The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 18, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 1894
Page 7
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READABLE* , IVHSVJELLsANY* in . ope, the fiber being useful for tsex* tile fabrics, The coat cafgo" of the Scotch ship Ada 'iredalc, which was abandoned at sea, burned for a year. • There are 21,000,000 church members Sn the United States and church property valued at $475,000,000. His majesty of Portugal in consid* oration of the small size *of Itis king* dom contents himself with $034,440 a year. The. largest oil painting in the world 5s by Tintoretto, entitled "Paj'a^ise/' It ife 33j£ feet in height and 64 in Width, The smallest coat burning locomotive in America is the work of C. t). Young of Denver. Jt weighs but 23fi pounds. The town of Sin? Sing. N. Y.. where the penitentiary is located, owes its peculiar name to John Sing Sing, a friendly Indian. Bulgarian peasants, it is said, have given up grain"growing 1 to a great extent and are engaged in raising roses, th6 attar of which is very profitable. The first free public school ever established in the world was at Dor: Chester, Mass., in 1039. The site oi the school is to be marked by an enduring monument. ' . , On the summit of Ben Lornohd may be seen the smallest tree that growri in Great Britain. It is known as the dwarf willow, and is, when mature, only two inches in height, Minnesota is not a very old state, but she already has more than $5,000,.000 invested in public buildings and $10,000,000 in. her school fund, with 1,000,000 acres of university land yet unsold. ' . The Wimodaughsis spciety of Wash- ington—wbich ran the words wife, mother, daughter and sister together for its title—drew the color line until lately, but it has admitted colored members. Electric locomotives are proving themselves to be well adapted for use in coal and other mines, and they now furnish the motive power for hauling cars about thirty mines in the . United States. William Green bears the distinction of being the greatest steeple climber in England. He lias repaired fifty OT more steeples and spires, and is sent for from all parts of the kingdom. His greatest achievement has been in repairing the spire of Salisbury cathedral, which is over 400 feet high. • The original of Barnaby Rudge, a man named Walter de Brisac, who was a packman or peddler by trade, recently died in Chatham, England. Dickens used to talk to him when he met him in Chatham, and was struck by his" cleverness -and story, lie always dressed in the costume of a man of the Georgian period. LIGHT SELECTIONS. Mrs. Harriet Condit caught a herring 1 at Hartford, Conn., and in iti back she found a lady's pin imbedded. It was set with moonstone and pearls. Some months ago the free libraries of Sheffield, Eng-., began blotting out the sporting and betting news in their newspapers. More than 20,00( readers protested, and tho council hai rescinded the order. The largest increase in gold produc- tioii'in any state last year was in Colorado, whoso increase approximates $2,000,000. The only state in which a decrease is shown is Nevada, a falling off of about $575,000. A relic from the battlefield of Chick- amawga, consisting of a piece o: Southern pine, in one side of which is "imbedded a' bit of shell and in tho other two balls, is prized by Isaac B. 1'atten of Watertown, Mass. The entire orchard of a farmer neai» Stockton, Cal., w-as stolen. He wenl to town, and while he was away several men came and began to dig up his fruit trees. They said that tho trees had been sold them by the farmer, and his son believed the story. Dr. Claude Wheeler tells this story on himself: He luid an elderly patient who dabbles in uwedical literature This gentleman announced to the doc tor the other evening that lie concluded he was suffering from aphasia or the loss of .the memory of words. "Oh," said the doctor, "that is noth ing; I am often at .a loss myself to fine & proper word to express a thought.' "Ay, but in your case," growled the old gentleman in return, "that is due not to aphasia but to ignorance." Three young Turkish ladies, one the daughter of a pasha, have gone to France to take a regular courseot medical trainmj at French universities'. liegeman's Camphor ft>» tvlfli Glycerine Cures Chapped H muta and Puce, Tender or Bora Feet ~ ,4->Tles,&e. C.G, Clark Co., Now jiaven.Uu ALIVE, "Who ttftt-e hcrottifi a Burden to ^liel* fttmll&n Mts *1»u« 1'nfc Out wf, th* tttty—<A fccfptaony