The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 18, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 1894
Page 5
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DES M01NB8: ALGCNA, IOWA, WEiPNESPAY, I . .r^-*.. , t -ji -j._.t'f.aii.-,..-.-JM.-JJJ- • •--L.- / j-i.. n aTfiM-tiliT t nflg ,^v^-i__-^^-jJajiai.jjMUOLa«iu*JiiAc.ite»Mki»t*Jlt^^ OAfifiS, CH1CAOO, MILWAUKEE A ST, LOOA *AlS 9. No. 1 departs at ...................... !? : l! ft S No.9 depfttts At ...................... 4!26ptti , Freights that carry passengers— Ko, 65 departs at ..................... ^ ! 2?£SJ No. 03 departs tit .................... iitSBftfti No, 71 departs at .................... 9:15pm No. 2 departs at ...................... No.4 departs at ...................... 6;06pm ^Ff eights that catry passengers— No. 7er departs at...... ..... .. ....... lltOopm No. 94 departs at ................... .. l:4opm • & f . HEbMoft, Agent. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. North- Mixed 8:isa a Pass 3:33ptn Freight...... 10 :00a in South- Pass 3:40pm Mixed .6:07 pin Freight.... 10:00 a to relent 10 :oo a m i-reigni.... j.u :yu » m Pals, arrttes at Chicago at 7 a m: arrives at <66 Molnes at 8 !l5 p m. : Lv. DesM, 2130 ajn ies M6ines at 8!l5 ]p m. Lv. Des M. 2130 am Mixed cbtmects with flyer and arrives at Ohl- icm At S A.m. . F. H. VBSPEfl, Agetiti cago at 8 a. m TH.E CITY CIECUIT, this fine the Mrs. G"eo. Hendron is dead. Grand Army meeting tonight. Ed. Andrews in the Mikado tomorrow evening. James C. Taylor corps meets tomorrow evening. Ole H. Oleson and Carrie L. Anderson are licensed to wed. A loir of new advertisements appear this week. Read them all. Spring has opened as finely for farming as it ever did in the county. Bony Hutler, a well known citizen near Whittemore, died last week. David Gilmore's family was added to last week by the arrival of a bouncing boy. Melzar Haggard was at Fort Dodge Monday evening for a company inspection. A special will run north tomorrow evening after the Mikado to Burt and Bancroft. ' D. A. Haggard has a fine Brunswick billiard table for sale at auction in Algona, Saturday, April 21. The band is reported to be practicing a piece entitled "Capt. Haggard's March." Prof. Bartlett is the author. There will be a meeting of the A. L. A. next Friday at 3 o'clock in the reading room. An interesting programme will be given. Norman Cotton of Whittemore is in Chicago taking treatment for his eyes. Mayor Boyle is also there to have his eyes attended to. Prof. Benedict will give exhibitions of mind reading, hypnotism, etc., at the opera house next Monday and Tuesday evenings. And now Foster & Wauge have a hair restorer. If there are any bald heads left in Algona it will be the possessor's own fault. A play having a great reputation in the east, "Sir Plunkard," will be in Algona May 24. It is given in Des Moines next Monday. Elmer Fegan was drunk Monday and flourished a revolver about in M. H. Boals' restaurant. 'Squire Clarke fined him yesterday morning. Glen Brunson is getting up a band to .be ready by May 14 for a show which opens in Des Moines. He will be leader and manager of it. G. H. Lamson starts Monday for the Arkansas hot springs and will remain until his health improves. He has been very poorly the past winter. Cheever Hudson sweetened up office yesterday with some very new eastern maple sugar. It is best we have had in a long time. A half dozen Emrnetsburgers are expected Friday evening to show the Chapter Masons some new points. A banquet is part of the programme. M. B. Chapin has bought the Clock farm north of town of J. B. Willey and will manage it the coming season. He •will not leave his residence here in town. Miss Edith Clarke gave instructions to Willie Galbraith, Chas. Chubb, and her sister for the contest, and will continue with the winner until the final trial. Geo, W. Hanna was upfromLuVerne Monday. He says that the last letter received from Phil, was dated March 1, and at that time he was still waiting for his successor to arrive. Due notice of the time of selling seats for the state con test, which comes two weeks from Friday, will be given, The opera house will be jammed and all will want to have a fair chance. Prof. Dixson finds that private accommodations will have to be provided for 30 or 40 visitors at the state contest and would be pleased to have all who will take visitors let him know at once, Thos, Sherman of Bancroft was in Monday closing up a week's vacation in Mason City, Fort Dodge, and other places. He says they are building a better bank building at Bancroft than they had before. A mission meeting was held at the Swedish Lutheran church in Algona last week which was attended by six pastors from out of town, The pro- gramme