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The Free Lance-Star from Fredericksburg, Virginia • 10

Fredericksburg, Virginia
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to KING GEORGE ta I irestone has provided a vet rY 825 827 Main St redericksburg Va ur Trimmed Bladder Weakness Silk Pongee Natural Color 1 Small Medium Large 79c BIG SISTER SesprtK i i or 9 Years Gas Ruined Her Sleep 'J I i 1 7 'o I'te i Is? 1 The United States buys from Canada each year about 120 mil lion pounds of news print paper'? 4 I i Wrapping la oiled paper is a device to keep them from withering in long shipments (JUE55 THAT MUST ae Mt a ii our its ex in A I i to have a hero which the most fasti inUu CLASSIIED COLUMNS HERE IHtSXL tse rue last Mote Butter ls MadefeViiiniaiA 'fc 9 LAcSOON To Train' tor The SKATING RACES The nest time you have a head ache neuralgic rheumatic or periodic pain try the improved method of relief teaspoon fuls of Capudlne In a little water Being liquod Capudlne acts almost instantly much quicker than tablets PRtY NEAR DIRECT LEADStolWT If Bladder Weakness Getting Up Nights Backache Burning or Itch ing Sensation leg or groin paints make you feel' old tired pepless and worn out why not make the Cystex 48 Hour Test? Don't give up Get Cystex today at any drug store Put it to a 48 hour test Money back if you don't soon feel like new full of pep sleep wen with pains alleviated Try Cystex today Only 60c aC IGHT COUGHS I Podtlvily itopped ahnpstin aUntly with oaa swallow THOXINE Wl EARLY READS' guddV? uEll I CURAT YOUOlD? 13 A New Shipment of Ladies House roths done Doet'x year neighbor! 50000 Users Endorse crease Therp ta scarcely a family that has not one or more sick in It tad In gome Instances a whole family ta down with It This Is the case with Lock Grigsby at Thomas Hunter jr Turner Rose and Walter Purks Jr left Wednesday for the University and Bobbie Washington and rancis Boggs for St Christopher's Mrs South who has been Coats fashioned of durable suede cloths in the slender lines of the season! ae ws a SOM RUN HIM ICC AgS YUH? NCTLUHILC HERS rywv irrirvrs XVTT HKB JUbT4gr IT ONCE THREATS ATTV BUDPT AND HIS NEtO PRIEN MILTONHAVEcone A Persistent Backache Often Gives Warning of Disordered Kidneys EVERY dr find "you hraaand achy suering uggaig Uk ijTHE REK LANCE STAR 'REDERTCKSBUrG VA MONDAY JAK 1 1929 5 5h become one of our most repre sentative values because priced at Dms nSmd at at aag 1 Saw had 0 tzsdda ta apaak ft ttua AST1MULANT DTJRETIC A KIDNEYS Maer Miam Co IffgChna BvOalaiKY Ww war the first in California when the dam broke Then when the Red Cross cornea 'we Join hands with that organisation to cany on this wotk of relief important likewise is a new phase of our Americanism pro to promote the safety of children That must be organised this year Wisconsin has gone a long way Large signs on all the highways entering the state of Wis consin warn automobilista to save the children We are going ahead with our campaign of the education of adult foreign bom We are going ahead with our program of community service We are going ahead in this important business of educating the public upon the necessity for na tional defense Our national legis lative committee has Its program all prepared There are two Important things Naval Program The first ta the naval building program We know that the various pacifist organizations are seeking the ratification of the Kellogg treaty first and then will say to the people of the country that It is not nec essary for us to have a naval pro gram We know the fallacy in such an argument' The situation is this: started with the Washington conference where we adopted the 5 5 3 ratio We kept the letter and the spirit of that agreement The other nations kept the letter but not the spirit of the agreement and we woke up to find that the build ing of ships not covered by the Washington agreement had de stroyed the ratio no longer was 5 5 3 It was 5 3 3 and therefore we asked for tho Geneva conference in order that the same limitation might be applied to an of the types cf ship We failed utterly In ths Geneva conference The only answer to the failure ofthe Geneva conference Is to restore ths 5 5 3 ratio It is significantthat the President cf the United States took an American Legion meeting ta tell the world that this was the case It has been our pro gram for many months but the forces qn the other aide are well or ganized and well financed We have an important public to ten thejjeople the truth about It in order that there will not be this flood of protest which we had last ax against an adequate navy Universal Debt The second thing is the universal draft act This year we must lay the basis for the adoptlca uf an ac ceptable universal service act not necessarily the one which Is now in Congress We are the organization which can bring the various inter ested factors together and sit down at a table and determine a satisfac tory measure We can do that this year We must do it this year The universal service is nothing more than legislative preparedness Itls a statement all may read and understand that the true basis of an adequate national defense Is equal service from all and special nr nt it fn nnnp We must marshal our forces We niove forward We are growing in strength and in public support We lead the pageant of American pro gress today We must deserve that leadership and we can deserve that leadership by