Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 8, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, February 8, 1946
Page 3
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*^»*^4W*«w*i''t«w:%'i^^*»'^«-iv«^!^^^'»^^*»^s»'fr' -"B 1 ,-! »-v, ni.wn. "r;^™"K."^'-!" B8 -^"-' ;i "^-" fc - a ''".'««^i^v= i ,,.^.., W i^-«-ii ? p.., _. .-...- ,:.:.<.•, . — „,„„ ,..„„„_.,, ,„. _ .•:^.-^,,^,^.^.^^^.:,^^.i^^^^f^^^y.^^- i x^^^^K^SSaflKffi.-. ,. ! :-*w*w«s*">t«*W;^w*^^ Pag HOPE STAR, MOP It, ARKANSAS Belgian Election on Feb. 17, First Since 1939, Likely to Determine Fate of the King Hope Star By DeWITT MacKENZIE AP World Traveler ' B. assets. Feb. S — On Fob. 17 BeJtSU'it! will nokt her first general oleeiu.ui since 19:>9, and the political complexion of the new P'arlin- ttifni as likely to determine the tati^pf King Leopold, who is lighting doggedly to retain his throne This is the second of these royal campaigns your team of globe trottors has encountered, for D Juun'.s crusade bailed up while \*S 'were in Spain recently. Leo jiold's future is so uncertain that piodictions are definitely out of otder because, forsooth, the struc- tuits of tne new Parliament is uncertain. The position is this: The 1939 Parliament, the last elected, was composed of 73 Catholics, 64 So- C'aKsts..' 33 Liberals. 17 Flemish Nationalists, nine Communists, four Resists and two Independents. While the Catholic party had ihe lasgest number, of seats, the last government W as a coalition of So etatists. Liberals and Communists, who: had 106 oi the 202 votes. The Catholic pu/ty is supporting Lfetpcici. while the coalition gov"- einmem thus far has had thumbs d&wn on his majesty. Thus it will be seen that we must know the outcome of the election before the king's future is clear. It strikes me personally that if Star of Hope 1899: Pfess 1427, Consolidated January IS, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. (C. E. Palmer and Alex. H. Woshburn) ct the Star building 212-214 South Walnut Street. Hope, Ark. Dutch Assert Liberal Deal Near in Java By JACK SMITH London. Feb. 8 (/Pi— The United Nations security council interrupter! debate on the Indonesian dispute today to study statements of the interested nations, including la Dutch declaration that a "very liberal" settlement of Indonesian independence aspirations was hoped for shortly. The council will meet tomorrow to try to arrive at a solution satisfactory to the Soviet Ukraine. Which charged that British troops j in Indonesia were endangering i world peace, and at the same time : acceptable to Great Britain and the Netherlands. Dutch Foreign Minister Eeeclo Van Kief fens told the council last night that it lacked authority to in-, tervene because international peace j was nol endangered. He added that j mo«r or me Ajsociaica rress: me ' ne Dutch were trying to put their' toted Press a exclusively entitled to "house in order on a very liberal ise for republicotion of all new? dis-1 basis, as I hone evrvbodv will FruJny, Frhrtmry 8, C. E. PALMER President ALEX. H. WASHBURN Editor and Publisher Entered 1 as second class matter at the J ost Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3. 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NFA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Oh, Yes, the Turmoil Will Subside. Eventually M Subscription Rates: (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier per week 15c Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and .ofayctte counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. The Member of The Associotcd Press: Assoct he use for rep uiches cre-Jited to it or not otherwise rediled in this paper and also the local ">ews published herein. National Advertising Representative — Arkansas Dallies Inc.; Memphis Tenn., >(enck Btjilding; Chirogo, 400 North Mich- Leopold had come through the war w(th :the same 'standing his rev- exea,,;iather, King Albert, had at the:,eijd »oX the last conflict, his uhanees,. ; of .ruling the Belgians again would be first class. -But Leopold surrendered to the Gerniaas at the outset of the war, whiie;',ta the previous conflict his i ath"e£;and mother retreated with their.' y.£tmy .into a tiny corner of Belgium on the coast near La Panne, and there fought the enemv through more than four years of i terrible hardship. ! I was frequently at Belgian head-1 quarters during World War One Jr. , or c- igan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison •\ve.; Delroit, Mien., 2842 W. Grand ? T t""P u s"us Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 3M Terninal Bldg • : iV1 OOK recpltlv New Orleans, 722 Union St. be able to ferring to projected talks between , Dr. Hubertus .1. Van Mook, acting I governor general of the Dutch East I Indies, with Indonesian leaders on ' a proposed settlement whic'i Van .-- took back with him . frnm the Hague. Earlier, white-haired Dmitri Ma- :nuilsky of '.lie Soviet Ukraine had | said the British were jeopardizing, | the peace and violating the United ; I Nations Charter by the "suppres- ', Ision of the national movement of: .the Indonesian people." • i British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin termed Manuilsky's allegations "a lic." Manuilsky said British troops ,.._.„ "remain in Indonesia with the ° d «5 0Ja ?- Clrt) ' fFe « b J',? T ( U p1 —' consent o£ Ule Unitect Nations" to ' resignation of Adilf A. Berle i disarm the Japanese and accept as United States ambassador i their surrender - -- was announced ' Berfe Quits as Envoy to Brazil remember the frenzed jov w th -viv-h^he Belainn. WP I corned the ; eturn of the , oval 'nm ilv to thl 'capUal for I saw me" ' • ' ' triumphal" progress of "the king a'tid ] The lettel ' referred to Truman's queen and their children on horse-! agleement *? release Berle aftei hi, re. P , r ,S!- idci U Truman in a lettcr to - donesia to makc an on the s P ot in l ^ e Whlte House °" Feb ' 6 ' asking ! vcstigation and establish peace. that U becomc effective as soon ' Van K'effens. who dnWred the as he retut ' ns tO the United States. - principal reply, said British forces ..... " JOMGONE HA^ To PAY 'T01 THOSE crowds — and Leopold was ridin*, his little pony with his brother and -Sister benind their parents . He never will forget that day and he ••must recognize that his' position "-now js far different from that of '-his father. "'" Of course, the .question of is only one of the issues involved in iaci not dbeu arms until attacKed. Bevin. asserting emphatically | ,._. was!'""'" 1 m IIlclon e s 'a «nui tney wore •installed. The new administration ! ? tta V* ec! - acknowledged ihe use of queen and Ui-ir children on horse-! agl ' eement to release Berle after!.. °, tv ' n : . as . selun S empnatica back through the seething cheering i the new Brazilian government j''"I British troops "never .'irecl crowds - and Leopold was rid « i under President Caspar Dutrn was sh ° l , ! " Indpnes-a until they W( !