The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 11, 1894 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1894
Page 5
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P .W^'^ ~ * , ' t. ' ^ ~ ' •> ~ >v , i AMOKA.IOWA. .* .». Off,-, ••"**** HARD Tl HAS MANY ADVANTAGES. will astonish yon. . o beat the record of former seasons. We have the stock W*"name the prices that will help along this great work of determination. We cannot stop the increase-cannot clog the progress of a live store. We will not be outdone. We will not be undersold. and will guarantee to sell better made, bettor trimmed, and Yours always, 'Better Fitting Clothing— at a saving of $2 to $5 on a suit over any other store in Algona, Lot 72 6 4 -Fifty men's suits, black and blue Corkscrew worsted;, no dealer will sell them for less than 17 or f8; our price until sold,........ y • • • • • ;.•••• • • • Fifty doz. Overalls, good value at 5 oc; come and get them for.... supply of the onfy Exclulive and One-price Clothing House m town. EAILWAT TIME OAEDS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. LOCAL TRAINS WEST. .„ _ 0 No. 1 departs at No. 0 departs at ?. Freights that carry passengers- No. Go departs at No. 03 departs at No. 71 departs at TRAINS BAST. No. 2 departs at No. 4 departs at Freights that carry passengers— No. 76 departs at • • • ;No. 94 departs at the piece they mado their reputation in. They play, in Algona next week Thursday evening. Haswell Ramsey is now head clerk in the law office he is in at Seattle on a salary of $1,200 a year, and has quit stenography. He has won rapid and deserved promotion. ports a large gathering of jewelers from all over the state. There ought to he a heavy influx of cash in Algona when the funds begin to arrive. CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. North- Mixed 8:18 a m Pass 3:33pm - 10:00 am South- Pass 3:4Gpm Mixed 0:07pm Freight... Des it .. 10:00 a m Freight.... 10:00 a m i. arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at • " — B - m. Lv. Des M. 3 !30 a TO. THE CITY CIRCUIT. Columbian quartette tonight. Lunch at the reading room Saturday. The Grand Army post meets next Wednesday. A baby at Mr. Dunwoodie's at Irvington last Sunday swells the census. The city well is down <850 feet. The last 150 feet have been in lime stone. The less said about Kendall's "Pair of Kids" the better. They should join Pete Peterson. Jim Stewart of Ledyard was brought down by the sheriff Saturday for selling mortgaged property. W K Ferguson has bought the house owned by A. Hough. It has a history as Miss Wooster's school building. It is probable that Jahu DeWitt Miller, who lectured at the _ institute last summer, will be here again May 10. ' W F. Carter sold 10 horses last week, incredible as that may seem, at a good price. He has now only his ponies left. Dr McCormack is located in the McCall house., the.second house east of the Northwestern depot. He has moved from Wesley. All who have stock to pasture will take notice of the opening of the Call pastures south of town, which is published this week. The Mount Union Register is a new paper started by Grant and Ed. Hawk- Ins down in Louisa county. The boys now have two good papers going. Kersohbaum, who was arrested last week at Emmetsburg and brought to Algona for selling mortgaged property, raised money to settle the. matter, Justice Alex, Eraser joined a Chariton young man and Miss Rebecca Gallagher in marriage at Sam Squires' residence in Riverdale last Sunday. Dr Morse traded an equity in a 40- acre tract for some trotting stock down near Fort Dodge last week, He gets a mare whose colt recently sold for $3,000. Ghas, Larrabee, son of the governor, was in town Monday on his way to Eagle where they hold so much &na. He says bis father is not selling at all. • Ex-Supervisor Holtz, who is just up from a long spell of sickness, was tipped over while coming to town last Friday, and his shoulder quite badly hurt. S. S. Wartman will begin at once the erection of a very handsome home on lots he has purchased of G, M. Johnson on McGregor street north of J. *• Stacy's. Col. Foster of the Fourth regiment was in Algona last weel? on private business. He thinks the annual encampment this summer will be held at • Port Dodge, * Mrs. Anna Harris, of the good tem^ plar order, spoke to a union meeting at the Congregational church Sunday evening. The storm caused a small attendance- Letters are advertised for Miss Alta Ambrose, Miss Yenny Anderson (2), Miss Mollie Bahr, Miss Minerva Bemis, Richard Halley, Miss Emma O'Brein, John Wivtjes. The oldest coin found up in the