The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 11, 1894 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1894
Page 6
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UHJffl' A, IOWA, - APB1L 1L fifths Legislation Which adjdiifftod f H* left but few ld#s of i? and Interest, Although paSSOd. Ivenars notthfefegulartltlss „' Mt airs worded so as to give an Idea of ' ths eon tents and scope of th6 laws. ; ,',-•' & ft 68 by Chasftell~To amend section 0. 1 '"fto'det changing tho hour for the convening of • the nssembly on tho first day of the " 8.F, 6 by Hoover—Creating tho Nineteenth Judicial district and providing for the election «t two district judges therein: and also ''<, i providing fop the election of two dUtrtcb "f, judges In the Tenth judicial district. Makes '•?' >r ottbllfiuc the Nlueteenth district. In force July 4. ' if. F. 20 by Weaver—To exempt phnrma- dste from jury duty, etc. In force July 4. ' H. F. 107 by Patterjon—To amend section i M6, code, giving additional police force to In,, «ofporated toWns. In force July 4. . ' H. F. 111! by Blanchiird—To amend seotlon $, chapter 88, laws of 1S33, and authorising cfttes of the secqtul class having not less than ' 8,000 InbabltarttsV.iiss'ribwn by the last legally , authorized census,,to .levyaspecial tax for the ^ Creation of a special paving fund to pay the <io*tof paving street and alley Intersections. ,' ,, ID. force April 4. H. F. 240 by Ellison—To amend sections 2 t Add (J of chapter 08, laws of the Twenty- fourth general assembly in relation to steam engines on public hlglnvays. Makes the •driver of such engine punishable. In force on publication. H. F. 807 by TreWIn—To protect persons Attd property from danger ill grade crossings of one railroad over another, or over swinging or drawbridges, and at junction points, by providing for safety devices thereat. In torco July 4. H, F, 880 by Hoover—To provide for tho training school ot the State Normnl school. ^Allows normal school boards to niaku contracts with districts In Its vicinity for distinction of tho pupils of the district at tho normal school.) In force July 4. H. F. 471 by Funk—To amend section 1680, •codo. In relation to pnrolcs of Inmates of industrial schools, In force on.publication. H. F. 279 by Davis—To amend seotlon 1, •chapter 84, laws Twenty-third general assembly, with regard to the purchase and sale of text books. In force July 4. H. F. 820 by 8aberson—To amend chapter -56, laws of the Twenty-fourth general assembly. [Makes the clirator of the historical collections secretary for tbe board of trustees of the library, etc. I In force July 4. H. F. 79 by Sawyer—To amend section 8, •chapter 100, acts Sixteenth general assembly, giving graders alien upon land or lots whereon tliolr services arc performed. In force July 4. H. F. 405 by Blanclmrd—To amend sections 2650 and 2051 of code, relating to demurrers, In force July 4. H. F. 77 by Sawyer—To amend section 8072 •of codc.-to piovlde.:for the.exemption of poultry from attachment and execution. Exempt* $50. In fovce July 4. H. F. 15 by Sessions—To amond section •3375 of code. (Puts costs of action upon par- tics having color of title who refuse to execute •quit claim deed on demand.) In force .March 27, H. F. 150 by Carter—To amend section 8827 of the code, relating to Ihe satisfaction of school fund mortages, (Requires the county auditor to enter such satisfaction.) In foru'c July 4. •-. H. F. 74 by Robinson—To prevent and punish the Improper use o£ money at elec- •tlons. (Provides penalty ot flno or imprlson- , ment lor making contracts from keeping people •'from voting or paying for services on •election day.) In force July 4. H. F. 17 by Watklns—To prevent and .punish prize lighting. H. F. 135 by N'lcoll—To prohibit sale' of •cigars, cigarettes, or tobacco to minors under wlxtcen years of ago. (Makes penalty due of •$5—8100.) In force July 4. H. F. 8 by Duvison—For the suppression of the Russian thistle or saltwort. (Malsoll Kali, variety Tragus.) In force on publication. H. F. 10a by Gurlcy—To amend section •4275, code as amended by chapter 88, laws of Che Twenty-second general assembly, relating to grand jurors. Allows clerks to all grand juries'.' In force July 4. H. F. 811 by Blanchard—To amend section 4560 of tho code.' Testimony In case of rape. In force March (>. H. F. 10S by Reed—Grouting a commission to revise and codify the laws, and defining its duties nnd providing for the publication and distribution of Its report. In force March 37. S. F. 205 tiy Lewis—To amend section 2, •chapter C3, Nineteenth general assembly, In relation to compensation of oflleors