-:_ i-i,,_ ... .. . "; -•? I in cl •» lit*,-! T-U,. .- I .' • * ^-. lalinf'KPn nnlrnnil'loHcrciH -:'n« * ,cn took office last week. Embassy spokesmen said Berle j cials ar.d members the ' diplomatic corps a f ar .'; leave for the ! bombing planes to knock out "cer- ' »°''tified." of the ! Negro Held in Little Rock Attack Little Rock. replied way ;musl be paid. This is a bill on be- thal of all mankind, a bill backed i by the will and conscience of I'ree- jdom loving nations. ! | "May justice be done." ! I t Rudenko asserted that "all of jGc-rmai.y's aggressive ,'ietions , j against a number oi Ki- -pean i ;s~atcs durin.t liie pe:'iotl between' 1D38 and 1941 were actually onlv | Feb. 3—(.'P)—A Litle P'^'minary measures lor the main 1 « . . I'M l"l\\! . , .^. .. * u •*..., j.%_^. w \n I f\ l_il lit i - ., _ - - Rock Negro, accused of a criminal w in lnc rasl - IIe -'liioied Gi-.-r- " ' -- . man Ge.nc.-al Busci-.enha.i'.on as dis- young North Little to the moving _Jelectio;i. We. shall learn Feb. ITJtai" ,-iairlj- well to the center. — - The present coalition govern-! ment, headed by Socialist Pre- i - Kiier Achilie Van Acker, is going i "r? lGlc the electors with claims of' ^DiG achievei;:c.M:ts. By far the most c. . .. ,, Li was ramer ov way ot tne i;;. , .>«""« numi j_iuue , , . States soon [hostage system that" they (the Jap-j^ ock married woman, was held to-1 ^;"« |itwat.ngu ajaicill llldl LlltrV line .1 up- I j ..-.. ,. u ...».., ,, t»o in_ivi lu- tserle. a former assistant secre-1 anesei were told to see that law ! day on ;l loi ' m: 'l statutory charge. ~r> i,- siate. became ambassador ' ' to Brazil in December, 1944 when -~.~~.uvu.iv -j«-»_i^.-nin_ot' \v c i c i u 11.1 LU otrc LJ lei L iii\\ siate^ became ambassador! and order were maintained, main-1 Police Chief J. H. Anderson of ly in order to stop wholesale mur-1 North Litle Rock identified the der throughout Indonesia." I Negro as Albert Hodges, 33. and The British diplomat opened his | said he was being held without remarks with a comment thnt the I bond. ., replaced Jefferson Caffrey. (J ily Bread Continued from Page One 2"' lems are solved - tha * we need nevi,-- n '• t , , iqa to show signs of - ; 1 e . r ^ar again. When the United Na- tions Or»anizatiem has [ cere and unquestioned willingness -*oeoenas on numprnn^ m,-fnr= * ^ ! to disarrn is evident among all of ^ituaticn is said to be so well in' ,,flanct that, apart from meat, sugar '. -»,,jind. fats, rationing could be abol-1 .^shed. As for coal production, the —government has waged a great of-1 ^^ e an^u^T t i h ;r'the li ^^if^? li ? S - of ,« h ."t. - d ™™ o Weather s .Continued from Page One British went to Indonesia at the direction of Gen. Douglas MacAr- thmr to accept the enemy capitulation and rescue prisoners of war emu u and had merely been carrying out | Negro MacArthur's orders. . . -IT j ^ vw. i.tmiii, t ^;l,t t.il:^ t JU1 ( J ie Anderson said Hodges had ad-1 cussed with Hitler t-nrlv i-i j> oveni- • niittecl Uie attack under question- ber, 1940, he forth-coming attack ing by Deputy Prosecutor Nixon •>"<""-i -a..„„:., - ' i and aiso -had confessed robbing a Senate Group Favorable toG. E. Alien Washington, Feb. 8 — (JP)— The rocery store last night. The attack occurred about 2 a. m. Friday at the home of the victim, where a light was burning in the bedroom. The investigating officers said the woman and her husband were awakened by a commotion at the door and the husband ordered the Negro to leave . Anderson and Nixon said Hodges reappeared later at the bedroom window and threatened the couple with a sawed off shotgun. The two i:ie Soviet, invasion eas e.\[..Hindi u a; Supreme i:eadquurt-_>rs . un.r Berlin in December, 194D. He said he would introduce a written statement i:y Mars>.al loo Antonescu, one lime j.ii'emic-r of Romania, relaling that, ne nad dis- against Russia. Strand of Block Hair Murder Clue Columbia, Mo., Fcrb. 8 — fUP) — The Missouri stale highway patrol i r-lered out additional troop- r'-•••, todny in search for the; rape- '•lnycr <>. r shy, bespectacled Alary Lou Jenkirs. SO-x-oar-old graduate oi sv.-i-.nky Stephens college. ("•]. Hugh Waggoner, superintendent of the patrol, lold the '.: OODC-I-S thai Mary Lou apparent- fought bitterly 'i'or her life. "It is safe to assume that the Truman Will Senate "banking corn'mfttee < 'voteoM4 ; .. E .-.,.__ .. .. favorable re- innoney and la l er forced the woman ' coal' n & a oeen won. lo 5 today to give a p3rt on Pl ^sident Truman's nomi- . ; officer s said the Negro demanded nnoney and la l er forced the outside the house where she been drained1 far" belo^ nor: i^ t ^Vclorge'E ™' San ^'*«*^to meet needs of American , nanon ol ..^ eorgo ^ AU ? n - a pres : , Cl ,, el Andcrson sak , the husband - seems to be that the back "problem has been broken of starvation" abroad. anvise. as Reconstruction Finance Cor- 1 "' 3 ? ^d to believe that the Negro The nomination of the former "-Naturally there is still'a heavy! In Americans are to continue to'secretary of the Democratfc" oelp me needy i tion committee now goes to -na- the ., kw Arf ^nn a i ictl vy I r T X /. •"--!' '•"^ .i^t-uj- ; null Lull 1J1U L LUt,' HOW gOCS IO IjlCi shortage owing to lack of reserve li 1 /' road after thls year's harvests, Senate, where administration lieu-1 .supplies. Certainly the coal situa- *"" —-.---•-.- - . . - . i ^ - - tipn is much better, and that is a |3!g item on a continent which is being tortured through fuel shortage. • Another item which the govern- -"'^ icuaun U ie weamer is n ment will call to the attention of; important than usual is found voters is the hot campaign against i these two facts: tne black market, which is said! 1-ln case grain crops are ...... . ._ .... c i_ on run ' : short by drought, floods or other i Home Life Insurance Co., New bo these and other points will be causes, there will be no domestic York, to take the $10,000 govern,i-, n »~i u_c— ,i_ _ . reserves to turn *~ ™«.,^ —t «_- _ * 1.1 - ~ *• ' .......V.-, ,v.4\_.\, [lLllllllllol.lCtlltJII HIT LI" the country must replenish its tenants said they are confident of stocks of wheat and corn. Without eventual confirmation, wheat there can be little bread and ~" without corn there can be little meat, poultry, milk and eggs. lne. reason the weather is more had companions outside the house. Meanwhile, Anderson said, the husband obtained a gun and fired a shot at the intruder as h efled. •o in The committee action came aft-1 -•• a c-ne-day Hearing in which Allen, 49-year-old former District ofi v-.0iumuia commissioner, told the i committee that if confirmed he I i will give up his $28,000 job as vice cut j President and secretary of the T placed belore the voters who will decide whether they are satisfied W'Ui the Van Acker government. How To Relieve Bronchitis to. 2—There will be no other coun- tr y to .turn to for help. There are , , ment post for a two-year term. The nominee who said President Truman often had asked him to no grain surpluses anywhere in the ! "double check" on suggested ap- world. The war and southern hem- - pointees, planned to retain direc- isphere droughls during the past -"''ships in 25 corporations which i Vv'() ?5Pfl Snil *; n ii \rt\ iiMi-ia^l ,-Mit »U.