distinguished service" scasty or burning ia passage? Theseast often stgng of sluggish iadnty nd shouldn't be neglected re 4fa Legion Commander Speaks at Staunton I 't aw 1' 'Staunton Va' Jan The gulf between the government and the World War veterans who gave their health to their country is hot yet completely bridged' Paul McNutt Na tional Commander of The Ameri can Legion said here today In an address at the department confer ence of the Legton of Virginia The national commander divided the major objectives' of the Legion program for the year into four di visions rehabilitation child welfare Americanism and national defense Of these service to the disabled veterans came first or most of us" he said war ended with the Armistice But for others the war Is going on all day tong very day There is noth ing within the power of this govern ment which is too good fox those men" The National Commander de clared the first major endeavor of the Legion to be the speeding up of the service to ths disabled Legion's first duty is to see that proper care and rehabilitation which a grateful government has provided are given to these I A and powders and is more efTe Capudlne relieves pain by Ing the not by dead! 'I them I goes not upset the si' ach Has given satisfaction to I lions during the past 30 years' all drug 30c and 60c i also trial size (adv) kJ I fiNORTH WITH SOUTH Coats effectively trimmed with the newer vays! Cj Spring Coats in sizes and styles for mod ish women misses and juniors! Richmond Va' JanT Creamery butter production In Vir ginia during November 1938 amounted to 501100 pounds or an increase of 3718 pef cent over the amount for the sama month of 1837 according to estimates receiv ed by Henry Taylor state fed eral agricultural statistician from Washington The production tn November however showed a decrease of 1880 per cent from the production esti mated for October 1928 It was stat ed Virginia was one of fourteen states reporting an increase pro duction in November 1928 over the samemonth of the preceding year Total production in the United States was estimated at 87531000 pounds In November which was an increase of 17 cent over No vember 1937 Barn or Polo Ponies Has Hardwood loor Mlaml ta Polo polnesf be longing to Harvey irestone the rubber magnate are home hav nfrvm trail'd be Dieased to own Mr $45000 addition to his polo barns of polished oak floors and wood work finishings as fine as those of some cf the beautiful Miami Beach residences In addition push buttons permit attendants to drop metal gates so that the ponies may view the land scape The barns are located on a 10 scre tract in the heart of the mil lionaire resort district A clay track is laid to furnish exercising space for the ponies Let us cover your old yellow gold wedding ring with white gold and reset your diamond a new mounting to match ight Red Tape early in the history of organization" he continued members saw the waste and travagance and red tape which at tended ths various departments of the government having to do with the relief bf the disabled They brought about the formation of what we now know as the Veterans Bureau They have been responsible for every bit of legislation placed upon the statute books But they have not been content to stopthere They have taken upon themselves the equally Important task of see ing to it that the Individual dis abled man receives from the gov ernment all the benefits to which he as an individual Is entitled TWe are seeing today a re enact ment of the history of bureaucracy Bureaus are being established for the purpose of bringing relief They have become hardened because of the number cf cases they see Today the hard cases are the ones which are being presented by The Ameri can Legion and' there must be a liberalization "of 'the provisions and the specifications laid down by the Veterans Bureau for the relief of those men or Liberal Provisions "There are many men today with disabilities caused by their war ser vice but who cannot prove that connection The Legion cannot prove that sendee connection for them but we can say' to the Con gress of the United States that the provisions must be so liberalized that those men shall receive relief to which they are entitled That is' our business only to rehabilitation comes qur child welfare program Tfcp need Is growing Our own na tional? convention gave us a man date to improve the quality of our service in child welfare It Is going to be necessary for us to go to the various states to see to It that those states make adequate provision We can not cany the whole load by our selves It is too great but we can and must assume a place cf leader ship We can and must educate the public to the necessity of properly providing for these children' They are not waifs they are the proud holders of a priceless heritage nad they deserve above all things equality of' opportunity third part of our progratn Is Americanism our support of pub lic education: oursu opart of the Boy Scout movement the organl ration or emergency renei units Junior baseball: community service and safety first campaigns I Emergency Belief mneroen ey relief is a very fine I form of community service We do 1 not expect to usurp the functions of the Rad Cross We Join the Red Cross in the fine service to human city which that organization has ren uerea lor many jvara wc listed In raising the funds which the Red Cross needs but we axe on the acene we are