Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on April 25, 1924 · Page 14
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Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Friday, April 25, 1924
Page 14
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Fourteen FRIDAY MORNING, THE PITTSBUR G II POST APRIL 25, 1924. FIRPO CORSES OUT -OF CHALLEM6E SOUTH Ti INSISTS cacicel sc .boot mm ch leah mm u Rickard Rejects Proposal, but Is Ready to Match Him With Winner Promoter Lines Up Elimination, Including Wills, With Sur vivor to Meet Dempsey in September. Ttu lU-vK, .April 4. The first weakening of the chains of retirement with which Luis Angel Firpo has" bound himself was seen today by ring followers when the Argentine suddenlv broke his silence to hurl a challenge at Quintin Romero Kojas, his Chilean ai ana claimant oi the boutft American title, for a match in the united states. Firpo, according to cable dispatches from Buenos Aires at far)ri 1 1 A ovnlii-. "I " A r 11 . . ' '-"uiuuu mai ivujas uiysi iorego an otner matches in the meantime, but this was promptly rejected by Tex Rickard ryxv u aiBuru me uiineau ior nis American debut m a lli-round uuul wnn r iujq jonnson at iiaaison Square Garden. May 9. Tha Romero-Johnson match -will aro through the promoter declared, but added that he stood ready to Pit Firpo against the Chilean If the latter la victorious over Johnson. Should this be acceptable to Firpo. Rickard asserted the logical arrangement would be to match the Firpo-Romero victor with Harry Wills. Negrro contender, to determine an opponent for Jack Dempsey in a title bout next September. Rickard Elated. Rickard professed to view Firpo's latest announcement as proof that the lines forming here for the 1324 hvv weijrht title hunt. The promoter is con- naent t lrpo will decide to come "here, regaraiess of tne prospect of a match with Romero, and accent which would pave the way for him to try conclusions with Dempsey again. So far a9 keeping Romero idle in anticipation of fighting Firpo is con- cemea. however, Rickard pointed out that it would take Firpo probably two months to return and prepare for a bout here. This he said would not be fair to Romero, who has fitted himself ior an immediate campaign. According to cable advices. Firno was prompted to challenge Romero as a re- jtrgeniines qeierminauon to qun tne suit of intimations that ha feared his ring is weakening aa he sees the battle Chilean rival. DEMARCO OUTBOXES KID KAPLAN BUT REFEREE CALLS FIGHT A DRAW WATIRB CRT, Conn., April . Cuddy De-Mare -won hta -way la the hearts of 5,000 llstla fans her tonight when he decisively defeated Kid Kaplan ef Meriden, Conn., taking nine of the 12 rounds of the star boat, but Before Kid MacAuiiffe of Bridgeport, Conn., cava the boat a draw and it ts only throng k the assistance of the police that he mi abla t leave the ring without being molested. "Red" Mason, manager of Cuddy, in aa Intervtaw with local writers following is boat said that Keferea MacAuiiffe came to Cuddy's corner in the tenth round and tgld him that he moat win tha other two rounds to win. The majority of the fan and all the newspapermen awarded the eleventh and twelfth, rounds to tha Pittsburgh battler and the decision was tha most unpopular ever handed out at a boxing bout in the Nutmeg state. Tha first round proved to be a tame affair. Both beys exchanging several short Jabs. Kaplan with hla usual atyle of play of getting tha other boxer worried in the opening round met a surprise when Cuddy returned him his own medicine. Kaplan came out of his corner , in the second round and he missed when he attempted to send a right to DeMarco'e jaw. Be aniseed continually and DeMarco with the amlle of confidence tapped him at his will. Kaplan became excited near the close of the round when he missed a hard right to the stomach and the crowd readily saw that he waa in for a boxing lesson from the .Pittsburgh youngster. -Red" Mason put more confidence into Cuddy between tha second and third rounds and the youngster stood waiting for the bell to start the third canto. Kaplan again failed to land hta usual telling blows and Cuddy made his wild swing count by sending several hard rights to his stomach. The Meriden battler was bleeding in the middle of the fourth round when