Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 6, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1946
Page 4
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ii|^^ !^]$$vy»i s> .> c ^v- : *. ,'^V""» '"**:* ' • ' ' v ..'*'£ ; ' i. ,$v&f* **, > \ 4,, ;/v. t" ^ * ' s rtt-f^i'; ^ < , ^ ? * * ' ' /* ?i i, * '* \ K A N s A s , February <S,M(S By Chick Young HOW LONGimr VCU CANTtAkE WILL VOL) F > A BATH, DEAR, THERES NO MORE HOT .WHAT ARE VOU "N / I DON'T THINK HINTING AC, FLINT?JU06E GARRISSY OH,YOU WERE GOOD MORNING. \ / THAT'S WHAT INSPECTOR GROWL A I THIHK. FLINT'S MORNING, FLINT. «V,WY. )\ GOT OTHER THIS IS SAD BUSINESS.'/ x^ IDHA5 SUICIDE HIM LAST NIGHT/ YOU SURIT HATE < SPONGE- )'" ATHS ' HAVE A GENIUS FOR BEING AROUND WHEN PEOPLE VSEE WHAT HE SAYS GET BUMPED OFF, DON'T . , VYOU7..-.WELL, I'M LISTENING/ r MARV IIZS THINKINS OF THE ...THE,N PINALUV 15 P01ING OFF WHEN ?> £(de Glances *v **• ^ By Galbraith '>Vi-.-v .••-.:: i: -.*-'••-.y;.,--:-:,-^.'•x7^ u *«¥ ^^^fyy^^^y;^^^ ^fc^Tfofraaajjftjil^JIJ £.'/' WATER'S PULLING- ME POVVN THAT KEEP .. .. ._ . THEM KIDS \5 IN) HERE-—NOISES SETTIN' -WHIRLPOOL CKLIA S '' * HES—-GEYSER IS PILLING- THIS OWE — "Danny's here all right, lady, but he's busy. Do you have an appointment?" " COPR. 1M<5 BV NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF i'-Scmie day when we're married and rich like thai, we can look back and see what a swell time we're havin" now!" —-— f ' ' _ _ — ". - O • * -• * A -- '. " ".;."'". v • ,-- •.' - - -Business By Hershberger Freckles and Hes Friends By Blosser H.E_S BEEN! BY HERE--- '....._,„, EVIDENCE-.' J FIND THAT LITTLE JERK OF ALL. TRADES/ Is '-fASH AMD HE GOT AWAY ' We SOTTA -, FiN'D HIM I A.CE SERVE-SELF GF50CEPV r SHQULDA TAKEN THIS I'M A POOR. SUBSTITUTE FOR.. A SAW SUB, SANK SAME/ GCEAT JUMPING \ | JSHOSHAPHAT.' Lt, PLEASE. MiSTEK BOCM- IF ONLY YOU'LL h=L? MB GET MY . THE OLD P.AKE5 HAS HIM WELL FOOLED', WHISKERS BACK., I'LL BE YOUR 1 "No, no 1 Only the stuff on the shelves!" Popeye Thimble Theater NOW NEXT MONTH WILL TEN' O'CLOCK^ AHOY, IS TEN O'CLOCK A GOOD wi/y\py, yoiJ : A WE/LiL'' BREAK WATCHES•T r^-_vt'•-'^-llIL'^.fi'u'illi. Z. K-JSK^l. UJil Out Our Way 1'^'''-' ^.-L^-^^^^l^-^&^f GOOD By J. R. Williams Our Hoarding House With Major Hoople WOW I GOTTA GET ti/ THERE'S LORD SHE LOOK'S KIWD OF FAMILIAR-1 WOWDE1? WHO SHE TO MEMERLIW I BOKJEHEAP-xlMD A , LABORATORY « " LfltSUKAfGKY «£fWi'K XiWD HELP r-^M '/' I -liu rpArk-r-irfsi-'-'U/ L. i'U. HAVE MELLIE &OES, PE&L LIKE A GDV VMOOT3S HUWTIWG A ^ ALERTvJPCrCH.Os OFF LOST PVtWOM —TO BETTER \^ THE FRONfT pbROA/ CREEP UP AN\D ACT QUICK:, \} E6AD/ COOK)T OM ME AS IF THE uftTav ft A SORT OF STRATEGIC REALIZES I/M. TR>/INiG> TO \\ RESERVE .TO S\Mlri& MVPMOTI2E- MER SUE- WVftV J > IN5TO A.CTIOM IF SET W& rAl^ED UP V-MTH MURGATf?OYD/ W IM SHAPE FOR YOUR ''A JOUST WITH LORD HIM IS FLARJM'UP- HE'S REFUSIM'TO LOOK.' WHY, THIS IS MUTIMV.' WELL,WELL.' I'VE B^ESiN /'ibn Ais.vt r^nr 1 EXPECT^' YCSDASA f \°PvTi>^ S ?U L < '* 94(5 CLASSIFIED HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS " All Wan Ono lime . . Throo llmoj . . , In Advance . *o'd'm!±um « word, minimum SOc Publlc.Uon Not Taken Over the Phone " For Sale > month . IBc word, minimum $4.70 tor Continuous Insertions Only ' TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" 3000 RAl.i.'s r-PAco ^ b r$~»vo^ in'^ b SK lol-s. \V. U. nurku, II..