The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 11, 1894 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1894
Page 7
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IT&AX. if> ttdlSTHBil ALflOSTA* IOWA* W1M1SBAT, APJSlL lit .jSftt. fl* ~ ^_' Xj^ Jt JS ^ !•' • ^*^ • .» thoughts can't be Wrong _ J be trusted is 1 a greater compli- ftteint than to be loved. , Every generation of: man is ft laborer fat that which succeeds it. A man's greatest enemies are those tvhidi come out of his own mouth. Sotne minds fade at last, but this is fare; more rust out than fade out. Search for truth is the noblest ftceu- ftation of man; its publication a duty. Self respect governs morality; re* fcpcct for others governs our behavior. Malice and hatred are very fretting, fcnd make our minds sore and uneasy. The man who would have done sp and so if he had been there, never gets there. Our grand business is not to see •what lies dimly at ft distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand. ' f ommy Argues the Case. • "I don't see what's the use of me being • vaccinated again," s^aid Tommy, baring bis arm reluctantly for the doctor. "The human body changes every seven years, Tommy." replied his mother. ''You are 11 years old now. You were in your 4th year when you were vaccinated fli-st, find it has run out." "Well, I was baptized when I was a baby, Sas that run out, tob'J" Jt keeps the devil busy to hold bis oi*u against a praying mother. • KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment v/hen rightly used. " The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less'; expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to tiie'iieeds of physical being., will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy,' Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due .to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and. fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of tho medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 60c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also tlie name, Syrup of Figs, and. being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. Cheap Homes! In San Luis Valley, Colorado. The Garden Spot of the Rocky Mountains,... 6O.OOO acres of fine land, all under first-class Irrigating canals, with perpetual water rights, (or aalo cheap, 6 years time, 0 per cent Interest. Grains, Grasses and Vegetables Grow Hereto Perfection. Crops sure; no drouths, no cyclones, no bliz- 'xarus abundance of pure artesian water; climate unequaled, \Ve have churjhos, schools, railroads and good markets. For maps, circulars and full information, address JAMES A. KELLY & CO., Agents, Colorado Valley Land Co., MONTE VISTA. COLO. PISO'S CURE 1 ;FOR Consumptives mm people I who have weak limps or Astli-1 mil. uliould use I'lso'sCuru for I Consumption. It IIUB cnretl I thousand*. Uluia not Injur-1 eil ono. His IKJI bail loiuke. ( | ItUtho best cough syrup. Sold everr.whern. £5o. COHSUMPTIO'Ni California has ft 3,30u-acf6 prune o» chafd. NevV York's Croton aqueduct fitt* 6 passes all modern engineering efforts of this kind. Jfhero is a fottr-stofy brick mansion Ifl Now York city, "with all modern improvements)" Which is only five foet wide. There were 16,373 Cases admitted and treated in tho BclleVue hospital, New York, last year, of which 13,?8i Were discharged and 1,593 died. The longest train on record was that of Catharine cle Medici on the occasion of her mai'ringe. It was forty-eight yards and borne by ten pairs of pages. Virginia's ''fiistual Swamp" is not a swamp at all, but a v lowlying forest which has been so well drained that before many years a good part of it will probably be devoted to rice cultivation. At Oviedo, Florida, Mrs. C. E. Brown tried to drive a hawk away from her chickens, when it turned upon her. Old'Man Brown went to see about it, and Was also attacked, but succeeded in killing the hawk with a club. 1 Two sap buckets for use in tlie maple sugar making season, whitfh are in the possession of Ober Thornton of Arcade, 'N, Y., were made by him. in 1819, and have been in continuous use ever since. Mr. Thornton celebrated his centennial birthday recently. St. Paul's cathedral in London, which dates more than 300 years, and which was called finished in 1710,, has had much work done on it since that time as part of the original design, and even now statues are being placed in the niches in tho dome designed for them by Sir Christopher Wren. The timber line in the Rocky mountains runs as low as 9,500 feet and as high as 13,400. D It has been observed that on the south slope of Mount McClelland in Colorado, pines two feet in diameter and thirty feet high live and increase in size at an elevation of 12,400 feet. The winter at that elevation is long, the cold is intense, and the snow storms are of terrific violence. The remains of what antiquarians claim is