~ ! HP* t/actifirifl K(-i(-ie7t(-irl Viic. n n »i. n l ;~ out , seasons nave wiped I one-time oversupply. Always before when this country * en loosen and expel the: ne testified boosted his annual : come to about $SO,000. He piomised, however, that he -.iwa.r.3 u^-iuic vvut-'ii LUIS country j li ^ piuniibt-u, nowever, suffered grain cop failues it eith- - would not intercede with govern- er had reserves of its own or it ; ment personnel at any time in be- was able to import. [half of his business associates. For example, in 1936, the year of | Approval of Allen leave; before 4. u, t^ampie, in iyoo, me year ot | Approval oi Alien leaves before the last severe drought, the corn!the Banking committee the contro- crop tailed. But farmers were able I versial nomination of Commodore to nave your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis i ana expel --'"H luneu. oui mrmers were ablei vulslal nomination ot Commodore d aid nature ] '-° proouce a nearly normal supply ! .lames K. Vardaman, Jr., Presi- ', tender, in- - meat, milk and other animal dent Truman's Naval Aide, for a sous mem- i products because supplementary! 14 year term on the Federal Re- jupplies were obtainable from Ar-i serve board. Hearings on this ap- geniina. | pointment are expected to begin Tt >s to pfirly to predict how the ; Feb. 18. wheat will turn out this year. ! Before the Senate Naval Com- .ne weginer bureau says there is! n iittee is a third contested nomina- no way to make such long range ' tion, thai of Edwin W. Pauley for- "jrecasts. So, for the time being, I mer Democratic National tre'asur- . , , all that farmers—and consumers— can do it wait, and hope. OUR LABEL IS YOUR GUARANTEE Have your prescriptions filled here with confidence. You can be assured that only the purest and finest quality ingredients are used — that every prescription is compounded accurately by a registered pharmacist. We'\ Got It WARD & SON Phone 62 Fin ley Ward Frank Ward The Leading Druggist er, to be Under Secretary of the Navy. President Truman's determina- jtion to stick by his choice of Paul- ;ey stirred congressional specula- Ition. meanwhile, that Interior Sec- I retary Ickes soon may quit. i Chairman Raacliffe (D-Mcli of | the Senate Banking Subcommitee, | which will consider Vardarnan's i nomination, said he favored open hearings. He lold reporters at the White House, after a call on President Truman, that he hasn't discussed the matter with other members. Block Market Tax on Liquor Retained by Mississippi Jackson, Miss., Feb. 8 — (UP) — The controversial "black mar- !ket" liquor tax remained entrenched on Mississippi's statute books today. The Seriate yesterday failed by a single vote to repeal' the tax. A packed and oft-cheering gallery heard 15 to 20 senators spr.-uk on the measure before 26 voleel for repeal and If) against repeal. Wilh 45 sulons voting, at least 27 were needed to wipe the measure from the books. But, though the Senate has failed to kill the tax, the 10 per cent levy remains in peril. The House must vote on its repeal bill, and a victory for the anti-tax faction in the lower body would send the measure back to the Senate floor. Red Genera! Demands Nazi Leaders Die By DANIEL DE LUCE Nuernberg, Feb. 8 — (JP) — Demanding the 'certain punishment of Hermann Goering and 20 other Nazi leaders, a Red Army general charged before the international military tribunal today that the defendants had developed "the morals of cannibals and the greed of burglars in an entire generation of Germans." Twice within the first five min- tues of his opening statement to the tribunal, Soviet chief prosecutor Lt. Gen. Roman Andreievich Rudenko called for "just retribution and severe punishment" for the men who 'directed "a mechanism for the extermination of millions of innocent people." "I arn appearing here as ;i rep- resenattive of the. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, which bore the main weight of the Fascist invaders and which contributed on an enormous scale to the smashing of Hitlerite Germany and its satellites," the stocky, brown-uniformed officer declared. "When, as a result of the heroic struggle of the Red Army and Allied forces, Hitlerite Germany is ! broken and overwhelmed, we have no right lo forget the victims whe i killer -s scratched and his clothes probably are blood-stained," Wan- goner said. He said the most important evidence found so far was a single strand of black hair .picked up from the floor of the Jenkins living room near the? spot where Ma--y Lou's body was found. The quiet, studious girl was killed early Wednesday in the modest bungalow she shared with her mother, Mrs. Dorothy Jenkins for Yomashita Washington, Feb. M — i/P)— The , nT ----, — ., War Department announced today ; ?"' s - •''''"kins was next door inirs- President Truman has decided in ! "'= , :ul ir ivalid neighbor al the lime n take no action on a clemency plea ! of tno slaying, itom j J t. Ui-n. romoviiki Ytima-i shila, condemned Japanese leader. ' The War Department announce- i ment said General Douglas Mar- Arthur bad hern notified of -o— president's decision. Under.'-ecre'-irv of to carry out the death sentence C. Royal had told MacArlhur nol -Htih... L;IU ers>..vi .lie "Tiscr of M.a'aya" pending jiresielential ac- lior-.. P-'e-Sideni Tinman's decision apparently had the effect of putting tamnshitn's u-.ic a.^ain in Cieneral MacArtluu's hands. The . Thou shall not go up and down tne as a lalebearer among thy people- neither shall thou stand against War Kenneth the blood of thy neighbor: I am the Lord.—-Leviticus 19:16. The mind conscious of innocence despises false reports: but we are a set always readv to believe a scandal.—Ovid. P. T. Barnum sponsored a songwriting contest as publicity for the first American appearance of - — ...v. Supreme • --- -.-:•••; ;:ourt last Monday upheld the mil-; Jenny Lmd itary commission which convicted! Yamashita of condoning atrocities | " " in the Philippines. I Partment disclosed last night, add- Yarnashita was sentenced to; ing that it already had been sent death on the gallows. it« <v>« nn,u« TJ—i T. .. J._. The War Department I to the White House. It was accom- _,„.-.-,---«- —• announce- , panic-d by an opposing stalement ..S,, ,,.' 