Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 2, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1946
Page 5
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" YV -* V ^•""3M f (jt*z:^ itcr Page Four HOPE STAR, HOP t ARKANSAS Sofurdfly February 5, I94p.fi! — .f, , '.~ , _ » rjiTrPiii'-ri K —/•- ,. ...,. . -...- ... .-: ^jgujgiiwgfc By Chick Young i Qalf an hour later I was at the SOCK HIS A E. A GORILLA WAYLAID !NS1 SAKE-USE X YOUR J HAND- V , KERCHIEF/ FLINT, I'M WORRIED. YOU LIFE'S Itl DANGCr: 0'! ACC OF IAE. TI WE'LL Tile POLICEi-: NO, BUT THERE'S SOME CONNECTION BETWEEN HIA 1 . AND THE &LOND I J VE'BEE!I with Judtfe Garrissy, W L| KE THAT THIS AFTER-r KNOW ' '" '-"• NOON, JUDGE HOW ARE YOU, FLINT ?^YOU SOUNDED LIKE ( IMPORTANT A MAN WITH IMPORTANT NEWS. / V JUDGE TRAILING. DO YOU WANT THE WHOLE STORY NOW? j i.ifc,/ hours too latelfl! WHY, YES, V TH 1 ELITE CAFE IN SMOOT CITV IF ANVTHINS NEW SMJOT CITVS 100 MILES AWAY, EASY.'VALK COULDN'T ^ , 1 SINCE WE'RE CONVINCED \ IF YCU STILL TH 1 8LEEKES DIDN'T 30 IT, THAT \ THAT LARGER R00(VVJ|pp>w LEAVES ONLV A80UV 217 OTHER/ ACROb'T TH'HALt,tepO§|Rf%S POSSIBLE SUSPECTS IN TH' ^ SIX, IT'S Side Glances RANDOLPH, .JUST PHONED...THEV.SAIO VflU USFf TURNS UP, FELLAS, By Galbraith AW OVER- I IT WHEN YOU ET BREAKFUSf THERE JUST WHISTIE..M COAT WAS \ EARLY THIS MORNIN' ON YOUR MISSING V WAY TO SOPPS HOLLER '. WHEN I GOT ' - -. TO THE J \ BUEEKES.. / MODEST MAIDENS TraJemark R^WfreJ l>. S. I'jtcnt OflU-e C'KSCT SON, THEY AIN'T „ SAFE IN..-? THINK THAT T COOLO AN>'WA> WAKING UP A X ALMOST OUT NOW, '. ABOUT \ WE CAN SHOW HIM THE NOISES IN J THE A1A5TDDON THESE CAVES? iHAT'SIT/' "That young ex-soldier I hired is going to be a good newspaperman. Clem! Only trouble is he's too sincere - uoesn't writejvery good obituaries!" "1 hat.ain't tjte way I'd a done it." Freckles and His Friends By Biosser By Hershberqer TMB NEISH50RS -SOUTW OF I VO.J SAID YOU WERE DISTURBING Tl*ZlK SLEEP' AT.THE;WAYMAM MOUSE .CiE] GUESS I ::' - *• 'Pttj RID OF SOME NOISY KIDS/ BUT ,.SO LOUDLV T. I / .\-' .1: m-l ••./•-.%. FIVE M(LES\ QLJT OP TOWM ON J HEGOT L •:; FROM A '' \ fwELL,CUT YOU CAM MAKfe' \ LOOK, MV SHEEPSKIW OOP'S WHISKEfsS \WORSHIW MV DIPLOMA IS FRAMEP IM SOME — IT'S A SEE? AM I USE IT/ ALL RIGHT THEN, TAKE YOUR OUT Or KEVERSE AND&ETOOP taw' OKAV BACK IM THE I POC, ONJE GROOVE FOR / V MIRACLE COM IMS UP. 1 / AW, C'MOW. OOP, SM/VP OUT ^_ I OF IT,' SHUCKS, I COULD ^V GET THOSE WHIS<ERS \ BACK OM VOUB CH/M IN -/ I ^—^1 MO TIME,' WHAT BARBER'S COLLE&E MOU A Thimble Theater TO TELL YA THE TRUTH, I YAM THINKIN' ABOUT ' SUSAW HA'S SWELL., SON!/ I HAP A YOUNG WIFE TO PO ME WARSHIN'//; i l WANTCHATO PROMI5K VA'LL NEVER MARRY 'AT DAME .'/ r—-— 1 PANTS WtXV ,COUY_O A JOUST YOU SAY?' Out Our Way AW, SHUCKS-I JUST 1 —N REMEMBERED/ MERLIN 15) GQUUA CRACfC X\W ATOM / TONIGHT- AWD MAYBE / THERE WOKI'T BE AWV '—. TOMORROW By J. R. Williams Our boarding House With Major Hoople » /KSSM^i?S?AK WOKIDERRJL/ L h> BOWEHEAD HAS J( V GROUWD VEH, HE GOT TH' IDEA OF WHY THE L! <3ITTIN' ODD STUFFIN6 IM \ JOBS FROM TH 1 SHOULPER£--J TH' MEIGHBORS, I MOTICED X AM' THIS ISTO BUT EVER.V DOOR WE WENT TO HE'D LET A SHOULDER. SLIP DOWM--HE DOM'T WANT NO JOBS.' LETT'S ROSrt MV VMOR.D! I BED BBPOCE HE % I'VE BEESi BUSY AS. A GOES TO PIECES A BEE, AMD X'fW\. -^ LIKE A PAPER OITERLV FATIGUED, \ TOV^EL/-^Tt4E OLD CO^APL6TeLV BUSHED/) BOY REALLY FETCH ME A ^7 HE TOMIC AT ONiCE- IV ALL RUM ^ ^/ 7 DREAr^A, J^^ACH^LLEWSED /?