ths first there in time of disaster We were the first in lorida We were the first in the Mississippi Valley We were the first during the New Englpd flood Stop Headache In ew Minute to stomach gas was restless for 9 yeara Adlerlka has helped me so that now I eat and deep Mrs Touchstone Just ONE spoonful Adlerlka re new gas and that bloated feeling that you can eat and sleep well Acta on BOTH upper 1 and lower bowel and removes old waste matter you never thought was there No matter what you have tried tor your stomach end bowels' will surprise Modern hannaqy uon or tns st junan avenue freight warehouse is now set for 'March' I This also will have1 facilities for icing refrigera tor can along with other modemimprovements The story of haw the Pennsyl vania came to have Its Southern Hi termlnal at Norfolk Is a romance In railroading Back In the early Eighties a group' of ar virioned men gave their attention to the famed Eastern Shore of Virginia and MArylaAd' The territory wasSridh in potentialities for prosper 'Jlty and expansion but these men i saw lhe need of an efficient rail althfiugh the building of a railroad in those days was a haz ardeus venture' The men behind Ah WAtaet AfovflmrfMS" I William Painter of Phil odelphla and William Scott of Bria They had an indirect con jt xjtion with the Pennsylvania' fcr' Railroad which had its beginning obrty years before Mr Cassatthaving been a vice president of the THOUGHT IlbLO YOU TO STAV 'J O' THIS LAfiOON? I rxrrhaira Old Railroad i In the spring of 1883 this group Han 14 Aww Railroad which can down the East 'Shore of Maryland' About the net resuit of the purchase was the charter and the right of way The foUcwlng ring xaw the begin ning ot construction of the New yw KftrfnTV Vp Railroad which Is stlH referred to S' pro rpqlnsul Jutton saw' the be ginning of opwaUons and 'from there South to Wtm rajocoffiob 3 Ms xret Tbe towns were H' cW' thfraltoxUl 4d 'ihja dOirii'thc ogOet of the HBmMO ill jiraaitnecessary stories lhr which would with the harbor and' ruperintendended the LX Mr Cassatt had to prvolde funds from hi own pocket to keep we con struction going The first regular train run to Cape Charles November 3 1884 The first through train from New York was run November 19 the same year 'Never Reorganized Standing among the few Is this railroad tn that It wu never forced ed to reorganize its original owners carrying it through to success and a commanding position In the early days of the road the farmers of the Eastern Shore were quite poor for the most part and made little progress It was neces sary tor the railroad to provide barrels tor their potatoes and con tainers for their These containers would be roiled off for the farmers and later loaded put on the train again to be taken to market the rallrvad charging the cast of the containers against me fahner who got the dlflerence be tween this cost transporation and the market price In a great many othfer ways the line departed from the usual form 1 iiia of railroading and it has been 1 rewarded Prosperiou towns dot the railroad now and as high as 1 200 cars of perishable freight have moved over the line on a singe day more freight than was handled Ip a single year In the early days erry Leads World Thought impossible by most peo pie In 1885 the railroad put into operation Its first tug and car float across Chesapeake Bay line now is the foremost cf Its kind in the world handles more cars and more tons of freight tharv any mllar ferry line anywhere In the world And with the development of the new terminals at Little Creek should even expand its own record Through the years that saw the develonent of the 8s the Pennsylvania became more and more Interested in the line with the result' that it was taken over completely as a part of the Pennsylvania system July 1 1920 or years the line has been one of the most important feeders to the Pennsylvania Not only that but it afforded the truck growers as wen as the other industries in this totality a quick outlet "to the markets The produce It has car a ried has been tremendous and the section It opened up and served la: one of the greatest agricultural centers bn earth Naturally the line's warning power has increased' Comments on Project Commenting on the Little Creek project Krick vice president Eastern Region Pennsylvania Rail road said: I trains leaving little Creek will find the ferry ride across i the mouth of Chesapeake Bay to Cape Charles 13 miles shorter than the 'route used for many years "be tween Port Norfolk and Cape Charles consequent saving of time on the water' haul and the large and modern facilities of the tittie i Creek terminal will together great 1 ly accelerate the handling of freight traffic thereby vastly in creasing our capacity for providing transportation of the highest quality This was of courscf the' railroad's' chief purpose tn un dertaking the Little Creek project although further economy op eration is a supplementary result 1 cordially welcomed by our com 1 pany Virtual banishment of the Pennsylvania "Railroad's fleet of carfloats from the Elizabeth River will greatly relieve the conjection in that busy tidal stream many years our company has provided the shortest rail route between Norfolk: and the great Eastern and Northern mar kets Completion ot the Little Creek terminal makes the shortest route still shorter and the benefi cwies oi roe unprovea ntuatwn i Include besides the Norf oik