and em- ployes ot the general assembly. In force March 27. S. F. 170 by Cheshire—To amend section 8, chapter 184, Twenty-Ural general assembly, and to Increase the number of district judges Jn the Ninth judicial district. (Provfiles a fourth judge for Polk county.) In force March 4. S. F. 58 by Harsh—To amend sections 289 and 380, Code, as amended by chapter 10, laws •of the Twenty-fourth general Assembly, relating to tho bonding of county indebtedness. (Provides for funding floating debts outstanding January 23, 18!)4.) In force February 14. S. F. 43 by Cheshire—Same. (Provides for funding floating debt* outstanding April 1,1894.) In force March 30. S. F. 125 by Yeomans—To amend section 28!), Code, as subsequently amended. (Provides that when the floating debts of counties are funded tbe bonds shall contain a clause allowing of their retirement ill the option of the board.) In force March 38. S. F, 148 by Harmon—Creating a board of library trustees, etc. (Provides a board of nine trustees In each city or town having u public library.) In force March 8U, S. F. 815 by Evorall—Applying sections 818 and 310 code, to taxes levied nnd collected ty cities and towns under sections 804'.) code and chapter 57, Sixteenth General assembly. (Allows surplus of taxes collected for special purposes lo bo turned Into general fund.) In force July 4. S. F. Cheshire—To apply to cities of the first class the provisions of chapter 78, Twenty-first General assembly und as amended by chapter 17, Twunty-seooud General assembly and chapter 15, Twenty-fourth General assembly, (Relating to Indebtedness of cJUes and towns allows all such cities to fund op refund, debt outstanding March. 28.) In force March 39. 8, F, 18 by Harper—To authorize certain cities pf the first class to purchase and condemn land tor street purposes within said cities where said streets cross rarities or where it is necessary to widen the street to construct embankments, (Includes in the body Q£ the act cities under special charters.) In fo,ree March 98. " • &.,&. 207»by Yppmans—-To amend chapter 18 Twenty-first General assembly relating, to aiding (,ho construction of highway bridges 0y«r navigable boundary rivers of tbe state. (Allows cities on eucu rivers to tax themselves In a|4 pf building 'bridges suitable for bath highway and railway purposes.) jn force February 80. - ft ». 800 by Oliesbjre—To amend chapter 1, Twenty-fourth general assembly, etc. (He> Jfttcs to park nompalssiooers In Des Molucs •and Sioux City. In force March 99. ' & F, 91 by &off Js—Providing f or a g jncrul }eyy tor «tafo purposes. In force J uly 4. , 8, F« ^63 by Palmer—peljalftg (,b,o powers «f railro*i companies with reference lo tho securities, ol other companies, in force S. V. JSS b.# 0riM>o mate furfcndr r visions' tof tho Cafe Of inSario peMOns, (Pfo» vide"! fof.« n«W hospital and allthdrtiteS puf* Chai6 'pi Site and payment Of< same.) la force Mnfcsh 88. ; , 8. F.BSby Turner—TO atfi<5nd Section 1 chapter to. Twentieth g*n«rdl assembly, a amended by chapter" 49, Twenty-Second gen« oral asiembly, relating to damage done by dogs. (Provides that When domestic animals arc Injured by mad dogs compensation shall uot be. allowed.) In lot ee July 4. B. F. 853 by Waterman—To establish a school of mints for the state. (Makes it ft department of th8 agricultural college.) In fofce July 4. 8. F. 62 by Wateimaii—To amend section 17. chapter «4, Nineteenth general assembly, relating to the dieting of prisoners (Allows 12J4 cents a meal and the same for lodging.) Iu force on publication. S. F. 4 by Waterman—Limiting tbe compensation of justices of the peace and constables and providing for reports to the boftrd of supervisors and repealing section 603 code, (Makes highest cotnpdnsatlon any justice may reeeivo 81,600 and any constable $1,26:), with lower maximum amounts according to population.) . In force January 1, 1895. S. F. 83 by Funk—To restrain hunters from trespassing upon cultivated or enclosed lands without permission,, and providing penalties therefor. In forco Jtilv 4. H. F. 235 by Chassell—To amend section 1, chapter 18, Twenty-second general assembly. (Allows Cities of the first class to levy 3 mills to pay Interest on debt Incurred for library building and create sinking fund.) ' In force July 4. S. F. 04 by Turner-Authorizing commissioners of soldiers' homo to grant right-of-way for an electric street car lino over state grounds. To be published. S. F. 63 by Turner—Authorizing tho board of supervisors of Marshall county to locale a highway In part on land owned by the state. In force July 4. H. F. 0—For the relief of the grantees of