DeMarco sent a volley of rapid blows to his nose and face. He was in bad condition for the first time in his many appearances in this eitv while the youngster. Cnddv. smiled at the newspapermen at the close of the round. Ratner Appeals For Money Due Him For Fight BOSTON. April 24. Angle Ratner. New Tor middleweight, who all but defeated Jock Malone at the Faneull Club's show at the Boston Arena last night, is trying to ret his pay for the tout. Through Jimmy Johnston, hla manager, he asked tha boxing commission today to compel the Faneuil Club to pay him 13,-000. Johnston filed telegrams and contracts with tha commission, he declared were sent him by the Faneull Club. It waa announced at the offic- of tha commission that one of the telegrams called ror Ratner to receive a guarantee of 13,000 and a privilege of -5 per cent of the receipts. The Faneull Club contends it guaranteed Ratner only $2,000 with a 26 per cent privilege. The club offered to pay natner tms amount but he refused it. SUPERBAS OPEN HOME SEASON BY DROPPING GAME TO GIANTS, 7-4 Four Runs in Second Inning Discourages Brooklyn Nehf Taken Out in Third. Blades' Fumble Gives Cubs Victory Over Cards HubbelVs Work Features Philly Win. BROOKLYN, N. Y.? April 24. Brooklyn opened its home season today by losing to New York 7 to 4 before 22,000 fans. Four hits off Ruether, a fumble by Johnny Jones and two sacrifices gave New lork tour runs in the second inning. Nehf was relieved by Ryan in the third after walking two batters and hitting one. Jackson bounced a home run into the left field bleachers in the sixth inninc. Score: NEW YORK. AB.R.B.P.A. BROOKLYN. AB.R.B.P.A. South h.m 3 0 0 1 0Nel.m 2 Groh.3 400 1 Johnston, S 4 Frlsch,2.. 5 1 2 2 2jVheat.l... 4 Young.r.. 5 0 0 3 01 Fournier.l 4 Meusel.l.. 4 2 11 0! Bailey. r... 1 Kelly.l... 5 1 3 10 1 rtiiftith.r.. 2 Jackson. a 4 2 2 14! Deberry.c. 4 Snyder.c. 4 1 1 0 Klug'n.2.. 4 Nehf.p... 10 10 II Jones, a.... 4 Ryan, p.. . S 1 1 0; Ruether, p. 4 Totals... 31 7 11 27 s New York Brooklyn Errors Nehf. Nels, hits Meusel, Keliy. Frlsch. Totals... .S3 4 t 25 12 7"0 40 01 .002 000 01 1 t Jones 2. Two-baee Home run Jackson. Stolen bases Johnston. Meusel, Kally. Sacrifice Southworth. Groh. Left on bases New York 9, Brooklyn J. Bases on bills Off Nehf S, off Ryan 2, off Ruether Struck out By Nehf 1, by Ryan 5. by Ruether X. Hits Off Nehf, 1 in 2 2-3 innings; off Ryan. ( In ( 1-J innings. Hit by pitcher By Nehf (Wheat). Winning pitcher Ryan. Umpira McCormick and O Uy. Time 2:00. Phillies Down Braves. BOSTON. April 24 Hubbells pitching. fielding and batting for Philadelphia were big factors in giving the Phillies a 7 to 0 victory ovr the Boston Braves here today. Hubheil banged out two doubles, made six ssalsts and one pat out, snd scored twice in addition ta holding the Braves to seven hits. Score: PHILADELPHIA. AB.R.B.P.A. BOSTON. AB.R.B.P. A. Bancroft. 4 0 2 0 4 Cooney.m. 3 Cunn'ra.l.. 4 Tlerney,2.. 2 0 111 R-Smlth.S. 2 011 0 110 0 0 4 0 Woehrs.3. 6 2 0 3 1 Mokan.I.. S 1 S 01 nrms.m 1 2 1 0j Vht'a.s 4 0 10 3 Ford.2.... 4 0 0 1 7 Mclnnls.L 4 0 3 14 0 Henrich.r 4 0 1 2 0! Stengel. r.. 4 0 2 0! Holke.l... 4 1 1 17 1 Padg't.J-2. 4 0 0 0 4 Henltne.c 4 0 11 1 O'Neill. c. 3 0 0 4 2 Hubbell.p 4 3 2 1 (I Genew'h.p 0 0 0 0 0 E. Smith.. 1000 Lucas,p... 2 062 J TSperper... 100 Totals . .3 7 11 27 1 Totals. ...34 7 27 14 Batted for Genewlch in second tBatted for Lucas in ninth. Philadelphia lit t 0 0 17 Boston 900 000 00 00 Error Ti era ay. Two-base hits Willisana 2. Ilubbell 2. Wrlghtstone. Henrich. Bancroft. Left on bases Philadelphia 6. Boston 9. Bases on balls Off Hubbell 2. Struck out By Hubbell 2. by Genewlch 1. by Lucas 1. Hits Off Genewlch. 6 In 2 lnnlng:s off Lucas, 5 in .7 innings. Wild pitch Gene-wich. Losing- pitcher Genewlch. Umpires Hart, Sweeney and Qulgley. Time 1:45. Blades' Fumble Fatal. CHICAGO. April 24. Kay Blades' fmubls of Grimes' fly, coming between singles by Adams snd Friberg, gave Chicago a 6 to 4 victory over St. Louis today. Elmer Jacobs, Seattle recruit, held the visitors to four hits, two of which were home runs by Blades snd Hornsby. The latter's was his fourth of the season and came with two men on. Score: ST. LOUIS. AB.R.B P A. Flack.r... 3 0 0 1 t Smtth.m. 3 10 4 Hornsby. 2 4 111 Bofmley.l 4 0 0 12 Frelgau.3. 4 0 0 2 Blades. 