began Monday evening and Closed Wednesday. Gov. Jackson in his call on the militia to be in readiness to go to Council Bluffs took the two Sioux City companies out of the Fourth regiment. The boys of Company F were hoping they would be calle.d. AU who enjoy clever . comedy and good music will go to the Mikado tomorrow night. It is one of the cleanest funny pieces ever put on the stage and Ed. Andrews was never exr celled as Koko anywhere, A petition was circulated by County Attorney Raymond last week requesting the appointment of Judge S. M, Weave? to the new supreme judgesbip created by the legislature. It was largely signed by the lawyers here. S. S. Sessions in Des Moines over Sunday. His business is such that he is likely to be a Des Moines visitor nearly every Sunday for some time. We refrain from spreading any rumors as to the attraction that exists. The Shelby county Republican notes the suggestion of S. S. Sessions for clerfe of the supreme court aRd says: el Mr, hl8 feafidictacy PeeeivSs pfSper' fttlfiftWeBi He Is a Molt ejteellefit ffiftfl afid .would make an ideal clerk.» The Republican is Kepfesefltatlve Byetfl home p&pef. A. L. Seeiey says that riding a horse to fUH ft drag id not exactly ft nef thlflg ifi the coutity, as way back ifi the 60's he rode a pony and kept five yoke of oxen goiflg' while Horace Schenck attended to the haadlas of a breaking plow. Wm. Bossingham's son, who was so dangerously sick a year ago and who has been spending the past' winter in Oklahoma, is home again much Im- proved'in health. He will'seek a warmer climate hereafter in the winter. An appeal has been brought before Supt. Reed to enforce the removal of the old Greenwood Center school housei This is the house Dr. Garfield built in 186?, the first erected in the north end of the county. No time has yet been Set for the hearing. There can be 'no doubt now that there are woives down by Belton's UllUi O CVi O VY\Jl V OO \A\J IV *4 WJT A-*v*^ w" v timber. N. M. Mann captured four fine little ones Monday and brought them up and got $10 of the county. He says they sat up till 11 o'clock to get a shot at the old one, but she was too sharp for them. Sunday's Register had the following Washington note of interest: Prof. O. H. Baker, who was consul to Copenhagen for the , last two years, Is in 'Washington settling up his accounts with the state department. Mr. Baker will leave for Indianola the early part of next week. A pedestrian club is one of the new things this spring. We should have more faith in its permanence if 6 o'clock in the morning were not the hour for setting forth. We have arisen several times to meet 6 o'clock walkers before, and have lost confidence in such radical movements. W. F. Carter traded fora high-bred pacing stallion last week in Dubuque. He is one of the best horses ever brought to this section, out of Kentucky Prince and Meander, the latter once removed from Hambletonian 10. He is named "Macbeth" and is a very handsome horse. The entertainment given by the Columbian quartette last Wednesday evening at the Congregational church was better than many expected. The voices blended very pleasantly in the quartette and the solos were also excellent. Miss Collins of Mankato gave some recitations. A quiet wedding was celebrated at Rev. W. H. Dorward's home Saturday evening by which Isaac Grove and Mrs. Susan A. Stewart, Mrs. Dorward's mother, were united. They begin housekeeping at once in the Grove house west of Hem-y Mason's. Many friends congratulate them. Mr. Gray of Fort Dodge will have a definite proposal ready this week to put electric lights into Algona. Foi-t Dodge parties are behind it. The council will no doubt soon meet to consider it and N. J. Skinner's. If acceptable the matter of granting a franchise will be submitted to vote. Last week we had Alex. Patterson off to California with Dr. and Mrs. Garfield, but it seems he had other arrangements for company on his journey. He went to La Crosse, Wis., and the next day was married to Mrs. Hattie Swager, a sister of his first wife, and the happy couple are taking in the midwinter fair together. Wm. C. Walker, who has every appearance of being a fit candidate for Coxey's army, was arrested at Bancroft last week for breaking the seal on a freight car. His hearing came on Monday before 'Squire Clarke, W. B. Quarto'n and Attorney Raymond prosecuting. The case was postponed till next Monday to give time to secure evidence. The ladies of the A. L. A. will give a chicken pie dinner at the leading room next Saturday from 12 o'clock until 2, price 25 cents. This will conclude for a season the lunches which have been given for the benefit of the reading room, and to which the public have so generously contributed. The