The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 25, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 1894
Page 5
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W* '. i r\J -TS-fw • .*-' : ''•>••' } ALGfdSA *' •'A:'-- v^ < '• ,. • LEADER Announces a special sale of We have just received SO dozen fine Kid G-loves, Foster's patent hooks, in black, brown, and tan colors—none worth less than $1,85 and 1.50. You can have your choice of the lot ior cts. a pair. Also a fine line in large four-button Gloves, worth $1,25 and $1.50— , yonr choice for dM f)n . \|PJL«V/Vy Every pair warranted. Note—These prices are special for this sale, and we advise, an early selection. Cowles' new block. HYMAN & ARENBERG, EAIL¥AY TIME OAEDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. I,pCATj TRAINS WEST. No. 1 departs ."at ;s:">8 am No. 0 departs at 4:20 pm Freights that carry passengers- No. 05 departs at 5 :HO a m No. 03 departs at 11:55 am No. 71 departs at 0:15 pin TRAINS EAST. No. 2 departs at 10:12 am No. 4 departs at.. 0:05pm Freights that carry passengers— ' No. 76 departs at. 11:00 p m No. 04 departs at — 1:45 p m B. F. HEDIUCK, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. North- Mixed 8:18 a m Pass 3 i!)3 p m Freight 10:00 am South- Pass 2:40 p m Mixed 0:07pm Freight .... 10:00 am Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Des Moines at 8:15 p m. Lv. Des M. 2:!30 am Mixed connects with nyer and arrives at Chi cago at 8 a. m. F. H. VESPER, Agent. THE CITY CIRCUIT. The city,well is 900 feet deep. Mr. and Mrs, D, A. Haggard are in Butler county visiting. Rev. Bishlan of Pennsylvania preached at the Baptist church Sunday. The Sons of Veterans will meet with the Grand Army tomorrow evening. One of the Boberts family will join the Kelly forces and march to Washington. The two electric light propositions will be submitted to the council Saturday evening. • A new boy at Jas, Orr's has caused a smile that puts the brightest paint in the shade, John Patterson is with Ernest Laage in his shop, and the two are working lap a good business. Those who have heard Will Galbraith lately say that he. is steadily improving in hre declamation. A new baby at Jas. E, McEnroe's gives promise that there will be some dempcrats in the future. h Mayor Call says " clean up" and all (' who have rubbish they are responsible ' J for should give heed. This is the best spring for the farm this section has seen in years. Corn planting will begin very soon, N. J, Skinner was in Wisconsin last week on business. He has also traded lately for a big hotel in West Union. A company of old friends of the Andrews were down from Mankato, Minn.) to see them in Algona and jnake a visit. J. B. Willey has bought the Mrs, A. W. Calkins place near F, C, Wilson's. Mrs, Calkins talks of going to Oklahoma. The suit of Jos. Thompson against the Milwaukee company for his smashup near the mill comes off at Fort Dodge in June. Ledyard was fully represented in town Monday by a delegation taking some Masonic degrees, Ledyard turns out some good looking citizens. Marriage licenses are issued to A. H. Broofes and Susie Dunton, A. Vander Linden and Jennie Carey, August LjcnWg and Josephine Aman, Auguslj Kerstein and Lizzie Chran. Quarton and Sullivan talked to the jury in Justice Clarke's court Monday on a case brought by Fraser Bros, against Hlig for money for digging a well. Dp. McCoraack hag been subpoanaed as a witness in a will contest to be tried $4 Alliso n i Butler county, today. He waj § physicijyj in tb.e case tyhiie residing ft$ AiUlPfl. TWs, eyamng a^ fee Ba,pM§t tendered tO:Bev. Dor ward. Impromtu toasts and responses and a social visit are on the programme. E. P. McElroy is in receipt of a very interesting letter from Madame Ruttkay of Des Moines, a granddaughter of Louis Kossuth's sister,, who lived with and cared for the general in his old age. The trial of Perry Burl in game's cousin, who shot a man at a charivari party which celebrated her marriage in New York, comes on this week. She shot a revolver and rifle and hit only one. S. S. Sessions spent Sunday in Des Moines. Mrs. Lon Sessions wont with him and will remain to pursue her musical studies at the Highland Park school .where she has been since January. The fire alarm called out a crowd on Friday which got half way to Perry Wilkins' home to find out that the flames had been subdued. The roof was partially burned, but • no serious damage done, The notes and accounts due the Geo. Simpkins & Son firm were sold Monday by Col. Spencer at auction. They amounted to about $],000 and after a dragging sale wont to W. F. Carter at $301. Dr. Morse and N, J. Skinner own some trotting stock together and last week it was added to by the appearance of a standard-bred colt which will go on the record as "Madeline P.," fast and a winner. H. B. Lindsay, who has been over west, came back last week. He will locate 14 miles southwest of Spokane in Washington. He