^( WITH HIM/ \A SIR OAKY TO il^r\MORNIWG'/ THEM TWO BLOCKS AWAY: MAKE 'EM , WE'RE HUSKV.' ER'a 5T(?IKE WlDONJ'1 UNUER.5T,\KjQ.'W HUH? JE^ HADKTT STAKED ft RTDE^ . „ . ..SAITIAJ'HIS L£FT H'n— rifc JUST 5 HOVO YOU SALTED YOUR CLAIM 1 WILL, \F T\'E TRICKED— HE 1 USE 06TED FOR. WEEKS - *'•"" ",j^* THE 1\fvO ll^ACI^ COM- 1M4 If MCA UXVICI. 1HC. T. U. ICO. t). t. VAT. OFF. CLASSIFIED - Al, Wn A , d * f* l o ' B<! '" ° CflCC Dny Beforo Plication All Want Ads Cash In Advance . Not Tak en Over the Phone HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Ono Mmo Throo tlmot /2 e *">' .minimum SOe Ono month . 18e word,'minimum $2.70 ••TIIT- n»« 0le * arc f ° r Contlnu0u s Insertions Only TMIi, MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" For Sale Mnno r!Ai.'r:s""qhAss < llli'^ b ;' K '' nl - )( ', i ; liv '-'i-i'<J in 100 bale IDIS. \v. H. Hiirlu-, Hope, IU 3 i| 9-lm ONK ALI.IK C'lIALMERs'lvTODEL ^ L.'ilri pillar. Floyd I'orUu'finlfl. 12-tt OAK D !•; NTH ACTOR "A NlTEQuTi^ nicnl See Alfictl Ihiynes, old jyiKuUvny (•ourt. llij,'hwiiy 07 cnsl HMO I'CJNTIAC "sElMN7~FOtm door. Hood condition. n<>"d lirus Wi South Kim. i.(']| -MIIHI 15AI.KS .IOIINSON GRASS' ,^ liny -Klc. Pair mule Drills, 2 and .i years. I'aii' hort.c! colls, 2 yours. •I'oui 1 nond biood mares, (i to (I years. One registered Hereford bull. J. B. Howe, Hope, Route _Jnree, l!ope-DeAnn road. a-fil BICYCLE I.HI1LT FOR TVVO~'iN Mood condition. May be scon G24 South Main St. 2-31 i!).'!0 ONE TON STUDKBAIU'''!! truck for s;,lo. Sec C. I.. Roberts. 306 North Ferguson, Phone 2-12. ••AlAYTAG WASHING MACHTNK niolor. completely overhauled. Saa.IiU. See L. C. Turnei' al Moiv. Auto Co. o.;j t MII ,C11 CO Ws7~M ILK1: NG ~t\N D coming fresh. Cream separator, wnjjon, and mules. Farm implements. Also ^-ood grade Lespede- xa liay and quanity of used lumber. Julia R'Oark. Prescoti Rt. A al Otis Landers Farm. 2-.'H Wanted to Buy WANTED TO RENT~bR~¥u~Y7~A I'iiim. Sea Noel Warren, Hope Food Co. i.gt Real Estate for Sale NICE FIVE ROOM HO USE"'AT linimet, Price $1600. Close in. Sam Crabb, Box 40, Emmet. ___ 20-01 FIVE ROOM HOUSE, TWO LOTsT, Rood condition on Adar street two blocks off old 07 hiway back of Alex Purtle's property. Can give clear title. A. T. 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Phone 144-J. 28-lm Cochrane Is Swiftly Knocked Out By SID FEDER Now York, Feb. 2 —(/P)— Along 13,'ish Bouelvard, the boulevartliers worn wondering today if Iho rest of the war-frox.cn beak-busting ••.lampions could expect the same uncivil treatment served uo to Freddie Iho Red Cochrane, who kept the world welterweight crown on the shelf for four years and 187 clays — and lost if 'in exactly 11 minutes and fi-l seconds. It took charging Marty Servo, who climbed all over Ihe Jersey redhead until ho practically raised lumps on him, just that long to .mock the root in on Freddie the Red last night in Madison Square Garden. With Joe Louis slated to •••it hi.s heavyweight crown on the line against Billy Conn in June, ,md sucn noBe-mashing bosses as llght-hcuyy Gus Lcsnevich and iniddlewieghl Tony Zale due to take in all corners without too much :lel<iy, the folks naturally i'iqurecl I'- •.•- .... r . - )... , .,- .,,-,.:,!„ chance they might gel some more J. u,«- S t ....