proceeds of this dinner to be used for the purchase of new books. A sample of what takes the flesh off the postmaster is such a direction as the following on a letter dropped in the office the other day. It 'read: " Miss Christine Nelson, 175 Fourth street, Brooklyn, E. D." Ho found that E, D. stood for no country on earth, and can tell where every Brooklyn is, but not where to send the letter. The sender should call. Carter's owl has attracted a good deal of attention in his show window, and several have been led to believe that it is artificial, Is was found by John Walker in a drain tile at the lumber yai-d, apparently in a good state o! health ana uninjured. It sits on the pickle jars in the window all day as though it were born there and seems to have been pretty well tamed at some time, A valuable addition was made to the public school outfit last week. Seven raised maps which show the elevation of the country as well as its surface geography have been bought. They are somewhat expensive but give at a glance the character of the country in all parts of the world. They came in a handsome case which will be set in the main hall for the use of all the rooms. J. W, Wads worth has accepted the presidency of the new band organization, apd with F. W. Dingley, M. Z. Haggard and Will Richardson will have the management, The plan is to organize a stock company and make permanent arrangements for a band in Algona, The officers insure competent apd careful control and the town should take hold willingly, Letters are advertised for Miss Carrie Bess, Miss Edna Goold, Miss Bessie Hallett, Mrs, Marie K. Lundal, Mrs. Minnie Moore, Miss Maria Molia, Misg Beleft Omholdt, Mrs. M. H. Parsons, Miss Maria Slolin, Mrs. May Sohlom, Miss Cftrie Varcoe, O. F, Brand, Sam Beddoe, C. P. Eiler, August Emanuel, P. Gamble, W. H. H. Kellogg, John Light, Philip Miller, Reuben R. Moore, J. E. MftrkUam, John Shurple. Following are the towns which will have declaimere at the state contest at Algona May 4: Cedar Falls, Colfax, Fairfleld. Grundy Center, Mason City, *} _.. UI afidWaterld6. divided iflt6 three ~, aaa ~ a ^ «.„ 1, draffiati<5, aedhumdfoua ftc^d* ing "to the character of the pt&ses. Gold medals are given ia e&cH elass. There will be ?§ or 80 representatives of high schools here to attend frdfid all over Iowa and Algona will want to be In apple pie order for the event. We have had several convincing proofs the past week that our condensed reports of the county board proceedings are being carefully perused. Mayor Call's letters have been followed by a, visit from W. H. Seth, the present resident of Union whose return to Palo Alto was arranged for at this session. He said nothing about the board nor visited the auditor's office, nor denounced the official papers, but came to us direct with vigorous threats of a libel suit. If anything further comes of our record of the proceedings we are going to put in a bill to the county. The city well was down 834 feet at 7 o'clock this morning. The diggers are still in lime rock. The present stratum has proved about 300 feet thick. The diggers struck the first rock at 270 feet and have not put in pipe below that. Shnle and rock alternated until they were 470 feet deep when they came to the present layer. They have struck several veins of water and the Well is filled to within 65 feet of the top. At one place the drill dropped a foot and the water raised over 30 feet at a jump. It is expected to strike, sandstone below the lime rock, and In that to find a boundless supply of water. County Auditor Doxsee received word from Emmetsburg that W. H. Heth had been able to take care of his family over .there, in response to his notice ordered by the board. Mr. Heth also came in and indignantly refused the $8 a month awarded by the board at the request of the Union township officials. From Heth's story it seems that the whole affair results from a misunderstanding between 'him and his son-in-low, and that he is not .a pauper. He threatens to sue the township, authorities for slander. .In the meantime the county is $8 a 'month richer than it thought it was. The movement to get a permanent band company in Algona is one of the best of the season. Last week we published what ha's been done _ in Emmetsburg. A permanent organization on a financial basis insures a good band, a chance for all the boys'to learn something of music, and any amount of healthy entertainment and recreation to the public. We have: often advocated that a band was a proper object of town expense to be provided for as sidewalks are. But the company being formed makes this, unnecessary. Our citizens should take hold with vigor and help get the band on a permanent business footing In the control of business