1-1 . , |Irom prosecuting counsel, which The Wav Department had been Mr. Truman als5 will study. ' ' "' ' ~ ' • ~ " advised thai the president will take no action on the petition for clemency filed by counsel for Ll Gen Tomoyuki Yamashila. General MacArthur has boon given this in- MacArthur carper this week reviewed and affirmed Yamashita's recent conviction by a Manila military tribunal on e'i;i:-ges of snonsibilily for atrocities in Philippines. Yaip.ashita's plea was filed his defense counsel, Ihe War De In Tokyo Col. A. C. Carpenter, ehicf of headquarters' legal prosecution section, emphasized:'"II is piuely a clemency; matter — not a review of the case. He i Mr. Truman i can grant clemency if lie desires, just as in the case of an American citizen." It wa.s Yamashita's second ap- re- peal lo Washington.-Before his con- Ihe vic-lion wa.s upheld by MacArthur j be sought unsuccessfully to have oyilhe U. S. Supreme Courl intervene }(*- I i M h i ^ £;J tJQ Market ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards. III.. Foh. R —i/IV—Ho;<s 3,500: lop and bulk Rood and choice HKI-USO Ibs barrows and Kilts H.IIO el-Minn: sow.s all weights 14.05; sinus 13.75-14.05. Cuttle 1.200: calves GOO; head medium and good Irani UUiJ-Ui.iui: medium lo good heifers and mixed yearlings 12.00-15.00; n<K>d cows 12.50-13.00; common and medium beef cows !) 00-11.50; eanno; s and cuUers 7.00-8.75; Rood beof bulls 13.50-14.00; medium to jjood sa:i- |sn«i> bulls 11.00-13.00; choice veal- ii-rs 17.00 ; medium ai-rl <;..: i, t Hi.511; approximately 50 per cc-iil of receipts cows; nominal ran^e slaughter steers 10.00-17.90; slaughter boilers !).00-17.75; slucker and IVc-dor steers 0.00-14.50. Sheep 1,200: bulk Rood and choice; wooled lambs to all inter- esUi 15.25-75: deck mostly choice !OiT Ib weiRhts 10.00 to city butchers: most medium and tfiid 13.2515.00; mil and common 10.50-12.50: slaughter ewes quotable 7.00 down: most ofi'oriiiRs medium and Rood I at (i.50 down. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS ChicaRo. Feb. }1 i.l'i— After comparatively timid trading in May ••ye in early dealings, brokers became more confident as the ses- Vacation Is Canceled by President Washington ,Fcb. fl —(.'i'l— President Truman today cancelled his ulaniu-d viicalion in F'rridn as government and labor officials strove to bring a eiuick end lo the- 19 day olel steel strike. A fc-rninl White 1 Hoiiite statement mentioned only "the> immediate ...cal situation involving prob- enis roquiring his personal altcn- , ion" ;;s the- reason for the can- cellr.liein. White House aides, however, tolel reporters that the labor" crisis and the related wane-price- policy question we-ro involved in me- eli-cision. The statement, re-ad at a news conference by Kben Aye-rs, assistant press secretary, asserted that li'.i- president feels "the unusual eh cumsumccs in Washington" justified "his action." The statement said: "The president has cancelled his trip to Florida and the cruise he had planned lo take in southern waters because of the immeelialc critical situation involving problems requiring his personal attention. , "The preside-ill has decided not to leave Washington at this <! mc. "The president particularly regrets that he must disappoint the preside-in and governing boely of Rollins College, Winter "Park/Fla.. • which had arranged to confer an aonorary degree upon- him. "He also regrets that this change in his [>lans will necessitate a postponement of his meeting with Mr. \vinston Churchill. Ms toels, however, that- the unusual circumstances justify his actions. The trip is therefore abandoned." I Earlier in the day, Ihe president had resumed his personal efforts I to quickly end the 19-day stee-1 strike. U. S. Steel Corporation officers who have held secret conferences with CIO President Philip Murray over the past few days were .ion- committal. Vice-President John A. Stephens declined even to discuss his report to Mr. Truman, who summoned both Murray and Stephens to the White House late yesterday. But Murray and top White House advisers spoke confidently of hopes that the now talks would bring a speedy end to the strike of 750,000 jCIO-sieclworkers, the biggest sin' yle work stoppage on record Chester Bowles, OPA chief and a key figure in formula lion of wage-price policy, who met with Mr. Truman late in the day yesterday, returned to the "While House at 8:55 a. m. (ESTi this mornng for further conferences. He left after a half-hour, declining further comment. Although their names may not be used, some of those close to the secret negotiations said only the question of what dale should apply stands between an ill 1-2 cent an hour wage increase agreement between the union and (lie U.S. Steel Corporation — bargaining in effect tor tne enlire industry. Edward S. Morris Representing the METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Life and Personal Accident and Health Ins.irance 418 S. Elm Telephone 32 uy lr the Ision progressed today and ^ I prices substantially higher. i The only grain dehveiy unre- 'sliaiiied IJ.v eeilinr'. figures. May ! rye backed and med >viih rani-.es | of aiounil 2 c-enls a bush'-l most lof the lime but sustained i;l Winnipeg where il wa.s S-cpnl limit encouraged .local bids in later dealings. j .July onts brought fie ill-- ing prices most ot the day o\i a | gain of I-I cent a bcshei, >-'-itS a i good demand for all the deliver: ies . : Trading in May e i to Hie |):t tod-.iv ,'i">i ; sinee .lanuaiy ill w- j lion made ai Hi" S ! Wheat, ci-rn anri | unchanged lo 1-!! ei j y"sterd:M''s linis'-i. 1 rye unchanged te j$^.13 l-fl-^.i; 1 . 7-H The cash w-u-a'. inuoled 'i;itiii:i'dl cnt ceil- o\i oi n eame liacfej • die- irsl ,ime :h one I ransae- !.:!') 1-2 eeili-ng. bin le\ clost-d •'it hii.-her lhan Mav i'.l cenls; 3 3-!l up, May was i-i-il- Mugs l II . Corn was reported nominally un- changeel at eeilin'.;r,. Kslirna'i--l re- e-eiuts ~2'^ ears. Piol'.ings L'llO.OIIttf bushels. Cash oals were inu-!iaii(;ed al ceilings. Krtimak-d re-'i-ipis 52 cars. Ship|<ing .^ale.-; iri.ildtl uushcK. More Rain Forecast; Rivers Rise Little Rock, Feb. 8 — i/T'i—Rains (which today caused river overfloes Jin several sections are expected lei ] continue tonight in centrr.l. south I and east Arkansas, the U.S. weatli- !er bureau here reported. i r'tircea-it tempei atiirc.-; near the ;fiee/.ing tonignt may hail the rain. 1 however, the bureau said. I Overflows wi'ie ie|.'orled on the lOuachita river, the lit'le Missouri I :-nd the S,-;li: e\ i A minimum of '.VI decree.'; i. jioi-et-ast for rx-niral Ai-k;ii.s:;s to I night, with the low in northwest Petitions expi-t-ie-el to ran^e horn 2R lo .'«) de,;i;-i-s. Hess Token | Nuernberg, Feb. li —f-Pi - Rudolf ,ness, one of Ihe defendant:-' ^l ihe r-.\'ar crimes tiial. was taken ill during tne noon i eeess luday and ;was reriiovcd fium lne courl build- j 'iig lo a cell ior medieal examina- ! tion. Hess was stirred lo unu.-mal ex- citemenl yc-ue:c!:iy bj- II-.L- Bril- iUainst him. The Brilish prosecution said He-is I 1941 wilh tile avowed piii-iose -of ioverlhiowing the Churchifl gov-t • jcinme:-;! and paving inc.