*.. >•• i, o i,ie Hoard Gilzenbcrg, Cpchrano's fast-moving manager, alibied his gladiator's four-round knockout quickly last night by contending Freddie's near-four years service in the navy had "just about runied him." However, when someone in Ihe crowd pointed out that baby-faced Survo, a bull in a boxing ring-last night, had'sweated out three years and nine months in the coast guard, Willie the Beard tjonlcln'l think of an answer .before the crowd melted away like Freddie's, championship. A crowd of 17,378 turned out to sit in on this first defrosting of wartiino-iccd boxing championships and jingled Promoter Mike Jacob's cash registers with a $92,505 tune. This produced a net "take" of some $72,000. Under the terms of the private payoff pledge servo and Cochrane had decided on, Marty look GO per cent of Ihe net or about 5-13,200, and gave Red a flat $.•50,000. 'Inns it cost the ex-coast guardsman, whose filst professional ear- scrambling start won him the 147- pound title, roughly $7,000 to put the crown on his black curly hair. : ^Wanted to Buy I WANT TO BUY A 1940-41 OR'42 model Ford or Chevrolet. Buck "•''Willinms, 10B South Walnut Street .; Phone 600. 17-ti For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Ninht Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark FIELD AND TABLE 'peas. Monts Seed Store. 31-12t Opportunities Offered HOME AND AUTO~ SUPPLY Stores. Franchise and merchan- dies available now for new Associate Stores. Write or wire. Kcnyon Auto Stores, Dallas 1, Texas. 2-Ot For Sale 1939 Ton and-One-Half DODGE TRUCK In A-l mechanical coiulilinn. I'rii-t'd In soil. 2 CAR RADIOS WRECKING ONE 1936 PLYMOUTH also ONE A-MODEL COBB'S Wrecking Yard Phone 57 Highway 67, West Hope, Ark. University Audit to Be Made Before End of Fiscal Year Little Rock, Feb. 2 —Wl— A general audit ot University of Anvan- sas financial affairs will be inaugurated shortly before the end of the current fiscal yenr June 30, ! Comptroller John J. Truemper bjict luaay, . Truemper said the audit was routine and although scheduled along with several others nearly a year ago it would have to await completion of audits of the Revenue and Education departments now underway. Pro-audits of university accounts and expenditures have indicated that the school's financial affairs were in. "good Kiii.pL-" Truemper said. "No general audit has been made there in four years and it is just a matter of good business lo get one made mid kept current," ho said. Ho asserted one auditor would be sent to Ihe University about Ihe lirst of June and others assigned mere in mid-summer. The audit is expected to take about three months lo complete, he said. Little Rock, Feb. 1 —(/l'i— The U. S. engineers office here will runduct a public hearing in the Faulkner county courtnouse at Cuiiway, Fob. 11), in connection with Hood control plans for Pulaski and Faulkner counties, it was announced today. Several plans for alleviating flood problems on the Arkansas river, 1'alarm creek ;md vicinity, will be discussed. Lung fishes live on the botlom of swamps and in lime of drouth burrow in the mud, plaster over the I opening and wait for the rains. Wanted! TELEPHONE POLES All Dimensions 16 to 70 Feet Cash Every Week MARTIN PATMOS, ARK. Many Secret Agreements, Says Truman Bv ALEX H. SINGL,ET.'ON Washington, Feb/il^rR/P)— President Truman left' open today the possibility that the wartime' Big Three — Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin — may have reached agreements which still remain a secret; Renewed speculation •-• on that question stemmed 7 from Secretary of Slate Byrnes' ',-disclosure . this :week that. Mr. '.JtooscveH 'and Churchill had agreed at Yalta to 'support Russia's .claim, for perma- 'nent possession .of the.strategic Ku- irile islands and SakhalinvYiortlr'of Japan. .'''