Attended ttlth' Oreftt Kentucky now has « aw granting to •wjvea ttvoBatne property rights an toos possessed fry their husbands, • You can'ttell how bjg * Kuan la until you know where his influence ie going to stop Your Heart's Blood Is the inost important pftrt of your orgajiisjn, 1 fourths of t^e complaints to which the system is subject 4ue tQ impurities in. the blood. YOU eaa, therefore For which nothing equals S. S. S. Jt effectually removes all impurities, cleanses the Wood thoroughly and builds up the general health. p5JlriFeat£¥o3l3ipQa and skin piseasps 4WIPT SPFfilFlfi flfl , Mailed B 1 ?eii to aay adclress. <p H ir I vrtvinjj y y i I' 'There is one country in the world* whore people aro to this clay buriod alive. What IB more, tho victim is not only a consenting party to the dcodi but even takes part in the funeral as iis own chief mowner, "Jbo country where this practice remains in ox- ; stericeis China; and tne people Who { are thus- buriod alive usually thoso vho, 'either on account of their ncordgiblo misconduct or Incurable maladies, have cortfe to be regarded as burdens to their relatives, and as constituting ndt only a nuisance, but also a danger to tho community to which they belong. Ihese interments Of living men and women aro jenerally tho result of a decree of a sort, of family council, composed of all the principle relatives of tho victim, and they are so fat 1 regarded as legitimate that tho local authorities do not hesitate to attend the obsequies. Sometimes, too, the decree is pronounced by a vigilance committee, or 'VehmgerichV an institution that flourishes, quite as extensively in OS ina at the present day as it di'd in Germany two or three centuries ago. The obsequies of live persons are attended by 'much pomp and ceremony, but only when disease or old ago, 'causes the family and the fel low-citizens of the candidate' for funeral honors to desire his clcpar- tni'-n for' another vrnVR Everything that 1.3 possible is tlo'ho to smooth tho way and to chc'er, if one may be allowed to use tho expression, his Ifift moments. Relatives and neighbors combine to purchase the most expensive cotlin that they can afford, the price ranging from $10 to $500 and even $1,000. At the funeral repast that precedes the interment he io the, guest of honor, and as soon as the feasting has been brought to a conclusion the procession to the grHve begins. It is led off by tho enjpty coffin, which in form resem- blea the trunk of a tree, tlie boards being three or four inches thick and rounded outside. Immediately following the coffin walks the "moribund," magnificently arrayed, generally in the superbly embroidered garments of a mandarin, and bearing r» fan in one hand and a prayer written on a piece of paper in thoj other. Then follow the members of tho fumUy, the village or town authorities and tho neighbors. On'roaching the border of.the grave, the principal actor in this part of the performance takes a solemn leave of all those present, arranges the garments in the most convenient and comfortable fashion, takes a last big Swallow of opium, and thereupon' assumes his place in the coffin. A piece of silver having been placed on his chin, the lid is placed ou tho casket and is nailed dovtn by his sons and nearest relatives; tho earth is battened down and all is over. These statements may scorn to be mere travelers' tales, some of those absurd exaggerations—embroideries is perhaps the most appropriate term —^-to which people who have journeyed far are popularly supposed to be addicted. But 1 have, when in China, frequently heard the matter discussed by people who had actually witnessed ceremonies of this kind; and further information is afforded by duly authenticated instances de.scribed: in .one of the recent,numbers of the Austrian Oriental'lie'view, one of tho most erudite and weighty of all publications dealing with Asiatic affairs, being edited under tho auspices of the world-renowned Imperial Oriental academy at A'ionna. Thnre can be no doubt as to the absolute authenticity of tho cases described in the Rovltf'ir, ouo of which in particular took onl.v three or four years ago at a place called. Tchita Kong. The object in burying people ulivj in this manner is to got rid of them in n manner calculated to free thoso who have taken part iu the affair from all responsibility in this world, and at the same time to siwe the victim from the odium of euiclde in the next world; for, theoretically, at any rate, the party interred is a cousontiug party