|)o, Rt. 3. Kf,,,o3EL K (-aiiM-plllar. F) ( ,y,| Porlerfield ...... ______ ........ _______ __ __ 12-lf GA » rj KN TRACTOK ANolJQufp". "frit See Alfred Haynes; old ?r r °ri, ll r y ni ollrl - "'Shway 67 cas _ol_ Mope. Phone H44. 2<)-fit 1 H4I) PONTI AC ~~SE"lTAN7~FOUn ,, r . ».i> 40u. Pair mule colts, 2 and Jyuirs. Pair horse colts, 2 vears I'our good brood mares 6 to 9 b'uiV' S 'T°R 0 i; c 8>slored Hereford bull. J B. Rovvc, Hope, Route — _!!?' '"'Pc-DcAnn road. 2-Gt BIG YCLE~Bui LT~FoT ~r\VO~TN good condition. May be seen 024 J5outh Mam St. 2-31 1939 PNB~TON~STUDEBAKER ™r° M f °y, Si \!- 0 - Scc C ' L ' Huberts, 306 North Ferguson, Phone 242 V- ______ _ ___ ___ 2-3 1 MAYTAG WASHING ~MAc7flNF, 'c"o Jl rV,'''c co ' 11 P 1 ctcly overhauled. ^••'°' ?, ce L ' C ' Burner at HO.K- Auto Co. 2-31 MILCH COWS, MILKING AND .coming Iresh, Cream separator wagon, and mules. Farm implements. ALso j;ood grade Lespede- f-a nay :md •quanity of used lumber. Julia R'Oark. Prescott Rt .1 "I Otis Landers Farm. 2-:)t THREE-FOURTHS TON Iriick. H. A. Dillard, Yancy, Ark. (Oxan, Rt. 1). J . STKEL FRAME BA~BY BUC^Y good condition. Pro-War -nodel ^Phone 1040-J after 5 p.m. 4.31 ON E s i NO E R " T~R¥DL F~ ONR white Rotary. One Davis. C. W \ancoy. Singer Distributor, (M5 ^ West Division. Phone liGl-R. 4-fii GOOD USED ""UNDER WOOD rypewriter. Standard keyboard, Phone 400, Barlow Holol. , r )-Ht 15)41 SPECIAL DELUXE ...... TWO door Chevrolet, radio and healer. Cal! or see Billy Hamilton at Columbus. 5.31 Wanted to Buy ~ _^ WANTE D T0~ fiirm. See Noel Feed Co. Warren, A Hope ]'. 3l Real Estate for Sale N ICE FIVE 'H ooiw" Tib USE" "AT tmniel. Price $JOOO. Close in. Sam Crabb, Box 40, Emmet. 4 -fit _______ ___ __ " 29-GI FIVE ROOM HOUsCTwoT,OTS^ good condition on Adar street two blocks off old 07 hiway back of Alex Purtle's properly. Can give clear title. A. T. Ta'v- J°>;. ___ _ ___ . _ 2!)-(il NICE 0 ROOM TioMirioO BYMo foot lot on South Elm St. Immediate posscsion. Phone 741-R. Buck Williams. i-Gt NICE FIVE ROOM"lfoUSETlo4 _Ensl 15lh. St. H. C. Ross. 4-31 HOUSE AND FOUR LOTS. JOHN Price, G02 North Hcrvcy. 4-81 Page Fivfe Fa IT Enough By Wcstbrook Peglor Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. Notice VACANCY FOU REFINED. MID- clle-aKpd Kiilcshuiy or couple to sell ChiUlrcn Activities in lhi<; territory. Sec Mr. or Mrs. J. F. Seitz, after 4 p.m. Motel Bar___ ____ SEE IDEAL FURN?rURE STQ!!K for better furniture and bettor bargains. Phono <17ti. 14-lin INCOME TAX 'SEHVICE. IF YOU have income tax troubles. I will be glad to help you. Do it now, avoid the rush in the last tlavs Charges reasonable:. J. V,'. Stru-k- WE BUY, SELlT~oir~~TRAn~E household furniture. Anything of value. Your sell won't be' too small, and they don't «et too large. See us at 2M F.ast Third St. City Furniture Co. Phone B73 28- 1m Help Wanted FORD 1041 MODEL truck. W. W. Keaton, 2nd St. Phone 512. PICK-UP 214 East 5-3t OLD NEWSPAPERS. YnREE pounds for 5c. Hope Star Of- _f lcc _; ^ 5-Gt TWO PAIR YOUNG MULES. , Ono pair coming 3 anr] 4 year old, one pair coming A and 5 yr'iir old. SCR W. B. Ruggles, hhover Springs road or phone .'il-,1-4. G-31 Ml PLYMOUTH, 2 DOo'S'sEDAN, original tires, 1 owner. Perfect condition. See Wylic Motor Co Phone 886. G.Qt DESIRABLE TERRITORIES open in Arkansas for men anrl women who can take orders for goi goons drosses and costume. jewelry at low factory prices write Sheba Ann Frocks. Post Office Box 802, For! Smith, Arkansas. 