Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 7, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, February 7, 1946
Page 4
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E5-i,V ~KI i$'»"'•>*,'-< New-York's. | Land Grab Eldest Dance Charged on Hall Is 27 Coastline HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ~v Where Tojo and Pals Will Hear Their Fate By JACK STINNETT • Second of Two Articles' , By JACK O'BRIAN p New' York — The oldest enter- •: tairtmenf institution on Broadway. K! 6 ?£!i and ,u lr ?i? m ' , noled its 2 ™ h Washington — Charges ranging birthday the other day. a really from bureaucratic demagoeerv to fa-buteus success on the Big Street picking the public pocket ~ in" the where longevity is the exception greatest land grab of modern and tespectability hardly the strict: times hae been hurled bv both rule which Roseland enforces so sides in the controversy" over ^ffiSiF*^ 5 *- whether the federal government or WHS customary yearly emphasis the individual states own title to on Statistics,mostly,-about shoe ' the submerged lands in the three- Ieam8i\ .Qwftfer Lotus J Brecker: mile zone of our seacoast caue& tttisajf come oruovev and As bitter as the fight is it isn't slifcfce a*leg* .and a possible type-;out of proportion at all to the bil- wnter, in honor of the latest on-;lion-dollar question which may be i * " -• - ••• •" settled "as result of hearings "now •V«F'w«» had j»'little'list; coming before the Senate Judiciary .wen ne handed to tne. i Committee on legislation to .abnn- r*S,'--w i «-«*i c « 1 '."£ l ? i llat l written the ; don all claims to the lands to the lOtaK}iumqjrL.of.,,persons \vho have i states. piild 1q ffoikS iverythlhg from the | The Department of Justice is in bunny-hug,* Charleston, Black Bot- Supreme Court suit to obtain title term .%ona.-step,. two-step right on i to specific oil producing submerged down- to -the currently favored i lands along the coast of Califor- rnumba'••*"•"*• - , nia. contends that title to the so- inwoV-o r P roudl y P°' nts o"t that ; called three-mile zone has never 19.^83,5o2 persons have paid their been decided by the courts way^intft Roseland since the night: The fight of "the states "is spear- m .J 91 |. when ' hc - rb a»ro° m . opened'headed byj California's Attorney wrth-Florenz-Ziegfeld -and Billie : General Rob -t W Kenny but Burke on hand,to lend the occasion " ' tone tmd beauty; and with Wilson Mizner "there •• to coin a few new jvise* cracks • j Eohjf known as a major jumping- offpib'mTses for'(he biggest name bands, the establishment has graduated "to the big lime and im- poi.tB.nt,. rribr ( ey such orchestras as those' , of. 'both Dorseys, Harry .Tai e? <.i'r-.e rCrupa. Charlio Harriett", ;Wqody-Herman, Charlie Bar- vn 1 !'' -\ .: t-t ,ir Lopez- and Abe Ly- rnan. It has proved to be a popu- . Paul Gallico. Sher- more and than Long others claim that far oil for Santa Barbara Beach is invovled. They argue that titles to the reclaimed areas of Back Bay Boston. :t;e sleU pier at Atlantic "City, the _•."='•-.• beds of the Atlantic and Guli coasts, the reclaimed por- • _- i Fln.-ida. the shrimp beds >.«"*: s a:^a and the clocks and :; bcrs. or navigable rivers an 1 !-'--s of almost everv state "n !he union are involved ' un the one hand! it is charged thnt U!lscr "P"lous oil companies arc behind the fight to In this huge room, Tokyo. The room 113 feet Ion- by 90 feet wide, Japan's major war criminals will be tried iu p " UOl \°r, U , le %*? , Minlstr >' Builcli "B. i«t a few stops ro Premier Jliclt-ki Toio's orivate oflii-P 3r r s? • • kej Hois 'ing Crisis at fV.r?if of Schooh "" . - , » T : ? ' '-: f -.r By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER London. Fob. Ii •— o't-'i— The British WOCKk * ^Anderson..'.Fv 'Scott Fitz, titles lo leases advantageouslv"ob- '> cabillot «'«» reliably reported today gerald, Caj-1 van Vetchen. Damon ; tained from the states Yet "it is ' to !lave ''ejected in it? present form Kqnyon. John O'Hara and Preston i charged lhat equally unscrupulous < a Proposal tor ending the United E U j gl n Mov 'es and plays have ; promoters are trying to cloud title ! Nn ' lions c: ' is ! s ovr -' 1 ' Greece and to USed Roseland, m their stories, i to the lands in the hope of obtain-! havc «*»"ihorizod Foreign Secretary George Raft, Arthur Murray and i ing development permits from the ! Ernest ~ Jean Arthur Won'dance contests in j federal government. It is claimed Ac famous second-floor dance ha that Secretary Harold L Ickes is "- l ">" they were struggling un-'trying to " knowns. Renee Carroll, the famed checkroom gal at Sardi's, started her Broadwav career as a Rose}and a do2en --..--„ .„ put over a stupendous .land grab for the Department of j Interior. ; Secretary Ickes says: "For eight .years I' have consistently and 're;*J- -•—- iPeat'edly taken the position that today there j this issue of ownership was a legal On hand. iOnp whioh chmtlrl I;L-« «11 ,.: :i' „ to try for a further compromise. The cabinet's reported indicated the possibility decision of new , . >.^» 11 i_.i 11 uill l lull IS lit UK among_tbe tive_major power lemain at Ihe high level modified on hand. ;one which should, like all similar - . -..-. prefer to ones, be resolved bv the courts" r .own partners : The Department of Justice feels < ,. .Started in the ballroom ; that the question of ownership O f i''ve-powcr ;. at the: these lands certainly is arguable i for: ri, un, - —smess. iniby the courts. Although former ~ --.