thereto, and his relatives and neighbors are merely executing his last, and, therefore, sacred wishes in nailing down his eoftln and burying him. Strictly speaking (that is, from a Chinese point of view)i there is no rnuraer, no execution and no suicide. It is merely a sort of mutual arrangement alFuir, satisfactory alike to all parties, the occupant of. the coffin com' plying with the desire of his relatives and neighbors for his departure for a better world, and they, on : theU' side, endeavoring, by every moans in their power, to render this departure agreeable and easy. China is, I believe, the only country where this ancient custom ol burying people alive still exists, That it used io bo practiced in many at the countries of Europe is an ac ktiowledged fact, the medieval BUV vivals of. the custom taking tfee foroj of what may be described as immura tion, or the building up in a wall o< the victim. A loaf of bread and $ jug of water were generally placed in the niche, and Mr. .Rider- JIag'gJ describes several aiicient monaster- ios and convents, notably pne in Mexico and ono at WalthanV, in Eng- Igud, where skeletons and pitshera bailt into the walls were found by wurkmen engaged in either tearing down or repairing the bv.ijding. Chicago is the Prairie city, from tbe flataess of the land surrouudiug- it- in Efnglahd tfefe Sti 1826. In 16&.*> the ^te oi the cit? of was sold for $150. Australia has more chflrches Jo*fcioa to population than any othef country. Seventy years ago thefe vVas one homoeopathic physician in the tlnited States, where,now there are 3d»6oo. Brigandage has greatly increased in Spain because of the poverty prevailing among the country people. In fteW York tenements tho crowd- irig of from seven to twelve persons in two small rooms is a common occur* reilce. A child has been born in Mexico with three perfect eyfts, the third be' ing situated on tho sitto of the head near the temple. Dupont's powder mills, in Wilming' ton, iJcl.) are furnished with hinged roofs, so that in case of an explosion the damage will bo minimised. Tho Grace Baptist church of New York has caused much criticism by in* traducing, 'as an adjunct of its Yoxing Men's guild, a billiard and pool table. Tho manufacture of incandescent lamps in England, the patent of which expires this year, has been one of the greatest- of the world's monopolies. Lamps costing nine pence have been sold for three and four shillings. A person seldom sees a bootblack now with his kit slung over" his shoulder in New York, as they are found" in Western cities. The hoot- blacking in New York is done at stands, and the business is almost entirely monopolized by Italians. He Was In. • Stranger—."Is the cashier in?" Janitor (emphatically)—-^Sos, sir." "Can 1 see him?" '•Yes, sir. Visiting hours at tho jail from 2 to 4 every afternoon." A Standard Hearer. In the crusade inaugurated nearly half a century ngo against the professional ignor- nnce of the old school of medicine, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters was a standard bearer. Its victories over disease, when tho old time specifics proved abject failures, •proved that the pseudo-philosophy which sanctioned the administration of violout •remedies ' whore 'the case required none, which laid down as unalterable rules blood letting, violent purgation, the use emetics and the employment of corrosive ond cumulative poisons in simple cases of liver and malarial complaint/ was in fact tho worst of upphilosophy, contrary alike to tho laws o£ true medicinal science, of. hygiene and of common sense. Biliousness, constipation and chills and fever, as now treated by tho Bitters, promptly yield where before they obstinately resisted old fashioned medication. Bo do dyspepsia, rheumatism and kidney complaint—all surely conquerable by this safe and really philosophic remedy. An agricultural laborer in India is supposed to receive 5 cents a day, but in general his wages.are not so large. —The Hawkeye Pire Insurance Company of Iowa still seems to hold, thp firso place among the insurance companies. This company is undoubtedly the most popular company doing bus- inesS'in Iowa. ' \V'ny is it this company does such a large business? There must be some reason for it. We know of none other except that it charges a fair price for its policies; it always adjusts its losses fairly and equitably and pays them promptly. The Hawkeye Insurance Company, as shown from the auditor's report, possesses the largest amount ot assets and the