Antonio Klein, and for the purpose having a patent issue In his name for n certain tract of land. (Corrects a patent for land In Marlon county.) In force July 4th. H. F. BU, by Cooper of Pottawattamlo—To amend section 172'J code, requiring board of directors to provide and keep In good repair suitable water closets or privies In connection with nil public school buildings. In force July 4th. H. F. 2H3, by Brltt-Maklti? appropriations for Ihe institution for feeble minded children, (appropriates J40,850, not more than $2,500 to be drawn before October 15th, 181)4.) In force April 6th. 8. F. 17 by Waterman—Providing for limiting the compensation of sheriffs and their deputies. (Makes maximum compensation 88,000 In conn ties of over 45,000, and 82,800 In other counties having over 38,000.) In force January 1. 18%. 8. F. 140 by llowen—For tho better protection of persons manufacturing, bottling or selling soda, mineral or Held waters, cider, milk, cream or other lawful beverages owning and using boxes, bottles, casks, kegs and barrels. In forco April 4. S. F. 831 by Mattopn—rTo remove a cloud from the title to certain lands for the release o£ Dudley \V. Adams. In force March S, S. F. 245 by Gronowcg—To amend chapter li!, title W, code, In relation to the slato library, as amended by chapter lii, Nineteenth general assembly, and chapter 101, Twentieth general assembly. (Appropriating $y,000 »uainant etu. of semutui Harftibft—Official aata df aotlntf 6* Falfbank. , ' " By Funk—Lety of patipee tfijMfi Dtekfflsoa county, _ ByJa.y"~waina&eeB, etc,, dl Fostef. Monroe coHnfcy. By Jonel—f6*n plat 6f Gflftnell, By Fi-azee—Independent district of Bassett of Chtckafta* county. H. F. 553 by Young of CAlhoUft— AsssdSs- ment of tn*«a in Lake Park. By spauldlng—A6t» and ordlnaaew ot Rookfotd. By SotfefS—Incorporation of Bloektoft, Taylor county. ^ By Bpauldln^—Incorporation of Marble Rock, By watklns—Action of board of directors independent district of lowavflle, Van Buren county, and by the board of directors of tho district township ot Des Molnes, Jefferson, county, etc. By Blancbard—Resolution of city eotindll of Oskaloo3:t. By. Dledrloh—Independent district of Avoea. ' •' ;. By t)ledrloh—Taxes of Avoea. of MeQulnn—The proceeding's of Mound Cemetery association, Bon ton county. By Wood—Incorporation of tdivn of Macksburg, Madison county. By McOinn—Same of Eppworlli. By Ross—Same of Mediapolis. By Doubleday—Town of Valley Junction. By Yonng ot Calhoun—Water works .of Lake City. By Robinson—Extension and bnlarffctncnt of city of Pella, By Haugen—Incorporation of Associated Norwolgen Evangelical congregation, Worth county. By Haugen—Incorporation ot Buffalo Center. Wlnnebago county. By Haugen—Incorporation of Thompson, Winuobago county. By Wyckoil—Acts of town council of Moulton. By Brltt—Levy of taxes in Plattsville township in Mills county, By Watklns—Election, etc., of Fells' cemetery, Llbertyvllle. By Brill—Taxes In Center township, Mills county. H. F. G35 by Blancbard—Notarial acts of Thomas White. H. F. 634 by Klcmme—Town of Ridgoway. By Finch—Ordinances of Bode. By Ranck—Cerlata conveyances to congregational society at Iowa City. • By Spearman—Taxes In Mt. Pleasant. By Bitterman—Acts of Daniel Dougherty, justice of the peace, Cerro Oordo county. By Pattlson—Certain acts of West Union, By Jones—Bonds Issued for waterworks by Brooklyn. By Cheshire—Independent district of Valley Junction. By Ellis—Acts of Clinton county supervisors. By Chapman—Acts and ordinances of Cor- rectlonville. By Haugen—Qualification of Louis Larson as school director. By Cheshire—Paving contracts in Dos Molnes. By Ordinances of town of RIoc- vlllc. , Joint Resolutions. 5. To amend the constitution relative to ltft jev t. / , , jft d3fiif 6 fnafreils Ih BiftmbJTs bf Ih* boifd dt etlli 6f : ImltillOflS dt . • . , . M)9-"-RelaMng to 1 defective aokhoWl* edgettients. • . H, Fi 4f4— Relating to cdribiy bridges over & I 1 . 805 by Barmou—To rop.oal section 3 -p| p&apte? 1S4, iicts Twenty-third geuural ..„ 3i& RusjU Park railway across ,iflUbqstate. lafqree J»ly 4. , „.