The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 18, 1894 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 1894
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APBIL 18, 1894. Good Property. A Gold Medal is nice property ; a Gold Mine may be nicer, A.Nice Girl ® • • ® is better than gold in any form, Moral: Get our ANGELINA to make your bread. Opera, CLEARING SALE -AT- GALBRAITH'S. Ginghams for Calico for Outing Flannel for All-wool C. C. Carpet for Cotton Carpet for Worsted Dress Goods for Worsted Dress Goods for Jamestown Dress Goods for Jamestown Dress Goods for Plaid Dress Goods for Cotton Dress Goods for Ribbon for Ribbon for - 5 cents—worth 8 to 10 cents 5 cents—worth 7 cents 5 cents—worth 8 to 10 cents 50 cents—worth 65 cents 20 cents—worth 30 cents 39 cents—worth 60 cents 15 cents—worth 35 cents 30 cents—worth 5° cents 40 cents—worth 60 ceuts 5 cents—worth 10 cents 10 cents—worth 5 to 20 cents 5 cents—worth 8 to 10 cents 10 cents—worth 10 to^2O cents Remnants at about half price. Clothing regardless of cost. In shoes we have some good bargains. WALL PAPER, new stock at the lowest prices. T n A IDEA ITU 9 Pfl , L, liALDiiAlIilttUU, Boots, Shoes, and Rubbers. *== Latest Styles and Lowest Prices. Finest and Best. © © You ought to see the pretty new Shoes and Oxfords for ladies and misses. We have some beauties and it will do you good to see them. We have a few odd sizes in ladies,' misses' and children's shoes that we are selling at very low prices. BROWNELL & ALLRED, Boots and Shoes, Algona, Iowa, GK (Patent applied for.) Sole Manufacturer, A WORD WITH THE MAYOK Some facts that Will Show that This Paper is Not So Much of a Fals* iflef, After Alh It positively removes all dandruff) cures all scaly eruptions and itching diseases of the scalp, stops the falling off of the hair, and actally . , Grows Hair on a Bald Head. , PIRICTIQNS.— Rub hard with brush; then take * ;,.. small quantity in the palm of the hand and rub in th< hair; apply enough water to produce a nice foam then jhftb thoroughly; don't scratch with finger nails wipe, £>ff foam with dry towel, then dry with rough , • diy 'towel; rub fast and hard, Use preparation tw|c< 0 . a week. Clip hair close to the head and rub with brush, every day. G, E. WILLIAMS, Algona, Iowa. Barber shop wn4er State J3a.nk, Neither is It Attempting to Injure Any Man, Much Less the Chief Executive of the City. Last Wednesday after THE UPPER DBS MOINES was distributed the follow* ng note was received from Mayor Call nd a correction of the error com- ilatned of was arranged for! To the the Editor; You are in error in egard to Ringling Bros. 1 circus last season. A part of their tents only Were pitched utside the corporate limits, and they paid he maximum circus license to the city. AMBHOSE A. CALL. But Friday a statement was made by he mayor in the Courier which re- uires more extended notice, both in indication of the county auditor and ioard of supervisors, as well as of this paper. Mr. Call's Courier letter reads: Editor Courier: Will you kindly permit me space to correct a statement published 'n this week's UPPER DBS MOINES. The iditor commenting upon the proceedings of he board of supervisors takes occasion to ay, " Last year the Ringling Bros.' circus ,vent out of town and got out of paying any icense at all, the auditor will .witch them lereafter." Now there is not a word of ruth in the above statement. The Ringing Bros, did not go out of town and did lay license, as Deputy Marshall Benjamin an attest. Some of their boarding tents may have been outside of the corporate imlts but the circus was within the in- orporation and they paid §25, as much I lelieve as has ever been charged any circus, n any event the street parade makes a jircus liable to a license tax regardless of vhere their tents are. I do not Know why he editor of THE UPPEUDES MOINES should lave published this when every word and ine of it was untrue. I cannot understand his motive. It is well known that the tents vere pitched on my grounds, as their in- ended location proved too limited. It corns to me that no one can mistake the ntended implication that I conspired with he circus people to put their circus on my ;rounds outside the corporate limits to )eat the city out of the license tax, and this vhen I was mayor, but hereafter the icnest (?) county auditor would block the ;ame. Now while I do not believe there is > sane