31.51 _ A LADY WHO CA~N~KE"EP~HOUSE for me with husband, house completely furnished. J. A. Sullivan, 404 North Main. l-tf pai:cnl i, presently 50 WHITE ROCK PULLETS. $1.50 each. W. F. Saunders, Emmet Route One. 0.31 ..LIVING ROOM SUITE, TWO ri piece. 5 piece breakfast room suite. Phone 336-W. Mrs. Franks __1020 South Elm. D-31 Ifi TTSKD AND RF,CAPPKn~90f7-20'" 825.20; 7!iOI20 Truck tiros. Also lar:;e slock (if passenger rccapps and used tires. Fox Tire Shop C-Ot Wanted to Rent I MAN OR WOMAN WITH CAR TO represent large manufacturer in , Hempstead and Nevada counties. Both counties will require full time employment. Will consider dividing counties for past time employment. This is a real opportunity for someone to make a nice profitable job for themselves. Write for full information and interview will be arranged Morris U. Allen, District Representative, 1219 Magnolis St. Tcx- jirkana, Texas. G-Gt Services Offered A FURNISHED bedroom. Phone 80. APARTMENT OR Virginia Laffcrty, 4-31 VETERAN AND FAMILY WANTS apartment or small house, un- fui dished, Lester Osburn. Phone 9GG-W. 0-31 For Rent FRONT BEDROOM NEXT TO AD- joining bath. Mrs. George Sandefur, Phone 122-W. 320 North Washington. l-3t For ELECTRIC SERVICE Dny Phone• 413 Ninht Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWJCK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St Hope, Ark REGISTERED SPENCER COR- selicre, individually designed corsets, brassieres, men and women's surgical supports. Mrs Ruth Dox.ior, 318 North Elm SI Hope, Ark. Phone 144-J. 28-1 m Wanted to Buy \ WANT TO BUY A 1040-41 OR'4 1 ' model Ford or Chevrolet. Buck Williams. IOC South Walnut Sti-oel Phone GGO. ]7.tf WE BUYFIELD AND TABLE pens. Monts Seed Store. 31-121 Lost BLACK ZIPPEE BILLFOLD, CON- tainlne about $75 and identification. Lost Saturday afternoon. Reward for return to Mrs. Roy Mouscr, nt John P. ^ox Dru'y Co. Hope, A:l:. Phone G1G-017. 4-31 Opportunities Offered HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY Stores. Franchise and merclian- dies availiioio now for now Associate Stores. Write or wire. i <r "iivon Auto Stores, Dallas ]. Texas. 2-Gt Lost or Strayed FEMALE BOSTON BULL TER- rier, age 7 months, good markings. Answers to name "Pud- gie." was not wenring collar when last stwi. Reward. Barry Spraggins, 1020 East 3rd St Phone G33-J. i-3t Until every American in uniform overseas is home again the Red Cross will be called upon to play a major role in contributing lo the soldiers' comfort and well- being. —General Eisenhower. Wanted! TELEPHONE All Dimensions — 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMOS, ARK. '1'hosc soldiers and sailors who have been angry at the big brass whom (hoy acaisr of luxurious self- inmilHcncc and other offenses againsl Hie ranks are mistaken if llioy think this .sorl of Iliing will not continue in civil Ife, under the New Deal. Tln^ city of New York always assumed that Hie mayor would lind his own quarters and pay his own rent until the year 1042, in the era of the tornrnon man, when the office was occupied by Fiorel- I" ' .1 Guanlia. Then