creek by Daniel Rice's, is foreign and is dated 1760. Mr.'Seeley, who was the earliest settler in that region, has no theory to offer for the find. »are drawing their old Marriage licenses have been issued to G W. Torbett and Kate Mulhair, Thomas A, Nelson and Louisa Myers, Frank Salem andRebeciaE. Gallagher, Jasper A. Moore and Eva M. Mathews. On account of the high school contest the regular meeting of the I. O. Or. 1. will be postponed until Saturday evening. All members of the juvenile temple are invited to attend this meeting. J. J. Knoer sold his stock at Whittemore recently to his brother and McGovern. Creditors have filed attachments and will attack the transfer as fraudulent. Clarke & Quarton represent the creditors. Dr. Morse intends to raise 300 bushels of onions on his five acre farm in the timber north of Chubb Bros. He has advised with the editor and other farmers as to methods, and great things may be looked for. Mr. Bennett, a lawyer from New York, is delivering a series of lectures at the Baptist church. He speaks every evening this week, and in connection evangelistic services are held. H« is a good speaker. Thos. F. Cooke received notice Saturday that he had been appointed on the national road committee of the League of American Wheelmen, He has been a member of the state committee the past year. A new wrinkle in farming is riding horseback behind the drag in putting In oats. Last week several had four heavy horses on big 24-foot drags and rode behind on the fifth horse, covering lots of ground in one day. Marshall Lumbar's Algona friends will be pleased to learn that he IB one of the three state university debaters" to contest with the Minnesota students. Tho debate comes at Iowa City, May 18. The Iowa team won last year at Minneapolis. Last week Wednesday the' engineer on the Northwestern train south saw a lot of iron piled on the track just north of Rice's bridge over the river. He stopped in time to prevent any damage. No clue is had to the perpetrators, and their object is not known. Ed Eriokson while drunk last week took it into his head to throw a lot of pop bottles into the street and break them. He was before 'Squire Clarke Monday and was given a day to raise money and pay all damages and costs, or take a turn at the city stone pile, The Daily Capital says; Representative Sessions of Kossuth is a candidate for clerk of the supreme court and his large circle of friends propose to help him get the nomination, Colonel Sessions made many friends during the recent session of the legislature, We regret to announce that Bro. Hinchon has fallen off 12 pounds since he began as postmaster, while Wo, Starr fleshed up at it, It is evident that no such habits of accuracy are acquired in editing democratic Worma- tionastofita man for postofflce details. ' W, B. Quarton is receiving. many friendly assurances of support m Ws candidacy to succeed Judge Carr. The field will be full but his chances are, to say the least, as good as any. He is well known over the district in his law work and will have lots of friends m the convention, A collector for one of the foreign machine companies had a lively experience at Burt last week trying to get a settlement with Alois Rabm, After several visits and consultations Mr. Rahm seized a gun and Mrs, Rahma broom stick and the agent vamoosed without further parley. It is reported that Callanan & Savery have bad men in the county the past week lookin? over some lands they have been notified to make out quitclaims for under the new law. They have 20 days after notice in which to act. Quitclaims have already been asked on about 50 forties. E.G. Bowyerwas elected treasurer of the state jewelers' association at w weetinein Ues Moines last week-. 8 e was in attendance several Aays M>4 re- The Milwaukee railway company has assured Mayor Call that they are willing at any time to put in a Y" providing they can secure room near the Northwestern track on the diagonal street for a freight depot. If they can they would put in a small depot there and use the "Y" extensively for town business. Much interest is felt in the high school contest Friday evening at the opera house. There are some good declaimers and an excellent pro- gramme. Prof. Dixson has kept the names of his judges secret and they will not be made known till the cision has been rendered. They are from a distance. Another burglary was committed Sun dav night, this time at the store o Patterson & Sarchett. The screen over the back transom was torn off, the glass broken and raised, anc then the door was unlocked and lef open. If anything was taken