„• F' Si—To repeal sjpetUw 8, cfcapter 53, *Ti& atyr-Jtettgepewi ai,seflnWy, et«, (Aw£n<J' B»rgftr|ne J,aw,) Ju force feb- this year and $5,000 annually after January 1, 1805.) In force March «0. H. F. 287 by lUuuk—Making appropriations for the better support of the state university In the several departments and chairs In aid of the Income fund for the development of the Institution and for tho erection of buildings, allows $05.000 for special objects and $25,000, annually for permanent addition to support fund. In force July 4, S. F. 138 by Koa—Making appropriation for the state normal school, (Amount $00,• 000 of which only 85,000 may be drawn before October 15, In force April 0. S. F. 41 by Boardnuin—Making appropriation for agricultural college. (Allows $49,003 for improvements and 815,000 annually thereafter for repairs, general Improvements and current expenses.) In force April 4. H. F. 3!!8 by Murray—Making appropriations fur tho Soldiers' Orphans' home, (Appropriating ?14,OOU.) 8. F. 203 by Turner—Making appropriations for the Soldiers' home. (Appropriating $11,875.) H. F. 21.7 by I'cnrose—Making appropriations for Ihe College for the Blind. (Amount 35,100). In force April 0. H. F. 201. by Olesori—For tho relief of Frederick M. Hull, Wcbslor county. (Allowed pcnslou of $240 a year for injuries received at Amimosa penitentiary). In force on publication. H. F. 943 by Dlcdcrlcb—Making appropriations for tho school for the deaf. (Apprupri- aties 314.100). II. F. 01 by Spcarm»n—Making appropriation for hospital for.lhe Insane at Mt. Pleasant, ($34,000). S. F, 170 by Baton—Making appropriations for tho hospital for the Insane at Clarindn. (8137,OiIS, not more than $S,00!I.50 to bo drawn during 1SSI4). In force April (J. Making appropriation for hospital at Independence. (10,000.) H. F. 870 by WI|k|ns-Making appropriations for penitentiary at Ft, Miidlson, (Appropriation £'.1,500 and allows 5200 to bo taken from prison library fund for putting stwim heating into deputy warden's house and 8100 to pay (or transportation of Kunduy school teachers to prison. In force on publication, S. F. 220 by Green—Making appropriations for tbe penitentiary nl Anamosa. (Amount S37,0«5,()7,) In force on publication, 8. F. 200 by Rowcn—Making appropriation for Industrial school, boys' department. (Amount 80,030,) To ho promulgated. H. F, 444 by Dowell—Mukins appropriation for Industrial school, girls' department. (Allows §5,001).) H, V. 441 by Baborson—To amend section 1, chapter W, laws of the Twenty-fourth gun- oral assembly, relating to an appropriation for a stovo shop at pouUunllary at Ft, Madison, Iowa. H, F, 523 by Miller of Chorokoo—To provide for the payment of the mileage of the committees appointed to visit tho state institutions, (Appropriates 8780.05.) H. F. 837 by Young pf Calhoun—To pay tho expenses of tho state militia while on duty al Pomeroy during the month of July, 1803. eto. (Appropriates $700.) H. V, 443 by Blanuhard—Appropriating money to defray Ihe expenses of tho iwiugtb .latlon ceremonies. (Amount, 8310.05.) In force ori publication. . H. F. 537 by committee on suppression of in temperance—To tax the trallic in intoxicating liquors and to regulate and control the same. In force April 4. H. F. 373 by Robinson—To pay the expenses of A. W, Richardson, cont'eslee in the ton- tested election case from Jackson county. Appropriate* $375. '."o mak« an appropriation for the Iowa State Agricultural society for tbe encouragement o| agriculture, horticulture, manufactures and other industries of the btale of Iowa. (Appropriate! SSO.OOJ). To authorize the puvsiuje ot certain real estate in DCS Moines. Appropriates Sj,?50 to buy two lots north of tbe boiler house af the capltol). r ifi. tetta; i«»' w By Brlgbtoa—Incorporation of jSllsworth. By Bteen—Ordlnaucusof Bagley. By Gorrcll-Electlou 8t Prairie City on water works bonds. By Baton—Ordinances of Imogcao, By Rea—Acts and ordinances of Relnbeck. By (iaret—Levy of ro»4 taxes in Carroll county. By Kilburn—An ordinance of Wlnterset. By Pcorose—School tijxes i,n Jicllo Plulne. By Uptou—Ordinances of West Peeojrah. By Harder- Ijibrary taxeu la Burlington. By ^JUJft-r-yaylog §?ae^ftjjjen,)i In tbo city of manufacturing and saleof Intoxicating liquors as a beverage. 17. Relative to Issuing codes. 8. Relating to Hawaiian Islands. 4. Appointing commissioners for promoting uniformity in legislation In the United States. 17. Authorizing IHSIIU of warrants for mileage of visiting committees to state Institutions. lii. Providing for tho official publication and distribution ot the mulct law. 2. In relation to the Improvement of tho Missouri river at Council BlulTs. 6. Covering Into the treasury 88,070.37 appropriated last season from tho Ft, Madison penitentiary. 10. For the collection of regimental flags and placing them In hurmetlcal sealed cases. 15. Memorializing congress against the passage of the Wilson bill. 15. Assigning Horticultural society to restaurant room and adjutant general to horticultural room. 3. MctnorlallKtiijr congress for construction of a canal in the Mississippi to Illinois river at Hotinepln. 