1.. 1111 Lw Bell.s. 3 0 11 Nelbar'l.c 3 112 Sothoron.p 3 0 0 0 CHICAGO. AB.R.B.P.A. Ststs.m... Adams. s.. Grant'm.2 Grimes. 1.. Frlbarg.l. 3! Mlller.l.... 3;Grigsby,l.. 2 2) Heath'e.r. 4 O'Farrel.o 3 ItVogel 0 Hartneut.o 1 I Jacobs, p.. 1 (Barrett... 1 Blake. p.... 0 1 IS Totala...S0 4 420 1S Totals.. . .35 5 27 13 Two out when winning run scored! ' tRan for OTnrrell In eighth. J Batted for Jacobs In eighth. 3t. Louis 0 0 3 000 1 0 04 Chicago lit 010 01 2 5 Errors Blades, I Bell. TTalbargall. Grantham, Friberg. Two -baa hWa-Heathcote 2. L, Bell. Three-baaa hit Grimes Home runs Hornsby. Blades. Sacrifices Friberg, Sothoron. Jacobs, Bladaa Left on bases St. Louts i, Chicago 10. Baaes on balls Off Jacobs 2. off Sothoron 4. off Blades 1. Struck out (By Jacobs 1. by Sothoron 3. Hits Oft Jacobs. 4 in t innings: Oft Blake, none in 1 inning. Hit by pitcher By Jacobs (Flack), by Sothoron (Grantham). Wild pitch Jacoba. Winning pitcher Blake. Umpires Jvlem and Wtlson. Time 3:04. WHITESOX EXHIBIT NINTH INNING PUNCH AND DEFEAT BROWNS Two Singles, Walk and Sacrifice Produce Winning Run, Score 5 to 4 Yanks Bunch Hits and Whip Redsox, 6-3 Senators Win on Passed Ball. ST. LOUIS, April 24. Two singles, a walk and a sacrifice gave Chicago the winning run. in the ninth inning todav, the "Whitesox defeating the Browns 5 to 4. Van Gilder started well for the locals, but had to be relieved in the fifth after the bases had been filled. Score : - .s CHICAGO. AB.R.B.P. A. ST. LOUIS. AB.R.B.P.A. 3 115 0Tobin,r.... S 0 0 1 0 3 0 11 1 Bennett,!. 5 110 0 3 0 11 1 Slsler.l 4 2 2 7 1 5 2 2 5 0' McM us,2. 4 0 2 7 3 4 0 2 0 2! Jacob'n.m 4 0 0 4 4 0 1 5 0! Severeid.o 10143 4 0 1 4 0'Gerber.s.. 4 0 2 2 1 3 116 2 E.Rob n.3. 41214 C.Rob'n.p 3 1 0 0 ) Vang'er.p. 10 03 Bayne.p... 2 0 111 Kolp.p 0 0 0 0 0 P.Cotllns. 1 0 0 0 0 1 Totals . .32 S 10 27 6! Totals. ...36 4 11 27 IS Mostll.m. Hooper.r. IS. Col's, 2. Shaely.l.. Karara.J. . Barret t,l. French, s. Crouse.o. Butted for Kolp in ninth. Chicago 00 0 1 20 01 15 St. Louis 100 011 10 0 4 Errors K. Collins. McManus, E. Robertson. Two-base hits Sheely 2. Bayne. Sisler, Ben nett. Three-base hit Sisler. Stolen "bases E. Collins 2, Kamm. Sacrifices Barrett. C. Robertson, Mostil, Severeid, Hooper. Iiouble plays McManus snd Sisler: Hooper and Grouse; E. Robertson, McManus and Sisler. Left on bases Chicago 10, St. Louis 7. Msse on balls Off C. Robertson 1, off Van Glider 3, off Bayne 2. Struck out By C. Robertson 6, by Van Gilder 1, by Bayne 1. Hits Off Van Glider. 4 in 4 13 innings; off Kolp, 1 in 3 3 Inning; off Bayne, 6 in 4 innings. Hit by pitcher By Van Gilder (Mostil). Losing pitcher Bayne. Umpires Moriarty, Ormsby and Hildabrand. Time 1:52. Senators Win in Ninth. PHILADELPHIA. April 24. A passed ball by Catcher Bruggy in the ninth inning allowed Rice to score from third and gave Washington a 4 to 3 victory over Philadelphia today. The bsme team tied the score In the sixth when Hauser hit a home run over the right field wall with Dykes on first. It was his sec ond homer In two days. WASHINGTON. AB.R.B.P.A. PHILADELPHIA. AB.R.B.P.A. BASEBALL SUMMARIES (Friday. April 23, 1024.) NATIONAL LEAGUE. YESTERDAY'S RESULTS. Cincinnati ft Pittsburgh . New York 2 Brooklyn . . . Philadelphia 7 Boston Chicago S Ht. Leui ... A SAVING FOR MEN MEN'S BUSINESS SUITS either two r three-piece Now $1.50 Regular Price To Clean, Press, Replace Buttons, Deliver New Linings and Pockets Replaced at Moderate Cost. For more than 6 0 years FOOTER'S has been the recognized leaders in quality cleaning on mens' suits, coats and hats. Three Stores tor Tour Convenience- FOOTER'S Cleaners and Dyers S3T Liberty Ave. 900 Federal St, N. S. 0662 Sratthfleld 2078 Cedar Schen ley Apartments 0960 ches)ley 4002 Fifth Ave. Motoris1fcs Gift Days Gift Days STAVDI0 OF THE CI.l'BS. Wen. Loat. New York Cincinnati t Chicago 4 Brooklya s Pittsburgh .1 fi Boston x 4 Philadelphia t 4 St. Lotiis S 7 Pr. .5T .750 .tiOO .42U .J7S J3 .3.13 '.30 GAMES TODAT. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh. ew York at Brooklyn. Philadelphia at Boston. !t. lyonis at Chicago. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. YESTERDAY'S RESCI.T3. At Colnmbos Minneapolis 0 4 0 Colnmbos 10 IS 8 Batteries Moore. Eng. Crliria and Grabowskl; Palmer and Hartley. At Toledo- Toledo 7 ia a St. l-aol 4 X Batteries Merritt. Napier. McQuaid and Dixon; Scott and Elliott. At Indianapolis Milwaukee J J a Indianapolis ft a l Battorleo Keef and Shinault: Ieli and Krneger. At Iuuivillo City 1A la. S Louisville It lfl a Battertr Wilkinson, fclnn and Skiff: Deberry, Estcll, tvllop and BroMero. STAXDrNG Or THE CtCBS. Won. Lost. Tct. Indianapolis 8 1 . Kansas City t .750 Colnmbos 4 4 .S0O Louisville .. 4 ft .4 Minneapolis 1 .333 8t. Fan I g .8.1.1 Milwaukee t 4 .333 Toledo t 4 .388 GAMES TODAY. St. Paul at Toledo. Milwaukee at Indianapolis. as City at Lmiisrllle. Minneapolis at Columbus. AMERICAN LEAGUE. YESTERDAY'? REPCLT. New York Boston Washington 4 Philadelphia Ietrott Cleveland Chicago St. Loots Detroit Chicago ... Philadelphia New York . Washington Bostoa .... Cleveland . . St. Louis ... STANDING Or THE CI CBS. Won, loftt. 5 4 4 3 Pet. .:.v) .M JS71 .380 .444 .4te .! Judge.l... 3 Harrts,a.. 5 Rice.ro... 4 Goslin.l.. 4 Smith, r.. .1 Fisher.r.. 4 Ruel.c 3 Prothro.J. t Feck'gh.s 3 Martina, p 4 0 5 0! Dykes, 2... 1 5 Oj Hale.3 01 Stranci.m. 0 Hauser, 1.. o; Sim'ns.l... 2' 2 0 3 0 1 e o 1 9 1 1 2 2 Totals.. .34 4 I 27 I Mlller.r.. Gallo'y.s. Perkins.c. 0 Ogden.p... I Walberg.p 0 Burns.p... 0 0 0 Bruggy.c. 3 0 1 0 3 2 1 0 10 1(1 0 0 0 1 3 1 Zivic Brothers Lending Aid To Help Other Lads Duplicate Trick NEW YORK, April 14. Two ynnng fighters who gave and took punches for the love of the game in the 1020 Olympics In Antwerp, will fight in the Garden ring next Tuesday night to help raise the money to send this year's Olympic team to Paris. Jack and Pete Zlvic of Pittshorgh are on the same program with Willie Strihling, who fights Mike Burke, the strong: man. All the boxers will receive guaranteed sums, which will amount to abont one-half of the receipts, according to the Olympic committee. Stribllng has been promised $7,500, the highest price on the card, for a six-round bout with a second rater. After their Olympic matches, the Zivic brothers became professionals. Pete, the Olympic flyweight, became a bantam and made fair progress until Carl Tremaine banged him on the chin in a charity show In Pittsburgh last summer and stopped him. Jack was beaten recently bat his record as a professional lightweight Includes a grand lacing of Charlie White. Totals. ...13 8 3 27 13 Washington 021 000 00 1 4 Philadelphia 000 102 00 08 Errora Ruel, Dykea. Galloway. Home run Hauser. Stolen bases Goslin. Fisher. Sacrifice Judge. Double plays Kuel to Harris ; Miller to Hauser. Left on baaee Washington 10, Philadelphia 3. Bsse on balls Off Martina 6. off Walherg 4, off Ogden 2. Struck out By Martina 6, by Walbers; 1, by Ogden 2. Hits Off Walberg none In 1 inning, off Barns 3 in 2 Innings, off Ogden 5 in 6 innings. Passed bsll Bruggy. Losing pitcher Ogden. Umpires Rowland, Evans and Nallin. Time 1:56. A Full Gallon of Mojtor tLynu With a 5-Gallon Purchase of Waverly Gasoline or WOW Gas Motor Fuel At the -Forward Avenue Garage, Eldiidge and Forward Aves, Pittsburgh, Pa. Saturday and Sunday April 26 and 27 DriTa In fill up with At or more gallons of Warerly Gasoline or WOW Gas Motor Fuel and receive four coupons, each good for one quart of Waverly "All Pennsylvania" Motor Oil a full gallon and in addition, a 1-lb. can of Kle-nol Oil Soap ABSOLUTELY FREE! Oil coupons good within 90 days. This offer is to acquaint you with the name and location of a New Waverly distributor. Remember the Date and Place Get acquainted with Waverly Products and Waverly Service. WAVERLY OIL WORKS CO. PITTSBURGH. PA. INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE. YESTERDAY'S rSCTTH. At Jersey City Buffalo Ill 000 ISO 11 Jersey Cty ...520 (II 1011 1 flatten Werre. Price. Neddy and Mc-Avoy, Hill; Carter ahd Frelta. At wark Syracuse 210 000 00 0 8 10 t Newark 2 00 Oil 21 7 S 1 Batteries Montgomery, Barnes, Ward and Mitii, Mcfc.ce; Ellis aad Derlne. At Reading Toronto 010 14 1 022 11 18 1 Reading 188 020 1 00 8 15 S BtUterie Ioie, Reynolds. Lynch and Vincent: Lambke, Triers, Judd, Martin and Haley At Baltimore Rochester 000 180 0 00 4 10 1 Baltimore 00? 