the Qrucie Mansion, of fifteen rooms on a piui i.l i.i acres on the liast river, a Kile that no i icli man would be allowed to monopoli/c for his personal comfort and pleasure in these days of congestion, became, by act inn of Hie board of estimate, the, official residence of ihe mayor. II is a beautiful estate, luxuriously furnished, adorned by priceless an. .mm UK: mu.si.Mms of the c cv and a library requisitioned from the public library and is maintained by the department of parks. It could rent fur at least .$511,000 a ye.ar. Tnis perquisite of a public office paying a salary of Si!;"). 000 was established in the reign of one who never tired of professing his great selfless devotion to the common man bul was monienlarily spurned l:y W'llia.Mi O'Dwyer, when he succeeded the litlle dandelion. Mr. O'Dwyer was j;oing to continue to live in his modest, two-family riniist- un the l;i>- side oi the Eas'l river, but temptation grabbed him by Hie wrist a> d. with a quick. firm twist, threw him violently. It WUM then announced that nis little iinme was for sale. nn alruisc sacrifice, no c'oubt, designed to relieve the Housing problem by just Mia', much. Waiting only unt'il 'the -'^•on'-tment of parks could efface the wear and tear left by his pretl- i-i.-cstn.ir cind i (.'decorate the mansion to his taste, Mayor O'Dwyer and his family moved in. As a supplement to complaints oi troops who have had to wail Ion-; in (omin'inns for reviews b' inconsiderate generals, memory. • p '" r ' -"oi-' 1 -"rail -n iiifideni at ForslDcs Moines. the original '••••• . ......... ui i. > ,,.it.'i, tnen known as the WAACs, when Hie young patriotic p : oneers of this corps we're turned out in bitter winter weather to be reviewed by ;. distiegin's'iefl visitor. Tlie distin- gtiished visitor had no more right to reveiw the crops, no more roglv, ••n •• - ' D in. ii. ycrr r-v.-n Aunt Ilattie and she arrived late on p. government plane (in which she iit;a no i :ght to Jly. Growing im- i the cokl. ,hc WAACs began to chant, accord- ins; to a contemporary account in the Des Moines Register, to the ( '-nc of "The Old Gray Mare": "Here we stand, freezing and shivering, waiting for Elcanore." If these resentful soldiers think i ej4uiienmtion will end when they come home, let them listen to excel pis from a letter from Charles L. Shcclian and Joseph D'Ambrosio, Boston teamsters, .who has made certain charges against officers ol their local union. Sheohan is a marine veteran of Iwo Jima. D'Ambrosio served in Die navy. Last Oct. 17, their letter says they visited the union office to con- tor with P. Harry Jennings, the trustee, appointed by Dan Tobin, the international president, to run the local. Under such trusteeships, local autonomy is suspended, in some cases for years and the local members become wards of the international big brass. Jenings was out but Frank J. Halloran, the business agent, is quoted by the two veterans as having said to them: "you-cx-servicc men arc a dime a dozen. You think you arc going to run the country." bhcchan and D'Ambrosio Slate that Halloran is married to the granddaughter of John Gillespie. the sec relury-trcasurcr of the international, wnosc headquarters are in Indianapolis. Alleged to have socked Mr. Halloran the two veterans were arrested. In court on