- wav for a Gcrman-dieiattd peat-p. He read a book during most of | this morning's court session while the Soviet chief prosecutor was making a 20,000-word stateme.nl. ! Offir- ah- sriid Mess had .sullered •'i minor attack of abdnminal i cramps and w -mid be allowed to I rust in his cell during Ihu aflc-r- I noon. The Ko-call'-d Bill ot Uighls consists of the first ic-n amendments ^ '-.o the U.S. Constitution. >,,, Does Distress©* „*?« r***\ Make Ifeu Feel 'A Wreck" On Such Days? Do you sufi'eT from monthly cnimps, lieucliiche, buckuciie, reel iifi'vons, jtticry, crnnky, "on e-elgo"—lit seiclj Umi-K—eleiu to functional pcrlucllc dlsturljanrcs'.' Thru try LyeUa E. rinlshnm's Vcge-tuhle Conipoiiucl 1.0 relieve siiuh Eyinp'.ejir.s. Piiiklniin'B Compmind DOES MoiiE thiui roliovc Micli monthly pain. It also roltovuH ucooinpiuiyim; tli-ed, weak nitlinua— of unuh nnleirn. It luis u soolliliiB cil'ect on one- of woman's most Iniparltmt on.'iins TnluMi tlmioul the ino:itli-"-l'luk- hain'j Conipouncl hclpa build nji r«- Blutuncc muiiiist such sympi nnu H'D albo a BiXMi steiiiuiihlo tonic! LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S have suffered. have to leave unpunished thot right! who i organizpd and were fiuilty of mon- j strous crimes. "In the name of the sacred memory of millions of innocent vie- j tims of the Fascist terror, for the i sake of the consolidation of peace : throughout the world, for the sake < of the future security of natins i we are presenting the defend-1 ants a just and cmplte bill which SINUS, CATARRH SUFFERERS FOR MISERY DUE TO NASAL CONGESTION Supply Rushed Here— Sufferers Kejolce Relief ot last from the torture of ninua •-rouble, catarrh, and hay fever due to naial ••(.inscBtiun is ceen today In reports of mirrai with a formula which has tho power i'i reduce naeal congestion. Men end women A'hu Buffered with E~onlzing ninua hcp.il. .dies, clogged nostrila, ringing earache lawklnjr end sneeiins misery now tell of Wcmeil relief after usinv It. KLOKONOL trots J3.00, but considering results experienced by users, this is not expensive and 'ir 1 ?™^. 1 ,?, only H ' ow Pennies per dose. KLORONOL (cnution, uso only Bs directed) 11 sold with strict moneyb«ck guarantee by J. P. COX DRUG STORE Mail Orders Filled DEAL W£5T£RN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE CABINET 1 YPE ELECTRIC HEATERS ^.n* TRASH BURNER 1095 3.60 ttivwSgsjSs S ,rt\, V ft psr A •*-**• = Y / tea j ^ (^ 5*: <", 3! "l ^M££J&«^*^V£_J_ .j, Friday, February 8, 1946 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS an Phone 7G8 Between 9 a. m. and 4 p. p. m. Social Calendar rid,i), February T. 'I'll-- l-'i't'.av meet !•'•-,•! til. 10 member:; enjoyed I In- 1 iieetiiij.!. Pnt Cleliurne Chnplcr U.D.C M ! ;Tctill 'J Thursday Afternoon. ,,' >Irs ' 'I- <-!. Wliilworlh, Mrs. .1. VV I 1 ., | i - - The Doctor Soys: Fly WILLIAM A. O'GRIF-N, M.D. Written for NtIA Service One lo i'mir v.'i-i-!;s after exposure to lyphoid lU'i'iii.-:. susceptible headaches Pago Thred a recent outbreak had an unusual feature.;. All of (lit,- first cases to lii.-yelop weri; men. 1'ublic liciillh officials learned there had be<;n a public iarm Kale in tin; com- inunily, and tliat it \v;is a c'iniinoii piai.'Uce at I hose sales, lo serve lunch. These m,.-n were served >it tin; table in.-;! and had eaten hearl ilv DOROTHY D!X Difficult 1 Husband l)"ar Miss Iji::: I am a uirl o SJ — —• '"• rin.ay ;',)II.,K: Club will -T nursuny Atiernoon. |r-i:-,nii:; iii'vi-inp iK-aci;u:iies 'veaii- lure! !•';-,.|av evei.j. ;i . al'V' 1 !!) -ii'i^ Sl "• '-'• Whilworlh, Mrs. ,1. VV. ness, b.-n-liache. couuli. nosi;bli!i-(.l. li "' !'";.ie ,-; M..: K'UI-CIU- "white I ''' al "' Ml ' s - Charles Locke mid leii'lerne::.-; in the abdi-nu-ii ea MUM Sei..|..|n| •;!,;,.! "' : ^ 1t ' 1 '' "'is'.ess Ir; Ihe inembi-rs nl Ihe i l''eve-r mount.-. slu\vlv uu!il \']< i',' 11 t. Icijurno chapter U.D.C.'. on second vf-ck nf (lie illness, v.'hrr, Monday, Febrtirnv n. | [lHn.-(|ay afternoon at Ihe home; ol ! it re:!i'he-s its peak. Tinv red rpols Th(; l. ; : ..,.: .\I.-ri,, r , ,,f .| 1( , Metli. • ""' ' A ' 1 " w< "' 11 ' on So»lh Kim ! re;!;<;mbliiiK flea biles ' at)p;-ar i,i eidi.-.l, ll:i|..:i;.t ,..,-,,1" i'r,..:bvii-ri.in '' I 1 ' 1 -' 1 '. ' lic -' receplion rooms wei'i-! Hie '-'^i"- Dinrrhea IMIIII inllnmed chut eh al Un at 7 IIM eh Monilav ni^ht Clulivil \Vii! l;-.c,>> ;,| ;;.;>;) l\1 o ,,,j; lv alli'i'i.et-n al lh,.. lullowin;-, p!.u:c:;': Circle ,\o 1 i, W. M. (.'antley Circl... No. 2 at Hie home ol Mrs. Circle No. ;; at the home of Mrs. I'aul Kiley. The IHisini :-,:•, \Vo alliaclively decorated v/ith early j intestines Imther weakens the p-i * I I.I'M if; How-era. ' tients as the .-ipieen enlar::e.s a.-!f ! Tin- meeting was opened with , Hie abdomen b;-cume:; dLste.-ided lie Salule lo the Confederate Flan'At llu ' rnr! "f 'I'" Ihird wi-ok tne ed by ^Mrs. H. J. I-'. ^ (.-.arretl fol-j f ever abaU.;-'. other .symptoms; of Hie last meetiiu; were read and i Uciila recover. After (.lie U!:iess is approvi-il. Mrs. A. K. Slu.sser, pre- ' apparcnlly over Ilien- mav be re- :-.di-iit );rehided over the business ! laspes with serion;-' r-omp!ii-nlions ses.Mon. Mrs. Slusser rjave ; , ]-ep urt TYPHOID NOW CONTROLLED on the luncheon meeting which she Tpyhoid, once liji?h , )M i| 10 u s ( attended in Memphis. The lunch-i of killing summer di> eon siwnsored by Hie Tennessee U.L).C,. t-haplcr wa.s in honor ol ^..... j..,,,,,,,!, . ; . Sidney Lamer has recotilly -been '-arric-i-H, liowever. 'are sl.ill '['I. p...; * ,1 , _. , , *• -juiiu!!. jjitj.^iiiiii "V,e, V i' 1 " 1 U y lm 'r •"' C ','' ck; Wl " T 1 "' 111 "-" 1 Presented Mrs. Marion -'nd I! J ly , w " h . ""' M<-lhodiit Huchiu.r-, who gave a paper on .nd HipuM churiM eirc'e.s at the General Robert K. Lee Mi-;s Marv insl l.npti.. t church Monday night | Louise Brown f.';,ve a peoin "The. '" ' "'-'"CK. |.Spirit ^ of the; Lilac." •- lJUI'ill'J the t;nf.i:il liiuti- 1 h,» i./i.-l measures. Typhoid U'-rin . s rei.-enuy -hecn '-arnc-i-H, liowever. are still a aitded lo Ihe list in Ihe Hall ol'. menace to the public health un- J-anie in New York. I less they are treated or reiiulaled. , Mrs. II. ,). F. Garrctl program The musterv of typhoid is a bril- ' -- . limit chapter in' contagious disease control, and il would be as prevalc-nl. as ever if it were nut I'm' vaccination and sanitation. For some lime niter recovery. •| il'.e KI:Y( nielli- i esses served social hour the hosl- a delightful salad ... . , - e with confections and fruii i.tooi: :., ,io clot'!-; ai L.ie ihiireh, ! punch. Twenty two member.-; were Tin \\~;': l-'iist Cl;ri.- .\loi-dii.v ;:i ehurch. •tori.iry i.i. .-'•uiuiay Scht.,iil L-h-.irc'n , " il ^(.-rvicc C^ia^i 1r,t Christian Church Supper M'jL-tinrj. The Si.rvit-i.' Ci.u..-: ,','{ ti : Chn.--!i,,r rif.tr.-ii v.-er;. wi-li a rove; t d (.::•• h .- recre.-ilinnal hail ui i.'ie church on | Jhin-.sd.-.y t'>'i-n;r,L!. IIoM(-.-,:,i-. i'-i:-, Marln: II..n-> Coming and Going ! Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lanioert sun. Jimmy enroute to their ie in Chieas'.o were the over- iel guests ol' Mrs. B. P. llrigg • and Mr; and Mrs. C'.' 