--na When he - won his! Attorney General Biddle termed master's degree in economics, he:his original suit a "friendly" one decided 'that he might very well iAttorne? General Tom Clark has be able to make a fortune in the tied no such term to the one he hal endeavor, so he took ; filed, making the State of Califor".roadway i n ia party to the suit. 'Council i Both Biddle and Ickes have said I that they feel Congress is en; croaching upon judicial territory through the resolution, already ; passed by the House, and now oh talks .... „ . _ members of the UNO security council on the Brilish-Russiar. dispute and left the way open for the pending compromise formula to be approved provided il could be Little Rock. Feb. ti — (.-Pi— - The -:. -iSi..:: crisis at most of the slate's :. c:u.jnai i:'.st!t'.:lions is "purely a tempoi a: -y condition" which doe's ,-c; justify elaborate building com- nv.tmeats at present. Governor Liiney declared today. The governor asserted that the housing problem was created by what he believed to be an abnormal condition that generally was being met. He expressed belief that within three years the situation will have been alleviated. "If enrollments at the schools Negro Vets to f/ee* Tonight ::* Hicks' for any in a manner acceptable to Bevin. The formula, worked out at a meeting last night, calls 31 l . o 'Arkansas Veterans Returning to U. S. New York on the Rock Victory Saturday: Badej:.. t W,ilUam S., 1st Lt., Hope, tJwjfen*"'Harry 'J., 1 Cpl., Monti cellgf 8 i over to the states, lock, stock i barrels of oil, forever and Eaching New York on the nd Victory Saturday: ; ow, Londie D., Col., Texar-1 Flashes of Life I ANOTHER SHORTAGE Blue ! c- c °! umbia . S. C., Feb. 7 (fi>>— The 'South Carolina bar association has postponed indefinitely its annual J- D., fc. 'Dee -in New York col* Steffans Cunday Baugh, Si^ard R., .Jan, Tillman W., SpSngs. Magnolia, on : the Lin Pfc., Star | it had been unable to obtain 'speaker for the occasion. NOT SO FUNNY , Los Angeles, Feb. 7 —(/Pi— An Pfc Hnf i a - ircraft engineer who said he was ., .aiuij t , rcd O j. being called a tramp has filed a petition in Superior court to change his name tg William F. Beavers, Coyal, Pfe., Okolona Gates, Tizie, Pfc., Lewisville. NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES ^ This O!cl Treatment Often $ Brings Happy Relief Many raffsrera relievo naszlns; backache •jn^ly, once they discover that the real cause DfBieii- trouble may ho tireil kiilncys • ZrL e k " !ne >' 3 a ''« Nature's chief way of tak- insthc excess acids and v, astc out of the blood IMyhelpmost people passaboutSpintaadav-' en disorder of kidney function permits jpnous matter to remain in your blood, it cause -naming backache, rheumatic B. Ics pains, loss nf pep and cnercy. -et- U J? n '? h ; s ' 5W '' 11 '"^. PUffincss under the L hcad ^''« and dizziness. Frequent o? f cs with sma ''*'"- and hurnin- . He said he has taken a ribbin" : from friends throughout his 47 .years, and he's had enough of it. i His name is William Ferdinand •Tramp. • WAGES i Los Angeles, Feb. 7 —ivp.i— Fig| ures speak for themselves — i At General hospital, dishwashers '*re paid $144 to $171.60 monthly ;plus maintenance, for a 48-hour 1 week. , Resident physicians are paid $131 i to S157 monthly, plus maintenance, ;lop a 40-hour week . —Pigeonholing Russia's lhat British troops in Greece menace world peace. ~ —Issuance of a statement by Security Council President Norman J. O. Makin of Australia that the has taken note of all the : arguments made bv Russia. Britain, Greece and the other mom; bers of the council during the dis- ; pute. i United Nations believes the compromise ' proposal also was under : consideration in Moscow. i Well-informed officials said the • cabinet supported Bcvin's position ! both as to insisting on exoneration lof the British position in Greece jand as to finding some statement for dismissal of the whole case • which would bo acceptable to both ; Britain and Russia. : The cabinet meeting lasted about 4;> minutes and there was no oC- ficuil announcement of the decision after it ended. Nor was there any announcement of plans for a further meeting of Bovin. Andrei Vi- shinsky, soviet vice commissar of . toicign affairs: Edward R. Stettin- ius. Jr., the American representative on the council, V. K. Wellington Koo of China, and Georges i-fi- datilt of Franco. However, several officials in a position to know said private talks among the representatives of t:ie .live powers were probable. They speculated that il no agreement i.s reached the security council session tonight might be called off. The world has been at peace only in eight por cent of reeorcr-c! history. -BlficK, a Portland painter who had his hal in lour political rings in 19!4. has tossed hi.s hat into a different contest — this time filing •oc of time, certainly something will be done to provide quarters for all. But it occurs to me now that it would be foo'ish to undertake a building program until :l is determined how long pres- e.:t enrollment figures ;ire going to continue and in face of building r. i ate rial shortages." He s.vd it had boon suggested to charges him that building programs be un- dorta::en at the schols. He did nut say who had made the sug«es- • ion. U y on is A meeting of importance to veterans who are planning to con linue their education or learn ;• trade is being called tonight. Thuiv day. it was announced this morning by Prof. J. A. Harris. Tlu meeting is being held jointly with the local Negro Chamber of Commerce at Hicks' Funeral Home. All veterans who were honorably discharged from the armed services should be present to see i. ., , he or she can qualify for traimn- adequate ! under the two veterans aid bill ' -Public 1C and Public 340— "O 1 Bill of Rights." Harris says the local .school is now in the process of planning ,-, program for Negro veterans I- is importance that they be present tonight to aid in this planning .since the program i.s for their ben- '.