appeal, they were acquited of assault but, by way of a Christmas present from old Dan Tobin, the monarch of the union, who enjoys a winter palace on Miami Beach at Ihc expense of the good old common man, they were finer: $250 each by the union, and suspended for one year which mea::s thai they can't ' work as teamsters during that time. The union trial was conducted by one man who owes his job to Tobin and the rest of the union's big brass and Tobin made the jinal decision, having assumed jurisdiction under the teamsiers constitution which permits him to reverse the findings of the public courts, inflict lines and throw veterans oul of work, permanently, if il comes to that. It was in Boston, two years ago. tha: local bosses of the Teamsters undertook to pay off an enormous private debt of James M. Curloy, another deserving Democrat and patron of Ihe common man, so that he could siart a new term in Congress even with the board. o.iKv ihen Cm-ley has been clectd mayo;- and since that election, as the climax of a long, stormy ca- leei. he nas been conviciea of ven counts of fraud in alleged promise oi war eunli-act procuremenl. Old Dan Tobin, you may not know, was host to Presider.i Ru- osevelt when Roosevelt made that flippant, mocking opening speech of the 1944 campaign in Washington, following which a bunch of drunken gons beat up a couple of young naval officers. Roosevelt .also selected Tobin to visit England as a \vcinhy representative of American labor according to the totalitarian concept of the new deal as expressed in Hie Wagner act and practically all union constitutions. This Curious World By William Ferguson l/^SO.OOO, OOO IS THE ESTIMATED D4MA6E •••• ANNUALLY IN THE UNITED STATES BY JUST IF A MATCH STRIKES, IT'S FIRED," Jays L. CARLISLE FLOYD, NATIONAL SAFETY 'COUNCIL- REPORTS TWO INSTANCES IN 1945 WHERE THE SUNS RAYS. PASSING THROU6H A BOTTLE OF WATER, Sr/\KT£D f=/fZSS. . . AND IN EACH CASE, THE BOTTLE BROKE FROM THE HEAT. . . AND THE COPR. 1946 BY NEA P">UICE, INC. VEXT: Origin of military insignia. CARNfVAL Bv Dick Turner COPR. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. Off. "Step right up, folks! While they last, get your 'Little •TiflV prefabricated houses.!" •fir Hnoh S. Fnllorton. Jr.* New York, Feb. G (ft 1 )— For years you've been hearing about golf's mechanical men land prouably laughing it off because there's notning mechanical about the way you and I play). . . now along comes Greensboro George Corcoran with evidence to show that Byron Nelson's supremacy among the golf pros is merely a matter of mechanics and materials — plus i mentality. . .using terms like "pro- I nation and supernation" and I "square swings," George points ' out lhat most of the links leaders | learned the game in the hickory shall days. Hickory has more torsion than steel, but when they switched to steel shafted clubs, they continued to use their wrists in the way they learned lo offset thai Iwisl. . .Nelson wns one of 'ihe few pi os sniari enough lo change lo a "hinge" swing without ihnt wrist action and as a result lie's outplaying all tile resi. . .iho result has been a "revolution" in golf leaching, Corcoran adds and Ihe younger golfers are taking up Ihe Nelson style. Eventually they'll catch up with him. One-Minute Sports Page Beau Jack's scrap with