7. Memorializing congress to pass a bill placing Imitation dairy products entirely un- uer state control. C'onniii-rcnt Resolutions, 5. F. by Ray—Authorizing secretary of state to furnish Iloutonani-governor and «ach member of, tho general assembly with suasion Jaws 1800-1802. " Awaiting Approval. S. F. 412—To amend sections -I and 5, chapter 151, of tho Twentieth general assembly, relating to park commissioners. 8. F. 170—To amend sauiion 804 ' of the code in relation to notice of our tux redemptions. In forco July 4. S. F. 870—To cover money Into tho treasury from tho llsh commission fund. ($8158.70.) In force July 4, 8. F. 37—To repeal chapter 123, Twenty- first general assembly, relating to release of judgments, mortgages, etc., In other states and 1'orclgn countries. H. F.-«40—To amend section 277 of the code, to permit, notaries public to adml ulster oaths In counties adjolujiig tbeir residences. In foreo July 2. H, F. 002—To enable cities of tho second and flrslclass lo Issue bonds payable out of special assessments for street Improvements. H. F, 824 by Byors—To prevent oppressive garnishments and transferring of claims for tho purpose of defrauding debtors of their exemption right?. H. F. !>7—To amend section :J73-t of the code. (Makes salary of deputy olcrk at second county seat 9900.) H. F. lOli—To amend section 3710 of the code no as lo enable school boards to furnish school books lo indigent children. H. F, 254—To amend section SI7I15 of the code providing for tho manner of taking depositions. H. F. 203—To require clerk of district court to report to county auditor changes of title made by decree of court or by will. H. F. 208—To amend section 1, chapter 7!), of the Seventeenth general assembly, relative to tho consolidation of municipal corporations. Allows voting to be done at special elections, H. F. 41S by Weaver—To provide for the publication and distribution of the proceedings of Ihe State Teachers' association. H. F. 174—To amend section 8S33 of tho codu, In relation to publication of legal notices. • H. F. 38S, by MriQuinn— To amend section 1800 of the code so as to permit towns or villages of 100 inhabitants to become Independ cut districts, but not to take in contiguous territory. H. F. 108, by JIarriman—In, relation to par titlou fences. H. F. 173, by Mllllman—To amend chapter 10, title 4 of tho code, relative to relocation of county scats. H. F. SQ4—To amend the Code so as to [)TO- vlde that bang ing shall bo done at the penitentiary, by the sheriff of county whore tue crime is committed. H. F. 327 by St. John—To regulate the testing of milk. H. F. 872—Appropriating |3,OUO for geological sui'i'oy. H. F. 45 by Watkins—Conferring on women the right to vote on issuance of bonds or of ta$ levy iu cities, towns and school districts. H. F. 218 by Hoouer—4utiuirlzlag the board of supervisors to appoint delegates to meetings of State Agricultural society. H. F, 653 by Cbussell-Approprlaflug $13,000 tor the purchase of a site for »u additional hospital for insane at Cherokee. H. F. 631 by Cbassejl—To legalise conveyances, of personal property by executors or trustues under foreign wills. H. y. S2Q by Wuderman—Providing for Iba publlcuiiou and distribution of pfaceedingg of He fourth reunion of the pioMec ' tbe\rs. fi. F. tJlS by Blatiohafd—To appropriate 1800 lo purchase fo r tne go^ernor'a rooms a porf,ralb of e*-Gov. Win. M. Stone. H. F. 627—Amending" the code so as to make Sale or- removal of chattel mortgage property without Written consent of mort- gageedacrlmei fit, F. 8»t by Blftnehafd-f0 declare void the 80 per cent clause in life Insurance policy, and to deny'to companies employing that clause Ibo fight to do business In tbe state. H. F. 87 by Moore—To provide fpr the payment of wages of workmen in mines and to protect them in the control of their own earn* ings. H. F. 4fl3—To authorize the mayors ot olt- les of second class and towns, to appoint tho marshals. ••;..• ,8. F. 8C9 by Andrews—To increase the number of judges of the supreme court to six. fA judge to bo appointed and serve until election. | ••,-,-. ,.'.'