000 00 7 0 0 Batteries Crowder, Peterson aad Lake; Parnhain, Jackson and Greenae. GAME TODAT. Boston at ew York. DrtnNt at Cleveland. Washington at Ehtladelnnla. Chicago at M. ouis. SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION. TES TERD AY 8 RESISTS. At Birmingham Xfw Orleans 1 Birmingham ft Batteries Caret sod Dowle; U.traaa and Spencer. At Chattanooga Memphis U 1 Chattanooga 0 0 t Batteries Kelly and Ttaryaa; Roe and N'nnaun alter. At Atlanta Mobile Atlanta .'. .10 10 1 Batteries Bird. Wlltae, Atkins and De-Torrner; Francis and Brock. At NaahTtlle Uttle Rock 18 1 Nashville 1 J 0 Batteries McCall and 1-apaa; lJnd-strom and Wells. STANDING Or THE CLl Bs. Won. 1-ost. ret. Atlanta Uttle Rock -6" New Orleans Memphis 8 -Ma Mobile B -50 Birmingham 8 8 .500 Nashrille 8 .44 Chattanooga 1 GAMES TODAY. Mobile at Atlanta. Memphis at Chattanooga. New Orleans at Birmingham, little Rock at Nashrille Indians Use Five Hurlers. CLEYTXAXn. April 24. Cleveland cenld do little with Stoner today snii Detroit won 8 to 2. Cleveland nsed fire pitchers. Detroit took the lead in the second when with two on, the result of passes by Edwards, Stoner hit a home mn. Bcore: CLEVELAND. AB.R.B.P.A. DETROIT. AB.R.B.P.A ! i Blus.l.... G S Cobb.m... 5 I FotherM.l 4 1 Ifclm'n.r 4 Pratt,;... i 1 Rigney.s. 4 1 Jonw.J... 4 0 Basslar.c. S 2 Etoner.p.. 4 1 1! 0 Jamieson.l 5 OiStsph'n.!. 4 0; Sp'ker.m.. 4 J; J.Sewell.s. 4 3; Bums.l..." 4 0 Summa.r. 4 1 Lutzke.3.. 4 0: Myatt.e... 4 2 Edward, ap 0 (Smith.p... S Ed'son.p.. 0 Mori on, p.. Levsen.p.. 0 I McNulty. 1 jtBrower... 0 I Jul ley 1 I fOarduer.. 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 HIGH SCHOOL NINES CLASH AGAIN TODAY W. P. f. A. L. and Junior League Season To Be Opened. of Totals. ..38 13 27 71 Totals. ...M 2 9 27 11 Battedtor Edwards-!-" third. tBatted for Smith in hfth. Batted for Morton in seventh. Batted for Levsen In ninth. Detroit 3 1 1 0 0 2 1 0- Clereland 000 020 00 02 Errors Rigney. Speaker, Morton. Two-basa hits Heilmann 2. Airatt. Burns. J. Sewell. Home run Stoner. Sacrifices Fotbergill. Doable plsrs Heilmann and BIus. Left oa bases Detroit 9, Cleveland. 8. Base on balls Off Stoner 1, off Edwards 2, off Smith 1, off Morton 2. Strurlc out By Stoner 3, by Edwards 1. Hits Off Edwards, 5 in S innings; off Smith, 2 in 2 Innings; off Morton, 2 In 2 innings; off Edmondson, 2 in no innings (pitched to two batters); off Lersen. 2 In 1 Innings. Losing pitcher Edwards. Umpires Holmes and Owens. Time :UV. STAVDIN'O OF THE CXCBS. Wen. Jst. Rorhesetr 5 1 Baltimore S t Toronto 8 t Reading 3 3 Newark 3 3 Syracnse 3 8 Buffalo t 8 Jersey City 1 Pet. .8S .750 .714 .500 .800 .i8S .26 .143 GAMES TODAY. Toronto at Reading. Rochester at Baltimore. Buffalo at Jersey City. Syracuse at Newark. Lang ford, Nearly Blind, Beaten VENICE. Csl., April 24. Sam Lsngford, Negro hearywetght prize fighter, lost the de rision here last night in a four-round bout with F.drile Trembly of Bangor, Me. Langford is nearly blind. USE OF STEEL SHAFTED CLUBS NOW PERMITTED Formal Notice Given By U. 5. G. A. Defining Limitations. NEW YORK. April 24. Formal notlfli-atlon of rulings permitting the use of the steel -h.rt riuh- but barrlnr erooved and slotted clubs, within certain limitations, was sent out to Its members today by the United Statos Golf Association. Both are now in effect. The latter regulation provides that "club faces shsll not bear any lines, dots or other markings, made for the obvious purpose of putting a cut on the ball, nor shall they be stamped or cut with dines exceeding 1-1 of an inch In width, nor leas than S-33 of an inch apart, measured on their Inside edges. Both line and dot markings may be used, either alone or In combination within the above limitations, provided all rough or raised edges are removed." Umpires Meet Tonight. The regular meeting of the Pittsburgh Umpires' Asocltion will be held tonlsht In the rooms of the General Forbes Hotel, and will be attended by members of the National League staff. It Is urged that all members be present, and the meeting will get under way promptly at t p. ns. Triple Play Features Game. STECBEXVTLI.E, O., April 24. A triple play featured the opening gams of the set son between Pteubenvllle and Toronto High School teams, which was won by the locals with a score of 7 to 6. In the eighth inning, with two Toronto runners on bases, Dangherty, Steub's second baseman, speared a hot liner and caught the runners Hat-footed. Dugfan in Limelight. NEW YORK, April 24. The Nw York Americans defeated Boston again today, 6 to 8. Shaw key yielded only one hit for six lo-ninrs. but was hit hard at the finish. The Yankees bunched their hits to good advantage in the second and eighth innings. Joe Dugan hit a home run with two on baae in the second inning. In the same inning he made a brilliant one handed catch of a low drive by O'Neill, resulting in an unassisted double play. The play was made with tha bases full. Score : BOSTON. AB.R.B.P.A. NEW YORK. AB.R.B.P.A. Flags'd.ra 5 0 3 0 OiW tt.m... 4 114 Wambv,2. 