Ports mouth district the whole of Tide water Virginia and the entire southeastern region of the United Important Phaser The more important phases of the Little Creek terminals include the following: The terminal consists of a deep water harbor of the South bank ol the creek with a group of transfer bridges and bulkhead a deep wa ter channel which extends 1600 feet and Into the Bay several miles or yard and terminal tracks behind the terminal bulkhead a connect ing line between Little Creek and Norfolk provided by the construc tion of rail line part of the way and through acquisition of trackage rights over other railroads $1475 And $1975 1928 Is parti And the new page in Our life's diary 1939 is turned wondering what is to be recorded upon it or what it holds for each of us as only time will tell oremost among ths social events of the post week wire two dances the flnt one on December 38 giv en at "Pharsaila" the home of Mr and Mrs Charles Bevan by their daughter Miss Pratt and her brother Bevan who was home from the V'rP I' And on riday night at the home of Mr and Mrs Thacker Berry were gathered guests from far aratenear to enjoy the dhnee given by their daughters Misses Mildred and Mary Berry Music was furnished by the Misses Washington and their brother William Dancing continued from 8:30 until 1 with an intermission during which re freshments were served Miss Eliza Ashton had as her guests a few days before Christmas Miss Adele Mann of Essex Coun ty Mrs Lloyd Washington who Ms been visiting in Washington has returned to her home "Mt Ida" After the long looked for Christ mas holidays especially by children and students at schools and col leges they pass a'most as a watch in the night and very reluctantly each wended his or her way back to school Wednesday January 3 although a few do not return until next week Miss Roberta Tayloe returned to St Margarets School Tappahan nock after spending Christmas with her parents Mr and Mrs Bladen Tayloe Miss Eliza Ashton and Miss Julia Brown a'sa students of St Margaret's were detained at their homes on account of sickness The fiu still seems oa the ln in falling health for several mM dled at her home "Lothian" Year's Day uneral services conducted by Aer pastor loyd Cartwright at st Church Thursday afternoon interment In tho family Her pallbearers Carter Grymes Dexter Tayloe Julian Brown kins Tsylor and A BoV of redericksburg wr Lifetime Jewelry 953 Main Phone 179 i natmwlventav Railroad i a a ta ir it new rnngnv Cxedt afe being put lnto operation tot dan toe y' A These terminals located a few B' 'miles from Norfolk on the ehore Bar about midway between Henry and Old i' Point Comfort represent a flnan dal outlay estimated by the Vlrgin Btats Chatober of Commerce at 85000000 and 8MOO 000 its faith in the future expansion the Eastern part of Virginia and regions feeding into this ter ritory has prompted the Pennsyl vanl Railroad to expend between SSXXXJOOO and $700000 all told to 4 improvements to its taansporta tlon service The present freight terminals cf the company are located at Port Norfolk and the new development a saving cf 12 water miles? between Cape Charles and Norfolk 'The passenger service will continue as heretoxorCt 7 inc leny between Cape Charles and the heart of Norfolk This service however also was Improved a few weeks ago with the addition of the new Lee" to carry nasseneers between the two points This new vessel which cost to the neighborhood oi a xnuuou represents the latest features of XW1 ship construction She is 300 feet long has a 50 foot and a carrying capacity cf 1500 passen £iy The dining room can serve 72 persons at one time The' pas 'senger salons and staterooms are A is QZuSnCCl BlWtavAl VCAjr compartment on the lowest of the i'three decks can acommodate 45 automobiles on a tnp gtest Llnk CompIeted 'The? first complete link to the little Creek projects was effected December 29 when the rails con necting the terminal with the Nor folk and Portsmouth Belt Line placed ready for operation Two carfloats each carrying 28 freight car marked the beginning of serv ice on New Year's Day One car float went South the other North No formal ceremonies' were pan a waX Hu kawlnnlnff nf AYkf which definitely win estab lish Norfolk as a principal transfer point on which is practically a new North South route The economies effected by the completion of the Little Creek terminals wui accei erate and augment materially the of through freight byway of Norfolk and should takemuch that 'heretofore has passed through Richmond and Washing ton The transfer of" all earfioat from Port Norfolk to Uttle Creek will be accomplished by ebruary Each day until then will see increased traffic be tween Little Creek and Cape Charles Cars from' the Norfolk Southern Norfolk and Western and the Vir ginian lines will be routed by Lit tie Creek first ana tnen me sea Air Line Southern Railway and Atlantic Coast Line wul beadded as soon as circumstancespermit Warehouse Ereeted Perishables among "which are the vegetables' and fruits the great trucktag sections around Norfolk grow to abundance for the nerth em markets and the seafood of this Career will Continue for some time to move from Port Norfolk Cars 3 WUX D6 JOftOeu ine Qi uiUiau avenue yards at Norfolk Complex mitan ea semi 11 voats I iKa ow I KR AIHWl ul IjSwKA JaWjWv B4B A Wani I I jipj I I yj I 1 I If anfmaahtd sB.

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