• H. F. 80—Requiring eortnty boards to levy road tax nnd reducing ihe township levy to 4 mills, S. F. 407—Appropriating $3,000 for building dormitory at Marsballtown for widows of soldiers and sailors and for army nurses. S. F. 414—To legalize the territory,in certain cltleg.. S. F. U)4^-To amend sectlon'401 of the codo In reforoneo to the establishment and maintenance of public libraries. S. F. 139—To amend chapter 100 of tbe Twentieth General assembly nnd to make further provisions In reference to the Investment of the endowment fund of tho Agricultural college. S. F. 871—Authorizing railroad corporations now existing or hereafter created to provide by by-laws for conferring on bondholders tho right to vote. 8. F. 8fi2—Appropriating 810,000 for the ofrleo of dairy commissioner. S. F. ISO—To amend sections 3 and 8, chapter 34, of the Twenty-third general assembly, relative to fish. 8. F. 148—Authorizing rnilway corporations to mortgage their property for certain purposes. S. F. 280—Providing for breaking and loading stone by convict labor at Anamosti to bo used In Improving highways and streets. S...F. 213 by Andrews—To define what shall constitute fraternal, bencllclary societies, orders or associations, to provide for their incorporation, etc. (AftcRting Ancient Order of United Workmen and similar organizations.) 8. F. 316—Relating to certain contracts for the conditional sale, lease or hire of a railroad, and street railway equipments and rolling stock, requiring the lease to bo recorded with the secretary of state. S. F. 847 by Henderson—To apportion the state into representative districts. (No change from the law two years ago. S. F. 433 by Harmon—For placing Buchanan county la the Tenth Judicial District. 8. F. 281—To amend section 1006 of the code by enlarging tho powers of trustees of tho agriculture college. S. F. 303—Substitute for chapter-14, Twenty-fourth general assembly, relating to taxes, voted in aid of railways. S. F. 107—Relative to 'trimming Osage orange fences. A Chinese imaa- has fofWAfded tlio folldtfiag ftieau of & baaquet gives At Pektfi to the fafeigtt dimottaUdts: first dame font classic dfshes, namely, swallow bests tolth pigeon eggs, shark ilas with ctabs, ddg 1 fish With wild duck, duck and cauliflower; then succeeded deli- cadiesi served la cups placed before each gttest; swallow Bests, shark fins, plaia mOfils, vegetables, mushrooms With duck feet, fried partridge, pigeou in slices) thea there appeared four dishes, aataely, ham in honey, 1 a fture of peas, vegetables aad do# fish; four side dishes, harlot cheese with bamboo buds (a kind of asparagus), roots of bamboo, chicken, shell fish; four hors d'onivres in duplicate; ham and chicken, fish and gizzard, pork tripe ftnd vermicelli, duck and pork cutlets. Kach guest had also placed before him plates of almonds, pistachio paste, pears and oranges. Finally, the fol* lowing were the roast and boiled meats; Sucking pig, roas* duck, boiled chicken, boiled pork. There was a . profusion of European a»d Chinese annexation of wines. No opium was smoked, for I official China is not yet reconciled to the drug 1 which it owes to the JSast India company. A MddefH -^-< A vary frh6n sitting ne*t to Colon&l Rdmdlldt the dinner table, asked him, in ft tone of Voice! "Are you foBd of mtlsid, colonel? 1 ' "Madam," replied the warrior, rollmg * sA**ge pair ot eyfe8, "I'm not afraid '*Slt»'* Feminine criticism. fie—"l)o you think Miss Smith's photographs do her justice?" • „ She—"Oh, yedj justice tempered *itfc mercy." ^___ When yon (to to church to pray fof tfe* conversion of the heathen ( don'tisxpect tn6 missionary to go at his ovyn expense. ABOUT RAILWAYS. Germany has ;M3,000 railroad em- ployes. The first French railroad line was opened in, 1328. .The number of railroad employes in Francc-:is 333,000. Tho Union Pacific owns or controls 7,r)iSl miles of line. Tho railroads of this country last year moved 749,331,800 tctas of freight. The coat of tho railroads of this country is estimated Tjy Poor at $9,393,053,:U:£ In England tho passenger earnings arc about forty-four wor cent of the total receipts. Thg avorasrcs cost of construction and equipment par mile of! American roads is $54,0-1-1. Mullmll says that tho life of a locomotive is usually fifteen yenr.s and its cannings 8300,000. The fastest long-distance run ever known was on the Now York Central in 1801, -I39 miles in -t-'.'o minutes. Tho first line of railroad in the United. States was from Boston to Quincy, four miles, opened in 1837. Last year there were 401 renr-end collisions in this country, 311 head collisions and eighty-nine at crossings. Tho construction of tho Now York elevated railroad required S,:JOO tons of iron per mile and cost $220 per yard. In is:t() tho United States had twen- ty-lhreo miles of railronrt truck in operation,; lust year there were 173,23!). Knglish railroads are the most costly to build, Swedish railroads arc tho cheapest, tho difference being seven to one, Last year the railroads of this conn- try pjiid $333,059,089 i n interest on tholr bonds and $83,330,811 in dividends. Ho Moved On. "What do you want?" asked tho housewife, "Suthin 1 to eat." "I haven't anything in tho house except somo bread und corn beef. Do you want somo of that?" "No," ho said Sadly. "I guess I'll movo on. It; 'ud bo a pity ter waste such a lino appo- tito on aocl; poor victuals."