11. ".Vest third street, has i-eeenl.lv been discharged from the armed force; at. Sheppard Field, Texas. ^ b-uidin.:.i vl . ox , ! -. C ' al -- • '• Mrs. B. P. Briggs and .sons. Dale . and Porter who have been the ( the Mrs. Briggs parents i,', [ h . | '-'ve yone to Little Rock to join ' '"-' Br ' ! '^ s ll! i'CMdeni:e there. Dr. ^.tliC S •MM I :. MBii-As was d Field from Shep- jn January 10.. ! Ml '' :llld M '•••=•• c - c have- gone to r. Oklalior.ia to attend [he bcel- Parker Jr. \vho undei - r, 1 . a major operation there. reperled as doisiR nicely. He !' ! , "•••• -'Hid Mr.-:. \\'. O. Washbui-ii •'-;-. j 1--.I 1 nur.sday nii-bt to return h, '.'.,,;/ IIILI,- home in VVilkes-BaiTe Pa. ; atier a Iv.-o weeks visit with the Ccmmuniqucs ^ been prnniti'.ed lo' th;- irsi l.ienli-naiit accord- •cmiiHiniqiie lo his par- A on ;\- of i;;'..; V.\-lro-nol i.-i mighty h.-.iirt.v I-..- li.ive uroiind the houso bj- f r.u:-,;> tbi!-, double-duty ivjse arop.-i... -- KlL't'i'v l" ></C ' By RUTH MILLETT NBA Stnl'f Writer "Tin; lady made a mistake. 1 , .. ^ head t,.j'.tis, !-.-!:ii-.!;.-. lin..-\U:ai( : ; eniitcr. ' saxl Lt. - Col. Uiegory i Puppy cola;-, from ice, in at the <;.-. t \- ThL.Do..! i - n-.." if u.s.-ii • ' in:; wi - r lo a woman friend's an! niiiini.-emi-:nt that she- would marrv iT ' i the hi-ro as suuii as she gets a di'.' i \-i.rce froiti i:cr husband. j I'i'ppy's" jircjiiouiuement might j well go for Ihe accepted modern \ ' 'Jti.-lcm of women in society and !. ci-lcbii!y circ!..-s making public V p.^^pP^IV^r^ ffM L •-'-.: 'J iltl'i " r "it-3 K, $3 B l< SJK0 frw.mm$hw rl i^rr CARROLL, GODDARD, Preston FOSTER u OPL-:N SUNDAY ]2:4!> [-QfsTH'je . . . Kid", in o Shos ^ggBqpapsipp^ai^ 'yphoid germs an- found in llu bowel discharges. In Ihr- majority of ex-typhoid patieni:-, the germs disappears as Ihe body d.;- fei'f.'s Vjecoiries slronger lowevcr, estimated al three to five per cent, never are complet'-ly rid of 'he uorms. by . rt-cjuhir peonle. germs. Hi- lyphoid ii can cause susccptibK- There have Ijeen many famous ' "Typhoid Mary." the cook H'l'ead typhoid fever in her wak-.- n the many homes in which sli:- " school children. Less well pub- icized carriers are known In pubic heallh denarlmr.-.-si and offi- idls in the various .states. In one of our northern stales. heir new romances before tliev legally have; shed (hc-ir old. \t'.-i cerlninlv a Firs! of all persons and heartily In some bead cheese j ','.(} and have been married snu-c i v.:iie;i wa:; supplied by an older v.-.-.s Ki. My husband v.ent into the v.Mivian m ;|.. e comi.Hinily. When .;t-i vit.-e ri.t;hl after we had been lie women and cliildri.-ii were ! n veil, Ihe men had eaten all llu; i lo.-.-.et lu-ad el'.ei se '..'phoid and with II many Isxaminaliun 'I and we had only nine days '!'. lie was wounded and three months in a Nazi prison sides bow ciiiilankerous your bus- bard is, and il will make you able lo support yourself if the needy arises. Dear Dorothv Uix: My wife and I are of middle a^e. We have a ;...|Hi<;id jieniis. Ir.xaminalion o e;,, p i!llt | w li<.;n be wa.s invalided I nice borne and three vouni/ children i.i" -.-Oman who supplied Ihi- head back h,me and 1 saw him in th-J who are the children' of her formnr i lK-ese revealed she wa.s a typhoid n,,:;u lal. I eouldn'l kiss him because | marriiiso. But Ihev love me bell'-r M'lVrVm.r. A,/ A ,, A O IC T I!,ere v,-ere so many people around thaii they do their mother. My NO DRUG AVAILABLE In most slates, lyphoid carriers i egistciod and I was sliy. I love him more than anything i:i lie loves ri-.il now that l-.e ii; back for ••,, , ... . ' I(usl1 " 1 vvay '"'I wi: i us lhat we can't break di iigs are being tried, f; up when 1 try to talk lo him. He 'ii:M a ;-.<nid job and is making mon- Ironble is that my wife has be-cor a drunkard and I am desperate. She has exhausted aH of our savinRs and never seems satisfied unless .she is inloxicatod. She freeiuonlK taverns and. the only \vay I cun Kct her to come- home is by buying her a bottle on the; condition that she will RO lo her room with it. so she; won't disgrace, .the children. Please tell me what to do. No) man Answer: Evidently your wife ha.s ev. Tint he fever Rives me any. If no desire lo reform, so the situa people- in- something that makes lion is pretty hopeless. Your bos Tin; Emmet Independents eic'fe.-.l- '•d I."I- Hope boy;; (11 to Hi Thur.s- were l>j'.;an . , '. lope wore ICnuland ((}> and Ro;:s <!)>. The Hope .c-irls defeated the Ein. not .".iris by a elose score. There will be an independent 'll t-airnamcnl at Emmet r i!ie games will start al 0:30 a. "ii., a-.id tiie final:, will be played '..."innasium Salui'dav. v.'ilh team.-; I'l-fim Presetitt. Gurclon. Stamps, 'Vaklo, \Villi.sviile, Cale, Canc-v , , Hop-.- and Kmmet participating. him mad, he; takes it out on me. Ho •> r.i nu way like his old self, vet 1 line him so J can't live witii- <r,'! him. What shall 1 do? De)jressed Wife- Be Patient Answer: If you feel that way .•i'..-0'.il it, there is nothing you can do except steel yoifself lo patient i i-durance, liejpinR that by some iini'ac'le your husband will come back to himself and to you. Un; : oubli;d!.v every man who was woundee 1 in action and went through the horrors of a Nazi concentration camp has suffered a nervous shock that, will ta!;c him a long time to '.;et over, and. inasmuch as it is the immemorial custom of men to vent their temper and their spleen and their discontent with things in ficn- c-ri'.l on the women of their .families, it is fioinR to be hard sledding for wives for many years to come. There is a new book that deals with this subject in a practical way lhi.it even we lay-women can understand, that I think wentle! be of Rreal help to you. It is written by Arllntr Guy Mnthews who spent the last 111 years studying the art of conquering your nerves. It is call- eel "Take It Fasy." His published by Sheridan.House' 1 . New York. D-.it my earnest advice to you .-Mid it isn't a pre.ity piclure 1f. .e lield up for Ihe i-isiiecli'i.! '<', 'le country's adolescents - — 'he inclurc- of a V.-!IM-;:II airily announcing her inlf-.lioM 1o take on •l l:ew huvb-nv' \v'v,!- si-- i.; le- gallv the wifv of a-ii-.her man. The prac'>r> mav h.- — i-i far-l. is — accep-'vl ip -•nar! .-irc-Ir-s lo- rlav. 13ul. lady U'-- a n!r-<:i';e. Kvcn in an a;-e oT e;;.'-v d'vorce '-here i<: still th? matted of good taste. GOOD T- At ^TF INVOLVED ma'.lei- s-.hal l!-,e -:i "la! .slai-r 1 ,mg or celcbriiv val;..e of the |j<.r.:or"i involvc-d - - i: isn'i good taste for a mariicd person lo announce hi.; or h'.