Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa on August 21, 1899 · Page 10
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Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa · Page 10

Iowa City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, August 21, 1899
Page 10
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TTOBKOFAWILDMOB Days of the Commune Are Re* called in Paris. SCENE OF SERIOUS RIOTS OK SUNDAY Brealc Up aa Anarchist Meet* !·«·-- Crovrd Attack* and Despoil* a Church-- Many Persons Hurt. Taris, Aug. 21.-- Paris was on Sunday the scene of most serious disturbances, recalling some aspects of the commune. In response to an appeal of the Journal Le Peuple, and La Petite Kepublique, groups of anarchists and socialists gathered about three o'clock in the afternoon in the Place Be la Bepublique. The police had taken precautions, and there seemed no danger of disorders. Sebastion Faure and xfeberot, well-known revolutionary an- mrchists, were the ringleaders. Faure, Standing on the pedestal of the statue iwhich rises in the center of the Place Be la Bepublique, addressed the crowd. Among other things, he said that the anarchists should be masters of the streets. Police Take a Hand. The police then interfered and dislodged Faure and Faberot, making three arrests. The crowd at this point dispersed, but a column of demonstrators, headed by Faure and Henri D'Horr, made for the Place de la Nation. The police broke through the Column and a struggle for the mastery followed. Shots were fired and M. Goullier, commissary of police, was twice stabbed with a knife. This threw the police into moment- try confusion. The mob reassembled and ran toward the Place de la Kation. The police, reenforced by a squad that shad been held in reserve, made an- 1 Other attempt to stem the current, and fresh fierce fighting occurred, three j constables being wounded. Faure and D'Horr jumped into a passing street car that was going to the Place de la Ee- publique and the car drh er on arriving there gave a signal to the police, who Immediately arrested them both, together with two other anarchists, Joseph Ferrier and Jean Perrin. All were conTCjed to the Chateau d'Eau barracks. Only D'Horr was found in possession of firearms. Moli Attacks Churches. In the meantime the anarchist mob retraced its course to the Place de la Bepublique. smashing the windows of religious edifices on the way. Suddenly, either at the word of command or in obedience to impulse, the column made a loop and curved toward the church of St. Ambroise, -where the rioters smashed the windows. Proceeding thence toward the Faubourg du Temple, which reached at the corner of the Eue Darboy and the Rue St. Mauri-Popin court, they formed up into a compact body. Hatchets were sud- denlyproduced,with long knives stolen from the counters of shops, and a concerted rush was made upon the chuich of St. Joseph. The aged Sacristan, seeing the mob, hastily closed the outer gates, but these were soon forced with hatchets and bars of iron. The massive oaken doors were then attacked. Church Ransacked. According to the first account the ·wild horde burst into the charch. which instantlj became a scene of pillage and sacrilege. Altars and statues were hurled to the floor and smushed, pictures were rent, candlesticks, ornaments and hosts from high altars were thrown down and trampled under foot. The crucifix above was marie the target for missiles and the figure of the Saviour was fractured in several places. Then, while raucous voices sang the "Carmagnole," the chairs were carried outside, piled up and set on fire in the center of the square fronting the church. Crnclflx in the Flames. When this stage was reached the crucifix was pulled down and thrown into the flames. Suddenly the cry was raised that the statue of the Virgin had been forgotten and the crowd returned and tore this down also. Police and Mob Fight. Meanwhile the sacristan, who had been captured by the anarchists, escaped