man in the county who will believe his balderdash, at the suggestion of friends I make this public statement. AMBROSE A. CALL. Without discussing the propriety of ch a statement before THE UPPER DES MOINES had been given an op- )ortunity to explain and show whether "t had any malicious motives, we pro- seed at once to the facts. In i-eading over the report of the proceeding's of ,he supervisors last week the reporter came to this resolution: Resolved, That a county license be established ranging from $10 to $50 for all raveling shows exhibiting in the county outside of any incorporated town, the amount charged to be loft with the discretion of the auditor. He inquired what it meant and some one said it was to catch circuses like Singling Bros, who got out of paying a license last year by going out of the city limits. Recalling the rumors to the same effect circulated last year he wrote the following paragraph, which is the one Mayor Call refers to: A license of $50 was laid on all traveling shows exhibiting outside of incorporated ;owns. Last year the Ringling Bros.' circus went out of town and got out of paying any license at all. The auditor will watch for them hereafter. It will be seen at the outset that the closing sentence is merely a variatior of that in the original resolution and in no way warrants Mr. Call's slurring reference to the honesty of the auditor. It means simply what it states that the auditor will attend to all shows outside of incorporated towns, which would be his duty naturally. But how did the supervisors come to adopt this resolution? It was in the belief that Ringling Bros, got out o paying any license last year. And how did such a mistake arise? The answei is very simple and when it is stated we believe our readers will see that THE UPPER DES MOINES would have as much ground for criticising Mayoi Call as he has for criticising eithei the auditor, board, or UPPER DES MOINES, Ringling Bros, were here sometime last summer, in June we believe. Heretofore it has been the custom of the mayors to turn over the orders for circus licenses to the city treasurer, Mr. Doxsee, and he has one and collected the money. Mayoi Iheetz followed this plan. No order on Ringling Rros, was turned over to Mr, Doxsee by Mayor Call, It has also been customary on 1-he part of mayors to make itemized statements of moneys collected by them to the city treasurer Mayor Call has not followed this practice and there is no record of anj license granted by him in the books. All there is to show for an; license for the Ringling Bros,' circus is a verbal report by Mayor Call, mad March 27, a little over a week ago, to the city treasurer, since the finance committee reported at the last counci meeting, that be had collected $48.45 of city money and that his salary being $50 a check for $J,55 to him woulc square the account, No remark made about the license of the Ringling circus being included in this amount We are not criticising anything Mayo Call has done, We call attention tc these facts only for the purpose p asking our readers and Mayor Cal himself whether it is at all unreasona hie that the city treasurer should hayi come to the conclusion that no licensi was paid when that was the curren rumor at the time, when the previpu method of collecting the license wa not followed, when no itemized repor was Hied showing any such license, an when the actual money collected i June of last year was not turned oye till ft week or so ago? We believ Mayor Call will gee at once that mistake under these circumstance misbt very honestly and reasonabl, have been made and that no maliciou intent can reasonably be inferred from recommending that tb,e supervisor pass tbe resplutton fliey did, or he resolution itself, It Is a wise feso- utlott In ftny'event. With this explanation we feel that we can safely appeal to our readers and o Mr, Call to beaf witness that thefe s nothing In the report In THE UPPE'R DBS MbiNES that can be construed to >e malicious In the least. Without his etter we doubt if anyone would have had the thought suggested of any im- Droper motive. THE UPPER DEs VtoiNES has In the past observed the ame uniform courtesy In speaking of VIr. Call that it has of Its other ifttrons, and this It proposes to main- aln, It stated very fully last summer: hat the circus went to his grounds )ecause room enough could not be had town, and especially commended hose