•fit. To be present a the meelini' tonight will be Prof. H. O. Ba' : ne" of A.M. & N. College. Pine Rlui'l Arkansas, who is here this wool- working with Prof. Harris. On Friday all interested veterans should come to the Agricul lure Building at Verger High School for information on the various educational services they p|-ir 'o enter, and information for e-i- termg the Slate Trade Sch- •> ••' A.M. & N. College, Pino Bluff, Arkansas. A MARRYING MAN Kansas Cily, Feb. Kent Named Secretory Farm Bureau Mi.nroe Ki nl ul I'almus was elected seeivtary of the llcmpstcad IV.unty Farm Bureau at a meet- in.t; nl' Ihe oriiam/.alion yesterday Mr. Kent replaces Alfred G. 'Aim- morly ui ll.ipi who had to leave tin; couiiiy because of a total disability service in connection with Wen-Id War II that local climatic conditions would n,i| tolerate. Mr. Kom has been active in community county and stale Farm Bureau activities the imsl several years. The Cations' coiiimuiiil..- has" Ihe high- esl percent,tye of its farm families alliliatcd with Farm Bureau "I an.\ eommiinilv m llempstead County under the direction of Mr. .In Ihe 1 !)•!() menibership enrollment now underway I'atmns com- inunily leads in percentage with ,>-) tannly menihersnip and more to be reported during the next week. Hingc-M con.numily under Ihe lead- ciship ol Tom Jones, peach grower and a producer ol Kobe lesncde- '.a seed has exceeded its 1!)40 goal by reporting 111 family memberships. O/.an-Sl Caul with Sloman iloudlel! arid i\'nsh Jones in charge "'"oils Hi families enrolled and Iheir goal o! no will he reached nicvin.-- Swed Hume. Haird's Cha- IK'l and Hope have passed the halfway mark and will probably reach their goals within the week according 1,1 r,'ports of leader. The county enrollment program for 500 family Miembors is under the voluntary direction of Ury Me- Ken.ric of Shuver Sprim; and -IK community workers. The organ• '.-.aiajii luv'-s lo meet ils meniber- -•hi|i nua! us- Wednesday, February l.'lth v.-lier leadoij, will" make their iie.x; report. - - - o -- • ™ B> By EULALIE McDOWELL Washington. Feb. C — (UP) — Sen. Charles W. Tobey, ., N. H., used the Senate Naval ' Affairs CciinmiUoe's one-day recess today to build up his case against Edwin W. Pauley's nomination as Tobey icqiiosled the delay in the a b°ut a double proxy marriage. Pauley hearings because some of ^ ' l c -' omt -' s off it will give I-'ini- , Thomas H. Finigan two girls at one lime Finisan. a roxy says two sislers in 1'ave been corresponding 4 —i/l'i— may marry tomorrow. bridegroom, a Ohio town iiis witnesses were unable to appear. When hearings resume to- ii:.<row. Pauley is expected to rave a chance to answer new :-.-.arge.i by Secretary of Interior !;:irol:: T.. Ickes. ici-cs said yc£,t";day thai Pauley tr.ed to "g've something for .--.•; iiii.Urn.i," ir, soliciting • -'-iMc :•:(' v.-is i.-oBsurc" of Democratic national party. 11,1: olunt ickcs also said Patiioy's aik'Kt'd effort to qi: -H'.it a) establish federal till 011-1 i"h Tidclands in return that :'sh a to for campaign contribu- • proposition r candidacy for tile May 17 Uepubli- brought up the subject whil' ,. 11 * ^ ait! , Ask your dniSBiit- 5llm V lant '"".retic, used g lions for over-^O years. -Dean's cive help '' thi 15 mile? of TRY THIS | Pasadena, Calif., Feb. 7 — t.4 J i— (Dan W. Eale drew a poster an- ;nouncing his "reconversion" from ;slaff ser_geanl Eagle to "Civilian , £.agle" and sent it along w'ith his , measurements to local clothiers. ' "The results were amazing," say i Eagle. He received a telegram, a • Idler and several telephone calls i and wound up with two suits, a i topcoat, six shirts, six pairs of , shorts, shoes and a hat. can nomination lor governor. Two years a_«o Black ran for pre United Stale-;, vice S. senator, and del'j- Republican National clem of president. U. gale to Ihe convention. Democratic lions was the "rawest ::• e.- iviacle to me." PauU>v denied the charges. I'lii! Tidclands suit was filed last May and now is pending bc- !n;'e trie Supreme Court. K:kc:-- testified that Pauley was so insistent in his efl'orls lei have tne federal oil suit stopped thai he on t heat fan. the "most married man in America." his fiftieth and fifty first wedding in the same ceremony. Finigan began standing up for absenl bridegrooms in lf)4,'i .V •• •••csidcnt of the County Bar Association he received a fell or iiiquir- <nn about, the state's proxy 'law from a girl, who wanted to marry •: F o'rli« • n-p-sons. ".'her. tlie girl arrived Finigan stood up with her Before the war the law had been seldom used but it found favor wilh service men overseas and before long Finigan had run his SAFETY VALENTINE Chicago, Feb. 7 —i/C J >— The National safety council, inspired by th comic vlanetine spirit, offered odes f -'°to guilty motorists in ils campaign to reduce the traffic loll. TRY AGAIN Salem, Ore., Feb. 7 One. to "Suicide Sam," read: "You speed-crazy fiend, you would slill end up dead "If the tread on your tires was as thick as your head." •..