I Greco Friday will mark the Beau's 23rd appearance in Madison Square Garden since August, 1941, a fact which wouldn't be true if there hadn't been a war in the meantime. . .mid-western rumor, which hasn't been confirmed so far, is that Tony Hinkle will move from Butler U. to Michigan as basketball coach when Benny Oosterbaan quits. . .wild life note: Charley Miller, the celebrated inaine guide, visited New York last week and managed to gel lost in a Manhattan office building. . .the .constitution of the New Mexican National Baseball League had to be translated for the benefit of minor league officials, who are better at double talk than Espanol. ., No Sooner Said " A couple of red hot Oklahoma football fans, Earl and Red Hall, it-conlly made hotel reservations in Los Angeles for next New Year's clay .. .even a California innkeeper was surprised at such an early request and inquired the reason. . . why, the brothers explained, we plan to be on hand lo see the Oklahoma Aggies in the 1947 Rose Bowl uame. Johnny Cardinals By BEN PHLEGAR St. LoniH, Feb. r, -- dV) — The St. Louis Cardinals arc getting down to business on their tremendous job of spring housecleaning lhat so far has brought the disposal of (lire eJjall players within 24 hours for cash money that might run as high as $100,000. Scllin' Sam Brcadon — "My players aren't for sale for the right kind of an offer might interest me" — parted with H couple of youngsters to ihe Philadelphia Phils Monday night, and last night he announced the departure of Outfielder Johnny Hopp to the Boston Braves. The purchase price was net given on either deal. Inside dope here says $40,000 isn't far wrong for IIopp and usually accurate guesses place the value of Al Jurisich and Johnny Wyroslck at about $60,000. General Manager Herb Ponnock of Philadelphia admittd it was a "big chunk of cash." If cstirnalcs are reasonably accurate, Brcadon has taken in about $300,000 since Jan. 5. That was the day the New York Giants agreed to $175,000 on sailor Walker Cooper and the Pittsburgh Pirates forked over $30,000 for ex-soldier JXIMMY Brown. Certainly on paper, none of the deals has weakened thr> Cardinals Only Hopp of the five players involved was a regular last season when the club finished a pretty fair second in the National League. Three pre-war starting outfielders—Enos Slaughter, Trecy Moore and Harry Walner — are "on hand to take his place. Brcadon, who still has more fhan 60 players, gives no indication :fo who will be next to go. Contract difficulties might hold the key. Slaughter is the only plaver tnpwn to be signed. Whitcy Kurowski said he has turned down the Cards' 1946 offer. Brcadon said last night he hadn't heard from Whitcy recently. Kurowski has Jicen mentioned frequently in trade rumors. Undoubtedly he could be sold at a nice figure if he and the ,Rcd Bird management can't agree. In the meantime, Brcadon says he isn't going to change his policy of keeping his ears open for attractive ofcrs. With the caliber o players he has let, h should bp-i-1 players he. has let, ho should be in for some attractive listening. (Baltimore) 49. Gallaudet 41; Randolph-Macon 39 South Carolina 58; Furman SO. Camp LeJeune 34; Eastern Carolina Teachers SO. Louisiana College 49; Southwest ern Louisiana Institute 46. Midwest Iowa Navy Preflight-Wright field, cancelled. Southeast Missouri State G4; Missouri School of Mines 42. Indiana 56; Washington U. (SI Louis) 46. Central College (Kas.) 53 St. JohhsUWinl'ield, Kas.) 48. .'