Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 8, 1916 · Page 19
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Pittsburgh Daily Post from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 19

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Sunday, October 8, 1916
Page 19
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THE PITTSBURGH SUNDAY POST. OCTOBER. 8. 1916. THIRD SECTION PAGE THREE Local Grid Teams Score Decisive "Victories Pitt Shows Powerful Attack in the Opener With Westminster Eleven - , -Ss"&s5$ xvs, 46ove ts shown Hastings, Pitt's star halfback, turning the right end on the run that registered the first touchdown against Westminster at Forbes Field yesterday. The picture also shows the way Pitt's interference clears the path for the runners, who seldom hav to go it alone. Hastings played a star game yesterday, one tlutt promises well for performances the rest of the season. PITT SECOND LINE Pantherlings Tally 30 Points Against Westminster, Panthers Doing 27; Westminster Swamped Under 57 Points. By FLORENT GIBSOX. THEY esteem themselves quite bloodthirsty and ferocious out at Pitt, and, desirous of impressing the multitudes with ths plenteousriss of their ferocity, they've taken unto themselves the nom de guerre of Panthers, which they further emphasized yesterday by producing at Forbes Field something neat and nifty in the line of a score card, the back of which is embellished with the likeness of a Pitt gridder in heroic mood, right fist clenched and drawn back outside the picture, in company with a lithe, agib and muscular panther, clawed . and toothed cap-a-pie. All done neatly in the traditional and conventional Blue and Gold. Henceforth we will conform with their wishes Tech Defeats Bethany In ame, 31-7 Plaid Eleven Encounters Stiff Opposition From West Virginians Altdoerfler Returns to Game and Stars Visitors Fall on Blocked Kick for Touchdown. By HARRY KECK. TrIE Carnegie Tech football team opened its home season yesterday afternoon on Tech field with a 31-to-7 victory over the sturdy Bethany College eleven, hailing from Bethany, "W. Va., and coached by Fred Ileyman, the former W. & J. star. The visitors gave the Plaid a stiff battle all the way, although they rarely were able to prevent a score when the Steffenites worked tneir way down the field. A capacity crowd, estimated at 5,000, witnessed the contest, i both stands being filled. the feature of the frame undoubtedly was the playing of Altdoerffer, the bisr THE LINEUP. and allude to them as Panthers The occasion of the appearance of the ! Tanther-like device scoring card at Forbes Field yesterday wast he opening . of the Panther gridiron schedule for the , 1916 season. The opening was enlivened by a stern battle between the Pitt regulars, first team or varsity, in this case known as Panthers, and the Pitt substitutes, second team or second string, hereafter to be known as the Panther-lings. (We say nothing of the Panther-ettes of Pitt, who have seen fit to discipline the yearlings of their number by climming of curls and the repressing of autumnal-colored hosiery; they acting at , Forbes Field yesterday purely In an ad- j visory capacity, anyhow.) i This stern struggle alluded to before musings upon the alleged gentler sex broke in upon our story, was won by the Pantherlings, who defeated the Panth- j ers, 30 to 27, the victims of this aforesaid ; s. s. being a plucky, but wholly Inadequate bunch, knows as the Westminster College eleven which, playing shuttlecock to the Pitt battledores, was piled deep under a 67 to 0 tally. The Bcoreboard said that the final reckoning was 58 points, but us merry wags of the pressbox, "up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky," just to show our individuality and utter contempt and corelessness of criticism, decided to be different. Anyhow, we think that Gougler or Hastings or somebody missed one of those touchdown- goals he essayed to shoot. That accounts for the difference. THE RACE FOR POINTS. Panther-Pop Warner himself set the Panther and Pantherling. He kept his leray to even more indignities PITT 57. WESTMINSTER 0. , Carlson I. E Lanehrey Thornhill r Edmons Sutherland I,. G S ewart Peck C.) C McCullough wpnitt K. fi Berry Sriilel .It. T Hoeel Htrron .It. E Smith Miller J. B Dunn Hastings L. H "Mairee DeHart R. H Wherry McLaren V. B Whitmer Score by periods: Pitt 21 6 14 16 57 Pitt scoring Touchdowns. Hastings 3. Morrow 2. McLaren, Gougler, JSles; goal from field, Friedlander (18): goals from