5 0 S 2! Dugan. 3... 4 12 2 Veach.,1... 4 9 0 2 lj Ruth.r.... 2 0 4 Harris.l.. 1117 l Metisel.l... 4 2 3 1 Boone.r.. S 1 2 0 0 Plpp.l 3 0 2 7 Shanks,3. 10 0 4 2Ward,2.... 3 0 0 1 Lev.s 2 10 2 0! Scott. s S 0 0 2 O'Nslll.c. 1 0 0 4 2) JHendrlck 110 0 Connolly 0 0 Oi Jo. nson.s. 0 0 0 0 Plcinich.o 10 12 1 Beng'gh.o. 110 3 Ferg"n,p. 2 0 0 0 2i fCombs.... 000 IWilliams 1 0 0 0 0j Hoffman. o 6 0 0 1 Ftiller'n.p 0 0 0 0 2! Shawkey.p 4012 IClark.... 1 0 0 0 0. Totals...-. 6 24 13; Totsl....2 t 27 10 By JAMES F. MURRAY. Full stesm shesd. With the prospects ideal beaeball weather, all of the schoolboy leagues with the exception of the Junior and ssnlor parochial loops, will swing into full blast action today with more than a dosen scheduled games. Although the city and parochial leagues opened their season last Tuesday, the three sections of the W. P. L A. L. and the Junior city circuit season will not be officially Inaugurated until today. Most of the scheduled games In the opening round of the Junior aad senior Catholic school leagues were postponed, and it is likely that tha contests will be played off today. St. Rosalias Is scheduled to clash with Holy Name at Duouesne University Field this afternoon, but this may be postponed as the Duke Preps open their home season today with Shadyside Academy nine. It is likely that the Westlnghouse-Langley combat will attract the majority of interest among the city league schools, as both aggregations are considered strong contenders for this year's championship, a title now held by the Brushton team. In the opening round both teams emerged with a victory, Langley swamping South by a 22-2 count while Westlnghouse outslugged Schenley. scoring a 13-10 victory. The showing of the Schenley High team was one of the upsets of the first ronnd, as the Bellefie'iders displayed brilliant form la two pre season contests. In the Westlnghouse com bst the Oakland team fielded in ragged style. a department In which they shone against Pitt Freahies snd Wilkinsburg. The three sections of the W. P. I. A. L. will begin the cbaae today for the champion ship honors now held by Bellevue. Coach Smith's aggregation has slso shown fine form in pre-season contests, and la favored to re tain the title this season. SCHOOL GAMES TODAT. Allegheny at Peabody. Fifth Avenue at South .Hills. 8-henley at South. Weatinghouse at Langley. Latimer at Ralston. Irwin at Gladstone. Ben Avon at Avalon. Bellevue at Sewtckiey. Butler at Braddock. Wilkinsburg at Edgewood. McKecaport at Menongahela City. Elizabeth at Donora. Holy Name at 8t. Rosalias. Shadyside at Duks Prepa. Knockouts Feature Show. NEW YORK. April 34. Four Isjnockouts featured the six bout card at the One Hundred and Second Medical Corps Arm ory tier tonight. In the main event of 12 rounds Tommy lie A leer, 153. of the Sixty-ninth Regiment was awarded the deciaion over Charley Picker, 1S2. of the Two Hundred and Twelfth Regiment. Picker was sent down in the first round. Shocker Improving. CLEVELAND. O., April 24 Urban Shocker, St. Louis Browns' pitcher. 111 here with ton-stlitls. was recovering today, with no danger of diphtheria now, hla physician aaid. Ran for O'Neill In aeventh. tBatted for Ferguson in seventh. tBatted for Fullerton la ninth. I Batted for Scott In eighth. 