the foundation of the house of Philip Carteret, the 'first colonial governor of New Jersey, and where the first legislature of the state met on May 20, 10(53, have been unearthed at Elizabeth by City Surveyor Meyer. It is thought that a monument will be erected to mark the spot where laws were first enacted for the government of New Jersey. TASTES DIFFER. AT IMIICES LOWIS R THAN KVKK JiKFOUK OWEK- Kl», Pond Ik! for 50 •araplog, 1'anor hangers will <Jo well to get our prices. MAC VIOAH, 510 ami fil!J Lucmsfc St., JJos Alamos. WALLPAPER One day recently in Willapa, Ore., one young lady shot a, wild goose, another shot a deer and a third shot a bear. W. M. Brooker of Fawnsdale, Ala., is in his seveuty-iirst year, and hab held the office of justice of the peace for fifty years. An enthusiastic New York woman is engaged iu the work of raising canary birds on a large scale. She has now a thousand birds sitting. A cotton vest made from a piece o1 cloth woven 114 years ago is owned by John B. Perry of Dawson, Ga. The cotton was woven by Mr. Perry's great-g'rnndmother. The prisoners of the Maryland penitentiary have contributed nearly $500 to the cause of chaiity. The sums contributed ranging from twenty-five cents to $!>. The wedding of Colin P. Hardy and Miss Eva Maud Byers at Canarsio, N. Y., was the result of a peculiar romance. Hardy hud twice saved the 'life of Miss Byers within the pas year, and her Imud in marriage wab his reward. At the fair of the Farmville guards at Farmville, Va',, one of tho attractions is "the sculptured bust o; Miss Susie Morton, a sweet-faced and popular young lady, carved out of a cake of soap by Miss Anderson of Martinsville, Va.," Instead of the time-honored "Dearly beloved" or "Brethren" in which the pulpit has always addressed its oon gregatibn, the famous Canon Body has introduced an innovation in, one of the "highest" of English churches. He speaks to his hearers with the simple word "Gentlemen." The change is exciting discussion, and free commeat. M6W TV ^5 MILK 1§ ftV HULEftOS, ffee'ttftfllt'ts (Sashed IK Many the liquid ,lt«bW 'Gushes Oat—this Method UcBlroys the Ttee la Tw6 Scft- SotiS—Hardened Itubbch ST. JACOBS OIL „,,„„ RHEUM ATISM, r> A i IT NEU'R A U5IA, PAIN, SCIATBCA, LUMBAGO, SPRAINS, BRUISES, SWELLINGS, BURNS. Farmers, JfinePS, **• B. Hands and others. Poub]e sole C3» 'down to the heel. EXT^A W^34«4Ha QVAHTTt of BRbber Boot weavers testify this is the best they ever had,, 1 proposed to accompany the rub* Ser gatherer on his rounds, and in a !ew minutes wo Wore out of sight and'sound of camp, in a wild that Was literally trackless, writes Edward Wi Perry in Outing, in an article on how elastic gum is gathered in Mosquitea. Soon we camo to a rubber tree, its smooth gray trunk rising slender and branchless forty feet, The youth threw his burden'to the ground, and looked about until lie found a thicket of cariso, With stalks two inches in diameter and perhaps forty teet long. Tho Walls ;of this bamboo tu'e scarcely mbro than an eighth of an inch in thickness, and tho joints, fully grown, are some two feet'long. They grow iu thick clusters, frequently so dense that no animal can pass between tho stalks. Arching over they often droop until tho tops sweep the ground, and tho beautifully delicate foliage is so abundant as to form an apparently solid bank of greon. With a blow of his machete tho hulero cut down ono of those and chipped off three or four. of tho joints, each forming a long tube closed at each end. With those we returned to the rubber tree. Ho then made a small, loop of one end of tho rope we brought with us, and of the other end a largo loop passing round both the tree and his own body. He put both feet through tho smaller loop, so that his bare soles grasped-the smooth gray bark, tho ropo about his ankles serving as fulcrurns to give his feet tight hold. Then he threw tho upper loop well up tho tree trunk, loaned back, and brought his feet up till they grasped the trunk eighteen inches or so from tho ground. ; With a quick motion, he brought his body near tho trunk, and at tho same time threw up tho loop again. At the instant of its highest riso his shoulders settled back, and caught it in place. Then his feet wore hitched upward again a foot or more. Here he leaned back iu tho upper loop, bracing with his bare feet against the smooth tree, and with tho machete cut through tho bark two gashes which converged about sixteen inches below tho level at which they started. Cut after cut was made in this way until ho reached tho branches. Then as tho hulero descended ho wotted his fingers in tho milk, aud drew a straight lino down from tho lower part of one pair of V-shaped cuts to another to guide tho flowing milk by the shortest way. In tho lower pair of cuts ho placed a piece of leaf to act as a spout to carry tho milk from tho tree to tho open end of tho joint of cariso