-'; Missouri Valley 53; Central (Mo.) •45.-- . Eastern Illinois State Teachers 46; Camp Grant (111) 37. , Great Lakes 66; Marquette 61. St. Louis Univ. 40; Missouri 34, Grinnell 49; Cornell (Iowa) 35. Morningside 42; Omaha Univ 35 Rockhursi 38; Creightun 37. Camp Aterbury 50; Dopauw 28 Simnson 45; Kirksville, Mo Teachers 27. El Dorado (Kas.) 37; Phillins Univ. (Okla.) 36. Southwest McMurry (Tex..) 4!i; Austin College 38. Texas College of Mines 54; New Mexico A and M 43. Wichita Univ. 42; Tulsa 35 Texas Tech 48; West Texas State Teachers 40. Saratoga High School will be host lo the largest invitation basketball tournament ever held there starting at 10 o'clock Friday morning, February 8. The tournament will be resumed at 8 o'clock Saturday morning, continuing through ihe finals Saturday night. Teams will Darti'cipate from Pike. Howard, Hcmpslead counties. The opener will be a game between the Saratoga and Columbus girls, followed by a contest between the Columbus and Guerncsy boys. Thirteen teams have been entered for the tournament. Harold Austin of Mufressboro will be head referee, assisted by Houston Norwood of Nashville. Seven sessions of basketball will bo played, admission for each session being 15 and SOc. .Women of Saratoga PTA will serve plate luncheon and sandwiches both clays, and soft drinks will be sold by the senior class. o Hail increases His Scoring Lead Over G. Mikan New York, Feb .6 — iff*)— Bill Hall of Marshall increased his lead over George Mikan of DePaul to 40 points last week in the National collegiate basketball individual scoring j.-ace. The latest tablation br the Associated Press showed today that Hall now has 418 points for 26 games compared to Mikan's 378 for 17 tilts .Hall tossed in 50 points in two games against Mikan's 40. BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing » Heating Phone 259 Hooe. Ark. LET ME REPAIR Your Clocks, Toasters, Hot Plates, and All Eler.trical Apoliances LILE'S FIX-IT SHOP 933 SERVICE STATION Phone 933 or S69-R Tailor Made . SEAT COY ESS:'. Direct from Factory"-' Orders filled withinMO days ROBERT R. RIDER Phone 435-J CALL US FOP. YOUR WIRING and REPAIR TROUBLES Phosie 231-R So you rebellious veterans think [you will bo free of the impositions of the big brass and the kind of justice dealt by courts martial, composed entirely of brass, when you come marching home. Well, as the fellow is said to have remarked to Sheehan, of the marines, and D'Ambrosio of the navy: "you-cx-scrviee men arc a dime a dozen." You wait until you taste juslicc dealt by the Union Brass. Basketball Results by the Associated Pres East U. S. Navy Armed Guard (Brook- Uyn) Gl); Floyd Bennett Nas 34. Uartmouth 50; Valparaiso 51. South Arkansas 68: Rice 25. North Carolina 74; Greensboro Overseas Replacement Depot Ii9. DDuke 32; Wake Forest 29. Green Cover Springs Navy (Fla.) 1)5; Florida 38. American University 54; Loyola SELL NOW GET QUICK ACTION on the sale of that Lot House, Building, or Farm—by calling Phone 53-M VfNCENT FOSTER Realtor Service - Quality Variety We have a most complete 'ff> line of Field & Garden Seeds, Insecticides