men. C. Byson has moved this' spring to his farm on the Black Cat which he has christened "Oak Shade,_" and will take active management of it himself. This is the Wm. Moore farm and contains the remains of the oldest log cabin north of Algona, and the second or third in the county. It was built by Wm. H. Ingham and A. L. Seeley and occupied by them the first season they spent in Kossuth. Mr. Byson says that a few stone that formed the base of the chimney are all that remain. In the slight depression that was once a cellar is growing a butternut tree six inches through. The farm is one of the handsomest in the county, and Mr. Byson will have a pleasant home. WE BtJILBJUSTTSE SAME, Do Not Algtma People from Mortey Irtto ttt Prev Putting thus Earty a Saod Beginning is Made, and Mete Will Fsllow—f he btd Up to Caie. Pasture Notice. My pastures, adjoining town, and also south of the river, will be ready to receive stock as soon as the grass is sufficiently started. M. V. Butler, on the farm, will have charge, to whom application and payment must be made. Terms as last season.' No liability assumed for injury to or breaking out of stock.-3t3 AMBROSE A. CALL. What the later developments of the season may be in the way of new build" ings the spring season has opened up in Algona as lively as though no period of hard times had been known in this section. Buildings now begun and soon to,be begun make a Very creditable list of improvements. The only business block assured at present is Geo. G. Call's office building on Thorington. He has not settled on plans but is thinking of a double front, two story brick, which will be a decided improvement in that quarter, a. ,s. WABTMAN'S RESIDENCE. The carpenters have a barn up on the lots S. S. Wartman will occupy on east McGregor and will begin on the house as soon as plans are adopted. It will be one of the handsomest houses in Algona.. J. D. SHADLB'S RESIDENCE. Mr. Shadle has a barn done on his lots and his family are occupying it until the new house is completed. He will build larger than either of his former houses, 48x28 feet, with tower, bay window, porch, etc. WILL BRUNSON TO BUILD. Deputy Sheriff Brunson has secured lots between A. A. Brunson's and S. Benjaman's and will put .up a very handsome, house this spring. His plans are not completed but he will expend in the neighborhood of $1,500. w.- H. REED'S HOUSE ENCLOSED. The first .of the three new' homes to go in the old Call park is about finished. It is 30x38 feet, with all the modern improvements, and a very fine addition to Dodge street. FINISHING UP THE JEANSON HOUSE. The painters have already been at work on the very attractive new house Stone-mason Jeanson has erected near the normal school, it is 40x26 feet, with a handsome porch and general appearance. GEO. M. JOHNSON WILL REBUILD. Work will soon begin on the re- modelling of Geo. M. Johnson's house on McGregor street near the JNorth- western track. He will rebuild entirely and expend about $1,000 in making a new and stylish .house. IMPROVEMENT NOTES. The stone is on the ground for Dr. Pride's new house. W. D. Nugent is painting the very stylish house he built last year. Chas. Soderberg is completing a fine two story house near the cemetary which has gone up this spring. II. J. Winkie has had a porch added to his home the past week. Painter Adams has entirely remodeled the old Chas. Philips house and made a very attractive home of it. He has moved in the past week. Geo. Kuhn and Win. Longley will build homos on lots north of the Milwaukee track near the mill. Will Hall is building an addition to the old house in the south part of town and will make that his home. J. T. Davis is building an addition to his house in the north part of town. Pasturage for Stock. I will be ready to take colts and young stock as soon as the season opens for my pasture, at my farm on the Black Cat. Have running water, plenty of shade, and one of the best pastures in the county. About 150 acres in the inclosure. For colts, $4, and for young stock $2 for the season. 4t4 C. BYSON. YORK STATE maple sugar at don & Hudson's. Try it.—4t2 Lang- WADSWORTH BROS, have some seed flax for sale.—4t2 good and FRESH vegetables every Tuesday a Friday at Langdon & Hudson's.—412 Mess CLARA FOSTER of Chicago has opened dress-making parlors oyer. John Grove's hardware, CARTER has gone back to selling Gold Mine flour the best ever brought to Algona. SPECIAL prices on canned goods this week at the new store. Jas. Patterson, Dress Malting. Miss Mary O'Connor is prepared to do dress making of all kinds. Rooms in second story of the Galbraith building, on Call street.