1 Batted for Bengough in eighth. Boston 000 0 00 1 2 0 3 New York 081 00 0 02 0 Errors Shanks, O'Neill, Shawkey. Three-base hit Plpp. Borne runs Dugan, Boone. Stolen bases 8eott, Musel. Sacrifice Ward. Double plavs Dugan (unassisted 1 ; Teach to Harris to Shanks; Johnson to Ward to Plpp. Left on bases New York 6. Boston 8. Base on balls Off Ferguson 6, off Fullerton 1, off Shawkey 0. Struck out By Shawkey 4, by Ferguson 4, by Fullerton 1. Hits Off Ferguson 6 In S innings, off Fullerton 8 in 2 innings. Hit by pitcher By Shawkey (Lee). Wild pitches Shawkey (2), Fullerton. Losing pitcher Ferguson. L'mplres Connolly and Dineen. Time 2:12. Girl Team Meets. A meeting of the Westlnghouse Bloomer girts' team will be held at Steele Comer, Est Pittsburgh, tonight at 7:30 o'clock, and members of the team and any girl desiring to play with Westlnghouse are requested to be present at this meeting. Lilacs Open Season. The L1la cs of DuQueene, with four successful seasons on the diamond behind them, will open their fifth campaign next finds y on the Crawford Hill grounds with the Finkelhors as the attraction. A banner turnout of fans is expected,- as the Lilacs are very popular and the Finkelhors have always proven themselves a real attraction. Drake Relays Today. DES MOINES, la.. April 24. Many notable college and university athletes were working out today, preparatory for the Drake University relsy meet tomorrow and Saturday. Approximately 2,000 field and track men are entered. TRUSSELL Has Speed, Control and puts every one over the plate! All the things a pitcher wants Brinr or trend your shoes to TRUSSELX. for repair. Workmanship is first class, shoes returned when you want them, satisfaction guaranteed. A messenger will call for and deliver shoes any where downtown. Call Court 4123. Min's Fll Soles and Httls $2.75 Sam for Wornon $2.50 TRUSSELL'S SHOE Repairing Co. 114 Diamond St. Best Shins In the City. Next to HcCbsus's Coffee Shop. GREB-NORFOLK DRAW SIX MONTHS LAYOFF FOR BOSTON BRAWL BOSTON, April 24. Because of alleged unethical conduct i a bout here last Saturday, Harry Greb of Pittsburgh, world's chan pion middleweight, and Kid Norfolk of New York, middlewei-h were suspended for six months by the Boston boxing commissioj today. The boxit, scheduled for 10 rounds, was stopped in the sixt round and the decision was given to Norfolk. The boxing commi? sioners said that the two men had broken the commission's rules i the regulations made by Referee Jack Sheehan before the boi; started. What The Post Clock SavJ (Continued from Preceding Page.) him, George Bums, with a sharp break!' curve. man was able to connect for a base hit If opposing pitchers figure a low ball to be Traynors weakness, let them keep on pegging down stairs. When he is in his stride he wallops low pitches just as hard as he does those that reach him letters high. No pitcher can stop Traynor from hit ting when he once starts. Praise Carl Mays. fflncinnatl nlavers are singing the nraises of Carl Mays, the former Tan kee hurler, who has already beaten the Pirates and also the Cubs at Redland Wiftlrl Tn the arama asrainst the Cubs recently. Mays, according to his pals, pitched nr.lv half . dozen curve balls. ' His underhand delivery had them baffled. Mays, if he has control, is usually a big puzzle the first time he faces a team. The ball comes to tne rjaixer as if shot out of a hole in the ground. The Pirates were beatenby the vet eran, but they all declare that it will be different the next time they face him. . Schmidt Is Hustling. When Daubert sent up a foul fly In the ninth Inning, Walter Schmidt turned with the crack of the bat and raced in the generaj direction of the ball. His spikes caught on the soggy turf, he fell, and failed to make the catch, but the point is that he tried for the ball, showing that he Is determined to earn the big salary the Pittsburgh club pays him. With Schmidt on hand, in shape and hustling, the local club is greatly strengthened over former seasons when he has remained at home because of salary squabbles. It was refreshing to see Schmidt work yesterday. Marty Berghammer HI. Cincinnati players who were formerly on the St. Paul club with Marty Berghammer, Pittsburgh boy bring back tidings that Marty was stricken with ptomaine poisoning while In training this spring and nearly cashed in his checks. At one time he was reported as being dangerously ill. Marty is back In the lineup, but playing only on his nerve. Post Clock Ticks. Posies for Skipper Bill before the game. Paul Jones, the Wilkinsburg movie house king, helped make the presentation. The Pirates looked natty in their brand new home uniforms with canary colored sweaters. Old gold and black is the color scheme. Grover Land wanned up Lee Meadows before hostilities started. The Pirate bat boy has grown