touchdowns, Hastings 3, Gongler 2, Sies. Officials Cadigan of Syracuse, referee; Morrow of W. & J., umpire; Knox of Yale, field judge. Time of periods 12 minutes. I Substitutions: Pitt (backfleld) Meadows . for Miller, Gougler for Hastings, Friedlan- ; der for Gougler. McNulty for Dellart, Sies for McXulty, Stahlman for Sies, Morrow for McLaren. McClelland for Morrow; (ends) Brown for Carlson, Amnions for Brown, Easterday for Herron, Eckert for Easter-day; (line) Sies for Thornhill, Hilty for SeideL Seidel for Sies, Ginn for HUty. Mc-Intyre for Sutherland, Stahl for Soppi 4, Kendriek for Peek. Westminster (baekfield) Wlerman for Dunn, Vance for Whitmer, Whitmer for Vance, Dunn for Wierman; (line) Evans for Edmonds, Lyon for Evans, Eddy for Stewart, Funk for Eddy. Tech fullback, who was prevented from j participating in the' Yale game the j previous Saturday, because of an in- Ifected arm. He tore big, gaping holes in the Bethany line, and reeled off gains of 10 to 15 yards with clock-like regularity. He was unable to remain throughout the game because of minor injuries. Rupp replaced him and the former Mercerburg star performed : well until he was badly injured during thethird period and had to be assisted from the field. Dr. Marks, who ex-a mired him in the clubhouse, said he hatorn the cartilege from some ribs and probably would be unable to play for several weeks. The Bethany touchdown was made in the third period and resulted from a blocked kick. Captain Heyburn, right guard of the Green and White, was the hero of the score. Wright, Tech's punter, essayed to kick the ball out of the danger zone near the side! nes after Elder of Bethany had punted to the Te.h IJO-yard line. Heyburn broke through and blocked the kick end thn Wright tried again. Heyburn also blocked this kick a"d the ball rolled over the Tech goal line. Rider, the Bethany center, fell on it for a touch down. LONG RUN BY FINLAY. A "'i-yard run-back of a kickoff by Fin-lay at ihe start of the second half was one of the highlights of the interesting struggle. Rider kicked off and Finlay got th ball on h s 20-yard line. He dodged back through a field of waiting tacklers and got past all but Rider, who halted his progress on the four-yard line. Two line tries then carried the ball over for the second touchdown of the game. Panthers in fhe game for the first half. and they tallied four touchdowns and three touchdown goals for those 37 points. Then he started the Pantherlings 'in the second half, replacing all but Peck and Thornhill of the Panthers with the "lings." Peck played a few downs and retired to let Undtrstudy Kendriek break ted out to the arena with an "Ave, Caesar, Te Morituri Saiutamus" air and were toyed with by the veterans and cuffed around by the cubs. 'Twould have been a much better battle had the varsity tatien on its heavy and fast Freshmen contem-porar.es, who treated East Liberty Acad- thnn the We'd all to endure. Presbyterians had have enjoyed that. The Warnerites went about their work in a leisurely, rollickome mood. They carried the ball when they felt like It, as far as they felt like carrying it, and then they stopped. Their opponents had neith er the Etrength nor skill to stop them ex THE GAME IN DETAIL. FIRST PERIOD. The stands were crowded when the Bethany team came on the ne!d at 3:01 o'clock. Teci csme out a few momenta later and both elevens ran through the customary signal drill. Altdcerffer and Wright punted for Tech and Elder did likewise for Bethany. The game opened with Tech receiving the lcickoff and defending the east goal. Wright ran back Rider's kickoff from the 20 to the 37-yard line. Keener ran left end to Bethany's 48, a gain of 15 yards. Altdoerffer dove through center fo six yards. F'nlay adiel three off ta;-kle. Altdoerffer went through left guard end made it n-st down on the 24-yard line. Kosner fumbled and Bethany recovered on its ;n. Elder ran right end for 15 yards. Altdoerffer bringing him down out of bounds on the Bethany 35. Duncan made two yards at right tackle. Elder picked up three off the other ta -kle. Finlay roke up a forward pass by Elder. Elder punted Mid Finlay ran back the k'ck 30 vards from hif 3T. Kesner made a vard in the line. Altdoerffer tore through the middle of the line for 10 vards and first down on the Bethany 44. Tech 'took time rut. Finlay tried tackle for a gain of eight yards. Altdoerner again hurled nlm-eif unon the line and made first down or, the 3l-vard lne. Finlay got three yards at g'uird and then Kesner f-.imbled for