•--- --I- -..V, .Jl.llJJ l _V, l , .._.._ Ihe ellicial car returning from fin,era! of President Rosoevelt Hyde Park. Pauley's discussion of the sub- jecl of oil under such circumstances, Ickes said, "confirmed my Mad opinion of him." Pauley also had a chance to give : ih'e his side of a proposal lo build a lorj-octzme gasoline plant in Mc.xi- The proposed conlract was never approved by ihe Stale De- iparlrncnl although he said il had proxy marriages up merely as a favor for Ihe absenl bridegrooms- Chicago, Feb. 4 — I;PI -A whisper, "nylons," spread throii"h a South side store. Soon 500 women congregated at the stocking counter. Alarmed. the store manager called police, and Police Sfl Lawrence Krause arrived with G men h-rause jumped on the counter and '•ailed for order but was booed down. A patrolman who took a bold stand in front of the counter was pushed 50 feel down the aisle The store manager thought ii had gone far enough. He called off Ihe sale. The only casually was Patrolman George Clark, who lost the buttons from his uniform -Iff 1 )— Henry 4COPr«f WO EXTRA COST with purchase 2$ Iks, or larger PURASNOW Swuetted. FLOUR T 4 AT THE FOLLOWING STORES fc BUSY BEE GROCERY B. J. BURTON DENNIS FOOD STORE L. B. DELANEY R. P. HOGUE HOBBSGRO. &MKT. SHIELDS FOOD STORE KEY & RUSSELL LLOYD SUTTON J. H. WARREN MOORE'S CITY MARKET MOXLEY'SCASHGRO. MRS. W. B. SMITH CHARMED DLIFE Seattle, Fob. fi — i. ie.st army passenger aboard the transport Hormitauc which docket; hero this week waTs T-4 Dale Suer- eth of York. Pa. Because he was the 100.000th man to ship out of the port of Nagoya, Japan. Suoreth was relieved of K. P. duty and all other details aboard ship. IMPORTANT PASSENGERS Tokyo, Feb. (i -- i/l'i-Move OV er general, guinea pi^s now have top : priority for flights across the Pa: cific. Twenty-four guinea pi^s h;n-(. arrived in Tokyo by air for use in the laboratory of the (J. s. Tvphus .Control Commission. The limb ani- 'iinals have- been assigned top air : priority because many would die during a long voyage by water, medial officers .say. SUPE RSALES Tokyo. Feb. (i — ,/)•, - -The practice of requiring a cu.'jlomcr lo buy an arlicle he doesn't wa.-H in order to get one he wants has hit Japan, says the Tokyo Shiiiibun .with this result: A Japanese entered a drug store to get a bottle of vitamin pill si'ur his undernourished wife • and emerged with i]i the vitamins and <2i a bottle of "l'.-,i reducer." tlie support of the late p'rc'sid'e'nt PiOOSCVO.lt. Pauley said the deal "was prompted far more by patriotic motives than by monetary mo: lives." II did not come off he said, because Max W. Thornburg i— Tho luck- ;lncn lll <-' -State Department's oil advisor, was protected "interests of his own." Ho said Thornburg's interests wore with Standard Oil and Shell and that he "did a great disservice to Ihe country" when ho turned clown the proposal. His actions Pauley said, could be traced lo the Jact that he wanted lo keep other oil companies out of Mexico until that government returned the foreign oil properties it soix.cd in 19,'iK. Mrs. Paul Kaiser Dies in Texas Mrs. Paul Kaiser, 70. a resident of Hope for 5H years, died ; at the home of her daughter, Mrs S. D. Varncr at Woatherford, lexas about 10:;in Wednesday | night. She is survived by one soii. Juan Kaiser of Ft. Worth and one daughter. Mrs. S. D. Varncr ol Wrathei ford, Texas, and two ; grandchildren. i The body will arrive in Hope ; Friday and will be taken to the I Hcrndon Cornelius funeral home, i Funeral services will be held al ! 10:30 Saturday morning at the j First Presbyterian church with Dr. Thomas Brewster in charge. ; Burial will be in Hose Mill cem- i elery. j MrsJ. Brown Dies; Funeral 2p.m. Friday Mrs. Joe Brown, 51), died sud- . dcnly at her home Wednesday i about •! p.m. She is survived by her husband: one step-daughter. 'Mrs. 'Gladys Hamilton of Dallas, Tex.. one sister, Mrs. M. K. Kdginglon of Hope. Funeral service will be held Friday at 2 p.in at First Baptist church, with Rev. S. A. Whitlow officiating. Honorary pallbearers will be the members ol the Citv Council and i the Hope Water & Light Plant staff. ment Altered But Mr. U'ashinglun. Feb. (i— i UPi— The House louriy approved and sent to .he So.ii'le a diluted version of the controversial full employment bill, '•IK- o! the "mu.ii" iloms on President Truman's legislative pro- L; ram. The. (' o m p r 0 m i s o measure, worked mil in a Senate-House con- lo-enci.. is cxiieclod to moot with i -..'sirli-i.t'., approval, although Tinman had asked for the .,..•! So'.-,iU- \ 01 sum of the bill. said '.hat the original House v.as wholly unaccepl- .•:.;is!.ilioii had been sought lui'suknt as a moans of maximum production the nation's modified ver- jjiiia! full employment i-.'uuld piii Congress on (leclariiig it to bo the s responsibility to seek under which useful opportunities will be i those wauling them. • bill would have made i.'s responsibility to i opportunities for i -.vil.r.,; to work. The would have made it oh'-y i-a bolster priv- ' as to provide "high I !.:..-ruuiit. Huso bill avoids Ihe or the presidenl to '•'' '! job "budget." ad In tho House pro- ui of an annual .sotting forth ii'uduction and picture in the Amateur Program at City Hall at 8 o'Clock Tonight An amateur hour program will be presented at Hope cily hall at ii o'clock tonight i Thursday i by Pod Rogers. The program will consist of piano numbers, songs, dances, skits, imitations and siring band selections, by local talent. A drum and piano act will be featured at the intermission. Sena I > v : i ; i ' •;'.)'[• i s.'.. "•'.'ci'iiomic report :i (.- ! '.•iplo;. nic-nt. !-"• --i.'.-'. power country. Carrsden Man Given ^orryv* 1 to OperxTte Motor Transport Lillle I'-'ock, Fob. 7 --i,T'i— The slale p';bii." scrvico commission has aulhori/.i.'d K. S. Truosdail of Cair.rvn to operate a motor trans- poi-la', .on .'