—Washington A MIT,K .Tiro.— Not fcho ingenuity of j tho yankce.but that of an Eng-lishman, I 1ms invented tho long-looked-for milk i jug, which can bo \tsed by every • family, nnd discloses tho purity of tho milk it contains as unerring asn oheru- i ist's analysis. It is aptly named .tho I "Telltale" and is made of strong glass, marked oft' in quarter, half, three-quarters and one pint measures. To test the quality, exactly u pint or a half pint must be allowed to stand until the cream rises; the thickness of the cream shows the quality of the milk by means of marks on tho glass at stated intervals; respectively, "average," "good" and "very good'." With milk of a very poor quality the cream will not reach even the "average" mark. • THE PLANT A BI.OSSM.—The Malayan pennisula is the home of an extraordinary botanical curiosity in the shape of a flower which is simply a blossom without leaves, vine or stem and which grows as a parasite on decaying wood, etc. It is known to the natives by a name equivalent to a "wonder-wonder." This extraordinary flower-like growth is sometimes as much as three feet in diameter, with a globular central cup having a capacity of about five to seven quarts. Tliis cup distills a fetid liquid .with an odor, similar to that of decaying meat, ttotanists believe that the odor is calculated to attract flies and secure proper fertilization. WOOD.— A Hungarian inventor claims to have made a discovery which will revolutionize the textile industry. He asserts that he is able to spin ordinary wood pulp or cellulose into yarn, from which all sorts of textile tissues can be made in the ordinary way, equaling in appearance, durability and fastness of • color the best cotton goods. The method is not only applicable to cellulose, but also to every sort of short fibrous material — for instance, rags, scraps of cotton and linen goods. The fiber, whether paper pulp or textile refuse, can be dyed before being spun into yarn, so that the dyeing of the woven material is not iiecessarv. Otnt "POSTAL SYSTEM.— Less" than fifty years ago there was really no postal system in this country. Previous to .18-17 the mails were carried by private firms and rates varied according to distance. •Carriers often traveled on foot or horseback and the progress was slow. In 1840 somo of the post- offices issued stamps of their own, called "provisional issues." The adhesive stamp was first used in this country in 1847, and prepayment was made compulsory in 1850. In 1803 tbe stamp containing the head of Andrew Jackson was issued, and from then until 188") the style adopted contained the profiles of Presidents of the United State. Like Morning Dewj Hood's Sarsaparllla Fresh* ens, Strengthens, Cures j Heart Palpitation - Distress In tho Stomach—That Tired Feeling. < " I am glad to state that Hood's Sarsaparlllai has done 1110 lots of good. I was subject to cramps in tho stomach, liver complaint, Indict Kcstlou, palpitation ot the heart, and that tlredj feeling. Two yelirs ago I gave Hood's SarsaJ jpnrlllan trial. I have not. been without usup-« ply of it from thut time. It rp.licved me won-* dcrfullr, and now when I feel the least uneasiness I resort to Hood's Snrsaparllla, and It always gives me immediate relief. I could not do without it, and several of my neighbors hava used It upon my recommendation and found it An Excellent Medicine, Doing them good after all other medicines failed. I a:n also highly pleased with to« effects of Hood's Pills. As morning dew refreshes HoodV' tr >Cur@s withered grass, so Hood's Sarsaparllla and Fills refresh the human body of ills and pains." HARRIET M. STOVEH. Versailles. Missouri. Hood's Pills are the'l>est family cathartic, gentle and effective. Try ;i, tinv. 25 cents. TRU.4TISD , Positively Cured with Vegetable JKemedle*. Haveciirail tlionmmds of oases. Curoonuet pro- nouuced hopeless by boBtjyhyslclaus.l>'rom llrstdosn symptoms disappear; In ten duysnt least, two-thlrdi nil symptoms removed. Send for f reu book testimonials of mlrnrulous euros. Ton days' trentmeDt Croebymall. If you order trial genii lOo In stump* to pay postugo. rm.II.H.GiiEKN & Ho.VS,Atlnnta,Giu U you order trial return tills advertisement to ca, WELL Illustrated eatalORUe showing WELL AUGERS, BOOK CHILLS, IiyDBAtJLIO AND .TETTING MAOHINEBY, etc. SENT FIIEE. Hove been tested and ull warranted. Sioux City IviiKiim £ iron Works, Successors to Vccb Mfn. Co., ,01. „ , Sioux City, Iowa. 1217 Dnlon Avo., Kansas