grounds for such purposes. We ope that a good circus or two will ocate there again this summer and hat If we make some small error in eporting about them that we shall be iven a reasonable opportunity to orrect it without again being com- lelled to assert what a 12 years' record jught to have fully established that we make personal attacks upon nobody. Try , , , . A QUEER OASE OF INSANITY, A. LUVorne Citizen Visits tlio Offices to Begin a Suit Against "Witches — Found Insane by' the Commissioners. Matt Hammerly ,of LuVerne town- hip made the rounds of the law of- .ces Monday with the most curious ale ever yet told in Algona by a man vhose appearance and demeanor indi- ated that he might be sane. He said 10 had been to Humboldt and consulted 'udge Thomas, and he hadrecommend- d him to Geo. E. Clarke and to Mr. Harke he had accordingly come and old his grievance. He told the same ale to the other attorneys who were lonsulted in turn. He says that some ime ago his wife left him, and that ince that time she has engaged witches o disturb his quiet, among them his neighbors who he wants to prosecute, ["he minor manifestations of their evil ntent are numerous, but they have not jonflned themselves to small matters. He says that as he seeded his oats this pring they went behind him and be- ore he finished the field they had be- fun to harvest the crop. And then he iays they came with threshing ma- shines and have threshed the oats out already. Jake Meyer had a thresher n the field and Ed. Van Voast came with a steam thresher and would have had his oats all threshed but that his engine failed to draw water. These witches have lately taken to drawing ng the food out of his horses so they cannot work and he says they have also drawn food out of him, but he now goes with a butcher knife, as no witch can cross a butcher knife with the blade up. He told a long tale of this kind in the most honest and matter-of-fact way possible and wanted legal assistance in irosecuting the witches. After Mr. larke caught the drift of his story he wrote the following note and sent him to W. B. Quarton: W. B. Quarton Esq.: The hearer, Matt Hammerly, has an important case that iceds careful attention in Humboldt county. I cannot take it as you know how I am fixed, and it is strictly in your line, so I send him to you with the assurance that you are all right, etc., etc. GEO. E. CLAUKE. Mr. Quarton, after listening carefully to the tale, gave him the following note: Sullivan & McMahon—Gentlemen: The bearer of this note has a very important matter in Humboldt county which needs careful and prompt attention.- I am goinp to bo absent from homo for some days anc cannot give it the needed attention, so recommend him to you. He is O. K. and has a good case. W. B. QUAUTON. Sullivan & McMahon sent him on to County Attorney Raymond with an appropriate note, but he knew of the man and at once had him brought before the insane commissioners, who fount him dangerously insane, and Sheriff Samson took him away Monday night Geo, W. Hanna was in town and said that ho had been farming well and he thought had been outgrowing his trouble. But his wife got a divorce about a week ago and since then he has evidently grown worse. It is very unfortunate for him to be taken away as it leaves his farm with no one to look after it, and with his crops partly in. and Flower Seeds which seem to be in style just now. Call and look them over. Langdon &> Hudson. +*- -If you find yourself in need of New Carpets, J. F. PRESTON, M. D., LIMITED TO , Ear, Nose and Throat MASON CITY, IOWA. Spectacles scientifically fitted and guaranteed At Dr, Stall's office, Friday, April 87. Eye Seed Corn For Sale AT THE- Wiewam. When you are in need of roceres Club House Goods. We carry a full line ot this brand, We have a large assortment of Lr Curtains, Portiers, Rugs, Mats, and Draperies, Carpet Sweepers, Curtain Poles, etc., REMEMBER- The Grange Store Offers you the largest assortment, the best goods, and the lowest prices. Center of Attraction Studley's Pharmacy Everybody Goes There! Coming! ! Coming! The Fourth Car Load <* ** Flour will arrive this week at the new store, family can afford to keep house without it, Remera* ber the place: Cowles block, JAMES Tha Northern Iowa Exchange IT COSTS II you srteb to buy, sell, ot rent ho,uaes w lot?; w yo» vial* to. b»y <» WH fti«a$ 9*

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