-i ;ilan:; for the next marriage. Il would be wise for ,.ill women in this country's in'ic'i-rnarnud I running :-ed light 2i)c; having sel to take "Pappy" KoyinRiorrs lliar, ihrce in front seat 2i)c-. comment to hearl when they are best course will be to have her committed to some sort, ejf a sanatorium, where she will be unable to get liouor. Maybe thai will bring her to her senses. Alcoholics Anonymous have cured many people of the drink habit, but no one can -be helped who does not earnestly desire to be restored to normalcy. Dear Miss Dix: I am a young girl in high-school with a problem that many of us teen-agers have. II is: How can we deal with a boy who, though not exactly dumb, doesn't know when to leave when he comes lo sec you? It is awkward lo have to tell him to go home, taut I believe he would stay all night, if I didn't. Do you think it would be wise to marry a man c>(. this sort in case I find out I am in love with him? Perplexed Answer: The- reason that many boys stay on until they wear out their welcomes is because they don't know how lo leave. They are- shy and don't know how to make a graceful getaway. So you needn't feel tl'.Kt you arc hurling their feelings when you suggest that il is lime lo say goodnight. You are. loo young to think abonl marriage. 'If She Can, I Can' 1'i-y Sen-it week will hi; hclet Fcb- riK-ry 1J-I4, \,'ith the- Scouts run',!!;;.', the C:t\ oi' Hope. 1 oa ijov Scou' day. Tue-i-ei.iy. re-briii-.ry 1:2. Tin.-, l!oy Scout ...overnment will line up' but n husband c;».ild is to v.c-1 yaurse-lC a job. That \v'll ! have worse eiualities than b-jhi,-: ;: Vive you somoUiing to think of be- fireside sitter. lews That threatened fad for bare bosom evening attire is bustin' out all over, and the latest communique from the front is accompanied, by the photo above, which shows Roberto, of the dance team of Roberto and Sarila, with his open-chested full-diess suit. "If she' can do it, I can do it," declared Roberto, as he stepped out with his partner at a San Francisco night club. tempted to publicize a romance Hint has no right to exisl. Mayor: Arch Moore l-'.llinglon. C'ha.f oi ruliee: diaries Crawford: assistant ehicf, S. A. Westbrook; policemen. Charles Wilson Paid Gilbert, Albert Charles Stonc- quist. Municipal Judge: Bobby Franklin. Fire C !l icf: .lames MeCorkle City AHo-.-nev; Perry Campbell. City T:-ea-:u:-«-r.-:: Clifton Vino,v.>: ti and Seotty Chiton. Traffic fines will be as follow:-: Speeding :!:jc; double parking l!jc: incori-i.-jl parking idc; failing to .-.lop ai stop-sign ]0c; jay-wailcing l!)c: incorrect license plate 2ric; more - Iraffic rules, and upon non-payment ot fiiii-.-. iifl'ender.s will be nriMiyned Seoul Court. CHURCH OF CHRIST 5th and Grady Streets Wnyinon D. Miller, Minister Bible Classes—fl:45 a.m. Morning Worship—10:45 a.m. 1 Young People's Meeting— (i:15 p. rn. Evening Worship —7:00 p.m. Mid-week Service, Wednesday— 7:00 p.m. take. There is plenty of time for ! the announcing of wedding plans! Since 10^1), U.S. population has after you arc- free to marrv. increased more than 15,000.00. By DOROTHY STALEY c, M , 9 «, N EA somco. ^ The Story: Betsy comes in lu roe N'ana before m.in.L- t i a party uitii Pen DOWIH.-.S. Siie it, \vearin.n a .sheer \vluti- drch;. A blue e-:iiffon liaM-.'ikon-hiel is lurked into lh., i.c!;. Nejihcr Phillip;-- no:- Fieieh i-i.nr- IMMIH- for dinner that iii;;hi. Andrew anil Dm L;,I o,.r tu l.u.- rncvie.: at'U-r eliniu-r. IVlh.s J,vnny admits to IS'ana .she- i-. wurrie-d iiijiiul Phillip.i. Nanii remains aleiu- on the- lerrace. I' w.t.-. a!me.-'l a;: hiiiir win-:-. Slephcn \V;;lsii:i ce.mi.- out tn s.-noki- his b'jfoi •(.'•ij-.-'ii ci.i;ar. "Mii.d if 1 keep '-O-.T cernpany NanaV" 11,; asked. !K- s;,t d,>w:: .'aihe; 1 he;,\-||y. \-'.\ ei .ilii!:-'. wa:- OUR LADY OF HOPE CHURCH (Catholic) Rev. Amos H. Enderlin JUinday Mass—10:30 a. m. Weekday Mas?—7:30 a. m. 7:30 p.in HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE North Main and Avenue D H. Paul Holdridge, Pastor For Ihe past several years the Hope Gospel Tabernacle has been partially supporting Rev. and Mrs. Murray N. Brown, Missionaries lo French West Africa. After six years of faithful ministry in this hazardous mission ficlcl they were requested by the missions 'department to take a furloufn. Rev. Brown will visit the Tabernacle Sunday morning and will be speak- UNITY MISSIONARY BAPTIST ling, gifting something of a re- South Elm St. Doyle Ingram, Pastor. Sunday School—10:00 a.m. Preaching-—11:00 a.m. B.T.C.—6:30 p.m. Evangelistic Service—7:30 p.m. Ladies Auxiliary each Monday —2:00 p.m Wednesday night, February K-ith Eld Noel Wilson will preach for us instead nf having our regular Prayer Service. Come hear him. You are always welcome to any and all of our .services. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Third and Main S. A. Whitlow, Pastor Sunday School—0:30 a.m. Morning Worship Service—10..TO port on their work during this term as missionaries. Everyone is invited to come and hear this returned missionary who will be. speaking Sunday morning at Hie eleven o'clock hour only. Sunday School—9:30 a.m. Guy E. Bayse, Supt. Morning Worship—10:50, Rev. Murray N. Brown. Returned Missionary will be speaking. C. A. Services—G:00 pm. Hazel Abram. President. Evangelistic Services—7:00 pm. Pastor will be preaching. Wednesday, Prayer and Bible Study—7:30 p.m. Thursday, Women Missionary Council—2:30 p.m. Friday. HI-C.A. Brigade and I'm just wondering what detained ] c huir will render as special mus- ! ie. "The Name ol Jesus" by Lor- I one of those delayed action bombs The Fellowship Hour, \Vcdiie:;- Art" Standing" (Mrs clay—7:30 p.m. Larty, Soloist) l(eho;>rsal, Wednesday— Sermon by Pastor (A section He chuckled, "Maybe I'm likei c , llx ./ed act ion btin:' ••• you read about." Nothing more was said for a lev.- . . minutes, and then he .spoke again. " ' Y en know, Choir The iHiblic i.s cordiallv invited Church School—9:45 a.m. Morning Worship—10.50 a.m. Special Music: "O Jesus Thou James Mc- ,. i . , ,,• • . miming thiit 1 \vi.uldn I do for Jei -M O atlond all services at First Bau- Pi - v - , , "! kiiiiw Inal." 1 answered. "I have: knov.-n that for 4!i year.-;." ..i mys. If \vl.y ous int.'- everyone nk-hi cool UK- n m.- lli.it in.".;<!. lluil. Il i-.a! pi-rviidi u tlu.- h.n: .! lensi , that P.ei ck-;i viiili-nt clash in ! : ji- el-.-mi-iil.-. le.'id In ease tin st; .lin. ;i.- il, ,:;.', . .'.-ii;L- rei.l '(-.-d t,i ihe faiidanieiitaio I could see again Hie t;;!l, Youn.: ::i:;n. very gi-iivi-. almost the diri-;-: n' lii.s bi-e'.her. ,!nel Stile.- in had led Jenny inl.i llu- hbrar- l!u: nkl Sti'e.s liMiiji- iai Hi 1 .- d..'.' en M^'d '-nine lu t:\Ue i-ha. L'.I. ul I'.'-r. i-'iel-.-h '.v.'i-.; built very mile.! like his l. : nelt.- Andrew. ;.:'d v,-.i.- .1 ike him in his aciioi'.s. I wa.s really Ihinkin..-. aloud when I said. "Fle'cli is like v nil \Vr:.- Si'tes IK d !o>l hi- \\-iti 1 i l.-iilh ol tli-i, -.eeiii.d el-.iKl. i--. S;'.u-.-,' wile hael be-on i very wili'ii h:u! In be salistied \: I ,,:u'.i-iw Siite;. was lo have ai:.-. I ;;eaci-. lie had broken ".idc-r 1:1 .-.iram 'if trying lo give her all s;i- vai.u-d. Shi- di\-ureed him oven'.