and called the police and republican guards, who promptly arrhed, with man^ constables. They w ere compelled to fall back in order to form up into line of defense, as the anarchists attacked them fearfully with knives. At length the officers began to gain the mastery. A score of anarchists took refuge in an adjacent house. Others intrenched themselves in the belfry and fiercely defended themselves by showering missiles on the republican guards, but finally these were dislodged. Twenty anarchists were arrested, taken to the police station, searched and found to be carrying revolvers, loaded sticks and knives. Pnlpit Fired. When the police entered the church the anarchists had just set fire to the pulpit. The interior of the edifice was a complete wreck. Several valuable old pictures that can never be replaced ·were ruined. After the mob had been driven away Abbe LaCour, the incumbent, collected the fragments of the sacrament and replaced them in the cibo- lium. As he did so he was heard bitterly lamenting. The people living in the houses near by extinguished the bonfire. Still Fighting-. Since eight o'clock the demonstrators, BO far as Gare de 1'Este, have been repeatedly driven back by police charges, the crowd crying "Vive 1'armee and "Vive la republique." The police also dispersed a crowd of gamins who were burning bundles of newspapers. About ten o'clock disorders occurred on the Boulevard de Magenta and the Boulevard de Strasbourg. Several revolver , shots were fired, but nobody was injured. Two newspaper kiosks were burned and several arrests were made In connection therewith. Gaerla Still Bealeffe*. There is no change in the situation at the building in the Rue de Chabrol, where M. Jules Guerin and his anti- Semitic companions are intrenched in a state of siege against the police, who have orders for their arrest* Shortly after midnight noisy crowds began demonstrating in the Rue de Chabrol, but they were soon dispersed by the police. 2. a. m.--Up to the present hour 56 persons have been reported injured, Including several policemen. No one, so far as known, was injured by firearms. Nearly all were hurt by being crushed or trodden under foot. A body of rioters who had taken refuge in the courtyard of the Gare de 1'Este was expelled by the police, who made 25 arrests. Quiet has now been restored. JIMINEZ RELEASED. Santo Domingo Leader Arrested at Clenfneffos, IB Set at Liberty by Gen. Brooke. Havana, Aug. 21.--It is asserted that the arrest of Gen. Juan Isidro Jiminez, the aspirant to the presidency of Santo Domingo, who was captured on board a steamer at Cienfuegos Friday, just as the steamer was about leaving that port, was not caused by orders from Havana, but was effected through the orders of Gen. James M. Wilson, governor of the department of Matanzas and Santa Clara. Immediately upon learning of the arrest Maj. Gen. Brooke, governor general of Cuba, gave orders for the release of the prisoner. The action of Gen. Wilson in ordering the arrest of Jiminez causes much comment. Jiminez left Cienftigos Sunday morning on board the Polaria, bound for Manzanillo and Santiago de Cuba. After his release he remained at the Union hotel until he left the city. He complained bitterly to his friends of the arrest. AT STATE EXPENSE. Fund Raised to Brinjs the First 3Se- braska Volunteers Home by Special Train. Omaha, !N T eb., Aug. 21.--The First Nebraska volunteers, which reached San Francisco from Manila three weeks ago, will be brought home on a special train at state expense. Twelve thousand dollars has been raised by the newspapers of the state, D. E. Thompson, a prominent citizen of Lincoln, has loaned the governor $20,000, and Sunday Edward Cudahy, the South Omaha meat packer, tendered the state executive $3,000 to make up the sum of $35,000 required for the purpose. The matter has been hanging fire for several days, and it was feared that the boys would have to pay their own way home, but through the persistent efforts of Gov. Poynter the sum has been raised and the gallant First regiment will soon be on its way to Nebraska, winch, was left a year ago last April to sustain the honor of the flag in the Philippines. DEFEATED AND DRIVEN BACK. Government Forces of Santo Doniln- ito Meet tvitli Reverses at Monte Christ!. Cape Haj tien, Aug. 21. -- The reeii- forcements of troops sent to the front by the government of Santo Domingo in the efforts to suppress the revolution, have been defeated and driven back at Monte Christi. Port Au Prince, Hayti, Aug. 21.