—4t4 Pony Talcon Up. Taken up, on the Thos. Hanna place, 12 miles north of Algona, one sorrel pony, weight about 050. Owner please pav charges and take It away, 2t3 CHAS. & GEO. HANNA. A CARLOAD Of Gold Carter's grocery. Mine flour at SESSIONS is better prepared ever to make real estate loans, than ANGELINA is the best baker in town, IF you want to make a real estate loan quick, call on Sessions at Algona. WHITE SWAN flour, Langdon & Hudson.—4t2 sold only by THIRTY pounds currants for $1 at Langdon & Hudson's, S. S. SESSIONS still has the .New England Loan and Trust company of Des Moines and will make real estate loans as cheap as any person in the county. W. F. CARTER has Gold Mine flour again. ^^_ •• .;' ^^^^^ When in Town we would be pleased to have you call and inspect our New- Millinery Stock. Our prices will be right, quality and workmanship considered.=^ Our sales in this department far exceed our expectations; we will continue to show new, and attractive styles the whole season. Yours, etc., Jas. Taylor. Don't fail to see the elegant--^- -At the Wigwam. Surreys, Phaetons,,.. Top Buggies, Spring Wagons, Road Wagons, and Carts. The finest display ever in Algona. We will be pleased to have those interested —«^ in fine vehicles call and see them. ... WILFRID P. JONES, Electric lair Restoter, MANUFACTURED BY- BLUE GRASS and clover Langdon & Hudson's.—4t2 seed at EARLY DENT seed corn, raised by Jos. Thompson, at Langdon & Hudson's. WALL paper, braith's. new stock at Gal- ALGONA, IOWA. Barler Shop in Salbraith Basement. FOB sale, or will trade for store and stock of goods. Smith. land, John GOOD price for John G. Smith. 500 live pigeons. ghams, gut? Iress goods GALBRAITH is selling git ing cloth, calicos, and plad at 5 cents a yard. Dm you. see the moral to our adver* tisement? M. Z- Grove & Son. OPEEA House Grocery for canned and dried fruits. TRY our apple cjtter in two pound pails. Langdon & Hudson. CBILPBEN'S and men's clothing. We still have a good stock that we we selling regardless of opsi Q> fe G»" WE desire to sell or lease our section of land known as 26, 96, 30, in Lotts Creek, Anyone desiring to purchase or lease the same please address C, L. Culver, Pekin, 111,— 52t5 M«riey, Plenty of money now for all appli' cants at the Kossuth County State bank, for real estate loans at lowest rates. Money paid at once on completion of the papers. MONEY to loan on long or short time. Geo. C. Call.-tf CU$E FOR HEAP4CBE- As a remedy for all forms of headache Electric Bitters has proved to be the very pest. It effects a permanent cure, and the most dreaded habitual sicte headaches yield to its influence. "We wge all who are at- flicted to procure a bottle *&$ ? ive th ' 8 reB *" edyatrial. In cases of habitual constipation Electric Bitters cures by giving the needed tone to the bowels, a»a few cases long resist the use of tWs medicine. Try it once. Large bottles only 50 cents at L. A. Sfceetz 1 drug store. ? BtfCKLEH'S ABNIC4 SALY£. The best salve iu th§ world f oy bruises, outs, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hajadSi chublaita ppyns f»Q all sfcfo eruptiow», and Positively OT^eBPySS or so pay wu£e,d. ft fe guftFaateM te give — &8LV/&ljtM&.& f* G-uaranteed to grow hair on a bald head in from six weeks to two months if used according to directions, Will cure dandruff, itching of the scalp, and all scalp diseases. For falling out of hair I will forfeit $5 if I do not cure it in two weeks. DiRECTiONS.-Rub the hair well with a brush for five minutes; then put on enough of the preparation to dampen.the scalp; rub m with a brush or towel. MOVEMENTS. Dr, and Mrs. Garfleld got started for the coast Friday. J. J. Wilson and son, Harry, are ex^ pected honae today. G. W. Sanhorn was over from Mason City a sboi'l time Monday- F H. Vesper is off with the railway agents on their excursion to California. L. L. Foster, who has been spending the winter in Minnesota, is back in Algona, Mrs. May Stinson returned with Mrs.J. E. Stacy from her Sheldon visit and brought her little girls with her. Mrs. Kate S, piohardson, a former resident of Riverdale, is here from Dickinson, N. p., to attend to some business matters. ipp, who lived in Algona ™ -,ftndwbo «-*~*—-v Ipswich, S. DM where she has been arranging for building a house and improving her homestead. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Donahoo and little boy arrived from California last Thursday, Mrs. Donahoo was Miss Lettie Dingley before she went to the coast and got married. • They thinlj some of remaining here. Many friends welcome them back. You can now get Gold Carter's. It is the best. Mine flour at SESSIONS will make you a real estate loaa on easy- time at as ipw a rate as any firm can. WHITE SWAN flour sold only by Langdon. & Hudson. GOLD Mine flour at Carter's.

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