-cr\-:eo as a common car- ri< r iil !.i iis"!iold goods over vari- oo.s suui:a-rn Arkansas highways. Knov.-n -,,-. the Mucly Transfer "i.'i.u-..i.y. Ti n.-sdail would serve C.-imdcn. Kl Uorado, Tcxarkana, Hopv Pino Iliulf and Gurdon and •ovei-iil inicrmediale points. e disenveroy that coal could sod to produce high teninora- was lirsi made by the" Chi- in the sixth century. Local Negro Drops Dead on Elm Sr. of Heart Attack : Charley Rivens. local negro, i dropped dead late yesterday on i Elm .street, apparently of a heart attack, city police reported. | CHANGE OF HEART j St. Paul. Minn.. Feb. 4 —-i/Ti —A •St. Paul man, long on foresight l though .short on spoiling and punc- 1 luation, returned a marriage li; cense lo clerk Bjarno K. Wasmuth i of district court with this letter: ! "Dear clerk: j "Tho Us that 1 have purees are 'bean return for canoal me and the party had disagreed on the mador this will save a devorco it is true : that 1 would rather see this now | before we have gone lo fair." ! Harrison. Fob. 6 '/T>>— Tho Capps community west of Harrison yesterday Wiis hit by a tornado which i damaged several farm buildings i but caused no personal injuries. I Tho twister lasted about a min- :uto. One residence was lifted'from (its foundation by the strong wind. Little Rock. Feb. G —iiV>— State Land Commissioner Claude A. 1'iui- kin was advised by the attorney general yesterday that a clear deed to property on svhich laxos wen- unpaid ill any time since UiSl could not bo issued unless Ihe delinquent taxes wore paid. Rankin had asked if a 1041 not authorizing him to issue deeds for 51 on lands on the lax-forfeited rolls applied lo forfeitures for r.on- WA;'',' 110 " 1 0| liixc ' s subsequent to 1 oo 1. The porcupine is equipped, even before birth, with qiulls hall an inch long. Thursday,, February 7, ! i £ t • S t-~<' If i | ^ i&v*^ V ; !Afe# ' *• THE HEAT'S ON ^ I.adysiniih. \Vi.s., Feb. l.i ~ , :\>, The healing .syM:-m of Ihr •'bu/;,- bowl,' n co.'iiinuni! \ p yrjitlh centi.'r, * Jilorally was behind tiie eight ball' " this v.'cch. S When the stoker refused to fnrir- - 1 -'' lion ])i-o|jerly. Proprj.-lui Ooo""e ' Hunt in\-i.-.s!i;;a|,.r| ]| r |.,nnfl ilic " i'i«.iit bail from the <'c:;lor'.s ponl '< table jamming the rnecliani.sm ol "- thr. : .-|iil,;<-,-. I • Woman Slayer of Negro Waives Preliminary Osceola. Feb. 7—i.-l'i— Mrs. Marv Hodge. 2!J, waived preliminary Hearing yesterday on a murder charge in connection wilh the slaying Inesday of Buck Boo/.e, Ne«ro al her store near Osceola. A;iorricy.s are seeking 'a habeas corpus hearing lo free her on bond • Mrs. Hodge surrendered lo offi-' ceis liere following ihe shooting ' ftheriij Hale Jackson said the claimed the Negro had ignored hei- warning lo "stay away" from the store. 6 More Officers Put on Safety Drive by Police ATA/OWA/ THE CRADLE: OF LIBERTY I.iMIo Hock. Feb. 7-i,T l --Six no'" licers have been assigned In the ate I oliee Deparlinenl's traffic ill t\- drive. Jheir xtaius is liMnporury pend- -'-'• '-""lirmation of the appoint'"" ls |iv ""' polic.. I'ommissji,,, ;' 11 " 11 ""•'•'.-• lioro Feb. 2J.I. .Siiporiii- Feel free to come in of any time and browse around. We enjoy seeing you. Answer to Last Week's Question Wyoming, on December H), 1869, granted women rhe right to vote. Doris Dodson's "Citv Cindcidla " One-piece dress !'io!;s !i'-o n "tuck in", r; 1 j: k .•>• :',• r_rei-n, navy trp, '?,o;o2 skirl". Rayon riGh-x-Hinc. r * F f &*% Helena Rubinstein COLOGNE-COMPACT EFINITELY the perfect yiii i r , ,,r Valentine angel. Exquisite Heaver Son: fu/irono' drenched with the sv/eet subll,.-- ,,-r ninht blooming gardens . . . sentimental as :!v? sun flower who forever faces its niur.ii.-,- Invent 1 U's solid, this cologne can't S|,M!! •.-.•.;, i cvoo orate . . . she'll tote it alony -i icrover \nc l.SOplub locloral i:jx Second & Elm Phone 616-617 Hope-, Ark. M*V* 4a.*5 Wu-'ttSii * f . ! •« -*4 « Thursday, Fobruory 7, 1946 Yamashitato HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Five Secretiy How Could a Kid Resist? tiy M'iRLIN i.•>•.>(,. Feb. 'i ...1', 1,|. Gen. Toi iMnaslaia. his last iiope • ii''. v '!'-i:;: % i! Ly General ! .cAi tin,i- n:ii':l die secretly like ! •niiiiiioi! ciiii-inal un 111,: |\ailo'A:. ti appcd i and ! u,;i.eld the df-atii I ' uie,,-. s,i carry secretly and Ihen From . i^W^ ^'' ] bC ' C! ° ;! " i ' f0r "'I wheat f 'Zamn lg& {hey^l '• \\ ei cl.ika ii, Ahi:']:. Tnirty-Lwo pt.-i S.JII 1 co.iiu'..'(.i lor v/ucii i.i:our,iil. lo Scwti.d u-.l -ii ,. Ail S.: ; "i.",i'is ...i iinae- i L'S'jv.e vt-ssoln : I;.!. 1 last kuo\v;. ';i small c-. Wit-.i .some; 1 ' New Yoiv. I, i !. inv t .-;.•'. -i y a-'-iiou niivnt of Frank- e Insmante r.!''.:! the ,;i> n. Kiik (.'. • .;eni of its coal supply nnd 9f) pci- present .stocks of "white" flour \o edit of its fui.-l oil supply, also or- be consumed' and~rnlllers -to Ahlfl (Sir.'i all schcolr, clo:;!;d tomorrow , MIC new formula. "' • '* ' ait. held i: /fauiness loi- possible , M.. Truman's order called, on wheat amn g heyl to " sc so ' nc of the non-whlte Injjrcdj- '-'"I s ^ are ordinarily discarded. In ./orecastinfi appearan&e pj 'WW bfoud,- ,.*iour . eXpdrts SJiid ^ "vcracc • •consiuncK hiay not | Be [ lb!o to le!I the difference unless he compares loaves "before and after." Bread will not be as dark as the present whole-wheat Jnaves. J i.o ,M. ',,' measure;;, which also '.lined elf ;ill rl'.'ctric outdoor dls- !;•;. ai.vei lisi..g and ended heat:: i; of U:;iiK;,:jrtaU'>ii sy^U'ifis, \vore •-.vi-'i n,UM: iiLiiiigcnt than the re- 'qait'iiic-nls sot for the city during '..i ; \vu r. is'eu-.spaiii.'n.HMl an;i 'iers v. ill l.ie barred. :i'> i'i . remiiiander of Army •''• '•< ' in the Vn'.