--A revolutionary group which, assembled between Cupey and Esterovasa, in Santo Domingo, has dispersed without fighting and reentered Haytian territory. A thousand men commanded by Minister Cordero are guarding Fort Belair and \\atching the frontier while war vessels are patroling the coast in order to prevent a landing of Jiminez, who aspires to the presidency of the Santo Domingo republic. Accused of Murder. St. Louis, Aug. 21.---Frank W. Funk, accused of the murder of William Brooks, at Washington, D. C., was taken to the capital city in charge of Detective Eduard \\eedon, who left on the train for the eat Sunday. The accused had been captured at Columbia, ' Mo., and brought here. Man and Boy DroTrnecl. Traverse City, Mich., Aug. 21.--Harold Hobart, of Cincinnati, aged seven, and E. W. Hobart, aged 23, his uncle, were both drowned in Bay Neahtawanta resort Saturday afternoon. E. W. Hobart took the boy in swimming and cought cramps. The bodies were recovered. Gold front Alaska. Seattle, Wash., Aug. 21.--The steamer Hoanoke arrived Sunday night from St. Michaels, Alaska, with 350 miners and gold dust estimated at $250,000. Most of this was brought out of the Cape Nome district. G. Price had the largest individual amount, about $60,000. FlTe Drowned. Detroit, Mich., Aug. 21.--A Tribune special from Harbor Beach says: The schooner Hunter Savidge capsized Sunday afternoon in a squall off Point an Barques. Five of her crew were drowned. She was commanded by Capt. Sharpsteen, of Alpena. Thirty Persons Hart. Philadelphia, Aug. 21.--A head-on collision between two trolley cars occurred Sunday on the Norristown, Chestnut Hill Eoxborough railway, in Plymouth township, Morton county, a few miles north of this city. Thirty persons were injured. Two Facts About Arbuckles' Coffee It has set the standard ef quality fer all competitor* for the last thirty years. The strongest claim any competitor can make is that his coffee is "just as good as Arbuckles'." THREE CONCLUSIONS The best Coffee is Arbuckles 1 . The only Coffee to buy is Arbuckles'. The right thing is to insist on having Arbuckles'. No. 72 A School Bag. 14 laches n ide, 10 inches deep, made of handsome colored netting. Sent poat.pald on receipt of it eeat pmtace ·tsunp and 10 al«natare cut from wrappers of Arbncklea' Boasted Coffee. No. 73. Scholars' Companion. A most useful article polished wooden box with lock and key, containing lead pencil, pen holder, rule and rubber. Sent posu paid oa re. ceipt of two cent postace stamp and 15 flignatures cut from wrappers of Arbuckles' Boasted Coflee. school children. Highly No. 81 Men's Suspenders. Elastic W e b Suspenders, durable, neat, well mounted. Sent postpaid on receipt of two cent poat aee stamp and 16 signatures cut from ·wrap- pers of Ar- buckles'Koast ed Coflee. No. 82 Barber Swing Strop. A double strop, one of leather and one of canvas, bound together, length, 22 inches, width, two inches, trimmings nicfcel plated. Sent post-paid on receipt of two c e n t postage stamp and 12 signatures cut from wrappers of A.Tbuckle3 Eoast- ed Coffee. No. 74. Noiseless Spring Tape Measure. Sixty Inebes long, nicK el-plated metal case, well- finished. It Can be carried in the vest pocket. Seat »·· t-pald «tt receipt of S8e. «*«ta«e ataat* and -- · tares cut from · Roasted Coffee. 