found seven Algonians in Col. Comstock's store, and all happy. A year ago the engine killed a railway employe at Whittemore. Suit is brought by the executor for $13,000 and the case comes on in June at Fort Dodge. Sullivan & McMahon and Judge Wade will try it. Fifteen recruits for Kelly's army were on a Northwestern car one day last week, They sent up town and got some provisions and ate them in the stock yards. The.y said they would join Kelly at Des Moines, Ten people came from Britt to hear the Andrews Thursday evening and see the opera house, Mr. and Mrs. A, J. Robinson were here and remained over Sunday visiting their old-time friends, Andy's shadow gvows no less. Mr. Spurbeck had a letter last week from the Lenox Machinery Co, of Marshaltown inquiring about the fleld in Algona for a branch plant. They say they intend to open in this part of'the state and will come here if an opening is afforded. G. W. Kelly, who has been at the soldiers' home at Marshalltown, went over to Independence and tried to get his wife, a daughter of A. Sifert, released, Supt, Hill refused, as she is not mentally sound enough to be let loose. Kelly came back to Algona. Mrs. Chas, Dewitt, who lives in Shell Rock, is getting a pension on account of the death of her husband, and the files of THE UPPBB DES MOINES were searched Monday for a record of the date of his 4eath and funeral. We hope she succeeds. The Northwestern company had. no new evidence Monday with which to connect Win. C. Walker with breaking into a box car at Bancroft, and he was dismissed. This is the case begun a week ago a»d continued to allow the company to get evidence. J. M. Farley, Dr. Pbelps, H. S. Dailey, and Mr. Swajspja were in, Algpna yesterday looking over the, school b,9»8fl. Tte flrst ferae an JftOThers, 9! LEADER. Fine Art Cloth in We catty as fine a line of clothing as you will _ find in any exclusive clothing store, and we are showing the finest line of Imported Clay Worsteds in Sacks, Cutaways and Prince Alberts. We also show a big line in Casimeres, Worsteds, and Scotch Cheviots in spring shades. Also Boys' and Youth's clothing at the very, lowest possible prices. THE LEADER We carry a full line of the Phelps, Dodge & Palmer's own make, which were : awarded A MEDAL at the Columbian Exposition. Also the Ph. D. & P. School Shoes. Every pair is stamped and warranted, and we sell them at right prices. Buy a pair of these shoes and you will always buy your shoes at Whitternore's new building. They visited Bancroft and Burt also. Supt. Hill of the Independence asylum allowed Mrs. Anna, Liebfried to' go to Pocahontas Center to be cared for, but learning that she was again at Bane roft, he writes to Clerk Crose that she is troubled with monomania on religion and may be worse again. B. W. Haggard set out yesterday for Des Moines on a curious mission. He intends to go out and meet Kelly and his army, get admitted, and inarch a day and'night with them and see how the commonwealers fare. If he has good luck he has promised our readers an account of the trip. F. E. Smith has been spending a couple of weeks at Indianola. He says that Prof. Baker has not yet returned from Washington on his way home from Copenhagen, whore he has been two years as consul. The trotting park association held a meeting Saturday evening and elected officers for the year. B. F. Smith was chosen president, A. D. Clarke vice president, E. V. Swelling secretary, and W. F. Carter treasurer. Races will be arranged for if an opportunity is afforded. There was some hesitation about filing an information against Brown last week for his escapade in the Bu'sh billiard hall. Mayor Call settled the matter promptly when ho informed Bush that he could either prosecute and furnish evidence or have his license revoked. The band played "Capt. Haggard's March" on the street last week and it is a good enough piece ot music to warrant Melzar in feeling pretty proud. Saturday evening the band gave its first concert on the square. It will give them right along now that warm weather has set in. A report comes from Portland that Rod. Jain's hired man went out hunting one day lust. v week and came -back with bleeding face' and a badly demoralized gun. Both barrels had burst and the weapon was blown into five pieces. The man was cut some, but not seriously injured. John G, Smith heard from his daughter, who teaches in the Grover neighborhood in Portland, that a heavy hail storm passed there a week ago. Stones nearly as large as a man's fist fell, breaking glass and doing other damage; Lightning also struck in two places and did some small damage. Seats will be on sale for the high school contest next Monday morning at 9 o'clock at Dingley's. There will be about 100 seats reserved for the delegates and visitors, and the rest will be thrown open at that time,' Those who come first will be first served, The price will be 50 . cents throughout, The Outlook will meet in the Con* gregational