Inoculations. AGENTS FOR Funks G Hybrid Corns Dodge Famous Onion Plants Willhite Melon Seeds Germaco Hot Cops Sinker's Delinked Cotton Seeds Triple Cleaned Kobe, Korean and Sericea Lespedeza, Alfalfa Soy Beans and field grown Cabbage Plants. We Appreciate Your Business MONTS SEED STORE The Leading Seed Store x HELP WANTED WHITE ONLY Practical nurses, $40.00 to $55.00 per month Waitresses. $40.00 per month. Call or Write: Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium State Sanatorium, Arkansas ELECTRIC CO. Delton Houston COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply DR. H.T. SHULL VETERINARIAN In practice in Texarkana TEXAS CITY HALL Phone 140 or 1490-J Harry Segnor, Sr. PLUMBER REPAIR WORK Phone 382-J NOTICE Now is the time to sell that old washer WE BUY - SELL AND TRADE Let us appraiso your old machine and place your order for a New Maytag Complete Repairs and Paint Jobs on Washers and Bicycles. Prompt & Expert Service Visit Our New Store JONES MAYTAG SALES & SERVICE Phone 209 304 East 2nd THEO LONG For Plumbing Telephone 674-J Hope, Arkansas Motor Repairs—Light Fixtures Hope Appliance Co. 814 East 3rd SU PHONE 613 Appliance Repairs—Appliances SEAT COVERS FOR ALL CARS Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 215 S. Main SHEET METAL WORK of all kinds See IRA HALIBURTON, Jr. at the Haliburton Sheet Metal Works CALL US FOR Guaranteed Sewing Machine Repairs. Used Machine Parts & Supplies. We 3uy, sell, exchange and handle only genuine Singer parts. We will make an Electric . C, W. YANCEY, Singer Dist. 615 West Division For PHOTOGRAPHS in your home Phone 493 COLLIN BAILEY SPRAY PAINTING KEMTONING done the SPRAY WAY LUM RATELIFF " Phone 180-W 518 W. Div. ;,-. Hope, Ark. COMPLETE F BUTANE SERVICE Wanda Butane Co. Phone 370 Hope, Ark. Hats Cleaned and Rebuilt* the factory way. HALL'S HAT SHOP East 2nd St. .'Phorie 78 f Alterations Pressed While You Walt 23 loe's Tourist j Cafe-Court j ——Featuring " "• • Steaks • Fried Chicken f • Barbecue i «Fish 4 • Sandwiches »Soft Drinks ' Open 6 a. m. to 12 Midnight ,'.' Private Dining Room—Phone 222' Owned <and operated by , ' Mr. and Mrs. P. J. L'oe City Limits & Highway 67 West . <" t ' i V SH SEE US FOR THE REYNOLDS PEN The miracle Pen that will Revolutionize Writing. t Guaranteed to write' 2 years without refilling. Doug OSTV C ° rl ' Bacon V-.1 I I ' Jones ELECTRIC CO: Phone 784 Hope - • " . I* H ^ If you are in the markefe, *. / to buy or sell Farm land^' >, orCity Property, call or Ht ' Calvin E. Phone 489 Hope, Arltf, '.'"...-•'•' '' "~ " Arkansas Bank Building^ „ L d Seo Us For • BABY CHICKS, You'll like our "quality chicks, hatched right from seleqfed. flocks. Hardyj fqsi» growers. Low prices FEEDERS SUPPLY CO. 4th and La. Sts ARE YOU? Getting the most effective property insurance coverage at the lowest possible cost? Ask Us About It Today HOUSTON INSURANCE AGENCY Howard A. Houston Chas. A. Malone ? Phone, ... 61 ' Magazines You can now get the latest issue of your favorite Magazine at GENTRY PRINTING CO, (Commercial Printers) Phone £41 Hope, Ark; LOANS To Farmers and Stockmen. TO FINANCE YOUR CROPS AND CATTLE See E. M. McWilliams SEEDS-TORE Representative for NASHVILLE PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION

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