^tei n l'aei r ie witii l.|'iia. -li-i .-. in Manila, said ; • • 1 1, 1 -.- eii'i'U'i! •.',• 1 1 n e . l : s e s to the exe- ri'iinii would not be permitted to ii !. loi publication. Y;iMia ''hita. t.'harj-.ed \\'it!'i contlon- aliin.'ities by troops under his i 'Mi.'i.-'.ul Ji the I'liilifipines. is the . e.-l i '',-:•( anl'.inf, Japanese i. I'Mccr '.. '-i -'• < '".v';.'l ''"i has been re\ :> wed ii- the siij.-renie Allied coin!'.:.• of tlu- i aim. shaven-headed .'.,;.i: :i '.;'•:, rial was lett in Mac'. I! :ir'- hai:(ls alter Ih^ Philip-. ' - '''i' eiiie frj'.ir; refusi.'d 10 ; : i - '.' I!.'. c.-.M! li'oin Military • -'il j;i. isdicilon. and the U. .-• .' ,1,1:"'. ine c..url J.r'.l iM.Miday up- i r.f.l itie d 1 ';!!!; scnlee.ce. M:I..'.\,-,:III!'. ;9 tin,. I ..-view .•[ the i 1 ... 1 '- 1 ai'.jr.st M," I'nf \ i .'jio ignojn- i:i:r.: :.ly la.I-.-d lo pr'-vcn: his Iri- i'i'-.|:li;.nl ii'iu.:i lo t!u' '.'liilippines, ii. Ii . .-i-e.'l :!ii.-i sc,.!liil!H (H'lUIUci- .;!'oi ol '/ainasliita: "II >•; :/iit tva.sy for me to pa.ss ):id;'ineiil ui" 1 '!! a <|i'lea!e<l adver- .'•'"i " in :i !!iaj"r c,iMipai;;n. I have-' : :'V!e\vcd thi.' prui'eedini'.s in vain .--aif'i fi.: 1 ronic iiiili^aling eir- on his behalf. I 1 ine iCocucr:; had fouiid :io bod:e- ! .r.id hj -i tcrnoved iht last ol tin. JU.-vOn t. c»cw and pasiciigiii's iiun !!:.'..- hi ..UIIC.LU, o.Oi.e,! vw.s;iel an | I. ) .. . - ~u- hy S.iu c. .,M ..C'n • 'i i ... i . "... v. .t...s ill i;.CA'i.-d i. : . ' . - ..... , . - -..UUC LitC ^U^^i. ^,.1.. • ..;* ii. — ..i.u .-i;U.i Cdi'i.eu 10 saic.-,^ I «... |j_.j.,e.o 0 c. s and crew, a_ • -o.L.i ,; ,o i.sis a.'iiiounced by lij> .\ia:ii,a sieamshij) company ant. ' ii. e :.rmy, numbered V-t'l. , _ rim i ..aii. yuuui report from 1 ::>c".vard s^.d .1 Wiis J.oi known as lye; w;iotlicr all tne ciewmcn aim i i..ii::,-;ef,t;ei s listed actually had ; oeui aboard when the Yukoi . riciiUnl Sunday night s'rorn Scward ! :-.(.•• 'en hours before she ran a ground on liie storm beaten rocks • !i .lonnstonc Bay. '• The culler Ononduga, ils crew dead lired alter more than 4u of battle with the sea and •v ii <w. Gray, But 1'Jiiiiny, 7, and Harvey Gaylin, .1, succumb 'o that irreiiislihle temijlation lo disturb the smooth whit" earp"! of ni-w-fallfu I.IIIAV on llic sli.'us ol Washington's ,lc:frcrsnn Memorial. Ev RUTH GMEINER I V a;nmgton, Feb. 7 —(UP)—The ; <-'. ...<•, you'ro going to cat for ! e : ext five months may look pc- ; i; a; but it's going to be down- 4 . licalthful. .,.!•.lit.oni.su? say that President' i . -'I'.an's new conservation orders ; )i flour, intended primarily to as-j iiare more food for hungry Europe :.'!'-i Asia, would also jjrove n boon tr. the national diet," Vitamin-conscious Americans are ;;'jing to get more thiamin, niacin, •fon and protein from the "emer- •oncy" bi'ead. At present, most of t'icKc important nutrients are ground out to get the finer white ii^.oad popular with the public, al- 1 u,ug:i some bakers put them back li.i artificially. <~- K> ;> lri ^ I Angel food cake and other fine- isnow and wind, messaged late yes-' . " Il l-, r Kl {' k . W1 J5 discharged _ from | ( -, xtured paslr ics are due to disap- itorday. lhat all survivors had been;" 10 Merchant Marine in which hc|.-,- n - temporarily from civilian and the Yukon abandoned. ! 5( r', ved ns first officer a total-tables, too. Forester is Employed Locally An | Feed I Clinic *c Be Held : Feb. 12, Spring Hill 1 Miss Blanche Randolph, Agri[ I'ldturnl Extension Speclalisl in ' Food Preservation, will conduct ' a food spoilage clinic Tuesday, forester. , February 1^ at the Sprint; Ilill 1 [There had been reports from res- -I CUP.CI passengers and crewmen tnat ! casualties had been seen, but none jof those could be vcrilied. B X JOHN L. CUTTER " l lour >' eal ' s > a » spent al sea. uiticials estimated that it would |io several weeks before the new jcark bread appears in retail i i tores. It will take that long for Do You Feel NERVOUS AS A WITCH' On "CERTAIN DAYS" of the month? Do female functional monthly dlt- turbances make you feel restless, nervous, perhnps cranky and a bit blue—at such times? '< Then try famous Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to te-- lleve such symptoms. Plnkhnm'l Compound DOES MORE than relieve such monthly cramps, headache, backache. It also relieves; accompanying weak, tired, nervous feelings—of this nature. Taken throughout the month — this great medicine helps build up resistance against such distress. Also a fine stomachic tonic I , LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S Now York, Feb. 7 — (/!')—A war- irno "brownout" and a drastic a.':il dishonor thai can never i' -Mil I." I." In ci-mmentin'4 o;i the legal is• 1-1 .: in\ 'lve:l MI Vainas;iita'.-i trial, Ai':'';\rl i;u r saitl. '"MO :ie\v or roll ;•'• live |>i uicij irs ul lav., either natiirial or in'ornationnl, aie in- M'hril Ti." rase i.-; founded U|)on b.i;-ii- I ir'.'.ta i ni ; M a I.-; and praclici' as >!:•] lilable and as standardi/.ed as II--.' Hi--.-.; malurid and irrefragable ol M.I.-I.I! codes. "ihe |.i-." p .'edii!:;s wort 1 guided i". 'l:.:t M- in,a;.v rational of all ju'li- P3C IS eat Washin;;t'..iM. 1 ' f ! ::'; :'; ; .-',;.,;! , hl |';;,,,;, • "" ' tM ' lth llu 'art.al' \iestTuct;,.! 1 of Mani j a , i-c-be.nniliil e.iintal of (lie. Philip•( , w:;s_the ooi." effense charged ''!.