standing beneath. • The first joint was soon full, and another took its place. A plug of leaves stopped tho full one, and we wont on in search of another troo, which ho soon found, and repeated the operation of bleeding. W K on a number of trees had been tapped in tho same way, tho operator carried all the cariso joints tilled with tho milk to a convenient spot, where ho dug a small pit in the ground. After looking about a bit ho found a vino of a kind wanted, and cut from it several tender branches. These he crushed between two stones, themwashed the bruised pulp in a panful of water, making a greenish infusion with which he sprinkled thoroughly tho walls and bottom of tho pit. ' Into this tho rubber milk was poured. Jn an instant that which touched tho earth wet by the infusion, coagulated. Then the contents of tho pan wore poured into tho milk and mixed thoroughly with it, almost instantly changing it to a white, spongy mass. This was lifted out and carried to tho nearest brook, where it was washed and kneaded to express the juico of tho vino, which, the hulero explained, would soon harden the rubber so much that it would be little bettor than tuno gum, with which wicked huloros aro wont to adulterate their rubber. This mode of gathering rubber destroys tho trees in two seasons, for each cutting kills that side of tho tree on which the incisions are made. The government has enacted laws for the protection of tho trees, but laws are ignored in these wilds. In a very few years all the trees large enough to bleed will be destroyed, and fifteen or twenty will pass before the young crop now growing will be largo enough to furnish milk at a profit, Yet those trees might be bled year after year without serious injury, by using un instrument that could not cut completely through the bark, and by leaving in the wound the rubber which dries there, aad which will, if allowed to remain, protect the tree from decay. s»ia. Mr- Bigwaist — And so your father has been giving you some points in physiology and has, told you that all persons' bodies aro composed mainly of water. Little JBobbie— -ill except you, he said. • "'Except me?" «'Yes; he said you were made up mainly of beer."— -lioston Courier. S 'Saint, A stingy man is Sever tfolks Who hope afe getterally «rho help". , Nothing is heavier tfian trouble that is borrowed. Genius, may be swift, but fceUsevefr' enco has the surest feet. To live long for what We Can se6 proves that wo are shortsighted, There can bo no true politeness without the practice of Rel&denial. it is a great mistake to remember your trials and forget your blessing's, The right kind of a man can always lear$ something worth knowing from a mistake. the place you now have more than full, and you will soon have a better one. • There are people who would do more growing in grace if they would try growling less. A life without a pttrpose is a languid drifting thing; every day we ought to rcnow our purpose.' A Safe Bid. , Contractor—"Whoop! I've got tlie cotn tract for cleaning tho streets. I bid lower than anybody else." Wife—"Isn't there any risk of losing money by your low bid?" Contractor—"Not a bit. Flounces are 'coming into fashion again." A Slid Picture. The nest time you ore in a melancholy mood, as you are almost certain to be if you become bilious or dyspeptic, picture to yourself the condition of a poor man who, without resources and wiU> a family on his hands, finds himself on a sick bed, Gloom obscures his narrow horizon in every direction. Unable to do any work, without means or friends capable of assisting him, with the possible prospect of continued ill health: with rent, perhaps unpaid and unpayable, the outlook for him is gloomy, indeed.. How shortsighted, then, is the man'of humble means who percerv- "ing that his health and strength are failing takes no precaution to avert the oncoming evil. Hostetter's Stomach B-itters Is a reliable, professionally recommended restorative ot health and vigor,.and a sure means of preventing the many disabling complaints which exposure, overwork, neglect and insufficient food produce. Malaria, rheumatism, kidney and Hver complaint, dvspopsia and nervous disease always yield to it. ' ' The saddest thing that can befall n. soul is when it loses faith iu God and woman.