1O 0laaatares/crt from wrappers of No. 75. A Fifty Foot Measuring Tape. A very useful article in the houae- holdand en the farm. Brass case, nickel- plated linen tape fifty feet long, Sent postpaid on receipt of 2 cent postage ·tamp and 18 signatures cut from wrappers of Arbuckles' Eoasted CoS.e. Me. 70 Lady's Belt Buekle. Silver plated artistic deefca. Seat y*.t»aM ·· receipt mt 9 eeat rmtace mtmmr mmt 8 ·teaa- Mrea cat from wrappers of Arbuckles'Boasted Coffee. No. 77. Telescope Drinking Cup. This article to prevented from fell- Ing apart by its unique construction. Nickel-plated and tiigbJy finished. Enclosed In embossed nickel cover no larger than an ordinary watch when tele- B c o p e d , when e x - t e n d e d holds as much as a coffee cup. Sent post-paid on receipt of 2 cent postage stamp and 13 signatures cut from wrappers or Ar- buckles 1 Roasted Coffee. No. 78 An Album of Illustrated Natural History. Fifty colored pictures of Animals ·elected for their beauty and rarity. Seat »e.UpmM ·· receipt ef 3 eeat p..t««e Maiap aa* !· si*. aatvrea cot from wrappers of Arbuckles' Boasted Coffee. No. 79. Pepper and Salt Holders. Made of German Silver without seam or joint except where tops screw on and off. Sent poet-paid on receipt of 2 cent postage stamp and 13 signatures cut from wrappers of ArbuckleB' Boasted Coffee. reu, ehar*e* paid by M, oa eipt of* cent Will weigh from ona ounce to 3fr pounds. Seat ar expw ' vrvrp reeeli *°S*MfJL k ".»»·» and 2OO Bl«na- tnres cut f r o m wrappers of Ar- bucklea' R o a s t e d Coflee. When ordering name youf nearest E x p r e s s Office as well as your Post Office. No. 83 A Table Cover. Handsome cloth, variegated figured pattern with fringe, 32 inches S e n t post-paid on receipt of two cent p o s t a g e s t a m p and 545 sisiia- tnres cut from wrappers of ArbucLlea' Boasted Coflee. Any one Book of the following List will be sent post-paid on receipt of a 2 cent postage stamp and 10 signatures cut from the wrappers of Arbuckles' Roasted Coffee. No. 84 A ONE NIGHT MYSTERY, and two other great Detective Stones, by "Ou bLEOTH." No. 85 ADVENTURES OP A BASHFUL BACHELOR, by CLARA AUGUSTA. A mirth provoking story. No. 8G TEMPEST AND SUNSHINE. A Novel, by MRS. MARY J. HOLMES. The most popular female writer of action of the age. No. 87 THE SUNNYSIDE COOK BOOK, by MRS. JENNIE HA^IAJ;. This is one of the most comprehensive, common sense took Books ever published. 88 OLD SECRETS AND NEW DISCOVERIES. This boob takes the reader out of the beaten tracks of knowledge, and will be found both entertaining and useful 89 THREE THOUSAND THINGS WORTH KNOWING, by E MOORE, author of "Moore's Universal Assistant " This boot la an encyclopedia of highly useful information in condensed form. 90 THE CITY OF DREADFUL NIGHT, and other stories-by Br/BYARD KU-LI:NU. No. No. No. No. 91 The First Prayer. A beautiful I m p o r t e d Picture 15x20 I n c h e s in size. Sent post-paid on receipt of 3 c e n t p o a t a « e stamp and 10 sicna- tnres c u t from wrap* pers of Arbuckles' Boasted Coffee. No. 92 The First Kiss buckles' Boasted Coffee. A beautiful Imported picture 15x 20 inches in size. Sent post-paid on receipt of 3 cent postage stamp and 10 signatures c u t from wrappers of Ar- No. 93 Two Is Company. The original was painted by Percy Moran. This reproduction in 14 printings is a genuine work of art. Size 16x 25^ inches. Sent postpaid on receipt of two cent postage stamp and 10 signatures c u t from wrappers of Arbuckles' Boasted Coffee. No. 94. A Basket of Beauties. A magnificent picture of Roses by Paul de JLongpre, the great painter of flowers. We believe this to be one of the handsomest %ower pictures ever offered to the public It is 16%x25}£ inches in size Sent post-paid on receipt of 2 cent postage oramp and 1O signatures cut from wrappers of Ar- buckles' Boasted Coffee No. 95 Three Beautiful Flower Pictures. Each measuring 9$xl7 inches The titles are " Summer Fragrance," " A Vase of Lilies," and "Fresh and Sweet," These three pictures all go together, and will be sent post-paid on receipt oi 2 cent postage stamp and 3 signatures cut from wrappers of A r b u c k l e s ' Boasted Coffee No. 96. Noah's Ark. A menagerie, consisting of 12 pairs of Animals--Elephants, Camels, Deer, Horses, Cattle, Donkeys, Goats, lions, Bears, Tigers, Dogs and Cats. Each pair is coupled and stands alone. They are lithographed in many colors on heavy cardboard, cut out and embossed. Every feature of the Animals Is distinctly shown. The elephants are 7 inc" es high and 10 inches long, and toe other Animals are proportionately large. Sent post-paid on receipt of 2 cent postage stamp and 15 signatures cut f r o m wrappers of Arbuckles' Boosted CoSee, No. 97. Eighty-one Cold Eyed Needles. Pat up In a pretty m o r- occo case, assorted sizes, and made by the best English mauufac- turers. Sent post-paid on receipt of 2 cent p os t a g e stamp and 20 signatures c u t from wrappers of Arb u c k l e s ' Boasted Coffee, No. 98 Hair Pin Cabinet A metal box lithographed in colors, containing One Hundred Hair Pins, assorted sirts and styles; straight, crimpled and m- v i s i b l e . The different stj les are in separate compartments. Sent postpaid on receipt of 2 cent postage stamp and 10 signatures cut from wrappers of Ar- buckles' Boasted Coffee No. 99 A Pocket Mirror and Comb. Set in neat leather combination case, with w h i t e metal frame Sent post-paid on r e c e i p t of 2 cent postage stamp and 7 signatures cut from wrappers of Arbuckles' Boasted Coffee. No. IOO Safety Pin Book C o n t a i n s twenty-four nickel - plated Safety-Pins three sizes which enter the s h i e l d s from either side, requiring no g u i d i n g -when being secured or released. Sent post-paid on ^^^^^^^^^^^^ receipt of 2 ···BBaMBalaaMBaBl cent postage atamp and 8 signatures cut from, wrappers of Arbuckles' Boasted Coffee. This Is a picture of the Signature on Arbuckles' Roasted Coffee Wrapper, which you are to cut out and send to us as a voucher No other part of the Coffee Wrapper will be accepted as a voucher, nor will this Picture be accepted as such. ·OHE OF OVK 6HUTATI7KES ARE VJUMTBD OH BED BACKGROUND. This represents one page of a List which is found in each pound package of Arbuckles' Roasted Coffee, and with each package in which the List is found the purchaser has bought a definite part of some article to be selected by him or her from the List, subject only to the condition that the signature on the package is to be cutout and returned to Arbuckle Bros, ae a voucher, in accordance with the directions printed in connection with each item illustrated and described in the List. This List will be kept good only till May 31,1000. Another page of this List will appear In this paper shortly. Address all communications to ARBUCKLE BROS., NOTION DEPT., NEW YORK CITY, N. Patronize Home Industry. The Brick Mills at Iowa City, have been closed, or rather shut down for the last two weeks for repairs, and with the addition of new machinery which has been put in, is one of the best and most up-to-date mills in the country. The proprietor, Frank Tanner, has used great care in overhauling the same is now prepared to make any and all kinds of flour. "Splendid" and "Arbutus" are made of northern wheat; "Golden Rod" of Iowa wheat. Whole Wheat is a new process that is considered by all physicians to be the healthiest flour on the market. Some of the other Brands are "Brilliant Blend," "Economy," "Graham" and Rye flour. White and Yellow corn meal, and breakfast foods such as "Wheatine," "Crushed Wheat," and "Cracked Wheat." Give this flour a trial and you will use no other. Remember that we do all kinds of grist work, and exchange flour for wheat. Bring me your grain as I can pay you more for the same than the shippers. I also have feed of all kinds. Why not patronize home industry. Iowa City Brick Mills, FRANK TANNER. Proprietor. IOWA GFPY Electric Light COMPANY- D. F. SAWYFR, President and Gen.Mgr. E. F. CLAPP, Vice President. GEO S CARSON/.Sec'y and Treas. Arc and Incandescent Lignting. OFFICE:--«6 Iowa Avenue. NOVELTIES EVERYONE WANTS Now that hot weather is here