the pro prietors could not tell what when thej came in in the morning. Some time ago Dr. McCoy wrote t the Burlington railway officials sug gesting the feasibility, if they contern plate building south west, of beginnin at Forest City or Buffalo Center an running through Algona to Bode an so out. They reply that they will not build this year, but that they will consider the matter in the future. ainment was ever more enjoyed. It vas the first opera ever given in town, nd it is one of the best comic operas ver written, and Ed. Andrews is the est Koko that has yet appeared. A nil house should greet such old ac- uaintances and enjoy again the catchy music and humor of this splendid iroduction. The celebration over the 90th birthday of Geo. W. Jones at Des Moines ast week has a local interest as he was n the senate when the Algona post- office was established and was instrumental in getting the post road fixed. He was imprisoned during the war on account of his sympathy with Jefferson Davis When he was released he came from New York to Chicago on the same train A. Rutherford was on and the cars being crowded they botn occupied the same seat. Mr. Ruther- iord has pleasant recollections of the trip. B. P. Kirk of Mason City was over last Thursday to complete a trade by which he gets a half interest in O. u. Creed's colt, "Brown Storm," sired b HAYE A LOCAL BEARING, Some Miscellaneous Matters Possessing More or Less of Local Interest in Some Form. The High School Contest—Sheldon and the Asylum—A Word for Whittemore—County Geology. Ol'BtJU B UU1K, jjiu,, .. «..-..—, —VrTnni Mr. Kirk's pacer "Storm," record2:084, who was burned up a year ago, and out of the pacing mare "MollieB.' hy Pluto 1050, second dam "Bell P.' by *. _l__i -iji* _i_T 1 { T^« ,*l?Mn/7 The postoffico department is soon to dispense with postal notes and will use money orders altogether. On all sums less than $2.50 the rate will be three cents. As the money order is much more complicated for the postmaster to make out and attend to this means more care for Bro. Hinchon, who will soon be a candidate for tho skeleton man in a circus. The Minneapolis & St. St._Loui8 railway have now begun an action at Fort Dodge to have the appointment of the administrator for the brakeman killed at LuVerne set aside. By this they hope to beat the judgment of $8,000 secured by her here in Algona on account of her son's death, They are trying everything they can to get out of paying. This is the suit in which they forgot to appear and defend. It seems that Louis Kossuth not only gave a name to this county, introduced the soft hat into America, and brought the fashion of wearing full beards, but that the peculiar round-headed steel nail in his shoes became popular and was known as the Kossuth nail, Horace Schenck says he used many of them, They were driven into the sole and the round heads were left out like heavy nails sometimes used now on shoes. In discussing a bunch of Canada thistles which is flourishing in the rear of the Methodist church in Algona several of our citizens reported a new weed like a milk weed and some like a thistle that seems to abound and IB spreading, The sweet clover which is getting in along roadways and embank' mentsis also becoming an object of suspicion, It is said that in Wisconsin sweet clover has run out pastures and caused no end of trouble, The musical entertainment at the Congregational church this evening by the Columbia Male quartette is highly spoken of by many of our neighboring papers, The Clear Lake Mirror says; *»The quartette is composed of four excellent voices and the gentlemen are true artists, Their voices blend well and their 'shading' shows they have the true conception of the essentials of a male quartette—perfect harmony and expression." The prices charged ave 35 and ?5 cents. Articles have been agreed on for a public reading room and it will now be open every afternoon and evening. The capital stock is put at $1 a, share and active efforts will be made to get it on a self-supporting basis. A fine list of periodicals is ROW taken, and the future of the room depends largely on the demand there is for such a place, Being open now every day, there should be a good and growing attendance on the part of all who do not baye all the leading periodicals at home. Ed. Andrews will reappear as Koko in the Mikado next week Thursday evening. The first time the Andrews ever came to Algoaa they played the I fciiijad 0 ty W^sou'f b^ 1 * *w °°- euter? JT lUuU Jt/Uw, DOV^I/*•!»