the second time and Bethany recovered. Elder kicked to Krer on the Tecb 4B and the litt'e quarterback was tackled on the Beth-anv"" ThHti Tech started its third march down the field. Altdoerffer ripped through . for another first down cn the 37. a gain of 1- ar.as. He was hurt on the play and time was taken out. He remained in the game and play was Kenny necked Kesner for a loss of two yards on the latter' s try at left end. Kesner then " M d for a gain of 17-yards and flrt down or th ?3-vard line. Bolllrsrer went iLi, tackle for It vards and another first aownon1 tnee!2r Finlay tried the line and rained four. Bollinger was given the ball S an'i moved two yards nearer the goal. The Bethany lineup was outwitted on the next play and Kinl-y the remaining six yards for a ' u" down, going over the line standing up. The icore wan made 12 m'nutes from tnVtar' of Ply- Keener kicked goal. S-ore: Tech 7. Bethany 0. Rider kicked off to Kesner. who ran back from the 20 to the 3S. Bollinger was good for five yards at right end. Fin ay made 1 first down with five more In the lln.e-h,Knr "ore off eight yards around the right flank. Bollinger hit the line for a yard. Altdoerffer ma le another first down on the Bethany 36. kesner made exactly 10 more yards for an-tber first down on the 26. Rupp was sent n t -w'.ice Altdoerffer just as the period en3ed. f THE LINEUP. 1 a The lineup and summary: TECH BETHANY. Gibson L.. E Tylock McFeaters I.. T Berjcan Kelly Li. G Kenny Hellstrom (C.) C Rider net cher R. G Heyburn (irady R. T Dunn Wrigrht R. E Johnson Kesner . I Duncan Bollingrer I H Rosenberg Finlay R. H Goodyear AltdoerfTer F. B Elder Score by periods: Tech 1 10 14 0 31 Bethany 0 O 7 0 0 Touchdowns Finlay 2, 'Wright, Altdoerffer, Rider. Goals from touchdown Kesner 4, Rider. Field coal Kesner. the left side of the line for four yards. Rupp made Stc yards at center, bringing the ball to the 13-yard line. Iat down with three yards to go. Kctner forward-passed to Wright over the line for the second touchdown. Kesner kicked goal. Score: Tech 17, Bethany O. AVright kicked oft to Kenny on the 30. Kenny fumbled and recovered. , A long forward pass. Elder to Shlveley. gained 40 yards to the Tech 30-yard line. Goodyear made a yard at center. Grady tackled Elder for a loss of six yards. Tech was offside and the penalty was Inflicted. Elder fumbltd and Tech recovered on Its 29-yards line. Wright kicked -to Duncan, who returned from the Bethany 4g to midfleld. whtre Grady tackled him out of bounds. A forward pass. Elder to Ooodyear, failed to gain. The half ended at this point. THIRD PERIOD. The .players returned to th field at 4:08 o'clock. Artman was at quarter for. Bethany. Rider kicked off to Finlay on the 20-yard line and the Tech right halfback made a sensational return of 78 yrds to the Bethany four-yard lire, where Rider, the center, brought him to the ground. Finlay ran the ball back in eood Etyle. evading a number of tackles. After he passed mldfield Rider was the only man who had a chance to get him. Rupp hit center and moved the oval to the one-yard line and then Finlay carried it over for the "third 'ouchdovn. Wright pnnted out to Finlay on the 25-yard line and Kesner kicked goal. Score: Tech 24, Bethany O. Smith went 'n for Goodyear at right half for Bethany. Rawdon went in for Rosenberg t the other half. Rawdon returned Wright's a sweat, which he did, by the way, by cept on tw0 or three occasions, once near chucking a couple of the wildest passes the;r own goal llne when tney held Pitt on record. A little later some one spilled . for downs. On the offense, thev bad noth- Thornhill on his tender eye, opening a ; ing that ccuij WOrry the Panthers. They I made a couple of first downs, assisted by J penalties, and orce completed a forward pass for enough yardage to gain another. Stung by the air of indifference the ' Warner warriors wore, they tried their best to make their antagonists take them j seriously. The old ones wouldn't, but j the fiery, et-.ger cubs, anxious to outscore cut received up at camp, and the veteran tackle retired covered with blood and glory. And the Pantherlings went to work, scoring four touchdowns and three touchdown goals, as had their elders, measure for measure, and going ahead of them In the last second of play when a placement eoal from the hoof of Fried- lander hurtled over the crossDar. Honors, j nre and less indifference. The second their elders, piled into them with more clearly belong to the scrubs. As for Westminster, they we speak