•!, '•::• Asked at 1 his news^i conference yesterday whether additional'inter- national agreements w.ooi 1 d be brought out later, Mr'.iv$rUman replied he •, could riot: answer that query but said there' were agreements signed in that way at all the Big Three meetings. He expressed belief that most of them have been made public. Then uc; added that if nny of them have -ot hrr»i d'spl.Ti-v' •"- vet, they will be al the proper time. .. •.: described such secret pacts as wartime agreements druficd in an effort to .i. nve a. arrangements with our allios lo win the war. Until government officials revealed recently thai the Russians were moving into the Kurilcs "bag and baggage," it had been understood generally that the Yalta agreement provided only for Soviet occupation of the islands as part of the war against Japan. In. the absence of Byrnes, under Secretary of Stale Dean Achoson less than two weeks ago told a Jiews conference that Ihe agreement was for occupation. This drew from Ihe official Russian news agency a curl report—subsequently confirmed by Byrnes—that Ihe agreement called for Russian acquisition of the Kuriles and Sakhalin. In his confirmation, Byrnes told newsmen thai he had learned about the Yalta agreement on the Kuriles only a lew days after the Japanese surrendered in August The president said yesterday he. had learned about the agreement prior to the Potsdam conference in July and that it was locked up in the White House with Ihe president's official papers. Basketball Results By The Associated Press East Manhattan -10; Fordham 33 Fort Schuylor (>2; Cathedral (NY) 45. Fort IJaiiPock 50; Si-ton Hall Freshmen •!(). liidianlowii Gap 40; Fort Meado IMd) 87. South Arkansas Stale , r >G; West Tennessee State Teachers 43. Ouachitu (iO: Hendrix 39. Memnhis NATTC 48; Camp Robinson 32. Arkansas 81; Southern Methodist o«}. Jacksonville NAS 58; Pensacola NAS 35. Georgia Tech 04; Florida 53 Curtis Bay Md Coast Guard 47; Norfolk Naval Training Station 37. University of Mississippi 50; Millsaps 42. Loyola 54; Camp Shelby (Miss) <-"J, Louisiana Slate 5(1; New Orleans Nav;il Hospital 47. Midwest Kansas City Junior College 73; Cnillic'othe Business College 43 El Dorado (Kas) Teachers 43; Omaha 40. St. Joseph Junior College 50- Graceland (la) 40. Parsons 53: Iowa Wesleyan 52 Fort Sheridan 72; Chuiuite Field Greal Lakes Naval Training Station G9; DeDPaul 07. Oklahoma A and M 39; t. Louis University 27. Bethel (Kas) 38; Baker 30 Washburn (Kasj 54; Emporia This Curious World By William Ferguson 'Page Five /WARVLAND, WHEN ELECTRICIANS NEi-.DED TO GET AN ELECTRIC WIRE THROUGH A SMALL HOLE BENEATH A BUILDING, THEVTIED THE WIRE TO A AND LET HIM RUN THROU6H THE HOLE. WHICH is VISIBLE TO MORE PERSONS...AN ECLIP.SE OF THE OR STOPS' DURING HIBERNATION... BUT THE BLOOD CIRCULATION i CONTINUES. ANSWER: An eclipse of the mooa CARNIVAL Bv Dick Turner «. COPRi 1»4« BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. Ml KCU. U. S. PAT. OFF. Iranian Case Precedent for Others By JACK SMITH London, Jan. 31 — (fP)— TInlled Nations delegates privately expressed hope today that the Security Council's compromise decision on the Russian-Iranian dispute might point the