church parlors tomorrow at 4 o'clock, Mrs. Ingham will have a paper, "What the World Believes-," Miss Coan a review of " The Light of Asia," and Miss Jessamine Jones a paper on "The Congress of Religions." Magazine review by Mrs. F, M. Taylor, and quotations on religion fill the pro- gramme. The prospect is that the outside attendance at the high school contest nest week will be unusually large. As the delegates come from, all over the state most of them will see Algona for the first time, and our best foot should be advanced. Especially the citizens should be prompt to accommodate a11 w b° cannot be cared for at the hotels. J. J, Wilson, says that we are authorized to announce that a new mill will :Q «P on the site of the one th£t awed, Wfem wkft what $& \\ is likely that he will put in a larger mill than before. Everybody will learn with pleasure of this, important improvement to be made this year. Carpets. Wo are still in the lead on carpets, lace curtains and window shades; those goods are selling with us very fast, as our very low prices make them go like blizzards. Hemp carpet, 20c; ingrain, 25, 35, and 45c; all-wool extra super, GOc; brussels at 75c. JNO. GOEDERS. SEE Bradley & Nicoulin before you buy a corn planter.—5t2 " UNCLE GEORGE'S" hospital for infirm guns and bicycles is now open.—5 YORK STATE maple sugar at Langdon & Hudson's. Ti'y it.—4t2 WADSWORTPI BROS, have some good seed flax for sale.—4t2 CHILDREN'S and men's clothing. We still have a good stock that we are selling regardless of cost. G. L. Galbraith. Special Sale On ladies' capes and jackets for fifteen days—the entire lot at 12} per cent, aboye cost. JNO. GOEDERS. TRY our apple cutter in two pound pails, Langdon & Hudson, Dress Making. Miss Mary O'Connor is prepared to do dress making of all kinds. Rooms in second story of the Galbraith building, on Call street.—It4 A CARLOAD of Gold Mine flour at Carter's grocery. Shoos, Two thousand dollars' worth of shoes at less price than any closing-out or auction sale in the city. Call and see them. JNO. GOEDERS. THIRTY pounds currants for $1 at Langdon & Hudson's. W. F. CARTER has Gold Mine flour again, BLUE GRASS and clover seed at Langdon & Hudson's.—4t2 DID you see the moral to our advertisement! 1 M, Z, Grove & Son. EARLY DENT seed corn, raised by Jos, Thompson, at Langdon & Hudson's. OPERA House Grocery for canned and dried fruits. Clothing. Five thousand dollars' worth of men's, boys' and children's clothing at nearly wholesale prices. Don't fail to look at our new line of clothing. JNO. GOEDERS. WALL paper, new stock at Gaibraith's. _ _ GOOD price for 500 live pigeons. John G. Smith. GALBRAITH is selling ginghams, outing cloth, calicos, and plad dress goods at 5 cents a yard, BRADLEY & J^ioouLnif will sell a corn planter cheaper than anyone else.— § When in Tdwn ;• ! ! I *. ' t we would be pleased to have you :i call and Inspect our New- Stock. Our prices will be right, qit'ality and workmanship considered.'—-^ Our sales in this department far.,. exceed our expectations; we will,'., continue to show new and attract-',' Ive styles the whole season. ', ,' Yours, etc.. Jas. Taylor.: •:" tV *^ . .? . The Young American; The Fuller & Johnson Sulky Plow CLARION, Iowa, March 21, 1894. Fuller & Johnson Mfg. Co., Madison, Wis.: Dear Sirs: Your Young America Sulky which I bought from T. H. Crowe of Clarion gives entire satisfaction. Of all the Sulkies'in this vicinity I am satisfied the Young America is the best. Anyway I am willing to give any of them a trial with mine. Yours truly, C. S. YODER. Call and see one at THE WIGWAM. WILFRID P. JONES. Millinery. Latest Styles, Finest Stock, Are now prepared to shpw customers and intending purchasers one of the finest and most varied atocks of millinery goods to pa seen in this section, It has been selected with special ref erence to the wants of this community, and we have no hesitauoy in say- that we can satisfy the most fastidious as to price or quality, The IN TRIMMING constitutes an especial feature of our business. We are prepared to fill all orders promptly. We want your patronage, Come and look at our goods. Seed Com For Sale AT THE- Wkwam. ADMINISTRATION NOTICE Notice is hereby given tfcat the undersigned has been wpolntedand has qualified as administrator oj the estate of Robert J. Hunt, late ot said county, deceased. All persons in apy wanner indebted to sai4 estate will ma&» $o —'—'• —' TO THE PUBLIC, I desire to say to the people ol this section thatlambettev than ever prepared to meet their wants In the liiae of Painting, Paper Hanging) etc., and feel free to say that I oaa guarantee my work to be first class. I mix my own paln| and people cau l^uow Just what ttey get." * It may be well to add that t wasaof reepoftsl- ble for lUe inferior work done last seaaoftby the firm with wbicfc I was wtortvujately cou- neptedforashortanje; ot I coui4 apt coatee! caused

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