largest amount of net surplus of any of the Iowa companies. In our judgment it gives better indemnity tlian any company that is issuing policies in Iowa. The farmers of Iowa in placing their insurance with the Hawkeye Insurance Company make no mistake and take no chancea'of loss. We take much pleasure in speaking a good word for so< prosperous and so pood an institution as the Hawkeye Insurance Company of Des Moines, Iowa. Three women of education and moving iu refined classes of society in Now York City have recently died of alcoholism. The Best Men Wanted. "Yes, sir; wo want some good men, men of first class character and ability to repre* sent us. Among our representatives are many of tho noblest and host men in Amer- .ina. nnd parties of that stamp can always find a splendid opportunity at our establishment." That is the way Mr. B. F. Johnson, of the firm of B. P. Johnson & Co., Richmond, Va., stated tho case in reference to th'eir advertisement; in this paper. The wages of 800 women employed in tho Italian spinning mills average 15 "cents for a day oi twelve hours. Tho Evolution Of medicinal agents is gradually relegating tho old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringiup; into general use the pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup of Fjgs. To get the true remedy see that it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For Bale by all leading druggists. There are people who say they would like to do good who don't smile once u week. Coughs, Hoarse ness, Sore Throat, etc., quickly relieved by BHOWN'S BHON- OBUI< TKOCHES. They surpass all other preparations in removing hoarseness and as a couijli remedy ore pre-eminently lite beat. A. B. Byers of Mantisque, ijich., organized a co-operative colony and has 000 acres to start with. Beec ham's Pills are proverbially Jmown as "Worth a Guinea a BOX," but they are sold at £5 cents a box. English laborers of ail kinds are now paid over twice us much as they were u century ago. Cpri* Wftnunteil to cure or .noncy refunded. Ask your iruggtst lor it. 1'rico 10 couis. Cashjers in tbe stores of Smyrna, Turkey, receive au average salary of $14 per week. Shlloti'B Consumption Curs la sofcl on it Kuaranteo. It cures Incipient Coneu Iwn, It is tUu. toit <x>ufih Cure. 21cm,, QOcia, & » AH other powders are cheaper made and in* ferior, and leave either ' ROYAL BAKING POWDER co., 106 WALL ST. NEW-YORK SONS OF ADAM. Mgr. Satolli's fad is to have Singing birds all over his house. . Tobacco was so called from the West Indian island of 'foljagp. The late Lord Lovelace, who died recently, had ignore(J,.all animal meat for many years. The man who thinks the boy who lives next door to him is a good hoy has not yet been found. Mrs. Sharp—A man always makes a fool of himself for a woman. Bachelor—How? By marrying her? Judge J. T. 'Dalvin, of Siloam, Oa., who has married over ISO couples, says that he never received a single fee, save a bushel of potatoes. "Why was their engagement broken off? Did they quavvel?" "No, that \vus the trouble. They were both so amiable that they got tired of each other." A^.Soolal Triumph. Mrs. Gossippo—"I hear yott attract*tl v much notice on your appearance in tM» social WQrld. abroad,'!.., ,,..-, •: - . " Mrs. Numoney—"! should say'so., luror* on an average from $20,000 to $35.000 worth of diamonds every ball I went to." How's This? . We offer One Hundred Dollars Rewarffj for any case of Catarrh that cannot bo! cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure, ' F. J. CHENKY & CO., Proprs., Toledo, O.. We, the undersigned, have known .IV J- Cheney for tho last 15 years, and belier* him perfectly honorable, in all business transaction and financially able to "carry out any obligation made by their firm. WEST <SrTHUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo,'O. WAM>INO, KIKNAN & MAUVIN, Wbolesnto- Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blooo. and mucous surfaces of the system. Price 75c por hot-.' tie. Sold by all druggists. Testimonials free. Maine is said to be less affected by ifon- .financial and industrial depression tlmn. any other northern state. The people who have tbe most to e4t are often tbe least thankful for it. It will, perhaps, require a little stretch of the imagination on the; .•t of tha reader to recognize the fact that the two portraits at tho bead of this article are of tbe same individual ; and yet they aro truthful sketches made from photographs, token only a fow months apart, of a, very much esteemed citizen of Illinois—Mr, C. H. Harris, whose address is No. 1,023 Second Avonue, Bock Island. 