collectively had little to do with the matter except to stand to their guns in futile bravery and do their puny btst. Tes, the "lings" went ahead of the first choice men in the very last second of play. The youngsters were making heroic efforts to cross the Westminster line nce more and make it decisive, but a look at Pitt's scoreboard clock when the goarUne still was some 10. yards off ana Westminster' defense was stiffening. warned them that they d navp to nun. , So a conversation something line he following ensued: "Gosh." Eaid Meadows to StaWman to McClelland, "here we are with a tenth of a second and 10 yards to go; wottinell'll w, do'"" "Me," speaks up Fr'edlander, a won- drous alert and elusive little back, "me, I shnll kick a field goal." ! "You be bKwed. You never kicked at : goal in your life!" i "Wei!, a feller's potter learn, ain't he? HoM that bull for me, kid. or I'll massage your face w'th my hoof!" , So Meadows signaled pnd held the ball. L nni Fr.ec-.ian'lcr booted it over from the 13-yard lir.n. s "Toot toot." ejaculated tho 11 whistle, end the game was over. THE IMPROMPTU KICK. "And he never took. a lesson in his life," groaned the assembled Pitt gridder' Of course all this was plainly audible from the press roost." though sconow. jhle. They've isolated the scribes out at ! tween regulars and the subs. j-orDes r ieia mis jear. and we'uns from our eagle's aerio. are in no danger of being exposed to infantile paraivsis, foolishness or other diseases cjmraon to the campus. Incidentally we suffer a Jot less than we were were we forced to see the game Instead of hear it from the lipj of the eagle-eyed announcer. In aooth. there are few features on which to fasten a story in yesterday's game. Bob Peck's performers were far uDerior to their opponents, who trot- str!ng used them worse than the first, who were considerate of their guests' welfare almost at all stages. NO TEST FOR PITT. We repeat that it wasn't a true test for Pitt. The Panthers, in private, indulge in .four or five stern internecine conflicts a week. Yesterday's affair was a romp, a giddy parade. Pitt's prodi:ality of power was evident, when compared with Westminster. The machine looked invincible, for. though it ran carelessly, it ran with plenty in reserve at all times, giving an impression of tireless, irresistible force, ready to be called upon for any emergency. It seems well developed for this time of year, and though the team work is by no means perfect, nor the play polished; it is evident that Warner has been bringing them out gradually. There was nothing new in Pitt's piay. The team ran much on the same lines as last year. and. though the backs f'.ryjfcd a trifle differently, they tackled along the same lines, sudden thrusts just off tackle, varied by wider end runs and stabs through guards and tackles. Thrice Pitt's youngsters tried the forward pass in the second half. Twice it failed, but one was completed for a substantial gain. These were merely expressions of exuberance upon the part of the cubs. The regulars just loafed along, through a few old-reliable plays well mixed up. Pitt seems to have plenty of material this vear. There are two or three men for every position, and little to choose be- lne vet erans, of course, have the call, and justly so. all other things being equal: besides they've the experience and seasoning that their some-time successors still lack, but when substitutions are necessary, the machine will not be perceptibly weakened, even if the whole first-string is forced out. a way that leaves little to be desired, and when Meadows, CJougler. McXulty, Morrow, Stahlman, Friedlander, McClelland Sz Co. go in. they perform nearly as well as the "big four." Sies, the big lineman, showed his versatility by shifting from tackle to baekfield long enough to tear off some runs, make a touchdown and kick a Koal before retiring to give some other lad a chance. Herron and Carson are the .pre-eminent ends, but they've got plenty of capable understudies in Brown. Atnmons, Easterday and Eckert. There are plenty of reinforcing guards and tackles to taJce the strain off Thornhill. who. by the way, looks as if he is starting on the best season of his career; Hilty, Seidel. Sop-pitt and Surthland. who seem to be improving. Kendricks right now is a center of caliber, and nine schools out of ten would envy Pitt him as a first string man. When Bob Peck retires, he'll -fill his shoes acceptably. As for Bob. well, the Pitt leader well deserves all the good things they say about