— A kxaMlcr ,-timith. of di ia te^teteg ftwsh«*Mt&t &URE -—*" Mrs. Gumpps — My husband says my new bonnet is not a bit becoming to me. Friend— Ob, he's suppose he's seen the bill , Asift has 30,000 species of plants. Paris has 700,000 working'women. Ravens and eagles live for 100 years. Italy has 117,000 women silk workers. Brazil has a greater variety aftd luxuriance of plant life than any other country. The greatest recorded depth of lako Michigan is 870 feet. The mean depth is 326 feet. The Kilanea crater, in the Sandwich islands, is the largest active volcano in the World, .According to Ayer's catalogue for 1894 there are 20,774 newspapers and periodicals published in this country. The use of aluminum in place of magnesium for the production of flashlight has been suggested and meets with some approval. One reason why some preachers do not roach the masses is because they get up in the church steeple to write their sermons. The bravest man under : tho sun ia the one who has the courage to say no to the devil wheu he offers him the whole earth. Prejudice is blind from birth. Blase. "Where*ye going?" said 6»e small ttff to another.. .. "Tef the football ftfttfle."s, "So'in 1. My big brother's golh' t*f take me." ' "Humph i My big brother -wouldn't £6 ter a football game/" "Wouldn't go to a football garnet" "Naw. My brothel' was Ifl thiJ He's seen reg'lnr battles, he has.** 8*3.80 FOIt A fAHMt The best wagon in the world can o# had for 842.50; A barrel cart iotsiJ§.&&. it You Will Cut 'I his Out nti<J Send tH With 5c to the John A. SalzerSecdCta, LaCrossC, Wis., yoti will receive theu* .mammoth catalogue, where you read about this wagott. Faith is the eye tnttt sees Hiiu, tle that clings to Him, the receiving power that appropriates Him.-*- Woodbrtdfft. Ask about the wonderful climate and resources of Southern California. There- never was such an opportunity for hom» seekers. For information regarding thia section, address, J. A. Allison, Browstor block, San Diego, California. The devil loves the man whose mule ha» an easier time than his wife, no matter whether he belongs to church or not. When a man is asked to foot the bill bow can ho be blamed for kicking? Did Yon Son U? Of course we mean the World's Pair. Whether you did or not you want to preserve a souvonir of the most beautiful scene this earth has witnessed. Tho Michigan Central, "The Niagara Falls Route," is issuing tho finest atid most complete World's Fair Portfolio, each containing reproductions of sixteen splendid photographs of largo- size. The series will consist of sixteen parts, followed by a special part devoted to Niagara Falls, Mackinac Island and other gems of" American scenery, and will be sent to any address on receipt of ten cents per part Address Frank J. Bramhall. Advt'g. Agent, Michigan Central, 40ii Monad- uock block, Chicago, 1U. Of course a bright girl ought to have a spark of humor. Catarrh Cannot be Cured with LOCAL' APPLICATIONS, as they cannot roach the seat of the disease. Catarrh is a blood or constitutional disease, and in order to euro it you must take internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally, and acts directly 'on the blood and mucous surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure is not a quack medicine It was proscribed by one of the best, physicians in this country for years, and is a regular prescription. It is composed ol tho best tonics known, combined with tlio best blood purifiers, acting directly on the mucous surfaces. Tho perfect combination of tho two ingredients is what produces such wonderful results in curing Catarrh. Bend for testimonials, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo O. Sold by druggists, price 7Bc. There isn't much sense in reading bod books and - praying to God to make you pure-minded. Tested by Time. For Bronchial affections, Coughs, etc., BHOWM'H BIIONOHIAL TUOCBBS have proved their efficacy by a test of many years. I'rice !J5 v cts. Sometimes a man feels the lightest when he has a heavy load on. Beecham's Pills will, in future, for the United States, bo covered with-a quickly Koluble, pleasant coating. 25 cents a box. When a man's countenance falls, It naturally lowers his face value. i» ii'Iunsim'M niuglc Corn salve." Warrantcil to euro or money refunded. Ask your druggist (or It, Prlco 15 cents, The steps of faith fall on the scouring void, but llnd the rock bouoath.— WMttier. Con's C'ougli nmsam is tlio olJest, aid best, Jt, will' break up a Cold quicker Uiun anything otee. It Is always reliable. Try It, Despotism'may govern without faith, but liberty cannot.— jle LogueuHte. Sniloli's Consumption Care la f»M on a swuwitop. It.rures Incipient Consuiim, Uoiu mstUoUestc'ouijh Cure. 25.cLa.,OOcts. & $1.00, Faith and works are like the light anil heat of a caudle—they cannot be separated, — jJmutitont, i Every person interested in raising hogs, should write to J. N. Reiniors,Paveuport,Ia. The man who serves the devil will soon find out that he has to do HO at bis own expense. ' Love raey be blind, but the neighbors generally vf$ not. The lady \vhose portrait heads this article is Mrs. Mary. F. Covell, of Scotland, Bon Honimo Co.. S. Dak. She writes to Dr. R. V. Pierce, Chief Consulting Physician to the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, at Buffalo, N. Y., as follows: " I was sick two years with ' falling of tho womb' and leucorrhoea previous to taking your medicines. I took six bottles of Dr. Piorce's Favorite Prescription, and was entirely