnaber. She is possessed of a H ch, contralto voice of remarkable range, at wen as a queenly staav preence."--Seattle (Wash) Post Tfce contralto solos in Tne Holy City are particularly beautiful. Mr*. FJti Gibbon of Davenport wfll render them at the Presbyterian church Ho*day, Dec.nth ing commendations of the elder home opathlsts present-^The other papers were likewise ot i high -grade of merit, and were" discussed at length, with profit to stu ieats and members, alike. Tae officers now Incumbent will remain in office until tfie next annual 3lectioti. They are as follows: President--Dr. W. L. Bywater. Iowa City. Vice president--Dr. L. W. Struble West Liberty. Secretary--Dr. C. H. Cogswell, jr., Cedar Rapids. Treasurer--Dr. N. S. Hubbell, Cedar Rapids. r 24W barrels of "Seal of Minnesota* lour are made every day. Thai means that many people use It For sate by C. Smppel. There's quit* a differeace 1* pies. The fcM with the light, t«- der cruet «ta lie »»4e of "Seal of Mituiftsata" 1 fionr. For sale by C Swimel. The ladles of Trinity church win hold their bazaar at the armory. Thursday, Dec. 10, beginning at 2 o'clock. Among the articles on sale will he some beautiful Mexican drawn work, dipper, from 540 on. 11-8 ChrteWam at 1*0 o'clock ·Mi. oMreh. f the 1S-M A COSTLY MISTAKE. B!«*ders are mmetlnea very expensive. Occasionally life Itself it the price of · mistake, hut you'H never «r ww*t if yo«ta\eDr. Kl«fi New Lift Rile for dyvyepela, dtntnees, head- a«he, ttm or howel troablem. They M% ^MtM T^lt vAOTW| r , RC ftt ^r. PERRYMAN-MCNETT RECITAL TONIGHT. .- One of the most important musical events given here this Season will be | the recital tonight at Assembly" hail; Liberal Arts building, by Miss Nadine Ferryman, dramatic soprano and Miss Eleanor McNett. concert pianist. - . Both these artists have had brilliant careers and occupy a commanding position in the musical world. Miss Perryman has toured this country several times and-'has appeared in every large city between the Atlantic and the -Pacific. Miss McNett. who is a sister of Mr. Walter McNett of the law ctepartmem A the University, is the most famous pianist this state has produced. Hei public work has heretofore been principally in the east where she is looked upon as an artist sure to achieve International fame. "^ The recital will commence at S.15 P. m. * « * "QUINCY ADAMS SAWYER." An excellent demonstration of the well known saying that when a woman will, she will, may be found in ihe publication of that popular New England novel. "Qnincy Adams Saw- ye|," and the marvelous success thai s attended its sales throughout the land up to the present day. Hiss Carro M. Clark, a young Boston wo^ man, thoroughly believed there was a market for this story, and against all advic( of friends she ventured hei last cent in forming the C. M. Clark Publishing company to publish It The author waa unknown and she had never had any experience ia publishing books, but her wonderful success in this venture is sUll the talk of the book trade. Miss Clark modestly sayt that the book met her expeciallouJtin staking a "hit" with the public--that frail. The dramatltation of the novel, which Is to be sees here next^ Thursday night at the opera house, n equally successful. * * * 'played on their Ma and Pa. and residents and theatergoers of this city trill, perhaps, also be interested to know that on next Monday at the opera house Blondell and Fennessy's screaming and hilariously funny musical farce comedy,; the ."Katzenjammer Kids" now In its fifth successful; season,; will be the attraction ;that has created as-much favorable .comment, from a theatrical and popular standpoint, as the famous cartoons have. The coming attraction: Is^said to be replete with good music, specialties, electrical and mechanical effects, also a bevy of pretty girls and eccentric comedians. · - .-· ; . -.' · T . '*. "* * "-· ' ···-'.. IOWA COLLEGE uLEE CLUB. ?1 The Glee club of Iowa College will give an entertainment at the Congregational church on Saturday evening, December 19th. under the auspices of the T. P. S. C. E. This is one of the strongest and most successful musical organizations of -" the west Though composed of students of the "college, the glee club Is by no means i merely amatear organization; since its forming in 1894 it has had but two * "eaders. and its programmes have always met the highest standard of music. Its record since Its first coming before the public is one cf which the c'nb and Its friends are very proud and with good reason, for it has met the approbation of press and public. The season of the club is very short sod but few engagements are made": Iowa City 5s fortunate in securing one of ttie dates. "Tass another biscuit, please," I« heard Trhenever mamma bakes a fresh batch from "Sea! of Minnesota* flour. For sale by C. Sueppel. THE KATZtNMMMIR'*. Every reader of the New York and Chicago papers will, to doubt, recall witt aa»y a rauie th* fumy fflwtn- Trinity Church Bax.'Sr and Supper lit Armory tomorrow evening, Dec. 10. FLORIDA AND THE SOUTH VIA THC MONON ROUTE AND C. H. 41 D. RY. . jtl aai J. B. WheUtoM'* iraef UM retattve to the ynaks of] - KU*| Tourist and hotneseeksrs" tickets to Southern points; 15 dftvs transit Unit, with stopover privileges. Through dally service to Florida, beginning January llth, 1»04. For "Ten Route* to the South," rates, folders, et£, address Frank £ Reed, Gen'!, Paa»«ager Xoaoi Route, Chlcafo, or L. 4*aiion», CKm'L Atfent 541 AMras -Mran. 1241 .iNEWSPAPERf sa NF \VSPAPJ-R!

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