••' i ; : i,ias'i;ta upon w.iich ;PAI|I;I! >""i!iicn.tcd. • Pe,.".ih:iih- c .1! -.is and piirposo- Mr. Nelson is co.,p-"-.il 'vcly 0111- lovcd bv the Arkansas l^xtt'nsion handling of their farm woodland;- sp.oul.l conlact the County Agonl. The d 1 I'ailid iilcrly )::s "''' '"'''' ' •• ;1 " n;> A A •"''only be given as to the care of t'no cussed, ' i: " " l> " n ''! V ! l . 1 ''.'.' t ":'. 1 .::!."! i I'ai'm woodlol. but assistance will i be i;lven fiirmors in the proper ; method of haveslinn and market- 1 ing their farm limber crop. Many fai mers stale that they have lail- i':l to rocogni'/.e the imp.irt-inoe of !hc laim woodlot as a part of the farming operation. Undor prope. ••are these wooded areas cap \i' .,!.<• shaio of the la, in ircnmo. in iddilion many faim'M's will i'nd -•in c^icelh'iU relurn for Ihi.ir labiir by harvesting Iheir ow-i timber The an I 1 - e !'ii si alem l-oi:'bs i.n J liro- shima iiiid Na;;a:-;;,Ki \vill do a repeat performance i:. connoc- lion v.'ilh Ihe Ijomb tests on naval warship; 1 . Armv air force ulliceis disclosed' t'.'.at Col. I'.-ii;: '•'.'. Til.i- bels, Jr., Miami, l''la., w!;o directed Hie bombing of ihe two Japanese cities, Via.; been here for two days conlerring wilh avm.v and navy officers in charge of atomic bomb test planing. • Tiij'.jotu \vas ai'co'npiinipd by Mai. Tlionias \V. Fi..roboe. r.-locKsvillc, N. C. and TV pi. Keri.iit I'oahan. Dallas. T^x., have p ihe atomic bomb during the- first CNperimenl i.) bo conducted in May. 1'croboc was the bombardier who dropped the lu.-it atomic it was publicl* in o 1 ' limiv! I ho friend or foe, is charged with j bomb 0:1 llirunhiru-.i and Uea- •i.uld ''.old ihe Japanese not how to overcome them will bo dis- -Harbor investigating committee he i t;tatt , p t ,ij cc announced la-it nii'ht" or, ce - rogardod_ an ( intercept which; Thcy co n ccted $2 00 in 'revenue; hi: saw Doc. a, 1941 as a genuine j Vrorn Unc s ., lo of automobile and ;;\vinds code message meaning I driver liccnscso to delinquent owners—but their principal business .lhat .Japan was going lo war. • Hut ho said, he is convinced now W . 1S checking lights and brakes. thai tlie paper he saw on that oc- Automobile 1 brak iiasion was just one of many "false \ f ;i |v cnnditinn Sgt ; alarms." , \^ i;,! 1 ,^ 'vr><-r> irn i 'J hi; winds code was net up by • ( n..] lc '" wcro ii-.'-trin t '.lapriii as a means of notifying ho'r \ [„' fjVst-class condition! ... , , , - -. iuiji.Ti-i.itir, .^ I ujpl.imals abroad when relations Out-of-stak ,wou! to bo brukcn wilh Ihc U.S.. ' c .. u . s j n b' c 'ttc ,:Jritain -or Hussi.-,. I speaking. lh;- !he union, cniployes and the city announced early today after an all-night meeting that they had reached a proposal i'or sclllemom ol the dispute which would be submitted to a referendum meeting of the union tomorrow. . .- i Details of the proposals were not S'A'f'.'. disclosed. O'Dwyer, declaring the strike hud cut Uio city off from G5 per state drivers had their belter condition, generally g. than ihc home, folks, Sgi. Kiamer explained lo Ihe con-, Portcrfiold said. j-Mvssiur.al coinrnittec whv lie testi- •fi Memphis, Feb. ii former sccrelary ol Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, louring the United Stales to discuss "China mil v.;. :_ ;i c r .c! ol Iho .-'icienl : : n Ul( , m , u . Wl ,,.| c | order," has de- oi j'K.nila with Us Christian ,.| :il - t .,i ibal "our survival actually s euuMtl'-s.-- h-Mono depends on i.-ur ability lo or;;ani/.o •-..inonls •>! culture ,,,„. ..j^ij;,; .sucioty." v--liic:i, with cam- i evcrsril. had pre- jla's "blot on the mililary profes- 1 both b'.n.i/ardieiT, who '> .i'.iashiia v.as forewarned as to :Si'»;." ! boi-'ii ;i::.<ignod lo dro personal conseiiuences of such atro-i "Hcvoltmg as this i Yamashita s . .viaeAi tour --a..;, i i.nling out \ rocordi may be in ilsolf, it pale-. lb;i(- before the sinister and far-rt:achin;4 ' ,',. ociob.'r :'l four days fol- implication thereby attached to i-ie I,,-,-,,,-. (I,,, l,-u-i!i:ii; of our forces ,jn j profession of arms. The soldier, bo wind oej-.ted. : placed on hous'np, for veterans who He said lie appeared before the I ™ h , l ° ' atlnncl college under the iii'.-.y court witnout any prepara- l:on and depended solely on his memory of events nearly three yeai:-; earlier. said he had in mind at the that the so-called "v.'indi", 1 ai-.o he reme-mbered seeing i " me:itio:it"'i only one country. Dec Ihe protection of the weak and un- ! han dropped the second on Na- armed. X X XWhon he \iolaios gasaki. • iiately liable for any I 'his sacred (rust, ho nut only pro-. . iiiav re.-ult from laii- • I'ancs his entire cull but Ihrcateiu; n] pri-oners of war. ci-! 1 ' 11 ' vory fabric of international so• i -. • i i i •. M i 1111 u _ ' c i o l y. octei.! ; Ho had in mind thai the Japanese-! U. S. war -started Doc. 7 tincl he' theiciore assumed lhat the one i-.-upi.ry menliuiied was the United' ; Kramer also explainod tl-at he :saw 'hat message' only about la: I or 20 .seconds, .lie said' he didn't! check it to see wheiher ihe ! "wauls" phrase was in ihe mid-. icilo and end of a .Japanese broad-; i c ;.si as provided in the previously- ! i pri pared code. i pylers MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE ' . U1: RIBBON BREAb AKERY AT YOUR GROCERS end lieii before a navy court'o!' imtuirv ! .special incotin.-i of-ihe ftatp exocu- 1'mi «=t mmntity'o-i iiUiiutoiin". .,1 IVarl Harbor' in 194-) thai the ; "ve committee to begin such n pro- l:^^''''^';,™'.^-'^S wind.-: message actually was inljr- > K ] am. Special ^emviiiasia should be ( i t css r ine to ml::or bums— ,.