- list Church. GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST N, Ferguson Qt. D. O. Silvey, Pastor SimdL'v School—10:00 a.m. Pi i-aehin. 1 — 11:00 a.m. P..T.C.--(i:3!) p.m. P'-eai'liir.i;—7: 30 p.m. Anxiliaiv, Monday—2:311 p.m. Teaehers' —7:(ill p.m. 1'ra er Services. WednesiUiy the Sanctuary will be reserved for the Boys Seoul in observance of the annual Boys' Seoul movement, i Youth Fellowship—G: 30 p.m Evening Worship—7:30 p.m., Sermon by Pastor FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Sunday February 10, 19-Ki Bible School—0:45 a.m. Classes for all ages. Morning Worship Hour—10:30 a. Youth Fellowship—C:30 p.m. Wednesday— ' Visitors welcome. News -i i.i, ( nl the Sims drug si.-'-c la-re, .--ui-i.-umbed to a heart ali.te-; at a Harrison ho'el yesterday. He Irul goer- to the hotel lo atiind a civic club luncheon. Sims. ."-!>. had li'.ed here mure than 3. r > >'ea rs. Commissioner M. E. Go;5s has an- iiounceel. Cioss said the company produced lime cards showing the charge was unfounded. Broadway By JACK O'BRIAN New York — Danny Kaye tossed a lavish housewarming the other ccEsful that the owners now can pay as )u,;i-. as il.OUO a week .for ltieir !ieaeili;:ei . : r, lh:.;'s what they'll i:ay Sophie Tucker re'.-ct lime she Ijluvt; in trie ij.i;;L-iic-:.l bciite. i\nen Dnn:.v i-rs. appeared at La Martiniej'je, he- v.-as gelling S250 a week, which is no great amount when you consider that orchestrations, te'.medy ma-erial, costumes nnd other entertainment items had lo come out of il before living expenses and minor luxuries could be i.-or.sidci ed. The young lady who .vroic- Danny's smartest material was a quiet, dark, attractive gir] named Sylvia Fine. The only rea- :••'. n Danny could afford this reserved little dynamo of talent was the fact that they were quite completely in love with each other. And when they were booked into La Martinque they decided to get married. Lou Mandcl feels very warmly about their honeymoon, for it was not spdnt in a lavish Park Ave. apartment such as they now possess. They spent it in an inexpensive one-and-a-half room sublet. So unsure were they of their future thai Danny and Syl went to Lou Mandel and asked him if he thought i! v.-onld be all right if they S r Jt inaniecl. Lou nol only was de- lishlcd at the idea but calmed all their timorous feelings by assuring them he had so mu.cn faith in their iir-iiiecUate future that he would underwrite their wedding and honeymoon. Sitting there, looking about at the celebrities who had gathered to make it a big day for these two brilliant kids, Lou beamed like a prouel pop, not the least like the theatrical lawyer of hard-hearted Broadway tradition. He clicln'l mention anylhJng of his business bailies \vii.h Broadway producers, Hollywood big shots, of entertainment c-xee-utives with whom he'd had dealing!, as Danny advanced to be- come one of the biggest names in snow business. f rr Let us tell you about the one insurance policy that will give you "all risk" protection for your personal effects and house- h o I d furnishings, both inside and outside your home. No obligation — except to yourself. INSURANCE Phone 810 21 OS. Main Hope '.uiily. anel niarrieel ;i suece-ssioi I.ilile K>)ek. l-'el.. ;i —(,l'i— The clay in his new Park iiVi-iMiy in' Arka :oa.s i.s Ihe only ' menl, Ihe first home DO YOU NEED CASH? We will loan you money on your Car, Furniture, Livestock, etc., or if your car needs rclintiiicing see Tom McLarty oi- the Hope Auto Company, 220 West Second street in Hope, Arkansas. »'e Ju.-l : >:il r,e:v. e-.'^'h j 1:11- iiianaj;i-iiH-iil ,-f the-e-;u pel mill - ' Jelie-i .-.on enmity firms have filed ' 1 " llUI - u " 1 ! l . ; .\ 1 ' 1 ;'; I ..nidi hr-i i.ur.ily o\uicd. and that ar'.Mi's >,t ir.cn'rpeiaUon with the i:- v. IH-.I- hi- i,ad re.illy m;.iie in. iliiiney. Andii-w y.-.is 'e.Jins,-! In. 1 .'ii' i.-:-! in ' m II- 1 . ;.ih"i he conhi I-... 1 . • in ei. pn suleiil t)!' 'hi 'n ;-.f|er .!m • . ti''.:lM. bin he p.-ei-.'i-iid the ;;,n: 'i!'i i I In- la-,v nil u-e t-i t.he .-1 r: •u--- hi', nl ii;... i,Mils M i:,.-;. i-, n-aM hi lie tn .\iidi ev 1 .' Stiles, m in:-- young cii-.y:;. After Me n Ii.- had spent in a sanitarium l'rn:i. l:'.vj-i!.; In :;i)i)ease a money-mad v.'nnuin. he ii-.ui eared even K .-s ID: il. Hi 1 >,lld "1 v.-.tht y.iil In n :n. " ' I'-.-r. N.I.la. that wh'.ili.ver 1 hav-- v, a-. . i]-.o;- -11. 1 \. .in; ,i . i.!i.-::. .'lib ! io 'ii I'l-Lit ii.bfi'. at \vbal I havi .. . ii- .I-ii'iy " i 1 didi.'i kiuuv \vbal b-.- \ 'a-, laikii- : ; iM.'il. MI I >.:n.plv sni.i. "Vi-,-. I'M! > in. --.lii-,'. 1 in- h!-:" fail ti, i-.- ." et.ii.v nt' slate. rhi-y are ihe Kims Farm F.quip- .-iil C'.i.. ihe i-'hns-l. a !; e Dick l-llnis-CoriH-r- whei were around who:-, they were j man led were the members of j each of Cie-ir families, and their lawyer-manager. Lou lUandel. I The i-rowd in the various g;,llier- j .'"••re. Int.- ai..l i!a- l-llnis-Coriie-r- ing rut.m.-, of the bin apanni'.-nt in- 1 .-'.t'iv Slujt- In;-.. all wilh heael-i'-hided Man- (.'onnelly. I he- John' ,t Al.iici:i:-.-i- lien .1. Steinhocks. Screen Direcln! A 1:1- | • .- i.:i;iie. v. as :-ianu'ii ; Ink- Lilvak. .Jerry' C'hudo.ov. v.-ho I vei. a.-- prine.p..l ?lork!;uliler and re-si-! e-o-wrotc "My 'Si.sler Eil-.-en. 1 ' ! eie.-:-.t ::;.;i--::t Mr all three. Little IJoe-k. i-'e-b. H — l.-'l')—- Altori..» Gei >-r;-l L'ii:\ Williams has in- "Junior Miss" and a floek of movie scripts: Ijenay Venula: Johnny Ae-aili.'i.iy Award son;;wi itinj; team: l '^'Ir^i^J -'- -^ 5i ' Inexpensive Gifts Con Be So Very Welcome • stationery priced under $1, We have many boxes of for little people's budgets! Select your greeting cards too. ui A'J.mney Kny Peni.x of land a hundred or so other ass .•iie:-i)oi o l!i .t a ri-enrd of trans-11 ek-bnties of ihealrieal er literary i.-'u:,--- til t'-u- roniii\ buard of edu-' ehen.-in.,:s, ton many lu attempt to, ili-m i.s i-ei|i;i,eci I'nder Act .>27 I'.:', m :i i-o'ii:iiii of this six.e. j .'••'I • ! I.on MaiuU-1 was iindoi bteiily Hie i '1 lu-_ op:i-:i n s Hd eou:ily bu.ird:. prmik-sl person tliere, willi the p-) '''•'• ha\f \-h-tuaiiy i'rn same du- j sibK e\ie;jtiu:i of Sylvia aial 'Oai:- 1 -•'••'- n. i-tiiiiu-L-liiiii with c.ninly ' ny. It v.'.'-s Lull who diM-n\ evod • .-lu-ol all'iirs :-s ^i-ouniy judges Danny erle'-taining on the staff of a Bti.sehl C'ircuit summer rosurl. I who Iji (tked him ii.io a mi ml' ~~ . - "• " IHiii;dw,;y mu-ieal called "Sli.iv,- Kock. l-'eb I have :dwa\ .-• i '' 1: - 1 '. 1 -'.--' again.--.! a l.iltle liuek taxi-i his pel ',,1 mances al l.a Marlinii|tii\ |'.'.'ib i.-eii'pany ol v.'orking WOMKII a secondary eeliar hm si.pi which •:i- ri.'i\!-:K be;, mid Uie legal iiinirs , IliereJifU-i . ' Ihn i.tgli the lavish ai- We carry a complete line of gifts. All prices. t-.vcn (ho little ones enjoy selecting gifts here {or those they love, at prices they can afford. They too, know gifts of distinction. S HENRY'S SHOP Phone 252

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