him. and it (?oes look as though he will close his college career In a blaze of g'ory, at the very top of the heap of centers that perform in this broad land of ours. The Pitt freshmen lined up against the East Liberty Academy eleven before the big game and slaughtered the preps in a shameful fashion. E. I. A. offered little resistance and soon was on the long end of an overwhelming score. The game started late and was called after a few minutes of the second half had been played, with the score standing ' 5l' to 0. ! The yearlings tore through the preps in i regular big-league fashion and showed that Coach Kit's work has not been in ' vain. The freshman squad looks like a ! hotbed for future varsity material. The i lineup: FRESH M E X 62. Marian! Kelly Thotnasj V. Allshouse Chain R. Allshouse C. A GREAT BAOKFtELD. Pitt's baekfield quartet. Miller, Hastings, DeHart and McOJaren, perform in ' k. i A. 0. Bruce L.. E Barrick 3j- T ;HP I 1 1 . Whitehall C .. Fried R. G. Vebelunas R. T ' Gunning R E Olsen I.vtte Q. B Ktaton Maisley L. H Aschman 1 "umes K. H Bur i t Jacobs F. B Winters I Substitutions East Liberty. Quinn for Bruce. Smith for Barrick. Barrick for Pm:th. Smith for Cline. Magorry for Whitehall. Kenys for Fried. Carson for Gunning. Devlin for I.ytie. : Caldwell for Maisley, Irvin for Humes, Kurca ! for Jacobs. 1 Freshmen Sa-ul for MaTland. Carnahan for . C. V. Allshouse. Griffith for Chain. Peters for Oison, Scofield for Eaton. Burke for Burd. Scoring Touchdowns. Winters 2. Burd 2, Aschman 2, Marland, Eaton; goals from touchdowns, Eaton 2. Burd. Asehmaji. The same officials that served in the varsity gam worked for tha Freshmen. SECOND PERIOD. back center, Finlay made four yards in the line, o.irfori five t center. Rupp was forced et a vard on a trV at Kesner made it first down around left end to the 15-yard line. tsonmeer was uitu without a gain at guard. Finlay made- two yards in the line and then Kesner lost eight at right end. tyons went in for Fletcher at rlrM guard for Tech. It was last down with 16 yards to go. Kesner dropped back to the 30-yard line and drop-kicked a goal from an angle of 60 degrees. Score : Tech 10, He tl uiny 0. Wright returned Rider's kickoff e'.s-ht yard to the 33. Rupp reeled off eight yards on a lino buck. Finlay made It first down with six yards through the same. hole. Rupp tried center again and advanced the ball three yards to midfleld. Kesner pulled one of his famous runs around left end for a gain of 26 yards and first down on the Bethany 24-yard line. Duncan, the Bethany quarterback, brought him down. Coach Heyman of Bethany took out Johnson and sent Shively In at right ed. Jtupp made four yards at center end Kesner was nailed again on a try at right end, losing thre yards. He was able to gain around the left wing, hut was almost Invariably stopped at the right extremity. Finlay got back two in the line. A forward pass. Kesner to Finlay, gained nine yards and made first down on the 12-yard line. Rupp fumbled going into the line-and Bethany recovered. Elder immediately kicked to Bollinger on the Bethany 2". Hell-s:rom blocking the punt.- Bergen was hurt on the play and Bethany took time out. gmith went on the field to take Bergen's place, but returned to the bench and Bergen remained In the game. Kesner once more was thrown back at right end, losing two yards. Finlay tried kick-off from the 12 to 25-yard line. Tech was offside and Eider's attempt to forward pass was grounded. Elder maue five yards on the right side for first down. lie added two more in the line. He carried the ball again for two and then kicked to Tech's 35-yard line. Kesner made two yards at right end. and Finlay got six. Bollinger placed the pigskin In midfleld with seven through the line. Rupp fumbled and Bethany recovered on its 4S. Elder made two yards in the line and Art-man failed to gain. Bethany was penalized 15 yards and Elder made up the loss on the next play. Williams went in for Gibson at right end for Tech. Elder kicked to thej Tech 15-yard line. Kesner fumbled the catcll. but recovered and ran back five yards. ; Wright's kick nas blocked by Captain Heyburn of Bethany and McFeat-er recovered for Tech. Wright kicked again and Heyburn also blocked this try. The ball bounded back over the Tech goal line and Rider fell on it for a touchdown for Hethany. Rider punted out to Rawden on the 20-yard line and Heyburn kicked goal. Score: Tech 24, Bethany 7. Rider kicked off and Finlay ran back the ball from thr-46 to the SS. Kesner ran left