and health of people should be looked after, all should! use the new up to date and practical water filter we are now offering. Th;s novelty attaches to the hydrant nozzle and can be adjusted in a minute. It does its work well and always gives satisfaction and costs but fifty cents. Another necessity we are offering is a new practical bath tub seat which is pronounced a success, and which fills the bill. Come in and see these novelties. We can sh w you lots of new things. HURLEY'S PLUMBING SHOP, South Clinton Street. HENRY E. PORTER, LAWYER, Civn AND CRIMINAI PRACTICE, Special Attention to Wills, Estates, and Loans. Reasonable Charges. 117^ South Dubuque St, in Old Press Office Building. 34'iy C. FRED HUEBNER, WITH D. A. MALONEY. ATTORNEY AT LAW, 114^ Washington Street. Law, Loans and Real Estate Special Attention given to Collections. 30-ly CHAS. BAKER. GEO. W. BALI BAKER BALL, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. IOWA CITY, IOWA, And Notaries Public. Honey to Loan. Office CRESCENT BLOCK, College Street. Will practice in the several Courts of Iow« JAMES W. DVORSKY, " LIFE AND FIRE INSURANCE. OFFICE:--IOWA STATE PRESS BUILDING IOWA CITY, - - - IOWA. CASH COLDREN, ATTORNEYS AT LA\\ AND NOTARY PUBLIC, Legal business and collections promptly attended to. TELEPHONE NO. 37. OKFICE-laO Clinton Street, Opera HooMBtoeh J. M. SHEETS. F. X. FREYDER. SHEETS FREYDER ARCHITECTS, CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS. Manufacturers of all kinds ot woodwork for building. Planed, sawed and bracket work of every description. Turned Work a Specialty. octll DON'T BE FOOLEDI The market is being flooded With worthless imitations of ROCKY MOUNTAIN · · · 1 CB£% · · · To protect the public we call especial attention to our trade mark, printed on every package. Deauwd the genuine, ·^or Safe by all Druggist*. Frames! Frames! Frames. Luscotnbe the Photographer, has the newest and most artistic line of picture moulding in the city and we do the most artistic framing and mat cutting. But after all this is our side line and 'our main business is making photographs, not only photographs but the best photographs; good, honest material and work Aid we guarantee every print sent out. Remember our offer of $4 oo worth of work for fe.oo until Sept. 1st. Call and see us. I!., C. R, N. TIME TABLE. No. 97. ·' ··» MNDHT.KV TICKET IS EFFKCT JUNE 4, 1899, at 6P.M. Tr tin * l.e^ve Iowa Cit station ac bellows TRAINS NORTH AND BAST. Xo 3 -- Waverly Passenger ..... 11:20 am No. .01 -- St Paul and Minneapolis Passenger ........... 6 -20 a m No 203-- Muscatine Pass Ar. 10:30 a m (runs no farther). No 205 -- Cedar Rapids Pass.. 6 -35 pro No 12-- Burlington-Davenport and Clinton Pass ........ 7.403111 No 241 -- Way Freight, arrives 4:10 p m and leaves at 5.00 p m., carries passengei s between Iowa City and Riverside. TRAINS -WK8T ANT» SOUTH. No. 4 -- Burlington Passenger. . . 4 No. 202 -- Montezuma What Cheer Pass arrives ........ 8:35 am Leaves 9:10 a m. No 204 -- Muscatine Pass, leaves 5 -20 No. 206 -- Cedar Rapids, Clinton and Davenport Pass arrives 7.35 p m and runs no farther. No. ii -- Burlington Pass, arrives 9:50 and runs no farther. No 242 -- Wa^ freight arrives at 1 2 30 pm and leaves at 1 145 p m and carries passengers between Iowa City and Riverside. C, R. I. P. TIME TABLE. In effect Jan. 8, 1899. Trains leave Iowa City station as follows: WEST BOUND. No. 1--5:33 p. m. Daily except Sunday. No. 3--9:09 a. m. ' No. 5--4:49 a. m. Daily. No. 21--8:193. m. " No. 25--12:20a.m. " No. 51--i .-30 p.m. "except Sunday. SAST BOUND. No. 2--5:23 a. m. Daily, No. 4--9:21 p. m. Daily except Snnday. No. 6--irioa. m. Daily. No. 14--4:50 p. m. Daily. No. 24--10:22 a. m. Daily except Sunday No. 52--T2:ao p. m. Nos. i, 2, 3, 4, and 14 are local passenger and express trains. Nos. 5, 6, 21, 25, and 24 are fast passenger and express trains. Nos. 3, 25, a, and 4 are mail trains. B .D. BREBNK.Aat. iEWSJPAPERf

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