cured of both in six mouths ; it is four years this month, since I was entirely well of both those diseases and have never had any signs of their ap- hardly talcing that medicine and I think it is a God's blessing to me that I took it. I was pronounced incurable by the best doctors here -m the Wast. I gave up all hopes and made up my mind that I was to be taken away from my husband and baby of two years old. I was sick all of the time —could not eat anything at all. In one week v after beginning tho use of tho ' Favorite Prescription 1 my stomach was so much better that I could eat anything: I could see that I was gaining all over, and my husband then went and got me six bottles ; I took three of them and my stomach did not bother mo any more. We sent to you and got the People's Common Sense Medical Adviser, and found my case described just as I was: wo did what the book told us, in every way ; in one month's timo I could see I was much better than I had been; we still kept on just as tho book told us, ana iu three mouths I stopped taking medicine, and to-day, I can proudly say I am a well women, yes, am well, strong and healthy. When I began to take your medicine my facu was poor and eyes looked dead. I could not enjoy myself anywhere, I was tired and sick all the time, I could hardly do my house-work, but now I do that and tend a big garden, help my husband aud take in eewing." The following wlU prove interesting to feeble women generally, and especially so to those about to become mothers. Mrs, Pom Ely's Cream Balm COLD IN HEAD nprtceCO Cento. each nostril, A. Guthrie. of Oakley, Ovorton Co., Tenn.^. writes : "I never can thank you enough for what your treatment; has done for me; I an* stronger now than I have been for six yeora. When I began your treatment I was not able*to do anything. I could not stand on my foefe long enough to wash my dishes without* suffering almost death ; now I do all my housework, washing, cooking, sewing ana- everything for my family of eight. Dr. Pierce'* Favorite Prescription is tho best medicine to take before confinement that can be found ; or at least it proved so with me. I. never suffered so little with any of Kiy children e» I did with my last and she is tho healthiest!we have. I recommend your medicines to all! of my neighbors and especially 'Favorite- Prescription' to all women who are suffering. Have induced several to try it, and it proved good for tiiem." • Yours truly,. Dr. Pierce's Favorite- Prescription ia i positive cure for the most complicated and< obstinate leucorrhea, excessive flowing^, painful menstruation, unnatural suppressions and irregularities, prolapsus, or foiliutr of the womb, weak back, " female weakness,''' anteversion, retroversion, bearing-down 8en<- sations, chronic congestion, inflammation amU ulceration of the womb, inflammation, paint and tenderness of the ovaries, accompanied: with "internal heat." Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is o. scientific medicine, carefully compounded by an experienced and skillful physician, and adapted to woman's delicate organization. It ia purely vegetable in its composition and perfectly harmless in its effects in any condition of the system. For morning sickness or nausea, due to pregnancy, weak stomach, indigestion, dyspepsia and kindred symptoms,, its uso will prove very beneficial. Dr. Pierce's Book," Woman and Her Diseases," (108 pages, illustrated), giving successful means of home treatment, can be bad (sealed'in plain envelope) by enclosing 10 cts., in ono cent stamps, to pay postage, to the Doctor, at bis address, as given at we . beginning o£ this article, "TWO PAIR," THE FLYING DUTCHMAN! SULKiY PUQW. THE MQMNE (.EVER HARRQW- THE MOLINE CHAMPION PORN PLANTER, THE IV(QWNE CUUTIVATQR8.- Prow (to) loose aua fill—joui «or«. cribs. Cull on your dealer or »iWrti»* I'low C'o., UolJ.ii-, IVU Mothers' r js a scientifically prepa —every ingredient of recognized value, and in constant use by the jnedical profession, These ingredients are combined in a manner hitherto ynknown, and VVIk'k DO gll that is claimed for it, ANP MORE. If shortens Labor, Lessens Pain> Diminishes Danger to Life of Mother and Child. Sent by Express oq Receipt of Price, $1.50 per Bottle. Book to "MOTHgRS" nailed FREE, containing voluntary testimonies. Soldi il 8PJHPJ4WST8. GKR9NIC NERVOUS ArtU PRIVATE DISEASES* , : l!ool£ ou Frivols Disease* «_- ,=»=*«*=,«? of tieu ftua wowea tvvu'" : Consulttttlou fi-#yby mull or In person. •\vn be curtil. Send for fret) sywjjioiu olaulss. IU',1 run I till Inn. Bldu'.. Jlti-itll St.. DOB Jlolues OJ* ORTHERN PACIFIC GOVERNMENT . „,' In JUuiaqsotft, I North Dukotu, lion_ __ , ___ ,, tuna.. Idalio, Washington and Oregon. TIQNS, wltb M«f, 8 ' *j«crlbui« flue f liop, grirdug aud Uiunev lan P. 9. gBQAT, §? yy VVUen wri«B4 »c»aoi» t \v. N. U.—D.M. lias

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