end for 17 yards and first down on the Bethany 45. Bollinger failed to gain at tackle. Flnla made three yards at center. Kesner got six yards at right end. Captain Heyburn was hurt and Syler took his place. Finlay Just made the necessary yard for first down on the final trv. Rupp was badly hurt and time was taken out while he was assisted from the field. Altdoerffer replaced him at fullback and was given a loud cheer. Finlay made nine yards on a run around left end. Bollinger ran the opposite end for eight yards and first down on the IS. Kesner hit center for six yards. Finlay tried the came play for three yards and then Altdoerffer I brought ptay to the three-yard for the first 1 down with a six-yard rmash through center. ! Altdoerffer went throtirh on the next" I nneup. carrying the ball over between the goal posts. Keener kicked goal ns the period ended. Score: Tech 31, Bethany 7. went in for McFeaters for Tech. Rider was hurt and Bethany took time out. Kesner ran left end for 21 yards to his own 45. where he fumbled, and Bethany recovered. Kelly was hurt and Tech took--time ou:. Toung took Kelly's placv. Rawden failed to gain. Elder was stopped for a loss of two yards. He lost another yard. Elder kicked and Altdoerft'er ran baefc-the ball .rom the lo-yard line to the 39. Alt-doerff-r fumbled on the next lineup, but the play was ofTside and Tech was set back to lis 3-yard line. Wlliiams replaced Wright at right end for Tech. Kesner was thrown back j for a loss of 10 yards on an attempted end j run anti Aiiawrner KK"Ka xo Anman, who returned from Bethany's SO to the 44. Elder made three yards at center. Wilford went to right end In place of Williams. cRosenb rg. hack at left half, made three yards and placed the ball In midfleld. Elder's forward pass was Incomplete. He then kicked to BoHiugt-i on Tech's 23-yard line. Kesner made it first down with a run of 1 yards around right end. Flrilay added another first down when he got around left end for It yards to midfleld. Bethany took time out and reniaced Shlveley with Stevenson at end. Bollinger made two yards in the line. AHdoerfTe-hit center for two yards and first down on Bethany's 40. Bolllneer added three more in the line and then Kestier lost four at right end. Altdoerffer reached the 50-yard line with 11 yards through center, but Tech was penalized 15 yards oa J the play end the ball was brought back. Alt-I doerffer was hurt and he left the game. Lyons. lnger taking his place at left guard, to wblcii position he had been shifted. Kesner got (even yards at right end. Ro." berg Intercepted a forward pass thrown by Kesner and returned four yards. The gams ended with this play. Final score: Tech SI. Bethany 7. FOURTH PERIOD. Through an oversight on the part of the officials, the teams did not change goals for the start of the final quarter. Wright kicked off to Rawden. who returned 15 yards to the -C-vard l'ne. Elder struck a stone wall in the line and lost two yards. He then went around his left end for six yards. Goodyear lost a vard at right end. Elder kicked to the Tech 35-yard line and Finlay fumbled and was forced back to the IS. Kesner went through the line for eight yards. Fletcher IMPERIALS ON TOP. Bnishton Imperials defeated the Rudy Odds on the Braddook avenue grounds yesterday 7 to 6. The lineup: IMPERIAL 7. RUDY ODDS-4. Mover Keens Pproat WlmJi Morgan Fnider Wadsworth . Fleming Dyer Sclanczy Touchdown L. T , U G C R- G , R. T R. E Q. B ....1...R. H f H F. B -Sclanczy. Saker. Saker i Singer . Beverldge .. Christian, O'enn Orient ...F. Weber . Johnson , Snyder ....T. Weber . "Whitehead Goals from touchdown-Slrr.s. Referee-Schreiber. Lmpire Tyler. Head linesman Turner. "Shot Full of Pepper" Is the Exclusive "United Overcoat Design TPADE ESTABLISHED MADE TO ORDER Here's a style that Is essentially for the young man. It is the work of our own expert designers and is copyrighted by us. Note the smart style, the graceful lines and the snappy details of this design. The nifty belted back adds a lot more "pep" to It. We are pleased to Incorpor ate any Ideas of your own In the tailoring of this overcoat. 1902 MADE TO FIT COAT AND TROUSERS $15 The United Woolen Mills Co. W. A. HERSCH, President 538 Smithf ield Street Stores also at Parkersburg, Clarksburg, Charleston, Hunting1, ton, Wheeling, Fairmont and Bluefield, W. Va.; Ashland, Ky.; . Marietta, Zanesville, Steubenville, Middletown, Newcxk, Cambridge, BeUaire, Columbus and Cincinnati, 0. "A A

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