-*. v»fc*«-« — . Sweieard 650,'and third dam "Paulina by Membrino ' Rattler. The colt is a yearling and gives promise of equalling his sire in beauty and on the track. He is probably as valuable a colt as has been bred in Iowa lately and much is expected of him. Mr. Kirk has taken him to Mason City, where he will de vote his time to breaking him and ht ting him for the track. A curious question has been raisec bv Union township. The county boarc levied one mill of the township road tax as the state law contemplates, and the trustees have ordered Clerk Jenkinson to levy the full five mills as heretofore. One or the other is wrong, and Mr. Jenkinson intends to correspond with Attorney General Stone. The wording of the law is not as explicit as it might be, but the intention of it undoubtedly was to give one mill to the county board to be spent in permanent improvements. In any event it is plain that with its present contracts for work the board is in position to use the tax to excellent advantage, and we hope to see its right in the matter sustained. Anyone who will look over this week's board proceed- Friday evening will come one of the events of the season in the declamatory contest. It will be at the opera house, and the programme promises a treat. As the winner is to represent Algona in vhatwillbe the most hotly-contested competition yet held in the state, everybody will want to encourage him or her, as the case may be, at tho outset. Prof. Dixson is not announcing his iudges, who are from outside,tho town, and until the decision is rendered they will not be known. The programme is as follows; invocation • • -Rev. W. E. Davidson S °af"cWme Again, Beautiful Bells. Ma y 7onuson. Declamation. . . ^Oration on Danle! O'Counol in every town visited on their recent tour and a request to return again is universal." Tho Forest 'City Summit does not speak so flatteringly: "The Columbian Male quartette appeared at the opora house last Friday evening under the auspices of the Ladies'Ceme- tery association. The gentlemen are good singers and gave a fair entertainment to a, good house. The recitations by Miss Bessie Lavaun Hallett were additional features of the evening s programme, but in an elocutionary way, they were certainly not above the avarage." Geology in Kossutli. Senator Lewis disclosed in a speech against tho geological survey in tho senate last week that the geologists have been in Kossuth, which will bo news to everybody. He read from the bills of the survey showing that the Held workers had visited three towns a day, such as Algona., Bancroft and Mason City, on the same day, and said that it was impossible for them_ to ha_yo made any original investigation. He . is correct. Wm. Ward used to say that there was more field for geological investigation in Kossuth than anywhere in Iowa. CARTER has gorio back to selling Gold Mine flour tho best ever brought to Algona. SPECIAL prices on canned goods this week at the new store. Jas. Patterson. Recitation ......................... ;... Two Fires Hecitatiou SESSIONS is better prepared ever to make real estate loans. than , . Delsartean Drill-Conducted by Miss Amy Wallace. Girls trom high school and grammar Bl Decision of u JHJ(JtV UVUl. M*.* HJ HWWIP. — -- --- - i ings will see how much of the permanent grading and draining the board is relied on to do with only a bridge tax of three mills to work with. With an extra mill to use we believe that the roads would soon be very materially benefitted everywhere, In Union township nearly $2,000 has been spent by the county on one grade out of the bridge fund, and other heavy work is needed which the present method of township work will never be able to accomplish, _ _ _ _ SESSIONS will make you a real estate loan on easy time at as low a rate as any firm can, WHITE SWAN flour sold only, by Langdon & Hudson, Randall. Sheldon's Asylum Boom. The Messenger tells how Fort Dodge lost the new insane asylum and also how Sheldon went to the front; Sheldon entered the contest and tho Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul raihyay made a vigorous fight for it, that being the only ono of the candidates on its line of road.- GeoE. Clarke o^Algonu, managed the railway's campaign ana the Sheldon vote was the surprise of the contest. Roswell Miller, president of that company wrote hundreds of personal letters, not only to members of the general assembly but to prominent men supposed to have influence with members, asking them to vote for Sheldon, and saying that the favor would be appreciated by him. Those letters counted. * * * These voters and the Milwaukee railway influence and mileage books boosted Sheldon up beyond everybody's expectations, and prevented Fort Dodge from climbing over it. GOLD Mine flour at Carter's. Pony T»Keu "Up. Taken up, on the Thos, Hanna place, 12 miles north of Algona, one sorrel pony, weight about 650, Owner please pay charges and take it away, 2t3 CBAS, & GEO, HANNA, CARPETS, we have a nice new stock and are making some special inducements. Our all wool 0. 