way to an amicable settlement o fthe Greek and Indonesian cases which come before the peace agency tomorrow, Whether the latter two cases can be settled without UNO intervention, however, depends largely upon the Russians, who filed complaints with the council charging the British were endangering the peace by military actions in '"'recce and Indonesia. The Russians, if they press the cases, will find themselves in the unique position of asking the UNO to act in the absence of complaints from the countries involved. Greek delegates, planning to be on hand when the questions come up, were ready to argue that British troops arc necessary in Greece to maintain order. The Netherlands, as a member of the 11-nation council, is known to favor the maintenance of British troops in Java, and even the unrecognized Indonesian government has expressed the view that British troops should remain there until all Japanese troops have been disarmed and removed. Soviet, delegates have given no intimation of their position since the complaints were filed. Moscow radio, however, accused Britain today of exerting "political pressure" in Greece. A Russian commentator said Greece was in the throes of a "national economic disaster," charged that the presence of British troops hampered recovery and added that British toops have "become means of bringing pressure to bear on the political situation." The council voted yesterday to permit the Soviet Union and Iran to resume 'direct negotiations on their dispute but reserved the right to call for progress reports on the discussions. Russia had demanded that the dispute be removed from the councils agenda, while the United State and Britain objected. A phrase saying the case would remain on the agenda was stricken from the council's resolution, but a clause pro yiding for progress reports was inserted in its stead. The resolution then was carried unanimously, climaxing a heated four-hour debate. S. H. Taquizadeh, Iran's chief delegate, said today that negotiations would be conducted in Moscow and Tehran and not in Lond- don. Asked if he were satisfied with the council's decision, he shrugged ; his shoulders and made no direct reply. In the debate, he had insisted on the agenca clause Andrei Vishinsky, Soviet vice commissar of foreign affairs, said the "dignity" of Hussia . and -the council would be, .wounded , if the issue remained ''on 1 .the agenda. He urged that ai? settlement. -could be reached by 'direct negotiation am said that insistence- tin* the- agenda clause. 1 signified^ "distruts" among ••• ' en. Overtoil's motion opened the vay for unlimited debate on a subnet that had nothing whatever to :o with FEPC. There are only three ways to end filibuster: (1) for the windjam- ners to run out of wind and allow fie issue to come to a vote; (2) or the session to come to an end vith sine die adjournment; (3) to nvoke cloture, which is simply a wo-thirds majority vote of the Sente to put an end to debate. Senators are very loath to vote loture. The present cloture rule was passed after the long filibus- er on the Armament of American Merchant Ships bill in 1917, but it arely has been used. Gagging a ;roup of senators or even just one ienator can have lasting legislative epercussions. Too much Senate lusiness is done by unanimous con- ent and gentlemen's agreements o invite the lasting wrath of any nemtaers. There is one primary cause for jnding a' filibuster