four inches since lsst summer. Be also looked as if he needed a shavs. Harper, substituting for Sonsb la cent field, fouled off the first ball into tha stand There was the usual wrangle, but Us bal came back ta the field where It belonged. Ths Buccos hit the ball hard in their ha of tbe first Inning. Babbit nearly knack Babe Plnelli down with a Una drive, bi the ball stuck in Plnelll'a claws. Max Carey and Bigbee tried the doub steal in the Bucco's half of ths opene Max looked foolish when Hargrove eu guessed him by snapping the ball to ' Con hue, who In, turn slammed to the plate an Max was run down. This is a play where a smart base runne looks foolish and It happens in ths best regutated baseball f&millss. The next time Max might refuse to dasf ror the plate and then the opposition wpul iook just as bad. Glenn Wright robbed Pnt Duncan of a when in the opener he scooped up a harq nit grounder that bounced off Meadow glove, and with a lightning throw to GrimrH completed the play. It looked pretty, the fans) cheered Wright. The Reds' rally in the second was nlpn. in the bud when Donohus hit Into a doub play. Wright te Rabbit to Grimm. It wd completed with lightning swiftness. Lefty Grimm Is still a prime favor! among the fans of Forbes field. Both and Wright were given the glad hand wh thsy came to bat for the first time in til Corsair half of the second. By the way Wright and Rabbit hand that second base territory, Hans are goinl to see a flock of double plays pulled this summer. That twin killer In the fif was . sven faster than ths on Is ths as ond. In the seventh Inning, everybody stood while t)anny Ntrella's band played The St Spangled Banner. This was an innovation. In the Beds eighth, Caveney with the eon three and one ducked a fast ball inside, t ball hit his bat and a pop fiy to Babbit suited. Caveney was so disgusted thst did not even run to first baas. But for ground rules making every ball hi into the crowd behind the ropes a thr. bagger, Wright would have been credited w a home run in the ninth. This ball travail on a line over Harper's head and bumped against tbe fence after it had squirted unda neath the ropes. It cost the loyail Red Rooters fit aeb make the round trip to Pittsburgh. Thl sum covered admission to ths ball park a hotel accommodations. Yesterday's game wa worth the price. Sammy Bohne ducked an inside pitch the fourth inning and tried to make it appe s lr the hall had hit him on the band. (Tri pire Hart ruled otherwise. Sam then splash a single to left, - Wright made a wonderful pick up snd w on uauhert's tap in the Reds seventh. was a close call at first base but Umpi unariey Moran ruled Jake out. Hart Chandler paid his respects to the lads in the press box. He couldn't miss the first game. Coroner McGregor was also in evidence during the McKechnie presentation. He was recognised and cheered by friends from his own district. Mesdows fanned the first Bedleg to face The weather was made to order for tn opener. The crowd looked to be the large in history of opening games at Forbes Fiel but Pirate officials said no. Stupid play by the Pirates in the thiij when Traynor and Meadows both tried to fiel Harper's bunt with runners on first and se ond. Lack of team work, lads. Nobody cove: ing the hot corner. For today's game, Johnny Morrison wlf holds a victory over the Reds, will be in trl box and he will be opposed by Senor Adoln uque. YAN GLOW A NEW mediurri'height Van Heusen Collar for SPRING : QAsk ytntr dealer far Van Craft, a new negligt thirt with the Van Heusen Collar attached. AN GLOW is a sound collar- Investment, now being discovered by particular men all over the country. It is the latest creat Van Heusen style. Its comfort is notable. Like all Van Heusens, it is starchless, bandless, seamless. Its smooth, unwearing edges and flexible points do not dig holes in shirts or frazzle ties. Woven on a curve in one single piece, it fits without a fault. Sturdy and durable, it endures washing after washing, staying crisp and smart as new. Van Glow earns its place as Van Heusen, the World's Smart- JV est, most comfortable, and ... M most economical collar. VatC 12 VAN HEUSEN STYLES C VAN HEUSEN AtCastsJ the World 'Smarted COLLAR Q PHILLIPS-JONES NEW YORK CITY

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