0. at 50 cents is a big bargain. Geo, L. G&lbraitn. WMttemore'u New Store. The Mason City Herald puts in one word for H. J, Thompson and two for Mason City as a wholesale point in saving: H. J. Thompson of the new firm of H. J. Thompson & Co., soon to 3Q established at the good town of Whittemore, west of here on the MH* waukee, was in our market yesterday and purchased a large and complete stock of groceries and sundries of Letts, Spencer, Hoffman company. Mr. Thompson stated to our reporter that the decision to make his purchase of the Mason City house was made after fully investigating and examining prices and quotations from Chicago and other points, to determine him as A CARLOAD of Carter's grocery< Gold Mine flour at THWTV pounds currants for $1 at Langdon & Hudson's, !—W GET our Angelina to make your bread, 24. Z, Grove & Son. FRESH cpcoanuts at J-*angdpn & Hudson's. S S. SESSIONS still has the New England Loan and Trust company of Des Moines and will make real estate loans as cheap as a n y person in the W, F. CARTEK has Qold Mine flour O.UU U|!**"T H w *"-- I r " ^»*'-^-T •""— — — - • • • to the market which should prove to his best advantage, and that he was free to state that upon his. reaching here and having opportunity to go through the various departments of the above establishment in this city, he was more than surprised, at the enormpuf stock Parried, the facilities for transacting and conducting a large business such as they are doipg, and that it took a very short time to decide that his order should be placed with this bouse, which was done. The Post says that the troupe which is to appear at the Congregational church to night has been spending the curc o ng week at Blue E.arth teMw? the advance maaWU'tore ^ w t»s, ft says: "The ANGELINA is the best baker in town. IP you want to make a real estate loan quick, call on Sessions at Algona. GALBRAITH is selling ginghams, outing cloth, calicos, and plad dress goods at 5 cents a yard. DID you see the moral to our advertisement? M. Z, Grove & Son, PEBSONAL MOVEMENTS. Miss Cora Wise was in town last week shaking hands with her old friends, Dr and Mrs. Garfielu and Alex, Patterson started for California last evening. F, S, Stough was away last week closing up some matters connected with the sale of his business. The college students and touchers, who have been spending their spring vacation at homo, have all returned, Rev H. B, Butler came last week from a visit with old friends at Owatonna and other Minnesota points. J, G, Graham and wife of Bancroft su-e talking of going to Europe with the editors in July, It will bo a fine trip. Rev. Zimmerman, an old time preacher in this section, was up last week visiting his daughter, Mrs. Geo, M. Johnson, Mart Weaver is back from three months with Iowa statesmen, He has had ft pleasant winter as ulerk of the insurance committee. Wm. Cleary and family are back from, Battle Creek, Mich., to stay. Miss Stella remains in the sanitarium, where she is , studying as a nurse, An orphan boy about 15 years old was sent to Mrs. Kate Mayne from Jolliet, 111., and arrived in Algona about $ week »go. He made inquiries for Mra. Mayne at; various places but did not learn of her whereabouts and has not been heard o? siuce. She is anxious to find him and has agoodplaceforhim. S. S. Sessions returned from Des Moittea Monday and is agaiu at home ready for business. He reports a very pleasant time at Des Moines, and feels that as at Des Moines. ana leeis tnau m wtyg doteu or so bills of iniportaijce got tnrougn that be won his s&ftre m the quit claw deod law. He says that the general feeing the mulct law is very satisfactory °"* _,— , »« 10 »<?*./ •>»>"«»«-">••• -»-J~ that after the squabble was over everybody ^ the situation. Mr, Sessions Vl °" UvOtdPvWM' Vl*O pt.UUlftUi'VM.i *•'*•*•» Mv«*w»"w«-« *-—T made a very creditable representative for the county and has done nia share of we work, _ . OPERA House Grocery for canne dried fruits. TRY our apple cutter in two pound pails. Langdon & Hudson, CHJLPREN'S and men's clothing. We still have a good stock that we are selling regardless of Poet. «• I* <*»• braitB. ^ > You c%n now get Gold Cher's, Itjisjl feiS -, f 1 ?,,,

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