outside of par- iamentary methods —public opin- on. Filibusters, as a rule, are popular only with a very few Even Sen Chavez, 'who started he whole thing, indicated he would vilhdraw his bomb-laden bill if any more important legislation was •eady for action. President Truman had^ included FEPC in his able of must reconversion measures, but he put it fifth on the list. NEAR-BEER ° Tyler, Tex., Feb. 2 — (ff>)— Foam on the Neches river was a bit thicker yesterday. A broken wheel plunged 21 cars of a Cotton Belt freight train into he stream near here. Five of the cars were laden with beer. Now she's gotta have a toy bathtub for her dolly to get out of when the toy telephone rings!" SPORTS ROUNDUP •By Bnoh S. Follertoi, Jr.* New York, Feb. 2 —m— The hottest trade talk this Dept. has heard so far around the current baseball meetings was when Eddie Dyer reproached Mel Ott for not coming up with a couple of ringside seats for last night's fight, a tip on a winner at New Orleans and "all those other things you agreed to" on the Walker Cooper deal. . . .If Mel could provide a pair of seats for next week's Notre Dnme-NYU basketball game he might get another good phiyer. . . Commissioner Happy Chandler is keeping very quiet about what slam" he'll take on 'the -bonl.is question, which has been agitating 'he club owners, commenting only that ' "its a difficult problem." It was Chandler, you'll remember, who threw Iho thing wide open by filling that lower class minor league CTT.bs could pay bonuses. Arithmetics (Progression Army's Doc Blnnchard, recalls Slick Morton, Louisiana State backfield coach who taught Doc at St. Stanislaus College, made his gridiron debut by gaining 14 yards on his 14th birthday, Dec. 11. 1031). . . Maybe its just as well for Army's 1946 opponents that Ulan- chard won't bi.- 22 until aCltT the nc'xl season ends. One-Minute Sports Page Pauls Rowland's presence al the baseball meetings doesn't indicate the Pacific Coast League has acheived major league status. He's just trying to get a "fact finding" committee appointed to look over the Coast cities while four big league clubs are training out there. . . . Bert Bell plans to appoint an assistant to the president to help him handle National Football League business aftfr he establishes headquarters in New York. How about a strong arm guy to handle the club presidents? Week-End Items Gene Tunney, only a former heavyweight champion, was com- nkHeiy overlooked at the Garden last night when Harry .Halogh was introducing ring celebritips just before Marty Servo sent Red Cochrane back to the Seton Hall fresh- nian team . . Gene was there "to see how the navy boy (Coch- rnno) does against the Coast Guard iServoi.". . . . Incidentally, the most popular drink in Cochrane's New Jersey beverage emporium is the "Graziano punsh," invented by I Whitney Bimstein, Rooky's trainer. i . . Whitey won't tell anyone what's in it and Freddie the Red (off his 1 Iwo performances against Gra/i- liino apparently doesn't know yet. State Teachers 52. Iowa Navy Pri>-Flifiht 7(>; Scda- lia (Moi Army Air Base 49. Nebraska SO; South Dakota Slate 4!!. Washington University (St. Louisi 40; Tulsa University 36. Fort Benjamin Harrison '5B: Anderson College 49. Northwestern Gli; Purdue 54. Southeast Missouri Stale 41; Southwest Missouri Slate 40. Warrensburg (Moi Teachers 37; Maryville Teachers 35 Southwest Arizona State College at Flagstaff 58; Williams Field