— . ...... Irealment' MacArlhur s deiision is i:x;:i.' which they ; l() have considerable bearing on ; ilhe ti'ial of oljiei hiv,li Japanese! -.'lici-rs, chief ol which is Lt. Gen.: Mas'iharu llomma now b'-iim Iricd in Manila. Iluiiima is cliaificd. as was Ya- mai-lnta. with res|:onsil)ilily f(jr v, huh -ale barbarities by troops •ing oo Truck Rotes riy TO Jv/n Safety 0 Little liock, Feb. 7 —</Ti- Batesvil'.c, Feb. 7 -- i/l'i— Kuhort '• ;:nd Kslcr Lee Byljr, buth charged ; with iii.sl cl-'grec murder in the i Dor. -1 slayiu;', of U:ard Comity i COLD PREPARATIONS Luii.iii Tablets, Salve, Nose Drone C.iution use only as directed :noe. Ins loadi-rsnip. hut hoinma s S(;|U , i>,,b| IL . Service Commission ,-hcriif .1 .L. Harbor, have been mil- wf.'re swa.uiJ.onnu conquerors | O( | ;]V ,,,,( f,,,. bearing on Fob lil a. moved from the Independence 1 A-I.O '.von ar. Ihe I h.impmes --- \ a- .. ( ,| il]im ,,| Arkiinriis Motor Car- j'- •ouuty jail lo an undisclosed .spoil marhila's a piinicky soldier horde ,. |C1 -., fu| . .„, „,..!,,,. ,,, :i Ki n; , P erm;i- i I'or safi-kccpinp, it wa:; disclosed thai weiil a.nok in Ih.e fuihly ol , 1L . n , (.mubuc.i:;!! ;..cl lustmenls in | today. The York a n L " bj»u * C .V-* insurance less-than-trncl'.-ltiad r;iles entered , Tho office of independence Ciuin-i by Ihe commission last Nov. 0. t./ Sheriff Ivd.'.ar Uaker said the Tho adjustments, which Cummis-' i-.vl'-.r.s,, who su.-i .-.•nderctl nero Fcij. ••'ion Chaniuan Cnai K-s Wine said ' alter a two--im>;i:!> --i-arcli ha.! v uuld H-.-iiill in an overall i:ic.c:i.se laikd lo lucatc them, IKK! Dcen ; o- if .slightly less Hiiiii ten per cent moved but would not disclose their in inlerslato. rates, wore '^'sinnliun. condiliuiied on the carriers' can-! At Melbourne, Mrs. J. L. Har- coiling certain inlorstate rales ''.'r, wUlnw of tho slain j-nan and which tho c',iinr.issi-,.ii luiind lo bo l'i. s KUcccssor as .shorilf, said ihe • .incriminatory against ArKansas 11 .yu-. s .uiu been romuvo:! i'l-om , iubbers. j i'^Icsvjllo io ".avoid publicity" a::d This piuvision has !ioe:i c 'inplicd ' with, Ihe carriers repurl"d. However, mu: carrii-r. Merciirv . cy a:: r'.'fused to name- the spot at winch I'-.ey wi.'ie 'o'-iiig held. Moloi:,. Inc., of F'ir' .-'.inilli, ".as ! Frank B. Kirk Takes Pleasure in Announcing the Appointment of as Special Agent in HOPE "Thoy are not being hekl lolljoiirne." she said, ihal it be allowed 1o ui:")'| N<> 'late has been sot for trial of .111 elicit some of ihe •... :.ivr rale j Ruborl, Ester Loo, Hubert':-; p,u- This carrier has objoclod lo 'he ools and sistoi. all charged in Ihc lowered inlers'a'.e Kilos, which it | •"'iaying. ;nid would piaco il at. a disiidvant- ar,o in curopeliliun v. ilh railroads, \Vino said . Tlie concern's applicaliun will 'bo corsidcrc'.l as part ol llv.. l-'eb. Ill hoai'iiij;. The commission loiljiN 1 bc^an hearing; on an ;i;<pl:ciiliun o! atomic inulor (i-arl-es of I'mo l.lutl lu op.'iale bil.- .sol \ ice l.'.-t.'.con lliiniburg ;.nd Pine Ijlul'l over U.M. higliway (i.'i ai.d sliiU' iiiy.hway lili and bolv.'i-eii Star l^iiy and Gould I .,,,,..i. .. .• 'over slate highway '114. rti.uthorn ' , , '"A-k'-Vps as l |',.s \-cnlrated 'pritic. sniEicmg AToraets I Hu.-; i.n os. Inc., and ua\ o Hied ji L -. Acfion on Unit' i -j NO n '.on- filed .- I'-n .-- ;:n:l . ary. Ten iidions lo'.alm.u .->.i:-;.:-;!i Ijiul'tn:-'. material field. '!'•' other inajo.- sphere of ;:cu\ - 'ty Vv;.s in liie sci-\-ie..'s lield. \\ hc.'i New style . . . new luxuries and conveniences . . . smart new colors . . . important driving and comfort features! All added to the sturdy reliability for which Hudson has always been famous! new cars, you will know that something.iniportant, has happened at Hudson. ".''; I : ''. * This year, of all years, see the "fine car of low price"—before ordering any car. • . • Offered in a Super Series and a distinguished You won't fully appreciate all that a Hudson Commodore Series-with a choice in all models of has to offer until you have driven it many thou- Super-Six or Super-Eight engine. 'Also a sturdy, sands of miles. But as soon as you see these exciting economical $/\ -ton Hudson Cab Pick-Up. in- l.illle |{"ci;. l''eb. nor 1 : i.. ., :.;ii.l |.,. . filed :inv proirs; aij/in ,1 iln- aii- \ .il :•'..'! ill in Iri'bk- liania:;;^. pri.aehimi reiiiuvul uf li:i' inlanlr.\ : 'I'bii Iv-einl-.l law r-uils v,-ere .filed l eplafei'ueiil Irainin:; eeiiter linin'o> I) I 'A in Arkansas ikirinn .he C.'ailip Ki>l.rir;,i.in, v Ineli \va:. ,.n- , ' iiunl h, Irel'le dainai.'.es 'iiein 1 ^; noineer.t .I'eslerilay. ( ;ri!;:iil ,.i ;',2 ,,\ iheni a, id iiijiinr- "j am .sure the i/i-iip.t rssi' ,nal tlel- IIKMI.-- in .six i-a.'-.es. e.LV.Iiuii i; |ji uleelini; A .'Ui.iif-a:.' in- • u •- ..... --•- tei.'sl l..iil if '.liei'i.' .s ,,nyuu;u', J ' L.i'ie Hi.eK. Feb. (i .,1V The ea'i du lu help. I'd be ^l;;il to," ^ "i.lidtl 1 .e ; im -.-, j|-. ..; - n .\: k'lii.sa:; v.-ill the HdV.-riiu;- .said. ':-i-e |!,r,i aeliun is lal;,-:-. tu pruiiMk 1 I 1 ' ei --i-. •.'.-,•'. i hki- lu '.!••'.> a p -jrani i I lH'i!.--i;u- all Ihe in:-l;,'i!aliu:..- pussible !,e A:'- ,.ri.-- M. S. Aunii.e.y S. '•;:•."••;•.-. bu :'. '•• !!-.- '-e.-i.--ii i;.bl.' in , va iu •• > - , rdiiy. I !•• a 1 " , • snjaiDse llial we can .have every- 'lie \v.-iild asl; Ihe ilepa "I i k It's a real pleasure to announce our appointment as a Hudson dealer. We are proud to be able to sell such great cars. Our service department is expertly stiiiTul, thoi> uu.';h ..-quipped, and stocked with genuine Hudson . pans 10 ^ivc you the very finest service, promptly and reasonably. Come in and iec us!

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