111. The followirfg extract from a letter written by Mr. Harris'explains the marvelous change in bis personal appearance. He writes : " Dr. Pierue's Golden Medical Discovery saved my life and has made me a man. My homo physician says I am good for forty years yet. You will remember that I was just botweeu life and death, and all of my friends were sure it was a case of death, until I commenced taking a second bottle of ' Golden Medical Discovery,' when I became able, to sit up and tbe cough was very much better, and the Heeding from my lungs stopped, and before I had taken six bottles o? tho ' Golden Medical Discovery' rSiy, cough ceased and I was a new mail and ready for business. I now feel that it is a duty that I owe to my fellow-men to recommend to. them the ' Golden Medical Discovery' which saved my life when doctors and <ul other medicines toiled to do me any good. I send to you with this letter two of my photographs; ono taken a few weeks before! was taken down sick in bed, and the other was taken after I was well," These two photographs are faithfully re-produced at the bead of this article, Mr, Harris's experience in the use pf " Golden Medical Discovery" is not an exceptional one. Thousands of eminent people in all parts of the worl4 testify, in just as emphatic language, to its marvelous curative powers over aU chronic bronchial, throat and Jung diseases, chronic nasal catarrb, asthma, and kindred diseases. Eminent physicians prescribe "Golden Medical Discovery" when any of their dear ones' lives are imperilled by that dread disease, Consumption. Under such circumstances only the most reliable remedy would ba depended upon. Tho following letter is to the point. It 13 from on eminent physician of Stamps, Lafayette Co., Ark. He says: "Consumption is hereditary in my wife's family; some have already died with the disease. My wife has a sister, Mrs. E. A. deary, that was taken with consumption. She used Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, and, to the surprise pf her many friends, sho got well. My wife has also ba4 hemorrhages from the lungs, and her sister insisted on her using the r Golden SCefJicaJl Dis- covory.' I consented to her using it, and' Itr, cured her. She bos bad no symptoms of consumption for, the past six years. PeopUi > having this disease can take no bettor reiu-- ecly." Yours very truly, From tbe Buckeye State comes the following : "I was pronounced -to have consumption by two of our best doctors, I spent nearly $300, and was no better. I concluded 4 to try Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovwy. I bought and used eight bottles and I con. now say with truth that I feel just es woll to-day us I did at twenty-five, and can do just . as good a day's work, on the farm, although t-' had not done any work for several yearn." Truly, your friend, Mr. Dulaiiey's address is Campbell, Ohio, " I had catarrh in the head for years anil trouble with my left lung at tho afffce tiraa. You put so much 1'oith in your renmlies that I concluded to try one bottle or Pro, and I derived much benefit therefrom. I used up* throe bottles of Dr. gage's Catarrh Remedy,. five bottles of your " Golden Medical Discovery," and in four months I was myself again.. I could not sleep on my left side, and now B can sleep o#d eat heartily, go long as I have- your medicines on hand I have no need of an doctor : I do not think my hquse fc» order without them. Yours, truly, Marlow, Baldwin Co., Ala. If it would be any more convincing, tn could easily till the columns of this paper vrftb letters testifying to the cure of the severest diseases of the throat, bronchia and lungs, by the use of " Golden Medical PiscoTtary,* To build up solid flesh and strength after w$ grip, pneumonia, ("lung fever"), e?b»Bwii* fevers, and other prostrating disease*!, it lioa no equal. It does not make fat like cod Bver oil and its n»sty cpmpouutls, t>u$ solid, some A complete treatise on Throat, and Lung Diseases ; also including and Chronic Nasal Catarrh, and pointing f»A successful means of home treatment for tbe« maladies, will be mailed to any address by tfeff World's Dispensary Medical Association of Buffalo, N. Y., on receipt of s«f cents is stamps, to pay postage, __ T, JACOBS OIL MAKES A Perfect Qyri of BURNS, BRUISES, SCALDS, CUTS AND WOUNDS. _,1< ON Hg&EABTH- H1CKE8PP4TEHT80*LT SHEARS

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