Fliers 3fl. East Central (Okhu 61: Northeastern Stale (Oklai 35. Phillips University (Okla) 34; Central State (Okla) 29. University of Arizona 711; University of New Mexico 53. Fifth Ferrying Command of Dallas 6fj; North Texas State 43. Far West Stanford 34; College of Pacific University of Oregon 57; University of Washington 56. Colorado Slate 38; Colorado Schools of Mines 24. Wyoming 56; Colorado 46. Brigham Young 37; Dcnvor 36. Shepard Field 50; Lowry Field 48. Camp Elliott Navy 38; San Diego Naval Air Station 36. University of California 50; UCLA 37. Lobaido to Face Rape Warrant Detroit, Feb. 1—(UP)—Detroit police announced today they will ;isk a warrant charging rape and assault against Frank Lobaido, grocer-suspect in the ferocious rape-knifing of seven-year-old Ros alio Gigunti. Mrs. Ina McNally, of the Detroit police wonien's division, said a warrant will be sought Monday, charging the 29-year-old grocer \viih statutory rape and felonious assault. Lobaido, slill under intensive questioning for the fifth day in one of Michigan's most brutal attacks in) a child, was identified by Rosalio as her atlucker. She recovered strength rapidly until yesterday when a slight touch of pneumonia set in. Her condition was reported fair and she was having trouble breathing through the tube in her nose. Doctors, who at first had despaired of saving her voice, said she would be able to talk again, but admitted the crisis in her struggle to live still was to come. In the hands of the Indians of Brazil the blow-gun is a deadly weapon. They.can kill birds with it at a distance of 200 yards. ,. he added sho.uldri-be: toyi$pe, ; out distrust .He ;stripte|-tl|f' table' Repeatedly and ges •tOtred : Jnequ,eiiitly'ih stating, his case "U^iti's'hVjFqreign Secretary Ernes Bevin.repli6d':that the world would imisunderstarid'^if the UNO with- drevv-and -left" Iran, a small nation, to, -riegqtidte- while -Soviet troops remained,'. -on her: soil: Cloture^ute Seldom Used by the Senate By JACK STINNETT Washington — Once San. Chavez (D-N. M.) had explained his Fair 'Employment Practice act to the Senate, he was willing to turn the pvr. w over to the filibuster boys. juiey didn't- waste any time demonstrating that they had a few parliamentary cannon crackers of their own. With Sen. O'Daniel (D-Tex.) in the chair, Sen Meade (D.N. Y.) and Sen. Eastland (D-Miss.), arch foe of FEPC, traded verbal one- two's for minutes in an effort to gain the floor. Sen .O'Daniel gave the decision - to his southern colleague. Eastland ended debate for the day by declaring he wanted it clearly understood he would consent to adjournment only if he would have the floor the following morning. It was another southern senator, Overtoil (D-La.) who put over the first parliamentary punch for the filibusterers. When majority leader Barklcy opened the day's proceedings with the customary request for unanimous consent to dispense with reading of the journal (we would call them the previous session's minutes) , Sen. Overtoil not only made the infrequent request that the journal be read .but moved to amend the journal to include the previous day's opening prayer. The filibuster was officially on. NOTICE Now is the time to sell that old washer WE BUY - SELL AND TRADE Let us appraise your old machine and ^lace your order for a New Maytag Complete Repairs and Paint Jobs on Washers and Bicycles. . 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