City, Mo. WBFE GA . N NOT SEE HOW YOU DO ™ IT ANO PAV "HUH! > . IT ANO PAV ri our 2 drawer walnut or o»k In- ml High Arm Slnser.fwlnitm.cMo. finely finished, nlclrl platal. adapted |o ||,b« T)><> Propensity Still There, A Gothic Christian bishop onca translated the bibje into tho tlothio language for the use of his people, but omitted tho book of Kings, lest tho wars told of there should in^ creuso their propensity for fighting, pf Aristotle. The works of Aristotle comprise more tbuu 400 treatises on vft- rioub subjects, Tho manuscripts which siu'vivo of Jus writings vyej-o iocjdontally discovered in an advanced stage of decay in an old chest. — Running 1 is the great beautifier of figure and movement. It gives muscular development, strong heart action and free lung play. Th muscle comes where it ought' to be, the shoulders go back, the loins hold the trunk well balanced, and the feet tak their proper positions. It was running which made tho Greek figure. Thi more active tribes of American Indian! have been runners from time immemo rial, and from the chest to the heel they are much more beautifully buil than the average of white men. Run ning people have usually the firm bu elastic texture which is the beautv of flesh. GnuAT CITIES.— Of cities of more than 100,000 population England has thirty Germany twenty- four, France an dRus sia each twelve, Italy ten, Austria Hungary six, Spain five, Belgium, the Scandinavian states, Eoumania anc the Balkan islands each four, tho Neth erlands three, Portugal two; the total in Europe being 110 great cities. Asia has 105, China having fifty-three and British India thirty.. In Africa there are seven, in America- forty, of which the United States has twenty-six; South America nine. Australia has only two large , . e o , .nd heavy work; guarantee,] far 10 Yonrn Wild luKimntlcBobbln Ulnclcr, H B ir.Thrtj.<ii« (MU- l«r 8hnlllMMr.S4lUng J^di,, „„,, . ^f teu Vttoe SIcMAItnthmenl.j.hipiieil »ny whsri oa SO Dny'B Trlnl. No monay r« imlred m advance M. U'orld'«Falr MtdalawnrdodmichlnBariilulUch- 75,OOOnoirIn»M. IJiry from fnctory and gave dualeHo aad f scat's proflte. Cnt * Wl Out SIHl KnA " i " l ", v for m«chln« or laree (ras catalonue f tantlm.mrnla ami Gtltntnes of lha World'a Fair OXFORD MFQ. CO. 342 Wrtas W. I.. DOUGLAS S3 SHOD equnls custom work, costing- from $4 tn $6, best vsihie I'or lliu money in the- world. Nsime nnd prtce - The statue Venus da Rlilo, re- .jardod as the typo of perfect .y beauty, was found $t Milo, one of ;ho islands of the Grecian ai-cliipela- 50, by a peasant while digging qt ,ho roots of u, troo, Would Talk Him to Insurance Agent— You need ,i/o polipy badly. if BUSINESS WOMEN,— According to the last census there are 110 wonien law yers in the United States and 105 wpnje?* ministers, 330 women authors, S88 women journalists, S,001 artists, 2,130 architects, 2,100 stock raisers and ranchers, 5,135 government clerks, 3,438 physicians and surgeons, 13,183 professional musicians, 50,800 farmers and planters, 31,071 clerks °and bookkeepers, 14,403 heads of commercial bouses and I55,ooo women, school teachers, _ _ CUCUMBSBE— For at least 3,000 years the cucumber feas been cultivated in India, De CandollQ prophesied in 1855 t.hafc ^ would be found growing wild in the no^Uwest o| ?n4^> awl sure enpugft it was so found, 'being the, first wi!4 variety known. Tbp ancient Gf eekg and Latins cultivated the cucumber, but no trace b%s been foun4 91 »ts presence io ancient Egypt - throu tke' TUBES pj- are n,ow h pneumatic tubes in no]pfl,i Pities of Great preset alwirf f fty "ajiles j Sl .— La? most of Britain. pf sues ...inpeil on the bottom . , EVerr pair warranted. Take no substi. See local papers for full iscnptlon of our complete lines for ladies nnd gen. llcmcn or send for //. liistraled Catalogue *- giving in. strut-lions how to nr- by Express. The Automatic Clothes C'O,, MtiRca- tlne, Iiv, Ask your dealer. A gouts wunted. Circular* true. SeN on Sight. Patents, Trade-Marks, Examination auiT Advice aa to Patentability of rnvemion Ifeiiil for ••Jnveiitora-OuWeVorHow %O°l " "atent." FATBIOS OTA8BBLL, WA8HINGTOH, »; a Unlike the Butch Process No Alkalies —on— Other Chemicals are used la tho preparation of W, JUKER & CO.'S .BreakfastCocoa which i$ absolutely pure anil soluble, w t/ipalrenytli, of Cocoa W&el with Starch, Arrowrootp? is far mqre eco- f- wh advlSul leujuu, u you we goluo uurruse clo «e VB n save you t-oius woaey. We wawt a u ever ton t . u every town to huudlou very PODular yelob, tho TWKIilSKi'Kit uijd 'i'Wt kVe UIITO a beivutlfu'l wheel for Sdl«*f o

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